DaekdroomNow tell if I can help him >.>00:00
SephorahI'm gonna explain againt hen00:00
penguin42Daekdroom: Let me guess, you use CD-RWs ?00:00
SephorahI got a 16GB pendrive00:00
Daekdroompenguin42, CD-Rs and MicroSDs :P00:00
SephorahI tried both dvd and cd iso on it00:00
Sephorahunder windows, with unetbootin00:00
SephorahWith the DVD, my hard disk is not recognized so I can't install on it00:00
SephorahWith the CD I just got the initramfs console and an error00:00
penguin42Sephorah: It's getting the initramfs because it can't actually find the cd image for some reason; now tell me more about the DVD case; in the DVD case do you get the choice of getting a normal (non-initramfs) shell?00:02
SephorahYes I do, not tried but I can remember that on the menu00:02
penguin42ok, from there try and get a copy of the output of dmesg and cat /proc/partitions > afile00:03
penguin42Sephorah: That will show just what the kernel found00:03
SephorahOkay I'm gonna do that00:04
SephorahJust need to copy the dvd iso again00:04
Sephorahhold on00:06
Sephorahsimple thing00:06
Sephorahpenguin42: Do you have the MD5 or SHA1 of the dvd iso? maybe theres a problem with that.00:06
penguin42no I don't, but I would hope that it's on the ubuntu.com site?00:06
SephorahI haven't found it. Gonna try google00:07
DaekdroomSo, anyone having a little problem with the rhythmbox integration with the sound indicator? Mine's trackbar for the song stopped indicating where it is.00:07
SephorahFound, the MD5 is ok.00:11
SephorahNow mounting00:11
DaekdroomSephorah, if it still doesn't work, you might want to wait for the next daily image00:11
SephorahDaekdroom: It take ages to mount a DVD iso on my usb key. 75% right now.00:31
penguin42Sephorah: Yeh USB keys arenormally very slow writers00:33
SephorahDone. Now rebooting. Gonna do the dmesg and cat commands you wrote00:39
Sephorahsee you00:39
VolkodavSephorah: is back > did it work ?00:39
Sephorahlol, gonna try now :p00:39
SephorahJust finished mounting the iso00:39
kklimondahmm.. is it just me or do we still have to use terminal to configure bt headset?01:04
kklimondaholy crap, we do01:06
penguin42kklimonda: Never done it - blueman perhaps?01:07
ZykoticK9kklimonda, in 10.04 i was able to get my BT headset working with only GUI (haven't tried in 10.10)02:38
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alien_Hello, I am having a graphics problem. When I boot normally I do not recieve a graphics output. However I can still interact with it. (i still hear the noise at the login screen, I press shutdown button and it shutsdown) If I add i915.modeset=0 to grub I get a "low graphics mode" The graphics card works even worse in 10.04. Does anyone have any reccomedations?05:26
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DanaGhmm, that's what I get over serial console when I try to EFI-boot Maverick.06:26
DanaGIt's highly likely my UEFI boot mode is just plain broken.06:31
DanaGSometimes, something tramples all over the ACPI tables, and wipes out DMI, as well.06:31
DanaGOr rather, something wipes out both.06:32
DanaGI wish somebody would get HP to fix the first-gen EliteBooks.06:32
DanaGFri Jul 16 23:20:05 PDT 201007:20
DanaGtime for bed readyness stuff.07:20
* Sary is away: Not @ Desk07:25
forrestvanyone know about the mouse issue with maverick?08:12
Vigforestv: I have not noticed one, yet.08:13
forrestvstarting at about two days ago, relative mouse movement in sdl based games broke08:15
Vigforrestv: Have you checked on Launchpad?08:15
forrestvVig, i tried but i don't know which package it's relevant to08:16
forrestvi'm not sure it's specific to SL08:16
forrestvin fact, it's not SDL because i downgraded it08:16
forrestvhmm nothing08:17
Vigforestv: That is the big list, I am not logged in,,yet08:18
forrestvyeah, there's nothing relevant on it08:18
forrestvanyway, anyone want to test this? steps to reproduce: `apt-get install tremulous` then try to play08:18
forrestvthis happens to me on two separate computers08:19
Vigforestv: Bluetooth device?08:19
forrestvi'm sure it's not hardware related08:20
forrestvanyway, better description: about every second, the view angle in an FPS interface jumps to a specific angle08:21
forrestvwhen a mouse cursor is visible, you can move it, but every second it jumps back to a constant position08:22
