hynopioI can't get rythmbox to be my default media player? I've already selected it as default application for media reproduction, but another program (audacity in my case) keeps playing songs files when I open them. How do I fix this???00:00
violinapprenSilent_Dream: then settle it on no and press enter ... i asked earlier if you have buttons below00:00
oneirosFadeMan, if Ubuntu could only make it 10 degrees cooler in my house, now THAT would be something...00:00
Silent_Dreamviolinappren: I told you earlier pressing enter doesnt work00:00
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beppo^peanut^ problem persists00:01
oneirosFadehynopio: Right-click one of the audio files, and select "Open with..." then make Rhythmbox your default00:01
beppochanged it00:01
violinapprenSilent_Dream: switch to virtual terminal 3 and check the output there00:01
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Silent_Dreamviolinappren: how?00:01
Mr_Sonomahaving a little update issue, GPG key failure? anyone have a good suggestion on how to fix this? Pastebin: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/2frBfrvF00:01
violinapprenSilent_Dream: alt+ctrl+f300:01
Jordan_USilent_Dream: Were you ever presented with a list of devices?00:01
^peanut^beppo: mmm, I'm still tryin to reproduce the error your having.00:02
hynopiooneirosFade, Not working either :(00:02
Silent_Dreamviolinappren: all i see is a command prompt, no output00:02
Silent_DreamJordan_U: What do you mean?00:02
violinapprenSilent_Dream: try other F keys, i'm not sure which one has the log00:02
oneirosFadehynopio: Sorry, "Open with other application..." then make sure the check box is checked.00:02
Jordan_USilent_Dream: Before the screen that you pastebined, was there another menu asking about where to install grub?00:03
oneirosFadeMr_Sonoma: What happens if you try to ping archive.canonical.com ?00:03
^peanut^beppo: no luck on this end;00:03
Mr_Sonomahaven't tried to ping it, but i can open the link in a browser and see the key. here let me try to ping00:04
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^peanut^beppo: how about disabling ldap auth then try again, or reboot then try again?00:04
hynopiooneirosFade, I already tried that, but didn't work. The check box is checked, but audacity stills plays song files by default00:04
^peanut^beppo: also, do you see any errors in /var/log/messages?00:04
oneirosFadehynopio: Oh, ok.  Just making sure it wasn't the way I said it :)00:05
Silent_DreamJordan_U: I believe there was, there were some really complicated questions about if i wanted to upgrade grub, keep grub, try both upgrading and keeping it in 3 separate places or something, and I didnt know what to do, so i just skipped it, and now I am stuck on this menu00:05
Silent_DreamJordan_U: I am dualbooting with windows 7 as well so I didnt want to mess anything up, didnt know how to answer the grub questions00:06
hynopiooneidosFade, so is there anything else I can do?00:06
violinapprenSilent_Dream: did you find the log?00:06
Mr_SonomaoneirosFade, ok ping fails, i can pastebin the dig answer00:06
axiakHi: I'm using texlive-extra on 10.0400:06
axiakdon't know how to use the invoice.sty file00:06
axiakit's in the isodoc folder00:06
hynopiooneidosFade, perhaps reinstalling rythmbox?00:06
axiakhow to I get access to it?00:06
sweetpihynopio: right click on the file, select properties and click the "Open With" tab. you can set the default program for that file type there00:06
grumetenice nick silent_dream00:06
oneirosFadehynopio: I wouldn't think so, but you're welcome to try, ofc00:07
Silent_Dreamviolinappren: no.  I tried control+alt+F1-F12, nothing00:07
ridingetting an external, will i be able to install linux in it and boot from it? any downside effects?00:07
Mr_Sonomawait, no answer section in the dig query00:07
Silent_Dreamgrumete: thx00:07
dextro_the installer is crashing right after i hit next on the keyboard layout page00:07
Dr_Willisridin:  yes you can.. be sur to tell grub to put the bootloader on the externals MBR. and it will be a little slower then internal00:07
Jordan_USilent_Dream: Can you pastebin the output of "ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/"?00:07
dextro_i assume the installer doesnt like my windows partition and is crashing00:07
violinapprenSilent_Dream: are you installing inside a virtual machine?00:07
oneirosFadeMr_Sonoma: Also, it looks like it's ignoring all the update files, for some reason00:07
Silent_Dreamviolinappren: no00:07
dextro_is this normal? how am i suposed to dual boot?00:08
hynopiosweetpi,  that's just what I did, but didn't work for me :(00:08
ridindr_willis, how do i do that00:08
Dr_Willisridin:  what part?00:08
smerzhow do i make install again into .deb package?00:08
Jordan_Udextro_: Have you run the integrity check from the CD's boot menu?00:09
ridininstalling grub to the external's mbr00:09
Silent_DreamJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464736/00:09
sweetpihynopio: ok, i though you only right clicked and chose open with00:09
Dr_Willisridin:  you tell the inttaller , like the last dialog it has an  button you click.00:09
Dr_Willisridin:  unless you want to put grub on the internal hard drive.00:09
ridindr_willis, this harddrive is failing00:10
Dr_Willisridin:  or just unplug all internal hd's  so it can only put it on the usb hd.00:10
Mr_SonomaoneirosFade, right, thats what i'm trying to figure out. is everyone else having these issues or is it just me?00:10
ridindr_willis, sorry confused ^^00:10
oneirosFadeMr_Sonoma: Not when I updated a few hours ago, but let me check00:10
Dr_Willisridin:  you tell the installer where to put GRUB at - as the last thing the installer does. OR unplug the internal hard drive00:10
ridinok dr_willis00:11
smerzCan someone remind me what the command was to do a make install and create a .deb package out of it?00:11
oneirosFadeMr_Sonoma: Yeah, most of mine say Ign too, but it doesn't error at me00:11
well_laid_lawnsmerz: checkinstall00:11
ridindr_willis, you mean i have to go inside my tower and actually unplug the cords?00:11
smerzthank you well_laid_lawn00:12
Dr_Willisridin:  you can.. takes me all of like.. 60 sec to do that.00:12
Dr_Willisridin:  OR you tell the installer where to put it at.00:12
oneirosFaderidin: You could disable the internal drive via the BIOS, as well00:12
ridinokok, i know what to do with bios, thanks dr_willis and oneirosfade00:12
Dr_Willisridin:  if your internal drive is failing.. why not take apart the usb drive.. and stick it intenal?00:12
ridindr_willis, internals keeps on failing00:13
Jordan_USilent_Dream: Just to make sure I have everything correct. When you get to the screen "You chose not to install GRUB to any devices..." there is a "yes" option and a "no" option, and which ever you select you just come back to the same screen?00:13
Dr_Willisridin:  if thasts true.. then you may want to check your cooling..00:13
Silent_DreamJordan_U: I have only tried the "no" option, and it takes me back to that same screen00:14
oneirosFaderidin: Yeah, if the internals consistantly fail, check cooling and check those drives on another system to see if they actually failed - may be a controller issue00:14
Mr_SonomaoneirosFade, are you able to dig archive.cononical.com?00:14
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oneirosFadeMr_Sonoma: Do what now?00:15
Mr_Sonomaand get a response that is00:15
oneirosFadeMr_Sonoma: Sorry, never seen that command before, but yes00:16
Mr_Sonomaok because i'm not seeing a answer on mine....so wonder if i'm having a DNS issue... http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/rKDbJ8sV00:16
oneirosFadeMr_Sonoma: What DNS server(s) do you use?00:16
Mr_Sonomathe one AT&T has lol00:17
^peanut^oneirosFade: try using opendns servers.00:17
beppogot it fixed00:17
^peanut^beppo: nice, what happened?00:18
oneirosFadeMr_Sonoma: I would suggest switching to DNS servers run by someone else.  Google or OpenDNS would be a good start.00:18
ridinoneirosFade, this one is developing bad sectors at the Relocated Sector Count attribute00:18
Mr_Sonomak i'll try that...00:18
beppofirst post on site00:18
dextro_Jordan_U> dextro_: Have you run the integrity check from the CD's boot menu?00:18
dextro_no but i will hold on00:18
bepposeems that something with pam update went wrong00:18
oneirosFaderidin: According to the original system?00:18
^peanut^beppo: wow nice...good job finding that00:18
ridinoneirosFade, this computer with the failing harddrive, yes00:19
oneirosFaderidin: Ok, I have no honest idea what a Relocated Sector Count is about, but yeah, try plugging that drive to a different controller or different system and see if it reports errors00:19
beppojust getting nuts while finding a solution why my dell raid is slow when writing and reading from the same array00:19
bepposo i tried to install dell omsa00:20
beppoand got the passwd error00:20
^peanut^beppo: ah... got ya.00:20
^peanut^beppo: what fs are you using on your raid? what type of raid?00:21
bepporaid5 on a dell perc 600:21
Jordan_USilent_Dream: Select "yes" and I'll walk you through installing grub manually.00:21
Silent_DreamJordan_U: Allright, thanks...dont disappear on me now :P00:21
^peanut^beppo: have you added any kernel parm tweats for ext4 to help with buffering?00:21
beppowhen I read and write to the array (e.g. extracting a big archive) the system hungs00:21
ridinoneirosFade, i can't do that since i'm too young and don'tknow what to do :(00:22
chepodo anybody know why i cant go to some websites like it saying a error promblem,saying cant find in this server00:22
beppoif I just copy from the arra to another pc over the network im getting 80 mb/s00:22
oneirosFaderidin: Ah, heh - ok, well, you've got access to the inside of the case, right?00:22
^peanut^beppo: ok. only reason I ask is that I had to add some buffer read/write and tcp in size stuff for my 32tb arrays..00:22
beppowhat did u add00:22
ridinoneirosFade, nope, but i'll just wait for my hd00:22
beppoi quite sure i have the problems since i updatet from karmic to lucid00:23
^peanut^beppo: if you run "time dd if=/somelargefileover2gb of=/path/to/raid what speed are you getting00:23
^peanut^beppo: hmm, I wouldn't think an upgrade would cause any issues. but I could be wrong.00:24
miked595I am trying to install ubuntu on a new setup. It does not see my two sata III drives00:24
^peanut^miked595: have you tried the live cd mode first? could you see your drives then?00:25
beppoim also not sure if the problem was there before00:25
miked595ya no luck. I can see the drives in the bios. I even set them from IDE to AHCI mode00:25
boumahelp, you know the bug with ubuntu adding _'s to a mount, which stuffs up eg. bittorrent auto downloading to a largish drive and not fill the ~ till the system locks and the home dir has to be deleted so it will login again, this makes ubuntu seem a bit fragile in comparison to xp to my friend, which it is not, but im trying to prevent this scenario from occuring again. any suggestions please00:25
^peanut^beppo: true. btw, how big of a raid are you talkin about?00:25
chepodo anybody know y am getting this error on some websites,error 404 cant find on this server00:26
beppo3*1,5 tb00:26
zerwasWill there be any change when freetype 2.4 will get into the repositories? IIRC freetype in ubuntu is already using bytecode interpreter00:26
^peanut^beppo: ok. and u get 8mb/s? is this over the cifs mount?00:26
beppoaround 60-80 mb/s over samba00:27
beppocan i dd with only one partition?00:27
^peanut^beppo: yea...nice that's more like it.00:27
^peanut^beppo: dd reads and writes out files from a device or just a file like an iso image00:27
oneirosFadeOk folks, gotta go for now.  Peace!00:28
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.00:28
bepposo, what's wrong00:29
^peanut^=), just had it done to me. so I was tryin to share the love =)00:29
^peanut^beppo: you forgot the in=/    in= (in file) of=(out file)00:29
beppoah ok00:30
^peanut^beppo: you can also add the blocksize with bs=1k00:30
Silent_DreamJordan_U: The installation seems to have finished, Im back at command prompt.  There were errors while processing a fair amount of libraries, as well as grub and a few other things.  now what should i do?00:30
beppoa bit tired^^00:30
Dr_Willisbeppo:  you definatly want to use a bs= option - or else dd can be very slow00:30
Silent_DreamJordan_U: I should clarify; I was using apt-get update, that seems to have finished.  I havent done apt-get upgrade yet00:30
^peanut^Dr_Willis: dd without it should now being defaulting to bs=1k (atleast on my centos servers it does)00:31
beppohow to do that excatly?00:31
beppodd runs, system is lagging hard00:31
Dr_Willis^peanut^:  ive not tried it lately. but i do know when i was dding some isos  in the last release. it was a 4x speed boost. :) it may be differnt now.00:32
^peanut^beppo: so... "time dd if=/path/to/large/file of=/mount/point/to/raid bs=1k00:32
Silent_DreamJordan_U: By the way, I'm doing this from a livecd, since my Ubuntu froze upon upgrading.  So I have mounted my /dev/sda6 and chroot to it, and ran apt-get from there.  so i am doing this all on a livecd, idk if that makes a difference00:32
^peanut^Dr_Willis: on wow... ok. I'll note that for later, thx00:32
abountuafter installing the latest ubuntu (lucid lynx) the windows have there close/maximise/minimise button on the left side, how can I revert this back to the right side instead?00:32
bepporunning now00:33
^peanut^beppo: what type of raid controller are you using?00:33
beppodell perc 600:33
bastid_raZor!controls | abountu00:33
ubottuabountu: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side00:33
beppodidn't find anything with google00:33
^peanut^beppo: ah ok. I've never used those  before. I'm a 3ware and LSI kinda guy. sorry00:33
beppoit's lsi00:34
^peanut^oh sweet00:34
^peanut^didn't know lsi was making dell raid controllers00:34
^peanut^beppo: the server your running the dd on. is that the same server with the raid?00:35
bouma  00:35
^peanut^beppo: sorry if I missed that00:35
beppoyes same server00:35
boumacan empathy search ?00:35
boumactrl-f/s are doing nothing00:35
beppodd results00:36
foureight84can someone type my nick name, foureight8400:36
^peanut^beppo: are these 3gb or 6gb disks?00:37
boumahas http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5560263 this been fixed. im still getting affected in 10.04 32bit and 9.08 64x, and its really anoying, cause its breaking the default dl dir for torrents on my relies comp00:37
^peanut^beppo: 2m48 doesn't seem to bad.00:37
beppobut when copying i cant access the system well00:38
beppojust lagging hard00:38
^peanut^beppo: yea I just tested my box and thats around the throughput i'm getting00:38
boumaubuntu forum ^^ just says to gksudo delete them, but this is a really really bad err00:38
akgranerHey is anyone have trouble getting the Ubuntu Software Center to open on Lucid?00:39
^peanut^beppo: how bout this. run top in 1 shell, then run the dd command. and just watch and see what is taking up all the cpu cycles. a dd really shouldn't lag your box that hard00:39
foureight84thanks LjL00:39
beppocpu is quite low00:41
beppoit's because of accessing the hard drives00:41
^peanut^beppo: I also wonder what the settings for the raid are on the controller. like cache wait time, cache enabled at all or disabled...00:41
^peanut^beppo. is the main os installed on the raid too?00:41
^peanut^beppo: so it's all one large file-system00:42
beppoin the controller bios i have 64k, and read and write caching enabled00:42
beppoyes, one large filesystem00:42
^peanut^beppo: ah ok00:42
beppobut in dmesg is written that caching is disabled00:42
^peanut^beppo: try hdparam? try to see if you can change the drives cache state00:43
beppoif i ONLY copy OR read from the array everything is fine00:43
beppobut doing both results in system "lags"00:43
^peanut^beppo: yea, in my experience OS and Data should not reside on the same raid. for many reasons. As for the speed issue, I have nothing here to test with because I don't have a similar setup with os and raid and data all on 1 raid00:45
beppoi set it up as an lvm00:45
Silent_DreamJordan_U: Are you there?00:45
beppojust because i was lazy i only choosed one partition00:46
^peanut^beppo: yea that won't matter much. the 3 disks are raided, then you created an lvm partition. yet the os is still on the raid. again, not sure if that really matters or not. I've just never set things up that way =)00:46
beppoi first installed 9.04 and i know excatly everything ran fine00:46
Jordan_USilent_Dream: Yes00:47
beppobut at any point, i don't know, i realized the problem00:47
^peanut^beppo: hmm,well the be difference I would see is the kernel.00:47
Silent_DreamJordan_U: Ok cool.  I'm ready to have your assistance walking through the manual grub procedure00:47
beppoalso booted the old kernel00:47
bepposame problem00:47
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^peanut^beppo: same problem?00:47
^peanut^beppo: oh... hmm00:48
beppoi guess i will do a fresh install when got some new harddisk for transfering the data00:48
^peanut^beppo: well man, I'm sorry. can't think of much more on my fried brain. tgif I guess.00:48
Jordan_USilent_Dream: So aside from grub you're completely upgraded to 10.04 now?00:48
bepponp,tx anyway;D00:48
Silent_DreamJordan_U: I have done apt-get update, should I also do apt-get upgrade?00:48
^peanut^ok all, bbl =)00:48
icerooton a dual-core-system, why is a tar-operation on a 50gb file killing the system (50%wa) if the tar is only running on one core? any operation which is not using the hdd on the seconds core is very very slow.00:49
mmcjiI am having problems with selecting an object and dragging it, frequently, perhaps 50% of the time the object just releases or will maximize on me.  I am seeing this on three different 10.04 systems.  One inspiron laptop, on Latitude laptop and one shuttle pc.  This happens with all desktop effects turned off.  I did not have this problem prior to upgrading to 10.04.  Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do?00:49
Jordan_USilent_Dream: Yes, since you are continuing a failed upgrade (IIRC) you should use "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"00:50
tripelbMonitor has wrong driver since I changed computer(and video card natch) find situation here ---> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9599054#post9599054 --> I'll look in later for reply if time goes bye. Thanks.00:50
Silent_DreamJordan_U: Ok00:50
thune3iceroot: my guess would be that your other operations *are* trying to use the hdd. it can generally be a good idea to run large i/o operation with ionice idle priority (ionice -c 3 tar..."00:51
wildbat_laptopis there tools to edit/merges pdf files into one ?00:52
rebirthwhat is the process name of synpatic so i can force quit it?00:52
icerootthune3: ah very nice, didnt know ionice, just know nice00:52
trojan_spikeconvert pdf to open office word ??00:52
icerootwildbat_laptop: if i am correct there was pdfcat00:53
ottermatonI've made a little script to backup my ~/ and want to add it to anacron but I can't figure out whether I should place the script in cron.daily or add an entry. I haven't been able to find any definitive answer on that00:53
froschiwildbat_laptop: pdfedit00:54
rebirthi'm trying to launc h synpatic but it keeps saying another synaptic is runnign in non-interactive mode, how do i force quit it?00:54
wildbat_laptopiceroot, no such package00:55
trojan_spikeis there any way of un doing computer janitor?00:55
wildbat_laptopfroschi, thank let me etst it out00:55
magic_ninjaso i'm trying to compile this app and it needs sqlite installed, what is the package names for the libs?00:55
magic_ninjathat way i can compile00:55
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:56
froschiwildbat_laptop: takes some very time to get used to it, but should do the job00:56
magic_ninjagonna ask again real fast because of the netsplit00:57
magic_ninjawhat are the development packages for sqlite300:58
trismmagic_ninja: libsqlite3-dev00:58
lorlibsqlite3-dev - SQLite 3 development files00:58
magic_ninjaso on ubuntu the compilers have a set directory to look for development files don't they? such as /usr/src01:00
Scunizimagic_ninja: easy to find... apt-cache search libsqlite3* or sqlite3*01:00
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boumathat should be safe right?01:00
boumawhere/how would i do that01:00
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boumanetsplit over ?01:00
magic_ninjaScunizi, tyvm i didn't see that in the list though.  I know the command just on a timer atm01:00
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boumani, keeps obliterating my question01:01
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MaRk-I!es | ubuntu01:01
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sebsebsebthere we go01:02
sebsebsebback to normal01:02
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:02
sebsebsebanyway that was fun to watch all those people re join :D01:02
ankihey guys01:03
kopreally ?01:03
Scunizimagic_ninja: it's there.. unfortunately when you first start looking at the list it appears to be alphabetical... and is.. but only in blocks for some reason.. you have to scroll way up to find it.01:03
Dr_Willisi never see any of it. :)01:03
Scunizime either01:03
kopme ? I'm a veg01:03
magic_ninjaScunizi, tyvm01:04
boumadoes anyone know how to automatically clean /media to prevent the issue of appending _'s stuffing up dir's01:04
boumaits breaking my carefully setup association with a utorrent via a script that changes a linux path into a wine path so that utorrent will work on right click01:04
boumacould anyone guide me in making a script to clean /media of any _'s or even the original dirs seem to be the problem. actually i dont understand the origin of the problem01:05
Scunizibouma: you running utorrent in wine? maybe that's the problem01:07
Scunizi!torrent | bouma01:07
ubottubouma: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P01:07
Perv_69Hello, is there any sex channel in Xchat?01:07
lorPerv_69, no01:07
ScuniziPerv_69: 86 that01:08
Perv_69when is Ubuntu 11 coming?01:10
rskthere will be no ubuntu 1101:10
Perv_69Whaterver resewt01:10
Perv_69resets my system01:10
sebsebsebPerv_69: 10.1001:10
* Scunizi ... sniff, sniff... someone living under a bridge?01:10
Perv_69hat will be nice01:10
Dr_Willisbouma:   if a disk is automounted. but not unmounted properly  the old 'name' stays behind. and the new one with _ is used.01:11
Dr_Willisbouma:  ie: it mounts disk 'movies' you crash.. it revoots.. mounts it again to movies_01:11
Dr_Willisbouma:  unmount everything. remove all the names with _   is what i do every so often.01:11
sebsebsebScunizi: yep  trolls can live under bridges :D01:12
Dr_Willisbouma:  i also am sure to give every filesystem a proper 'label' for mount to use for the mountpoint.01:12
Perv_69for some reason Firefox has been acting...strange, i hade to rv ~/.mozilla/firefox lots of times01:12
Perv_69then i said, F+++ it, and then installed chromium01:12
sebsebseb!language | Perv_6901:12
ubottuPerv_69: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:12
Perv_69and for opening aMSn, i use Opera01:12
sebsebsebFirefox :)01:12
ghindoDo the ShipIt discs come with a 64-bit installer?01:13
sebsebsebfor opening aMSN you use Opera,  I doubt that some how01:13
Perv_69So...Whats the topic?01:13
Dr_Willisghindo:  i do not think so.01:13
sebsebsebUbuntu Support01:13
Perv_69Why not?01:13
Perv_69I did it01:13
Perv_69Just change preferences01:13
Perv_69Is there a problem in opera?01:13
ghindoDr_Willis, well crap.  Do you know of anyway to check for sure?01:14
sebsebsebyou don't need Opera to pen other programs01:14
Dr_Willisghindo:  they ship the 32bit cd..  if you want 64bit.. you need 64bit cd's01:14
Perv_69Well, firefox just does not work anymore01:14
sebsebsebalso the MSN chat network really sucks :D01:14
Perv_69try to open it, and it just does not opens01:14
Perv_69well, i have to send e-mails01:14
Perv_69What else do you recomend?01:15
sebsebsebfirst of all if you want some actsual support here,  good idea to change the name to something else01:15
Perv_69Are you talkin to me?!01:15
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.01:15
Scunizithen ask a question that actually makes sense.. you don't do email with FF01:15
ghindoDr_Willis, D'oh, well thanks anyway :)01:16
Perv_69well, I was looking for a sex channel, but then decided to ask some Ubuntu stuff01:16
Perv_69wait, I'll change my nick01:16
sebsebsebif your just trolling on the other hand, it isn't really working.  1.  your not really annoying any of us.  2. its not even funny01:16
* Scunizi is still waiting for ubuntu "stuff"01:16
Perv_69you guys are funny,01:17
Beyecixramdwhen i type a command in terminal, where do that apps come from? /usr/bin?01:17
Mr_Sonomais the sad part over now?01:17
sebsebsebScunizi: ok seems we lost him,  well what a boring troll that was :D01:17
Beyecixramdso can i save an executable in /usr/bin to allow tab-completition?01:17
noob_69I am baaaaaack!!!01:18
noob_69I was previously know as Perv_6901:18
noob_69About Ubuntu01:18
edbianBeyecixramd, A couple of places.  /usr/bin are programs added by the package manager.  /bin are programs core to the system.  /sbin are programs core to the system that you need to be root to run.  /usr/local/bin are programs you added manually01:18
Mr_Sonomaguess not.....01:18
Beyecixramdedbian: so can i ln -s a program in my $HOME to run them from terminal01:19
edbianBeyecixramd, The proper place to save an executable (installation manually) is in /usr/local/bin01:19
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  user owned binaries can to in /home/username/bin  if you want a place to keep them01:19
bastid_raZorBeyecixramd: you can find out by typing: which command01:19
Beyecixramdedbian: yeah, in /usr/local/bin, can i do that?01:19
edbianBeyecixramd, just make the symlink in /usr/local/bin  yes01:19
Beyecixramdedbian: ln -s creates a soft link, yes?01:19
edbianBeyecixramd, We should really wait for the other to talk first!  ha ha.  Yeah to both questions01:19
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: i want everyone be able to access them01:20
j800rmy dvd drive has stopped auto-mounting it's done it a couple of times in the past, and if i ejected then reinserted the disc then it would usually mount, but it ain't happening this time :|01:20
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  use /usr/local/bin then. of course it depends on what the bins are :)01:20
Beyecixramdedbian: hahaha okay okay, sorry and thanks ^^01:20
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: what does it depend on?01:20
bastid_raZorBeyecixramd: everyone has access to /usr/bin /usr/local/bin /sbin etc..01:20
noob_69I have installed LOTS of programs i do not even use 'cuz in the end, i did not had all the libraries or i do not know how to execute them, so, is there a way to find out whatś usless in my system?01:21
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  are you compilimng this stuff yourself? or what exactly?01:21
noob_69I do not even know where are those programs!01:21
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: no, i'm trying to install system wide SRWare Iron, they only provide the binaries, not a package01:21
sebsebsebnoob_69: uhmm01:21
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  You could put them anywhere and just link them to /usr/local/bin then.01:22
sebsebsebnoob_69: for me there is a lot of useless stuff by default in 10.0401:22
noob_69Like, a program for, or was a script (python) or something, a plugin for Blender, i installed that stuff, it was like 250MB, and... I do not even know where that is and how to run it!!01:23
ibuclawnoob_69, beyond "look in the Applications menu for apps that you don't use and remove them from software centre", you don't seem informed enough to make any wise decisions for yourself on what should be / shouldn't be there.01:23
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: oh well, i was about to do that, but i just reminded that SRWare Iron is in my $HOME folder... can i copy a whole folder and it's appropiate libraries in /usr/local/bin?01:23
sebsebsebibuclaw: or he is still trolling, one or the other :D01:23
ibuclawnoob_69, Blender should be in Applications->Graphics01:23
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  Libries dont go in bin, theres are lib dirs.01:23
sebsebsebnoob_69: you could search synaptic for blender, and remove blender stuff01:23
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: where?01:24
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  thers /usr/local/*01:24
noob_69Yeah, I know, but the programs I install in the terminal, i do not know where are they stored01:24
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  notice how /usr/local/ sort of mirrors the main /usr/ layout? :)  thats the idea.01:24
sebsebsebnoob_69: doesn't matter01:24
ibuclawnoob_69, echp $PATH01:24
sebsebsebnoob_69: you can find them in Synaptic01:24
sebsebsebnoob_69: well they came from the Ubuntu repos yeah?01:24
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: oh- okay, okay01:24
noob_69i'll try that01:24
ibuclawthey are installed there, and you can find them in synaptic ;)01:24
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: i will then copy the SRWare folder to /usr/local/lib and then link it to /usr/local/bin, right?01:25
noob_69But I hope is not like when i deleted the sound icon from the desktop, and someone sugested to delete the Gnome Panel... and when i rebooted01:25
noob_69well, you can imagine01:25
sebsebsebnoob_69: from the desktop?  you mean the top panel?01:25
noob_69yeah, that01:25
trainerI just got a new nvidia video card but there are a ton of nvidia related packages in synaptic, how do I get the right drivers for it?01:26
noob_69like echp $ PATH, whats that for?01:26
sebsebsebnoob_69: actsaully thats one of the first things I would do  with 10.04, is remove a load of the junk on the top right panel :D since then things become like before :) with features I want01:26
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  the files in its /lib/ should be linked to /usr/local/lib and the bin to /usr/local/bin  (or copied)01:26
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: yeah, okay, thanks ^^01:26
sebsebsebnoob_69: also its easy to re set panels back to default01:27
sebsebseb!panels | noob_6901:27
ubottunoob_69: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:27
noob_69Yeah, i did that, but since that day, i have to live with that e-mail icon that i do not even use01:27
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  if you were compiling and installing. you would tell it to install to /usr/local/ and thus all the things for lib go to lib. and bin to bin and so forth uinder /usr/local01:27
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  unless the binary is set to locate them in some other places..01:27
sebsebsebnoob_69: the envelope you mean?01:27
kvarleyWhat is rsyslogd ?01:27
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: how do i rename a folder?01:27
noob_69Oh no, I do not want to reset nothing, i learned my lesson01:27
Dr_WillisBeyecixramd:  with the mv command01:27
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: okay, thanks01:28
noob_69I just want to delete some stuff i installed from the terminal01:28
BeyecixramdDr_Willis: ill sort this out now then ^^01:28
sebsebseb!who | noob_6901:28
ubottunoob_69: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:28
sebsebsebnoob_69: sudo apt-get purge programname01:28
sebsebsebnoob_69: that will get rid of some config file stuff as well01:28
sebsebsebnoob_69: or use Synaptic to remove stuff, as was earlier suggested01:28
pseud0cod3rwhats the best way to launch shell scripts at startup on user level?01:29
noob_69How do i PM?01:29
NobleCan anyone please pastebin their ~/.wicd/colors.py to me?01:29
noob_69like you? sebsebseb: hello01:29
trainerI'm trying to install nvidia drivers from the hardware drivers screen, but the progress bar gets about halfway then it gives me  this error: SystemError: installArchives() failed01:29
Dr_Willisto remove that 'mail' icon but keep the speaker icon i THINK one does this --> sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages indicator-me01:29
sebsebsebnoob_69: and now you want to pm me it seems, hrm01:30
Dr_Willispseud0cod3r:  what do you mean 'on user level' ?01:30
bastid_raZorsebsebseb: he is looking for xchat sex.. hmm01:30
noob_69no, not pm, like you, a msg in red01:30
* Dr_Willis wonders what noob_69 means01:30
sebsebsebnoob_69: thats what the bot was on about01:30
s4awhy doesn't dd if=/home/deniz/Desktop/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4M;sync make my flash drive bootable? on this comp when i do that, when I plug in the flash drive; it acts somewhat like a CD but on my (usb-boot capable) comp (this one is also usb-boot capable) this exact command (with a different iso filename of course) works for opensuse)01:30
sebsebseb!tab | noob_6901:30
ubottunoob_69: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:30
pseud0cod3ri mean run level 5 or something01:30
