ubottuDaekdroom called the ops in #ubuntu (tsccof)03:30
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, bilalakhtar said: !beer is <reply> Beer is not appreciated06:59
bazhanggoing to remove taev11:10
ikonia@mark #ubuntu Taev11:10
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:10
ikoniamarking him - lets give him time11:10
ikoniaI was typing the mark as you said you would remove him, so we are both in sync11:11
bazhanghe's had way enough latitude and warnings11:11
ikoniaI agree, one more and he's gone11:11
ikoniawhat the hell is going on in #ubuntu with the current users11:14
ikoniawhat a surprise Kwpolska is on a shellium account11:18
ikoniaI've put a forward on all shellium accounts to #ubuntu-ops to get an exception for the moment. I'm going to raise the policy on free shell servers at the next irc meeting11:33
bazhanghe was trolling. what a surprise11:33
ikoniabzshells and shellium are just a regular problem.11:34
ikoniaI'll raise at the next meeting with either treat them the same as other gateways such as the floodbots manage it, or just block it11:34
ikoniapeople using free shells are only for %99 1 use, trolling11:34
bazhangseems to be the new mibbit11:34
elkynah, it's the mibbit that existed before mibbit existed.11:37
ikoniaKwpolska: you've been forwarded to this channel because you're comments in #ubuntu are unacceptable11:38
ikoniaKwpolska: calling people retards and being vauge in your questions is not something that we allow in the channel11:39
ikoniaKwpolska: do you understand that ?11:39
ikoniaKwpolska: if you don't wish to interact with this channel, you need to leave this channel and return when you want to talk about resolving your behaviour11:45
topyliKwpolska: idling is not allowed here, please respond or /part the channel11:49
ikonia$10 says he's back for more silence in 10 minutes11:56
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (beltran appears to be abusive (test - contact LjL if this misdetects too badly))12:15
ubottuoCean_ called the ops in #ubuntu (beltran)12:15
beltranhey you stupid fucking niggers, ban me see if i give a fuck you fucking cunt jew motherfuckers12:17
beltrangod damn it, those fucking niggers in openbsd banned me, fuck those cock sucking jew cunts!12:17
beltranhey good people12:18
beltranim god fucking almighty and i demand respect, dont make me break out the caps12:18
ikoniaI just don't see the point in that behaviour12:19
elkyikonia, I'm not sure there is one beyond being an inconvenience to others.12:20
ikoniait's not really an inconvenience a 3 second distrction while your muted/banned12:20
elkyWell, I'm not sure it was in his plan to be muted.12:20
ikoniatotally pointless, no-one cares about the little outburst, you look stupid when you make crazy threats to random people on the internet then you're silenced to prove how powerless you really are12:21
ikoniait's not a good chain of events for the person making the comments12:21
elkyikonia, He's not really realising you can't see what he says.12:22
elkyHe also cannot spell "anonymous"12:22
elkyOk, he seems content to amuse himself screaming to an abyss. He'll bore eventually.12:23
ikoniasounds good,12:23
ubottuom26er called the ops in #ubuntu (beltran)12:44
beltranhey niggers what it be?12:45
beltran!ops ubottu12:45
gnomefreakkeep eye on ubuverify12:46
gnomefreakin #u12:46
gnomefreakelky: care to forward him here? xdpirate  im not sure how to do that yet, i havent had time to figure it out12:52
gnomefreaksee his quit message12:52
elkythere, i referred to the ban list and copied, i hope it works12:55
elkyi've also forwarded beltran subnet here for the time being12:59
gnomefreakwe now show oped actions in this channel :)13:02
ikoniaahhh the magic of kline13:14
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Niglop appears to be abusive (test - contact LjL if this misdetects too badly))13:20
ikoniaeyes on niglop in #xubuntu13:35
ikonia%99.9999999999 certain troll13:35
gnomefreakikonia: feel free to remove him/ban him/ as needed in #x13:47
ikoniahe's gone hasn't he ?13:47
gnomefreaki removed him that is all i know of him13:48
ikoniaah, he won't be back13:48
knomeprobably will... ;)13:48
knomemaybe #kubuntu ;)13:49
gnomefreakif he did it in #u than moved to #x he will be back13:49
ikonianope, I'll put  money on it13:49
gnomefreakif he does use another of our channels i would ask that staff get involved13:49
knomeikonia has probably secrectly banned him13:49
gnomefreakok another smoke be back13:51
knomehey Daviey :)13:54
Davieyhet knome o/13:54
knomeisn't het dutch?13:54
knomeDaviey, how's your wardrobe?13:55
