Scuniziquite .. or quiet?01:01
stlsaintboth :P01:02
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stlsaintduanedesign: ping04:18
nhandlerstlsaint: pong05:12
stlsaintnhandler: pm?05:15
nhandlerstlsaint: Sure, no need to ask05:15
phillwsorry nhandler I've gotten a hold of stlsaint on my trying to get https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp in line with wiki guide lines05:15
nhandlerOk phillw05:16
phillwI'll let you have a chat05:17
pyrodoodI need guidance on setting up ubuntu x to output 720 resolution out of my 3-component output can anyone help me?05:18
stlsaintpyrodood: sup05:27
pyrodoodi'm looking to see if i can find some help05:28
stlsaintpyrodood: you say you have 3-component output? what do you mean?05:29
pyrodood3-component hd05:29
pyrodoodit also has hdmi, dvi, and vga05:29
pyrodoodbut i don't have an hdmi cable05:29
pyrodoodand my plasma only has 3-component and hdmi connections, no vga05:30
pyrodoodi have it hooked up with 3 component and was functioning in windows05:30
pyrodoodbasically i'm on a vga monitor now cause after boot into ubuntu nothing shows up on my tv05:32
stlsaintso you are wanting to dual video?05:33
stlsaintor just use one video with 720 resolution?05:33
pyrodoodwell not really, i just want to output the 720 resolution to my tv05:33
pyrodoodout of the component video output on the motherboard05:33
pyrodoodout of the component video output on the motherboard, it has ati radeo 1200 built-in05:34
phillwstlsaint: the PM is my best shot on it05:34
pyrodoodbut if i could do dual monitors that would be ok i could just turn off the vga monitor05:35
pyrodoodmy goal was to just get it running on the tv though05:35
stlsaintphillw: their not wanting dual05:35
stlsaintunfortunately i must depart but i would recommend you start here:05:36
pyrodoodok thanks05:36
stlsaintpyrodood: do you understand the use of xorg?05:36
pyrodoodwell not really05:36
pyrodoodi mean i read some stuff and looked for xorg.conf but wasn't there05:37
pyrodoodso i typed in xrandr05:38
pyrodoodit shows vga connected (i'm on it), s-video disconnected, HDMI-0 disconnected05:39
pyrodooddon't see anything listing the DVI or component video outputs unless they are somehow listed under HDMI05:40
stlsaintpyrodood: what system on you on and what release of ubuntu are you running?05:40
stlsaintyou say you DO NOT have a xorg.conf05:40
phillwstlsaint: in 10.04 you not have a xorg.conf05:42
pyrodoodcp: cannot stat `/etc/X11/xorg.conf': No such file or directory05:42
phillwyou have to make one if you really want to use it05:42
stlsaintaye, well there may be a problem worth fixing05:42
stlsaintpyrodood: please view post#8 here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143798005:44
stlsaintpyrodood: you dont have a xorg cause ubuntu doesnt make one on its own by default but you can make one yourself05:46
pyrodoodso if i type in gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:47
stlsaintthat will open a document for you but it will be blank05:47
pyrodoodit opens up a blank document then I just add something in there and save it and then reboot?05:47
pyrodoodalso if xrandr only shows VGA, S-video, HDMI does that mean the system is not seeing my component video or DVI?05:48
stlsaintshows you the names of different outputs available on your system (LVDS, VGA-0, etc.) and resolutions available on each:05:49
pyrodoodperhaps if i buy an HDMI cable and connect it to the tv it will automatigally detect it and work?  then not fool with the xorg.conf unless that doesn't work05:50
stlsaintits all up to you mate05:50
pyrodoodxranr list 3 devices - i'm thinking it should list at least 505:50
stlsaintpyrodood: it will list what your system has capabilites to do05:51
stlsaintpyrodood: alright really...this time i must go...sorry i cant be of more help05:51
stlsaintnite all05:51
pyrodoodwell the system is capable of component video cause i was using it in windows but i don't see it show up in xrandr05:51
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* Sary is away: Not @ Desk06:02
* Sary is away: Not @ Desk07:25
seidoscan someone pastebin this file for me:  us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_*_main_source_Sources08:39
duanedesignhello sebsebseb08:56
duanedesigni meant seidos08:56
MajuHi all. I have a problem. I need to change permissions in usr/share/games/simutrans folder and cannot.09:25