bastid_raZornoob_69: have his name as part of your sentence.. like i am including yours now.01:30
noob_69he said something about tab01:31
sebsebsebnoob_69: put the name of the person your chatting to in the message, and their IRC client will probably high light01:31
sebsebsebnoob_69: she01:31
Dr_Williss4a:  because its an iso file.. You need to use unetbootin, or the usb-disk-creator tool to make a bootable flash frion an iso01:31
sebsebseb!gender | noob_6901:31
ubottunoob_69: yes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)01:31
pseud0cod3rit should run only after the user logs in01:31
noob_69sebsebseb: hello01:31
Dr_Williss4a:  there ARE some disrtos/isos out there tyat you can dd to a usb and have them work.. but not many do it that way01:31
s4aDr_Willis, but it worked with opensuse live cd iso image01:31
pseud0cod3rDr_Willis, ?01:31
sebsebsebnoob_69: yes01:31
noob_69did not worked01:31
sebsebsebnoob_69: you just high lighted me01:31
petrusI have a couldn't find package error when installing libdvdcss3 please help01:31
Dr_Williss4a:  as i said.. SOME can work..01:31
noob_69I want ot RED message too01:31
s4aDr_Willis, so it's the way the OS was designed rather than dd ?01:32
* Dr_Willis thinks noob_69 should realize that its noob_69 's irc client thats doing the 'red' not us.01:32
Dr_Williss4a:  you got it.01:32
MaRk-Is4a: opensuse is a hybrid .iso  for ubuntu you need unetbootin01:32
Dr_Williss4a:  the dd is a neat trick. but it can waste some space on larger flash drives. :)01:32
s4aDr_Willis, MaRk-I, can i do that through debian?01:32
pseud0cod3rany suggestion?01:32
Dr_Williss4a:  i just use grub2 to boot the iso files.01:32
petrusI have a couldn't find package error when installing libdvdcss3 please help01:33
noob_69sebsebseb  why Ubuntu and not sabayon?01:33
Dr_Willisi dont even need to dd to the flash drive.. copy the iso file. edit the grub2 cfg..  and boot it up01:33
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: yeah probably not really a good idea to go into pm, with whoever that person is, heh heh01:33
s4aDr_Willis, i have a messed up lvm system im trying to rescue01:33
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: unless maybe its to talk about other distros a bit :D01:33
sebsebsebnoob_69: ok your just trolling I guess?  not many new users to Desktop Linux even know about Sabayon01:33
Dr_Williss4a:   theres other tools to make a usb from ubuntu iso files.. see the pendrivelinux web site for some.  theres unetbootin, and lili, and some others also01:33
adamrorI for one use unetbootin it works great!!01:34
belkinsaPendriveLinux would my choice.01:34
noob_69Is there like a NOT a topic channel here?01:34
noob_69They are calling me a TROLL01:34
pseud0cod3rDr_Willis, ???01:34
belkinsaNoob: /msg NickServ identify01:34
bastid_raZornoob_69: as bad as i hate to push you off on them.. #ubuntu-offtopic01:34
edbiannoob_69, ubuntu-offtopic01:34
dsafashiii    how are you ?01:34
noob_69I DID IT!!Ç01:35
s4aDr_Willis, can i use windows software through wine to do this?01:35
noob_69I am going to a plece where everybody loves my name01:35
noob_69later guys01:35
s4aDr_Willis, o wait unetbootin looks like it might be good01:36
belkinsaBan him, someone!01:36
sebsebsebnoob_69: sometimes trolls can be fun,  you bored me :(,  by the way I don't fully like Ubuntu myself these days, hence using another distro :D01:36
adamrorbelkinsa no ops in here01:36
sebsebsebbelkinsa: it wasn't really worth an ! o  p s trigger01:36
bastid_raZorsebsebseb: you've turned your back on the distro that weined you!?!01:36
s4aDr_Willis, ok so is unetbootin for linux a graphical program?01:37
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: no I started with Fedora Core 2 and 401:37
belkinsaCann't you use the one that comes with Ubuntu?01:37
Dr_Willispseud0cod3r:  ???___???01:37
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: on an old computer,  where it also took a long time to install.01:37
Dr_Williss4a:  has windows and linux ports.01:37
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: and Ubuntu much faster to install on that computer,  so yeah  I ended up using Ubuntu rather happily for years, and this is going off topic now01:38
pseud0cod3rhow can i launch custom scripts automaticlly on user login?01:38
Dr_Williss4a:  usb-disk-creator is the tool in the ubuntu  os normally used.  Pendrivelinux.com has other tools for windows and other os's also01:38
Beyecixramdpseud0cod3r: are you on GNOME?01:38
Dr_Willispseud0cod3r:  startup-manager lets you define new 'auto run on login items'01:38
Beyecixramdpseud0cod3r: there's a program on the "setttings" menu01:38
pseud0cod3rbut i need more a genral01:38
edbianpseud0cod3r, Assuming you already wrote them.  Look at System -> Startup01:38
Beyecixramdpseud0cod3r: you mean, for every user?01:39
Dr_Willispseud0cod3r:  a more general what?01:39
edbianpseud0cod3r, System -> Preferences -> startup that is01:39
pseud0cod3rsolution like for all distro01:39
bastid_raZorsebsebseb: Lies!01:39
belkinsaThere's also Ubuntu Tweak.01:39
Dr_Williswe are playing 20 questions here.01:39
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: What?01:39
Dr_Willispseud0cod3r:  it depends on the window maanger/desktop, and what the user is logging into...01:39
bastid_raZorsebsebseb: :)01:39
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: I was very happy with Ubuntu second release in 2005 untill  9.04 except for one little feature that I didn't like.01:39
Beyecixramdpseud0cod3r: maybe you want to run something on GDM?01:39
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: anyway that guy is in off topic now01:40
Beyecixramdpseud0cod3r: or at boot time01:40
pseud0cod3rk then how would it be done if is it to be launched at boot time?like rc.local01:40
Dr_Willispseud0cod3r:  rc.local runs befor X. and befor anyone logs in.. so it all depends on WHAT you are wanting to autorun01:40
tensorpuddingsbackup doesn't seem to actually do any backups01:41
pseud0cod3rk any other option to run after login01:41
tensorpuddingthe process is zombied as soon as it starts01:41
belkinsaWhat's your question then, tensopudding?01:41
Dr_Willispseud0cod3r:  it totally depends on the windowmanager/desktop/ the users are using. and so on.01:42
Dr_Willis!autostart | pseud0cod3r01:42
ubottupseud0cod3r: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot01:42
tensorpuddingI guess I'm wondering if this is a known bug.01:42
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:42
belkinsaHave you check LauchPad for the bug?01:42
pseud0cod3rk that i knew already01:43
c3lwhats up with ktorrent, it eats cpu and memory? is this a known issue?01:43
Dr_Willispseud0cod3r:  if you want to 'force' a program to start for every user. theres some X config files you could change.. but im not sure what ones would be right. or why this would even be desired.01:43
pseud0cod3rany other solution like .bash_profile01:43
belkinsac3l: Is this on Ubuntu or KUbuntu?01:43
c3lbelkinsa: kubuntu01:43
prince_jammyspseud0cod3r: the profile gets sourced on login, yes.01:44
Dr_Willisprofile also gets sourced on console logins.. :)01:44
ivo_hi guys is there an easy way to make a RAID1 trough MD with an existing hdd?01:45
ivo_I intsalled already ubuntu on one disk01:45
ivo_and just want to mirror it01:45
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ivo_Hey ovov01:52
s4aDr_Willis, unetbootin works for all distros?01:52
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ivo_不! 德國。01:54
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Beyecixramdwhat... is this...01:55
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:55
ivo_I am speaking Chinese 10x to google translate01:55
IdleOne!cn | ivo_ ovov01:55
ubottuivo_ ovov: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:55
Beyecixramdfail ivo_01:56
s4aDr_Willis, it seems to be a godsend :) ur a godsend :D01:56
ivo_Beyecixramd, I asked my question in en, nobody answered.01:56
IdleOne!cn | ovov01:56
ubottuovov: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:56
Dr_Williss4a:  for most all. it just extracts the files and sets up syslinux properly01:57
Dr_Williss4a:  i like the 'use grub2 to boot iso files' trick. but ive not seen a tool to automate that yet.01:57
s4aDr_Willis, for that to work you need a linux OS already installed don't you?01:58
prince_jammysovov: /join #ubuntu-cn01:58
IdleOneovov: /join ##ubuntu-cn01:58
s4aDr_Willis, (in the computer you want to boot it on)01:58
IdleOne/join #ubuntu-cn01:58
Fudgehi, how can I set up a box so xorg will boot with no monitor attached?01:59
Dr_Williss4a:  theres othe rways to isnstall grub2 :)    a live cd can do it also01:59
Dr_WillisFudge:  why do you need that?01:59
ovovmy ICQ is 600300999,i hope we can make friends01:59
* Dr_Willis waits for anothe vnc lesson :)01:59
Fudgenot vnc lol, im blind and dont always  have a monitoor attached02:00
Fudgebut this machine is my media machine and i havnt setup the capture card and stuff yet but want to  boot to gnome02:00
Dr_WillisFudge: Ok. :) theres a lot of times that people want to use the gnome shared desktop feature.. and dont realize that theres ways to vnc without being logged in automacilly.02:00
Fudgeyep understood Dr_Willis  ive seen comments about it on threads02:00
Dr_WillisFudge:  I cant say that ive noticed  X not starting with no monitor attatched..  then again. ive not really tried.02:01
Fudgei think its to do with specific hardware as i have a coupole of boxes which just do it but this one doesnt02:01
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Fudgebut on the other ones failsafe has been disabled and gdm removed where as this one still has gdm but i doubt it has anything to do with it02:01
Dr_WillisFudge:  are some using VGA monitors and others DVI? perhaps>?02:01
Fudgeall vga buddy02:02
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Fudgeapposed to the digital connection right Dr_Willis ?02:02
Dr_WillisFudge:  i use all dvi these days.02:02
Fudgei thought since the capture card has svideo which goes to a AV adapter that xorg would have found that and configured it but was wrong02:03
gartralhdmi v1 ftw02:03
Dr_Willisthe capture card has a svideo OUT ?02:03
Jordan_UDr_Willis: http://git.berlios.de/cgi-bin/cgit.cgi/supergrub/tree/menus/cfgdetect.lua?h=baells Requires grub2 to be built with lua support though.02:04
Fudgeyes Dr_Willis02:04
noob_69Remember me?02:04
Dr_WillisFudge:  that is weird.. :)02:04
noob_69well, I am outta here!02:04
Dr_Willisnoob_69:  bye..02:04
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Fudgeum cheers02:04
noob_69I love you all guys02:04
roxxyi love you to02:04
Fudgeupside down love, joy02:04
Dr_Willisshow it with money. :)02:04
Buntfuhi everyone02:04
FudgeDr_Willis  where is the xorg.conf?02:04
Dr_WillisFudge:  /etc/X11/ IF it exists.02:05
jjgalvezI installed the vuzu bittorrent client, but I want transmission to be the default bittorrent client, how do I change it back from vuzu to transmission?02:05
Fudgeit does Dr_Willis  but only a failsafe one there that i can see02:06
Dr_WillisFudge:  X auto configres for the most part these days. I iave several machines with no xorg.conf02:06
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Fudgeyes, I generated a new conf but cant detect display002:07
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FudgeDr_Willis  i read that if a monitor is specifed manually that xorg doesnt try and detect it02:09
Dr_WillisFudge:  ive not had to tweak the xorg.conf in years.  but that sounds right.02:09
FudgeI used to have to a bit on freebsd but still not very good at it, its a crt tv that its plugged into, so am i right that tvs still only do 600 x 80002:10
PurpleyHey guys, is there a CLI download accelerator?02:10
Dr_WillisFudge:  actually it depends on if they are ntsc or PAL. :) but over svideo - yes. its some low res like that.02:10
superlouhey, um, does anyone know how to reset x config from the terminal?02:11
Fudgepal as im in australia Dr_Willis02:11
superloui'm stuck in twin view02:11
superlouand don't have a second monitor02:11
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Dr_Willissuperlou:  you can use the nvidia-settings tool to turn off twinview, and hit apply.02:11
Dr_Willissuperlou:  or move the xorg.conf, or edit it.. and restart the X server02:11
superlouDr_Willis, yeah, i can't get to the menu bar02:12
superlouwell, the part that would let me start a terminal in gnome02:12
superlouor select nvidia-settings from System02:12
Fudgealt f2 type gnome-terminal02:12
Dr_Willisthe power of da terminal :)02:12
superlouyeah, but isn't nvidia-settings a gnome app?02:13
Dr_Willisalt-f2 and 'nvidia-settings' :)02:13
Fudgesince i hae speakup ow i cant stand gnome terminal02:13
Dr_Willissuperlou:  its an X app..02:13
superlouX, sorry02:13
superloubeen a long day02:13
Dr_Willisthers the nvidia-xconfig thats a terminal app.02:13
bastid_raZorsuperlou: you'll need to run the command with gksudo in order for it to be able to write.. nvidia-xconfig will also need sudo02:13
Dr_Willisrember with an X = its not an X app :) with no X in the name.. its an X app.. heh.02:13
superlouso, i think it started02:14
superloubut it's on the other monitor02:14
superlouyep, i can see it on the desktops swticher (which happens to be in my viewable area)02:14
superlouactually, hotkey for move window?02:15
Dr_WillisYou could just edit the xorg.conf and disable twinview.. and restart X...02:15
bastid_raZorsuperlou: alt + left click (hold) and drag02:15
superlouGot the window! (alt+f7)02:15
Mr_Sonomaanyone know a good utility to convert .dwg (autocad) to .dxf (drawing exchange) files?02:17
PurpleyHey guys, is there a CLI download accelerator?02:17
FudgeDr_Willis  i might have to plug a monitor in and ask the myth guys02:22
rileypcan anyone help me with java02:22
rileypand installing http://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation#Binary_Installation_Steps02:22
rileypon ubuntu02:22
Mr_Sonomawhat's your issue with java rileyp ?02:22
jimericksonhow does one get dwm to run at start up instead of gnome?02:23
rileypMr_Sonoma,  Im trying to install http://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation#Binary_Installation_Steps02:23
jjgalvezhow do I change the default bittorrent client from vuzu back to transmission02:23
=== KangMurloc is now known as STiK
coz_jjgalvez,  go under system/preferences/preferred applications I believe02:24
Fudgejjgalvez  doesnt transmission have a configuration setting for it02:24
rileypMr_Sonoma,  but with every lcommand i perform I have problems as the install dirs are differnt iin ubuintu to redhat whic is what the guide was made for02:24
coz_jjgalvez,  it is not there sorry02:24
Grayhanewhat command removes non-empty directories ?02:25
tensorpuddingjjgalvez: you can associate .torrent files with transmission02:25
harlanGrayhane: rm -rf02:25
jjgalvezFudge: I looked in transmission and there doesn't seem to a setting to make it the default client02:25
Mr_Sonomawould sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre not handle the java requirement?02:25
jjgalveztensorpudding: how do I do the association?02:25
rileypAt present Im up to step 6# Verify that you can access the Tomcat server using a web browser02:26
Grayhanethanks harlan02:26
tensorpuddingfind one in nautilus and you can change what opens it under properties or something02:26
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
jjgalveztensorpudding: thanks I'll give that a try02:26
Fudgelike someone said jjgalvez  preferred applications would be the go mate02:27
Mr_Sonomai've personally never messed with mythpodcaster02:27
coz_jjgalvez,  oh yes that is is  under properties  "open with" tab02:27
Mr_Sonomarileyp i've personally never messed with mythpodcaster02:27
tensorpuddingpreferred applications is very limited in what it controls02:27
jimi_Does creating aliases still work , like ifconfig wlan0:1 192.1.. etc?02:27
rileypwell how about mythexport02:28
jimericksonhow does one get dwm to run at start up instead of gnome?02:28
superlouDr_Willis, so the result of applying nvidia-settings is can't startx.  Even did the sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh hail mary02:29
jjgalvezcos_ ; Fudge ; tensorpudding : that did it, thanks!02:29
edhantsypa anak indonesia02:29
PurpleyHey guys, is there a CLI download accelerator?02:29
Fudgejimerickson  i dont know, some kind of session-editor?02:29
sebsebseb!id | edhant02:29
ubottuedhant: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia02:29
superloulooks like a bad edit in my xorg.conf02:29
Fudgeor your init level rc3.d etc make sure its there as gdm is?02:29
superlouis there a way to get back the version ubuntu came with?02:29
Fudgesuperlou  that question isnt very clear02:30
sebsebsebedhant: Your welcome :)02:30
superlouFudge, it's ok, found the typo02:30
superloui think02:30
Fudge:) uname -a gives your info you may want02:30
superlougot display back02:30
superlouit's the little victories02:31
superlounow if i can just convince it to do graphics out the dock (it's a laptop) so i can leave the laptop shut and still use external monitor02:31
nastjuidanyone set up hostap and have recommendations for usb wireless adapters?02:32
tensorpuddingI've set up hostap, but not on Linux.02:32
Mr_Sonomarileyp, if your having a problem connecting to the tomcat server i'd check the apache docs on tomcat and see if there's a config file you've missed. usually there's one little "remove me" line or something stupid like that, that gives me fits first time i set something like that up02:32
tensorpuddingI'm fond of Atheros.02:32
kairu0i'm looking for an alternative to gwibber since its FB integration is generally broken. anyone have a non-adobe air alternative?02:32
nastjuidtensorpudding: I'm a big fan of atheros as well, but i'm quite a bit out of the loops with current devices02:32
=== STiK is now known as BDsLoveGoat
tensorpuddingI don't know if any USB NIC uses Atheros.02:33
bsmith0931do i need bw43 cutter if i installed the proprietary driver02:34
tensorpuddingjust stick in Broadcom's blob and reboot, you should be good to go02:34
nastjuidtensorpudding: ha! just opened this thing up, there's a single pci slot. I'm in business.02:35
dCrimHoly shit. I haven't seen a channel this huge in a *long* time.02:35
wildbat_laptop!cn |zhh02:35
ubottuzhh: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:35
harlanSo I had an "old: 9.x install, and the install was unable to find the root drive via UUID when I rebooted it after upgrading to 10.04.  I just converted to grub2 on the box, and grub2 also fails to find the root drive when using the (apparently correct) UUID.02:35
kairu0dCrim, at least since kernel 2.2 lol02:35
Guest1231hello, I used to be able to edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/default and restart apache to see a local site, but now I get a "403 Forbidden" error, has anyone else experienced this before?02:36
harlanMy concern is that if I change root=UUID=whatever to root=/dev/sdb1, while it boots, it is not remembered.02:36
kairu0Guest1231, check you /var/log/apache/error.log for more specific reasons02:36
harlanI see that editing the grub stuff is frowned upon, but I suspect that listing this info in the user-specific grub area, that future upgrades will be more difficult.02:37
Guest1231kairu0: no such file or directory >.<02:37
wildbat_laptopharlan, try 'update-grub' to fix your grub.cfg02:38
Dr_Willisharlan:  its not rembered.. thats  how its supposed to work. :)02:38
kairu0Guest1231, try apache2 not apache02:38
harlanOK, but if the "discovered" parameters do not work then how do I give it the "hint" it will need?02:39
PurpleyHey guys, is there a CLI download accelerator?02:39
harlanIf grub-update will see how it was invoked and use that, I'm golden.02:39
Guest1231kairu0: ok, that yields a lot of these: [Fri Jul 16 19:40:02 2010] [error] [client ::1] (13)Permission denied: access to / denied02:39
Dr_Willisupdate-grub configures grub based on its configs.. it dosent know about any options you gave the system at boot time.02:40
=== Prodego is now known as Prodego|away
rileypMr_Sonoma,  Im reading apachi documentation now....02:40
kairu0Guest1231, sometimes that means the home directory doesnt exist02:40
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, sounds to me like a permission issue02:40
eliezerhi guys02:41
Guest1231kairu0: the directory I pointed it to? that does, I copied it from nautilus.  also, I've changed the user to www-data, root, my user name, and done chmod +x, chmod 777, chmod 755, all with the same results02:41
harlanOK, then update-grub will clearly not help me.02:41
PurpleyHow do I copy everything inside a folder and paste it somewhere else? is there a flag for cp for what I need? I dont want to copy the folder just the stuff inside02:41
harlanThe best solution would be to find the root-cause of why it cannot find the root disk via UUID.02:41
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, check the permission on /var/www/ and index.html in that directory. make sure that "others" have permission to read02:41
tensorpuddingcp folder/* newfolder/02:42
tensorpudding^ Purpley02:42
eliezeri just install Ylmf and im wondering if i need like a codec pack or something loke it ?02:42
BeyecixramdI'm trying to install an SSL certificate in my VPS, and it asks me for "Organizational Unit Name" what is it?02:42
=== BDsLoveGoat is now known as STiK
harlanBut I need to get something working as I don't want to be having to walk somebody thru the reboot sequence when I am away from th emachine.02:42
Purpleytensorpudding: Ahh thanks didnt know if I could use wildcards02:42
kairu0Guest1231, what Mr_Sonoma said02:42
tensorpuddingIt ignores files that start with . though02:43
lcukdoes anyone ever click the close button and have the application BEHIND close rather than the one you actually clicked on?02:43
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: my [...]/sites-enabled/default file: http://codepad.org/ViyZvBof02:43
eliezerwhere can i get codecs for linux02:43
eliezeraudio and video02:43
ZykoticK9eliezer, ubuntu-restricted-extras for starters02:44
kairu0eliezer, http://medibuntu.org/02:44
wildbat_laptopharlan, are you using !grub or !grub2 ?02:44
Mr_Sonomaeliezer, sudo apt-get install w32codecs02:44
=== wildbat_laptop is now known as wildbat
bastid_raZorubottu: tell eliezer about codecs02:44
ubottueliezer, please see my private message02:44
harlanwildbat: it happens with both grub1 and grub2.02:44
dCrimDoes anyone know what happened to the Insight GDB GUI?02:44
harlanI'm still chainloading grub2 from grub102:44
dCrimAnd why it disappeared from the Ubuntu packages?02:45
dCrim(and Debian, for that matter)02:45
wildbat!grub2 | harlan02:45
ubottuharlan: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:45
wildbat!grub | harlan02:45
ubottuharlan: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.02:45
harlanyes, I know all of that.02:45
harlanI have been thru the docs.02:45
eliezerinvalid operation w32codecs02:46
harlanIt looks like my only choice may be to put in custom grub menu choices, and that will Suck Badly whenever we upgade the kernel.02:46
harlanI would prefer to find/fix the root cause, or figure out how to tell grub-upgrade (or whatever) that it should not use UUIDs to find the root drive.02:47
ZykoticK9eliezer, w32codecs or w64codecs are medibuntu packages - you need to add the repo first02:47
wildbatharlan, fix the scripts that generate the grub.cfg then02:47
harlanIf this is in the docs and I missed it, sorry - the info is not that obvious.02:47
eliezerim using Ylmf02:47
eliezeris that like ubuntu02:47
harlanwildbat: I would rather not be that bored.02:47
eliezerxchat brouth me here02:48
Aeroniushow do you execute a command on the command line, and get the command line back again while the process is running?02:48
sweetpiAeronius: command &02:48
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, have you checked your permisions on /home/josh/workspace/web/newMain ?02:48
greezmunkeyAeronius: add an ampersand & to the end of the command02:48
bastid_raZorAeronius: command & disown02:48
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: repeatedly, yes02:49
Aeroniusok, so like, $angband &02:49
Mr_Sonomaok let me compare my config to yours and see what i see02:49
Aeroniusconfirm or deny?02:50
Beyecixramdsave and quit in VI?02:52
bastid_raZorBeyecixramd: :wq02:52
ZykoticK9Beyecixramd, :wq!02:52
Beyecixramdthanks bastid_raZor and ZykoticK902:52
Aeroniusgreezmunkey: so like this: ~$ angband &02:53
Aeroniusbastid_raZor: is that right?02:53
bastid_raZorAeronius: yes, it will still output things to the terminal but you will be able to use the terminal for other things as well02:54
lcuki keep clicking the close button on different applications.  randomly, it will send the MouseClick event through to the application behind and close the wrong window02:54
lcukhas anyone experienced this and how do i solve it02:54
Aeroniusok! thx! narf!02:54
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, i'm not seeing anything jump out at me.  i assume apache2 is starting without issues or warnings when you use service apache2 restart?02:55
greezmunkeyAeronius: sorry, I was away. Yeah, that should do it. If the proggie is graphical and does not need to be run as root, that would be fine. If you need root make sure you use gksudo {program} &02:55
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: no more than it usually does: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName02:56
greezmunkeybastid_raZor: heh02:56
DezineIs there any reason why the Ubuntu installer wouldn't recognize my windows 7 64-bit install or can't it?02:56
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, is this a fresh install or a config change issue?02:56
Gryllidahow do I untar?02:57
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: I changed /etc/apache2/sites-available/default: http://codepad.org/ViyZvBof02:57
dlptar xvf tarfile.tar02:58
Aeroniusis there a tutorial for irssi?02:58
MaRk-IGryllida: tar -xf archive.tar02:58
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, it was working before the change? what did you change?02:58
Aeroniuswhat's a cool place to hang out on IRC?02:58
jjgalvezgoing to upgrade from grub 1 to grub 2 anyone have any experience with that, anything I need to watch out for?02:58
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: I changed lines 4 and 902:59
greezmunkeyAeronius: sort of, at http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Linux_Tutorial_Irssi02:59
bastid_raZorAeronius: http://irssi.org/   and   http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi02:59
sweetpiGuest1231: check .htaccess?02:59
magic_ninjais there anyway to get the sepcific build information from an executable within linux02:59
Aeroniusthx all!02:59
magic_ninjasuch as the time down to the second of the build, etc02:59
lcukmagic_ninja, not usually - it has to be manually added by the developer and is frustrating03:00
Guest1231sweetpi: I've never had to mess with that before..?03:00
magic_ninjalcuk, well its manually added, i need it for an executable verifcation code03:00
bastid_raZorAeronius: a good channel for irssi help is #irssi03:00
lcukmagic_ninja, hmm? you mean you want to know if the file is ELF?03:01
sweetpiGuest1231: I just figured maybe you changed your .htaccess and forgot, or maybe an ip deny is in place03:01
lcukor if there is version information generically for every binary03:01
=== Guest8924 is now known as RaNdY
Guest1231sweetpi: nope, didn't change it.  and afaik from the sites-available/default file I'm allowing everything locally.  it's just a local site03:02
TanEkhi, is there a way to specify apt-get to upgrade a specific package to a new version? even if it is only available on like unstable repositories03:02
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest78089
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, ok here's what i'm thinking, maybe someone here will correct me if i'm wrong, your web page is in your /home directory where you probably do NOT have others set to view files. I'm not sure how having a directory that is set to allow "others" to view will work if its WITHIN a directory that does not.03:02
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, you follow in my thinking?03:03
bastid_raZorTanEk: i'll bite.. unstable repositories?03:03
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: I do, but I've chown'd and chmod'd those directories recursively already03:03
x90xhow are you everybody03:05
TanEkbastid_raZor, I mean I have a software that has a bug fix or a new feature I want and I would like to upgrade it but I don't want to upgrade other softwares because I'm afraid to add bugs and stuffs in the other ones so I don't want to take the risk to upgrade03:05
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, i'm trying to help ya bro, i just cant seem to get off the permission thing for what ever reason...i'll keep comparing and thinking but right now i'm outta ideas03:05
TanEkso I would just like to have the "unstable" version of this specific software only03:05
bastid_raZorTanEk: what 'unstable' repository are you referring to?03:05
TanEkbastid_raZor, I've heard ppa repositories?03:05
TanEkbastid_raZor, not using them yet, I know my software is in a ppa repo03:06
prince_jammysAeronius: look in /usr/share/doc/irssi03:06
TanEkthat's what I have understood03:06
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: that would make sense to any me too (the permission thing), but shouldn't chmod 777 remove any doubt of permissions issues?03:06
ZykoticK9TanEk, apt will get whatever the newest version of a specific program is available, so if you add a PPA which has a newer version then you'll get it :)03:06
x90x{[how to tunnel all traffic in eth0 over socks5]}03:06
TanEkZykoticK9, I know but it will also upgrade all the other softwares that have a new version in this ppa03:07
bastid_raZorTanEk: normally, newer versions require newer dependencies for that program. if that is fine then yes, adding a PPA is fine03:07
TanEkand I don't want that03:07
magic_ninjalcuk, i got it ty bro03:07
greezmunkeyGuest1231: create a new user on your system, log in as that user, and then try to access the directories that you chmodded.03:07
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, it should and that's what's got me is your saying the directories are set to that03:07
edhantkenapa kurang di ubuntu-id03:07
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: set to what?03:07
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, that's from /home all the way to the newmain thing right?03:07
x90x{[how to tunnel all traffic in eth0 over socks5]}03:07
dropoutCan anyone help me to setup a atftpd server?03:08
TanEkbastid_raZor, yes but I want this repo only for this software and its dependencies, you see what I mean?03:08
ZykoticK9TanEk, bastid_raZor is making a good point - dependencies are just as important as the actual program03:08
TanEkI know that03:08
TanEkbut if after I do apt-get upgrade03:08
dropoutI have tried to setup one but Im not able to do so03:08
TanEkit will upgrade everything that is new in this repo, not only my software and its dependencies03:08
ahrenhi after i installed ubuntu all my fonts are incredibly small like reading the fine print of an advertisement how do i change that?03:08
x90x{[how to tunnel all traffic in eth0 over socks from ssh -D [port] ]} any body could help please03:09
dropoutthere are errors "file not found"03:09
dropouthow can I fix it03:09
bastid_raZorTanEk: if you only want the one program and its dependencies then it is fine to install it. you don't have to update other things the PPA may offer if yo udon't want03:09
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: actually if was from web/ on.  it's in ~/workspace/web/newMain03:09
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, 777 witch should be RWX-RWX-RWX03:09
greezmunkeydropout: check this out: http://souptonuts.sourceforge.net/sshtips.htm03:10
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, my concern is that your /home is what's blocking it03:10
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, but i'm not sure about that. you'd have to test03:10
dropoutany channel dedicated to atftp related quries?03:10
dropoutor this is the apt place?03:10
Guest1231Mr_Sonoma: ok, I'll put it in /var/www03:11
dropoutplease respond03:11
DezineIs there any reason why the Ubuntu installer wouldn't recognize my windows 7 64-bit install or can't it?03:11
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, thats why i have mine in /var/www. seems that i ran into a simmilar issue but its been a while so i don't remember the specifics03:11
eric_3hi i would like some help on editing an ssh file and i need the command that will allow me to edit it03:11
greezmunkeyx90x: heh, I sent this to the wrong user: Check this out: http://souptonuts.sourceforge.net/sshtips.htm03:11
bastid_raZoreric_3: ssh file?03:12
bakingsodawen wil da nex ubun2 cum out?03:12
prince_jammyssh, probably03:12
CAPcapits possible to essentially run another environment under the thing at ctrl+alt+F8 right? how do i start one?03:12
dropoutbakingsoda: next october03:12
eric_3yes sshd_config03:12
bakingsodadis octoba or da nex obtoba?03:12
