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scheschi84hi i have a question regardin the ubuntu-cloak08:19
scheschi84i m new to irc and i would like to know what it's good for ;)08:20
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bazhanglubotu3 hi17:05
lubotu3Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-irc! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!17:06
lubotu3Sary called the ops in #ubuntu-sa ()17:16
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu-irc! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!22:54
AlphaWavesim banned from #ubuntu-fr22:55
AlphaWavesbecause they think my quit message is spam22:55
AlphaWaves22:39 quit_message = http://www.christcenteredlessons.com/uploads/9/3/0/9/930995/gods_love_v3.pps22:55
AlphaWavesi think a quit message is personnal22:55
AlphaWaveslike your  nick22:55
AlphaWaveslike one's nick22:55
erUSULAlphaWaves: you should contact an op there .... or you have and what to scalate the issue ?22:55
erUSULAlphaWaves: yes ; go to the irc council22:56
AlphaWavesi mean to22:56
erUSULwell not sure how this is handled; let me ping some people22:57
AlphaWavesthank you22:57
erUSULPici: topyli jussi nhandler PING ^22:57
nhandlerAlphaWaves: Have you talked to an #ubuntu-fr OP already ?22:58
AlphaWavesthey ban me either from their channel due to this quit message22:58
nhandlerWell, in response to your earlier statement, nicks also must be appropriate. Inappropriate nicks (as well as quiet messages) are grounds for being banned from a channel.23:01
jpds 23:02
jpds↑ a quiet message.23:03
nhandlers/quiet/quit/ ;)23:03
nhandlerBut if you wish to take this up formally with the IRC Council, you can send an email to irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com23:04
jpds 23:04
AlphaWaveswhy not23:04
AlphaWavesbut what would you called inappriopriate? Something that isnt technical stuff, well there's a lot of things inappropriated...23:06
nhandlerAlphaWaves: There is a different between off-topic and inappropriate23:09
AlphaWavesi think my quit message is offtopic23:09
jpdsToo bad it's 1.3MB.23:10
AlphaWavesjpds: then it fits on a floppy23:12
jpdsAlphaWaves: What's that?23:13
nhandlerAlphaWaves: Well, I need to get ready for dinner. If you decide to email the irc-council mailing list, I will look it over there (along with the rest of the council)23:14
AlphaWavesnhandler: ok23:14
AlphaWavesi do it now23:16
AlphaWavesnhandler: ok ive sent the message23:27
AlphaWavesi did some bad english but the meaning of the mail can be understood anyway. Thank to have consider my request.23:27

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