MajuI know it's a "log as root" issue and I have tried the commands at the wiki, as recommended at forums but still can't change permissions09:26
hobgoblinMaju: got a link I can look at09:27
hobgoblinoh - I know that one :)09:28
hobgoblinso what command are you using and what does it say when it fails09:28
MajuI' m trying to make the simutrans folder shared with Samba09:29
MajuSo I can download a pak in it09:29
MajuI'm trying to use the graphic interface (I can't speak in UNIX)09:29
hobgoblinand using system - admin - shared folders is not working?09:30
MajuI'll try that. Hold on09:31
MajuI don't have that option.09:32
MajuI'm on Lucid09:32
MajuI remember on Hardy it was easy to temporarily log as root and operate the system at will.09:33
hobgoblinnot used samba tbh - but I am on lucid and the option is there in my menu09:34
hobgoblinyou can sudo -i to get a temporary root terminal09:34
MajuI just installed(reinstalled?) Samba cause the system asked me to but  doesn't help09:35
MajuBut I do not have any "Shared Folders" menu in System - Administration09:35
MajuUh. Now I did something slightly different and says: "net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot share path /usr/share/games/simutrans as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own. Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = false"  to the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.09:37
MajuI did the sudo -i, sudo su, etc but seems they are only useful for terminal09:38
MajuWhat I need is to temporarily be able to use the graphic interface as Root because in terminal I only know how to copy-paste what others suggest09:39
MajuYou can use Ubuntu and have no idea on how to use a terminal, right?09:40
hobgoblinyou can edit the file - gksudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf and do as it asks in the error09:42
MajuThanks, I would never have been able to edit that file without your help. :)09:44
hobgoblinmake sure you put it in the global section09:44
hobgoblingood luck Maju09:45
MajuManaged to create a share but still cannot write in it.09:48
MajuAnyone there?09:55
MajuHow do I change the owner of a folder from root to me (only user)?09:58
duanedesignhello Maju10:04
duanedesignMaju: you probably dont want to do that for folders outside of your $HOME10:04
MajuI probably do because I can't use a lot of stuff because it's controlled by Root10:05
duanedesignuse 'sudo'10:05
MajuSudo what? I said before I can't "speak" UNIX10:06
MajuNVM, think I found a shortcut here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/rootlauncher/10:06
MajuI know acting as root might pose a danger but not being able to do it is a big problem10:07
duanedesignMaju: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:08
duanedesignthat explains the Ubuntu file permissions well. Why we use sudo ect10:08
MajuI started there and was of no help. The big problem is that the terminal is not graphic so I'd need to learn a lot only to use MY computer10:09
MajuAfter all it's MY computer, right?10:09
duanedesignMaju: yes if you want to open a Nautilus window with root permissions use: gksudo nautilus10:09
MajuThanks. That means I can alter permissions in such folders as root, right? (Haven't tried yet)10:10
duanedesigni wouldnt. Its like that for security reasons10:10
MajuI'm just manipulating game folders, it should be safe10:12
MajuI find the phrase "security reasons" patronizing and annoying. After all it's my PC's security10:12
MajuBut thanks anyhow10:13
duanedesignIf you change ownership of all files from /, a lot of bad things will happen. Don't do it.10:13
duanedesignbut like you said it is your computer :)10:13
duanedesignMaju:  we are here to offer our opinions and help. No one wants to 'annoy' you :)10:14
MajuI'm not changing ALL files but sometimes I need to allow admin to operate in such files10:14
MajuIt may be wrong design by game-makers but the case is that that usr/share/games folder needs to be accessible10:15
MajuAnyhow, I solved my problem and could only do that ignoring the "it's dangerous" advice. I know you guys have our security in mind but I need to solve real problems beyond those concerns.10:17
MajuThanks and bye10:17
duanedesignbeyond the concerns of messing up your computer?10:18
duanedesignits a thankless job, but someone has to do it :)10:18
