akgranerdang it  - my software center won't open  - grrrrr00:36
akgranerwoo hoo  - ubuntu-bug makes it so easy to file bugs now :-)01:18
akgranerand I thought it was easy with apport  - but now  - \0/ happy dance01:18
nigelbakgraner: er, ubuntu-bug uses apport ;)01:20
akgranerI know it's the wrapper right? or something like that right?01:21
nigelbyeah :)01:21
akgranerand I just learned you can still use apport like before too  - woo hoo :-)  I gots options :-)01:21
akgranerunless I totally misunderstood - I get happy of the smallest things01:23
akgranernigelb, so do you have a few minutes to help me with this people page stuff01:24
akgranerI still can't ssh into mine :-(01:24
nigelbakgraner: sure :)01:25
* nigelb is still in wake up proces though01:25
akgranerhehe no worries01:26
* akgraner is in the go to sleep process as an unwilling participant :-)01:26
akgranernigelb, at least I can find it :-)  and I know it exists01:27
akgranerThanks nigelb!! I filed a bug and got to the people page  - I deserve some chocolate for that :-P01:39
* akgraner goes to bake cookies!01:39
doctormopleia2, maco: I'm releasing a new version of the ubuntu-women t-shirt and wallpaper svg, the pngs are the same but the files are WAY to big, I looked into it and the ubuntu studio logo has 900KB of unused defs that were imported into the file. So I vacuumed them and took the files down from 1.1MB to 128KB each.05:09
pleia2oh excellent05:10
doctormoHow anyone could not have noticed 3600 unused defs in the ubuntu-studio logo is a bit odd. I better let them know too.05:10
* pleia2 nods05:10
nigelbpleia2: LOL @ 'thats what I do on friday nights' ;)05:11
pleia2I am pretty cool05:12
nigelbheh, no doubt there :)05:12
pleia2doctormo: received, thanks :)05:16
doctormogreat, I wonder how I can get in touch with the studio guide05:21
pleia2hey IdleOne :)05:22
IdleOne/morning or afternoon05:22
IdleOneHow is pleia2 doing on this Friday?05:23
nigelbIdleOne: her twitter status pretty much sums it up :p05:23
IdleOneI don't twit05:24
IdleOneslackin' is good05:24
pleia2how are things in the great white north?05:24
IdleOneI made a concious choice to stop using all social networking sites except for IRC05:24
IdleOnepleia2: slow :/05:25
IdleOneI also learned today I can't fly to OZ05:25
nigelboh, why?05:25
IdleOneall flights from MTL stop in the US05:25
* IdleOne is not welcomed in the US05:26
nigelbugh.  can touch vancouver and connect from there?05:26
nigelb(or london)05:26
IdleOneyeah I guess I could go that way05:26
* nigelb thinks london connections should be available05:27
IdleOnewould cost me 5 times as much though05:27
IdleOnefail on my part indeed05:27
IdleOneI has this urge yesterday to go to Australia heh05:27
IdleOnenot sure why05:27
IdleOneso looked it up and fail05:28
nigelbgo to france, somone from qc sure would be welcome there :p05:28
IdleOnenigelb: I am looking more for an adventure/place in the world that would be completely foreign in landscape05:29
IdleOneFrance also just does not interest me05:29
nigelbanyplace looks green compared to the great white north :p05:29
* nigelb runs05:30
IdleOneYou people make it sound like Canada is all ice and snow all the time05:30
nigelbI know its very got now and its summer05:30
nigelbbut still doesn't stop me from pulling your leg about it :D05:30
IdleOneask highvoltage about the heat :)05:30
nigelbbtw, its summer in montreal and you wanna get away? I thought it was *the* place to be in the summer05:31
IdleOneyeah, well I think I need to run away05:31
IdleOneto find myself05:31
* IdleOne has not been very happy lately and being here is not helping me05:31
* pleia2 hugs IdleOne05:33
* IdleOne hugs back05:33
IdleOneI was thinking if I sell my car and computer and with what I have in the bank I should be able to go somewhere for a month or so05:34
IdleOneyeah my car is a POS05:34
IdleOneactually my computer cost more then my car haha05:35
duanedesigni do that at least once a day10:19
duanedesignmornirng czajkowski11:27
czajkowskiduanedesign: how's things?11:27
sensegood afternoon11:57
* popey hmmms at loco-contacts12:37
popeythats the most discussion we've had for ages12:38
paultagpopey: >:(13:52
paultagpopey: and it's over something that has nothing to do with locos... great.13:52
popeymaybe we're wrong13:53
popeynote that we're all in english speaking locos13:53
popeyso translations are less of an issue13:53
