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emiliohey guys02:22
emiliocan someone help me?02:41
wgrantemilio: Probably -- ask your question, and someone will help if they can.02:41
emilioi'm installed the Launchpad "itself" on my ubuntu02:42
emilioand want to know some things...02:42
emiliowhat is the real purpose of this?02:43
wgrantWhy have you done that, rather than using Launchpad.net? While you *can* run it yourself, it's very difficult, so nobody does, and that wasn't the intention behind releasing the code.02:43
emiliocan i have a my own launchpad with my own projects running on a server without any connection with launchpad.net?02:43
maxhYou CAN, but you (usually) SHOULDN'T.02:44
wgrantYou could, but you'd have to replace all of the images and branding used by the application, and obtain all the necessary resources and knowledge required to run it successfully.02:44
wgrantIt's a very rare case when it's a good idea to do it.02:45
maxhYou probably want to put your project on launchpad.net.02:45
wgrantIf you are at all unsure, you want to put it on Launchpad.net.02:45
emilioon my local build of launchpad i don't have a "create account", and only can loggin with the default "admin@canonical.."02:46
wgrantThat's right. It's set up as a development instance, not a production one.02:47
wgrantUnless you know the application well and are really sure that you want to run your own, you *do not* want to run your own.02:47
wgrantIt's no small undertaking.02:47
maxhIf you ARE really sure you want to run your own you still probably don't want to.02:48
wgrantThat's also true.02:48
emilioyeah but you said "it's set up as a development instance, not a production one.", so i need do make another build to set up for production?02:50
wgrantBut there are no instructions for that, and you don't want to do it.02:51
emiliooh ok.02:51
emilioty for your attention!02:52
nigelbwgrant: you mean its impossible to set up a production instance?02:56
wgrantnigelb: Not impossible. But you need to know what you're doing, or to have access to wiki.canonical.com.02:57
wgrantAnd then you still need to know what you're doing.02:57
nigelbIts supposed to be oss :(02:57
wgrantNot impossible: just difficult and in most cases foolish.02:57
maxh(Now watch as 124 people attempt to go to said wiki.)02:57
wgrantVostok may change everything, however.03:00
wgrantThe derivative distro management tool that Linaro is developing.03:01
nigelboh, its based on LP?03:01
wgrantAt the moment the plan is for it to be an alternative UI onto a subset of Launchpad, which OEMs can run locally.03:01
wgrantAnd it will probably interact in some ways with Launchpad.net.03:01
maxhHow exactly does Launchpad determine how to link to PGP key pages? I'm getting results for '0xdc471ac2d963ea539409322b6926ebb2c16905f0', which shows my key, but not all the addresses I've added in the past... however long since I uploaded the key, whereas results for '0xc16905f0' (which is obviously the same) shows all addresses.03:02
wgrantmaxh: The former is the fingerprint. They both show the same list of addresses for me -- I suspect the URLs you checked differ another way.03:07
wgrant(note that the lst eight hexadecimal degits of the fingerprint are your key ID)03:07
maxhI just manually replaced the relevant portion of the URL to make sure it's otherwise the same. The fingerprint gets two addresses listed, and the key ID gets four.03:08
wgrantAha. Looks like the build queue might finally be empty in a day or two!03:08
wgrantmaxh: Hm. In both cases for me the four addresses are listed.03:09
maxhWell, I suppose if it works elsewhere, it doesn't matter if I see it correctly, since I already have it.03:10
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* achiang wonders if anyone knows how to get to a private PPA using the API04:24
wgrantachiang: Same as a public PPA.04:25
wgrantgetPPAByName should work.04:26
achiangwgrant: ah! thanks, i didn't see that method. i was poking around the people.archive attribute04:27
wgrantachiang: That's from the days when people had only one PPA.04:27
wgrantIt just grabs the first one.04:27
achiangnod, got it, thanks04:27
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achianganyone want to take pity on a git user who's struggling with bzr?06:08
achiangin git, my working model is: many logical branches in the same physical source directory06:08
achiangand then i just move between branches with git checkout06:08
