jschallwhy isn't there a kubuntu-10.04-netbook for amd64? atom n450 is an 64-bit cpu00:35
jschalla lot of netbooks are still 32bit but a lot of them are 64 now too00:36
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:56
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c3lwhats up with ktorrent, it eats cpu and memory? is this a known issue?01:48
c3lit seems to calm down when the download is stopped01:48
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judgenI love kgeographu more than any kde4 app, if you know why is because it works in all enviroments *exccccept kde4* i find that strange02:07
judgenthe kde3-remix is the best i could ever hope for, missing the blocklists ofcourse02:09
TanEkhi, does someone knows how to open automatically ktorrent with a magnet link in chromium02:14
ubuntuchannel in spanish please ?02:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:32
luis_hello, good afternoon everyone i like to ask for help, i am trying to watch vids on youtube, the problem is that is asking me to installas the newest version of adobe wish i already did, uninstall and did a reinstallation and still keeps asking for adobe how can i fix this, help please!!!!02:33
PascatI have a few problems here!02:57
luis_yeah me too but none seems to be available :(02:59
Pascat1: How do I change my desktop background image? and 2... Why won't x-chat have transparency? It works with Compiz-Fusion and KWin allows transparency o.o02:59
luis_to change your desktop background just place the cursor anywhere in the screen right click and then choose: configure desktop03:00
luis_the other question i don't know03:01
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Pascatbackground problem fixed.03:03
Pascatthat...was more complicated then necessary.03:03
judgensaying for everyoung!03:09
ScuniziIs there a built in vnc or rdp server in 10.04?  If so where do I find it in the menu to configure? Or what should I load up?03:40
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jschalli put kubuntu netbook on my netbook, how can i swap it out for regular kubuntu? it's a bit buggy.04:04
aryI've a problem.... I'm using kubuntu 10.04. My fonts are very ugly04:05
aryin chrome and firefox04:05
aryi found that it changes if I remove the ~.font.conf file04:06
arysomebody have any idea?04:06
arythe problem is that this file start again every time that i do a change in my setings04:07
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TanEk_does someone knows how to build a package?05:15
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enzoplexHow do I remove the join/part from irssi?06:00
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d610السلام عليكم ورحمه الله بركاته07:09
d610hi every body07:10
d610can any one read me07:10
d610iam new here07:10
James147!hi | d61007:10
ubottud610: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:10
d610any one here arabian07:10
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eagles0513875|2hey guys what woudl cause a sudo apt-get upgrade to get an error 404 on the repositories?07:58
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gb__howdy all08:10
gb__where is xorg.conf in kdm?08:10
gb__i need to find nvidia settings08:10
eagles0513875|2gb__: on a clean install of lucid08:15
gb__eagles0513875|2: i had ubuntu  command line, i apt-got kde sir08:18
eagles0513875|2gb__: run apt-get kubuntu-desktop08:18
eagles0513875|2that will install any missing packages that come with a standard kubuntu install08:18
gb__eagles0513875|2: ok thank you08:18
gb__i had install nvidia-current drivers, now everythingis big08:19
gb__so wanted to go back to default08:19
gb__will try that ya suggested, thank you08:19
cps1966anyone here08:35
rorkaccording tot the nicks list, yes08:36
cps1966i need help installing sun java08:37
cps1966the plugin08:37
cps1966cant remember how i did it before08:37
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:38
cps1966thats so old its usless08:51
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gb__cya folks, thanks again08:59
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votwhats the storm with kubunu and ubuntu and reading disks from other distros09:15
voti have a md raid509:15
votwithin that i have a lvm pyhsical volume then a volume group09:16
votthen a bunch of logical volumes encrypted with luks09:17
votwhen i install ubuntu/kubuntu it doesnt recognise any of the lvm volume groups or anything properly09:17
votshouldn't it read the volumes the same between distro09:18
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bobyneed help?10:02
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boby85has kubuntu 10.04.1 relesed jet?10:03
Misterioboby85: It will be released in 3 months, if I remember well, and 10.04.2 3 months later than 10.04.110:04
Misterioboby85: First update is released after 6 months10:04
boby85don't understand?10:04
boby85isn't in july?10:05
Misterioboby85: Well, 10.04 is released >> 6 months later 10.04.1 >> 3 months later 10.04.2 >> 3 months later 10.04.3...10:05
boby85isn't 6 monts later 10.10?10:06
Misterioyes, too10:06
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MisterioBut 10.04.1 is not version update, is just single packages' updates recopilation10:06
boby85so 10.04 shoud be in 27.07?10:06
boby85couse 10.04 relesed 27/0410:06
MisterioI don't know the day10:06
boby853 months after 27.0410:07
boby85Misterio I know10:07
boby85ok here is my problem: after clean install or upgrade to 10.04 from 9.10 my system won't boot, some plymouth problem (graphic driver loads to slow) so I instaled 9.10 again. Few days ago I decided to upgrade again but now system wors fine10:09
boby85so they have fixed bug I have10:10
boby85if I install 10.04.1 everything will be fine10:10
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boby85but there is no 10.04.110:10
boby85only 10.0410:10
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boby85I could upgrade after clean install...10:11
boby85what to do?10:11
Misteriowait to 10.04.110:11
MisterioOr to 10.1010:11
boby85I know that10:11
boby85but what till then10:12
