dipankarhi lfaraone, dfarning,02:26
dfarningdipankar, hello03:06
dipankardfarning, how was your day?03:07
dfarningIt was good getting ready for my trip. how was yours?03:07
dipankarmine was good too. except for the erratic power cuts. :(03:07
dipankaryou are going on a trip03:08
dfarningdipankar, I am leaving to spend a month in Paraguay on Monday.03:10
dipankardfarning, for some work?03:10
dfarningdipankar, yes Actiivty Central also has several developers providing service and support for the OLPC deploment in Paraguay we are going to try to expand into Uruguay.03:12
dfarningdipankar, did you get a chance to talk to kandarp about reading http://producingoss.com/ ?03:14
dipankardfarning, no. :( Last night there was a power cut. I was online on IRC till my laptop battery supported.03:15
dipankardfarning, it looks like one of those books on "ethics".03:17
dfarningdipankar, You guys have been working hard hacking and reading dense technical material.  It is time to do something a little lighter:)03:18
dfarningdipankar, it is less about ethics than open source culture and how to effectly work with open source projects.03:19
dipankardfarning, ok. I guess I again judged a book by it's title and Cover.03:20
dfarningdipankar, I was suggesting now that you are working directly with opensource projects you should take the weekend and read the book.03:22
dipankardfarning, that very nice of you. I will definitely go through the book.03:23
dfarningdipankar, there are some talks by the authors at http://producingoss.com/#presentations .  I you are not in the mood for reading:)  I suggest start with the videos they are pretty funny.03:24
kandarpkdfarning: hi03:52
kandarpkdfarning: do you have an idea when will Luke be around ?04:01
kandarpkManu sir would like us to work on core packages now04:01
kandarpkso, needed help on how to proceed04:02
dfarningkandarpk, luke will be gone tonight traveling.... That is why I suggested that you read producing oss today.04:07
kandarpkdfarning: that means he'll be there next morning your time ?04:08
dfarningkandarpk,  Luke does not have scheduled hours on the weekend.  but if he around, he will help.04:11
kandarpkdfarning: Ok.04:12
dfarningkandarpk, ping04:37
kandarpkdfarning: hi04:37
dfarningI have most of the documentation buildsystem set up.04:38
kandarpkdfarning: Ok, mail it to me.04:38
dfarningkandarpk,   it is on sunjammer  in srv/www-sugar/apimaster  all I have left is setting up the permissions.04:39
dfarningkandarpk, ok04:41
kandarpkdfarning: I've some idea of packaging core activities.04:44
kandarpktrying to see if that works.04:44
kandarpkfor sugar-0.8904:44
dfarningkandarpk, very cool.  Hacking _is_ the best way to learn:)04:47
kandarpkdfarning: the rules file maintained by Jonas for sugar has more than just sugar listed in it04:47
dfarningkandarpk, can you point me to the git repo of jonas' package?04:48
kandarpkdfarning: ^^ rules file04:49
kandarpkdfarning: oops, not rules, it was control.in04:50
kandarpkdfarning: git repo : http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar.git;a=summary04:51
dfarningkandarpk, yes this is a common situation.  this source package make several different binary packages.04:51
kandarpkdfarning: I understand that slightly04:52
kandarpkdfarning: but when I package, will I too need to make all the packages ?04:53
dfarningkandarpk, yes when you run the build scripts it will make all to the binary packages for you.04:53
kandarpkdfarning: Ok, it seems complicated ( as you said )04:54
dfarningkandarpk, in this case, you would be updating the .88 package to .89 so 99% of the packaging would be the same.04:54
kandarpkdfarning: I'll try hit and trial.04:55
dfarningkandarpk, so it is mostly a case of pointing at the new upstream tar ball, changing version numbers,  modifing the patch series as necssart and testing.04:56
kandarpkdfarning: +104:56
kandarpkdfarning: was just thinking of doing the same.04:57
dfarningkandarpk, now that you know the fundemantals of packaging you should be able to figure out (or google for) any errors you get.  Hacking probobly the best approach to developering skill and proeciency.04:59
kandarpkdfarning: with Luke not being around, I've enough time to hack and try make it work :)05:01
kandarpk*I'll be back in 10min05:06
kandarpkdfarning: around ?05:27
neerajlfaraone: ping11:58
neerajdfarning: Good Morning :)12:30
dfarningneeraj, good morning how are you?12:30