paultagpopey: sure, there is always a great chance that we are wrong13:53
popeywe're also somewhat closer to canonical so we have the influence of being slightly less freedom loving zealots as people out in the field?13:53
popeyjust a guess13:53
paultagpopey: yeah, I can see where you're comming from13:55
paultagpopey: I just think it's not a loco issue :)13:55
popeyits a tricky one, international, different cultures13:59
paultagOh well. No big deal, any conversation is good conversation, I guess.14:01
* nigelb waves14:08
nigelbgood evening folks  :)14:08
paultag'lo nigelb14:11
senseThe language barrier is a huge problem indeed. There are people in my LoCo refusing to use Launchpad, Planet Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Wiki because it's not in Dutch. Some have troubles fully understanding it, some just want to use their own language.14:15
AlanBellso what do they use sense?14:17
sensethe forums and the Dutch wiki14:18
sensethe Dutch forums, of course14:18
senseThere are of course some people using the English resources, but not all14:18
senseThat's also because they find it hard to debate/discuss with people who speak English natively. It's hard to be equal to your debating opponent if (s)he knows the language much much better.14:19
nigelbthankfully we have less of that issue.  If someone knows about computers, then though enough english to use it.14:19
senseIt is often forgotten by some people that not everyone speaks as good English as they (native speakers).14:20
senseI mean, the leaflets we were sent for the conferences were always in English. It's nice, but useless.14:20
nigelbLogistically speaking, I can't see a company manufacturing leaflets for every language14:22
nigelbMost I can see is giving permission to use their logo for this purpose14:22
nigelbI've seen the tamil loco have flyers etc14:22
senseThat's understandable of course, but that does make them a waste of paper for us. But they're removed from the conference pack now, I think.14:23
nigelbThere was some discussion at last UDS about giving community feedback to the conference pack14:24
nigelbbtw, you should know! you were there :p14:24
popeyits on our to-do list14:24
nigelbAha, see :)14:25
nigelboh, I need to pick a place for ubuntu hour14:25
nigelband fix a time14:25
senseSome consciousness raising would be useful, though. There is a reason why Americans dominate so many open source communities: they're the largest English speaking country. It's much harder for other people to contribute, simply because of the language barrier.14:27
nigelbAlso, the language unites a huge group of people14:28
nigelbIts very tough to cooperate if you can't communicate effectively14:28
nigelbIndian companies face this issue all the time.  Mostly they say, if you can handle enlish well enough and have some common sense, you'll survive here.14:29
nigelbBut if not, even an engineering degree isn't going to get you a job :/14:29
senseIt's harder to get your message through if you don't speak a language properly, people won't listen to you or treat you like a child, and it costs you more energy to communicate. There is a higher chance of misunderstandings. It makes communicating harder and therefore people find it less fun to do, and will communicate less and less.14:30
nigelbI dont have the link now, but I think pleia2 or czajkowski tweeted about it.14:31
nigelbThere was an article that talked about seeing broken english on mailing lists and forums.14:31
senseI mean, look at who take the leading positions in the community: they're mostly American/British/Irish. You could say that it is that way because those countries are the most active in the community, but that's of course for the same reason.14:31
nigelbThe author said he was glad to see it because it means more people were participating and were trying their best14:31
nigelbsense: missed Austrialian btw14:32
nigelband specifically no need to appologise for language slip ups.14:33
nigelbIt is awesome for example to see kim0 leading the cloud community :)14:33
nigelbI'm personally glad that we're improving.  There are problems.  A huge lot of issues of pride too.14:34
nigelbLike, you can't expect people to learn English to have a project14:35
nigelbbut it remains the more well known way to communicate14:35
nigelbI would be awfully pissed off going to a project and seeing no instructions in English.14:35
popeyi do worry that the locos look at 'us' and think 'meh, we'll just get on with our stuff'14:39