duanedesignhello phillw*10:29
DarkNemesishow to petition the queen for royal warrant to arrest the cabinet for treason? they are a serious threat to the country's interests...10:45
duanedesignhmmm, not sure if i know how to do that10:51
duanedesignbut that is definetly the most interesting question i have seen asked in here10:52
aenimahey everyone i just wanted to know how it get rid of all my partitions! i have ubuntu lucid on onside an d debian  lenny on the other i want to delete dedian and try reinstall it !! thanks  in advance!!11:14
duanedesignaenima: just reformat the partition with debian11:23
duanedesignthen extend the ubuntu partition into that space11:24
aenimai will give that a try !! thanks duanedesign!!11:30
duanedesignaenima: i have to run and grab breakfast11:31
duanedesignill be back11:31
svakshahi. does anyone know how to mount a device that is not being recognized?14:26
svakshathe hdd until y'day had two partitions and now there is no root file system.14:26
* svaksha had run fsck y'day and it corrected bad blocks but does not wven recognize the device today --so i cant retrieve anything and cant even reinstall ubuntu14:28
nigelbheh, I still seem to have voice here :)14:36
paultagnigelb: we've been all really busy and have not got to setting -VA to a lot of people14:37
paultagnigelb: sorry, I can devoice you if you'd like ;)14:37
nigelbpaultag: I redirected svaksha here for help, just checking if you weren't giving her a hard time :D14:37
* nigelb takes good look at /names14:38
svakshanigelb: the channel was silent till you came here14:38
paultagnot me!14:38
nigelbsvaksha: ah14:38
paultagI'm putting together my G1 phone I just got14:38
* svaksha grins14:38
paultagsorry, just want around svaksha :)14:38
paultagsvaksha: someone will be along14:38
nigelbsvaksha: meet paultag.  He's like awesome ;)14:38
svakshapaultag: hi14:38
paultaghey there svaksha :)14:38
nigelbpaultag: she has some disk problems which is way beyond my capability to solve :)14:39
svakshaanyone know how to use testdisk?14:39
paultagsvaksha: you mentioned it looks like there are no more partitions on the drive?14:39
svakshapaultag: i tried fdisk, fsck, e2fsck, with the live cd, nothing worked. No partitions are visible so i suspect hw trouble but wanted to ask before opening it to check for loose connections14:42
svakshaopening == checking hardware14:42
svakshaalso, i was told testdisk can recover partitions. but i've never used it so any tips ?14:43
paultagsvaksha: I don't know much about that util14:43
paultagsvaksha: but I can help with general stuff14:44
paultaghold on14:44
paultagon the phone14:44
phillwsvaksha: I'd open the box up and check the disk is rotating and that all the cables are secure. As you say, it does seem to be hardware as opposed to s/ware. Another thing to check is your BIOS - see if the device is listed there.14:48
svakshai found that its a packge in ubuntu (apt-get works) but how do i use it for a diskthat is not mounted?14:48
svakshaphillw: seems like i dont have more options :(14:49
phillwi'd certainly want to see it listed in BIOS14:49
svakshaphillw: its not listed in bios. i suppose its bad sectors then :(15:08
phillwsvaksha: if it's not in bios then it looks like a hardware problem. it's time to open the box and check leads. if it is a desktop unit, swapping the data lead may work if your machine has a lead with 2 connectors on it. other than that you'd be looking at using a caddy for the drive.15:13
svakshaphillw: what is a caddy? would you happen to know where the data lead would be located on the mobo? i removed the wires and put them back and after that too i cant see the bios15:17
svakshai mean cant see hdd15:17
phillwsvaksha: it is an external usb device that you can plug a hard-drive into. when you power up the machine, does the disk spin up?15:18
svakshayes it does15:23
phillwhmm, well the disk is not 'dead' :-)15:23
phillwif it spins up there is hope.15:24
stlsaintmorning folks15:24
* svaksha prays it does work15:24
stlsaintphillw: disk issues?15:26
phillwsvaksha: has, the disk spins up, but the bios is not 'seeing' it.15:27
phillwsvaksha: what is the make model of computer? it would let me get an idea of the type of hard drive you have.15:28
phillwwb svaksha15:45
svakshaphillw: thanks, i lost network and nigelb gave me the logs. ok, its an intel pentium 4, cpu 2.8ghz15:46
