TakyojiI suppose there's been quite a handful of new distros in the past year00:04
TakyojiAll of which look a bit appealing00:04
TakyojiThere needs to be some type of theming/customization format; so that there isn't all these distros that are just different themes and different packages installed by default..00:16
* Takyoji wonders if mini burnable CDs are still sold..08:28
TakyojiYay http://www.walmart.com/ip/Memorex-24x-Write-Once-Pocket-CD-R-Spindle-For-Data-50-Disc-Spindle/1073065908:32
TakyojiThe annoying thing though is that they're just about the same price as regular discs..08:36
TakyojiI'm trying to think; for secure reasons, should I: have a thin client boot the OS from a CD, but with the web-browser pre-installed; or, have the thin client boot from a CD, but install the web browser automatically on each boot (to ensure the most recent version); or, install the OS to a flash drive and have it update automatically and have a persistent storage?08:46
Takyojisince the web browser will be the only point of the distro in the first place; for interacting with an inventory system via a web-based interface.08:48
TakyojiAlso, I wonder how "hard" it would be to make a distro from relatively nothing.09:17
TakyojiCompiling Linux, X11, etc09:17
kermitits compiling the list of URLs to the sources that i think would be the hardest part19:39

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