senseI see that attitude at times as well.14:40
nigelbomg, paultag15:11
nigelbits your birthday?15:11
paultagnigelb: no15:12
paultagnigelb: I made the mistake of messing with iain15:13
nigelbpaultag: its his birthday today?15:13
paultagnigelb: I made everyone wish him a happy birthday and some of the people who are not in on it started wishing him happy birthday15:13
paultagnigelb: then he went after me, and my bifday is hidden as well, so bah!15:13
paultagI'm going to strangle AT&T15:13
nigelbpaultag: the real question at the end of day is15:14
nigelbis it YOUR birthday TODAY? :D15:14
paultagnosir :)15:14
nigelbI install figlet just for the occasion :D15:14
paultagnigelb: april 16th is my day of womb egress15:14
nigelbim glad you did tell it was the day of your git init :p15:15
* nigelb runs. fast.15:15
paultagi've been told i'm a git15:15
akgranernigelb, the article you were referring to earlier is on Zonker wrote - http://ostatic.com/blog/more-bad-english-please15:17
nigelbakgraner: aha, that one :)15:17
* nigelb hugs akgraner 15:17
akgranerawww thanks!15:17
akgranerpaultag, sorry I yakked  your ear off :-(   - I have scheduled time out of the house with real live adults at least once a week so I don't ramble so much :-/15:18
nigelbI wonder how drunk paultag was then :p15:19
paultagakgraner: not at all!!!!!15:19
paultagakgraner: I enjoyed our talk15:19
paultagnigelb: I was sober15:19
paultagI'm about to kill at&t, brb calling tech line *again*15:20
nigelbif /me gets back to work15:21
akgranerHey has anyone used a really good  open source newsletter creation tool/application (not scribus or inkscape)... that has professional yet some easily tweekable  templates15:22
* akgraner resists the urge to use pages...15:22
akgranerand has anyone used Redmine before?15:23
jussiakgraner: yes, as a user15:24
jussiakgraner: quassel uses it15:25
akgranerhow do you like it?15:25
jussiakgraner: it works...15:25
jussiakgraner: its pretty good, better than the trainwreck that is bugzilla15:26
nigelbjussi: hey, how did the moving go?15:26
jussinigelb: hasnt happened yet15:26
jussi1.5 weeks yet15:26
nigelbah, ok15:26
nigelbbtw, I *think* your fiance came looking for you on IRC15:27
akgraneryeah - I was told it was pretty good for non development project management but not sure I want to take the time to evaluate it for myself  -15:27
nigelbakgraner: what does redmine do?15:27
akgranerI am avoiding adding frustration if at all possible15:27
akgranerRedmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. It includes calendar and gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines.15:28
akgraner(so I am told)15:28
jussinigelb: I dont think so - I think it was Sary the saudi dude.15:28
nigelbjussi: ahhhh15:29
jussiakgraner: quassel just uses it as a bug tracker15:29
nigelbakgraner: alternatively, if you chalk out what you want out of a project management software, *maybe* a few of us can think of creating a new one15:30
akgranerso there are these tools but none of them to exactly what I need them too   - I talked to kurt and a few other people about helping me design a project management database to do what I want it to  - but I am really looking around to see what is available before reinventing the wheel15:30
nigelbahh :)15:30
akgranersee I am learning :-P15:31
akgranerI complained to Pete in passing about it - and he handed me a "MySQL" book and said - "Have Fun!"15:32
nigelbNot really required15:32
nigelbwith some of the web frameworks, we never write sql queries by hand15:32
akgranerhe said  - that's all the help he was giving me...:-/15:32
nigelbI'm putting finishing touches to a project and I can proudly say I didn't write a single query by hand for it15:33
akgranerhe wanted me to understand why things work the way they do so I will be able to communicate better about it15:33
nigelbwhat can I say, you have a wonderful husband :D15:33
akgranernigelb, yeah - about that - I wanted a little more info than just a book :-)  (He cuts me no slack)15:35
nigelbakgraner: what you need is to take a paper and pen and write what you want out of it and then sit down with a friend who has done something like this15:35
nigelbshe/he can plan the database out for you and then you'll get some idea15:36
akgraneryep by the time I get to OSCON I'll have some mockups15:36
nigelbbefore UDS?15:36
akgranermind you rough mockups but I can at least show people15:36