Misterioboby85: If you prefer stable PC 10.04 LTS, if you want testing 10.1010:12
boby85but 10.04 doesn't work10:12
boby85after clean install10:12
MisterioThen update10:12
boby85so I don't know will it work after upgrade10:12
boby85will it work?10:12
MisterioI don't know10:12
MisterioIt worked fine for me, update and clean install10:13
boby85upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 works10:13
boby852 mounts ago this above didn't work to10:13
boby85now it works10:13
boby85so i don't know will it work after clean install 10.04 and than upgrade10:14
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jillsmitti have festival installed, what additional software i need to use festival with knotify?11:05
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darthganeshI have enabled Restore previous sessions. But it doesn't remember all running applications e.g. Stardict.Why?12:13
Weenie_Beenieciao a tutti, posso disturbare?12:20
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:21
well_laid_lawnor ask in english :]12:21
Misterio!hi | slow-motion13:07
ubottuslow-motion: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:07
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kubuntuapachelogger hi :)13:55
kubuntuhttps://code.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/ubuntuone-client/gsoc I'm here. What next? :D13:55
EruaranIs anyone else encountering serious problems with playing games on a system with ATI graphics cards?13:57
EruaranI have a HD 3750 graphics card and attempting to play any 3D game causes a serious crash and you have to reset the computer.13:59
Eruaran(have tested the hardware, its fine)14:00
matrixxI've heard from one of my friends that he had similar problems14:00
apacheloggerkubuntu: read the mails :P14:00
matrixxhe changed to nvidia and works well :)14:00
apacheloggeryou will not need the code branch at all14:00
EruaranI am torn because this card is definately better than the on board Nvidia graphics... its so smooth... I don't want to have to revert back... but I can't play games now14:02
matrixxATI drivers just suck with some cards14:03
matrixxseems to be matter of luck14:03
matrixxthough nvidia isn't perfect either14:03
_Techie_i think its due to the fact that ther wasnt very much ATI support at the time of the HD3k series14:03
matrixxmy screen flickers, and I fixed it on win by changing color model to YCbCr44414:04
matrixxbut nvidia linux drivers doesn't give me that option yet14:05
EruaranIt's like this: Start game > OoOh its so smoooth its like liquid... woo... ahhh... sweet > black screen... total system hang... > reboot...14:06
matrixxI know the feeling :/14:06
_Techie_Eruaran, bad luck... somebody will kick me for this... tried gaming in windows?14:06
EruaranI don't consider that an option14:07
_Techie_Eruaran, i seee14:07
EruaranEverything I use is on Linux14:07
EruaranIf there's a fix I'll be happy14:08
EruaranI've checked forums... people don't seem sure yet14:09
Eruaranwhether its x or drivers14:09
_Techie_Eruaran, which drivers are you using?14:09
_Techie_are you using the restricted drivers provided by *buntu?14:10
EruaranI'm using mesa14:10
_Techie_Eruaran, you may wish to download and install the linux drivers for your card fromt he ATI/AMD website... but wait a bit and see if any of the regulars in here have any idea14:12
EruaranIf it was nvidia I'd probably do that14:12
EruaranBut I'm a bit wary of ATI's drivers14:12
_Techie_Eruaran, they are better than they used to be14:13
dlpDoes anyone know if anybody is implementing system connection configuration in KNetworkManager?14:14
_Techie_Eruaran, they have proven to me that they can be reliable, but that being said.. i was using a high end 4k card14:14
dlpI did ask in #kde-devel, but they're all asleep, it would seem.14:14
EruaranBut if this issue can be sorted I'll be happy to stay with the mesa drivers, the graphics seem pretty awesome... when it works14:14
EruaranI've also noticed that 2D graphics are better on the ATI card14:15
_Techie_Eruaran, id use the restricted driver manager and give FGLRX a shot... if it doesnt work you can always uninstall it14:15
Eruaranand movies14:15
MamarokEruaran: which driver and which card do you have?14:17
_Techie_Mamarok,  HD 3750 and mesa14:18
EruaranI just ran hardware drivers detection again and Kubuntu is offering me the proprietary driver14:18
Mamarokmesa? There is the radeon driver, I doubt you use a mesa driver14:18
EruaranNo proprietary drivers are in use on my system14:18
MamarokEruaran: well, the radeon is a free driver14:19
MamarokI have the HD 3650 and the radeon driver is the one that works best14:19
EruaranOk, I'll give it a try14:19
Mamarokbut I don't understand why you say you use the meas driver? there is no such thing for ATI c<ards, only the Radeon or the proprietary fglrx14:20
EruaranMesa 7.7.114:20
MamarokEruaran: as I said, there is no xorg driver called meas14:21
Eruarankernel module is radeon14:22
MamarokEruaran: with the HD 3750 you should use the Radeon one, that should work out of the box.14:22
MamarokEruaran: well, what doesn't work?14:22
MamarokI didn't read the full backlog14:22
Eruaran3d games14:22
MamarokLinux games you mean or in wine?14:22
Eruarancauses nasty crash14:22
Eruarannative games14:22
Mamarokhm, could you give me an example?14:23
Eruaranstart up sauerbraten for example14:23
Eruaraneverything is great14:23
Eruaranvery smooth.. impressive14:23
MamarokI meant an example of a Linux game that doesn't work14:23
Eruaranthen after a minute, black screen, sound loops, total crash... can't to anything but hard reset14:23
Mamarokand you are sure it is the graphic card causing the crash?14:24
Mamarokor driver14:24
Eruarangonna try things with the new driver14:24
MamarokEruaran: what new driver?14:25
Mamarokoh well, so much for not listenng14:25
* Mamarok is less than sure the problem is the xorg driver14:26
Mamarokwe need a backtrace14:26
_Techie_anyway, im gonna head to bed... goodnight #kubuntu14:27
EruaranNot a good result so far14:28
MamarokEruaran: how can you know that it is the driver causing the crash?14:28
EruaranPlymouth suddenly looks aweful and compositing wont work14:29