prince_jammysCAPcap: explain what you mean by 'environment'03:12
sweetpiGuest1231: could you pastebin the following: ls -lad /home/josh /home/josh/workspace /home/josh/workspace/web /home/josh/workspace/web/newMain; cat /home/josh/workspace/web/newMain/.htaccess03:13
bastid_raZoreric_3: oh, gedit for gui editor, vim or pico or nano for cli .. you'll need gksudo for the gui application and sudo for the cli applications03:13
CAPcapprince_jammys, like another desktop running. ya?03:13
eric_3thank you03:13
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, i'd be curious to know if my theory is right, let me know if putting it in /var/www fixes it for ya03:13
Guest1231sweetpi: I'll try /var/www quick, and pastebin that if it doesn't work ^^03:14
prince_jammysCAPcap: it's possible to run another X session. For example, ctrl-alt-f2 to go to a console, login in, and ''startx -- :1''03:14
CAPcapthats what i mean03:14
CAPcaphow do i do that?03:14
bastid_raZorprince_jammys: huh.. i'm going to try just to see how it looks.03:14
greezmunkey!pm | x90x03:14
ubottux90x: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:14
tensorpuddingDoes Ubuntu/Gnome still have that services administration thing03:15
Guest1231beautiful Mr_Sonoma, thanks.  I've always put it in /media/data (partitioned things wierd for multiple OSs before), so now it works ^^03:15
thune3ahren: you might be able to change some of it by changing DPI setting in "System/Preferences/Appearance, Fonts-tab, click the Details-button"03:15
edhantada tidak ubuntu makassar03:15
amstanwhat framework was the bot here using?03:16
bastid_raZorinteresting. 2 Xorg's running.03:16
prince_jammysyep :)03:16
Guest1231thanks everyone else for your help too (can't scroll up to see your names, empathy!)03:16
CAPcapprince_jammys, im in the default x session running now, how do i open a second? i dont want to lose this one03:16
bastid_raZorscreen is worth its weight in gold.. screen -x and i'm irssi on both X's03:16
prince_jammysCAPcap: one way is to do what i said, via the console.03:16
Mr_SonomaGuest1231, i'm no permission guru, i just know that i've never tried to give access to a directory thats within a directory that i'm restricting access to. my thinking being in order to get to that directory they have to be able to get to all upper level directories on the way to it.03:16
Guest1231ohh ok, that would make sense03:17
bastid_raZorCAPcap: press ctrl+alt+F3   then login and type exactly what prince_jammys said.. startx -- :103:17
prince_jammysCAPcap: gnome may also provide a gui way to do this.03:17
CAPcapprince_jammys, i get that, but i dont understand ''startx -- :1''03:17
CAPcapwhat does the :1 do?03:17
[-jon-]how do I exclude a directory from being included using tar to create an archive03:17
bastid_raZorCAPcap: tells it to use another $DISPLAY03:17
abhijainhow to install firefox4 beta03:18
CAPcapok so its not the number of the display?03:18
TheHandsThatBuitdropout: atftp   whats that?03:18
prince_jammysCAPcap: yes.03:18
bastid_raZorabhijain: find the .deb or build it from source03:18
eric_3hello i have another problem, in grub i am looking to remove a boot option from grub03:18
abhijainbastid_raZor: from source??03:18
CAPcapok sounds good. but if it bogs down my system how do i close it?03:18
prince_jammysCAPcap: i mean, it _is_ the number of the display.03:19
bastid_raZoreric_3: if you're using grub2 then edit /etc/default/grub  .. you'll see the options in that file03:19
=== TheHandsThatBuit is now known as HandsThatBuiltAm
prince_jammysCAPcap: you just quit that session03:19
eric_3thank you again03:19
bastid_raZorabhijain: just find a .deb of it on firefox's site03:19
=== HandsThatBuiltAm is now known as BuiltAmerica
CAPcapwhat number is the display im on now?03:20
abhijainbastid_raZor: i am new for ubuntuu canu provide me exact link03:20
ahrenthune thanks a lot03:20
bastid_raZoreric_3: you're asking all the stuff i knwo :P03:20
ahrenthat works03:20
edhanthow to use Remote shutdown in ubuntu03:20
bastid_raZorabhijain: nope, go find it on firefox's website03:20
x90x{[how to tunnel all traffic in eth0 over socks5]}03:20
prince_jammys{{{how to write in pseudo wiki markup}}}03:21
Daekdroom!english | phantom61803:22
ubottuphantom618: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat03:22
bastid_raZorprince_jammys: quit the session by? logging out? not shutting down03:22
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい03:22
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:22
prince_jammysbastid_raZor: yes, you can log out03:22
prince_jammysbastid_raZor: you'd still be logged in to your other session03:22
jcmxwldoes anyone know how to play swf embed in excel in open office?03:22
bazhang!cn | phantom61803:22
ubottuphantom618: please see above03:22
bastid_raZoryup, logging out does the trick.03:22
bastid_raZorprince_jammys: correct. i understand now.03:23
ylmfosara you ?03:23
ylmfoswho ?03:23
edhanttutor remote shutdown please03:23
tensorpuddingDoes Ubuntu still come with an app for configuring initscripts? Or do I have to download something...03:23
bazhang!ot | ylmfos03:23
rolandpishHi, I would like to have a very light gnome in my ubuntu. Is ubuntu server + minimal gnome the solution for this?03:23
ubottuylmfos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:23
CAPcapprince_jammys, is it possible to run a different wm or desktop environ in the second xsession?03:24
ylmfoswo kan bu dong03:24
Daekdroomrolandpish, you could try using Xubuntu instead.03:24
prince_jammysbastid_raZor: (oversimplified) each is login-->startx-->xinit-->your_session   ,with maybe an optional [kgxw]dm in there somewhere.03:24
Daekdroomrolandpish, it's as compatible as Ubuntu is.03:24
Gryllidaylmfos, where are you from? what language is that?03:24
jcmxwldoes anyone know how to play swf embed in excel in open office?03:24
Gryllidajcmxwl, #openoffice.org03:24
thune3abhijain: the mozilla daily builds ppa has 4.0betas, but you might have to do some pinning to get it to not interfere with your regular firefox install.03:24
prince_jammysCAPcap: yes03:24
Daekdroomthune3, as a matter of fact, it comes completely independent from default firefox.03:25
CAPcapprince_jammys, ok im running gnome here, in the seconds i want to start an opnebox session, how would i go about doing that?03:25
bastid_raZorprince_jammys: a new way for me to test drive window managers now..03:25
thune3Daekdroom: but the ppa also has 3.6 series firefox daily builds, which i'm worried will also upgrade if you add ppa.03:25
CAPcapprince_jammys, because when i told it to start the session it just started another gnome one without asking03:26
abhijainthune3: can u help me for installation for new beta 4,003:26
edhanti don't  understand03:26
rolandpishDaekdroom, thanks. Well, I'm so addicted to gnome, and I'm trying to know if there is a way to have a "light" gnome for a P3 512MB laptop.03:26
Daekdroomthune3, well, yes, but it'll update to a different branded 3.6.8pre version, which is not such a big difference.03:26
Gryllidaedhant, what?03:26
Gryllida!hi | edhant03:26
ubottuedhant: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:26
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Daekdroomrolandpish, XFCE feels very close to GNOME03:26
prince_jammysCAPcap: right, there are ways around this.03:26
stanley_robertsohi DJIndy03:27
x90xhi all any app for ubuntu as socks cap so i could be able to add socks and tunnel over it or any manual way  could help ???03:27
edhantremote shutdoun please?03:27
BuiltAmericaok deadbit     will reboot the searchbot   but I shouldnt really :)&03:27
rolandpishDaekdroom, you almost convinced me :) I'll try to research if dropbox and rabbitvcs applications run ok in xfce03:27
DJIndyok, so I'm using Ubuntu Netbook Edition (10.04) and as a solution to a problem I had previously I removed pulse audio controller03:27
lcukedhant, sorry i cant remote shutdown your machine from here, you will have to do it yourself03:27
CAPcapprince_jammys, could you help me start an openbox session in my second xsession?03:27
=== Guest20169 is now known as SuP|Lobby
DJIndyHowever, now I can't get any audio controller back in the panel or anywhere else03:27
Daekdroomrolandpish, if they are made for GNOME, they should have close to 0 problems running in XFCE :D03:28
DJIndyand I need to use something to enable my usb headset03:28
lcukplugging it in will help03:28
DJIndyI checked in system and when I click on sound it says it cannot access sound system03:28
jjgalvezI have 10.04 installed on a fakeraid, does grub2 still not work with fakeraid, should I just stay with my grub1 install?03:28
thune3Daekdroom: does a 4.0beta install require a seperate ff profile, to avoid contamination? or is it seperated by default?03:28
Daekdroomthune3, separated by default03:28
rolandpishDaekdroom, great! That's what I wanted to know. Is lxde as compatible as xfce for gnome/gtk applications?03:28
thune3Daekdroom: thx03:28
Daekdroomrolandpish, about that I'm not sure...03:29
jjgalvezedhant: can you ssh to the machine you want to shutdown?03:29
CAPcapedhant, try asking it as a complete questions like "I need to do a remote shutdown of my PC and I dont even know where to start. Can someone walk me through it?"03:29
tsccofhi, I would like to say all Ubuntu users suck a cock03:29
rwwubottu: tell tsccof about guidelines03:29
ubottutsccof, please see my private message03:29
rwwtsccof: This channel is family-friendly. Please don't use language like that here.03:30
x90xtsccof go to hell03:30
prince_jammysCAPcap: how do you normally start openbox?03:30
Daekdroom!ops | tsccof03:30
ubottutsccof: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!03:30
rwwx90x: you either03:30
tsccofand you should stick to cock sucking routine03:30
CAPcapprince_jammys, from my the GDM login03:30
edhantssh -l "ip"03:30
DJIndyso yea, I have this headset plugged in, but I can't tell the sound system to use it at all03:30
x90xrww sry03:30
edhantno work03:30
x90xhi all any app for ubuntu as socks cap so i could be able to add socks and tunnel over it or any manual way  could help ???03:30
DJIndyand I would like to get SOME sound controller in my panel again so I can adjust levels and such03:31
DJIndyas my netbook won't adjust it with hotkeys03:31
CAPcapprince_jammys, thats how i start anything gnome, kde, xfce, lxde, openbox. whatever i happen to have installed and want to use. currently thats just gnome and openbox i believe03:31
jjgalvezedhant: try ssh <user>@ip03:31
rolandpishDaekdroom, downloading xubuntu now. Thanks a lot.03:31
=== richard is now known as Guest71105
lcukedhant, i told you, i cannot shutdown your machine from here.  just press the powerbutton.  and get out of my PM box03:31
MaRk-IDJIndy: you might have to install: paman and padevchooser,03:32
edhantno work03:32
wgrantDJIndy: Which version of Ubuntu are you using? Was it upgraded from another release?03:32
DJIndyUbuntu Netbook 10,0403:32
edhantuse exploite03:32
DJIndyno, it was clean03:32
CAPcapedhant, are you at the computer that you are trying to shutdown?03:32
DJIndyI had removed pulse audio earlier as a solution to another problem I had that I found in the forums said to do that03:32
DJIndyand it worked for that, but now I can't tell it to activate the headset and such or adjust sound levesl03:33
wgrantDJIndy: Argh.03:33
wgrantDJIndy: Do not remove PulseAudio just because some forum post tells you to.03:33
x90xhi all any app for ubuntu as socks cap so i could be able to add socks and tunnel over it or any manual way  could help ???03:33
wgrantRemoving it isn't really supported.03:33
DJIndyWell, I know that now03:33
wgrantWhat was the original problem?03:33
DJIndyany way to get it back up in the panel? I later tried to reinstall it from the repositories but it didn't go to the startup stuff I guess or something03:34
patxi just put ubuntu 10.04 on a mac mini however it seems ubuntu does not know the mac mini has wireless. how can i fix this?03:34
DJIndythe original problem was with using the built in mic03:34
DJIndyit previously distorted other sounds when the mic was working03:35
wgrantDJIndy: Reinstall pulseaudio and indicator-sound.03:35
jjgalvezanyone know if grub2 works with fakeraid, or should I stick with grub1?03:35
eric_3um the options aren't in the grub file03:36
PurpleyHey is there a CLI program to unrar rar arhcives? unrar doesnt work and unrar-free doesnt either03:36
wgrant!doesn'twork | Purpley03:36
wgrant!doesn't work | Purpley03:36
ubottuPurpley: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:36
lcukwgrant, meta question: is there a list of the commands you use to direct people (like you just used)03:37
eric_3bastid_raZor, um there is no options in the grub file03:37
riveraji am setting up an ubuntu gateway server. EXTIF = /24, INTIF = /24, why is there no internet on client PCs under INTIF network03:37
Purpleywgrant: I cant give much more info as I dont have much on unrar-free, It just says extraction has failed, unrar seems sophiscated and I dont get the "switch"03:37
edhantwhy does not anyone help me03:38
wgrantlcuk: Not sure if there is these days, sorry.03:38
trism!askthebot | lcuk03:38
ubottulcuk: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".03:38
trismhmm, wrong one03:38
prince_jammysCAPcap: something like ''startx openbox-session -- :1''03:38
trism!ubottu | lcuk03:38
Daekdroomtrism, right one.03:38
ubottulcuk: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:38
lcukwgrant, just curious, not an issue, glad some people remember them.  thanks trism!!03:38
kazagistarpatx: grats on getting it installed, anyways03:39
PurpleySo wgrant any ideas or suggestions?03:39
wgrantPurpley: So 'unrar' says extraction has failed, too?03:39
eric_3hello i need help removing boot options from grub03:39
Purpleywgrant: I cant get that to work, I dont get what the switches in the syntax are supposed to be03:39
lcukedhant, you need to logon to the machine you want to shutdown, if you cannot do that then you cannot shut it down, no amount of asking for help will manage it for you and i think people here wont drive to your colo and press button - but your service provider might know more03:40
=== forlan is now known as deco
wgrantPurpley: I've not used it myself for a very long time, but I'd try 'unrar e SOMETHING.rar'03:40
Purpleywhen I put in man unrar I get the syntax is sup[posed to be, unrar <command> -<switch 1> -<switch N> <archive> <files...>                <@listfiles...> <path_to_extract\>03:40
Purpleywgrant: ^03:40
DJIndyok, so I got those packages and now I can access the sound controls and such, however even though my Logitech Headset is being detected, and can adjust volume from its own buttons, it is still only sending sound through the netbook speakers and not picking up the mic03:40
DJIndyalso, how would I get the controller back in the panel?03:41
patxkazagistar, thx... do u know about the wireless?03:41
Purpleywgrant: See what I mean? I just want something like unzip for rar files03:41
DJIndyor should I just restart and see if that works03:41
wgrantDJIndy: It is a USB headset?03:41
PurpleySimple and easy to use :)03:41
prince_jammysCAPcap: try this, with full path: ''startx /usr/bin/openbox-session -- :1'03:41
wgrantDJIndy: If you log out and in, it should return.03:41
eric_3hi does anyone know grub?03:41
wgrantPurpley: Well, unrar is proprietary, so we can't fix it, sadly :(03:41
DJIndyok, I'll try that, thanks03:41
CAPcapprince_jammys, thanks i will03:41
Purpleywgrant: Anything that can unrar a archive easily?03:41
kazagistarpatx: have you looked here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook03:42
wgrantPurpley: file-roller, the default Ubuntu archive manager?03:42
Purpleywgrant: Can i use that on the CLI?03:42
kazagistarPurpley: if you want a hack that works pretty well, you can install 7zip using wine03:43
Purpleykazagistar: I dont have a gui03:43
icerootPurpley: just use unrar-nonfree  and dot use such strage things with wine03:44
wgrantPurpley: I don't believe so.03:44
Purpleyiceroot: It says the extraction has failed03:44
icerootPurpley: then the archive is broken, check with md503:44
CAPcapthat worked brilliantly prince_jammys thank you03:45
Purpleyiceroot: Ahh never mind the archive isnt that important :/03:45
icerootPurpley: also check if it is a multi-archive-rar file03:45
icerootPurpley: ok03:45
Purpleyiceroot: It isnt03:45
kazagistariceroot: I have found that 7z and lzma support is faster and more comprehensive through wine then in native libraries03:45
prince_jammysCAPcap: are you able to switch back and forth?03:45
icerootkazagistar: using wine for that is (sorry) a very stupid idea03:46
kazagistaralso, I dont know if unrar-nonfree supports passwords03:46
icerootkazagistar: it does03:46
CAPcapprince_jammys, yes very easily and my old crappy computer isnt even skipping a beat03:46
wgranticeroot: There's a reason unrar-nonfree exists: it supports some archives that unrar-free does not.03:46
kazagistariceroot: good to know... so why is that stupid?03:46
icerootwgrant: and i was suggestin unrar-nonfree03:46
CAPcapprince_jammys, again, thanks for all of your help, its good to know how to do this :)03:46
wgranticeroot: Yes, a proprietary compression format is *completely* screwed up, but such is life.03:47
prince_jammysCAPcap: welcome03:47
icerootkazagistar: you have to install wine, you have to install windows software03:47
prince_jammysCAPcap: there's likely a GUI way to do something like this, from gnome.03:47
icerootkazagistar: for things which can be done with default software03:47
patxkazagistar, this should solve it - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Macmini4-1/Lucid#Wireless03:47
kazagistariceroot: and it works better and faster, and has functionality the native version does not... I still don't see what the problem is03:48
PurpleyHey guys im trying to download the actual file at this link http://forums.alliedmods.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=69557&d=1279056062 but wget wont download it, How do i download it?03:49
icerootkazagistar: i told ou what the problem is. you need wine, you need windows-software, you maybe need a gui for the zip-programm. think of a server-environment, you want to install x + wine + windowssoftware to extract files?03:49
icerootkazagistar: that is a very stupid idea03:50
DaekdroomTracker was part of older Ubuntu releases, right?03:50
icerootkazagistar: and its only faster because the windows-version is using 2 cores by default, in the linux-version you have to say "use 2 cores"03:50
wgrantDaekdroom: It was included by default in one release around four years ago, IIRC.03:50
Daekdroomwgrant, ah, thank you.03:51
kazagistariceroot: I see what you mean on a server environment03:51
djindy1Alright,  wgrant, it works now03:52
kazagistarpatx: did it work?03:53
patxkazagistar, ugh.. no.it said download driver index failed... most drivers will bot be available03:54
icerootkazagistar: are you using firefox with wine? because the windows-version is using an optimized engine and its running fastet thaen the native linux-version (see benchmarks on google)03:54
profxavieri have a laptop, which I am trying to use Ubuntu's live CD on, but the display isnt working, so I connected a secondary display.  How can I toggle the display to go onto that monitor?03:54
profxavierusually under Windows I press FN + F403:55
profxavierthat will allow the monitors to mirror each other03:55
wgrantprofxavier: That doesn't work in Ubuntu?03:56
icerootkazagistar: also try to run a virus with wine, its working great. its not infecting the linux-files but sometimes infecting the other program-files from windows in wine. if you dont trustme, have a testby yourself. i dont think you want to use soomething like htat03:56
wgrantprofxavier: Which model is the laptop, and what sort of graphics card does it have?03:56
profxavieri heard the audio, when the LiveCD frist loads into Gnome03:56
profxavierwgrant: HP PAvilion is all I can tell you03:57
MaRk-Iprofxavier: what kind of video card?03:57
profxavierMaRk-I: unknown03:57
MaRk-Ithat doesnt help03:58
profxavierlet me look up the model03:58
bastid_raZorprofxavier: lspci | grep VGA      :will tell you03:58
wgrantbastid_raZor: Doesn't help if there's no display...03:58
profxavierso it put the monitor to sleep03:58
profxavieron loading Gnome...03:58
profxavierso its up now03:59
wgrantprofxavier: On my Dell laptop, it automatically uses both. On my Lenovo it defaults to the internal, but pressing the monitor switch button works fine.03:59
profxavierbastid_raZor: kinda hard to run a command when the display wasn't working03:59
jamescarr_working with node.js is so bleeding edge03:59
oluhey, is it possible to use mkdir to make more than 1 directory? i need to make directories with the name 001 up to 20004:00
=== juan_ is now known as linuxuario
wgrantolu: for n in $(seq -w 3 1 200); do mkdir $n; done04:01
wgrantolu: mkdir can't do it directly, but it's easy with shell scripting :)04:01
drew1Hi, trying to get Computer, Home, and Trash icons on desktop in 10.04, but enabling them in gconf-editor doesn't do anything, even after a reboot. Why doesn't this work anymore?04:01
matthew_I set my power options to never put the display or the computer to sleep. However, when I'm using skype the display starts to fade out every 10ish minutes.04:02
oluwgrant thanks :D04:02
=== Guest78089 is now known as RaNdY
profxavierwhats a linux command to test a HC ?04:03
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest39917
profxaviertensorpudding: test for error/repair04:04
djindyalright, so the headset works now, but its oddly very quiet even when I turn everything up to max, and now I have the old problem I had with the on board mic if I try to use that04:04
=== Prodego|away is now known as Prodego
tensorpuddingthere's one that uses smart i think04:04
Izinucsprofxavier: fsck is sort of like that.  Your system will do that automatically every 30 boots or 30 days (typically).. you can also force it.04:04
profxavierk, ill look at man fsck04:05
jjgalvezI have some scripts I've written and placed in a bin folder in my home. how can I add my bin to the path so that they can run simply from the terminal?04:05
tensorpuddingsmartctl, in the smartmontools package I believe04:05
pmatulisjjgalvez: update your PATH variable04:06
jjgalvezpmatulis: which file do I edit to do that?04:06
drew1Hi, trying to get Computer, Home, and Trash icons on desktop in 10.04, but enabling them in gconf-editor doesn't do anything, even after a reboot. Why doesn't this work anymore?04:07
pmatulisjjgalvez: it depends on your shell04:07
jjgalvezpmatulis: the standard bash04:07
bastid_raZorjjgalvez: .bashrc  ..give me a second and i'll pastebin what you need to add there.04:07
pmatulisjjgalvez: .profile probably04:07
pmatulisjjgalvez: i don't use bash04:08
=== abhijain is now known as yoshu
bastid_raZorjjgalvez: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464801/04:08
bastid_raZorjjgalvez: then type: source ~/.bashrc   :after you've saved the file04:08
yoshuhello everyone how to disbale copiz effects on 10.404:08
jjgalvezbastid_raZor: thanks04:09
pmatulisjjgalvez: use .profile, there's something already there for you to edit04:09
bastid_raZoryoshu: either metacity --replace04:09
bastid_raZoryoshu: System > Prferences > Apperances select None04:09
prince_jammysjjgalvez: [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] && PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH    # in your profile.04:10
Izinucsyoshu: or if you don't want a compositer at all then System>Preferences>Appearance> visual effects> NONE04:10
thune3drew1: you are saying that doing http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/06/addrestore-popular-desktop-icons-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/ doesn't work for you?04:10
MaletorCan someone compile this on an AMD64 and send the binary my way?04:10
kazagistariceroot: you made me curious, and so I dug around, and it turns out 7z does actually have the functionality of 7zip, though accessing it requires following a obscure doc link in the man file04:11
MaletorFor the life of me I can't figure out why libimobiledevice can't find usbmuxd04:11
pmatulisjjgalvez: actually, if you have 'bin' right under your home folder then you don't need to do anyting but source your .profile04:11
pmatulisjjgalvez: 'source ~/.profile'04:11
prince_jammysyep, ubuntu puts this in the default profile04:11
asdasdfi have proplem >> when i try to ( apt-get install whatever ) there is this msg "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem."04:12
jjgalvezpmatulis: will it get sourced the next time I login?04:12
pmatulisjjgalvez: yeah04:12
drew1thune3: it does not work at all.04:12
asdasdfand when i try " dpkg --configure -a"04:12
jjgalvezpmatulis: thanks04:12
asdasdfi get this msg04:13
asdasdfSetting up libc6 (2.8~20080505-0ubuntu9) ...04:13
asdasdfProcessing triggers for libc6 ...04:13
asdasdfldconfig deferred processing now taking place04:13
asdasdf/var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.postinst: line 15:  8357 Bus error               ldconfig04:13
asdasdfdpkg: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 13504:13
FloodBot2asdasdf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:13
asdasdfFloodBot2, i'm not flooding04:13
asdasdfany body know about this problem04:14
blitzohi - i have a wubi question - a friend has loaded it on her windows7 machine and everytime she goes to update/upgrade the machine freezes up and gives back no status.  i want her to use a tty but nothing happens where you do ctrl-alt-f key.  (A) does anyone have a suggestion what to look out for when update/upgrade barfs off, and (b) how do we get to a tyy console?04:15
bigredradioI have noticed my wireless driver (driver=wl0 driverversion= is alternating between 802.11a and 802.11abg. The configuration from lshw shows  wireless=IEEE 802.11a. Can this be set manually to g rather than automatic?04:15
goncalossilvaI've just screwed my Ubuntu Server instalation up04:15
goncalossilvaran a grub-install04:15
drew1thune3: I suddenly realized my problem. I was running gksudo gconf-editor. That was editing GNOME for all users but not my current user, I guess. Just doing gconf-editor let me edit my current user's desktop and everything is working now. Thanks.04:16
goncalossilvaand now I can't boot (I end up in a grub > screen)04:16
goncalossilvaany ideias?04:16
goncalossilvabeen looking at this for a few hours now :(04:16
pmatulisasdasdf: try 'aptitude clean; aptitude install -f; aptitude update; aptitude reinstall libc6'04:16
thune3drew1: i was about to ask about sudo ;)04:16
blitzoanyone here know wubi?04:16
prince_jammysdrew212: the former probably sets root's settings.04:17
Kuroganeanyone knows how i can untar a file without lossing the file owner?04:17
blitzokurogane: man tar04:17
bigredradiogoncalossilva, Are you getting errors? Can you edit the grub conf or are you not getting that far?04:17
asdasdfpmatulis, same problem04:17
IzinucsKurogane: does the owner have an account on your machine?04:18
KuroganeIzinucs: nop04:18
blitzokurogane: owners are by id number, not name, if the owner doesn't have an account the files will belong to a nameless number04:18
bigredradioKurogane, it only holds the UID. If that UID on a different system is someone else, then they would own the files. Not good.04:19
IzinucsKurogane: then what's the issue? are you going to pack it back up and give it back without their knowledge?04:19
blitzoanybody answer a WUBI question?04:20
=== thomas__ is now known as thomashc1
pmatulisasdasdf: sorry, dunno04:20
goncalossilvabigredradio: no errors. I think I've flashed Grub2 on top of Grub104:20
edbianblitzo, People here don't really like to help out with wubi.  It's usually far more complicated.  A lot of us see the solution to most wubi problems as "just install ubuntu normally" :)04:21
bigredradiogoncalossilva, humm, not up on grub2.04:21
KuroganeI'm trying to make a template i tar it with the owners on that machine but if i untar it on other machine then i lose the owner for obvious reason i dont have those accounts04:21
blitzoedbian, i can appreciate that - i am trying to gently wean my friend off windows :-)04:21
edbianblitzo, What's the problem?04:22
asdasdfgoncalossilva, try  supergrubdisk04:22
prince_jammysblitzo: try: ''sudo chvt 2''04:22
bigredradiogoncalossilva, InstallCd, mount up your filesystems, chroot, reinstall grub.04:22
blitzoedbian, i have told her to update/upgrade using synaptic.  she tells me the machine freezes up.04:22
edbianblitzo, Every time?  Does it give any errors?04:22
blitzoedbian, well, actually it is the package manager automated process and no there are no errors04:23
edbianblitzo, run it at the cli and see if you can get errors04:23
blitzonext time i'll tell her to use apt-get and email me the syslog04:23
blitzoedbian, tell me how to get a tty console?  not an xterm04:24
edbianblitzo, ctrl + alt + F204:24
Izinucsblitzo: you might get her to convert the install to a true dual boot.. or uninstall and then reinstall in virtualbox in windows if she's just testing..04:24
bigredradioblitzo, You mean mknode the tty?04:25
blitzoedbian, she says that doesn't work - and it doesn't work on my ubuntu either - i get a blank screen04:25
edbianblitzo, just use a terminal?04:26
blitzobigredradio, edbian: xubuntu has tty consoles tied to the ctrl-alt-f keys, does not work on ubuntu, do i have to enable something?04:26
Gryllidahow do I ssh to a certain port?04:26
rileypssh dad@
tensorpudding-p i believe04:26
edbianblitzo, applications -> accessories -> terminal04:27
prince_jammysi bet ''man ssh'' tells you. something about -p, i suspect.04:27
blitzoedbian, that is an xterm.  i want a tty console not under x04:27
edbianGryllida, ssh user@ip:port04:27
tensorpuddingman ssh would know, as well as writing an ~/.ssh/config file04:27
prince_jammysblitzo: did you try chvt ?04:27
edbianblitzo, Why?  What's the difference?04:27
gwernso, I'm running a webcam grabber every hour through crontab using fswebcam; but I figure that this will often run when my laptop screen is shut giving useless solid black pics. offhand, anyone know anyway to detect whether X is not blanked?04:27
blitzoedbian, because x seems to be crashing04:27
tensorpuddingblitzo: when it crashes, it should bring you back to a system console, right?04:28
abhijainhello i am just installed cario-dock now i an struggling with them change option any idea about cario-dock04:28
edbianblitzo, You should have ctrl + alt + F(1-6) as tty's maybe not on wubi though...04:28
bigredradioblitzo, No luck with alt-f2 alt-f3?04:29
IzinucsIs there a vnc or rdp server built into kubuntu 10.04?04:30
bigredradioblitzo, I think you should be able to log in without X, Alt-F2 to a differnt tty and start x. Worth a try.04:30
blitzobigredradio that is correct - can you tell me how to restart X without rebooting?04:30
bigredradioThen you should be able to switch for testing04:30
prince_jammysblitzo: did you try ''sudo service gdm stop'', if she runs gdm?04:30
Mr_SonomaIzinucs, yes04:30
prince_jammysblitzo: or 'restart' instead of 'stop', in the above.04:31
noob_69is sebsebseb here?04:31
blitzoprince_jammys you are beyond me i don't know what that does04:31
IzinucsMr_Sonoma: I've looked and looked for a menu item to set it up.. can you tell me where to find it?04:31
blitzoprince_jammys you are beyond me i don't know what that does04:31
tensorpuddingIzinucs: see Ssytem -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop04:31
prince_jammysblitzo: restarts gdm, which is the GUI login manager.04:31
Izinucstensorpudding: kubuntu.. menu's and program names are a little different04:31
tensorpuddingoh wait, Kubuntu.04:32
prince_jammysblitzo: well, it's gnome's login manager, which she may be using.04:32
wgrantblitzo: Does Ctrl+Alt+F1 not give you a tty?04:32
Mr_Sonomai think its already ready to go, try using VNC into the machine in question from another computer04:32
edbianprince_jammys, wgrant he's on wubi04:33
Mr_Sonomabeen a while since i used KDE so i can't tell you EXACTLY where to go04:33
wgrantedbian: That doesn't change anything like this.04:33
prince_jammysedbian: right. wubi doesn't have gdm?04:33
edbianwgrant, prince_jammys I'm thinking it maybe doesn't have ttys ?04:34
IzinucsMr_Sonoma: yea.. and with 4.xx it's different still.. that and I have run gnome for 5 years and recently put kde on my desktop.. still treading water with it..04:34
wgrantedbian: It does.04:34
edbianwgrant, Well than nevermind! :)04:34
FretFullFingershi folks what choices do I have for software midi play back?04:34
wgrantFretFullFingers: Perhaps have a look at 'timidity'04:34
Mr_SonomaIzinucs, KDE 4 is what drove me away from KDE finally04:34
bigredradioI have noticed my wireless driver (driver=wl0 driverversion= is alternating between 802.11a and 802.11abg. The configuration from lshw shows  wireless=IEEE 802.11a. Can this be set manually to g rather than automatic?04:35
FretFullFingerswgrant: I have seen timidity, is there anything else?04:35
IzinucsMr_Sonoma: 4.3 is pretty nice and 4.4 or 4.5 I understand is getting even better.. I couldn't stand 3.x04:35
wgrantFretFullFingers: apt might know about some others, but that's what I use.04:36