forrestvonly happens when relative mouse mode is enabled, happens in two SDL based games08:23
Vigforestv: I am not certain this is relevant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/gtk+2.0/+bug/1649208:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 16492 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu Maverick) "Mouse pointer should disappear when keyboard is in use and mouse isn't" [High,Triaged]08:25
forrestvno, saw that08:25
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Vigforrestv: You have two working boxes?08:29
forrestvVig, yes, both with the same problem08:30
Vigforrestv: Have you tried squeeze on one, like dual boot and test it?08:33
forrestvi could do that though08:35
VigThat kinda makes sense to me, they are same kernel and such,08:35
VigIf it can be replicated on  Debian, then that would narrow it down , if it does not, that helps to find the solution.08:37
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DanaGweird.... the wifi drivers in Maverick are older than the ones in l-b-m-wireless-lucid08:39
DanaGMost specifically, I need iwlcore to have the led_mode parameter.08:40
DanaGWithout that, the wifi LED blinking orange-blue-orange-blue-orange drives me absolutely batty.08:42
VigDanaG: Did the previous one work?08:43
forrestvhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/606589 - anyone know how to tag this as maverick?08:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606589 in Ubuntu "relative mouse movement in games - cursor/view jumps to same position approximately every second" [Undecided,New]08:55
geserhas anyone else the problem that some init-scripts don't get executed after boot? Sometimes it works but the most time I need to start them by hand09:30
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yofelgeser: I didn't notice that exactly, but thanks to upstart being async, it's not unusual for some scripts (esp. sys-v-init) to be run long after login10:08
yofelmorning btw. ^^10:09
geserok, will check the next time if the start up at some point10:09
geserbut I've my doubt as my cups server didn't start till yet (booted 1 hour ago) and I had to start it10:10
yofelok, that sounds too long10:11
jonathonfdoes anyone else have a problem with nautilus not mounting usb drives?12:07
penguin42jonathonf: Seems OK here12:09
jonathonfhmm... wonder what i've done to it12:10
jonathonfthatnks, btw12:10
gnomefreakanyone else getting a keyring unlock dialog on gnome start?12:34
gesergnomefreak: yes (I get it due to auto-login)12:37
gnomefreakgeser: ah ok thanks12:37
gnomefreaksam-c: please try this links in the topic it should give you most up to date additions12:55
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sam-cgot here at last13:06
sam-cwhat is new13:06
sam-chello albert13:07
gnomefreaksam-c: go to the last link in the topic for this channel it has most up-to-date info13:07
gnomefreaksam-c: type /topic to read the topic for channel13:08
sam-chello friends whats the maverick topic now?13:10
sam-cgoing soon13:13
gnomefreakhe is really starting to get on my nerves13:15
christian_lappyhey guys14:19
christian_lappyis it already decided wether +1 will get gnome 3.0 ?14:19
Daekdroomchristian_lappy, maverick will definitely not get GNOME 314:20
christian_lappycause of sept release i gues ?14:20
DaekdroomThey didn't want to get over the 700MB limit because of libgtk2 and libgtk314:21
Daekdroomand such fast transition would be likely to cause issues, given past experience with KDE414:21
christian_lappyi dont like that reason14:21
christian_lappythe first one14:21
christian_lappyi can understand the second reason14:21
christian_lappyi'm just downloading the latest alph14:22
christian_lappyhoped for some nice gnome 3 tingies14:22
christian_lappyDaekdroom: are there packages for 10.10 ?14:22
Daekdroomchristian_lappy, not yet, I think14:23
yofelcan someone please put a check in gnome-power-manager to NEVER RUN if I'm not in a gnome session and only using a gtk app? Thanks..15:53
yoasifim noticing a weird issue with my web browsers -- the letter "b" doesn't come up in some places15:55
yoasifanyone else seeing this weirdness?15:55
pvandewyngaerdewhen i reopen the laptop lid on kubuntu with a configured action of do nothing when i close it,  it still locks my screen, the lock screen resume option is also not set, anyone know how i can fix that ?16:28