neerajI have tested write and record on various version of sugar-emulator12:30
neerajdfarning: Good..12:30
dfarningneeraj, what did you learn?12:31
neerajdfarning: how are you feeling this morning?12:31
neerajdfarning: I have not stated anything new.. I mean I have tested those packages.. write was not working on sugar-emulator-0.8412:32
neerajI have updated it on wiki and waiting for lfaraone to review it..12:32
dfarningneeraj, I feel ready to work:)12:32
dfarningneeraj, great12:33
neerajAlso I went through the logs between 10-17 and I tried to note down all points related to packaging12:34
neerajI will share it will all members and ask them to add those points which I have forgotten and the problems which they faced while building packages using GIT12:35
neerajdfarning: I am not yet finished with it.. I will add points from lfaraone reviews to packages which he posted on olpc-list. I hope that will help new members :)12:36
dfarningneeraj, I'm sure it will.12:37
dfarningneeraj, it sounds like you have enough work to keep you busy for a while.12:39
neerajdfarning: actually i got a little bored with docu.. If you have some thing on which I can work or learn something then I am up for otherwise I will continue documentation task after half and hr :)12:41
neerajs/up for/up for it12:41
dfarningI would suggest that you read http://producingoss.com/ . It is an interesting book about how to work effectivily with open source projects.12:45
neerajdfarning: ok..12:46
kandarpkdfarning: good morning :)13:56
dfarninggood morning, how are you?13:57
kandarpkdfarning: I am doing good14:00
dfarningkandarpk,  I am finishing up the documentation build system.14:01
kandarpkdfarning: Ok.14:02
dfarningkandarpk, need to transfer conf.py and *.rst as part of the script.14:02
kandarpkdfarning: hmmm.14:03
dfarningkandarpk, did you modify anything on apimaster?  It worked for me last night, but not this morning:(14:16
kandarpkdfarning: nope, I didn't even log in14:16
dfarningkandarpk, ok, Bernie was working on some build machines....14:17
kandarpkdfarning: ok.14:18
kandarpkdfarning: the script is to automate the HTML generation ?14:18
dfarningkandarpk, yes, it, runs sugar-jhbuild to update to the latest code, runs epydoc, and runs spyinx-build.14:20
kandarpkdfarning: is it possible that new files get added to sugar ?14:20
kandarpkdfarning: because their HTML wont get generated if they are not mentioned in .rst files14:21
dfarningkandarpk,  yes, that is the part I am working on now. there is a dir in apimaster called sphinxstub where you can modify the .rst files.14:23
kandarpkdfarning: modify manually ?14:23
dfarningkandarpk, yes14:24
kandarpkdfarning: ok14:24
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neerajkandarpk: around?19:55
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kandarpkop_amp, hi19:56
op_ampkandarpk: hi are you doing anything related to packaging>19:58
kandarpkop_amp: no, why ?19:58
op_ampkandarpk: just asking if there is something on which I can work now..19:59
kandarpkop_amp: what have you been involved in recently ?20:00
op_ampkandarpk: as u knw last night I was finishing renaming task for ubuntu-bugs20:01
op_amptoday I just finished testing of write and record activity and prepared the git document which i shared with u.20:02
kandarpkop_amp: involved in studying networking ?20:03
op_ampkandarpk: ohh.. yeah manu sir did send us the link for studying that part..20:04
op_ampkandarpk: are you also studying networking?20:04
kandarpkop_amp: yeah.20:04
kandarpkop_amp: actually I find it one of the most innovative parts of Sugar20:05
kandarpkop_amp: but a bit tough to cover.20:05
kandarpkop_amp: anyway, you can read about open source development at :20:06
op_ampkandarpk: i was reading it..20:06
kandarpkop_amp: thats good to know :)20:07
op_ampkandarpk: but didn't felt like reading full book. I will keep reading it in my free time.20:07
kandarpkop_amp: same here20:07
op_ampkandarpk: ok i will also start networking then..Can you give a tutorial for level 0 person in networking knowledge?20:08
kandarpkop_amp: the links provided by Manu sir yesterday and a day before are quite good20:10
kandarpkop_amp: very basic and covers quite a lot20:10
op_ampkandarpk: ok then I will start from there :)20:10
kandarpkop_amp: good night.20:28
op_ampkandarpk: good night20:28
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