dakerhi @all14:35
infosoftHi @daker :)14:39
infosoftSilence... Nobody writes nothing :D14:40
infosoftOh, by the way, how long does it take to update translation template for ubuntu-manual.org? I can't wait to see the Lithuanian update :D14:42
dakergodbyk-sagan, are you around ?15:13
dakerinfosoft, can you check pls, because i don't godbyk-sagan has enabled the sync script15:39
askhl_Hi.  One of the translatable strings reads "Is this true? I couldn't get it to work for me --jaminday \marginnote{If you click on a file or folder with both the left and right...".  It also says that this is a 'comment' (presumably the standard '%' comment feature in latex).  But why is this string marked for translation?16:34
dutchiei think i know what's going on16:35
thorwilgodbyk-sagan: lulu trim area for a4 is 0.125 inch on every side, too?17:56
c7pgodbyk-sagan: are you around23:58

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