achiangwhat's the equivalent in bzr?06:09
wgrantachiang: #bzr may be more help, but for most projects I have a project directory, with each branch as a separate directory inside that. You can get a system similar to git by using something like bzr-colo, but for non-gigantic projects I see little point.06:11
wgrantSo I'll do something like this to set up a project:06:11
wgrantmkdir project06:12
wgrantcd project06:12
wgrantbzr get lp:project trunk # Will get the default branch from LP, and put it in the 'trunk' directory locally06:12
wgrantbzr branch trunk my-feature-branch06:12
wgrantThat will create a new directory, my-feature-branch, as a branch from trunk.06:13
wgrantYou can then hack around in there.06:13
achiangwgrant: and then to push my-feature-branch, i cd into that directory and... what: bzr push lp:project/my-feature-branch ?06:14
wgrantachiang: bzr push lp:~username/project/my-feature-branch06:16
wgrantIt will then remember that URL for subsequent pushes.06:16
wgrantYou can also later configure bzr to automatically calculate that URL, so you can just 'bzr push' from a new branch.06:16
achiangwgrant: thanks06:20
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MTecknologySo this package has been hovering between 4 second and 4 minutes until it's time to build - for over an hour07:17
MTecknologyI think the math is a little mucked up for some reason.. :P07:17
wgrantMTecknology: The maths is fine... the buildd manager is not :(07:17
MTecknologywgrant: what's up with it?07:18
wgrantMTecknology: It is very much not a fan of having large build queues and lots of builders building lots of small builds.07:18
MTecknologywgrant: oh- mine is probably about as small as there is :P07:19
wgrantIt sort of ends up taking 180 times longer than expected -- 15 minutes to complete one cycle, instead of 5 seconds.07:19
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MTecknologyheh.. that's a bit of a difference07:20
MTecknologyI see that the queue is about half now though07:20
wgrantRight, the queue is shrinking.07:21
MTecknologyyay for positives07:21
wgrantAssuming nobody decides that they need to throw another 2700-build Python rebuild onto the queue and then delete it as soon as it's finished, we should have a reasonable queue in 24-48 hours.07:21
MTecknologywgrant: and then delete it??07:22
wgrantMTecknology: In the last week we have had two or three rebuilds of Python 2.7 and everything that depends on it.07:22
wgrantThis takes a couple of days of build farm time.07:22
wgrantThe PPAs were then mysteriously deleted.07:22
wgrantAnd a fourth one has been created, but is not yet building, and if it does start building then people are probably going to start strangling other people :)07:22
MTecknologywgrant: ..yucky07:23
MTecknologyonly word I could think of07:23
wgrantI would have chosen something more violent.07:24
wgrantBut yes.07:24
MTecknologywhy four rebuilds?07:24
wgrantI do not know.07:24
wgrantThere was probably some mistake in the first three.07:24
wgrantWhich they didn't discover until they had built EVERYTHING.07:24
MTecknologyshoulda build it locally first :)07:25
MTecknologypbuilder ftw (on a hefty hefty machine)07:26
MTecknologywgrant: so if I went along and decided to rebuild all of python and perl and firefox/xul - would you come over here and kill me?07:27
bilalakhtarnoodles775: my daily build is pending from the last 4 days07:33
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bilalakhtarnoodles775: Back. Power cut over here09:12
wgrantbilalakhtar: The build queue has been horrific for the last weekish. It should return to normal in the next day or so.09:13
wgrant.... if the buildds ever come back.09:13
bilalakhtarhanks wgrant09:13
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riochI've made a release out of one of my milestones, and that milestone has some bugs set to "Fix committed". Will they automatically be set to "Fix released"?13:06
geserIIRC no13:15
wgrantNo. We had that for a while, but it proved to be too slow, so it was switched off.13:16
lifelesswgrant: ?13:17
wgrantlifeless: Milestoned bugs used to be closed when the milestone was released. But that had to be disabled, as it timed out for large milestones.13:18
lifelessI've requested rabbit be installed13:19
lifelessif you want to write up a out-of-transaction task for it, please do.13:19
wgrantlifeless: Ha ha ha.13:20
wgrantWe won't see a message queue for at least two years yet...13:20