svaksha32 bit15:46
svakshapretty old m/c :)15:46
phillwno, the make and model of the computer, so I can have look to see how the hard disk is connected15:46
* phillw perks up, sounds like it is made for lubuntu :-)15:47
svakshaphillw: hmmm... its an assembled machine (here, in .in i can buy the mobo, hdd , etc and assemble it)15:47
svakshait == desktop15:48
svakshaso if you are looking for a brand name (dell) , then its not15:48
phillwokies, there will be a grey 'ribbon' cable connecting the hard drive to the mobo and a set of leads for the power connector.15:49
svakshayes, i removed and re-fixed it15:49
phillwdoes that lead have more than one connector for hard-drives on it?15:50
svakshathere are two actually, one ribbon and another colored (black, red, green) cable15:50
svakshaboth connect to hte hdd15:50
phillwthe coloured one is the power lead. it will have 4 connectors on it. the data lead is the ribbon cable, it may be worth trying the other connector on the data lead.15:52
svakshaphillw: what do you mean by 'worth trying the other connector' -- do you meanit should be interchnged15:59
phillwyes, try the other connector, it's a real long shot. Also check that where the data lead connects to the mobo is secure.16:08
phillwone other thing, how much dirt is there on the mobo?16:08
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person_Hey, I'm trying to install over my existing installation of 64-bit Ubuntu Linux with 32-bit Ubuntu linux, but am having some trouble.19:13
person_During installation, I didn't see an option to "install over" an existing installation, so I went to the option to manually partition.19:13
person_I tried clearing the current space allocated to Ubuntu 64-bit and replacing it with what was being installed but I get an error along the lines of...19:14
holsteinperson_: do you have anything else on the HD?19:14
person_`no root file system defined`19:14
holsteinor another partition you need do save?19:15
person_yes i also have windows on it19:15
person_and i want to keep windows19:15
holsteinin the manual partioner19:15
holsteinyou need to select a partition as root19:15
holsteini forget what it looks like in there19:16
holsteinbut i think its as easy as right clicking19:16
holsteinand selecting root19:16
holsteinon the 'big' linux partition19:16
holsteinyou could also wipe that partition19:16
holsteinthe linux one/ones19:16
holsteinand start over and do it the way you did it before19:16
person_hmm well I believe the partition for 64-bit is /dev/ext419:16
person_so I clicked it and clicked delete19:17
person_and it wiped it (though this can be reverted)19:17
person_then in that free space I clicked add19:17
holsteinyou dont even need to delete it19:17
holsteinbut its OK if you did19:17
holsteinjust make a new ext4 part19:17
holsteinand set it to root19:18
person_hmm one sec (computer in other room). i don't remember there being a root option19:18
holsteinroot = "/"19:18
holsteinlook for that sign too19:18
holsteinthe "/" sign19:18
person_ah okay one second19:19
person_Worked! Thanks!19:20
holsteinperson_: :)19:20
stlsaintperson_: oh no prob :D19:20
stlsaintholstein: oh sorry :)19:20
stlsainti joined a room and first thing i see is Worked! Thanks!19:21
holsteinno worries :)19:21
holsteinit was an install issue19:21
phillwnice one holstein :-D19:21
holsteinperson had a windows install and a 64bit isntall19:21
holsteinside by side19:21
holsteinand wanted to  wipe the ubuntu install19:21
holsteinand reinstall 32bit19:21
holsteinand was having some issues in the custom partitioner19:22
DarkNemesisdunno if anyone is interested in tor and wikileaks http://stream.hope7radio.com:8000/listen.pls this is a live stream of a hacker conf where wikileaks are speaking including TOR19:23
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tpjmiamihi, i just did the latest 10.04 updates, and have the following sound problems:22:05
tpjmiami1) no sound whatsoever in firefox22:05
tpjmiami2) system sounds/alerts get cut off halfway through22:06
tpjmiami3) pulseaudio vctrl says "connection failed"22:06
tpjmiamiany ideas anyone?22:06
tpjmiamii looked at alsamixer and all my sound settings are unmuted and maxed22:07
ibuclawtpjmiami, does /dev/snd/* exist?22:08
Cuthbeorhtjust got mysqld working!22:09
Cuthbeorhtfinally, after 3 hours of putzing around22:09