IdleOneFYI niglop runs Mint14:45
hdpbi was banned from ubuntu irc, but i am not sure why.  could someone please explain?  Thank you15:06
IdleOnehdpb: what other nicks do you use?15:08
hdpbthis is the only one.  I've used it for months, but just registered it.  tried to log in today and it says i've been banned.  Thank you for your help.15:09
ikoniait's just because you're using web chat15:09
ikoniayou should have been redirected to #ubuntu-proxy-users15:09
hdpbthank you.  would connecting thru empathy avoid the issue?15:11
elkyMost likely.15:11
hdpbthank you again.  I will give that a try.  enjoy your day/evening!15:12
MamarokI need to run, somebody should watch Dan_L and vot in #kubuntu, they seem to have some strange conceptions of what language is15:29
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
ikoniaTraveler8: hi16:08
ikoniathanks for joining16:08
Traveler8-.- you..16:08
Traveler8sigh.. anyway, am i banned from #ubuntu-offtopic?16:09
ikoniasorry, what do you mean ?16:09
ikonia16:08 < Traveler8> -.- you..16:09
ikoniawhat did that mean ?16:09
Traveler8i'm not even sure if your the  one that banned me in the first place.. so disregard that comment pls16:09
ikoniawhat did that comment mean16:10
Traveler8... as far as i know, you have been helpful to me... pls disregard that comment..16:10
ikoniaTraveler8: what did the comment mean16:10
Traveler8am i banned from any channels currently?16:10
IdleOneI would guess a childish attempt at saying " I'm upset "16:10
ikoniaTraveler8: answer the question and we'll progress16:10
ikoniathere we go16:11
IdleOneI did not see any bans16:11
gorduh, that didn't feel right16:12
ikoniait's not16:12
gordi mean the hounding on one question16:12
ikoniawhy ?16:12
ikoniahe makes a comment to me, I want to know what it means before I start16:12
ikonianot unreasonable16:13
gordthey apologised and wanted to move on, didn't seem right to keep hounding16:13
ikoniaI didn't ask for an aplogy16:13
ikoniaI asked what he meant16:13
ikoniathe fact that he wouldn't tell me16:13
ikoniathe first comment to someone who's trying to fix something for him, was random, I wanted to know what he meant16:14
gordthe hounding felt aggressive and a bit abrasive is all16:14
ikoniaI asked clear and clear and clear16:14
ikoniait's not hard to respond to a question16:14
gordthats not really what i am saying it wasn't how you asked, it was the refusal to move on, im just saying it felt aggressive and abrasive16:16
ikoniawhy would I move on with someone who refuses to answer a simple question ?16:17
ikoniahe said he couldn't get into offtopic, I asked him to join here to help him, he makes a random comment, I want to know what it means before I progress16:17
ikoniait's that simple16:17
ikoniasorry to be harsh on that, but we spend time going through this with people, it's not hard to answer someone16:18
gordwell lets put it this way, the guy left, it doesn't seem that he's actually banned, maybe just caught up in someone elses ban, maybe its a nice person but now we'll never know16:19
ikoniahis first line in -ops was something he had to apologise for16:19
ikoniawhich from googling means "fuck you"16:19
ikoniathe guy left because of his attitude16:19
ikoniathe fact that he's asking in #ubuntu now for help with farscape running in firefox does not fill me with confidence on his intentions16:20
gordi don't think thats what his first line means at all16:20
ikoniawhat do you think it means ?16:20
gord"-.-" is an emoted face squinted eye face16:20
ikoniaand the ...you16:21
gordthe you refers to them thinking they had a problem with you, but then he realised he was confusing you with someone else and asked you to disregard16:21
ikoniathen that's all he had to say16:21
charlie-tcaWhy else would he not expand on it? He refused to say what it meant knowing he was in trouble for it16:21
ikoniaI don't know why he couldn't get in, I was going to try and help him, but if someone can't answer a simple question, why should I bother progressing it to more complex discussion16:22
bazhangnot banned in -ot afaict16:23
ikoniaI don't think he is either, hence why I asked him here to help him16:23
gordis this really how we are supposed to react to people? to start aggressively hounding them on a single turn of phrase which they admitted was misguided? essentially a guy joins, didn't maybe understand how much gravity there is on here for some reason and then got scared off16:23
ikoniagord: are we supposed to waste our time with people who won't respond to questions ?16:23
gordthis is certainly not the ubuntu community spirit i know16:23
bazhangdidn't see the 'hounding' tbh16:24