gunniHi, i am trying to compile hg repo from v4l-dvb in ubuntu maverick but getting errors "implicit declaration of function: ...". I tried to deactivate modt of the modules, but i still get this. Is it a problem with the kernel (2.6.35) or with the compiler (gcc 4.4.4)? Or does anybody know how i could handle this?16:57
dupondjewhy you want it in the first place ? :)17:00
gunniBecause this bug still exists: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythtv/+bug/43916317:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439163 in linux (Ubuntu) "HVR-1300 HVR-3000 HVR-4000 broken in kernel" [High,Triaged]17:01
dupondjeits fixed in the v4l-dvb master ?17:02
gunniNo, but i know how to fix it in the source code for me.17:02
gunniUpstream sadly did not react to my bug report17:02
dupondjeget the kernel source17:04
dupondjeand fix it there ?17:05
dupondjewhy fetch the v4l git for it ?17:05
gunniBecause i know how to do that, and dont know how to compile the module from the kernel source ;)17:05
gunniOr lets say i did know it till lucid, because now i run into this troubles17:07
dupondjewhat diff fixes it exactly ?17:07
gunniReverting the diff as mentioned in this comment fixes it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythtv/+bug/439163/comments/3617:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439163 in linux (Ubuntu) "HVR-1300 HVR-3000 HVR-4000 broken in kernel" [High,Triaged]17:11
dupondjemmm, did you report bug in kernel ?17:15
gunniI reported it to v4l mailing list but got no reaction.17:16
gunniOr can i compile the module with an older gcc, so that maybe the error gets a warning?17:21
dupondjenah shouldn't17:21
dupondjehave you tried asking in #linuxtv ?17:21
gunniyes, few minutes ago. Waiting for an answer17:22
dupondjeand whats the issue exactly ? will test this next week then17:23
dupondjehave a HVR1300 also17:23
gunniThe Problem seems to be related to the s2-api. When trying to watch dvb with kaffeine (kde4 version) or mythtv >0.23 you get no lock on channel. Darron Broad and i did some debugging and he had the knowledge to do the patch and some more enhancements. Its all written down in the launchpad bug report.17:26
gunniIn Kaffeine you get the the first channel, but when switching channel the switching takes effect after restarting kaffeine17:27
gunnire. Got it at least running with my old kernel 2.6.32-23-generic. And compiling does also work with this older kernel18:10
cozziemotoare the nvidia drivers having issues with current update?18:31
dupondjewhy cozziemoto  ?18:32
cozziemotoduanedesign,  just updated system and no nvidia driver working18:33
cozziemotolet me run nvidia-xconfig and restart to be sure18:33
pvandewyngaerdemy ubuntu started in low graphics mode18:34
pvandewyngaerdeso there could be an issue, i just switched to nv driver18:35
pvandewyngaerdecozziemoto: still the same ?    i also had some issues with my nivida18:36
gunnicozziemoto: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/60583718:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 605837 in linux (Ubuntu) "After recent updates, X will no longer start with the Nvidia driver on maverick" [Undecided,New]18:36
cozziemotoah    ok18:36
gunniRan into the same problem adding "nopad" to the kernel parameter works as workaround like in comment #518:36
cozziemotodarn and I am updating the other machine18:36
pvandewyngaerdesee also bug 53721818:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537218 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "" Failed to allocate video memory" nvidia-current on lucid" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53721818:38
cozziemotogunni, is that put into /etc/default/grub?18:39
yofelit's defenitely not the kernel, as I'm running -8 with nvidia18:39
yofel(since yesterday)18:39
yofelgunni: what does nopat do?18:39
gunniYes. "nopat quiet splash" then update-grub18:39
gunniI dont know what it does ;) i only know it works for me :)18:40
cozziemotook let me restart and try this18:41
pvandewyngaerdefull instructions are described here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142702718:41
* penguin42 can imagine the ptrace restriction is going to break some interesting stuff18:41