MamarokEruaran: which driver did you isntall now?14:29
Eruaranthe one that was offered to me14:29
EruaranNot using Mesa any more but using FGLRX or whatever its called14:30
EruaranThis is the ati driver14:30
MamarokEruaran: Well, I already told you the first time, mesa is not the card driver,14:30
Mamarokis either the radeon or the fglrx14:30
Mamarokand how did you switch drivers?14:30
EruaranI installed fglrx14:31
Mamarokthat doesn't necessarily switch the driver14:31
EruaranIt wasn't previously installed14:31
Eruaranthis is horribly glitchy14:32
MamarokEruaran: what are your kwin settings?14:32
Mamarokagain, installing a driver doesn't necessarily activate it14:33
Mamarokwhich radeon driver is installed on your system?14:33
MamarokEruaran: still here?14:35
MamarokEruaran: if you want help, could you please answer my questions?14:36
Eruaransorry was testing a game out14:39
Eruaranno crashes with fglrx driver14:40
MamarokEruaran: just for your information: before starting sauerbraten, you should change your monitor settings if you have a resolution higher than 1200x800, else it will nto work14:41
Mamarokthen, mesa is a gl engine, not a driver, there are three drivers for ATI cards, Radeon, Radeon HD and fglrx14:41
EruaranI had radeon14:41
Mamarokand you change drivers with jockey-kde, they don't change on their own14:41
EruaranI didn't say they changed on their own14:42
EruaranI said I installed fglrx when it was offered to me by the "hardware drivers" app14:43
Mamarokok, that is jockey-kde then, but you didn't tell me that you were using that tool14:44
EruaranI said it was offered to me... what other tool offers you a driver14:44
Mamarokwell, the package installer for example can suggest a driver if you search for14:45
MamarokJFYI, you can test the radeonhd driver, normally the HD 3750 should sue the radeonhd, not the radeon one14:46
Mamarokbut you need to install it, the try changing it with the jockey14:46
EruaranI can't turn on desktop effects now14:47
MamarokOK, so your problems are solved?14:47
Mamaroksorry, misread that line14:48
EruaranAt the moment if I use the radeon driver I can have everything but games... fglrx will give me games but everything else looks like crap14:48
Mamarokhm, did you try the other radeon driver? maybe you just didn't use the right one, there are two different ones14:49
Eruaranhow safe is the radeonhd driver?14:49
Mamarokwhat do you mean, how safe it is?14:49
Mamarokitwill not destroy your card :)14:50
Eruaranmy past experience with ati drivers has not been good14:50
Mamarokwell, it's not better with Nvidia, the problem is the card manufacturers14:50
Mamarokonce they document their cards correctly the drivers will be written correctly14:51
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EruaranStill can't resume compositing14:54
MamarokEruaran: which driver do you use now?14:54
Mamarokmaybe it's just that using the game and the compisiting at the same time uses too many ressources14:54
EruaranI just rebooted14:54
Eruaranthere is no game running14:55
Mamarokhow much RAM do you have?14:55
Mamarokthat should be enough14:55
Dan_Lfor composting?  You should be able to do most of that w/ like 1 gig14:55
MamarokDan_L: it's not about compositing alone, but running 3d games at the same time14:55
EruaranAgain plymouth splash is now ugly, no compositing in kde... but games work...14:56
Mamarokbut 4 Gb is certainly enough14:56
EruaranIts too much stuffing around14:56
RaGNORAKhow do i set up a home network between two systems both running kubuntu 10.04?14:56
Dan_LMamarok:   sorry.  But yeah, 4 gigs should still be enough.14:56
EruaranIf I'm going to have this kind of hassle I'm just going to go back to nvidia14:57
Dan_LRagnorak:  first, make sure they're both connected to the same router14:57
RaGNORAKthey are14:58
RaGNORAKthey both use the same net14:59
Dan_Lwell at this point14:59
Dan_Lyou should be able to share files14:59
RaGNORAKand i did use a network between them when one of them had windows using samba14:59
RaGNORAKis that a trick question?15:00
RaGNORAKdo i need to setup NFS?15:01
Dan_LRagnorak:  what is your practical goal here?15:03
Dan_LAre we just sharing files?  Are we flipping a printer?  Tell the dan_l and the dan_l will try to help.15:03
RaGNORAKtransfer files15:03
RaGNORAKso zeroconf?15:04
Dan_Lmore or less15:04
Dan_Lif I were you15:05
Dan_Land I'm not15:05
Dan_Lbut i"m way better looking15:05
Dan_LI'd set it up for VNC hotness too15:05
PascatI want to give a try to Kubuntu! But the thing seems to have a few issues that are making me stay on Gnome... the biggest: X-chat doesn't seem to have Alpha Blending in KWin.15:06
RaGNORAKi will try and set it up myself i shall comeback if i fail (which i am almost certain i will)15:06
RaGNORAKummm i use konversation so....15:07
Dan_LRagnorak:  it's easy dude.  Trust me.  Even I can do it.15:08
Dan_LPascat:  seriously.  X-Chat is what's keeping you on gnome?15:08
Dan_LLemme tell you a secret15:08
Dan_LKubuntu kicks everything elses ass.15:09
Dan_LI'm a total ktard in 2 years or less15:09
PascatDan_L: Yes, x-chat is what is keeping me on gnome.15:12
PascatI don't like that native KDE one...15:12
PascatPlasma is awesome >.> Its like Win7/MacOSX on Steroids. So much better.15:15
Pascatbecause it does so much more heh.15:15
Pascatand I'd like some help to configure it, My eyes are sensitive and I really don't like the default white/blue colors. They hurt.15:16
James147Pascat: its easy to change the default colour scheme (system settings > apearance...)15:17
Pascatcool... now to find a way to get alpha blending to work in KWin or to find another client with alpha blending...I got really used to seeing my background with my text >.> going back to blank background is kinda *shrug*15:18
James147Pascat: window transpancy?15:19
James147Pascat: for a temp fix right click the title bar > opacity15:19
PascatI want window transparency in xchat...doesn't seem to work with KWin. Only Compiz-Fusion15:19
MamarokPascat: why don you use a proper IRC cleint like Konversation or Quassel?15:19
PascatI tried Quassel...didn't like it.15:20