Mr_Sonomathat and the fact i hadn't upgraded anything since Jaunty so KDE4 was not really to my liking, and Kmail (my perfered KDE email prog) was too buggy. so i blew the system away again (new hard drive install anyway) and installed GNOME04:36
FretFullFingerswgrant: Is there a good page on how to get it working.  I am trying to get tuxguitar working with it.04:36
Gryllidahow do I install/run screen?04:37
wgrantGryllida: sudo apt-get install screen04:37
wgrantGryllida: Then run 'screen'04:37
wgrantGryllida: Although you may want to look at 'byobu'. It's screen, but with some nice profiles built in.04:38
IzinucsMr_Sonoma: kmail is working well now that's it's a 4.3 port.. the entire "kontact" suit is nice.. seems more stable than Evolution to me.. I've always had issues with evo-data-server causing crashes.04:38
Mr_SonomaIzinucs, see my experiance so far is the exact oposit since upgrading to lucid, kontact (akonadi server) issues when i'm not having any with evolution04:39
bsmith093davfs2 is a royal PITA to set up but if u get it working it rocks04:39
Mr_SonomaIzinucs, i still like kontact better but that's only because i'm still getting familar with evolution04:40
IzinucsMr_Sonoma: yea.. akonadi is a thorn.. for me it seems to have settled down04:40
Zatchariusmutt. that is all.04:40
Gryllida~$ aptitude show irssi04:40
GryllidaSegmentation fault04:40
Gryllidais there a way to get that info?04:40
bigredradioGryllida, DOH!04:40
Mr_SonomaZatcharius, classics never go out of style do they?04:41
ZatchariusMr_Sonoma: Guess not lol04:41
wgrantGryllida: That suggests that something very sinister is wrong.04:41
blitzoi'm back - can someone tell me how to get a tty on ubuntu? chvt does not work.  ctrl-alt-fkey does not work.  service gdm stop does not work.  each time i get only a blank empty screen, and when i stopped gdm there was no console to return to so i had to hit the big red switch04:41
wgrantGryllida: But try apt-cache rather than aptitude.04:41
gwernblitzo: are you certain the consoles are not there in the blank black screen?04:41
ZatchariusAnyone compile the new 2.6.35-rc5 kernel?04:41
^TERMINOLOGY^i have a ? what if you cant play a certin .mp4 in totem what can i do04:41
blitzogwern what do you mean?04:42
gwernblitzo: just yesterday I was trying out 'radeon' for X, had similar problems, but discovered the consoles were there, just invisible04:42
bigredradioZatcharius, haven't needed to compile a kernel in years.04:42
gwernblitzo: very carefully I typed in my login credentials, cd'd to /etc, and removed the xorg.conf using 'radeon'04:42
blitzogwern what can i do to set screen color then04:42
thune3bigredradio: i don't know of any top level way to set the band (doesn't mean there isn't one). However there might be a control available through iwpriv to set the band.04:42
bigredradiothune3, thanks. I'll check that.04:42
gwernblitzo: heck, I dunno. use a different video driver? this is just what happened to me, maybe you aren't using an ATI video card at all04:42
blitzono, nvidia04:43
Zatchariusbigredradio: No? I had to twice recently. Today to fix WoW issue.04:43
blitzogwern, i am using nvidia04:43
IzinucsGryllida: what are you trying to do?  run irssi in a screen session?04:43
_genuser_hey guys using the livecd. the / shows mounted using aufs. is the / basically mounted in mem?04:43
GryllidaIDK, apt-cache worked, I started screen,wrote 'ps', it only lists 'bash' and 'ps' in the list, while 'screen' isn't there, how so?04:43
blitzogwern and it works fine under xubuntu04:43
gwernblitzo: then my experience probably has little relevance to you04:43
_genuser_rather using netbook edition from usb drive04:43
IzinucsGryllida: type screen -ls04:43
blitzogwern, how can i make it boot to a console and not start x?04:44
bigredradioZatcharius, WoW? There's another problem I don't have. ;-)04:44
Zatchariusbigredradio: addiction.. :(04:44
GryllidaIzinucs: "there is a screen on <servername> (Multi, attached)"04:44
gwernblitzo: actually, I was told this later - in grub, you can press 'e' or something, and then append to the boot option a string like 'init=/bin/bash'04:44
gwernblitzo: I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talking about w/r/t grub kernel boot options04:44
gwernblitzo: and supposedly that will spit you straight into bash with no X or anytrhing04:45
blitzoah ok i will google grub boot options04:45
IzinucsGryllida: so you are *in* the screen session.. it looks just like a standard bash prompt.. now do you want to run irssi there?04:45
rwwGryllida: ps only shows processes in the current shell by default. Try ps -A04:45
bigredradiogwern, You prob don't want that04:45
15SAAJ1QVwhat goes04:45
bigredradiogwern, You need to set your runlevel to 304:45
Zatchariusgwern: CAn't you just remove your login manager deamon from autoloading?04:46
gwernbigredradio: why not? it was X that was effed up, and if I had gone straight into bash, it would've been much easier to etc /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:46
gwernit's not very easy to edit text files blind...04:46
wgrantbigredradio: Runlevels have been irrelevant for a long time now.04:46
bigredradiogwern, init=/bin/bash means you will not run your normal init scripts meaning you might not have your root filesystem mounted.04:47
bigredradiogwern, especially since you have an initrf.04:47
wgrantbigredradio: The initramfs mounts the root filesystem.04:47
ZatchariusWhat's the preffered way in Ubuntu? Edit inittab?04:47
gwernbigredradio: couldn't I just mount / by hand?04:47
wgrantbigredradio: So by the time init= is run, things should be mounted.04:47
wgrantbigredradio: Because init=/bin/bash refers to /bin/bash.. on the root filesystem.04:48
bigredradiowgrant, umm, wouldn't that be the linuxrc or init inside the initramfs?04:48
blitzoanybody here know grub boot options?04:48
blitzogwern: if i boot straight to shell, can you tell me how to enable the wifi from the command line?04:49
gwernblitzo: heck no04:49
blitzocan anyone tell me how to get a tyy console after booting?04:50
* gwern blindly trusts in gnome to do that even in X. iwconfig et al scare me04:50
prince_jammysblitzo: did you try any of the things i suggested?04:50
Izinucsblitzo: ctrl+alt+F1-604:50
tensorpuddingyou get plenty of ttys when you boot04:50
gwernIzinucs: he already tried those, he said04:50
bigredradioblitzo, ctrl-alt-bkspace and kill X. (Used to work)04:50
Zatchariusbigredradio: Xorg disabled that a while ago04:50
Izinucsgwern: ah..04:51
SpraynardWhat problem was he experiencing?04:51
Silent_Dream_Jordan_U: I have finished upgrading 10.04 from my livecd, now how do I manually configure grub?04:51
bigredradioZatcharius, yeah, thought so.04:51
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ZatchariusSo what's he working with? X is freezing up or what?04:51
rileypI nned some help setting up http://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation04:52
tensorpuddingisn't there still a way to boot in single-user mode?04:52
rileypI have it all installed and can open localhost04:52
tensorpuddingyou could try that04:52
rileypbut mythpodcaster wont open04:53
SandGorgonhey guys.. if new symbols are being included into the Unicode character map - is it possible to update the character map of my Ubuntu installation ? or does it come implicitly with a Pango update ?04:53
lobitoI just installed Slackware 13.1 how can I connect with the ethernet cable to internet? please help04:53
lobitoin the slackware channel nobody answers, so I switched to this channel04:53
wgrantlobito: You should continue asking in the Slackware channel.04:54
prince_jammyslobito: it doesn't work that way04:54
wgrantlobito: We cannot support Slackware here.04:54
tensorpuddinglobito: when you doctor doesn't know how to cure your gout, do you consult your barber?04:54
prince_jammysi prefer to go to a mechanic04:54
Zatchariuslobito: explain your problem. linux is linux at the heart.04:54
chepodo anybody know why wine aint working.i install programs but when i try to run the program its like it comes and goes.04:54
bigredradioI was about to say, put it in your hand and plug it in.04:54
wgrantZatcharius: But networking stacks are not.04:55
prince_jammysZatcharius: no. ##linux is linux at the heart. this is #ubuntu.04:55
Zatchariusprince_jammys: So you can come here only with Ubuntu specific problems? That, I imagine would be fairly sparse.04:55
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wgrantZatcharius: Networking infrastructure differs greatly between distributions...04:56
prince_jammysnetworking in ubuntu, installing software in ubuntu, APT stuff in ubuntu, etc.04:56
wgrantProblems here need not be specific to Ubuntu, but they must have something to do with it.04:56
=== Viking667a is now known as m00se
chepoman am going back to windows fk this shit04:56
tensorpuddingblitzo: try booting into single-user mode04:56
Archana1In firefox How do i remove the entries that appear on username field of my gmail when i make a click on username box. I Have already cleared my private data many times... but still, the entries that appear on a menu with all the usernames that i entered appears. how do i erase them ?04:57
gwernchepo: you haven't been very specific, so it's your own fault04:57
fridgeratorchepo have fun with the spyware and keloggers04:57
Zatchariuswgrant: How so? His problem could be fixed with netutils or possibly a missing module. A distro agnostic approach.04:57
prince_jammysZatcharius: but there is a distro-agnostic channel.04:58
wgrantZatcharius: A temporary solution may be somewhat distro-agnostic. A persistent one would not be.04:58
SaryWhy is  My Ubuntu Faster than Windows 7 ?04:58
chepodude wine dont work i try to open file to install them and nothing happens04:58
wgrantZatcharius: Booting and network configuration infrastructure is completely different on Slackware.04:58
wgrantZatcharius: It's even different on Debian.04:58
bigredradiochepo, Then check with the wine channel.04:58
Archana1Sary: :-) Just enjoy! ;-)04:58
tensorpuddingthere's a lot of stuff that does not work in wine, at all, and that is not ubuntu's problem04:58
fridgeratorchepo check my pm04:58
bigredradioAnd give more info04:58
Zatchariuswgrant: how so?04:58
chepoill try04:59
wgrantZatcharius: We have /etc/network/interfaces and Upstart. Slackware does not.04:59
Izinucschepo: maybe it's because you're still trying to use windows programs.. there's lots of alternatives..04:59
SaryArchanal :) , I am04:59
chepoyell but it work on 9.1004:59
Archana1Sary Because ubuntu is better ;-)04:59
enavhi people im looking for a Artisteer alternative to edit Joomla templates.... any good suggestion04:59
Archana1enav this is #ubuntu04:59
fridgeratorchepo im willing to help you, i sent you a pm, check it if you want help04:59
Silent_Dream_Jordan_U: Are you there?04:59
SaryArchana1 , that simple .. Yeah Yeah :)05:00
chepoam new here wats pm05:00
fridgeratorchepo private message05:01
chepook i got it05:01
Doonzhey when using rsync is there a way to make it delete the source files after it successfully transfers them to a remote server?05:01
Doonzor a way in crontab to execut one command after another05:02
SaryI have dual booting with windows 7 just to use the dammin itunes05:02
bigredradioDoonz, not that I know. scp file host:/file; rm file05:02
ZatchariusSary: There are linux itunes replacements that work ok in my experience05:02
wgrantDoonz: You could say 'rsync blah && rm -r blah'05:02
chepoi could see it but can write back05:03
ZatchariusSary: If you just need to connect to an ipod05:03
wgrantDoonz: That will execute the rm only if rsync completes successfully.05:03
blitzocan anyone tell me how to get a tty console in ubuntu?  ctl-alt-fkey does not work, nor does chvt05:03
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Zatchariusblitzo: try 'killall X'05:03
SaryZatcharius , that will be Great05:03
fridgeratorblitzo sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop05:04
Doonzso crontab entry looks like this. rsync source destination >> output.to.log.file $$ rm *.log05:04
fridgeratorwill take you out of xwindows05:04
wgrantDoonz: &&, not $$05:04
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=== og420josh is now known as thatjoshguy
blitzoZatcharius, fridgerator: that brings me up to a blank screen and no console, then i have to power cycle it05:04
fridgeratorblitzo when you see a blank screen, hit alt+f105:04
Doonzbut that would clear my source directory after rsync successfully runs05:05
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest54520
fridgeratorblitzo will take you to tty105:05
blitzofridgerator what will that do05:05
ZatchariusSoappoa: Well I know rhythmbox has ipod support. Also Quod libet05:05
Alan502can somebody help me with vnstat?05:05
Topy44hm, somethings going weird... for some reason, x launches either on vt0 or vt8, but not vt7... but plymouth is on vt7 and doesnt shut down...05:05
fridgeratorblitzo when you exit x server you are on tty7, and will always be blank05:05
ZatchariusSary: Well I know rhythmbox has ipod support. Also Quod libet05:05
blitzofridgerator i know that, none of the keys to bring up a console work05:05
Zatchariusblitzo: Are you doing this in a VM?05:05
blitzozatcharius i killed X and had no console05:06
fridgeratorblitzo after you stop gdm, hitting alt+f1 doesnt work?05:06
prince_jammysyep, wubi, which he keeps forgetting to mention.05:06
chepo_fridgerator are there do that again05:06
blitzofridgerator i'll try it again - but also tell me how to restart x05:06
fridgeratorblitzo to start it you do: sudo /etc/init.d/gmd start05:06
bigredradioblitzo, /etc/init.d/gdm start05:06
AntonioXdoes anybody knows about the Channel Easypeasy ?05:07
ownerIn Ubuntu 10.04 how do you change the startup theme? it's not usplash is it05:07
Archana1owner: Plymouth themes05:07
SaryThanks to the open source community & the open source software .. i am free at last as in freedom05:07
Archana1owner http://tinyurl.com/2g5e9s605:08
fridgeratorSary  HECK YES!05:08
SaryYeah Boy :) lol05:08
Archana1Sary: !!05:08
tensorpuddinghave you tried starting in recovery mode blitzo?05:08
chepo_i accept wat next05:08
Alan502Can i get some help with vnstat and a ppp connection?05:08
AntonioXok That's a No,05:09
fridgeratorchepo_ i'll just help you here, what programs are you trying to run with wine?05:09
AntonioXNo one knows that #05:09
AntonioXin IRC05:09
SaryArchana1 .. i am only only exuding positive energy :)05:09
Izinucs!p2p | chepo_05:09
ubottuchepo_: Peer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information05:09
ownerI want to make my own plymouth theme. anyone know how?05:10
chepo_and game cube emulator i got gamecube05:10
ownerHey is there a way to uninstall plymouth and force ubuntu 10.04 to use usplash instead?05:10
AntonioXWhich version of Ubuntu would be better for a NETBOOK EEEPC from ASUS???   Ideas?05:11
Archana1owner http://tinyurl.com/2855jm5 Try this ?05:11
tacobobhey irc...i have a ati HD 5830 graphics card...I'm running the fglrx drivers....it says amd unsupported hardware on the botton right of my screen05:11
bigredradioAntonioX, xubuntu05:11
fridgeratorchepo_ instead of limewire use nicotine+05:11
AntonioXthank you may I ask why?05:11
Zatchariusfridgerator: I like frostwire personally05:11
tensorpuddingeasypeasy is good for netbooks, in my experience05:11
bigredradioAntonioX, Light-weight thinner client.05:12
fridgeratorchepo_ or use frostwire05:12
chepo_wat about gamecube emulator05:12
dd__fridgerator: i stopped gdm and came up to a blank console.  no combination of any keys got me to a terminal and i tried everything.  no terminal.  hadda power cycle again05:12
Izinucschepo_: http://www.linux.com/community/blogs/playing-nintendo-gamecube-games-on-ubuntu.html05:13
fridgeratordd_ no idea then man, sorry05:13
AntonioXI am currently using Ubuntu 1o.4 netbook edition, it good but I just wanted to know if there was something better....  Thank you all05:13
tensorpuddingdd__: can you edit your configuration files from a live environment?05:13
fridgeratorchepo_  http://www.dolphin-emu.com/05:13
tensorpuddingyou can disable X, that ought to work05:14
chepo_how do i install java runtime on terminal05:14
Saryfriggerator :   nicotine looks impressive .. thanks for pointing that out05:14
bigredradiochepo, apt-get05:14
Silent_Dreamgrub-pc is being updated, and its asking me where I want to install it05:15
chepo_thanks fridgerator05:15
tensorpuddingchepo_: if you have the software center, it shouldn't be hard to find05:15
Silent_Dreami have linux on /dev/sda6, windows on /dev/sda05:15
chepo_am hungry now for some reason05:15
fridgeratorchepo_ just google "ubuntu <program you want to use>" and you can usually easily find something05:15
TanEk_hi, does someone knows how to build a package?05:16
Silent_Dreamwhere do I install grub to05:16
Alan502Can i get some help with vnstat and a ppp connection?05:16
rizzlewhats up05:16
tensorpuddingTanEk_: you can build source packages using apt05:16
rizzleanyone running ub studio in vmware successfully05:17
Saryubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Alpha 2  is released , Looking forward for testing05:17
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: You can install it to the mbr or the first boot sector or sda05:17
SaryThanks a bunch - Canonical Ltd :05:17
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: *of sda05:17
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: Oh wait. You have windows on sda... you have to install to mbr05:18
Silent_DreamZatcharius: There are 3 choices, sda, which is windows, sda6 which is my linux partition, and another one is my flash drive obviously thats not the right one05:18
Silent_Dreamso im guessing i just select sda605:18
Sary: ) .. Be free, break the addiction .. rest in peace Micro$oft05:18
Silent_Dreamand that will still allow me to access windows05:18
Alan502Can i get some help with vnstat and a ppp connection?05:19
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: Go for it. I'm surprised there's not an option for the mbr05:19
Silent_DreamZatcharius: you sure this wont mess anything up?05:19
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: I've always installed to either mbr or first boot sector... I have no idea05:19
Silent_DreamZatcharius: I am very hesistant to do this if youre not sure05:19
rizzleanyone familiar with getting jack configured right.. i'm getting a lot of choppyness/lag05:20
tacobobhey irc...i have a ati HD 5830 graphics card...I'm running the fglrx drivers....it says amd unsupported hardware on the botton right of my screen05:20
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: sda should be your mbr05:21
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: sda1 is your windows partition05:21
Silent_DreamZatcharius: I am upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 from an older version, so I already had Grub installed05:21
alien_Do you support 10.10 alpha 2?05:21
=== emma is now known as emm
pyrodoodmy 3-component output onboard mobo ati radeon x1200 doesn't seem to work ubuntu 10.0405:22
Silent_Dreamhowever, my nvidia module apparently didndt work, so i have a low graphics desktop right now05:22
=== emm is now known as emma
Archana1alien_: #ubuntu+105:22
rsouthardcat /etc/livingroom/* | grep -ir keys......isnt working05:22
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: I'd install to sda. It's your mbr. From there grub will allow your to boot from sda6 or chainload to windows05:23
rsouthardcan someone help me? I lost my keys.05:24
rizzlethey are under your sofa05:24
ZatchariusSilent_Dream: However, you may need to edit /boot/menu.lst to point it to sda1. Usually, it's detect automatically though.05:24
Silent_DreamJordan_U, are you there05:24
ormquick question for you guys, this is the most recent wine package for youall right?  http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/wine1.205:25
tensorpuddinghow disappointing, banshee's icon in the tray completely clashes with everything else05:26
ormonly ask because 1.1.31-0ubuntu3 =is also there in the page05:26
pyrodoodhello all05:26
=== alien_ is now known as alien__
thune3Alan502: what is the question regarding vnstat?05:28
CyisAnyone use a LUKS encrypted USB drive on lucid 10.04 and notice the drives not unmounting properly like they did with karmic?05:28
Alan502thune3, I installed vnstat so it would monitor my ppp0 interface but it seems that extra bandwith is being added to the count05:29
Alan502thune3, how can i fix this?05:29
DayofswordsOk, here's my problem, running ubuntu 10.04 32-bit desktop, everytime i go system > Administration > language support, it tells me i dont have all the language tools installed, fine, but when i click install and type password, it pops up saying it could not apply changes and to fix broken packages. i open synaptic to fix them, it takes 1/10 of a second and says fixed at the bottom, i try language support again and i get t05:29
thune3Alan502: how much "extra bandwidth"?05:30
Alan502thune3, more than a GB!05:30
Alan502thune3, i realize this is happening because i am only allowed 8GB per month and vnstat is showing 9.6GB05:30
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dhanuuhow can i type malayalam font in ubuntu  abatoo05:32
Alan502thune3, googling i found this: http://forums.humdi.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=40605:32
Alan502thune3, it can be useful, but i don't know how to do it with ubuntu 10.0405:33
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dhanuuhow can i type malayalam font in ubuntu  Alan502:05:33
enavhi people im looking for a Artisteer alternative to edit Joomla templates.... any good suggestion05:34
Alan502dhanuu, i'm not sure05:34
ubottuMail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com05:34
dhanuui am a malayalee Alan502:05:35
ubottubantuan bahasa melayu? sila join #ubuntu-my05:35
Brydennhow do I change my resolution to 1440x900? All it shows right now are 4:3 and 5:4 resolutions05:35
ubottubantuan bahasa melayu? sila join #ubuntu-my05:36
Alan502!my | dhanuu05:36
ubottudhanuu: please see above05:36
Dayofswordsplease see above? hard to repeat it..05:36
Flare183!resolution | Brydenn05:37
ubottuBrydenn: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:37
Alan502thune3, hello?05:37
thune3Alan502: seems odd. i assume the vnstat statistics include the packet and protocol overhead, which might not be included in your cap. i don't know.05:37
Alan502thune3, ok thanks :)05:38
kazagistarI generated a key and certificates for an openvpn client on my server, but I cannot get them with scp because I need root privalages to access them, and the only way to get root privileges is "sudo"... ideas?05:39
WiN_Hello, I have Dell Inspiron 1564 , installed Lucid Lynx  32 Bit - my VGA is integrated Intel HD - every thing is working OK after downloading all updates yesterday as I have a fresh install , THE PROBLEM : is that when I boot my system no Plymouth theme is not  found and only up-scrolling writings! any help would be appreciated?!05:40
Blue1i just did a fresh install of 10.04.  rm -r .gconf* -- everytime I logout/login i have to re-enable compiz - why?05:41
soreauBlue1: Upgrade from 9.10?05:42
Blue1soreau: no, fresh install05:42
soreauBlue1: Try starting compiz, the close all other windows and go to sys>prefs>startup programs>options and click remember currently running apps05:42
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ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:42
Saryubottu : thanks a ton ;)05:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:43
Felicitushi, i've installed an alternative window manager (i3) which also provided a nice session which i can choose in gdm. however, when i start the session my wireless network is gone. how can I enable the wireless network in i3 or configure it system-wide? pointers to documentation appreciated05:43
Blue1soreau: there is no such option05:44
Blue1soreau: oh, other tab05:44
Blue1soreau: thanks that fixed it...05:46
soreauBlue1: startup applications>options tab05:47
arjunak01can someone help, burg themes are not working, ive installed burg and burg-themes packages but burg is not responding to key presses (t)05:50
opijhow do you create a public key in seahorse? i created a private key but i don't see my public key anywhere.05:50
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arjunak01opij: your public key is created along with private key05:51
opijarjunak01: and where is it?05:51
opijwhere is it in seahorse05:52
arjunak01opij:select your key and press export05:52
romanrishif I am trying to stream watch a movie and listen through my headphones on ubuntu10.04 how do I do it.  I plugged them in and have sound, but I also have sound coming through monitor speakers05:52
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arjunak01burg themes are not working, ive installed burg and burg-themes packages but burg is not responding to key presses (t)05:53
cipher_hello, my sound is not working. alsa is not detecting my sound drivers for some reason.05:54
sebsebsebarjunak01: Why did you do Burg?05:55
cipher_further more this command came up with no results:05:55
cipher_<Gryllida> Applications -> Accessories -> Search for files... menuitem. Seeing it for the first time, can I  know whether05:55
cipher_ohh sorry05:55
cipher_sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/* /dev/seq*05:55
arjunak01sebsebseb:because of its themes05:55
sebsebsebarjunak01: How did you find out about it?  Also you can do background images for Grub 2 by the way, and quite easilly05:55
sebsebsebarjunak01: and Burg is not stable05:56
arjunak01sebsebseb: i wont mind05:56
sebsebsebarjunak01: won't mind what?05:56
opijis there a pgp plugin for evolution?05:56
arjunak01sebsebseb: stability05:56
GryllidaOkay I started screen, then stopped it via C-w C-z, how do I open it again?05:56
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sebsebsebarjunak01: oh I am sure you would, if you can't boot up your OS05:57
arjunak01sebsebseb: i will use a live cd to restore grub05:57
sebsebsebarjunak01: and the chance of that happening with Burg is much more likely than with Grub 2 or the old Grub05:57
arjunak01sebsebseb: ive installed burg and it works, but im unable to use themes05:57
sebsebsebarjunak01: hardly anyone uses Burg by the way,  and  I don't think it is supported as such in this channel, since not default,  and not even in the Ubuntu repo I think05:57
arjunak01sebsebseb: but it looks great05:58
arjunak01sebsebseb: grub2 only supports background images05:58
harmandeephi guys05:58
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:59
harmandeepneed a bit info with PROCFS mount point ...05:59
cipher_I am not sure if anyone saw my original question, so: alsa is not detecting my sound drivers... (if it was seen sorry for re-"posting")05:59
songerwhat can i do? to improve mi wireless conection in windows goes fine05:59
songer but in ubuntu to slow05:59
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:59
harmandeepwhy are files in procfs are of Zero Byte size  ?05:59
Gryllidaharmandeep, do you expect something serious from them?06:00
sebsebsebarjunak01: This may be useful though http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/07/burg-boot-loader-installation-themeing.html06:00
harmandeepjust read from here .... http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/linux/RHL-9-Manual/ref-guide/ch-proc.html ...06:00
hiexpoIdleOne,  - this what a ubuntu desktop shouldlook like is it ok if i send you a screenshot06:00
harmandeepi know thats a virtual file system .... is this is the reason , they are Zero Byte ?06:01
harmandeep@ Gryllida ... ? ?06:01
opijcan someone please tell me how you can get PGP options in your right-click menu?06:01
cipher_i take it is a bad idea to ask a third time :p06:01
* Sary is back (gone 00:06:16)06:02
arjunak01opij: install seahorse plugins06:02
Gryllidaharmandeep, it maybe, I never tried to look into that dir06:02
opijarjunak01: which one?06:02
* Sary is away: Not @ Desk06:02
GryllidaSary, please not here06:02
arjunak01search for it in ubuntu software center06:02
cipher_fine off to debian :(06:02
arjunak01opij: sudo apt-get install seahorse-plugins06:02
SaryGryllida , just testting ;)06:02
SaryWhy my Ubuntu is faster than Windows 7 ?06:03
sebsebsebSary: since Windows is slow,  and  most Linux distros have been designed to be faster :)06:04
sebsebsebSary: also they realy did improve the boot up time in 10.04, compared to previous versions,  well when it works properly06:04
Gryllidasebsebseb, I started screen, then stopped it via C-w C-z, how do I open it again?06:04
opijarjunak01: i still don't see it in my right click menu06:05
sebsebsebGryllida: I don't use screen06:05
arjunak01opij: have you installed the package06:05
fade_yo. I'm on a new ati card ( HD5770). Is it possible to enable DRI (Direct Rendering) whilst having Compiz running (i.e. not disabling Compositing?)06:05
arjunak01opij:logout and then login06:05
rileypanyone good with java06:05
Gryllidasebsebseb, looks like it bacame a bg process, how do I open it again, ..how to do it with an any bg process?06:05
songeri don't see eny information that it can help me06:05
Gryllida!anyone | rileyp06:05
ubotturileyp: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:05
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ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:05
jbl_Gryllida, try "fg"06:06
tensorpuddingoh noes, banshee's audiobook library doesn't work right06:06
cipher_Gryllida, would you help me perhaps?06:06
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rileypIM uaing apache tomcar 606:06
cipher_jesus i am being completely ignored :(06:07
fade_i did some searching and found out i had to put  the following in xorg.conf to enable DRI:            Section "Extensions"      Option "Composite" "0"           EndSection06:07
Gryllidajbl_, how do I do fg?06:07
fade_however this yields "sluggish" window movement et al06:07
jbl_Gryllida, from the command line of shell you started screen06:08
rileyp The requested resource (/Mythpodcaster) is not available.06:08
Sarysebseseb , it's just Amazing06:08
sebsebseb!patience | cipher_06:08
ubottucipher_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:08
sebsebsebSary: indeed the 10.04 boot up is rather impressive, when it works properly,  but thats about the only impressive thing in 10.04 really,  compared to previous versions, and other distros :D06:08
tensorpuddingthe questions on here seem to often outweigh the expertise of the people active in the channel at the time06:09
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto06:09
sebsebsebtensorpudding: that depends on who is active in the channel at the time06:09
Gryllidajbl_: thanks! how do I list the bg processes I'm currently running?06:09
rileypGryllida, http://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation Ive followed the binary instrcutions06:09
jbl_Gryllida, "jobs" I think06:10
rileypGryllida, but al the install dirs are differnt in ubuntu06:10
Gryllidarileyp,ok, someone would help you out who knows shortly06:10
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SaryGreat , well it's my first Ubuntu version to use & i am in love with ;)06:10
sebsebsebSary: ok06:11
Ranjanhi is it possible to use empathy as OUTLOOK MESSENGER from ubuntu 10.04 if yes then how .. please help in this regard06:11
rileyphttp://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation Ive followed the binary instructions but all the install dirs are differnt in ubuntucutions06:12
rileyphttp://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation Ive followed the binary instructions but all the install dirs are different in ubuntu and so Im having a few problems06:12
SaryLooking forward to test Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat06:12
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SaryAlpha 2 has been released in a short time / impressive06:14
sebsebsebSary: no not really06:14
hyper_chbug 51477506:14
sebsebsebSary: what happens is06:14
sebsebsebSary: a new version comes out06:14
hyper_ch!bug 51477506:15
Sarysebsebseb : right ..06:15
sebsebsebSary: Ubuntu Open Week :)  and then soon after the Ubuntu Developer Summit, and  around that time they start work on the next version,  however alpha 1 is  very much like the stable version, same for alpha 2,  alpha 3 is where things start to change more properly.   and then the beta,  release candidate, and final release06:15
SaryEvery 6 month  !06:15
sebsebsebSary: there are bugs,  and as a newbie you shoudn't really, but  you could test 10.10 now if you really wanted to, right now there woudn't be much point in doing so though, not untill alpha3/beta06:16
SaryOh ,thats nice06:16
Takeasyhi, everyone06:16
hiexposebsebseb, how it goes06:17
sebsebsebSary: and yeah the idea is to test, and report any bugs that are found06:17
Takeasyany good web design software can be suggested?06:17
sebsebsebSary: and #ubuntu+1 is the channel for whatever version is in development at the time06:17
Sarysebsebseb Okay , got it06:17
Takeasysomething like Dreamweaver06:17
sebsebsebSary: for any support issues or chat about it06:17
Saryokay , i'll add that to me channel list06:18
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:18
Sarysebsebseb: thanks a bunch06:18