yofelpenguin42: what for example? (we fixed some of the retracers..)18:43
penguin42yofel: I'm betting wine will have some fun, but I don't actually know wine internals; it's just I've seen ptrace used for some particularly gratuitous reasons in the past :-)18:44
yofelheh, indeed18:44
yofelwell, you can turn it off if needed18:44
cozziemotomm that didn t work18:44
yofelcozziemoto: you did run update-grub?18:44
pvandewyngaerdeok, let me try now18:45
* yofel ponders if he should reboot..18:45
yofelI'll first check what updates we got lately18:45
gunniHmm, for me and the one reporting that bug it did work18:45
cozziemotolet try something be right back18:46
yofelif someone else wants to check, here are the latest uploads (read it bottom up) https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/maverick-changes/2010-July/date.html18:46
yofeloh, new kernel..18:47
pvandewyngaerdenopat fixed the issue for me18:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606244 in linux (Ubuntu) "X doesn't find a screen and is not starting due a race condition" [High,Confirmed]18:48
dupondjealso X problem ...18:48
dupondjeseems like something is broken :p18:48
penguin42dupondje: yeh it seems to be the same grub problem I hit18:49
cozziemotook that worked but it does not go next to  quiet splash but rather on the line below thaqt18:49
dupondjepenguin42: why is it a grub issue ?18:49
penguin42dupondje: I'm not sure, there is something about removing the set gfxpayload=true18:49
yofeler, that should be either 'keep' or 'text' not 'true'18:50
penguin42but I won't even pretend to understand how modern grub does its graphics18:50
penguin42yofel: Sorry, yes it's the keep that's the default18:50
dupondjepenguin42: when was that changed ?18:51
penguin42dupondje: I don't know, it's broken for me on Maverick - I only upgraded my main machine a couple of days ago18:51
yofeldupondje, penguin42: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-July/030995.html18:53
dupondjecan you try if removing /var/lib/ureadahead/pack and then reboot works ?18:54
penguin42yofel: Ah that seems a good explanation - not happy on this box at least; there are +'s and -'s anyway if it does work; text rendering in grub in gfx mode seems VERY slow for no good reason, but at least if you can keep it in a high res mode you get enough screen so you can actually see a useful amount of boot messages18:56
yofelyep, text rendering is pretty slow in all framebuffers that I know though, but having if you get a nice resolution it's ok I think, unless you get so many messages that the framebuffer can't keep up..18:58
yofelthe last time that happend to me was when I was rebuilding gcc on gentoo ^^18:58
penguin42yofel: I'm not sure why it's that slow though; I mean it's still a 2.8GHz machine talking to the graphics card via PCI-e, I've seen faster text rendering on a 25MHz ARM18:58
cozziemotook that completely screwed my other system...wont boot at all  darn....time for reinstallation...19:13
cozziemotowould this issue be gone if I uninstalled gurb2 and went back to grub legacy?19:19
ikoniacozziemoto: in terms of functionality, nothing19:24
ideasman42Hi, Im making a thumbnail generator, its a python script but will be in /usr/bin, Should it have a .py extension?19:25
ideasman42This is for a ubuntu package so thaught Id ask here19:25
arandideasman42: This is more a user support channel (for next ubuntu), I think #ubuntu-motu might be more relevant for packaging questions.19:27
ideasman42arand, ah thx19:27
DaekdroomAwww. Quadrapassel is currently segfaulting :|19:41
penguin42Daekdroom: Looks OK here19:42
Daekdroom(quadrapassel:2444): ClutterGLX-CRITICAL **: Unable to make the stage window 0x5600006 the current GLX drawable19:43
DaekdroomFalha de segmentação19:43
penguin42I'm getting the Unable to make the stage window 0x5a00006 the current GLX drawable and some Error loading theme icons, but it's carrying on19:44
pvandewyngaerdeDaekdroom: i had that a few days ago20:01
pvandewyngaerdetesting agagin: it still outputs some errors, but the game is playable:  ClutterGLX-CRITICAL **: Unable to make the stage window 0x6e00006 the current GLX drawable20:02
pvandewyngaerde Gtk-WARNING **: Error loading theme icon 'stock_scores' for stock: Pictogram ‘stock_scores’20:03
pvandewyngaerde(i must say i am currently in a kde session)20:03