Mamarokwell, try Konversation then15:20
Mamaroksudo apt-get install konversation if it is not installed already15:20
PascatOkies, I'll look into it...and i'll have to reinstall the whole of Kubuntu >.>15:20
Dan_LI'm still on the fence about Konversation v. quassel.15:21
Mamarokoh, you mean to have everything isntalled? sudo apt-get install kde-full15:21
James147Pascat: you can also set th transparency of windows when they are opened by right clicking on the title bar of the window > advanced > spical application settings > prefences > [active | inactive ] opacity15:21
MamarokDan_L: that is a personal preference, not a discussion for this channel15:21
Dan_LMamarok:  it was an observation and a benign one at that.15:22
voti i have to laught when Mamarok's the one saying use a proper client15:23
votif that isnt a personal preference i dont know what is15:23
PascatI'll try out both...and what I like is ... I'll send you guys a link to a screenshot.15:23
Dan_LI don't want to express a personal preference here, but lemme tell you:  the Cubs suck.15:24
votMamarok, why dont you lighten up since you seem to be dishing out your own brand of personal preference015:25
votDan_L, now thats just stirring15:25
Mamarokvot: I gave the two clients that are for Kubuntu15:25
Mamarokthis is about Kubuntu, remember?15:25
Dan_LVot:  yes.  yes it is.  :)15:26
* Mamarok doesn't like Quassel at all15:26
votso what.. a gnome one, isnt "not proper"15:26
PascatI want to have a similar transparency effect then I have with xchat15:26
Mamarokvot: whatever...15:26
votPascat, try them all out15:26
vothey go wild and install wine and try mirc15:26
votor be crazy and launch an console and try bitchx :)15:27
Mamarokcould we get back on topic, please? discussion sin elsewhere15:27
Dan_LPascat:  so you want it transparent over your desktop?15:27
votisnt the transparent over background not alpaha anyway15:28
votdoesnt it just show the desktop behind the text15:28
votdesktop wallpaper that is15:29
FloodBotK2khalsa_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:32
ikoniakhalsa_: stop15:32
Dan_LThere has to be away to get that transparent effect.  I'm snooping around now.15:33
James147I think you might need to change the window theme... there are some transparent ones on kde-look.org15:33
PascatI think I'm trying to mimick a GTK effect on a non-GTK environment, *shrug* I'll just have to get used to it heh.15:34
ikoniakde does have transparancy15:34
PascatI'll play with Kommunicate and see if it does what I want ^_^15:34
votPascat, but lemme check15:35
Dan_LNooo.  Look under desktop effects. There's gotta be a transparency effect and you could probably tell it to just do that to your IRC client15:35
Dan_Lor something15:35
voti thought xchat didnt do full alpha with the transparent backtound15:35
James147Pascat: something like this: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Smoked+Glass+Bespin+config?content=127507?15:35
James147Pascat: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Smoked+Glass+Bespin+config?content=127507  sorry :)15:35
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Guest80987does anyone know where streaming files are saved15:36
votthats a theme that seems to be by someone missing vista or win7 and mac os 915:37
votby the icon :)15:37
James147vot: was the first one I found with transpancy... there are many others15:37
Dan_Lewwwwwww vista.  ewwwww 7.15:37
Dan_LJust saying.15:37
votvistas aero looks fine15:38
votwith the exception of the stupid flip3d15:38
Dan_Lehhhhh.  I guess it 'looks' as good as windows can.  But really----it's not on the same planet in terms of kde or osx15:39
voti dont think it was meant to15:39
votit had to cover a wide range of disparaging hardware15:40
Dan_LProbably not.  I think they focused solely on a good UI.15:40
Dan_Lyeah.  It's like that:)15:40
voti think clean and simple and quick was all that they were after15:40
Dan_LHave you used 7 yet?15:41
votand im glad they didnt try more.. because when m$ tries to be creative its usually ugly and horrible15:41
votyea a lot15:41
voti hate the aero peek thing too15:41
votwith the window borders15:41
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:41
Dan_LI just started messing with 7 at work.  still pretty far behind the curve.15:42
Dan_LDoes anyone know of a text editor that will syntax highlight sql?15:42
jussilads, if you can take the windows chatter to #kubuntu-offtopic that would be great15:43
Dan_Lwhat did you just call me?15:43
PascatShould I stick to Firefox or Konqueror is good?15:43
Dan_LIs that supposed to be some sort of homophobic slur?15:44
pucko-firefox is pretty good in lucid15:44
Dan_LPascat:  The answer is yes.15:44
James147Pascat: or try chromium :)15:44
jussiDan_L: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate/ - kate does15:45
PascatI used Chromium. Problem I had with it: Java Support sucked on Windows. (couldn't get Focus) ...maybe Ubuntu doesn't have that problem though...15:45
Dan_LPascat:  It works well.15:45
Dan_LJussi:  will kate lemme shoot a query straight at a db too?15:46
Dan_LLike is there a script thingymabob?15:46
Dan_LI'm trying to dump my windows vbox and be a total free tard.  so replacing notepad++ and excel are very high on my list of things to do.15:46
pucko-there are a few issues with chrome/chromium in general (plugins especially). firefox, usually just works. but I use chrome anyway15:47
votnotepad++ is free15:47
votand i think it works under wine15:47
votand oo has a excel equivalent15:47
jussiDan_L: likely, but Ive no experience with it15:47
votand i belive kate can run scripts15:48
jussiDan_L: kate is a very powerful text editor15:48
Eruarancan somebody help... I change my graphics driver to radeonhd so I can play games now but desktop compositing no longer works and every time I reboot my resolution goes back to 640x48015:48
PascatI saw Kate...it seemed weird...15:49
votkates the closest ive seen to ultraedit/notepad++ *nix side15:50
EruaranI love Kate15:50
votreally doe she root hard ?15:50
EruaranAnd prefer it15:50
Pascatcan it 'color' program codes?15:50
jussivot: dont.15:50