sebsebsebSary: what is kind of sweet though is how 10.10 is going to be released two weeks early,  even though,  it won't be pshyically (as in properly installed onto the hard disk, instead of a virtual machine) going on any of the computers here06:18
Takeasyany good web design software can be suggested?06:20
Takeasysomething like Dreamweaver06:20
sebsebseb!html | Takeasy06:20
Saryaghijit : Hello to you , welcome aboard06:20
ubottuTakeasy: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/06:20
sebsebsebTakeasy: You can do Dreamweaver in Wine or a Windows virtual machine06:20
mataksis there a command in terminal to block a url from accessing it?06:20
bullgard_Takeasy: You may search Synaptic descriptions for "web design".06:20
Takeasyi want some softwares which use little resources06:21
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cipher_i actually tried it in wine, it was pretty buggy.06:21
Brydennok still having resolution problems06:21
Brydennafter following the wiki it says: could not set the configuration for CXRTC 26206:22
Brydennwtf does that mean? :(06:22
Brydennsorry "CRTC 262"06:22
hiexpo!language | Brydenn06:24
ubottuBrydenn: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:24
ownerhow do I add the old fashioned shut down button to my Gnome menu in Ubuntu 10.04?06:24
Brydennhiexpo... i didnt swear, chill06:24
RProgrammerTakeasy: Any text editor is sufficient to write HTML, but a syntax highlighted editor is easier, like gedit, kate, or jEdit06:25
RProgrammerhiexpo: I wish somebody would do that in ##linux06:25
TakeasyRProgrammer: yes, a syntax lighlighted editor is what i want06:25
owneranyone know how to add a shutdown button to my menu?06:25
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RProgrammerTakeasy: I use jEdit, but that's just my preference06:25
ownerI know the GnomeXP script can do it somehow06:25
RProgrammerI believe kate and gedit have highlighting06:25
hiexpoRProgrammer,  itshows a lake of respectfor others06:26
TakeasyGEdit right?06:26
ownerTakeasy ya you know about the GnomeXP script right?06:26
RProgrammerTakeasy: yep.  The great thing about ubuntu (or debian in general) is that you can install a bunch of apps, find which one you like, and remove the others without any grief06:26
ownermakes Gnome look just like XP06:27
Takeasyowner: sorry, i 'm new to this06:27
ownerit also makes the menu like Windows 200006:27
ownerI just want to get the shut down / log off menus in my menu06:27
RProgrammermataks: What do you mean?06:27
=== nimbiotics is now known as nimbiotics_
ownerRProgrammer I mean that when I click my menu in Gnome on the task bar I want it to give me the option to shut down my computer or log off06:28
Takeasyi'm happy with the xubuntu layout right now06:28
hiexpowhy does onewhat to look like windows06:28
ownerRProgrammer that's what I mean06:28
hiexpo^ want06:28
ownerLike in Windows when you can click start and shutdown06:28
sebsebsebhiexpo: hi06:28
mataksRProgrammer,  i want to block a site..06:29
mawstAnyone suggest a good language or tool to use to parse a website (in the case a dictionary) and change the formatting a bit (for use in a software)?06:29
gwernRProgrammer: blocking a URL? you mean like in /etc/hosts?06:29
hiexpothat makes absolutely no sense i don't want run windows but i want the look and feel of windows  !windows06:29
RProgrammerowner: I was talking to mataks, but isn't there a power icon menu in the top right corner?   What version/flavor of Ubuntu are you using?06:30
RProgrammermataks: Block what exactly?06:30
ChrisMorganAt the start of the year, I installed Ubuntu 9.10 next to Vista, so it's dual boot.  Now I'm wanting to kill the NTFS partition completely (never booted into it since and I want to enlarge my ext4 partition).06:30
ownerRProgrammer your right it is in the upper right hand corner but that is anoying06:30
mataksRProgrammer, i want to block the site facebook from accessing it.. how?06:30
ownerwhy can't it be like it always was before 9.1006:30
ChrisMorganBut the NTFS partition (sda1) has the flag "boot" and the ext4 partition, sda5, doesn't, so I'm wondering if it's safe to kill the partition or if I would wreck it so it couldn't boot.06:30
gwernmataks: try googling /etc/hosts06:31
gwernmataks: if you can't figure it out for yourself06:31
Nemesishello to all06:31
Nemesisi am new to linux06:31
RProgrammerowner: Try using the menu editor (ask someone for the actual command name, I can't remember, and I don't have a working system right now)06:31
hiexpoChrisMorgan,  it is best that you back up what you want to keep on an external drive an do a fresh install of ubuntu 9.10   > that is the best andproper way06:32
ChrisMorgan(It's 10.04 now)06:32
ownerRProgrammer I used the menu editor. It does not give the option to add it back06:32
hiexpoChrisMorgan,  well 10.04 if thats what you prefer06:32
RProgrammermataks: You mean you want to stop programs on your system from going out and accessing facebook.com?06:32
Nemesiscan someone tell me how to minimize the laggy GUI?06:32
ChrisMorganhiexpo: why would I do it that way?  That would just be troublesome.  All I need is to make sure that grub will work properly.06:33
imyousufI am using a ubuntu box as gateway to the internet on my LAN where there is around 10+ computer/devices connected. I want to be able to control how much bandwidth each computer is using, i.e. traffic shaping. Can someone please guide me on how to achieve it?06:33
RProgrammerNemesis: There are a lot of ways, try googling for "ubuntu GUI performance"06:33
hiexpoChrisMorgan,  ok if thats the way you prefer06:33
Nemesiscan be uninstalled videocard is the reason?06:34
ChrisMorganI can't work out why I'd go for a clean installation at all... I have it all set up how I like it, it'd be troublesome having to get everything again.  What reason do you have for recommending to do it that way, hiexpo?06:34
RProgrammerowner: Then I'm not sure there is a way without using gconf (which is analogous to the Windows registry)06:34
Nemesisi mean uninstalled videocard driver06:34
hiexpoChrisMorgan,  because it will be a train wreck trust me06:35
Kuroganeany1 knows this error "Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console" ?06:35
RProgrammerNemesis: Not using the video card would definitely slow down the GUI06:35
mataksRProgrammer, no, i want to stop accessing facebook from browser06:35
RProgrammerNemesis: I'm kind of in the same boat at the moment, actually06:35
ChrisMorganhiexpo: for what reason?  I would have /thought/ that all it would be would be setting the flags and possibly reinstalling grub?06:35
Nemesisbecause i dont know how to install it06:36
hiexpoChrisMorgan,  your on dual boot right ?06:36
ChrisMorganCurrently, yes.  Though I rather doubt that Vista would boot, I've ripped out its innards somewhat.06:36
Nemesisi am afraid to have an error installing drivers06:36
RProgrammermataks: Right, you want to keep your browser from making outbound connections to facebook.com.  The most common way to do that is with a hosts file block, though you should probably check if your particular browser has any preferred way of doing that first.06:36
ChrisMorganAnd in gparted, it reports that the ntfs partition has the "boot" flag, while the ext4 partition doesn't.  That's why I'm concerned.06:37
illacI'd suggest host file as well06:37
hiexpoChrisMorgan,  because vista is the controlling boot loader right now with your dual boot06:38
jootCan anyone please advise me on which satellite card to get working in Ubuntu?06:38
ChrisMorganThat's what I suspected.  Would moving the boot flag from sda1 to sda5 do, do you think?06:38
RProgrammerNemesis: Normally, I would say "you can always fix it", but with this issue I am having, the i915 module (driver for intel GMA cards) sometimes leaves the system in an unbootable state (without grub hacking)06:38
Nemesisis ati 9200 compatible for ubuntu?06:39
hiexpo!ati | Nemesis06:40
ubottuNemesis: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:40
hiexpoNemesis,  yeppers06:41
shine_Where am I06:41
hiexposhine_,  planet earth06:42
RProgrammershine_: Can you see the topic?06:42
RProgrammercurrent topic is: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC | Pastes to http://ubuntu.pastebin.com | Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) is released! | Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 | Download: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu | Please try to ask questions on one line, don't use enter as punctuation06:42
FloodBot2RProgrammer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:42
RProgrammerArgh, I wondered if that was too much06:42
jootIt was06:43
RProgrammerEvery channel has a different threshold06:43
Takeasyany web development software with ftp function?06:44
JackStoneri need a music organizer for gnome with lyric support06:45
MaRk-IRProgrammer: intel........ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes06:45
kazagistarTakeasy: er, what exactly do you want to do?06:45
RProgrammerTakeasy: Try network-mounting the ftp server, which will make it like a usb flash drive06:46
RProgrammerTakeasy: then any application can upload(save), or download(open) files on it, since it appears simply as a folder.06:47
Takeasyi'm using bluefish, but i have to upload my file to your host in filezilla everytime i edit06:47
Takeasythanks, ill  check that out06:47
hiexpoRProgrammer,  you mentioned #linux earlier what distro did you use befor ubuntu?06:49
RProgrammerWell, I used a Mac before Ubuntu, and before that I used vanilla debian (but that was before ubuntu existed)06:49
=== gobbo is now known as _gobbo
RProgrammererr, Mac OS X on a Mac06:50
Prasoonhow to connect external driver to the OS installed in Virutal box? I have windows7 inside Ubuntu06:50
Prasoonexternal hard-disk i mean.06:50
RProgrammerMaRk-I: Thanks, but I'm using i915, and I've gotten around the freezing.  My problem now is that I can't use 'startx' from a user account, while it works fine from root.06:51
Nemesishelp i cant find any binary drivers in hardwaredrivers application in ubuntu as the tut said to go there and no drivers available06:53
hiexpoRProgrammer,  just in ubuntu no startx ?06:53
hiexpoRProgrammer,   the only problem i have have ever had with x is pentoo  but it was built that way to do so06:54
JensBhi everybody06:55
mawstJensB :)06:55
Nemesishelp please06:55
RProgrammerhiexpo: Well, I've found that there's a bug in the i915 module for some laptops, my Dell Latitude E6410 being one of them (bug #561802), but I was able to get X working in low-graphics mode by blacklisting the i915 module and uninstalling xserver-xorg-video-intel, but startx still gives a blank screen when invoked from the user account.06:55
Prasoonhow to connect external hard-disk to a OS operating in a virtual box?06:55
JensBI am still using 8.04 LTS as a samba server. Some users have reported that Samba 3.0.28-11 (8.04 version with all updates) reports incorrect file allocation sizes (all files shown are at least 1MB in size). Is this a known bug?06:55
epoundymousis there a way to redirect standard audio to mic input?06:56
abhijitPrasoon, do you hvae usb enabled?06:56
RProgrammerhiexpo: It gives the message "No protocol specified" over and over to stderr06:56
hiexpoRProgrammer,  ya dell has issues06:56
Takeasysame situation , RProgrammer06:56
Prasoonabhijit, let me check.06:56
RProgrammerYet Dell is the one that ships Ubuntu machines!06:56
RProgrammerI figured it would be ok06:56
Nemesishelp i cant detect and binary drivers06:57
Prasoonabhijit, where to check? on the virtual box settings? how can i enable it?06:57
RProgrammerNemesis: Use the command 'lspci' and look for the exact model of your graphics card06:57
abhijitPrasoon, yes06:58
jootCan anyone please advise me on which satellite card to get working in Ubuntu?06:58
hiexpoRProgrammer, the most compatible  machines i have found is compac/hp for linux06:58
Nemesisi did it and wats next06:58
abhijitPrasoon, there is option enable usb. on the right hand side of the dialog there is 4 icons indiacting of usb you need to edit that06:58
abhijitPrasoon, also it is only in virtual box and not in virtual box ose.06:59
basslinerdid anyone manage to preseed 10.04 so that the installer doesn't ask you for the partitioning method?06:59
Prasoonyea...i am using virtual box06:59
RProgrammerhiexpo: I had just given up on my compaq presario laptop with almost the same problem (but much worse) before switching to dell06:59
RProgrammerNemesis: Well, what is the exact model?06:59
Prasoonabhijit, i have serial ports disabled..is that what should be enabled??06:59
abhijitPrasoon, no read my above post07:00
NemesisATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200] (rev 01)07:00
bullgard_Evolution reports with a certain received e-mail: "Signature exists, but need public key." What does Evolution need a public key fo? Where should I obtain it from?07:00
hiexpoRProgrammer,  what model i run a compac and have never had one bit of an issue07:00
Prasoonabhijit, ok07:00
hiexpoRProgrammer,  maybe i gotlucky lol07:00
RProgrammerhiexpo: CQ6107:01
NemesisRProgrammer: ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200] (rev 01)07:02
RProgrammerhiexpo: But from my other experiences and what I've read is that compaq is the cheap brand, in money and quality07:02
hiexpoRProgrammer,  wrong on that  buddy this lappy i am on would blow your mind with whats on it and what it will do  > unbelievable in fact i bought a second as a spare for backup07:04
RProgrammerhiexpo: What model do you have?07:05
RProgrammerNemesis: It looks like this is an unresolved bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/48636707:06
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hiexpoRProgrammer,  1 sec07:07
RProgrammerWelcome to my world07:07
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest18545
Stranger-2Hello all07:07
hiexporpr f70007:08
Stranger-2How to run the udev rules for already connected device ( which is unbinded from the driver ) ?07:08
_gobboSo I'm currently getting internet on my computer via my Droid; anyone think it'd be pushing the network any if I were to upgrade to 10.04? 2 GB over a 3G network?07:09
NemesisRProgrammer: no,that's not my video card there's no "pro" in it.its just rv280 920007:09
i-pinkhii all07:09
illaclol goodluck gobbo07:09
i-pinkhow i can put 2 clocks in the panel?07:10
_gobboi-pink: right click on panel, "add to panel"07:10
illacI can hardly stand to use ssh when I'm on 3G, let alone pull down a 2 GB image07:10
hiexpoi-pink,  why u want 2 clocks07:11
_gobboillac: I know, that's why I was figuring it'd be worth asking before just diving into it...07:11
MaRk-Ii-pink: right-click the pannel select "add to panel", window pops up select "clock"07:11
illacit can be done, but it's gonna take about a week ;)07:11
hiexpoi-pink,  sorry wasn't thinking 2 time zones oops my bad07:11
i-pinkbut is the same time07:11
_gobboactually, this connection is pretty damn fast for a phone, over 1 Mbps07:11
RProgrammerNemesis: Hmm, yeah you're right, though it still may affect it.  How did you determine that the driver wasn't being used?07:11
i-pinkin need in one of them the time in US07:12
illacyea, well you're on sprint, I'm used to T-mo's garbage network :/07:12
Stranger-2How to run the udev rules for already connected device ( which is unbinded from the driver ) ?07:12
_gobboVerizon, actually.  Mostly what I'm worried about is getting a call from them saying "Yeah...don't do that.  Too much."07:12
illacahh that's right, the Evo is sprint, my bad07:13
RProgrammerhiexpo: Hm, I guess I'll give compaq a second look next time.  But that doesn't help me now since I have no more money to spend and I'm counting on this Latitude to last me a few years.07:13
i-pink_gobbo, hiexpo MaRk-I - but is the same time, in need in one of them the time in US07:13
MaRk-Ii-pink: right click clock "preferences" change time... heh07:13
hiexpo_gobbo,  verizon will just charge you07:13
illachasn't Verizon gotten in hot water for their "unlimited" data plans getting cut off after like a gig in the past?07:14
Nemesisbecasue i didnt install it07:14
i-pinkMaRk-I, but is change the time in all the clocks!07:14
ross__i am currently experiencing tremendous lag with my ubuntu07:14
Songeri'm trying to follow the guide to fix grub because i upgrade to lucid and now i cannot acces to windows07:14
kuttanhas anybody installed pvops/dom0 kernel on lucid lynx successfully07:14
MaRk-Ii-pink: well just add another location\07:15
ross__how do you fix the lag? how do you find out what is causing it?07:15
hiexpoRProgrammer,   - i am a penetration tester and can run a wpa dictionart attack 502 wps07:15
kuttan<Songer> just try "sudo update-grub " , that shld do07:15
illacross what kind of lag? Network or like UI?07:15
i-pink<MaRk-I> but if i make a location, ineed to click on the clock to see the time in us..07:15
terBothow do i uninstall an older version of an application (package) on my PC07:15
terBotrunning ubuntu 10.04 (lucid)07:16
imyousufI am using a ubuntu box as gateway to the internet on my LAN where there is around 10+ computer/devices connected. I want to be able to control how much bandwidth each computer is using, i.e. traffic shaping. Can someone please guide me on how to achieve it?07:16
i-pinkMaRk-I> and this pc is media center..07:16
i-pinkMaRk-I, i need some why to show 2 clocks07:16
VigterBot: There are a few ways, are you using Terminal, Synaptic Package manger or something like that?07:17
ross__illac : i don't know it just lags07:17
RProgrammerNemesis: The vast majority of video card drivers should work out-of-the box with Ubuntu, no install needed.  I take it that's not your case, though.07:17
terBotVig: I don't mind which ever07:17
ross__illac : i used the top command to see what is using up the ram and 97% of the cpu is being utilized by the mozilla bin07:17
kuttandom0 kernel anyone ?07:17
terBotVig: with synaptic, it shows me only the version of the package that i got from a repository07:18
illacdoes it like hang when you maximize a window? like it stops responding for a few seconds then does what you want?07:18
ross__illac : so how do you fix it?07:18
terBotVig: however, i installed more recent versions via dpkg07:18
terBotVig: so i don't think synaptic can help on this07:18
illackill the process?07:18
VigterBot: Here is the Debian page on that: http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/doc/debian/ch-dpkg.html07:18
ross__illac : no i need to run the browsers lol07:18
illacand start using Chrome ;)07:18
ross__chrome? is that better? illac?07:19
ross__let me try chrome07:19
illacI prefer it07:19
terBotVig: thanks.. will have a look07:19
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:19
illacFirefox is known for it's memory leaks07:19
VigterBot: And yes, the GUIs may leave crud behind, CLI with dpkg is one of the surest ways.07:19
ross__does anyone like to comment on the usage of chromium browser?07:20
ubuntukuttan, it says: grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /.07:20
thune3Stranger-2: maybe examine "udevadm trigger" command. I looks like it may do what you are asking. See udevadm man page.07:20
illacross -> sudo aptitude install google-chrome-stable07:20
hiexpoross__,  what comes with ubuntu ?07:20
Stranger-2thune3, ok.thnx.07:20
ross__hiexpo : i don't know you tell me?07:21
hiexpoross__,  firefox07:21
ross__hiexpo: ok07:21
terBotVig: i fear that using the -r switch will remove all versions of the app07:21
ross__hiexpo: so what does that mean? should I keep using firefox instead of chrome or no?07:21
=== thatjoshguy is now known as og420josh-inacti
terBotVig: are you aware if this is the case?07:21
ross__hiexpo: perhaps another browser you'd like to recommend?07:22
=== og420josh-inacti is now known as og420josh-snooz
illacyou can run chromium as well, I think Chrome comes with some extra plugins or something regarding Flash... I don't recall the difference07:22
terBotVig: I've got three versions.. and i actually wanna remove just one - the oldest07:22
tensorpuddingChrome supports h.264 and WebM, which I hear is lacking in Chromium.07:22
VigterBot: No, read section 16.5, but also I always make a backup , just in case.07:22
hiexpoross__,  usually whatever comes with ubuntu is usually been tested and works best mostly07:22
ross__hiexpo : yes that's what i thought but some reason firefox is causing my system to operate very slowly07:23
illacI knew it was something along those lines ;)07:23
thune3ross__: firefox benefits from periodic restarting. Occasionally it can "get lost" and requires killing. I recommend adding system monitor to your panel so you can quickly see if cpu or memory are out of bounds.07:23
hiexpoross__,  do you have an add on creating issues07:23
VigterBotL Often times it is cleaner to remove/purge all, then install/fetch the one that you wish, keeps the kernel cleaner also.07:23
ross__thune3: system monitor? where would that be under? I think ih ave it07:23
tensorpuddingI don't think Firefox supports h.264 at all, though it may support WebM.07:24
illacross just give chrome a try, if you don't like it get rid of it, but I find it to be much more stable, a lot faster, and just all around better ... minus the bastardized windowing07:24
ross__thune3 : yes i do07:24
VigterBot: Ever tried BleachBit, Sweeper or Computer Janitor?07:25
terBotVig: thanks... i'm in the middle of development.. and its a netbeans IDE that i'm trying to uninstall.. can't take chances now.. cos it might cost me some time.. to set everything back up.. will try later then07:25
ross__can you tell me what is memory and swap history is under the system monitor?07:25
terBotVig: not yet. . will have a look07:25
ross__ah damn it brb I'll just reboot real quick and see if it helps07:25
* Sary is away: Not @ Desk07:25
illacross, give htop a look as well, you'll have to install it via aptitude, but it's a bit more friendly on the eyes07:26
sebsebseb!away > Sary07:26
ubottuSary, please see my private message07:26
thune3ross__: it would be more interesting for you to close firefox and see if *that* helps07:26
illacI bet $5 it does :D07:26
VigterBot: I know Computer Janitor is a pretty hefty and clean GUI pkg cleaner/maintainer, is installed on a default system, give that a run, or go Synaptic and find Old/Broken, that is ine Sections area, bottom Left.07:27
illacVig why not just use aptitude?07:28
Vigillac: I forgot,,,07:28
ross___ok i am back07:28
ross___i am currently performing system testing, perhaps you guys can tell me if it's good or not07:29
illacahh k, was just curious, thought it might have something good07:29
ross___timing cahced reads = 1053.31 mb/sec, timing buffered disk reads = 71.70 mb/sec07:29
Vigillac: It is kinda, shhhhhh07:29
moymoyI keep hearing my laptop park its drive, why does it do that? Doesn't it damage the drive?07:29
illachaha secrets safe w/ me07:29
ross___test am i still connected?07:30
illacmoymoy it's a setting under power management, it's to save battery.  A spinning platter is a power hunger drive.07:30
=== double_rainbow is now known as double-rainbow
Vigross____: sorta07:31
moymoyillac: thanks, but this is happening while my AC adapter is plugged in. =\07:31
Vigmoymoy: Gnome?07:32
double-rainbowhi. when i go system > pref > appearence > themes and change it to dust sand, my gnome-terminal background colour goes funny. i try to change it in profile prefs > colors (in gnome-terminal) but whatever color i choose the background comes out wrong like its on some kind of filter?07:32
moymoyVig: xfce407:32
=== ross___ is now known as RossTaylor
Vigmoymoy: What version or kernel are you using?07:32
evildouble-rainbow: press CTRL+ALT+F307:32
moymoyusing the latest stable release from kernel.org07:33
moymoyVig: using the latest stable release from kernel.org07:33
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution07:33
double-rainbowevil: that just takes me to a virtual terminal07:33
double-rainbowi like gnome-terminal07:33
evilmy bad.. CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE07:33
double-rainbowevil: all that did was make the mouse cursor go away until i moved the mouse07:34
=== og420josh-snooz is now known as og420josh
Vigmoymoy: Ohh a tester, sweet, what illiac stated is probably it, some Power Saver feature/program, I had to do a custom install on this desktop to trim alot of that away.07:35
thune3double-rainbow: you can change the background/transparency of gnome terminal in the Edit->Profile Preferences->Background Tab. Can something there solve your issue?07:35
Niglopare there any video programs that come close to sony vegas in ubuntu?07:35
illaccheck your power management, under Gnome I know there is a setting to spin down the drives whenever possible even on AC.07:36
moymoyVig: Ah.. I'm all for testing, but i'd hate to have this drive die on me07:36
decoNiglop: because you haven't developed one07:36
decooh wait07:36
Niglopwat deco?07:36
Nigloplearn to read07:36
decoNiglop: are you the mushroom guy ?07:36
decoyou are!07:36
decodon't lie07:36
VigNiglop: Pitivi maybe..07:37
decoNiglop: is an epic troll guys07:37
neo_hi i need help connecting evolution for exchange 2007 server07:37
* hiexpo haha07:37
Niglopvig does it work the same with markers and splitting shortcuts etc etc?07:37
neo_i am trying evolution-mapi plugin.. but no luck07:37
VigNiglop: I have no idea, I do not play with vid files or stuff. I just heard others say it was good.07:38
double-rainbowthune3: yep thats got it. the funny colours came from that because i'm not using the fancy desktop effects because they seem to not get along with flash07:38
neo_anyone tried it ?07:38
=== og420josh is now known as og420josh-sleep
Vigmoymoy: You on a laptop?07:39
illacvig: I think he said he was07:39
Vigilliac: Thank you07:40
illacmoymoy: sudo gnome-power-manager07:40
illacmoymoy: I think there is an xfce4-power-manager as well07:40
netwidgethi, new to Ubuntu, installed ubuntu server 10.04 without domain name for local domain.  how do I do this after install?07:41
MaRk-Ineo:/join #evolution07:41
neo_thanks Mark07:41
=== dmb_ is now known as Guest16683
moymoyVig: yeah, i'm on a laptop07:43
moymoyillac: yeah i'm using xfce4-power-manager, but i don't have it auto adjusting my machine for performance/batterylife. I only have it so that my brightness control keyboard buttons would work07:44
Vignetwidget: LAMP?07:45
illactry the is spinning down the drives enabled when on AC?07:45
Niglopare there any hardware help channels ?07:45
neo__list *evolution*07:46
illacminus the try :/07:46
netwidgetduring install ubuntu asks for a computer name and then a domain name.  I left it the domain name blank because it said it could be added later07:46
VigNiglop: #hardware07:46
Niglop* Cannot join #hardware (Channel is invite only).07:46
moymoyillac: i don't have it set to spin down the drives, but that's exactly what it's doing07:47
Niglop* Cannot join #hardware (Channel is invite only).07:47
mikerui'm tired of msging nickserv everytime for identifying07:48
VigNiglop: checking for resources,,,07:48
mikeruwhat to do in xchat for automatic identify??07:48
seidosanyone know how I can apply this patch to xchat:  http://xchat.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/xchat?revision=1367&view=revision07:48
Niglopgo to network list and under the network you are connecting to put your nick and nickserv pass in07:49
Vig!register | mikeru07:49
ubottumikeru: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode07:49
illacmoymoy : try looking into /etc/hdparm.conf07:49
mikeru(I've already registered my nickname... and I already found what I wanted.)07:49
thune3!hostname | netwidget Is this what you are talking about?07:49
ubottunetwidget Is this what you are talking about?: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.07:49
illacthey might need to raise the spindown time in there?07:49
mikeru| Niglop:07:49
moymoyillac: i have hddparm -B254 set.. so powersave shouldn't be on =\07:50
hiexpowhy u need a patch for xchat ?07:50
zusjust got wow to run  has anyone any ideas to reduce lag?07:50
moymoyillac: i give up. I'm also tired.07:50
Niglopdoes anybody know why #hardware is invite only07:50
zususing  wine **07:50
moymoyillac: goodnight (or morning depending on where you live)07:51
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:51
Vigmoymoy: Is that using kpowersave?07:53
illache left vig07:53
Vigilliac: Thank you.07:54
Vigillac: Thank you07:54
netwidgetI'm not sure if hostname is what I mean.  I have a network and I am trying to get server and clients to recognize each other for file sharing.  I have set static for both server and client computers.  I have added the following to /etc/hosts file in client computer to recognize server servermain  when I run mount -a I get the following error: "mount.nfs: mount to NFS server 'servermain.local:/home/james' failed: RPC Error: Program not registe07:56
Tamnakzin 8.10, I have a .iso image of a movie DVD. I have no dvd burner, but would like to watch the video, any easy options?07:57
VigTamnakz: Brazero, K3b, there are many.many07:58
Vig!multimedia | Tamnkaz07:59
ubottuTamnkaz: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:59
netwidget/etc/exports file on servermain has the following added: " home/james, no_root_squash)07:59
illacTamnakz : vlc player +  libcdio = .iso support07:59
Jordan_UTamnakz: VLC (and most other players) can play from iso files.07:59
Jordan_U!caps | Niglop07:59
ubottuNiglop: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:59
Tamnakzvig, brazero won't let me do ANYthing. . . it sees I don't have a dvd burner, errors, and closes itself07:59
Niglopyou can read it but you dont answer07:59
abhijitNiglop, ask in #freenode08:00
Tamnakzjordan_u vlc gives me nothing, do you know if I have to change any settings?08:00
Niglopthnx bud08:00
busfahrerExcuse me, I'm using gwibber included in Ubuntu 10.04 (2.30), and have a very strange problem: When at home, I can send tweets without a problem, but I don't get any tweets from other people. When at university with the same laptop (WLAN), I get all the other tweets fine. What on earth could the problem be? :-)08:00
illacTamnakz : you need  libcdio to use it with VLC08:00
Jordan_UTamnakz: I don't know what "gives me nothing" means.08:00
Tamnakzillac libcdio? can you elaborate?08:01
abhijitbusfahrer, someone from gwibber bug team suggest me to install proposed updates. you also try that08:01
Tamnakzjordan_u It doesn't play the file. the 'trackbar' moves like it's reading someehint, but I have no video or audio08:01
Tamnakz*reading something08:01
Jordan_UTamnakz: How did you create / get the iso?08:01
Tamnakzmy brother made it for me08:01
VigTamnakz: Totem?08:02
illactamnakz : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VLC_media_player  <-- search for .iso08:02
tripelbMonitor has wrong driver since I changed computer(and video card natch) find situation here ---> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9599054#post9599054 --> I'll look in later for reply if time goes bye. Thanks. --- It's been 6 hours with no answer so I'll try again.08:03
illactamnakz : http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-220662.html08:03
Tamnakzillac the wiki only states that it can play .iso but doens't specify how08:03
* scriptwarlock waves hello08:04
tripelbscriptwarlock, hello08:04
scriptwarlocktripleb: howdy guys08:04
=== WakkaWakka_ is now known as WakkaWakka
busfahrerabhijit: Thanks, I just did apt-get update and dist-upgrade, that didn't help... or did you mean update from 3rd party sources?08:04
tripelbcan you answer my question scriptwarlock ?08:04
Jordan_UTamnakz: Any reason you're still using 8.10?08:04
scriptwarlocktripleb: what is it?08:04
abhijitbusfahrer, in your  software source you have to select 'proposed updates' then install them08:05
thune3netwidget: sorry i'm not up on nfs. searching your error message seemed to yeild various suggestions. firewall/netmask/allow/deny/make_sure_both_server_processes_are_running...  etc08:05
Tamnakzjordan_u it's what I started with, absolutely love it, what's the reason to upgrade?08:05
illactamnakz : according to that forum archine VLC player supports it by just using the file->open dialog and pointing it at the DVD .iso08:05
abhijitbusfahrer, you are on lucid?08:05
=== jeraldveloso is now known as waterboy0911
busfahrerabhijit: Yes. Do you mean "Pre-released updates (lucid-proposed)"?08:06
riboti har an ftp server, but i cannot connect with a normal client with it, however it works to connect with filezilla.. any way to make all ftp clients work with it?08:06
abhijitbusfahrer, yes08:06
busfahrerabhijit: I'll try that, thanks.08:06
abhijitbusfahrer, ok08:06
KingGuruAnyone having network problems on 10.04?08:07
Jordan_UTamnakz: It won't be supported much longer, so you'll have to upgrade eventually.08:07
Niglopcommand to check what mobo i have?08:07
tripelbMonitor has wrong driver since I changed computer(and video card natch) find situation here ---> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9599054#post9599054 --> Hey, and thanks.08:07
Tamnakzjordan_u not until I'm forced to :)08:07
AAAKingGuru  I've had 'flakey' issues with nm in 10.408:08
TamnakzI'm still learning. . . I set up what I had to, and am learning the bits and pieces as needed08:08
=== Guest18545 is now known as RaNdY