pvandewyngaerdecorrect pauze and highscore icon are missing in the menu, everything else is ok20:04
yofelwow, I foobar-ed pbuilder... http://paste.ubuntu.com/465135/20:23
evilshadeslayerhey anyone up for some testing? :D20:24
* yofel goes into hiding20:25
* evilshadeslayer grabs hold of yofel20:25
evilshadeslayeryofel: do you have gnome?20:26
evilshadeslayeras in pure ubuntu and preferably no kde packages20:26
yofeler, my lucid VM, yeah20:26
evilshadeslayerhmm.. well.. lets check on lucid VM then20:26
yofelneed to reboot though, brb, pbulider foobared /proc20:27
evilshadeslayeranyone else? ... i just need to confirm some stuff with kmail20:28
pvandewyngaerdei have no configured kmail20:35
pvandewyngaerdewhat do you want to test ?20:37
evilshadeslayerpvandewyngaerde: uh but you have it installed?20:38
evilshadeslayer( and this is on gnome )20:38
pvandewyngaerdei use kde20:38
evilshadeslayerpvandewyngaerde: yeah.. i need someone on gnome .. without kde packages.. or minimal kde packages20:39
evilshadeslayerneed to fix https://launchpad.net/bugs/58800320:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 588003 in kdebase (Ubuntu) "KDE Menu Favourites Defaults can include uninstalled items" [Undecided,Invalid]20:39
evilshadeslayernot that20:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481831 in kdepim (Ubuntu) "KMail dependencies incomplete" [High,Confirmed]20:39
evilshadeslayeryofel: ^^20:40
pvandewyngaerdewhois apachelogger20:41
evilshadeslayerunfourtunately i have kdepim beta 1 packages that seem to work perfectly on maverick20:41
evilshadeslayerpvandewyngaerde: one of the k/ubuntu core devs20:41
evilshadeslayerhe asked me to fix the bug :P20:41
pvandewyngaerdeso you are R Garg ?20:42
pvandewyngaerdesince i am on kde i think i cannot help you then20:43
evilshadeslayerpvandewyngaerde: yes20:45
yofelevilshadeslayer: sry, was afk for a few minutes, vm booting20:53
evilshadeslayeryofel: whee20:53
evilshadeslayeryofel: after its done : sudo apt-get install kmail20:53
yofelcan it be that we're booting *too* fast? I get failsave X on every boot, exiting to console gives me regular kdm after a few seconds. I suspect kdm tries to start before the nvidia driver had any chance to load..20:58
penguin42yofel: Missing dependency somewhere?20:58
evilshadeslayeryofel: heh :p20:59
yofelpenguin42: could be, but I'm not sure where to look, X log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/465150/20:59
evilshadeslayeryofel: uh..21:00
evilshadeslayeryofel: does X start afterwards?21:00
evilshadeslayerand does it show the nvidia logo ?21:01
evilshadeslayer( line 135 suggests you dont have the module  installed ^_^ )21:01
penguin42yofel: I don't know the Nvidia stuff, but I guess you could try adding the nvidia module to the list of modules loaded at every boot21:01
evilshadeslayeryofel: oh .. pastebin xorg.conf21:01
yofelhere's my *current* X log first: http://paste.ubuntu.com/465154/21:02
yofelworks fine21:02
evilshadeslayeryofel: kmail?21:03
evilshadeslayeroh k21:03
evilshadeslayeryofel: theres #ubuntu-x too btw21:03
yofelfor some reason my VMs network connection doesn't get faster than 300kB/s *-.-21:04
evilshadeslayerhehe :p21:04
evilshadeslayeryofel: 300 KBps or 300kbps ?21:05
penguin42yofel: Is this bug 606244 ?21:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606244 in linux (Ubuntu) "X doesn't find a screen and is not starting due a race condition" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60624421:05
penguin42(although that's nouveau)21:05
yofeldunno, I have a manual gfxpayload setting, so I doubt it, but It could be21:07
yofelevilshadeslayer: 300 KBps, latter would be unbearable :P21:07
* evilshadeslayer has only 512kbps connection21:08
yofelevilshadeslayer: ok, kmail installed and set it up to use my imap acc. without kwallet21:22
evilshadeslayeryofel: does it work and stuff21:22
yofelI can read my mails fine, khelpcenter isn't available though21:23
yofelevilshadeslayer: except for the handbook missing everything seems to work fine21:25
SephorahHello there :)21:44
=== CaptainNemo0 is now known as Cyberkilla
SephorahI got troubles using the latest maverick kernel (2.6.35-8) . The screen stay black, I must use the 2.6.35-6 in order to login21:45
evilshadeslayeryofel: can you put a comment there?21:46