* Pascat does some Ruby once in a while..15:50
jussiPascat: yes15:50
votoh come on someone had to go there15:50
Dan_LPascat:  we were just talking about that.  apparently it does support syntax highlighting.15:51
PascatCool ^_^15:51
votkate is very good15:51
Pascatgedit does it by default...so you have to enable it in Kate?15:51
James147Pascat: it just works, although is normally activated when you save a newly created document15:51
Dan_LNow if I could just replace excel I'd be in good shape:)15:52
EruaranKate has VI input mode15:52
James147Eruaran:  :D15:52
pucko-kate supports sql highlighting even15:52
Pascatswitching to KDE >.>15:52
votDan_L, Open Office spreashseet15:52
vothowever its not as good as excel15:52
EruaranI prefer Calc to Excel15:52
Dan_LVot:  yeah it's getting there.  I can do most of my manipulation in OO.  I can't really make my deliverables good there though.15:52
EruaranSo, does anyone know what I need to do15:53
EruaranDo I need to edit a config file or something?15:53
Dan_LActually, all of my manipulation can be done in OO.  It's total replacement.  But my ability to present things effectively is gimped up pretty bad.15:53
EruaranTo get my desktop compositing back and sort out my screen res15:53
Dan_LEruran:  have you tried going through desktop effects?15:54
EruaranDan_L: yes15:54
pucko-Eruaran, I have never used a radeon card, but I would start by looking into the Xorg.0.log file and see what's going on.15:54
Dan_LIt's a non option or the option doesn't work?15:54
EruaranDan_L: it says its temporarily disabled15:55
Eruaranoh... its saying compositing is active now15:55
Eruaranfirst time...15:55
Eruaranits not working though15:55
Eruarannope not working15:55
Eruaran"Failed to activate desktop effects using the given configuration options...15:56
Dan_Lhmmmm.  are you using a proprietary driver?15:56
EruaranI'm using radeonhd15:56
PascatOk...ok KDE15:56
EruaranI thought we didn't edit x anymore?15:56
EruaranI have forgotten where it is X1115:57
Dan_LEruaran:  sorry.  this one is beyond me.  I'm a veteran of the broadcom wifi driver problems and the nvidia driver problems, but no idea how to make this one work.15:57
Dan_LPascat:  it's zen in computing isn't it?15:57
James147Eruaran: you do if you want to specify something... its just that now x can auto detect settings so it dosent need one15:57
Dan_LPascat:  install basket.  Or I'll report you to Obama and have you sent to guantanimo bay.  Seriously.15:58
EruaranDan_L: I have always avoided ATI and used Nvidia... but I got this HD3650 for free and its quite nice... so I guess I have to suck it up and work the problem :P15:58
James147Eruaran: can you not install the drives via "jockey-kde"? that normally handels most of the work15:59
Dan_LEruaran:  I'm using the power of the google to see what I can find.  If I find something, I will claim I came up with it on my own and pass it along to you.15:59
EruaranJames147: I forget... is there a way to get x to re-detect settings?15:59
EruaranDan_L: thanks15:59
PascatI should reinstall with Kubuntu and not gnome... The disk is cluttered with so much mixed stuff now :/15:59
James147Eruaran: delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf :)15:59
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »15:59
EruaranJames147: ah thanks... I'll have a look and see what it says in there15:59
Dan_LPascat:  if you're looking to get things done, basket is pretty uber.15:59
EruaranJames147: oh... delete it16:00
EruaranInterestingly I've had less issues in general with Kubuntu than Ubuntu16:00
EruaranI was trying out Ubuntu yesterday... the software centre wouldn't work after updates16:01
Eruaranbut I digress16:01
Dan_Ltbh, I haven't had a real 'issue' with anybuntu in about a year.16:01
Dan_LI'm still trying to share the printer at my parents house.  My dad had a little problem with installing 'codecs'---if ya know what I"m saying.16:02
Dan_Lso I moved him to Kubuntu.16:02
Dan_LBut making the printer share has been a nightmare times 516:02
EruaranI tend to like KDE apps better in general16:02
EruaranI like Dolphin better than Nautilus etc16:03
Dan_LEuraran:  for sure.  and yukakke16:03
Dan_Lor yuakake16:03
Dan_Lor whatever it's called.16:03
Dan_LI don't speak spanish so I don't know what that word means.16:03
EruaranIts a Quake console clone16:03
James147might want to take this to #kubuntu-offtopic  :)16:04
Dan_LI use it pretty religiously.16:04
Eruaranmy xorg.conf says Driver "fglrx" even though I've installed RadeonHD16:05
EruaranSo, we just delete xorg.conf these days?16:06
Dan_LI solved your problem16:06
Dan_LI think16:06
James147Eruaran: or mv16:07
EruaranJames147: ok16:07
Eruarannow that I've deleted it do I just restart x?16:09
unixbosskubuntu kurdum yardim lazim16:09
EruaranI dunno what ! to give the bot for turkish16:10
unixbossok don worry16:11
anzwaitshello any kde experts here?16:12
James147Eruaran: if you make any change to xorg.conf you have to restart x16:12
unixbossto day setup kubuntu verry expert i like this16:12
James147!ask | anzwaits16:12
ubottuanzwaits: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:12
anzwaitsI just want to know what are the advantages of kwin over compiz? which is the preferred one.16:14
James147anzwaits: kwin :p  it is better intergrated into kde16:14
James147anzwaits: compiz was only used in the past to get desktop effects, which kwin can now do by its self16:14
anzwaitsbut, my friends say compiz have more display optins.16:15
pvandewyngaerdeif i try to disable the password prompt when opening the laptop lid, the option that is available does not work, editing /etc/default/acpi-support does not work, any other hints ?16:15
EruaranJames147: I got my normal resolution back... but System Setting now crashes if I click on Desktop...16:15
James147they do have slightly different effects (compiz might have more) but kwin also has some neat features like window grouping and as of 4.5 a tiled window placment16:15
EruaranThis is really getting ridiculous16:16
unixbossi have setup mac osx 10.6.3  sony wio so good setup because start dont kernel panic its a blank screan what hapend16:16