tripelbMonitor has LOW RESOLUTION prolly wrong driver since I changed computer(and video card natch) find situation here ---> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9599054#post9599054 --> Hey, and thanks.08:08
Nemesismoymoy: youre filipino ritgt?08:08
Tamnakzuntil I feel comfortable working in terminal, I'd rather stay where I'm comfy08:08
kane77I'm looking for a program that would display previews for all images in folder (and subfolders). I need to find some images on my harddrive.08:08
Jordan_UTamnakz: Next time you should install an LTS release :)08:08
tripelbkane77 I suggest Picasa08:08
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest60770
KingGuruAAA: anything to do..   after installing I don't have network in window either. If i try the cables in other computers I have no problems..08:08
tripelbpicasa works well08:08
Tamnakzjordan_u lts reliease?08:09
abhijitkane77, f-spot?08:09
Jordan_U!lts | Tamnakz08:09
ubottuTamnakz: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)08:09
kazagistarok, I configured a vpn (running over the network interface tap0). how do I convince starcraft, running over wine, to send it's UDP networking data to that interface, instead of eth0?08:09
kane77tripelb, thanks, I was trying f-spot but it crashed since there is lik 600k images :)08:09
busfahrerabhijit: There are a lot of updates available, I don't want to install them all. However, there is no update for "gwibber". Is the update in another package?08:09
tripelbkane77, no not fspot. picasa will find all the image on the hard-drive. google makes picasa08:09
Jordan_UTamnakz: 8.04 will be supported much longer than 8.10 :)08:09
kazagistaror basically, how do I get a program to use a specific interface for networking08:09
abhijitbusfahrer, you can manualy deselect the update you dont want. i dont know about any package. i just know only that08:10
moosekakahi i am running dd-wrt firmware on my dlink router and on my ubuntu network manager when it connects via wireless to router, the signal strenght is shown maximum, but it cannot connect to internet (unable to resolve host)08:10
Tamnakzjordan_u if I knew ahead of time I would've waited/installed an older version. . . it was a must do situation though where ubuntu had to be used. . . wasn't the first option, but now it is!08:10
AAAKingGuru  if you suspect network-manager as the issue do : $ service network-manager stop <-- and then try to bring up your iface manual, like $ ifconfig wlan0 up && dhclient3 wlan008:10
=== wildbat_laptop is now known as wildbat
AAAKingGuru  where wlan0 = the iface in question08:10
tripelbkane77, you're welcome - have fun with it. (BTW windows has a more advanced version of picasa for editing images. FYI08:10
forrestvis there a channel for ubuntu maintainers or discussing bugs?08:11
kane77tripelb, I don't need editing just now to find those images would be fine for now.. :)08:11
AAAKingGuru  to make a specific app, like mysql or apache use that IP, you'll need to edit the config for that daemon08:11
TamnakzI'm just gonna have to give up on the iso for tonight :(08:11
Tamnakzthanks folks!08:11
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
illacsorr tam :(08:11
Tamnakzillac no reason! VLC SHOULD play it. . .08:12
TamnakzI knwo the same file was sent to two continents and three corners of the US without problem. . .08:12
thune3tripelb: i just spend 5 minutes reading that thread, only to find that the problem was fixed :(   and then you only asked "how do I fix monitor resolution with my Nvidia card?".08:12
Tamnakzbrothers are in the military, send video back and forth. . .08:12
Tamnakzthis is the first he sent as an ISO though, company dvd him and a few others whippedup08:12
TamnakzI most likely hvae a bad file . . . I'm gonna start downloading it from his server again, should have the new file by morning08:13
Jordan_UTamnakz: Actually, Desktop support for 8.10 has already ended...08:13
AAATamnakz  does the md5sum match for both the downloaded file and the one on the web?08:13
illacTamnakz: apparently mplayer can do it from cli08:13
AAAillac  Tamnakz mplayer/mencoder does all!08:13
TamnakzI've tried vlc, mplayer, smplayer, movie player and totem08:13
Tamnakznone work. . .08:14
AAATamnakz  then you haven't compiled mplayer with all the foo08:14
AAATamnakz  or your file is b0rk08:14
niugaoubuntu10.04 How to install sopacast08:14
Tamnakzas discussed, the file is likely corrupted08:14
AAATamnakz  you can also ffmpeg -i /path/to/file08:15
Tamnakzillac jordan_u thanks for the help!08:15
Tamnakzaaa downloading a fresh file to see what happens onthe morrow08:15
Jordan_UTamnakz: You're welcome.08:15
Tamnakznight (morning?) all!08:15
illacdid you try running with with verbose08:15
illacsee if any errors pop out?08:15
AAATamnakz  cool. make sure the md5sums match08:15
Tamnakzillac verbose?08:15
tripelbthune3, It was fixed. Then that computer had bad RAM. With the computer change came a different video card and hence the same problem, not having hte config file right.08:16
tripelbSo I marked it unsolved08:16
neo-1209anyone there?08:16
tripelbthere are scores of us here08:17
AAA!ask > neo-120908:17
ubottuneo-1209, please see my private message08:17
tripelbtask >tripelb08:17
tripelbtask > tripelb08:17
illacI'm not familiar with mplayer, assumed their was a debug or verbose mode08:17
tripelbAAA what does "task >" do?08:18
AAAillac  mplayer -vvv08:18
AAAillac  or just one =p08:18
AAAtripelb  uuuuh, nothing afaik. did I paste sthat on accident?08:18
tripelb!ask > tripelb08:19
ubottutripelb, please see my private message08:19
tripelbAAA OIC08:19
illactry that tamnakz, mplayer -v dvd.iso08:19
illacsee if it gives an error?08:19
thune3tripelb: if you aren't using proprietary drive, you don't need a config file. A) don't mark solved issues as unsolved because you have a *new* *unrelated* problem. B) don't point people in #ubuntu to an *irrelevant* thread. C) just state your new problem here as a new problem with the information you have.08:19
AAATamnakz  extra v is good :)08:19
=== administrator is now known as Guest42139
AAATamnakz  v == verbose FYI08:20
tripelbthune3, I didnt have a new unrelated problem. that was the same thing AND all the background was on that thread.08:20
thune3tripelb: it's a NEW computer, how can it be related?08:20
tripelbthune3, with all respect. I see it differently.08:20
illacI just installed mplayer and grabbed a vid -v is indeed verbose, and should let you know the state of your file and if it's corrupt08:20
tripelbthune3, same hard drive.08:20
thune3tripelb: if you didn't install proprietary drivers, just move the Xorg.conf to Xorg.conf.old, and reboot!08:21
illacXorg.conf has often made my heart hurt08:22
AAAillac  not like XR11 crap...08:22
illacI just know when I break it I panic08:23
tripelbanyway thune3 I'll consider that criticism. The situation remains that I dont know how to get more resolution on this monitor. I dont have the standard (basically empty) config file (that I changed twice) and I dont know how to set the configuration. I dont understand "proprietary drivers" what's that? OK I'll remove that file and reboot.08:23
AAAillac  pre xorg reference08:23
tripelbillac, re xorg.config -- thanks for the long view. When Grenache helped me I so wanted to understand it, not just be "given a solution08:24
illacyea, I know the feeling, sadly whenever I have to mess with it I always manage to muck it up :_[08:25
neohey anyone there???08:25
* AAA is not sure what XR11 crap is but X11 crap was intended...08:26
illacthe solution he suggested of moving it and rebooting with give it a generic default conf if it doesn't find one if I'm not mistaken, just remember, before you edit it always cp xorg.conf xorg.con.notbrokenomfgwhatdidyoudo ;)08:26
AAAillac  hrm. on 10.4?08:27
illacnah I take that back, I'm a tard (08:28
illacsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg08:28
seidoscan someone pastebin this file for me:  /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_jaunty_main_source_Sources ?08:29
AAA'tards rule, duh...08:29
Nemesisi have no graphic cards driver installed on my pc and i have hard tive doing it please help08:30
illacnever under estimate stupid people in large groups :D08:30
MartyniPdoes anyone know of any good irc clients for ubuntu?08:30
AAAillac  pareto's law08:30
illacMartyn I've started useing centerim... I like it08:30
KindOneMartyniP: try Pidign08:31
* AAA 'oh those 20% ...'08:32
illacis bitchx not in apt anymore?... or was it ever?08:32
Niglopcommand to find mobo model?08:33
AAAillac  what is pork?08:33
illacthe other white meat?08:33
rebirthanyone here use puredata? how do i use pulseaudio with pd?08:34
MaRk-INiglop: sudo lshw08:34
icerootillac: bitchx has stopped long time before, use irssi08:34
KindOneMartyniP: might also want to try xchat and Konversation08:35
illacwas just curious, I realized it wasn't showing up anymore, but I haven't looked for it in a very long time08:35
RProgrammerHaha!  I found the workaround.  It's posted on the i915 bug on launchpad: #56180208:35
Niglopcheers mar08:35
AAAillac  that is the packages you seek $ apt-cache show pork08:36
MartyniPThanks KindOne08:36
AAAillac  wrt your bitchx query08:36
KindOneMartyniP: you converting from a different OS ?08:36
MaRk-INiglop: yw08:36
illacAAA: nice!08:37
=== Razia is now known as RainbowEyes
AAAillac  apt-foo will help you!!08:37
MartyniPno, i have used ubuntu, not as my main os, for a while and just wanted to be able to join irc nets im on08:37
seidoscan someone pastebin this file for me:  /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_*_main_source_Sources ?08:37
mneptokAAA: Pork, which incorporates the Pscar protocol, is hardly a bx replacement08:37
illacI literally started using centerim a day ago, haven't been on irc in some time... I like it, damn simple.08:38
AAAillac  mneptok bitlbee ftw08:38
mneptokillac: bx has been unmaintained and crufty for years. try irssi.08:38
AAAillac  mneptok and obviously with irssi, duh...08:38
KindOneMartyniP: if you used a Windows Specific IRC client, you can use WINE and try it. might not work08:38
[[mandrix]]is there any issues with the new ext3 on latest release?08:39
AAAillac  mneptok just trying to answer your initial question, not give advice08:39
MartyniPive tryed that too, it just crashes wine08:39
KindOnewhat IRC program ?08:39
seidosMartyniP, xchat or irssi.  though ver 2.8.6 of xchat appears to have a bug with favorites.08:39
AAAKindOne  irssi is the ~best~ irc client08:40
pch_ihow can i learn which bit os i use at the moment ? (i mean 64 bit or 32 bit ? )08:40
AAApch_i  uname -a08:40
[[mandrix]]irssi yes... xchat, hmm i dont think so08:40
KindOneAAA: best CLI irc client is irrsi.... best GUI client is mIRC in my opinion08:40
nikulscan anybody anwers a pretty vague question about desktop 10 install?08:40
illacAAA: irssi huh, I looked at it, haven't tried it.08:40
pch_iAAA: Linux yusuf-desktop 2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 11 07:54:58 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux what that means ?08:41
AAApch_i  32bit kernel08:41
seidosKindOne, is mirc available for gnu/linux?08:41
AAApch_i  with multi procs08:41
[thor]seidos: no, just runs _ok_ in wine08:41
KindOneseidos: it is Windows only, have to use WINE for it to even work ....08:41
[thor]<- xchat with no mods08:42
seidosxchat is fine, I've used mirc on windows before08:42
AAApch_i  if you were admin'n and 64bit box, uname would tell you. period08:42
KindOne<--- mIRC on Windows XP right now08:42
pch_iAAA:  multi proc ? i remeber that i have downloaded 64 bit of ubuntu :( im sure that ...08:42
seidos[thor], do you have the favorites bug?08:42
bullgard_My ~/.irssi/config includes the line 'hilights = ( { text = "bullgard"; nick = "yes"; word = "yes"; } );'. How to make Irssi to highlight the text "bullgard4" in addition to the text "bullgard"?08:42
nikulsmy install will hang at seemingly random points during the install. does this indicate anything?08:42
[thor]seidos: how do i tell?08:42
AAApch_i  $ cat /proc/cpuinfo08:42
[thor]i have servers set as open-on-load08:42
[thor]and channels that autoload within them08:42
AAApch_i  pipe "08:43
seidos[thor], when you save channels to your favorites, then close and reopen xchat, it doesn't save your favorites08:43
AAApch_i  pipe that through grep08:43
seidos[thor], did you use "add favorites" to autoload your channels?08:43
[thor]i set the channels i want to join in the Network List dialog box08:43
pch_ihttp://textsnip.com/e632ee AAA08:44
[thor]each network has a joinlist, and they have all worked as near as i can tell08:44
seidos[thor], ah, I'll try that.  Using add favorites wasn't saving them properly.08:44
AAApch_i  $ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep cores | cut -f2 -d':'08:45
pch_i AAA: 4 4 4 4 writes...08:45
AAApch_i  I won't read that =p08:45
pch_iAAA: why ? :)08:45
AAApch_i  so you have 4 cpu's with 4core each08:46
pch_iAAA: im sure that i ahev installed 64 bit ubuntu 10. it is not possible.08:46
AAApch_i  pastebin cat /proc/cpuinfo08:46
AAApch_i  I've had beer...08:46
pch_iAAA: what you want from my cpu ? my windows 7 is 64 bit. im sure also for that :)08:47
AAApch_i  then you didn't boot into it08:47
icerootpch_i: what does ubuntu 64bit has to do with the number of cpus?08:47
AAApch_i  what is the grub ID of the kernel you want to boot? *hint* /boo/grub/08:47
pch_iAAA:  why ? im soryy but i think i explain my problem as wrong way..08:48
AAApch_i  you can grub-reboot <ID>08:48
icerootpch_i: what is the info you want?08:48
pch_iiceroot: i remeber that i have downloaded ubuntu 10 64 bit and i isntalled it. but now isee that i have 32 bit. can we will be sure which i use now ?08:49
Unknown0BCHello, I've added a well known depository (deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tobydox/lmms/ubuntu intrepid main) in synaptic to get the latest version of lmms. However, after dong the reload, the later version is not appearing, only the older one I have on CD repositories.08:49
icerootpch_i: uname -m08:49
Unknown0BCWhy would that be ?08:49
pch_i32 bit :(08:50
pch_iiceroot: thats why i could not isntall 64 bit adobe flahs on my ubuntu :D:D08:50
icerootpch_i: there is not 64bit adobe flasplayer anymore (supported) dont use it08:50
pch_iiceroot: i try to install almost 2 mounths :)08:51
pch_i iceroot: yes i know. thank you!08:51
pch_ithank you too AAA !08:51
aaaoooaaahi guys i have a bunch of mp3s that I need to convert to wav08:52
icerootaaaoooaaa: to burn them?08:52
AAApch_i  np, happy hacking!08:53
bullgard_My ~/.irssi/config includes the line 'hilights = ( { text = "bullgard"; nick = "yes"; word = "yes"; } );'. How to make Irssi to highlight the text "bullgard4" in addition to the text "bullgard"?08:53
aaaoooaaaiceroot: hold on i realized that the prior statement's an incomplete one08:53
icerootbullgard_: /hilight bullgard408:53
aaaoooaaai have a bunch of mp3's that i need to convert to "wav" and amd trying to do so using sox but when i run : sox Y.mp3 Y.wav I get :08:54
RossTaylorfirefox is causing some major lag here08:54
aaaoooaaasox FAIL formats: no handler for file extension `mp3'08:54
bullgard_iceroot: I do not believe that your  command effects a permanent change.08:54
RossTaylorhow would you check what is causing firefox to lag?08:54
aaaoooaaawhat should i do?08:54
icerootbullgard_: its saving into the config08:54
bullgard_iceroot: Ah! Let me test.08:55
AAAaaaoooaaa  that is not an #ubuntu specific issue08:55
=== yaroslav is now known as Guest66276
icerootaaaoooaaa: and again, do you want to convert them to burn them after?08:55
aaaoooaaaaaa neither is firefox08:55
aaaoooaaaiceroot: no08:55
AAAaaaoooaaa  indeed. there are channels for that :)08:56
aaaoooaaaaaa ORLY?08:57
icerootaaaoooaaa: have a look at soundconverter  to do the task08:57
aaaoooaaaiceroot: thanks08:57
odie5533I have a public key I use for SSH to github. Should I have a different key pair for PGP, and another one for SSH to my computer?08:57
aaaoooaaaaaa OMG another non-ubuntu question!!!08:58
icerootaaaoooaaa: stop it08:58
AAAodie5533  1 ssh key should suffice, imo08:58
odie5533sorry, I don't know much about linux security :S08:58
icerootodie5533: yes one key is ok, there is no security issue with a pubkey08:59
=== SuspectZero_ is now known as SuspectZero
AAAodie5533  also research gpg, it is a good way to store local encrypted foo08:59
odie5533Thanks for the answer. What do you mean by local encrypted foo?09:00
icerootaaaoooaaa: also this should work ffmpeg -i file.mp3 file.wav09:00
tonysanI can't get splash screen on my grub2 on 10.04 netbook, and the "beep" function seems not working, I googled but none helped.09:00
tonysandid I missed something?09:00
AAAodie5533  the only possible issue with a pulbic key is if you also publish the private key, which _should_ never happen09:00
abountuwhen the screen goes off, and then I move the mouse ubuntu is now asking for a password, how can I remove this?09:00
bilge_90when do you think "ms office 2010" could be use with wine properly ?09:00
AAAodie5533  I mean encrypting local files with gpg09:01
iceroot!appdb | bilge_9009:01
ubottubilge_90: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:01
icerootbilge_90: also try #winehq  or use openoffice09:01
mek8630abountu: I think that setting is in the screensaver09:02
Prasoonabhijit, still not working..09:02
MaRk-Iabountu: system/preferences/screensaver   uncheck "lock screen when screensaver is active"09:02
abhijitPrasoon, dont know then. ask to gwibber people09:02
Prasoonwhat had you told me to do btw...09:03
abountuMaRk-I, thx09:03
Prasooni cloased the previous screen.09:03
bullgard_iceroot: No, it does not. I grepped my ~/.irssi/config09:03
icerootbullgard_: /save09:03
aaaoooaaaiceroot: cool thanks that worked, hope you dont get banned or anything for dispensing sound conversion advice in a OS chat room09:04
=== himuraken is now known as Guest39748
icerootaaaoooaaa: again, stop that about making fun of AAA because of his off-topic discussion09:04
icerootbullgard_: i will have a look09:04
* AAA AAA has very thick skin09:05
abhijitPrasoon, what was your issue?09:05
icerootbullgard_: /hilight foobar  and then /save is writing the config09:06
abhijitPrasoon, you there?09:06
kazagistarI have a game on wine that sends and recieves data on UDP ports, through eth0... can I somehow force it to use a different interface, or else forward the data to a different interface?09:06
bullgard_iceroot: Yes it does now. --  Thank you very much for your help.09:06
Prasoonabhijit, yep09:06
abhijitPrasoon, what was your issue09:06
Prasoonumm I can't connect my external harddisk to the OS installed in the Virtual-box09:07
abhijitPrasoon, oh I see I confused with your issue and other guy's issue. so you enabled usb? have you seen usb settings?09:08
zetWhen run program on wine i have error:The file '/home/zet/Завантаження/cs16full_v6.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit. help plz09:08
Prasooncan't find the USB setting...09:08
icerootPrasoon: usb drive? virtualbox nonfree edition(not in the repos)?09:08
icerootPrasoon: usb is not working with the free version09:08
abhijitPrasoon, then most probably you have virtuabl  box ose edition09:08
abhijitPrasoon, install virtual box editiono download from their site. and install09:08
=== Guest60770 is now known as RaNdY
Prasoonooops yep its Virtual box ose....09:09
Prasoonokay i will09:09
daedaluzhi, just installed 10.04.. problem when booting, I need to tap enter for process to progress, what to do.09:09
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest17170
abhijitPrasoon, ok. bye09:09
tensorpuddingzet: it probably doesn't have the executable bit set09:10
Prasoonanyone can you help me change the behaviour of switching the workplace09:10
drewyholy smoke09:11
drewythis the most I have ever seen in one channel09:11
cipher_daedaluz; is doing a file check or whatever it is called.09:12
drewyParsoon try to ask again, I didnt understand09:12
KindOnedrewy: this is the biggest channel on the freenode network09:12
daedaluzcipher_: I don't think so.. it just gets stuck before 1st line appears in verbal mode09:12
cipher_thats really odd09:13
k0sham i the only one who hates new ubuntu logotype?09:16
Black_Phantomk0sh suggest a better logo09:16
AAAk0sh  just use the term then =p ;)09:16
k0shBlack_Phantom: previous one was awesome, the human one09:17
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
Black_Phantomwell I guess shuttleworth was trying to freshen up09:17
Black_Phantomthe system09:17
Black_Phantomwith something new09:17
AAAI've seen upgrades that didn't upgrade that splash09:17
k0shyeah, he failed, made it look more flimsy-weedy :(09:17
k0shhuman logo looked more solid09:18
icerootk0sh: make it better, also you have a support-question?09:19
Vigk0sh: You are not alone. Fix it, and please post any please post any suggestions and solutions to the Forums.09:20
k0shiceroot: yeah, is tehre a way to make previous logotype appear all aound? i only found a human theme in repository, but whole rest, splash screens, etc are with new one09:20
icerootk0sh: use the ones from older version09:21
Vigk0sh: Or try Clearbooks, you can also use that GUI desktop thing to download new themes. or older themes.09:22
k0shVig: ill give it a try :)09:22
Vigk0sh: You are welcome.09:23
Vigiceroot: Thank you for the clarification.09:24
k0shi got another question, i am building netbooted all university linux distro, and i need to plug somwhere in boot scripts a 'fix' that uses aufs to make ro-nfsroot a rw-nfsroot with use of ramdrive. i have such fix running on other distro, but now im considering ubuntu and its boot scripts are kinda mess to mee09:25
jerryhi all i have problem with wired connection lucid anyone ? thnx ....it is show in me wired connection disconected and cable is in -((09:25
k0shOR  can ubuntu run happily on ro root ?09:26
propellerdnkрусские есть в чате?09:26
Jordan_U!ru | propellerdnk09:27
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:27
ubottupropellerdnk: please see above09:27
Vigk0sh: That is a dev question?09:28
Jordan_Uk0sh: You might want to repurpose (or just look at) the LiveCD.09:28
KrimZoni just installed qjackctl to record the output of an app - i chose realtime mode when installing jackd but now i want to change it to non-realtime, but no amount of uninstalling and reinstalling brings up the option09:28
KrimZonalso, it suspended pulseaudio which i don't know how to unsuspend09:29
jerrywired network dont want connect  cable  is  ok ?? anyone  please  thnx09:29
k0shJordan_U: i ws thinking on that, but im short on time and i would like to plug my existing solution rather than go through somone else's ode09:29
k0shVig: no idea, i think so, i want to make ubuntu running with read only nfsroot, i succeeded with other distro, but now im considring a switch to ubuntu09:30
k0shhe went away :(09:31
jerryntwork help ---please   wired network cant connect09:31
Jordan_Ujerry: Does it work in another OS?09:31
k0shjerry: chck if your cables are plugged in all the way09:31
jerryKosh  yes it is  work under wind09:32
Jordan_Ujerry: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo dhclient eth0"?09:32
jerrykosh -  Listening on LPF/eth0/00:1b:38:3f:96:5709:34
jerrySending on   LPF/eth0/00:1b:38:3f:96:5709:34
jerrySending on   Socket/fallback09:34
jerryDHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 509:34
jerryDHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 509:34
FloodBot2jerry: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:34
k0shJordan_U: i was thinking on sth like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/aufsRootFileSystemOnUsbFlash but no idea how it applies to ubuntu 10, since boot scripts are added that make ungodly things to sanity of one trying to figureout order of which starts where :)09:34
opijhow do i force a program that doesnt have proxy settings to go through a proxy?09:35
jerrykosh - no working leases in persistent database - sleeping    no  dhcp recieved09:36
jerryim right now on  wireles when i switch off wireles the applet react like start conection but  nothing usualy happened09:37
k0shJordan_U: i used similiar approach with my previous distro, but i wrote my scripts from scratch, im totally unfamiliar with ubuntu boot script order, especially after they introduced that on event boot scripts, it makes me curl up and wheep silently when i try to comprehend it :P09:38
timaaarrreeehi all09:40
iaindaltonHow can I enable DGA? An app I compiled needs it to fullscreen.09:40
timaaarrreeei dunno09:41
jerrywired  conection  help please  aplet running but nothing happened09:42
timaaarrreeewhat happened?09:42
illaciaindalton :     SubSection  "extmod"09:45
illac    Option    "xfree86-dga"09:45
illacadd that to your xorg.conf??09:45
timaaarrreeewhat does it do?09:45
illacenables DGA if I'm not mistaken09:45
timaaarrreeeah ok09:46
illacgoes in the modules section09:46
timaaarrreeewhy is it that this IRC chat room has so many people yet it seems so "dead"???09:48
ikoniatimaaarrreee: it's not09:48
para61!idle timaaarrreee09:48
timaaarrreeedosen't seem that way09:48
timaaarrreeewhat time are people most on?09:49
para61No specific time, timaaarrreee. What do you need to know? Did you come here for help..?09:49
iaindaltonillac: thanks; I just added it. Is it possible for me to load xfree86-dga in my current session?09:50
timaaarrreeenot needing any help i thought id just check out this irc room09:50
illacjust restart x09:50
iaindaltontimaaarrreee: it's a cool place and you'll also find nice conversation in (IIRC) #ubuntu-offtopic09:51
iaindaltonillac: blehhhhh....alright09:51
jorgen2412Hello people.. Im used to configure my smb share with system-config-samba. Does anyone know how I can add a samba user that cant login to my box?.. I have never needed this before now..09:51
illacsudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart09:51
iaindaltonJust thought there might be a way without restarting.09:51
iaindaltonbecause I've got a bunch of apps running etc.09:52
illacdon't need to restart, just restart x using that command09:52
ikoniajorgen2412: smbuser -a09:52
iaindaltonthat will not quit my stuff?09:52
illacbefore you do back up xorg.conf minus the new lines09:52
illacincase you bork something, so you can easily roll it back09:52
iaindaltonyeah, emacs saves the previous version each time I save09:52
illacwhatever works ;)09:53
jorgen2412ikonia: smbuser -a command not found09:54
amalnokia pc suite for ubuntu09:54
jorgen2412I guess I need to install samba?09:54
ikoniajorgen2412: sorry smbpasswd09:54
amalpc suite for ubuntu09:55
sizka_qcan someone knows if Teamviewer free version is limited by hours on a month or by computer ?09:57
jorgen2412ikonia: okay, but it requires the user to already be in the system password file.. So the user will be able to login?09:58
ikoniajorgen2412: no it doesn't09:58
ikoniajorgen2412: you can link it to the guest account09:58
jorgen2412ikonia: Okay so "sudo smbpasswd -a testuser" Does not work.. Is there more to add to the command to link it to the guest account?10:00
Kafkasizaka_q : the free version is the full version10:01
iaindaltonillac: sorry to say that did quit my running programs10:01
sam898889** Hi guys. Im using a macbook running ubuntu 10.04LTS  i just reinstalled the OS and for some reason its getting hot and crashing quite a lot. didnt happen before.  any ideas why this is happening?10:01
iaindaltonalso, it didn't make my program able to fullscreen10:01
iaindaltonsam898889: maybe your fan isn't working10:01
para61sam898889: Yeah, you're using a macbook.10:02
ikoniajorgen2412: have you looked at the smbpasswd man page yet ?10:02
sam898889I know ~ never buying a macbook again.  ~~!!  But i can hear the fan, it is working ok.  but still gets hot!10:02
ikoniajorgen2412: it appears that does need a user in /etc/passwd10:02
ikoniajorgen2412: I suggest you create a user in the password file, give it no shell, or lock it with passwd -l, THEN use smbpasswd -a10:03
iaindaltonHow can I tell whether I actually have DGA loaded? According to xorg.conf I do, but an app still fails with XF86DGANoDirectVideoMode.10:07
sizka_q Kafka: i know is full as features. but the problem is they have limited by hour .. but i dont know exactly how they limited it. (i mean by hours per month or by hours per day or by hours for a computer or ....). but i need it really now ...10:07
jorgen2412ikonia: Okay thanks for your time. I would like to donate to you, a virtual cookie!  :P10:07
ikoniajorgen2412: no problem10:08
illaciaindalton: nvidia?10:08
Kafkasizka_q : 30 minutes. That should be enough to get what needs doing done, though.10:08
iaindaltonillac: intel10:09
illacwhat software are you trying to run?10:09
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sizka_qKafka: 30 minutes for day ? for months ? i have to know exactly. not because i am wondering because of my job. but it is not writing on the official web site about free licence ..  if you read a page about licence please send me...10:10
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erUSULiaindalton: see /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:11
Kafkasizka_q : they do not impose any limit based on if you pay for it; it is a setting10:12
illaciaindalton: what software are you trying use it with?10:12
iaindaltonillac: BasiliskII. I compiled it myself because it's no longer part of Ubuntu.10:12
Kafkasizka_q : it seems the default is 30 minutes, but you should be able to be on as long as you want10:13
sam898889Anyone know where i can get the isight (macbook) working in ubuntu?  i dont have the files anymore.  where can i download them from?10:13
sizka_qKafka: i will not paid for it. we cant. thats why im asking for free licence.10:13
ikoniasam898889: it's an apple product, I don't think it's open source10:13
ikoniasam898889: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISight10:13
sam898889ikonia i know   ~~~ HATE mac!10:14
iaindaltondoes Xorg.0.log only have the data from the current X session?10:14
sizka_qKafka:  how you know 30 miutes. please send me the page which you read. it is realy important for me at the moment. i have to know exactly sure...10:14
MaRk-Isizka_q: contact teamviewer by mail and ask them10:14
erUSULiaindalton: yes10:14
ikoniasam898889: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lisight/10:14
erUSULiaindalton: it has only last X windows boot10:14
iaindaltonthere's exactly one mention of DGA: (II) Loading extension XFree86-DGA10:14
erUSULiaindalton: then the extansion is loaded ...10:15
wwsmurfsam898889 well, if you're really good at vi, you can try debian?10:15
iaindaltonwhat else would cause a program to fail with the error XF86DGANoDirectVideoMode?10:15
[cc]smartis this the right place for ubuntu UNR issues ?10:15
jorgen2412ikonia: Okay one last question. By giving a user no shell, does that mean I have to set the shell to "/bin/false" ?10:16
ikoniajorgen2412: that can work fine, or /bin/nologin10:17
illacianadalton: did you use the --enable-xf86-dga compile flag?10:17
FloodBot2scoprion: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:19
iaindaltonillac: that's the one10:19
illaciaindalton: it worked?10:20
=== scoprion is now known as BroKOLy
iaindaltonillac: no, it failed as described previously10:20
RaverWildquestion: i have LG GP08 usb cdrom and i try to make it work on ubuntu. i dont see it listed with the other devices on the "places" menu. guess need to mount manually. question is how to determine if it's detected and which /dev it is?10:20
illaciaindalton: bah10:21
MaRk-Iraven: lsusb10:21
DiRaOLHi everyone, goodmorning (here - brazil - it's 6am)... Does anyone can help me with RAID and GRUB ? I've looked around many sites, but no one solved my problem.10:21
erUSULRaverWild: in a terminal do « tailf /var/log/messages » plug the dvd drive and see the messages that will appear10:21
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RaverWilderUSUL, thanks. will try now.10:22
para61What's your problem, DiRaOL ?10:22
sllideerUSUL, just curious but tailf prints new stuff that apears in the file in realtime?10:22
erUSULsllide: yes is like "tail -f"10:23
DiRaOLI'm trying to install a dualboot (Win7 + Ubuntu 10.04, both 64bits) on a 4disks array (RAID 0).10:23
iaindaltonstumped too, huh? at this pt I should just email the author, I s'pose10:23
wwsmurfTry putting a disk in?10:23
francesco_I cannot run Thunderbird, it starts in Zombie Mode and from then it doesn't work. (10.04)10:23
typemorefor a macbook pro; on ubuntu, how do you choose which one of the two GPUs gets used?10:24
DiRaOLi think the installation of both systems performed ok, but my grub doesn't work, and i don't know how to fix it, i've tryied a lot of this (with live cd's and grub-rescue mode), but no results.10:25
Niglophow can i check if my system is SATA-based?10:25
Taevyou have to install Ubuntu Server10:25
Taevto do software RAID10:25
Taevyou'll have to install X after the install via apt-get10:25
illaciaindalton: still digging around google ;)10:25
TaevI have sort of the same set up10:25
Jordan_UDiRaOL: Fake RAID, software RAID, or real hardware RAID?10:25
francesco_I cannot run Thunderbird, it starts in Zombie Mode and from then it doesn't work. (10.04)10:26
Taev2 SATA HDs in a software RAID 010:26