evilshadeslayer( just had a power outage )21:46
SephorahI think it's a ATI driver problem but I can be wrong21:46
SephorahCan you help me?21:46
=== evilshadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer
penguin42Sephorah: I have similar, there are a couple of things21:49
SephorahAny fix ?21:49
penguin42Sephorah: Yeh, just give me a sec21:49
SephorahOkay, thanks :)21:50
penguin42so first see bug 605614 - when you boot with grub remove the load_video and set gfxpayload=keep lines , that's got a fair chance of fixing it21:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 605614 in linux (Ubuntu) "[ATI] GPU lockup with gfxpayload=keep" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60561421:50
penguin42Sephorah: There's a link in that bug describing the problem, and also I think a note about how to change the grub config21:51
Sephorahpenguin42, how to remove that ? Do I have to edit the cfg?21:51
Sephorahoh ok21:51
Sephorahpenguin42, gonna add the GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text line21:53
penguin42yeh should do it21:53
SephorahI can add it anywhere in the conf file?21:53
Sephorahnow rebooting21:55
penguin42Sephorah: That bug just suggests adding a GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text to /etc/default/grub then you would have to run update-grub21:55
duffydackas a side affect of installing cryptsetup also I have the splash display from just after grub to desktop :021:56
SephorahSame problem21:58
Sephorahpenguin42, still got a black screen21:58
penguin42Sephorah: So just explain exactly what you did21:59
SephorahI added the line in the beggining of the conf21:59
penguin42which conf and what line exactly22:00
* shadeslayer has full plymouth res with nvidia drivers22:00
shadeslayerthe softpedia stuff works22:00
Sephorahpenguin42, /etc/grub.d/10_linux22:00
Sephorahpenguin42, and GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text22:00
penguin42Sephorah: Add it to /etc/default/grub and then run update-grub and try again22:01
Sephorahpenguin42, should I delete it from the 10_linux file?22:01
penguin42yeh put that back to normal22:02
Sephorahokay done22:03
Sephorahpenguin42, still a black screen..22:07
penguin42Sephorah: hmm, ok, get the grub menu up, edit the set gfx line and load_video out and also remove the quiet and splash off the kernel line22:11
Sephorahpenguin42, what do you mean by "set gfx line" ? I remove it?22:13
penguin42Sephorah: if you hit shift, and hit edit on the entry in grub delete the lines load_video and   set gfxpayload=keep22:14
penguin42Sephorah: Then delete the quiet and splash keywords off the kernel and hit ctrl-x to boot it22:14
duffydackstill playing with the ugly boot splash?22:24
penguin42duffydack: In the case of some of us it's not a case of ugly, it's a case of black22:25
duffydack does not http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml work ?  does for me22:26
yofelduffydack: they made gfxpayload=keep the default now, breaks boot for some people22:26
duffydackyofel, never needed to edit that line myself.. oh wells22:27
yofelwell, the post uses "uvesafb mode_option=1280x1024-24 mtrr=3 scroll=ywrap"22:28
yofelusually you would set GRUB_GFXMODE  to the resolution and use gfxpayload=keep22:28
yofelthere are like a few hundred ways to get proper splash resolution, we need to find the one that works for all22:29
duffydackyofel, I thought that did.  Not heard anyone say otherwise.22:30
yofelduffydack: well, I use gfxpayload=keep with nvidia fine here, but nouveau seems to be very unhappy with it for some reason22:30
penguin42duffydack: Well, that's arbitrarily setting the resolution to something that might just happen to be right for someones monitor, while tweaking the mtrr in a fairly arbitrary way22:31
duffydackI dont use grub gfx mode, only when I used burg but I thought looking at something for 2s wasnt enough to warrant using it.22:31
duffydackpenguin42, thats not my resolution I use.  I use one thats supported by my screen.22:32
duffydackvbeinfo at grub cmd line gives you your available vesa resolutions.  I use one of those.22:32
yofelduffydack: doesn't matter, did you try what happens if you use your settings and then use nouveau or vesa? do they still work?22:33
* duffydack < ati22:33
yofelwell, any driver for that matter22:33