James147Eruaran: sorry :( have no clue why it would do that16:16
James147anzwaits: unless you spicifically want soemthing from compiz I suggest just sticking wiht kwin16:16
anzwaitsokay, I hope this kwin is integrated with luicid, am I rite?16:17
anzwaitsokay, James, can you tell me how to configure this kwin in lucid?16:18
James147anzwaits: intergrated? it is used by kubuntu lucid by default16:18
EruaranJames147: It might have something to do with fglrx16:18
James147anzwaits: for desktop effects: system settings > desktop effects :D for the actual look thats in umm, system settings > appearnce i think...16:18
anzwaitssorry for my ignorace James :(16:19
anzwaitsAnyway thanks a lot, you guys rokkk :)16:19
James147anzwaits: there are also some option by right clicking on a window title bar16:19
* James147 love the bespin window style :D16:20
bodomHi there. Phonon is conflicting with non-phonon applications. May someone help me?16:22
Eruarannow kdeinfo is crashing as well..16:25
EruaranThis is ridiculous16:25
EruaranAll I'm getting out of this is a headache and a big fat reminder on why I never use ATI16:26
BluesKajI'm getting mangled web pages on Lucid with FF and chrome, but I think my problem is flash .16:27
EruaranSince I have installed radeonhd, should I now remove anything to do with fglrx? Because when System Settings crashed, the debugging mentioned fglrx for some reason...16:28
BluesKaj<--ati x200m16:28
BluesKajEruaran, not sure lemme check16:29
=== Andrew13 is now known as Andrew9
EruaranYeah well right now I'm thinking of expunging anytihng to do wth ATI from my system and throwing this card out in the street16:29
Eruaranbecause, as usual, anything ATI is just causing too many problems16:29
EruaranSystem Settings and KDEinfo now crashing...16:30
Eruaranwhat the hell16:30
BluesKajEruaran, yes, youshould actually drop to a tty and remove the fglrx driver16:30
EruaranBluesKaj: Just the driver?16:30
BluesKajstop kdm first16:30
BluesKajyes, it will take that catalyst thing with it if it's installed too16:31
EruaranBluesKaj: I have fglrx, fglrx-modaliases... and yeah I was going to mention catalyst... I only just noticed that is installed...16:32
anzwaitsHey, I am using 10.04, amarok installed by default. But we I try to play music its not working. any guess?16:32
Eruarananzwaits: do you have sound at all?16:33
James147anzwaits: for mp3s? you will need to install "kubuntu-restricted-extras" to play them16:33
Eruaranof course16:33
anzwaitsI have installed mediubuntu repos and then vlc16:33
anzwaitsso vlc, mplayer, audecious have sound16:33
anzwaitsbut amarok doesnot. I noticed that .wav files are ok. but mp3 doesnot.16:34
James147anzwaits: install "kubuntu-restricted-extras" to get the extra codes you need for mp3s16:34
James147they are not shiped with kubuntu due to licencing restrictions, dam restriced formats :(16:35
anzwaitsOhh okay. is this cause an issue only with amarok ?16:35
James147anzwaits: with most players16:35
James147anzwaits: they cannot include mp3 support when they ship kubuntu as its not an open format16:36
anzwaitsokay .Thanks James. Lemme try that.16:36
pvandewyngaerdeanyone here with a laptop that can help me test some behaviour when closing the lid ?16:36
James147pvandewyngaerde: what behaviour?16:37
pvandewyngaerdei have set the action to do nothing when closing the lid but it stil locks the screen and asks for a password when i open it16:37
James147pvandewyngaerde:  is there an option to lock the screen on resume? (laptops booting atm)16:38
BluesKajEruaran, use your package manager to see which drivers are installed pls16:38
pvandewyngaerdeJames147:  yes, a general configuration option, not linked to any power profile16:39
pvandewyngaerdei have disabled it16:39
pvandewyngaerdethis is in my  ~/.kde/share/config/powerdevilrc   in  [General] section :  configLockScreen=false16:40
James147pvandewyngaerde: not seeing that behaviour here (on kde 4.5 RC2)16:41
James147and dont remember ever seeing it lock the screen when the option wernt enabled :(16:41
pvandewyngaerdethe popupnotifier shows a powerdevil warning:   screen is locked    when reopened it and typed my pw16:43
Eruaranfglrx, catalyst removed16:45
James147pvandewyngaerde: what version of kde are you running?16:45
EruaranSystem Settings not crashing now16:45
BluesKajEruaran, do you have org-driver-fglrx installed?16:46
pvandewyngaerdeUbuntu maverick (development branch)   KDE Development Platform: 4.4.92 (KDE 4.4.92 (KDE 4.5 RC2)) hpelitebook8530 2.6.35-8-generic #13-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 14 03:01:08 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux16:47
EruaranBluesKaj: no16:47
James147pvandewyngaerde: you might want to try #ubuntu+1 for maverick support16:47
EruaranBluesKaj: I think aptitude removed it... I only have xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd installed16:48
BluesKajok good16:48
EruaranBluesKaj: System Settings now says compositing is not supported and KInfoCentre is telling me my 3d accelerator is unknown16:50
pvandewyngaerdeyeah, i asked  before, no one responded,    and kubuntu+1 is invite only16:50
EruaranBluesKaj: Should I just reinstall radeonhd?16:50
James147pvandewyngaerde: #ubuntu+1 is for both ubuntu and kubuntu and all other versions16:51
James147pvandewyngaerde: best is to keep asking every 10 mins or so... if you ask in this change again I suggest mentioning your version16:51
BluesKajEruaran,drop to tty with alt+f2 , sudo service kdm stop , then, sudo aptitude remove xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd, then just reinstall it, and sudo service kdm start, the alt +f7 to return to the desktop16:52
EruaranBluesKaj: ok16:52
James147BluesKaj: you mean alt+crtl+F1 ?16:52
BluesKajyes sorry16:53
James147Eruaran: I advice logging out first :) stopping kdm dosnt cleanly log you out16:53
BluesKajJames147,` I'v never had a problem , one just needs to stop X16:54
James147BluesKaj: it might not save settings and such... not a major problem I just dont l;ike advising ppl to do things that might lose them stuff16:55