DiRaOLI think it's fake raid10:26
Taevtri-booting win7, xp, and ubuntu10:26
Jordan_UTaev: What exactly isn't working about grub?10:26
TaevIts working fine10:26
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Taevthe simplest method to achieve what you want is to install Ubuntu Server10:27
DiRaOLTaev, i've used a raid (2 disks) with dual boot before (ubuntu 9.10) and haven't faced that much problems10:27
Jordan_UTaev: Sorry, I thought you were DiRaOL since your answer matched my question to him :)10:27
Taevit gives you the option to set up a software RAID10:27
RaverWilderUSUL, the problem was the CD was not working. now i put working CD and ubuntu automounted it and i can browse it10:27
erUSULRaverWild: ok10:27
TaevUbuntu Desktop for some dumb reason doesn't support software raid at install10:27
TaevI swear Ubuntu is becoming more and more the Nanny State O.S.10:27
astrocububottu: sendmail10:28
icerootTaev: of course ubuntu supports software-raid10:28
Jordan_UTaev: You chose to use the desktop installer.10:28
icerootTaev: the alternate-cd10:28
Taevyou have to use Ubuntu Server10:28
icerootTaev: wrong10:28
Jordan_U!alternate | Taev10:28
ubottuTaev: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal10:28
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Taevfine, the easier way is ubuntu server10:28
=== _bnd_ is now known as bnnd
Jordan_UTaev: It's the exact same installer.10:29
icerootTaev: stop telling lies please10:29
Taevit actually gives you the option for software raid during the partition set up10:29
Taeveasier implies an OPINION10:29
icerootTaev: same as alternate cd10:29
icerootTaev: which is also having that option10:29
DiRaOLBut i think i have already installed my Ubuntu and the W7, the problem is to fix the grub10:29
Taevstrange when I wanted to set up a Dual boot RAID everyone here said I needed Ubuntu Server10:29
Taevwhats wrong with grub?10:29
icerootTaev: and i told you the alternate is doing the job10:30
Taevoh bull no one said a word about it10:30
Taevotherwise I wouldn't have bothered downloaded server10:30
Taevand having to install X via apt-get after the install10:30
DiRaOLi just doesn't work, when i boot my pc i "recieve" a "grub>" screen10:30
Taevare you sure the BIOS is set to boot the right drive?10:30
Taevwhere the MBR is10:31
oCean_!who | Taev10:31
icerootTaev: that is not the fault of ubuntu if you are using the wrong cd, so dont flame ubuntu for things the user didnt know10:31
ubottuTaev: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:31
TaevI wasn't flaming anything. I said that when I wanted to do software RAID no one mentioned using the alternative CD10:31
iceroot Taev | I swear Ubuntu is becoming more and more the Nanny State O.S.10:31
Taevso not being aware of that, my advice was technically correct10:31
Taevusing server can do software raid10:32
TaevI said that because its my opinion10:32
iceroot!enter | Taev10:32
ubottuTaev: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:32
ikoniaTaev: I suggest you re-install using the alternative CD10:32
Taevthe whole "you can't log in as root, try sudo" thing is why I said that10:32
icerootTaev: then use debian10:32
Taevinstead of telling people they can do it by setting a root password via kuser10:32
Taevyou're the one making a big deal out of this.10:33
icerootTaev: and kuser is the wrong way to enable the root-account10:33
Taevand yet it worked for me.10:33
Jordan_UDiRaOL: If you run "ls" in that shell does it list both your drives, and does it list the array (which would show up as a device like "(md0)"? I assume the former but not the latter.10:33
nikolamwhy while installing packages (with aptitude) my minesweeper game is goig to Halt? (press to resume..) ?10:33
ikoniaTaev: it's clear you don't know what you're doing if you're setting a root password like that10:33
eokeHi, I'm having a small problem with Ubuntu 10.04 x64 mdadm RAID1.  When I boot the machine it boots into a busy box terminal saying the UUID was not found.  I can correct this by running "mdadm --auto-detect" and the "exit" but I don't understand why the md devices are not getting detected automatically.10:33
Taevthen please tell me the proper way to set a root password, since Ubuntu seems not to want you to.10:34
ikoniaTaev: so please follow the ubuntu guidelines for support, which is not setting a root password and using the correct secuirty model such as sudo10:34
icerootTaev: ikonia is right, so its not ok to flame ubuntu10:34
ikoniaTaev: you don't10:34
ikoniaTaev: that's why sudo is there10:34
DiRaOLJordan_U: i'll reboot (i'm on LiveCD now) and see it.10:34
ikonia!sudo > Taev10:34
ubottuTaev, please see my private message10:34
ikonia!root > Taev10:34
ikoniaTaev: check out those docs as to why the ubuntu security model works this way10:34
rwwTaev: /msg ubottu !root10:35
ikoniaTaev: you're welcome to override it, but it will limit the options for support10:35
icerootTaev: there is no reason to have a root-account but if you want a root-account, see man passwd and learn to use sudo :)10:35
Taevor you can just set the root password with kuser.10:35
Taevit works.10:35
Taevwhats the big deal10:35
illaciaindalton: give this a look http://www.mombu.com/gnu_linux/gentoo/t-dga-support-in-xorg-2973780.html10:35
ikoniaTaev: then it's clear you don't know what you're doing. Lets stop dicussing this, you have the documents to know why ubuntu works this way10:35
rwwSo, on a related note, can I make irssi's command history (the thing you can scroll through with the up/down keys) per-window?10:36
icerootTaev: the big deal is that 1. you should write your comments in 1 line, 2. kuser is a strange way to change a password, 3. you dont need root10:36
TaevMy system has yet to implode from su'ing as root to do administrative tasks rather than sudo10:36
ikoniaiceroot: he's got the doucmentation, lets drop it10:36
ikoniaTaev: that's fine, you're welcome to do so, however we cannot support you fully as you've now broken the security model10:36
rwwMy favorite part of !root is how the page it links to has a section entitled "Enabling the root account" :)10:36
wwsmurfWhy is kuser so strange?10:36
illaciaindalton: it's technically for vmware stuff, but it covers some of the steps of getting it setup and working10:36
ManDayWhat's the way to autorun a daemon on startup? Inittab?10:36
DiRaOLJordan_U : typing ls returns me: (hd0), (hd0,8), (hd0,7) ... (Hd0,1), (hd127) (fd0) and an error on "fd0"10:36
ikoniaTaev: so lets stop discussing it, you have the doucmentation to understand why root works that way on ubuntu10:36
ManDayWhat's the way to autorun a daemon on startup? Inittab?10:37
icerootwwsmurf: passwd is the way10:37
TaevThats where my Nanny State comment came from. I explained it and I get bombarded with docs on how NOT to get root use-ability, just sudo10:37
icerootTaev: i told you how to get root the correct way10:37
ikoniaTaev: yet it's clear you've not read them, I suggest you do10:37
illacsudo su10:37
icerootikonia: wrong10:37
icerootillac: wrong10:37
TaevSo tell me. What will happen by doing administrative tasks from the terminal by su'ing in as root v.s. sudo10:38
icerootillac: sudo su is setting the environment incorrect10:38
bazhangTaev, read the links given you please10:38
icerootTaev: stop that know, remove ubuntu, use debian and be happy10:38
TaevI want to use Ubuntu with root functionality.10:38
Taevand I am. Whats the big deal. Drop it.10:38
Jordan_UDiRaOL: That (hd127) is odd.10:38
icerootTaev: what about sudo -i ?10:38
icerootTaev: i told you to read the manpages10:39
Taevwhat about su?10:39
rwwiceroot: Fun fact: Debian's expert install mode offers to set up sudo and lock the root account.10:39
DiRaOLJordan_U: it seems to be the CD-ROM10:39
icerootrww: really? cool :)10:39
DiRaOLand the "fd0" is the "card-reader"10:39
icerootTaev: i told you three times how to enable the root account so you can use su10:39
illacaww snap rww10:39
rwwillac: as for you, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#Special%20notes%20on%20sudo%20and%20shells ;P10:40
Jordan_UDiRaOL: Most BIOSs don't expose the CDROM unless you're booted from it (not saying you're wrong, it's just interesting).10:40
TaevI already have enabled it.10:40
icerootTaev: man passwd10:40
Taevor you can do kuser and set the password10:40
Taeveither way works.10:40
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icerootTaev: and kuser is what? sounds like kerberos10:41
icerootTaev: like kpasswd and so on10:41
bazhangiceroot, lets move on please10:41
DiRaOLJordan_U: i'm on the "installation process" and i choosed to boot from CD-ROM (but there isn't any on the drive)10:41
bazhangTaev, any actual support questions?10:41
icerootbazhang: no, i am asking what kuser is10:41
rwwiceroot: KDE user configuration GUI10:41
icerootrww: ah ok10:41
Haakon-2000[#ubuntu] It's10:41
TaevKuser is a KDE application for managing users and groups10:41
icerootTaev: though it was kerberos-stuff10:42
Jordan_UDiRaOL: I'm not sure what you mean by "installation process".10:42
TaevNo bazhang I came to help assist people if they had a question.10:42
ikoniaI'm not going to say this again. Taev if you suggest using kuser to set the root password again, you will be removed from the channel10:42
t0zeHello people, i'm going to buy a pc, and i wanna know which is the better graphic card for ubuntu. if ati or nvidea ubuntu grafics works better in which one ? tks10:43
Haakon-2000ikonia: Why is kuser bad for doing this?10:43
icerootHaakon-2000: enabling root is bad10:43
TaevI'm not the one that keeps bringing it up Ikonia.10:43
ikoniaHaakon-2000: setting the root password is not something that's recommended or supported10:43
icerootHaakon-2000: there is not a single reason to have a root-account10:43
DiRaOLJordan_U: i've started installing SOs on this specific new computer 3am (GMT-3), and now it's almost 7am and i haven't finished yet. rs if i need to use a live cd i don't need to go to the bios setup to change the boot or something like that10:43
Jordan_Ut0ze: You might want to consider buying Ubuntu pre-installed from companies like System76 or Dell.10:43
Taevwhats the Ubuntu support like for netbooks?10:44
Haakon-2000iceroot: That's not the issue here, the issue is: "If you're going to enable root, why not use Kuser?", not "Should I enable root?".10:44
TaevI've been thinking of getting one.10:44
ikoniaTaev: good10:44
Haakon-2000Taev: Netbooks are better than everything else, more or less.10:44
illacrww: say sudo su is similiar to sudo -i ... what's the diff?10:44
finemannhi, i am looking for a software that can manage my e-book collection (mostly in pdf and djvu). The main feature i want is downloading tags from sites like amazon.com. I've already tried out calibre, is there some other application that'll help me?10:44
illacrww: says*10:44
ikoniaillac: it's nothing like it10:44
basslinerusing x applications to manage users on a unix box is retarded. no matter if it's a kde or gnome application.10:44
TaevHaakon-2000, its because the current philosophy is that you shouldn't be able to log in as root10:44
icerootillac: sudo su is wrong, because its setting the environment not correct10:44
Taevyou should apparently use sudo10:45
rwwillac: actually, it says it's similar to 'sudo su -'10:45
illacrww: didn't see the - :/10:45
Haakon-2000Taev: Sure, but... Why is Kuser worse than sudo passwd root?10:45
TaevI can't say or I'll be banned.10:45
t0zeyeah, i would like to. but in my country there is no dell or system 7610:45
Haakon-2000Forgot about that.10:45
Taevask some one else.10:45
Haakon-2000Sorry.. :(10:45
t0zeyour experiencia... nvidea work better than ati, true?10:46
Haakon-2000t0ze: Basically: nVidia have very good proprietary drivers, and ATi is getting there.10:46
iceroott0ze: the driver from nvidia is better at the moment10:46
Taevthe ATI proprietary drivers finally worked for me in 10.0410:46
Taevthey didn't work so well in 8.0410:46
t0zenice !!  tks people10:47
Misteriot0ze: nVidia is more interested in free software than ATI10:47
wwsmurfI don't know.  I think ACLs and stuff are in the Unix standard, so a GUI tool might be appropriate somewhere in the Unix World.10:47
TaevI can finally play stuff like Billiard-GL. Before it was almost unplayable10:47
t0zeubuntu FTW !  so as Nvidea XD10:47
TaevAnyone here ever heard of "Nubuntu" ?10:47
t0zehappy week-end10:47
Jordan_Ut0ze: Have you actually checked that System76 doesn't ship to your country? It's not a well known name outside Linux enthusiasts so it may ship there even if you haven't heard of it.10:47
DiRaOLops, damm wireless reconnected...10:47
nikolamTaev, wow, what graphics card do you use and what version of proprietary ATI/AMD driver youinstalled on 10.04?10:47
TaevI have an ATI Raedon 4200, and I'm not sure which particular driver set is installed. That P.C. is currently running Windows XP I was playing Mass Effect.10:48
basslinerdid anyone manage to automate the partition manager stuff in ubuntu's install using a preseed file with pxeboot?10:48
rwwJordan_U: System76 only ships within the USA and Canada10:48
nikolamMisterio, laso Nvidia have even open/solaris drivers etc, amd/ati do not at all10:49
Jordan_Urww: Thanks.10:49
Haakon-2000Nobody use Solaris for desktops ANYWAY, so that might be the reason?10:49
nikolamTaev, i have x1250/690G chipset and since now, only 8.04 lts and till 8.10 were supported with closed driver10:49
Haakon-2000Besides, he's using Ubuntu, and should choose from the current cards that do support that.10:49
TaevIm just saying that the ATI Proprietary drivers for my ATI Raedon X1600 and 4200 HD under 8.04 never worked properly10:50
Taevthey do under 10.0410:50
illacwhy do people like system76 so much, can get better prices on laptops with better specs... I don't get it.10:50
nikolamHaakon-2000, well, I do use opensolaris as desktop, on notebook, anyway. And yes, graphics drivers are important, Past desktop use.10:50
=== MichealH_ is now known as MichealH
Haakon-2000Mind you the new 460 series from nVidia seems pretty fantastic.10:50
TaevI installed Solaris 7 a few times just for the heck of it.10:50
TaevCan't say I liked C.D.E. much.10:50
ikoniaTaev: that is offtopic here10:50
oCean_Taev: this is not really a discussion channel, as you are aware?10:51
nikolamyes Amd/ati drive did never used to work on my ubuntu during supported period. it was horrible half of the time10:51
MisterioHaakon-2000: I have GeForce 5500 FX, and works perfectly10:51
iaindaltonillac: I read your link about DGA and VMWare, and AFAIK, my system meets all three requirements for DGA support10:51
otswimhi, i have a big problem with my mandriva computer: it has been shut off with the power button, and now i don't have access to X server; when it boots, i can only type ctrl+alt+F2 to get the command line; then if i type 'startx' it says "cannot open log file /var/log/Xorg.0.log"; could please someone help me? if i type 'ls /var/log/Xorg.0.log' it says that ls cannot access to this file because there is some kind of problem in the system file10:51
TaevYeah, running any Open GL application was terrible with the default drivers.10:51
bazhangotswim, is ubuntu in that picture somewhere? or just mandriva10:51
iaindaltonotswim: never say "some kind of problem", give us what it says10:52
Jordan_UDiRaOL: If you need to be able to boot the system soon and without much work Super GRUB2 Disk may help.10:52
oCean_Taev: really, drop it10:52
Haakon-2000otswim: Basically, we're not Mandriva support, and also, it's rather difficult to give any help if you don't post the error message.10:52
Taevmaybe the file is locked otswim10:52
DiRaOLJordan_U: how does that work?!10:52
Taevor the permissions have changed10:52
bazhangotswim, #mandriva not here10:52
nikolamyeah, I think I will switch to Nvidia with new gr. card. Haakon-200010:53
otswimok going there; i didn't post the exact error message because it's not in english10:53
Taevtry cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:53
Taevsee if it will read it10:53
Haakon-2000otswim: Good luck, and if the message isn't in English, I suggest translating it and making a note that it is translated.10:53
Jordan_UDiRaOL: It's GRUB2 on a CD and auto detects OS's / loads your current grub.cfg. If nothing else it's usefull because you can debug things with the full shell rather than being stuck at rescue shell.10:53
stanley_robertsohi all10:54
Haakon-2000Jordan_U: BASH or CSH?10:54
Taevwhere do you get Super GRUB2 Disk?10:54
otswimTaev: i get "Failure access to the NFS file" (translated)10:54
Jordan_UTaev: http://prdownload.berlios.de/supergrub/super_grub_disk_hybrid-1.98s1.iso10:55
Haakon-2000Taev: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/index.php?pid=510:55
DiRaOLJordan_U: it would be much diferrent from booting with the liveCD? (hum... i can use a PenDrive for that Super GRUB.....)10:55
TaevIs that folder on the local machine or on a NFS server?10:55
Taevthank you.10:55
bazhangotswim, this is mandriva?10:55
otswimbazhang: yes i'm getting help of #mandriva as well10:55
Jordan_UHaakon-2000: It's grub's own shell, which is powerfull but nowhere near bash or csh. Though a full lua shell is also available.10:56
otswimTaev: it should be local10:56
iceroototswim: this is ubuntu-support10:56
Taevwell then why would he be getting a NFS error?10:56
bazhangotswim, keep it in there please it has nothing to with Ubuntu10:56
Haakon-2000Jordan_U: Oh, I thought you suddenly had Grub 2 running a full BASH shell, which would have been seven shades of fantastic.10:56
otswimTaev: don't know10:56
Taevwell thats why I asked him to clarify.10:56
stanley_robertsohey all .. what is this super grub2 disk ?10:56
niohello all10:56
Haakon-2000Then again, GRUB would suddenly emerge as a new kernel, and then you would finally have a full GNU system.10:57
oCean_Taev: please you a nickname when talking to someone in particular10:57
TaevOk oCean_ Gotcha.10:57
Haakon-2000(Because Hurd is not ready yet, it's slated for release the week after Duke Nukem Forever=.10:57
nioanyone used hurd10:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:58
Jordan_Ustanley_robertso: It's a rescue CD for allowing you to boot your system when grub is broken (and some other things).10:58
nioanyone using hurd10:58
bazhangnio, please stop10:58
Misterionio: Read what ubottu said10:58
DiRaOLJordan_U: do you think i can reinstall my grub with justa a liveCD?10:58
purestrainhi; i've made a small script which tunes powernowd and configured the same values in /etc/default/powernowd but after a reboot there seems to be a different configuration used10:58
Jordan_UDiRaOL: Yes, http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide10:59
nioi could not find my answer for my ubuntu lol10:59
icerootnio: you have a support-question?#10:59
Haakon-2000Btw, is there a general discussion room?11:00
nioi am using hady haeron 8.04lts i cannot update my rdesktop to rdesktop1.611:00
DiRaOLHum, i'll try it, i'll come back in some minutes with the results. =)11:00
iceroot!ot | Haakon-200011:00
ubottuHaakon-2000: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:00
icerootnio: how do you try it?11:00
nioapt-get says it is the latest one11:00
Jordan_U!upgrade | nio11:00
ubottunio: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:00
icerootnio: you will never get a new major release from apt-get with the normal ubuntu-repos11:00
icerootnio: ignore the upgrade-text from Jordan_U11:01
Taevyou can change the software repositories it looks through11:01
Jordan_Uiceroot: Why?11:01
iceroot!backports | nio11:01
ubottunio: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging11:01
nioiceroot then what is the correct procedure11:01
icerootJordan_U: because its the wrong answer to upgrade a single package11:01
Jordan_Uiceroot: Never mind, I thought "rdesktop" was a typo and he wanted the next Ubuntu Desktop11:01
icerootJordan_U: rdesktop is something like vnc (easily spoken)11:02
icqn what gnome application is launched then alt-f2 is pressed?11:02
niordesktop is an application to connect to window terminal server11:02
nioiceroot what is the correct procedure to upgrade this rdesktop application remmember it not only req dependencies such as samba alsa cups xorg and fuse11:03
erUSUL!backports | nio11:03
ubottunio: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging11:03
icerootnio: backports11:03
erUSULnio: or maybe a ppa11:03
erUSUL!ppa > nio11:04
ubottunio, please see my private message11:04
TaevSo when is the official support for 8.04 LTD ending?11:04
RossTaylortest test can you hear me?11:04
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.11:04
erUSULRossTaylor: yes11:04
TaevYes RossTaylor11:04
erUSUL!ask | RossTaylor11:04
ubottuRossTaylor: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:04
TaevI read you 5x511:04
icerootTaev: april 2011 for desktop11:04
icerootTaev: april 2013 for server11:04
TaevSo whats the safest way to upgrade? I've tried updating through Adept before on test systems but it hosed it.11:05
Jordan_UDiRaOL: I just realized, since "ls" in the grub shell only listed one hard drive that means that your BIOS can't read one of the drives that makes up the array. With RAID0 that's fatal.11:05
RossTaylordoes anyone know if it's possible to get connected to the internet without having an ISP provider11:05
iceroot!upgrade | Taev11:05
ubottuTaev: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:05
TaevMy 8.04 install is running my web server and several databases I really don't want to install from scratch.11:05
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:05
icerootRossTaylor: no11:06
DiRaOLJordan_U: actually the "ls" shows me the partitions of my RAID11:06
RossTayloregyparadox: i understand but i just thought some smart people here might know and i don't know where else to ask11:06
Jordan_URossTaylor: ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, so while the provider may be starbucks wifi one is required by definition to connect to the internet.11:06
erUSULRossTaylor: no; one way or the other you are using an ISP ( even if it is one you did not have a contract with like when using an open wifi network or some such )11:06
TaevISP stands for Internet Service Provider, hence they Provide your Internet Service11:06
icqn what gnome application is launched then alt-f2 is pressed?11:07
RossTaylorerusul : that's what i thought11:07
Taevif you have a Wifi card you could piggyback on some ones signal if they allow you to.11:07
RossTaylori know what it stands for11:07
Taevdo you have a WiFi NIC?11:07
RossTaylori was just thinking what happens if all the ISP goes down11:07
iceroot!ot | RossTaylor11:07
ubottuRossTaylor: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:07
bazhangRossTaylor, please take this to #ubuntu-offtopic11:07
Jordan_UDiRaOL: A side effect of raid0 striping is that one disk will have the sector containing the partition table, so it will look like the final array with fdisk -l and other tools only looking at the partitions, while the other drive will seem unformated or broken to tools that don't understand raid.11:08
Taevwell as I said RossTaylor if you have a Wifi Nic you could log on using some one elses Wireless signal IF they give you permission, i.e. the password.11:08
TaevDon't know if that helps you out.11:08
oCean_nio: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/hardy-backports/+bug/47270911:09
bazhangTaev, this is NOT the chat channel. Please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic11:09
Jordan_UDiRaOL: Are both drives connected via the same type of interface (i.e. both sata or both USB)?11:09
TaevI was trying to answer his question.11:09
icerootTaev: dont discuss, we told you this is a channel for ubuntu-technical support some times11:09
RossTaylortaev: thank you, i still didn't think it could be done, i was thinking of worst case scenario when all ISPs go down, how can I get connected but thank you11:09
erUSULicqn: i do not think is a stand alone app... it may be part of the panel or the window manager11:10
TaevI can't answer your technical support question apparently.11:10
DiRaOLall drives (4) have the same spec and are connected on the sata ports11:10
oCean_Taev: also: you want to help other people, right? Then Please, start a line with the nick of the person you are talking to.11:10
icerootTaev: and we told you to put the nick in front of a line11:10
DiRaOLJordan_U: all drives (4) have the same spec and are connected on the sata ports11:10
=== Guest87666 is now known as RaNdY
Jordan_UDiRaOL: Check if some of the drives are disabled in the BIOS.11:11
MaRk-IRossTaylor: when all ISPs go down there's no internet, use smoke signals instead11:11
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest46631
bazhangMaRk-I, move on please11:12
Fudgei.e go for a smoke since when the net dies some peoples worlds callaps :p11:12
RossTaylormark-I : please see private message11:12
DiRaOLJordan_U: i don't think there is any problem with the Array, one hour ago i had installed the Win7 on this array and it was all ok.....11:12
Fudgewho here develops for firefox11:12
TaevDiRaOL, are you sure Win7 didn't try and put itself on the MBR?11:12
oCean_!ot | Fudge11:12
ubottuFudge: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:13
icerootFudge: irc.mozilla.org11:13
swebhello, why my numkeys dose not work ?11:13
DiRaOLJordan_U: hum, strange, i've booted the liveCD went to the terminal and typed: "sudo fdisk -l" and recieved: "It was not possible to perform a search on /dev/sda"11:13
icerootsweb: enabled with the numlock-key?11:13
Fudgeiceroot  ok11:13
DiRaOLTaev: Yes, it had, but i've installed the Ubuntu after the Windows11:13
Fudgedoesnt mean that there wouldnt be ff devs in here11:13
swebiceroot, where ?11:13
ikoniaFudge: there are not, firefox developers contact details are listed on firefox's website11:13
icerootsweb: on the keyboard :)11:13
oCean_Fudge: correct, but that would be offtopic for this channel11:13
TaevDiRaOL, so you set up the RAID after you installed Win7, when you installed Ubuntu?11:14
ifanchowhat is the difference between fsck and e2fsck ? is the second one just for ext2 ?11:14
sweb iceroot, numlock huh, of course are you kidding with me ?11:14
Fudgewoh normally this place is a bit less tense, bbl11:14
TaevDiRaOL, have you ever successfully booted Ubuntu with the RAID array?11:14
iceroot!numlock | sweb11:14
ubottusweb: To enable Number Lock by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NumLock11:14
icerootsweb: no i am not11:14
Kwpolskahow can I make my ubuntu upstreamish?11:14
ikoniaKwpolska: what ?11:14
MaRk-IRossTaylor: nvm go to #ubuntu-offtopic11:14
dsh1911i love ubuntu!11:15
ifanchowhat is the difference between fsck and e2fsck ? is the second one just for ext2 ?11:15
erUSULifancho: yes; fsck is the generic name. there is fsck.jfs e2fsck fsck.xfs etc ...11:15
TaevNow that I think of it. Is there a way I can set Ubuntu up to run a few simple commands upon boot so I don't have to manually enter them everytime I have to reboot.11:15
Jordan_Uifancho: fsck detects the filesystem type and calls fsck.foo11:15
ifanchoa ok11:15
TaevSimple stuff like launching tightvnc, and memcached11:15
ifanchocan use while mounted right ?11:15
Jordan_Uifancho: *NO*11:16
erUSULTaev: /etc/rc.local for system wide things ;11:16
ifanchoi got the no init found = bootarg11:16
DiRaOLTaev: No....... (Step 1) SetUp the RAID  (Step 2) Ubuntu 9.10 LiveCD and partitioned the HD  (Step 3) Sucefully Install of W7 (Step 4) Install Ubuntu 10.04 (with LiveCD) .... On the end of the Ubuntu Installation the GRUB couldn't be installed, and this is my problem11:16
iceroot!autostart | Taev11:16
ubottuTaev: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot11:16
Jordan_Uifancho: Using fsck on a mounted ext2,3,4 partition will cause serious damage (though it will warn you of that if you try)11:17
Sia-Any apps to download website completlly?11:17
icerootsweb: wget11:17
ifanchoi used a livecd the run fsck , i was just wondering to run it one more time just in case11:17
icerootSia-: wget11:17
niois it safe to use the backport application11:17
icerootnio: yes11:17
TaevDiRaOL, simple suggestion, have you tried re-installing?11:17
Sia-ice799, no little better than wget something with GUI11:17
icerootnio: they are official tested and get security updates11:17
Sia-iceroot, ^^11:18
TaevPerhaps there was an error copying over and installing the grub package11:18
icerootSia-: kwget or gwget i guess11:18
erUSULSia-: wget ? httrack ? curl ?11:18
oCean_nio: iceroot the one from the link i sent is a suggested backport, not in backports repositories yet11:18
DiRaOLI've read on many sites that there is a problem with Ubuntu 10.04 and RAIDs, during the install process11:18
Sia-erUSUL, exactlly httrack , thnx11:18
Taevwhat do I add to /etc/rc.local  the command? tightvncserver -basehttpport 8083 :111:18
Taevor do I have to add anything special, or tell it what run level to execute at?11:19
nioocean that was the good link but it was for amd 64 i need it for i38611:19
Sia-Taev, /etc/rc.local to let apps start with the system start11:19
Jordan_UDiRaOL: Usually with software raid, especially if you want to boot from it, you should have each drive partitioned and make an array out of those partitions rather than creating an array out of the drives then partitioning the array.11:19
swebiceroot, i think my keyboard have a problem, by unplug and plug again my problem is solve11:19
niohow did you find this bug i am confused with this site11:19
swebiceroot, thank11:19
icerootDiRaOL: think about that grub is not running on the raid11:19
TaevYes I get that. What I'm asking is do I just add "tightvncserver -basehttpport 8083 :1" to the file? or do I need to do anything special like flags or anything11:19
ikoniaTaev: best to use absoulte paths11:19
oCean_nio: yeah, might take a little effort to get used to launchpad..11:20
erUSULJordan_U: well he is using fakeraid if win7 can use it too ( 4 drives raid 0 fakeraid o.0!!!  )11:20
Jordan_UTaev: No flags needed, rc.local is the last script run at boot, and is a normal shell script.11:20
Taevso just add /usr/bin/tightvncserver -basehttpport 8083 :1 to /etc/rc.local ? thats it11:20
TaevOk. Thanks11:20
Sia-Taev, /etc/init.d/mysql stop for example11:20
erUSULTaev: also; those tightvncserver -basehttpport 8083 :1 need the x window system to have started ? the user session ?11:20
Taevsaves me the trouble of executing everything manually, especially my eggdrop bot say if my PC crashes or something.11:21
oCean_nio: when the suggested deb moves to -backports repos, I expect an i386 also. But it's not there yet.11:21
DiRaOLerUSUL: That's what i tought too, if it worked on windows, why not ubuntu also?! rs11:21
Jordan_UerUSUL: He said he was using software raid when I asked, but I think you're right.11:21
MaRk-I!pm | RossTaylor11:22
ubottuRossTaylor: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:22
DiRaOLiceroot: in theory my grub is installed on the first partition of the raid, in a ext2 partition.  but something went wrong11:22
Jordan_UDiRaOL: Are you doing any raid setup in your BIOS? Did your BIOS/mobo claim to support RAID?11:23
Destructohey hey all. ive read and read, and read . my dell mini keeps giving me 'disk is being used outside design parameters'  is there a way to fix this or is it simply a bug ..11:23
Taevcan I add commands I need executed as root to /etc/rc.local ?11:23
ikoniaTaev: yup11:23
icerootDiRaOL: its a bug11:23
icerootDestructo: its a bug11:23
Jordan_UDestructo: Just a stab in the dark but it may be talking about alignment issues.11:23
DiRaOLJordan_U: Yeap, that's the way i'm doing. On the BIOS Setup i've marked "RAID" to my sata HDs and then entered on the RAID Setup of the BIOS to set the RAID11:24
Taevdo I have to do anything special for a command that has to be run as root? I want my FTP Server to start up automatically with my specific flags11:24
icerootDestructo: normally coming up with ssd drives and wakeup from standby11:24
dd__anybody know why I wouldn't be able to get a tty? ctl-alt-fkey does not work and neither dose chvt11:24
niooCean there is no search tab please give me some direction how i can request if not requested yet11:24
Jordan_UDiRaOL: For future reference that's reffered to as "Fake RAID"11:24
DiRaOLJordan_U: Ok, sorry..11:24
erUSULDiRaOL: (bios) fakeraids are designed for windows users ... haqve you followed the instructions here ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto11:25
Jordan_UDiRaOL: Real software RAID is much easier to deal with, and is superior in almost all ways except windows support.11:25
cyrylmhi, what is the best method for executing a privileged command while being logged as a user without administrative privileges (granted that my account has such privileges)?11:25
Taevdoes /etc/rc.local just run everything as root?11:25
erUSULDiRaOL: looks like you have to make a few tricks to make the installer install grub2 correctly ( see 9.10 method )11:25
erUSULTaev: yes11:25
ikoniaTaev: it's involved by root11:25
ikonia"invoked" sorry11:26
Taevah, i don't know if I want my eggdrop bot invoked by root11:26
imaginativeonewhen I try to access my Downloads folder, the File Windows just shuts down.  How do I fix that?11:26
Taevfor security reasons11:26
ikoniaTaev: then you specify that not to be run as root11:26