lifelesswhy ?13:20
wgrantBecause it's been proposed a few times in the last 18 months, and never happened.13:20
lifelesscheck lp-developer-dependencies13:21
wgrantOh, yes, I know it's in there.13:21
wgrantIt doesn't mean it's going to be on production or in the code any time in the next decade.13:21
lifelessI'll be surprised if we don't have the staging instance up next week13:21
wgrantThis is is good news indeed.13:22
wgrantYou've not left Prague yet?13:23
lifelessplatform sprint next week13:23
lifelessGNU hackers meeting after that.13:23
lifelessThen home.13:23
lifelesssorry, 'platform rally'13:23
wgrantOh, right.13:23
lifeless200 ppl in one room is not a sprint13:24
lifelessplay with it.13:24
wgrantI hate bad tests.13:29
lifelessjml: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/contextdecorator/0.10.013:31
jmlwgrant, hello13:37
wgrantjml: Hi.13:39
lifelesswgrant: so do I.13:42
lifelesswgrant: lets fix them13:43
wgrantlifeless: Oh, I'm rewriting this batch, don't worry.13:43
wgrantIt's just infuriating how bad the Soyuz tests are.13:43
lifelessjml: http://www.mypressi.com/13:44
geseris there some ready vm-image for LP development? I planned to setup LP for development (in a chroot or vm as I want to have it seperate from my normal system) but didn't find time to do it14:10
wgrantThere's no pre-built image, but there's https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/VirtualMachine14:11
infinity0how do i delete a contact email from my launchpad login service account? (as opposed to launchpad itself)14:23
wgrantinfinity0: Despite the name, that's not actually part of Launchpad -- it's developed and managed by another team entirely.14:24
wgrantAt the moment it's not possible to remove email addresses. However, I saw some bugmail this morning which suggests that it's fixed in the next release.14:24
infinity0oh, ok, thanks14:24
infinity0any estimate of a timeframe on that?14:24
wgrantNo idea, sorry.14:24
wgrantBug 50721414:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 507214 in Canonical SSO provider "No Way To Remove Old Emails (affected: 19, heat: 125)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50721414:25
infinity0cool, thanks14:25
wgrantIt's targetted to 2.7.0, which is scheduled for the 22nd.14:26
wgrantNot sure how reliable that is, though.14:26
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MysteryXCan I host my own, closed-source, software on launchpad for a fee? (or even without one?)15:19
nigelbfor a fee, yes15:22
MysteryXI'll host my websites source there15:25
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d1bmorning - is there a way to view all source repos for a project18:49
d1blike i can do with say a gitweb representation (or hg)18:49
thumperd1b: hi18:50
thumperd1b: things are somewhat different on Launchpad than git or hg18:50
d1beg http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zeitgeist/18:51
thumperd1b: for a project to look at the branches for the project, go to https://code.launchpad.net/<project>18:51
d1bnothing is there18:51
d1bthumper: :/18:51
thumperthat is a person or team18:51
thumpernot a repository18:51
d1bbut i can't view http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zeitgeist/zeitgeist/18:51
d1bwhy not?18:51
thumperd1b: because we haven't set it up that way :-|18:52
thumperthe filesystem isn't what you see18:52
* d1b grumbles about usability18:52
d1bok i never was linked at any point to18:52
d1bor code.launchpad.net18:52
d1bso without coming on irc18:52
d1bhow would i have found that page?18:52
thumperd1b: the branch name is a hyperlink on the bazaar.launchpad.net site18:52
thumperd1b: which takes to the LP page18:53
d1bthumper: from the launchpad site18:53
d1boh god18:53
thumperwe could do better here18:53
d1bsorry yes i did18:53
d1bweird - maybe it was because i came through edge?18:53
d1bso what happened was i hit18:54
d1bthumper: sorry you are correct18:55
d1bi haven't got much sleep18:55
d1bmy applogies18:55
thumperd1b: the usability still sucks18:55
thumperand I accept that18:55
d1bi just had problems finding the correct zeitgiest page i wanted18:55
thumperwe do need to work on it18:55
d1blike i was on one of them18:55
d1band i wanted to go up a dir / thing and view for al lof them18:55
thumperd1b: can you file a bug for me?18:55
thumperd1b: file it on launchpad-code18:56
d1blet me nail down the behaviour i want18:56