James147BluesKaj: if you havent changed anything then it dosnt make much difference16:55
BluesKajlogging out isn't needed James147 , he just reinstalling the driver16:55
EruaranJames147: ah... too late :P16:56
EruaranOk... plymouth splash is  back to normal17:03
EruaranBut System Settings is still saying composoting is not supported17:03
Eruaranxserver-xorg-video-radeonhd is installed17:04
EruaranBut KDE doesn't seem to know I have a graphics card and driver17:04
EruaranWell this is pretty much screwed up17:08
EruaranI'm back to where I started, with games crashing... only KDE has no compositing now as well17:09
EruaranAnd its now 2am17:09
EruaranI really think if vendors wont provide documentation so stuff like this works properly then the community should just tell them to go forth and multiply17:10
EruaranI'm worse off now than then I started17:12
BluesKajEruaran, I don't think the radeonhd supports 3d and dir17:17
EruaranWhat does it support?17:18
EruaranSo, I should be using fglrx then17:19
BluesKajtry glxinfo | grep direct then glxinfo | grep 3D17:19
Eruarandirect rendering: Yes17:20
EruaranOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R600 (RV635 9598) 20090101 x86/MMX+/3DNow!+/SSE2 TCL DRI2     GL_EXT_texture, GL_EXT_texture3D, GL_EXT_texture_cube_map,17:21
elitrouhello, i have some difficulties with mobile broadband connection with knetwork manager. anyone willing to help?17:21
BluesKajEruaran, seems fine , what about desktop effects in system settings , are they enabled ?17:23
EruaranBluesKaj: no17:23
BluesKajenable them if possible17:23
EruaranBluesKaj: System Settings says, "Compositing is not supported on your system"17:23
BluesKajEruaran, ok I'm going to check my old desktop system that uses ati ...bbiab17:25
=== simi is now known as simion314
BluesKajEruaran, sudo aptitude install xserver-xorg-video-ati , that's a support for the hd driver , they should have instal;l17:31
BluesKajed together whe the sytem was installed17:32
EruaranBluesKaj: ah ok17:32
EruaranBluesKaj: Aptitude removed a number of packages when I removed fglrx... maybe its possible it was installed but got removed?17:33
EruaranRestarted x but System Settings still says the same thing17:35
BluesKajEruaran, which graphics card ?17:36
EruaranBluesKaj: It is a Gigabyte Radeon HD 365017:36
UrtzI installed the RC2 of KDE 4.5, and Dolphin crashes many times, do you have this bug also, or it this only mine?17:37
James147Urtz: hasent done that here (upgraded from RC1)17:38
James147Urtz: you could try renaming ~/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc  to reset dolpih to its default settings to see if its a config error17:39
UrtzJames147: I did upgrade from RC1 too. It is odd, because it crashes sometimes when I only have the window open, but for example using Firefox.17:40
UrtzJames147: I will try that, thanks.17:40
James147Urtz: if that dosent help I suggest trying to create a new user and seeing if you experence the same problems with that, if you do its likly to be a config error17:41
BluesKajEruaran, there's a bug filed for the newer ati driver17:46
EruaranBluesKaj: So, uninstall and go to fglrx?17:47
EruaranBluesKaj: That is what 'Hardware Drivers' offered me before... (kde-jockey?)17:48
BluesKajEruaran, check this out , it may apply tour driver https://launchpad.net/~info-g-com/+archive/xserver-xorg-1.7.6-gc17:48
BluesKajEruaran, yes try the jockey but install the patch above17:49
EruaranThe patch works with fglrx or radeonhd?17:50
BluesKajlook at the url17:51
BluesKajI have to go out for a while..bbl, errands17:52
EruaranThanks for the help BluesKaj17:52
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jillsmittAkregator always fails18:09
jillsmittevery time i start it18:09
jillsmittExecutable: akregator PID: 3644 Signal: 11 (Segmentation fault)18:16
Torchjillsmitt: pastebin a backtrace, maybe that shows what's going on.18:18
jillsmittTorch: i dont have debuging symbols ^(18:18
Torchjillsmitt: install them ;-)18:18
jillsmittteach me then how to install18:18
Torchjillsmitt: install the package kdepim-dbg18:19
Torchjillsmitt: the rule is: debug symbols are in the package <source-package-name>-dbg18:20
Torchjillsmitt: source package for akregator is kdepim, so it has to be kdepim-dbg18:20
jillsmittonly 8% done18:25
kalibHi guys. I was trying to cmake a plasmoid and got this error message: http://pastebin.com/BdaimGd118:33
kalibanyone who can help me?18:33
Torchkalib: you need the dev packages18:33
kalibbuild-essential ?18:33
kalibalready installed it.18:33
kalibanything else?18:33
Torchkalib: the kde dev packages18:33
Torchkalib: kdelibs5-dev (sic)18:34
kalibok.. I'll try it..18:34
James147kalib: you also may need kdebase-workspace-dev18:34
kalibJames147, ;]18:35
elitrouhi, i need some help with mobile broadband connection using knetwork manager. anyone?18:36
James147elitrou: you might want to describe the difficulty you are having with it, more detail you give the more likly someone that know how to fix it will respond :)18:37
elitroui'm using USB modem bandluxe c278 under kubuntu lucid x6418:39
elitrouthe problem is that i have to try several times until the connection is reached, lately the connection itself is making problems too18:40
elitrouknetwork manager signs that the connection is established, but no traffic is available. once again i need to reconnect for several times.18:41
elitrouany ideas?18:41
James147elitrou: afraid i dont know much about mobile boardband, they only ting I can suggest is you check the signal strength...18:42
elitrouJames147: the signal is all right, when connected it works fine for hours18:43
James147elitrou: or you could try the gnome networkmanager, it has work better then knetwork manager in the past (install: network-magager-gnome  run: nm-applet (after killing knetworkmanager)18:44
James147elitrou: or even wicd (will remove Network manager)18:44
kalibTorch, James147 worked now.. but I had to install both.. kdelibs5-dev and kdebase-workspace-dev18:44
kalibthank you guys...18:45
elitrouJames147: i'm looking for a script to connect as well, to see if there are any warnings or errors18:45