ikoniaI called him in to help him and asked him a question on a commment HE chose to make16:24
gordikonia, yes pretty much, part of the job16:24
ikoniano it's not16:24
ikoniaI wanted to know what he meant before progressing16:24
ikoniathe job is to resolve issues16:24
IdleOneI have asked him to return so we can figure out why he is unable to join16:25
ikoniawhy ?16:25
IdleOneTraveler8: thank you for comming back16:26
Traveler8yea, i'm typing it just as its told to me.... and it's not joining16:26
IdleOneare you getting any errors?16:26
Traveler8no errors given =/16:26
IdleOnecheck your Server tab or Status tab16:26
IdleOneanything in there?16:26
ikoniaKwpolska: welcome back, we'll be with you shortly16:27
IdleOneTraveler8: show us what command you re using to join #ubuntu-offtopic16:28
Traveler8no i don't see any error messages in chat or on server window, in this java chat..16:28
Traveler8"/join #ubuntu-offtopic16:28
Traveler8is it case sensitive?16:29
IdleOneWell without any errors and no apparent ban set. I don't see why you can't join.16:29
IdleOneTraveler8: no it isn't case sensitive16:29
gorddo we have any modes set on #u-o that restrict to registered only? i wouldn't of thought so16:29
IdleOnegord: I don't believe so16:30
elkyI wouldn't be so sure there's no ban.16:30
ikoniagord: no, I checked the web chat bans, and it should be fine16:30
Traveler8it was like this before i got banned... which is probably why i got banned.. i told the ops that i could not join and that #ubuntuhelp and ubuntustudio..were the only channels i could join..16:30
ikoniaoh, so you know you got banned16:30
ikoniawhat nick name where you using16:30
Traveler8it was rediculous..but yes16:31
Traveler8uh, ubufool maybe?16:31
Traveler8i've used a buncha nick specific to my issues16:31
Traveler8but this was an ip ban...it didnt matter what nick was used..16:32
ikoniafound it16:32
elkyHe's been banned as Traveler*!*@* before.16:32
ikoniaI rememebr you16:32
Traveler8o.0? cool?16:32
ikoniayou wouldn't stop talking about overclocking and started being rude when people told you to stop16:32
Traveler8i have never used curse words in my nick...16:32
Traveler8and i was never rude16:33
ikoniano-one said you used curse words in your nick16:33
ikoniayes you where16:33
ikoniapeople asked you to stop going on about overclocking, people told you the tools you wanted to use where not the right tools16:33
Traveler8the op was rude tho...i wil not argue over this again..16:33
ikoniano he wasn't16:33
Traveler8pls stop...16:33
ikoniamultiple people told you, you got warning kicks, and ended up banned16:33
elkyIf he stops, the ban stays unresolved.16:34
ikoniait's fine, the ban is staying from my point of view16:34
ikoniaI remember this guy now16:34
IdleOneTraveler8: the issue here is not wether you believe the ban was justified or not. Please keep in mind we are here to help you.16:34
Traveler8-.- i wasn't rude, i did not disobey anyones wishes..i wasn't even gievn the chance to ask other questions or reply to people who were helping me...16:34
IdleOneTraveler8: what does -.- mean?16:35
Traveler8frustraed face...16:35
ikoniayou where rude, you wouldn't stop talking about overclocking despite people pointing you tot he right place, and explaining the tools in ubuntu where the wrong tools16:35
Traveler8i understood the tools were not correct...the first time i wa told.. i didnt need the op continueing in circles over something that was already stated..16:36
bazhangpazsion was the nick16:36
ikoniaTraveler8: you did not stop16:36
bazhangand since removed. dont see a ban in -ot though16:37
Traveler8rly? are we going to do this again?16:37
Traveler8can we stop this or do we need more discussion?16:37
bazhangyou have had the ban removed in #ubuntu Traveler816:37
ikoniathat was one of the other nicks16:38
bazhangdid you wish to resolve why you cannot join #ubuntu-offtopic Traveler816:38
bazhangTraveler8, what about a right click on this -->  #ubuntu-offtopic  and choose join channel16:40
bazhangnot sure the command for the java client sorry16:41
Traveler8a hand comes up, left or right clicking does nothing..16:42
Traveler8usually it would join16:42
bazhangand a simple /join #ubuntu-offtopic   ?16:42
Traveler8hasn't worked since before the ban16:42
bazhangdon't see any bans in the list for you16:43
Traveler8i've only been able to join it once..16:43
Traveler8oooh...wth is frigg version?16:43
bazhangutility bot for freenode16:44
Traveler8now it says idleone version xD16:44
IdleOneTraveler8: your client appears to be beta16:44
Traveler8but still can't join16:44
