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bilalakhtarhelp! How do I upgrade a package to new upstream version using bazaar branches?06:45
bilalakhtardoes debcommit handle that properly?06:46
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kronosslangasek: poke07:14
kronosslangasek: was looking at binutils-z80 ftbfs07:14
kronosslangasek, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/49755201/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.binutils-z80_2.20.1-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz07:14
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slangasekkronos: alright :)07:39
kronosslangasek, binutils-2.20.1.tar.bz2 -> /usr/src/binutils/binutils-2.20.1.tar.bz2 but the tarball is not present .07:41
kronosslangasek, instead binutils-2.20.51.tar.xz is present there07:42
kronosin the /usr/src/binutils directory07:43
carstenhit's also broken in debian07:44
slangasekkronos: right - I synced it because it was already broken in Ubuntu at the time, so there's no point in carrying a delta when there was a chance the Debian maintainer might fix it for us07:46
slangasekkronos: if you're going to fix it, I would certainly recommend doing so first in Debian, and syncing from there07:46
carstenhno it was broken in debian, weird package07:51
omidamd64 build problem, its OK on my local amd64 ubuntu, but in launchpad i got this error, what should i do to fix it: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/464876/09:13
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omidamd64 build problem, its OK on my local amd64 ubuntu, but in launchpad i got this error, what should i do to fix it: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/464876/16:23
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geseromid: do you have any arch-specific files? e.g. some code that needs to get compiled on each architecture?16:47
omidgeser, no, I don't know what is it, where should I find some description about that? I cannot find any in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete16:49
geseromid: I ask because if you don't have any e.g. .c files in your package that need compiling and only e.g. php code than you could make the package "Architecture: all" but if you need compiling you need to fix your binary-arch target in debian/rules16:51
geseromid: see the description for Architecture on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete#control (it's a bit terse)16:52
omidgeser, But I can compile it in my own system, without any problem!16:54
geseromid: if it's php-cairo from http://sourceforge.net/projects/klecks/ then it has architecture-specific code (cairo.c)16:54
omidgeser, No, it is from pecl.php.net16:54
geseromid: because there is a small difference how pbuilder operates by default (build arch-specific and arch-indep packages), the i386 buildd work the same, but the amd64 buildd build only the arch-specific packages16:55
geseromid: you should get the same error when you pass "--binary-arch" when building your package (this would simulate the amd64 build): pbuilder build --binary-arch your_package.dsc16:56
omidgeser, thanks, then I will debug it local :-)16:57
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LucidFoxWait wait wait17:25
LucidFoxSo MOTUs can sync packages directly, without waiting for archive admins to do that?17:25
hyperairsyncpackage is the (not-so-recommended) way to do that for now.17:26
hyperaira button is planned.17:26
hyperaira launchpad.net button17:26
hyperairLucidFox: http://old.nabble.com/The-syncing-process-and-syncpackage-%28or%3A-How-to-speedup-the-syncing-process%29-td28576593.html and https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/syncpackage17:27
hyperairi think it's still considered "experimental"17:28
hyperairwhich is why it's not in any package, but stuffed away in some bzr branch somewhere.17:28
hyperair"Manually running syncpackage does add chances for errors.  This is why17:30
hyperairit's use has been discouraged in the past.  I think this is still a good17:30
hyperairreason to minimize it's use.17:30
hyperairquoted from ScottK's email.17:30
hyperairLucidFox: ^^17:31
LucidFoxhyperair> syncpackage is actually in ubuntu-dev-tools17:33
hyperairLucidFox: is it actually distributed already?17:33
hyperairLucidFox: i thought it was in the source but not in the binary package.17:34
LucidFoxWell, apparently it is17:37
LucidFoxat least in maverick17:37
hyperairit isn't in lucid.17:39
* hyperair still uses the ancient syncpackage from pitti.17:39
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geserit was left out on purpose for lucid but is currently in maverick17:39