d1bso i ened up https://launchpad.net/zeitgeist there18:56
d1bsorry wrong entry point18:57
d1b https://launchpad.net/gnome-activity-journal --> to view the code --> wanted to see where the zeitgeist stuff was18:57
d1bmm this is not a problem that is fixable - but the solution would be neat18:58
d1bif launchpad was able to do ctags but like for python - where the dev could give it hints that would have been a solution18:58
d1bsort of like - the registered branches thing but extending on that18:59
d1bthumper: anyways - when i click on the link from the code page i as a user expect to see the files and not the project page for a branch19:00
d1bthat may be 'wrong'19:00
d1bin any case pages like19:01
d1bshould have the  View the branch content --> larger19:01
thumperd1b: very soon (hopefully) it'll be more obvious19:01
thumperI want to move to make the code browsing and history more a part of Launchpad19:01
d1boh neat19:01
thumperbut right now it has too much in the way of memory leaks, excessive memory usage, and bad caching19:02
d1bwhat about integrating bugs to code?19:02
thumperwe're working on that19:02
thumperwhat do you mean by "integrating bugs to code"?19:02
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d1bwhen i fix a bug, and in the commit i say "this fixes foo"19:02
d1band then i close a ticket19:02
thumperah, the related bug status setting19:03
d1bor saying "this is fixed in commit number xyz"19:03
thumperit's on my hit list19:03
thumperhowevery my hit list is kinda long19:03
thumpera big feature for us right now is building directly from a branch into a ppa19:03
d1bwhy is it that http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zeitgeist/zeitgeist/magic/annotate/head:/zeitgeist-daemon.py19:03
d1bfor example shows me the revision it was changed - but i can't view who the author was?19:04
d1bnor the date19:04
* thumper clicks19:04
d1bno i mean i have to click on it19:04
thumperd1b: just mouse over and pause19:04
d1byes but i would prefer to be able to see that without doing that19:04
thumperthat content would be really repetitive19:05
d1boh i meant as an optional thing19:05
d1boh wait what?19:08
d1bthere is no search19:08
d1bbut bzr-search no?19:08
thumperwhen loggerhead stops being such a memory hog, we may integrate it19:08
thumperbut yes, it is feasible19:08
d1bwell that's where gitweb /hg thingy are at :/19:08
d1bthumper: out of interest could you link me to the code that does this that "leaks"19:09
* thumper shrugs19:09
thumperd1b: lp:loggerhead19:09
d1b... im not so good with lp:loggerhead stuff19:09
d1bi mean i need a url ;P19:10
thumperif it was any more specific, we'd have fixed it by now19:10
thumperbzr branch lp:loggerhead19:10
d1bsorry i think i need bzr 2 or something no?19:10
d1bnot going to happen ^^19:11
d1bdebian lenny19:11
d1band virtualbox is currently foobared on me19:11
d1bright location?19:11
thumpershould be19:11
* thumper goes to grab more fud19:12
d1bi take it i can't get a 'snapshot'19:12
d1bfrom the interface like i can in hg and gitweb19:12
d1bhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~loggerhead-team/loggerhead/trunk-rich/annotate/head:/loggerhead/config.py ... :/ def _level_to_int_level(value):19:14
d1b..... omg19:14
* d1b ok sleep time19:15
d1bthumper: question does the memory leaking occur with threads only - or does it also occur without19:23
thumperd1b: I've not looked into it much19:23
d1bthumper: well i would be interested19:24
d1bis it even possible to run it without threading?19:24
d1bsure i could 'mock' threading but19:24
thumperd1b: it is just a wsgi app19:25
thumperso sure you could using the python reference impl19:25
d1balso haaha - why only so so few commits per a page19:27
thumperhey, I didn't write it19:27
thumperI'm just kinda responsible for it in LP19:27
thumperthere is a loggerhead mailing list with other devs hosted through LP I think19:28
thumperif you are seriously interested in getting involved with loggerhead, start there19:28
d1bnot really19:30
d1bi have already seen too many things that hurt my eyes19:30
* d1b crawls back to github19:32
d1bdon't you love it when people go and close stdin, then mark stderror ...... oh nevermind19:34
rockstarthumper, where are you?19:34
thumperrockstar: LHR19:34
rockstarthumper, ah.  I thought you were headed straight to Singapore from here and thought "That was quick."19:35
thumperand it is hong kong19:35
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