akgranerI can't believe I am going to ask this - but how do you start an application from the command line?00:46
akgranerI can't get the software center to open from the applications menu00:46
dakerakgraner, which kind of apps ?00:56
dakershell apps? python apps ?00:56
dakerah sorry software center00:57
dakeris it : software-center00:58
akgranerit doesn't work :-(00:58
dakerany message ?00:58
akgraneryeah - I get a traceback01:00
akgranerand then if you do start - in front of it - you get unknown job01:00
akgranerI'll file a bug and see what happens weird01:00
akgranerI installed updates today01:02
akgranerand well...01:02
dakerakgraner, bug number ?01:08
akgranerdaker, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/60652901:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 606529 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software center will not start from applications menu. When you click on it it looks like it is going to open but then it just shuts the window in the bottom panel and won't open. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]01:11
dakerakgraner, try to add the traceback to the description01:13
dakersee ya :)01:14
akgraner:-) done01:15
dakernow its good01:16
dakerthe traceback will help the developers01:16
akgraneroh ok  - cool01:16
dakersee ya :)01:16
dakernight all01:16
akgranerlasters - thanks!01:17
akgranerlaters even01:17
rwwhrm, you're not the first person I've seen with that error today.02:01
rwwakgraner: if you're around and on the computer that was getting that bug, can you check whether Proposed Updates are enabled? (System -> Administration -> Software Sources -> Updates; is Pre-released updates (lucid-proposed) checked?)02:15
akgranerrww -  Long term support releases only02:17
rwwakgraner: sorry, I mean the bottom checkbox in the first section on that tab02:18
rwweep, the third one02:18
* rww isn't good at GUI, sorry :(02:18
akgranernope not checked02:19
rwwakgraner: hrm. can you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy software-center"?02:19
akgranerbut I pull my updates from our local mirror  - so I'll need to see what is going there02:19
akgranersure one sec02:20
rwwthanks :)02:20
rwwalrighty, yup, you pulled down the proposed version, and I'm getting the same error when I upgrade to that version02:23
akgranerrww, I do I put it back like it was then :-(02:29
rwwakgraner: would you like command-line or GUI instructions?02:30
akgranercommand line02:30
akgranerI don't feel like clicking the mouse - I am being lazy :-) b/c I left it on my desk...02:31
rwwsudo apt-get install software-center=2.0.502:31
rww(the = sign meaning "exactly this version", and 2.0.5 being the version in lucid-updates)02:32
akgraneroh cool02:33
rwwin the meantime, I merged your bug report and another one that came in earlier, tagged it appropriately, and just asked #ubuntu-bugs to mark it Triaged :)02:33
akgranerhey thanks!02:34
akgranerwoo hoo - software center is working now :-)02:34
akgranerok so now tell me how would I have used the GUI - admin - software sources or admin-synaptic-package-manager or neither?02:36
IdleOnehmm software center has come a long way since I last looked at it02:36
akgranerwell system  - admin then....02:37
rwwakgraner: System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager, search and find software-center, click it, Package -> Force Version, and select 2.0.5 in the window that appears, then Apply02:37
akgraneroh cool :-)02:38
akgranerIdleOne, it's pretty nifty   - I really like it02:38
IdleOneI still prefer CLI to install packages but when I am searching for something and have no clue I use Synaptic02:39
IdleOneI do like how SC actually has screen shots02:39
akgranerrww, did you have proposed selected?02:40
rwwakgraner: I enabled it to test this; I don't usually have it selected.02:41
akgranerahh ok...02:41
IdleOneOh the History in SC is nice02:44
IdleOnethis is not really project related :/02:45
akgranerit's ubuntu related :-)02:49
elkyrww, nice spot06:08
AlanBellafternoon all16:08
AlanBellthe -ie team have come up with an interesting idea https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/ProfileOfTheDay16:10
AlanBellwe are giving the same idea a go in -uk, but with a bit of a twist https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ProfileRoulette16:10
AlanBellit is a little bit of a game to encourage people to do nice wiki pages, and to leave testimonials16:11
czajkowskinigelb: what can I say, we set the bar for doing new things in our LoCo :)20:23
czajkowskipleia2: if yer about poke me20:23
pleia2czajkowski: hey20:52
pleia2actually I need to pack up and run home, bbs20:53

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