akgraneryep next week15:37
nigelbhm, I'd like to see it too :)15:37
akgranerbeen working on for a couple weeks - now I just need to scan them - as I drew everything out by hand15:37
nigelbwhich is the best way!15:37
akgranertechnology kicks my butt somedays!15:37
* nigelb uses writing pad and pen at work quite extensively15:38
akgranerI love the n900 but switched back to my blackberry b/c I was getting frustrated trying figure out what all that phone could do15:38
akgranerwhich is why I use pencil and paper half the time15:39
akgranerso now I have a really geeky paperweight...15:39
nigelbbtw, today I made my first contribution to another oss project which I use at work :)15:40
nigelbedited some docs which got me lost for 8 hours.  at the time of my editing, a guy was just getting lost down the same route15:41
akgranerhey that's pretty cool15:41
nigelbNever underestimate the power of documentation :)15:42
akgranerwell time to play taxi...15:49
nigelbyou'll be glad when she finally has a license :)15:53
czajkowskinigelb: you looking for me?16:31
doctormoMorning all16:46
doctormoakgraner: Do you use barry in ubuntu for your blackberry?16:46
akgranerdoctormo, nope - don't think I even know what that is17:24
pleia2nigelb: re: bad english: http://ostatic.com/blog/more-bad-english-please17:37
paultagafter a morning fighting with AT&T, I finally have intertubes!17:37
doctormoakgraner: It's the blackberry support for Ubuntu, I run the ppa for the latest version.17:39
paultagwooo, mobile email17:39
paultaghey doctormo :)17:40
paultagpleia2: cool article :)17:40
paultagheyya akgraner :)17:40
akgranerdoctormo, ahhh - I'll have to check it out...thanks17:40
doctormohey paultag17:40
akgranerpaultag, hey!17:40
doctormoMeans you can charge, sync, backup and even install new jars on the thing.17:41
paultaganyone have an android phone?17:41
akgranerok so I am laughing over this - http://www.abetterworkplace.com/17:42
pleia2paultag: yup18:07
paultagpleia2: how do I make it so my terminal emulator actually, y'know, works?18:14
paultagpleia2: I'd like to ssh, but I guess my user does not have +x18:14
paultagpleia2: and I can't sudo or anything. >:(18:14
pleia2+x ?18:15
paultagpleia2: y'know, chmod +x file18:15
paultagpleia2: enable execute for my user18:15
pleia2oh, you'll need to root the phone18:15
pleia2regular user can't do anything except ls / pretty much18:16
nhandlerThe guides I've read make it look pretty simple to root the android phones18:16
paultagpleia2: is there a guide for that? I have an HTC G1, I think it's a dev install but I have no idea18:16
pleia2depends a lot on the version18:16
paultagI'lll BRB, second18:16
paultagpleia2: 1.6 I think or something18:16
pleia2the dev install is already rooted18:16
pleia2try su - ?18:16
pleia2I don't know, I have never used the dev version or rooted my phones ;)18:17
paultagpleia2: gives me a "uid 10029 not allowed to su"18:36
pleia2yeah, I guess I dunno how the dev ones do root things18:36
paultagno worries18:36
paultagOK, I'm going up north for the day18:37
paultagI'll see ya18:37
paultagI'll see ya'll in like 25 hours18:37
paultagpleia2: thanks, will do :)18:37
doctormopaultag: Have a good day?18:48
Pendulumpaultag: have fun18:48
doctormoSo much art today!19:49
cjohnstondoctormo: ping21:12
doctormocjohnston: pong21:13
cjohnstondoctormo: do you know specifically that gc doesn't work on maverick?21:13
cjohnstonIt wont find projects for me on two different machines21:13
doctormocjohnston: You wanted me before?23:43
cjohnstondoctormo: are you aware of an issue with gc on maverick?23:44
cjohnstonI can't seem to get it to find a project.. and it will find a bug, but wont download it23:44
doctormoI'm aware of about 100 issues with gc atm, some of them quite nasty. What's it doing?23:44
doctormoHmm, and the same thing works in lucid when tried?23:44
doctormoSometimes the launchpad guys change their api23:44
cjohnstonit worked in lucid before i upgraded23:45
cjohnstonhow do I run it again from command line to look for errors?23:48
doctormocjohnston: OK so to run from the cli23:54
doctormocjohnston: Just run `lp-project-search` and `lp-branch-search` they should just print the result.23:55
cjohnstonI got: WARNING:root:Configuration file: '/home/chris/.config/groundcontrol/settings.yaml' doesn't exist23:57
cjohnstonbut it found the project23:57

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