eagles0513875hey guys im trying to run upgrade to update some available packages but for some reason all repos for me are getting an error 404 hwo can i fix that19:15
BluesKajhey eagles0513875 , which server , euro or main ?19:17
eagles0513875italian mirrors19:17
eagles0513875the fastbull italian mirror19:17
eagles0513875when i run update they update fine when i run upgrade it doesnt work19:17
BluesKajtry the main for now , just change it in the package manager , it'll save time rather than changing every repos in the sources.list19:18
eagles0513875ill change it to another italian mirror19:20
eagles0513875BluesKaj: not to mention im having x issues again :(19:21
Eruaranwelcome back BluesKaj19:22
eagles0513875W: Failed to fetch http://giano.com.dist.unige.it/ubuntu/dists/lucid-security/universe/source/Sources.gz  404  Not Found19:24
eagles0513875humm turns out there is somethign up wiht the italian mirrors19:24
EruaranBluesKaj: I'm not quite clear - Was I supposed to use the xorg patch with fgrlx or radeonhd?19:27
BluesKajEruaran, open the jockey and use the reommended driver, then patch it19:31
EruaranBluesKaj: ok19:31
Throdyop !20:04
Misterio!es | any20:16
ubottuany: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:16
jillsmittTorch: http://pastebin.ca/190256820:22
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Ivo_linkhi to u all! Does anyone recently installed kubuntu and noticed that sound works but really low???!!! Is there a way to fix this? Thanks21:02
well_laid_lawnIvo_link: in a terminal run   alsamixer   and turn things up21:02
starslightshi , have you try to look in kMix? you can manage the volume21:03
Ivo_linkdone both...still stays the same21:03
Ivo_linkeverything is up, in kmix and alsamixer21:04
Ivo_linki had ubuntu and it sounded great! dont know why this happened...21:04
well_laid_lawnwas the right sound card selected when you did that?21:04
starslightsyeah but maybe you need add new chan , look if all your peripheric are set, by me all be fine21:05
Ivo_linkit only gives one option hda intel analog21:05
starslightsbut i have to add the others chan for my 5.1 for exemple21:05
Ivo_linkor system standard21:05
Ivo_linkits a laptop21:06
Ivo_linkforgot to mention!21:06
Ivo_linkwell_laid_lawn: could u tell me how many options u have in alsamixer? i think theres a few missing in mine....21:09
well_laid_lawnI have eleven on my intelhda card21:13
Ivo_linki have nine :(21:13
Ivo_linksomethings a bit wrong here21:13
Ivo_linki dont even have the channel options21:13
heinkel_111there is a command to find out which kubuntu is installed on this computer?21:14
heinkel_111like uname but showing kubuntu name version instead of linux core version?21:14
Ivo_linki had 8, but change the alsabase.conf file to activate headphones.21:14
well_laid_lawnheinkel_111: you could try   lsb_release21:15
Ivo_linkwhat is that...?21:15
troopperiuname -a21:16
heinkel_111well_laid_lawn: does not seem to work...i get no "lsb modules available"21:17
heinkel_111but then i tried lsb_release --codename21:18
heinkel_111and that seems work... jaunty, apparently21:18
heinkel_111= 9.04?21:18
heinkel_111thank you21:20
heinkel_111starting upgrade hell :)21:20
jschallmy OCD needs to rearrange the favorites at the top of the search and launch page in plasma-netbook, and i don't see a way to do that. is there a way?21:38
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Tzzimyis there a recommended backup utility (preferably with incremental backup feature)?22:01
well_laid_lawn!backup > Tzzimy22:05
ubottuTzzimy, please see my private message22:05
Tzzimythanks m8 :)22:05
BrotherDaveSo I downloaded a windows 7 iso so I can dual boot, but when I extract the rar it's just like... not even there.22:11
well_laid_lawnwhich folder were you in when you did the extracting BrotherDave22:14
BrotherDaveWell it's in downloads, so I just extracted it to there and the folder was empty.22:14
well_laid_lawnI would look in my home folder22:15
BrotherDaveNothing there. :/22:16
well_laid_lawnand the rar is gone?22:16
BrotherDaverar is still here22:16
well_laid_lawntry again maybe?22:17
BrotherDaveWhen I extract it, it just creates an empty folder.22:17
well_laid_lawntry it from the command line   unrar e /path/to/rar22:18
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Likeany ham here ?22:37
Likei get cold please22:37
ridinin konqueror only a black box appears when playing youtube?22:41
BluesKajridin, install flashplugin-nonfree22:46
ridinsound plays bluekaj, guess i'll try that22:46
ridinBluesKaj, did sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonefree, and went to konqueror and still having the same problem22:48
BluesKajridin,  flashplugin-nonfree22:50
ridinBluesKaj, did sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree, and went to konqueror and still having the same problem22:50
ridinsorry about the typo22:50
well_laid_lawnrestart konq22:50
ridinwell_laid_lawn, went into youtube and could hear sound like i said before, but no video22:51
well_laid_lawndid you close konq?22:52
=== root is now known as Guest61399
ridinyes, and started it again22:52
BluesKajsometimes a reboot helps, ridin22:53
ridinalright, i'll do that22:54
ridin.... and there's no reboot button22:54
ridinoh well22:54
* ridin holds down the power button22:54
BluesKajridin, right click on the desktop ,choose restart22:55
BluesKajerr leave, then restart22:55
ridinBluesKaj, disn't help23:01
ridindid not23:01
BluesKajridin, open your kpackagekit and choose settings /edit software sources/other software , enable everything except the cdrom23:04
BluesKajthen sudo aptitude update , then sudo aptitude install kubuntu-restricted-extras23:05
ridinBluesKaj, did that and the problem was not fixed23:09
ridini even restarted konqueror23:09
DaughainHmmmm....Where would I look to find my VB install?23:09
BluesKajridin, maybe try a different browser23:10
ridinBluesKaj, okay. thanks for the help23:10
Chase_on Quassel! ^_^23:16
Chase_Hey, I have a question... Is there a way that when a window has lost focus long enough, it automatically minimizes to reveal the desktop?23:36

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