IdleOneTraveler8: yes I did a version request on you16:44
bazhangTraveler8, tried a more conventional client?16:45
Traveler8loading xchat..16:45
bazhangthis one I know16:45
bazhangand you're in16:46
Traveler8is pp1010 banned here?16:46
bazhangnot that I know of16:46
Traveler8how strange..16:46
IdleOneyou able to join #test-this with that client?16:47
IdleOnewho knows16:48
IdleOneanyway you're in now16:48
IdleOnehave a good day, follow the rules please16:48
Traveler8i try...16:48
Traveler8rly i do..16:48
IdleOneThere is no try.16:48
bazhangjust chat in -ot and all is good16:49
Traveler8well, i'm not gonna argue.. what happened happend however wrong either of us was16:49
bazhangthanks for joining16:49
Traveler8ty again16:49
elkyvery trying.16:49
bazhangwhoops >16:50
IdleOnebazhang: yeah, Star Trek quote didn't come to mind :)16:50
bazhangIdleOne, heh16:50
elkyI'll start the stopwatch.16:52
ikoniafirst line in pp1010 asks about the overclocking tools again16:54
elkyMore specifically, if he's going to get "reamed"16:54
elky"i know it's bad, but plz can i?"16:54
IdleOneIf we expect failure no matter how hard a person tries we will find a reason to fail them16:55
ikoniawhat ?/??16:55
ikoniaare you serious16:55
ikoniano-one expected failure, but his first line in the channel you've just helped him to get in was the exact topic that got him banned16:56
IdleOneI don't see how is overclocking question is offtopic for -ot16:56
ikoniaIdleOne: he was asking/pushing how to use ubuntu to overclock his hardware, he got banned for this because everyone explained it was done at a hardware level,16:56
IdleOneI have seen 3 hour long conversations (flame wars) about the best gaming console on -ot16:56
ikoniayou saw from this channel when talking about his ban in #ubuntu he undertood and accepted that16:56
ikoniahis first line in #ubuntu-offtopic was the same topic16:57
ikoniahe quotes a fantasy page that says these are the tools16:57
ikoniathis was the exact time wasting conversation that got him banned16:57
IdleOneikonia: ok so he doesn't understand that it is a hardware issue and not a software issue16:57
ikoniahe does understand16:57
ikoniahe's trolling16:57
gordhim asking these questions in -ot doesn't seem to be bothering anyone and i don't really see any indication of trolling, maybe misunderstanding but thats about it16:58
ikoniahence why he asked about running a game in firefox knowing it's a native game16:58
IdleOnewell I am not in there so I am going to keep my opinion to myself about it.16:58
bazhangmuch worse happens in -ot on a regular basis with zero action taken16:58
elkyIdleOne, known troll technique in linux channels; find something (real or not) that linux can't do and insist on persisting to ask how to do it.16:58
ikoniagord: ok - lets see the link he's referencing16:58
IdleOneelky: is it possible that he is just a kid who wants to overclock his machine16:59
ikoniaIdleOne: read the logs of #ubuntu when he got banned16:59
ikoniaSary: hi there, how can we help16:59
elkyIdleOne, not after this long. He has to be a kid who is never going to be able to be educated in anything ever.16:59
SaryHello there17:00
ikoniaSary: hi, what's up and how can we help you today ?17:00
ikoniaI notice the link he's referencing is still not coming17:00
bazhanghe's not bothering #ubuntu and its not offtopic for offtopic17:00
SaryWe got the lubotu3 , is it an answering bot or such17:01
elkybazhang, trolling is offtopic for offtopic. baiting is offtopic for offtopic.17:01
bazhangSary, in #ubuntu-eg ?17:01
ikoniaSary: which channel17:01
ikoniaSary: and yes, it will respond to queries17:01
gordhe's fine in -ot as it is, if it gets to a trolling point then i'll deal with it then, but as of now, its fine17:01
Saryi mean how can we use it , in commands !17:02
ikoniagord: I'd like to see the link he references for this fantasy question17:02
bazhangelky, most of the users in there would have to be banned then. lots of violent / excessive talk and nothing is done for that17:02
Sarybazhanggggggggggg ;) glad to see you17:02
elkybazhang, there's lots in taht channel that needs to stop which we're actively prevented from stopping. Lets not add /more/ just because we can't make /less/.17:02
bazhangSary, try /msg lubotu3 factoid17:02
* IdleOne goes back to whatever. I think my feelings of -ot have been made clear in the past17:02
bazhangSary, me too :)  probably best to ask in #ubuntu-irc in future about this though17:03
bazhangelky, agreed.17:03
SaryAnd ikoniaaaaaaaaaa17:03
SaryAnd elkyyyyyyyy17:04
SaryI am glad to see Y'All ;)17:04
SaryOkay , thanks a ton Bazhang17:04