duffydackyofel, I dont get your question.22:34
yofelduffydack: the developers decided to use gfx mode in grub by default now instead of text which was used until now, some drivers don't seem to like that22:34
yofelthat's what we're discussing22:34
DaekdroomMy grub is still not graphical, I think..22:35
DaekdroomI haven't rebooted in 2 days.22:35
dupondjegrub is still not graphical now22:35
yofelgrub now uses graphical mode but still in 640x480, so if it works you won't see a difference22:35
duffydackI use ATI proprietary which gives me ugly boot, then I just followed that guide using my own res and job done.. I dont know about anyone elses but I have not read any problems either22:35
yofelduffydack: we're just trying to fix the ugly part...22:36
yofelbut it's not just a matter of "enable graphical mode and set some resolution for everyone"22:36
duffydackyofel, I thought using vesa would work for everyone22:37
yofelduffydack: we would like to use the usual driver and thus set grub back to text mode..22:38
duffydacktrue its not your max res, like for example my lcd is 1920x1080 and my max vesa is 1400x105022:38
duffydackbut its good enough22:38
dupondjeyofel: its the kernel that starts in graphic mode? not grub ? :)22:38
duffydackI used burg once, it was ok, a novelty really, but it worked ok22:39
yofeldupondje: er right, sry, not taking enough time to think before writing..22:39
dupondjeseems like most drivers are affected btw22:40
dupondjebut its not 100% broken22:40
dupondjesometimes it works22:40
dupondjesometimes it doesn't22:40
* penguin42 wonders whether the lack of Sephorah is a sign it worked for him or that it's broken completely22:52
DaekdroomSephorah is a her.22:53
penguin42oh, erm right, I couldn't tell22:53
DaekdroomI called her him at first too :|22:53
DaekdroomSo, after reading this whole link: http://design.canonical.com/2010/04/notification-area/22:55
DaekdroomI'm wondering what's really wrong about using notification area to hide apps that we don't want to clutter the taskbar22:56
penguin42Daekdroom: Yeh, I think the primary reason is that you can end up with zillions of things in there in no particular order22:57
penguin42but I am a bit worried about the replacement as well22:57
DaekdroomSo am I, because they did like.. give rhythmbox one >.>22:58
penguin42Daekdroom: I think the intention is that you have a few things that hold the information on a bunch of related things; e.g. everything for sound, everything for messaging, everything for networking - and that doesn't sound that bad an idea22:59
kklimondaDaekdroom: because notification area, just as the name indicates, is for notifications and not to hide shortcomings of the current task switcher implementation22:59
penguin42kklimonda: By the task switcher limitations you mean the way some things use notification area to raise/open the main window?22:59
kklimondaDaekdroom: rhythmbox will most likely go into sound indicator and the notification area icon will be removed.23:00
Daekdroomkklimonda, I know, I realized that when they made the new sound-indicator23:00
kklimondapenguin42: I mean the fact that windows that are minimalized take just as much space and look almost the same as unminimalized ones.23:00
Daekdroomkklimonda, but why not do it from the beginning? :|23:01
kklimondaDaekdroom: because we don't have unlimited resources.23:01
Daekdroomwell.. that's true..23:01
penguin42kklimonda: Ah OK; but of course the notification area gets used for a load of other stuff as well23:01
kklimondapenguin42: like what?23:01
kklimondaDaekdroom: it would be great to have enough developers and testers to create new, awesome features behind closed door and then present them when they are ready and polished.. on the other hand that would also bring criticism..23:02
penguin42kklimonda: Well the network manager status isn't an indication of the limit of the task manager as I see it, neither are the little summary things for music players23:03
penguin42kklimonda: I'm not sure something like the alert about updates is either23:04
penguin42kklimonda: However, I agree somethings are23:04
DaekdroomSo, just for the sake of helping it, I'm going to try to ditch the systray and leave it to the indicator applet :P23:04
