Fudgehi, how should i go about setting up my capture card, i have the machine plugged in and the svideo goes to an av adaptor it come with into my stereo which is switches to the tv etc. but X isnt detecting anything02:23
Fudgeanyone able to help out?02:43
Fudgethe myth backend is not accessible for orca05:25
petnyone have time to help me troubleshooting mythtv 0.23 after ubuntu 9.10->10.04 'upgrade'?07:55
petafter ubuntu 9.10->10.04 (also updates mythtv to 0.23) the frontend claims it can not connect to the backend. database and backend running, on frontend startup it is able to access all the settings but after kicking up the UI, I get errormessage MythContext: Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 1) Connection to master server timed out. Everything worked ok before the OS upgrade07:55
ktrhey, i have a skystar2pci and i am trying to set it up, but i cant get it to perform a channel search, it always say "error parsing parameters"12:49
ktri tried searching the wiki for the skystar, but just found the article about its properties12:49
rileypcanyonbe using mythpodcaster?15:11
rileypand have they sucessfully installed it on ubuntu15:11
rileypIs anyone ot there!15:17
tgm4883rileyp, i've never used it16:48
ballDoes Mythbuntu include a way to share files with MS Windows PCs?17:49

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