Saryalright , i'll test that bot17:05
Saryi am out .. peace17:05
elkyAnd you're talking about a person who is in the bantracker for trying ar em ar eff crap in #u which as I recall was the response for not getting what he demanded.17:06
IdleOneSo let's ban him forever and then some because he made a mistake17:08
elkyWhen was that said?17:08
elkyActively and knowingly telling people to destroy their data isn't "a mistake" anyway, but I digress.17:09
IdleOneYou know there are people in -ot who should be banned for past behaviors but when they join #u they are very helpful17:09
ikoniahe's made multiple mistakes under multiple nicknames to hide the fact17:09
ikoniathat's where there was confusion17:09
ikoniaso lets be clear about this17:09
elkyIdleOne, this isn't a one-off thing. And he's not actually helpful.17:10
IdleOnethe majority of users are not helpful17:10
IdleOnethey get help and leave17:10
elkyYes, but you're insinuating we should let him be disruptive because he might help. I'm responding directly to that assumption.17:11
IdleOnehe messed up, several times, does that mean we can't help guide him  a more Ubuntu state17:11
ikonialook at the conversation in -ot now17:11
IdleOneto a*17:11
ikoniahe is being helped17:11
ikoniabut just refuses17:11
elkyIdleOne, that's not actually our role. The 46 people here are not here to coach 1500 people in behaving like civil humans.17:12
IdleOneWhat is our role?17:12
elkyTo administer and manage the channels and prevent the channels from disruption and risks.17:13
gordhe has done nothing in -ot as of now that would warrant him being banned or removed or any thing like that17:13
IdleOneI did not sign up to police #u17:13
elkyIdleOne, if you want to be a behavioural coach for 1500 people, then fine. It's not a role for the team.17:13
bazhangif using facts were a requirement in -ot, then..17:14
elkyThere's using facts, and then there's asking stuff you know the answer to in the hope the answer will magically change.17:15
bazhangheh true17:15
elkyAnd he's doing the second. Which is baiting.17:15
IdleOneWe are supposed to be catalysts, part of that is explaining what the Ubuntu philosophy is and helping the user to follow that philosophy17:15
elkyIdleOne, water. horse. drink.17:16
elkyIf you honestly expect us to fall over ourselves to force the horse to drink, you're sadly mistaken.17:16
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
IdleOnethe horse will drink when it is thirsty17:17
elkyIf that's what you want to do, do it. Just don't demand it be part of this job description for the rest of us.17:17
IdleOneour job is to make sure the water is there17:17
gordthis analogy has become a leaky screwdriver17:17
elkyIdleOne, it /is/ there.17:17
IdleOneelky: I am not demanding you do anything.17:17
elkyIdleOne, then why are we having this discussion?17:18
IdleOneI am asking you not to be so harsh in your interpretation of our role17:18
elkyI'm asking you to not be so liberal in it.17:18
IdleOneI am not a Cop I don't want to be a Cop17:18
elkyWe can't be effective channel managers if we're trying to do too much. If we get tied down with time sinks, we're effectively offline for the duration of that engagement.17:20
ikonia@mark jungli #ubuntu-offtopic again after multiple kicks and warnings doing the random hilighting19:16
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:17
AlphaWavesim banned from #ubuntu-fr*21:38
AlphaWavesthey say that my quit message is spam21:38
AlphaWavesits like to say that one's nick is spam21:38
AlphaWaves22:39 quit_message = http://www.christcenteredlessons.com/uploads/9/3/0/9/930995/gods_love_v3.pps21:39
AlphaWavesnot so agressive21:39
AlphaWaveswhat do you think?21:44
popeyAlphaWaves: this isnt the channel for those kinds of issues, #ubuntu-irc is21:50
popeyand for the record _I_ consider that spam and offensive.21:51
R3cur51v3Does anyone remember why I was banned in #ubuntu?22:26
R3cur51v3I don't even recall it happening22:26
R3cur51v3I'd like to argue for my readmittance, but as it stands I don't even know the crime of which I was accused.22:27
R3cur51v3Actually, I think the IP from which I'm using Freenode is banned.22:28
AlphaWavespopey: well its not offensive22:29
AlphaWavespopey: its a powerpoint document nothing offensive22:29
knomeAlphaWaves, i don't completely agree with popey, but i personally think it's the wrong place for it.22:30
popeyAlphaWaves: I'd rather you didn't tell me what I'm allowed to find offensive22:33
jpdsI'm with popey.22:39
ikonia#ubuntu-irc is the correct place, take it up with the #ubuntu-fr ops22:53

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