kklimondapenguin42: well, that's true - bt, network and sound aren't really notifications but those are more of a system services. I was rather thinking about applications that have a genuine need for the notification area that doesn't come from the fact that taskbar switcher is limited.23:04
DaekdroomNow, I need to find a indicator-patible replace of liferea..23:04
kklimondaupdate manager applet is disabled by default and window is open when new updates are available23:05
penguin42kklimonda: I actually think the problem is the separation between launchers, task manager and notification area - I think the Mac makes them all one (as did the OLD Acorn machines in the UK)23:05
Daekdroomkklimonda, isn't update manager one of the things that actually need to indicate something?23:05
penguin42Daekdroom: In a way you could say it's the update manager is just iconised but sometimes it needs to tell you to open it23:07
Daekdroompenguin42, NotifyOSD would do it better then, I guess..23:08
penguin42Daekdroom: No, because it doesn't stay around23:08
* Daekdroom found a "evolution-rss" package23:08
kklimondapenguin42: well, Mac doesn't make them all one (I don't really know what that mean anyway so I may be wrong) but dock, even with its shortcomings, is a better solution than putting everything into notification area.23:08
kklimondaDaekdroom: well, update manager opens a window and blinks in your taskbar23:08
Daekdroomkklimonda, I think I disabled that23:09
kklimondagreat, X is using 100% cpu23:10
penguin42kklimonda: I mean that at the moment I've got a launcher on my panel for firefox, when I click on it it starts firefox, which then appears in the window list; that launcher is completely passive; some programs I might launch might also add a notification area icon, so that's 3 things that I might get on the panel for one app23:10
penguin42kklimonda: Are you getting any messages in your .xsession-errors ?23:10
Daekdroompenguin42, have you ever looked at the Windows 7 approach?23:11
penguin42Daekdroom: No23:11
DaekdroomIt looks like you want it to behave *exactly* like Win723:11
penguin42Daekdroom: Well I'd say exactly like an old Archimedes or maybe a bit like a mac or a bit of both :-)23:11
kklimondaindeed, the new win7 taskbar is awesome23:11
DaekdroomTake MSN as an example, the launcher, the tray and the program itself can be a single icon.23:11
kklimondathey have managed to take the best of OS X Dock and the old task bar23:12
penguin42Daekdroom: OK, yeh that's what I want - so that if I have OpenOffice for example I can start it and then get a list of all the open windows23:12
kklimondahmm.. somehow update-manager makes Xorg use all cpu.. interesting23:12
penguin42kklimonda: I've got something odd going on with X eating cpu related to focus; I'm getting zillions of focus/timestamp related errors in .xsession-errors with metacity and a flickering cursor; If I run xfce it gets better but xorg still seems to be eating cpu some of the time23:13
kklimondamine is bug 59584523:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 595845 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "During "Building data structures" when starting the update-manager Xorg takes up 100% cpu" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59584523:14
kklimondaso it's something else23:14
penguin42kklimonda: I do wonder if that's something relating to an over ambitious progress bar23:15
penguin42kklimonda: Incidentally, do you think that name should be changed from 'building data structures' - that may as well say regurgitating flimflam as far as the new user goes23:15
kklimondayeah, it makes absolutely no sense23:17
DaekdroomI'll clean all my hidden folders in ~/ so I can have defaults.23:20
penguin42kklimonda: Bug 60678223:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606782 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "'Building data structures' is a bit technical" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60678223:26
penguin42does anyone else have wireshark problems - I'm seeing bug 60606323:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606063 in wireshark (Ubuntu) "[maverick] ERROR:capture.c:177:capture_start: assertion failed: (capture_opts->state == CAPTURE_STOPPED)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60606323:49

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