hyperairthe new one uses the lp api afaik, which makes it so goddamn slow i could grow a moustache and beard while waiting.17:40
hyperaira big bushy one like stallman's17:40
geserI didn't look yet in detail at the code but AFAIK it is an improved version of that script17:43
hyperairmy general experience is that anything, *anything* at all that uses the launchpad api is slow as hell.17:43
hyperairrequestsync for example.17:43
hyperairi started requestsync, forgot about it, went to sleep, woke up next day, didn't open a terminal for half a day, and when i resumed my screen session, i saw requestsync still hung17:44
geserthat slow is it for you?17:44
hyperairyes, that slow.17:44
geserLP in general or only scripts using the LP API?17:45
hyperairLP in general is slow17:45
hyperairbut scripts using the LP API are especially slow.17:45
geserthat explains it as the LP API uses http request towards LP17:45
hyperairi can finish downloading debs from PPAs faster than requestsync can fetch data from LP.17:46
geseryou can use requestsync without the LP API (still default), it then falls back on using rmadison to get the version info and asks the user about things it couldn't check17:46
hyperairoh rmadison works splendidly fast.17:46
hyperairand yeah, since that wonderful waiting experience, i've never used requestsync with the LP API again.17:47
hyperairwell occassionally i'd forget, and then realize after a long wait.17:48
geserI could add a check if $USER == hyperair and always don't use the LP API in that case :)17:49
hyperairheh lol17:49
hyperairdon't bother, ever since syncpackage <3, i've never touched requestsync.17:49
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ScottLi want to file an SRU for the ardour mute bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+bug/58178620:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 581786 in Ubuntu Studio "Mute button not enabled by default in Ardour 2.8.6 Lucid AM64" [High,Fix released]20:44
ScottLhowever i can not nominate the bug for SRU to the correct version (i.e. 10.04 LTS)20:45
ScottLi can do nominate the trunk version and others20:45
ScottLshould i nominate on of the others with explanation or is there another way to nominate 10.04 LTS20:45
ScottLof course I would like to accomplish this before 10.04.01 on july 2920:46
ScottLany help is greatly appreciated20:46
* evilshadeslayer was about to mistake ScottL for ScottK20:46
ScottLevilshadeslayer, that happens a lot, apologies for that20:46
evilshadeslayerScottL: oh no need to apologies :P20:47
c_kornhm, has someone an idea why "apxs2 -c -o mod_form.so mod_form.c" only creates a "la" and "lo" file? but no shared "so" library ?20:53
evilshadeslayerany MOTU's around?21:06
evilshadeslayerhttp://packages.debian.org/source/sid/qoauth << thats currently not in maverick21:06
evilshadeslayershould i get it syncd and then change anything if theres a failiure ?21:07
evilshadeslayeror do we directly upload 1.0-2ubuntu121:07
keesevilshadeslayer: if it builds without modification just request a sync21:08
evilshadeslayerok.. im letting it go through pbuilder as of now21:08
evilshadeslayerkees: i was unsure if we need a un modified package in ubuntu first21:08
geserno need to sync a package which doesn't build, just upload the fixed one21:10
keesnah, should be fine either way; just make sure the orig matches debian if you do an initial ubuntu1 upload. since it's NEW, though, it frequently easier to review if it's unmodified21:10
evilshadeslayerseems to build fine.. now looking for missing files21:11
evilshadeslayerkees: geser http://pastebin.ca/190258721:13
evilshadeslayerdo we need those?21:14
* evilshadeslayer doesnt think so21:15
geserare they in the Debian package?21:15
evilshadeslayergeser: nope21:15
evilshadeslayerthose are missing files21:15
evilshadeslayerfrom the pbuilder hook21:15
evilshadeslayerafaik we need only .so and .a files21:16
evilshadeslayeri wonder where my mail went after i run request sync21:18
evilshadeslayergeser: kees and any other MOTU bug 60675121:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606751 in Ubuntu "Sync qoauth 1.0-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60675121:20
evilshadeslayerill attach build log21:22
evilshadeslayerbuild log attached21:48
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c_kornhm, why does EDITOR=nano quilt header -e open up gedit ?22:16
shadeslayerc_korn: missing a export there?22:20
c_korn$ echo $EDITOR22:21
StevenKc_korn: Try VISUAL=nano ...22:23
christoph_debianmaybe .quiltrc overrides it?22:24
c_kornStevenK: thanks22:24
carstenhsensible-editor is used in sid instead of $EDITOR22:24
c_kornI have no .quiltrc22:24

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