Cuthbeorhttpjmiami:  is it only firefox?22:09
tpjmiamiibuclaw, will check22:11
tpjmiamiibuclaw, yes it is a directory22:12
tpjmiamicuth: i tried playing music on movie player, and songs play very quickly (3 min song in 15 secs) w/ no sound22:14
tpjmiamicuth: but sound effects/alerts work, though cutoff as i mentioned22:14
tpjmiamibefore these latest updates sound worked fine on 10.0422:14
tpjmiamiany ideas?22:15
tpjmiamiany ideas?  had to reboot22:22
Cuthbeorhttpjmiami:  do u know waht sound chipset ur using?22:22
tpjmiamitried testing music out and songs keep playing one after the other without stopping, w/ no sound22:23
Cuthbeorhthave u tried to reinstall pulseaudio?22:23
tpjmiamithese updates have completely messed up my computer22:23
tpjmiamiun/re-installed padevchooser and pavucontrol, still don't work22:23
tpjmiamicuth: how do i check chipset?22:24
Cuthbeorhtlspci | grep 'Audio'22:28
tpjmiamicuth: it says audio device: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 high def audio controller (rev 01)22:29
Cuthbeorhtsounds like its recognized22:30
tpjmiamiweird... i get sound for split second, then off, on a mozilla video22:31
Cuthbeorhtbut mp3's and other media play fine?22:31
tpjmiamicuth: no, see my comments above22:32
tpjmiamithey play fast and out of control22:32
Cuthbeorhtmissed that22:32
Cuthbeorhthave u tried the ubuntu forums?22:32
tpjmiamiyes... too many suggestions to remove certain packages which i don't understand22:33
tpjmiamireally hesitant to remove things i'm not familiar with, especially through terminal22:33
tpjmiamii'm very new to ubuntu22:33
Cuthbeorhtthats ok22:33
Cuthbeorhtoffhand i dont know what u can do22:33
tpjmiamiit's just very frustrating with these updaetes22:33
Cuthbeorhtthats pulseaudio for ya22:33
Cuthbeorhtits one of linux's weakest areas22:34
tpjmiamimy computer keeps losing capabilities with every successive ubuntu update22:34
tpjmiamihonestly never had these issues in the past, as bad as windows was22:34
stlsaintwhats all this linux bashing im seeing??22:35
tpjmiamianyway, would be grateful for any pointers at this stage22:35
Cuthbeorhtm$ does one thing really well:  building a kernel to handle a lot of hardware22:35
Cuthbeorhtno bashing22:35
Cuthbeorhtjust pointing out weaknesses22:35
tpjmiamicuth: thks22:36
Cuthbeorhtkde useR?22:36
tpjmiamii'm only saying that i've gone from using all my peripherals with vista (bad as it was), to half w/ koala, to none with lynx22:36
Cuthbeorhtdumb question:  do sites like youtube work?22:38
stlsaintCuthbeorht: well Microsoft does not handle the drivers themselves...they get them from the makers of the system22:38
stlsaintnot to hard for them ;)22:38
stlsaintCuthbeorht: what weaknesses?22:38
Cuthbeorhtit has its issues22:38
Cuthbeorhtim just pointing out no OS is perfect22:39
Cuthbeorhttpjmiami:  im going thru the forums now.  unfortunatly, nothing is similar with a quick glance22:40
Cuthbeorhttpjmiami:  i recommend posting on the ubuntu forums and doing a google search22:41
tpjmiamicuth:  youtube and other video sites do not have sound22:41
Cuthbeorhtthought u mightve forgot to install the mp3 packages22:42
Cuthbeorhttpjmiami:  i found other ppl that are having simialr issues with ur sound card22:44
stlsaintCuthbeorht: have you view the troubleshooting guide?22:44
Cuthbeorhtim good.  tpjmiami has the problem22:45
Cuthbeorhtthat seems promising22:46
tpjmiamicuth: thks and will read now22:47
Cuthbeorhtthats te solution to the guys problem22:47
Cuthbeorhtthis one also looks good.22:47
Cuthbeorhtand if ur worried about screwing stuff up by modifying .conf files, simply make a backup of the file with mv old.conf old.conf.backup22:49
Cuthbeorhtbefore making changes to it22:50
tpjmiamiwill reboot and return as per the thread, in case cuth returns22:54
tpjmiamihi cuth23:10
tpjmiamiafraid to say that the changes didn't work23:10
tpjmiamithe instructions from this page i mean: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=2313923:11
Cuthbeorhtdid u read the guide from the ubuntu forums?23:11
Cuthbeorhtother than that, dont know what else to try23:13
Cuthbeorhthas anyone else offered any help?23:13
tpjmiamiif u mean the sound solutions guide, will read it23:13
Cuthbeorhtcuz, i gotta go23:14
tpjmiamik, thanks for the help23:15
Cuthbeorhtgood luck23:16

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