Taevhow do i specify that?11:26
ikoniasu -c for example11:26
ikoniaor use sudo11:26
Taevso add "su -c | /home/whatever/eggdrop/eggdrop -n eggdrop.conf ?11:27
ikonianot |11:27
Taevput the su -c on the line above the command to follow?11:27
ikoniaTaev: no, su -c $user /home/eggdrop/blah11:28
Destructoiceroot its on all the time. after reboot, start-up. but the thing is also is i cant update/upgrade, because it says disk is full11:28
Taevreplace $user with $djs ?11:28
ikoniaTaev: with the username, it's explained in the man page11:28
icerootDestructo: and is the disc full? (df -h will tell you)11:28
Jordan_Uikonia: Doesn't the username need to come before the -c ?11:28
Kwpolskahow can I make my ubuntu looking upstream?11:28
ikoniaJordan_U: maybem thats why I said check the man page11:29
icerootKwpolska: what?11:29
DiRaOLerUSUL: I haven't seen that page, i'll try to reinstall my ubuntu. Come back in some minutes11:29
ikoniaKwpolska: what do you mean ? (I asked you before)11:29
Stranger-2Hello erUSUL thnx for last dayś great tip about the driver unbinding.11:30
Kwpolskaikonia: restore all look/panels/etc to the panels from upstream gnome11:30
erUSULStranger-2: no problem; worked?11:30
Stranger-2But now I am facing a new problem,11:30
ikoniaKwpolska: upstream gnome ???11:30
ikoniaKwpolska: you'd need to update the software (the whole of gnome) to the latest version of gnome11:31
WaleHi (:11:31
Stranger-2erUSUL, yeah. It works very well. The device for which I am doing this is "HP t100 thin client"11:31
Kwpolskaikonia: you retard11:31
Destructoiceroot is says 97% .. i dont remember having filled this up.i giues the initial install took it all. only 121 left11:32
erUSULStranger-2: what is the new problem ?11:32
icerootDestructo: 97% what? used or free? and which? / ?11:32
Stranger-2when I unmapped the device, the mouse and keyboard attached to this device is get replicated on those devices which are connected, just after device in question11:32
Destructoiceroot sorry 97% used11:33
erUSULDestructo: maybe somthing is spamming the logs ? do « sudo apt-get clean » then check /var/log/ size « sudo su -hs /var/log/ »11:33
icerootDestructo: sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean    is freeing some space normally11:33
icerootDestructo: also have a look with sudo du -sh on /11:34
erUSULStranger-2: sorry; did not fully undertood? when you unbind the device the mouse an keyboard get "reallocated" to another one ?11:34
rainbow2i have a harddisk error message that is spamming the logs extremely frequently. how can i stop the messages with a command? this slows down everything :(11:35
icerootrainbow2: maybe the better solution is to repair the problem or buy a new harddrive instead of disabling logging11:35
rainbow2i wonder what is the cause - the sender of the messages? i dont use the drive. dont access it.11:36
rainbow2iceroot: the drive is fine. ata crashes sometimes.11:36
icerootrainbow2: i dont know, i have not seen the logs11:36
Stranger-2erUSUL, Yes. mouse and keyboard get replicated.11:36
amanthakurcan anyone tell how much time it takes to compile a kernel?? i am going to compile it right now?????11:37
icerootamanthakur: depening on the hardware11:37
ifanchohow can i check the drive for errors while mounted ?11:37
ikoniaamanthakur: custom kernels are not supported here11:37
erUSULamanthakur: depends on you machine and in the config you use11:37
dsh1911can someone please explain to me how to compile a kernel?11:37
ikoniaifancho: you don't11:37
TaevI added 3 commands to /etc/rc.local , of which tightvnc and eggdrop failed completely, pure-ftpd did start but it ignored my flags to tell it to start on port 808211:37
erUSUL!kernel | dsh191111:37
ubottudsh1911: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages11:37
Destructoiceroot apt-get autoremove ... clearedabout 42mb11:37
rainbow2some process is repeatedly accessing the drive. the sectors iterate and start over again. end_request: I/O error, dev sdd, sector 6711:38
ifanchoso i cant relocate the bad sectors somehow11:38
Destructowhen i try to update says diskisfull.. so it may actually be full11:38
erUSULTaev: pur-ftp should have its own init script in /etc/init.d/ or use inetd11:38
dsh1911ubottu - thanks buddy11:38
icerootDestructo: and sudo apt-get clean   is cleaning the cahce. every package you installed is saved as deb in /var/cache/apt/11:38
Taevok, then why did tightvnc and eggdrop fail to start completely?11:38
amanthakuriceroot, erUSUL, i am having a core 2 duo 2.93 ghz processor with 1 gb of RAM11:38
bloopletechI'm trying to share my internet connection from my mobile broadband connection to my wireless connection to another computer11:38
rainbow2i suspect some gnome process to access it. what is gvfsd for?11:39
amanthakuriceroot, erUSUL, i just wanted a approximate time11:39
bloopletechAnd I'm having trouble getting it to work11:39
Stranger-2erUSUL, Suppose, I have 3 devices ( each having mouse and keyboard ). When I unbind and then again bind the device 2, mouse and keyboard of device 2 do not work, but mouse and keyboard of device 3 works on device 2 as well. ( Like replica )11:39
erUSULamanthakur: dun between 15-20 min ( disk speed is a factor) if you use the cores ( make -j5 or -j6 )11:39
iceroot!ics | bloopletech11:39
ubottubloopletech: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php11:39
amanthakurerUSUL, what will those options do?11:39
bloopletechI've gone through that - it doesn't seem to cover my scenario11:40
masteroffireI have some problem getting an ATI Radeon X1600 to work... System is 10.04, Updates are installed. I also installed xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd - but it seems like that it is not used. The graphics performance is very bad, even if I disable all desktop effects11:40
bloopletechAnd firestarter refuses to work11:40
erUSULStranger-2: o.0!! that's beyond my understanding of kernels input subsystem sorry11:40
ifanchocan i relocate the bad sectors somehow ?11:40
erUSULamanthakur: use 5 or 6 compile threaths11:40
amanthakurerUSUL, ok buddy thanks for the info11:41
rainbow2how can i locate which process is trying to access a raw drive which is not mounted ?11:41
masteroffireI also can't switch the drivers because there is no xorg.conf present11:41
Stranger-2erUSUL, ok. no prob. thnx11:41
bloopletechFirestarter was originally complaining that wlan0 wasn't active, so I tried creating a (ad-hoc) wireless connection ... then it was saying it couldn't start because of an unknown error11:41
bloopletechmasteroffire, have you checked the X wiki to make sure the open source drivers support your card?11:41
erUSULifancho: see the e2fsck man page... i think that passing -cc toi it will check for badblocks ... but double check docs to not loose data11:41
masteroffirethe card is supported by the radeonhd drivers11:42
masteroffireI can't use fglrx because AMD moved the X1600 to "Legacy" (yay... about 3 years old... thanks AMD)11:42
=== dd__ is now known as blitzo
bloopletechmasteroffire, sorry, can't help you - I use fglrx11:43
cutiyarif i want to download more than one package after each other what i do?11:44
blitzocan anyone tell me why i wouldn't be able to get a tty console?  ctl-alt-fkey does not work and neither does chvt11:44
masteroffireI searched for a couple of days now... seems like a lot of users have trouble with ATI cards... but nothing I found in forums or blog postings helped...11:44
[люди помогите! как зайти под root'ом, чтобы можно было добавлять файлы в директории файловой системы?11:45
cutiyari used && but when firest one downloaded will ask for next one i want it automatically download them11:45
cutiyarin terminal i mean11:45
Jordan_U!ru | [11:45
ubottu[: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:45
masteroffireI guess I'll just send this card to hell and buy an cheap NVIDIA - at least the NVIDIA drivers work even though they're proprietary11:45
yessir_turanHi... I'm in   a bash session and I edit .bashrc. I want to reload bash, without type bash, and hence entering a session, and without quitting that session and starting a new one... is there a way.. I'm sure I'm missing somethng....11:45
bloopletechcutiyar, look at the man page for apt-get it has a yes option11:45
Jordan_Uyessir_turan: source .bashrc11:45
ifanchois this for checking : fdisk -lu11:45
ifanchothe drive11:46
rainbow2how can i check which process is trying to access a raw drive (/dev/..) which is not even mounted ?11:46
blitzocutiyar what are you trying to do?  i can't find your earlier discussion11:46
cutiyarbloopletech, where11:46
masteroffirerainbow2, I guess this "process" will be the kernel then...11:46
masteroffireif you get I/O error messages11:47
yessir_turanJordan_U: Thanks.. but thats sort of a kludge.. isn't it.. ? because most of my vars are export VAR=<something>:$VAR, Now what if I wanted to remove something.. from a VAR..11:47
yessir_turanOkay, I can unset it.. but still somehow this doesn't fit it..11:47
cutiyarblitzo , for examplei like download bluefish and amsn after each other11:47
bloopletechcutiyar, Did you actually look at the man page before asking me fore more info?11:47
masteroffireusually these I/O errors in connection with hard disks should read like "backup your data and replace the drive"11:48
blitzoput them on the same line: apt-get install pkg1 pkg2 pkg311:48
cutiyarbloopletech, which man page?11:48
Stranger-2erUSUL, what is the content of the file unbind and bind ?11:48
bloopletechcutiyar, the apt-get man page, just like I already said11:48
blitzocutiyar put them on the same line: apt-get install pkg1 pkg2 pkg311:48
Jordan_Uyessir_turan: You can ask in #bash but I don't think there is a way to get exactly what you seem to want.11:49
erUSULStranger-2: some sort of pci id ? from what i got in that lwn page11:49
=== Mike is now known as Guest78508
rainbow2bassliner: its not mounted. i dont get output from lsof11:49
erUSULStranger-2: http://lwn.net/Articles/143397/11:49
cyrylmHow could I remove a file with the root ownership while being logged in as a person without root privileges, granted that on my account I can execute sudo?11:49
ifanchois this for checking : fdisk -lu ?11:49
cutiyarblitzo, cool its not ask after the first package finished?11:50
bloopletechcyrylm, sudo rm <file>11:50
abountucyrylm: sudo rm filename11:50
Agan_squiddyanyone using ZTE AC2726 modem? is it safe to unplug the modem without safely eject? coz ubuntu always gave me an error everytime i tried to eject it11:50
glicksauhey, is there any way to create flash animated slideshows in linux?11:50
=== Guest40814 is now known as xgenesis
ifanchoor i just have to use badblocks /dev/sda1 ?11:50
blitzothe -y option tells it to install everything without asking for confirmation - if that's what you're worried about11:50
blitzocutiyar just try it11:50
blitzocutiyar is this going to be in a script?11:51
abountuafter upgrading to lucid lynx when I plug my garmin, it doesn't get mounted as a usb drive any more11:51
cutiyarblitzo, ok11:51
masteroffirebye everybody... need to reboot to recovery shell to try out Xorg -configure11:51
cutiyarblink, what script/?11:51
abountuit used to do it automatically under karmic koala11:51
sunk8glicksau, synfig studio is awesome... its in da repos...11:51
abountuafter upgrading to lucid lynx when I plug my garmin, it doesn't get mounted as a usb drive any more, it used to do it automatically under karmic koala, any ideas11:51
glicksauhmmill check it out11:51
glicksauthanks sunk811:52
cyrylmbloopletech, but I'm logged in e.g. on an account of my father who cannot perform sudo11:52
bloopletechabountu, don't repeatedly re-ask your questions11:52
blitzoabountu can you mount it manually?  does it have a valid filesystem?11:52
bloopletechcyrylm, then no11:52
sunk8you're welcome glicksau...11:52
ifanchobloopletech is this for checking the drive : fdisk -lu ?11:52
ifanchoor i just have to use badblocks /dev/sda1 ?11:53
sunk8abountu, what's the filesystem?11:53
bloopletechifancho, I have no idea11:53
Jordan_Ucyrylm: su to an admin account.11:53
bloopletechifancho, what does the manpage for fdisk say?11:53
ifanchoi don`t know11:53
ifanchowhre i have to look it11:53
cutiyarblitzo, what script?11:54
abountubtitzo, how can I figure out which one it is to mount it manually? I did lsusb, but I can't figure out which one, I  think it has a valid file system as it used to get mounted automatically11:54
bloopletechifancho, open a terminal and type 'man fdisk' and hit enter11:54
glicksausunk8, heh that looks complex im just looking for a simple image slide show maker for websites :)11:55
blitzocutiyar, if you are asking this so you can embed it in a script to where there isn't a console to type in the "yes", then you use a -y option.  if you are doing this from the command line then just try it see what happens11:55
bloopletechx_: chinese, japanese, korean, or?11:55
=== emc_ is now known as emc
cutiyarblitzo, i used this sudo apt-get install amsn bluefish11:56
Agan_squiddyanyone using ZTE AC2726 modem? is it safe to unplug the modem without safely eject? coz ubuntu always gave me an error everytime i tried to eject it11:56
blitzocutiyar: and....11:56
sunk8glicksau, what about openoffice presentation... it can save into a number of formats... some sites let u import .ppt11:56
abountublitzo, how can I figure out which one it is to mount it manually? I did lsusb, but I can't figure out which one, I  think it has a valid file system as it used to get mounted automatically11:56
bloopletechabountu, sorry: I misdirected a remark at you before11:56
=== rainbow2 is now known as rrrrr
bloopletechI meant to direct it at Agan_squiddy11:57
cutiyarblitzo, it will download both of them ?11:57
cyrylmisn't it possible to log in on my account in a graphical terminal while being logged in as another user?11:57
bloopletechcyrylm, yes, open a terminal and type 'su <your user name>"11:57
bloopletechthen you can sudo to root from your account11:57
abhijitPrasoon, your issue solved?11:58
Agan_squiddybloopletech, ok sorry11:58
AnxiousNutwhich display manager does does xubutnu use? is it also GDM?11:58
blitzoabountu mine mounts as /dev/sdb1 - so try that: mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt11:58
Benkinoobyhi. as far as i understand the watchdog process is run for detectiong system hangs and fixing them with reboot. so is it necessary to run it on a personal computer/laptop wich is used by me the time it is powered on?11:59
MaRk-Iabountu: unplug it and plug it back then check in terminal with:  dmesg11:59
blitzoAnxiousnut xubuntu uses xfce11:59
AnxiousNutblitzo that's the Desktop environment, im asking for the display manager, the one you see for login!12:00
cyrylmJordan_U, bloopletech, thanks a lot :)12:00
bloopletechcyrylm, np12:00
blitzoabountu make darn sure it isn't mounted when you unplug it!12:00
=== nimbiotics__ is now known as nimbiotics_
abountublitzo... too late, MaRk-I, dmesg shows this error  EXT3-fs warning: mounting fs with errors, running e2fsck is recommended12:01
Jordan_Ucyrylm: You're welcome.12:01
blitzoabountu ok so run fsck on it12:01
abountu blitzo, how do I do that, sorry I can't figure out which device it is12:02
MaRk-Iabountu: dmesg tells you new usb device detected..blah sdc or sdb etc12:02
blitzoabountu does dmesg or syslog give a lue?  should be something in syslog12:02
bloopletech!cn | x_12:03
ubottux_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:03
eventyretIs there a specific channel for ubuntu server help ? :)712:03
oCean_eventyret: there is #ubuntu-server12:04
mgolischeventyret: there is #ubuntu-server12:04
Benkinoobyhi. as far as i understand the watchdog process is run for detectiong system hangs and fixing them with reboot. so is it necessary to run it on a personal computer/laptop wich is used by me the time it is powered on?12:04
blitzoabountu: try this: plug it and see if you can read it with dd.  if you have the device name wrong you'll get an error: dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/null count=112:04
blitzoabountu what disk devices does mount show now?12:05
abountublitzo: jsut ran fschk waiting for it to finish now12:05
AnxiousNutblitzo, for future reference, yes xubuntu uses GDM just like ubuntu, found it on ubuntuforums, you might need it one day :)12:05
abountuhopefully no mess ups12:06
blitzoanxiousnut thx for the update!12:06
glicksaudrupal is awesome!12:06
blitzoanybody answer a question about tyy devices?12:07
JediMasterhey guys, how do you make a usb device use a fixed device name? I've got a USB monitor (yeah it's freaky) and every few reboots it seems to increment the device number by 1, it was /dev/fb0 and it's just come up as fb2 now12:07
amokpauleHello, as a matter of fact i have to reinstall my windows partition. Is there maybe a ubuntu repair installation that in a simple way allows me to reinstall grup then?12:07
mgolischJediMaster: you can make a udev rule to create a fixed link to that device12:08
blitzoamokpaule couldn't you just boot the live cd and run grub from there?12:08
amokpauleblitzo, i have not reinstalled windows yet i wanted to have some infos first to not risk my ubuntu install, so i dont know.12:09
rrrrri have some unknown process that is endlessly accessing a dead drive (actually only a buggy ata controller) and i would like to make this process to stop that. it seems i cant trace the process with tools like lsof. how to stop this?: sd 4:0:0:0: [sdb] Result: hostbyte=DID_BAD_TARGET driverbyte=DRIVER_OK,SUGGEST_OK end_request: I/O error, dev sdd, sector 6912:09
rrrrris this a kernel issue? which tools to use on that level?12:10
beltranhey good people12:12
=== Luke is now known as Guest11855
amokpauleor is it a good idea to permanently install grub to a usb drive and always boot from there?12:12
=== zphd43 is now known as lxgr
beltrangod damn it, those fucking niggers in openbsd banned me, fuck those cock sucking jew cunts!12:14
beltrangod damn it, those fucking niggers in openbsd banned me, fuck those cock sucking jew cunts!12:15
oCean_!ops | beltran12:15
ubottubeltran: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!12:15
imyousufI am using a ubuntu box as gateway to the internet on my LAN where there is around 10+ computer/devices connected. I want to be able to control how much bandwidth each computer is using, i.e. traffic shaping. Can someone please guide me on how to achieve it?12:15
noob__I was trying to install cup-pdf printer . I installed with sudo apt-get install cups-pdf ; sudo chmod +s /usr/lib/cups/backend/cups-pdf ; Now when trying to print a test page ,It is giving error There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-document-format-not-supported'12:16
kartheehi ..  i m  going to try with  xen hypervisor .. what i read was it enables multple guest OS'es .. I got doubt what ll happen to the existing OS  when/on which  I install Xen ?12:17
om26erAnxiousNut, gdm12:17
iroquoisis there a way i can freeze the screen so i can read the text?12:17
noob__guys can someone help to install pdf printer !!!12:18
rrrrrinteresting how little help one gets if the problem is .. not so general12:18
mgolischkarthee: basicaly it becomes a higher priviledged vm from which you can control the hypervisor12:18
AnxiousNuthey thanks om26er :) but got it already see you later over there ;)12:18
blitzonoob__ what is a pdf printer12:18
om26erAnxiousNut, ;)12:18
mgolischbut xen is a evil hack, id think about using something like xenserver if you realy want to use xen, they offer a free version too i think12:19
noob__a printer to print online document into pdf in ur system12:19
noob__Is there any hack to download files from SCRIBD12:19
rrrrrwhich processes on ubuntu do usually automated checking stuff on harddrives?12:19
om26ernoob__, download the pdf and print?12:19
blitzonoob__ are you saying you want to convert something into a pdf file?12:19
mgolischkarthee: if you just want to run some vms on your desktop os id just use virtualbox or something12:20
oCean_rrrrr: don't forget it's all volunteers here. Actually I've been googling a bit, however results are related to bad behaviour of sata subsystem (driver level) You on the other hand have a hardware issue, so I guess all you want is to surpress the messages?12:20
rrrrron devices.. not mounted12:20
kartheemgolisch: okay ..  so do u suggest xen or esxi hypervisor ? coz this s the first time i m trying out and i think the OS may screw up .. xen or vmware esxi .. which one is easy ?12:20
noob__om26er: blitzo : this is what I want to do !Is there any hack to download files from SCRIBD12:20
blitzomgolisch what is virtualbox12:20
rrrrroCean_: if its possible to suppress it?12:20
blitzonoob__ just download the file and save, i have downloaded dozens from them12:20
mgolischblitzo: its a free virtualisation software from sun now oracle12:20
kartheemgolisch: easy to setup .. will worry about features later ..12:21
Jordan_Uamokpaule: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide12:21
oCean_rrrrr: yes, I think so, you should be able to "filter",  but unable to remember how to.12:21
abountublitzo, looks like the message in dmesg was related to another drive, so unplugging and  plugging the garmin didn't have any effect in the dmesg12:21
iroquoisi'd like to be able to momentarily stop new posts on here so i can more easily read and digest what is being said.is there an easy way to do that?12:21
mgolischkarthee: you usualy wont have much fun if you want to use the pc for anything but virtualisation with xen, you cant do anything but that with it if you install esxi12:21
abountublitzo, I'll restart the and check12:22
blitzoabountu you have problems that need looking after!12:22
blitzoabountu did you try mounting it as i suggested?12:22
malvnbanyone know of a bug for the 64 bit installer that fails to install the kernel?12:22
noob__blitzo: dude there is no option to download!! i have to register for it12:23
blitzonoob__ registration is free12:23
kartheemgolisch:  Sorry I didnt get you ..12:23
kartheemgolisch:  Sorry  not so good in english ..12:23
mgolischkarthee: like if you install esxi it will replace your os, you cant do anything but virtualisation with that computer then12:23
kartheemgolisch:   ' Replace your OS ' does it mean my current OS will be removed ?12:25
=== nimbiotics__ is now known as nimbiotics_
mgolischkarthee: yeah unless you install it on a seperate disk or so, but still while you run esxi you cant do anything with that computer but running vms on it12:26
amokpauleJordan_U, ty12:26
QuimbyHey, I have a problem with my Ubuntu install. When I select it on GRUB (It's installed along side Win7, which I'm currently on), it gets to the login screen then freeze cycles and the startup jingle is played over and over. The weird part is, that I've actually been able to login once, where it just didn't do it, which makes me extremely confused. Anyone experience anything similar?12:26
MegaHerzhi all. How can I know current resolution?12:27
=== avidya is now known as wai
mgolischkarthee: if you just want to run some vms on your desktop os to test out stuff id recommend using virtualbox, its realy easy to setup and doesnt require you to use one computer dedicatedly for running virtualmachines12:28
kartheemgolisch:   okay got it ..  thanks sir   ..12:28
leagrisHello, need help with getting suspend properly working on a desktop with Ubuntu 10.04. Actually upon wakeup most processes are crashed and any action lead to a kernel panic and freeze with blinking keyboard leds.12:28
kartheemgolisch:   I ve used them .. but just wanted to give a try with hypervisor just for the sake of learning ..12:28
=== raffaele is now known as Guest88774
rrrrroCean_: maybe you'll remember a little bit soon ;)12:29
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »12:30
=== nimbiotics__ is now known as nimbiotics_
blitzoleagris i can't get suspend to work either12:30
airtonixblitzo, did you check that your bios options for enable suspend are on ?12:31
blitzoairtonix didn't know there was such an option, will check12:32
oCean_rrrrr: what I did remember is that I could suppress the messages for an ethX device with loading the networkdriver with option debug=0, I'm afraid I don't know which driver is responsible for the messages you have12:32
QuimbyAnyone know what my problem could be?12:32
CGuestI have a question about C: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464941/12:32
blitzocan anyone answer a question about console tty?12:32
oCean_blitzo: just aks the channel and find out12:33
=== Traveler0 is now known as ubuverify
ubuverifyhow do i verify an ubuntustudio install?12:35
QuimbyShould I perhaps come back at a later time?12:36
oCean_ubuverify: you mean the iso?12:36
Dr_Willisubuverify:  you verify the md5 of the install media.. thats about all  you can do.12:36
ubuverify=/ i want to be sure it's installed properly12:36
leagrisblitzo, I'd love suspend to work even on my desktop, no exotic hardware AFAIK. Suspend at night, get up and ready quickly on the morning with applications up and running.12:36
oCean_!cn | yan12:37
ubottuyan: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:37
abhijityan for archlinux join #archlinux12:37
yansorry - -12:37
bullgard_https://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Evolution > Show Anvanced Fields > Gal "Library for custom widgets (like e-table, e-canvas, e-text) used by Evolution". What does 'Gal' stand for? Is it an acronym?12:37
ubuverifyi keep getting windows that black out, or actually stay locked out...i'm thinking something got messed up with the ubuntustudio install..i don't see a linux grub with an "rt"12:38
leagrisQuimby, you may be able to fix the issue booting Ubuntu in safe mode, select that within the grub menu12:38
QuimbyIt does the same in Safe mode.12:39
Skullsoldierhey i need help i trying to make a dual boot of winXP and ubuntu 8.04 and i used this guide http://apcmag.com/how_to_dual_boot_windows_xp_and_linux_xp_installed_first.htm when i restarted my computer i dosen't load to any OEM i don't just find it. now i loaded my computer up white a liveCD and i don't know what to do :(12:39
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  you installed windows first? then linux?12:39
Dr_Willisso You get teh grub menu?12:40
Skullsoldieri don't get any menu when i start my computer12:40
Dr_Willisso what does it do when you boot up? blinking cursor? errors?12:40
erkan^have evolution special program for gmail ?12:41
Skullsoldierblinking cursor12:41
leagrisQuimby, look like it got corrupted (partition, upgraded kernel), If you can not get it up in single mode (add that option by editing the startup option in grub during menu), you may like to do an fsck on the partition using the Ubuntu live CD.12:41
erkan^I mean special plugin12:41
kartheeSkullsoldier: did you use wubi.exe ?12:41
Skullsoldieri am trying to do white hand dual boot12:41
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  you installed windows first.. did that boot up to windows at all?12:42
QuimbyAight, will try that.12:42
Skullsoldieryes it did boot12:42
leagrisQuimby, option si "signle"12:42
Skullsoldierbefore i installed ubuntu12:42
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  ive not used 8.04 i ages.. Its using grub1. but you are not getting grube menu. So that would be the place to start.  However.. why are you using 8.04 and not a newer release?12:43
sam898889anyone know where i need to install the isight drivers in ubuntu to get the isight webcam to work ?12:43
lanahai am need to be operator of ubuntu id chanell how i ?>12:43
lanacan help me12:44
lanabe operator12:44
Skullsoldierusing 8.04 and yes it using grub112:44
beltrango fuck yourself nigger12:44
Dr_Willislana:   Clarify what you mean.12:44
om26erbeltran, woho?12:44
Dr_Willislana:  you 'need' to be ops in here? Thats not going to happen.12:44
beltransome cock sucking jew just fucked with me12:44
beltrandont mind me im just a troll12:44
om26er!op | beltran12:44
ubottubeltran: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!12:44
sam898889beltran   hey ~! im a jew! be nice.12:44
lanaDr_Willis, how to be ops on ubuntu id12:44
Skullsoldieri checked in terminal when i started sudo grub and then find /boot/grub/stage112:45
ubuverifytechnically we are all jews lol12:45
aeon-ltdlana: why?12:45
Dr_Willislana:  You create your own channel.. and you will be ops there..12:45
lanahow to create own channel12:45
sam898889haha true.  Anyone know how to get isight working in ubuntu ????12:45
Skullsoldierand it's shows hd0,4 and hd1,112:45
MaRk-Ilana: go to #freenode channel they'll help you12:45
Dr_Willislana:  /join #ThisIsMyOwnChannel12:45
lanaaeon-ltd,  am need to be ops on ubuntu-id12:45
xdpirateYo, can the ext2 casper-rw partition be any size when booting from usb? (I have a 40 GB 2.5" USB HDD I'd like to install a persistent live USB on)12:45
Dr_Willislana:  time to read up on some IRC basics i think.12:46
ubuverifylaa /join #unlisted un claimed channel name12:46
aeon-ltdlana: listen to Dr_Willis12:46
Skullsoldiertrying to root hd1,0 and setup it to setup hd0 but it dosen't work12:46
Dr_Willisxdpirate:  yes. there are tools to resize them to very large sizes12:46
lanaam have12:46
ubuverifythen you can contact the host of freenode servers and register it perminantly12:46
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  you sure you dont mean  hd0,0 ? hd1, would be the 2nd hard dive12:46
lanaoke aeon-ltd12:46
xdpirateDr_Willis, thanks, I can just use fdisk or gparted to partition though12:46
lanaDr_Willis, am have join on chennel12:47
xdpirateDr_Willis, I was just wondering because the pendrivelinux tool only listed 1gb, 2gb and 4gb partition12:47
Dr_Willisxdpirate:  i saw a guide once.. you used dd and 'appended' empty space to the end of the save file. and then some how expanded the filesystem with some other command. it did not use fparted or fdisk.12:47
gnomefreakubuverify: please keep this for Ubuntu support. if you or anyone else needs freenode support join #freenode12:47
aeon-ltdsam898889: use google, 100s of guides depending on the model of your mac12:47
Dr_Willisxdpirate:  check that site - they may have a guide on resizeing the save file.12:47
ubuverifyfreaky.. just trying to be helpful regardless..12:47
sam898889aeon-ltd  i am. but still cant get it to work.  just thinking maybe someone has an idea.  :(12:47
xdpirateDr_Willis, thanks :)12:48
rileyphttp://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation I need some help with set up un ubuntu12:48
xdpiraterileyp, http://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation#Binary_Installation_Steps12:49
sam-cwhats topic now?12:49
rileypxd Im using ubuntu and the guide is for redhat12:50
rileypall the install dirs are differnt in ubuntu so the guid is very hard to deal with12:50
xdpiratebinary installation steps seems pretty portable to me12:50
kampa_11can we listen radio from "Me TV" ?12:51
metalgeekHi, Is there a piece of software for ubuntu that emulates my sms centre software on my 3 mobile internet dongle?12:51
Dr_Williskampa_11:  depedns on how they are streaming the radio.12:51
blitzoanybody answer a question about console tty?12:51
metalgeeksorry wrong room12:51
sam-cguys or dolls here?12:52
metalgeekahh, sorry. New to this... lol Hi, Is there a piece of software for ubuntu that emulates my sms centre software on my 3 mobile internet dongle?12:52
sam898889aeon-ltd  hey  thanks dude. i just found a great website in the ubuntu forums for macbooks.12:52
kampa_11Dr_Willis: my friends asking for it. but cant speak english. he is ubuntu like me. but he can not listen radio with metv.12:52
oCean_sam-c: this is #ubuntu support for technical issues, join #ubuntu-offtopic for social chat12:52
oCean_blitzo: as I told before: you should ask your real question in the channel and find out12:53
sam-ci want tech talk12:53
blitzoocean_ did not see that, thx12:53
Dr_Williskampa_11:  paste a url to the radio stream  and see if others in here can access it.12:53
oCean_sam-c: describe your issue detailed but in one single line12:53
rileypwell tomcat installs to usr/share/tomcat6 and all the dirs sre stuffed and nothing is as it should be java is differnet as well12:53
Dr_Williskampa_11:  theres also that 'antenna' application (an adobe air app) that i use to listen to a lot of radio from around the world12:53
sam-cthis is maverick and whats new?12:54
blitzoi cannot get a console tty - ctrl-alt-fkey does not work, chvt does not work, killing gdm does not work, all i get is a blank screen - any suggestions?12:54
gnomefreaksam-c: if you need help please ask your questions. if you are giving help to users that need it that good. all other topics you should join #ubuntu-offtopic12:54
oCean_sam-c: support for maverick is in #ubuntu+1, not here12:54
asktobyI have a 2nd hard disk with rarely used files on it. I have hdparm spinning it down when not in use. It keeps waking up, though. How can I find out which app is accessing it?12:54
gnomefreakoCean_: he is looking for random chat12:55
kampa_11Dr_Willis: no no  no. i know that. but he is using he 's own tv card. i dont know , i dont have. but he can listen with hes machine radio (real radio , not from internet )...12:55
biopytei'm running grub on lucid. what package do i have to install if i want grub2 instead?12:55
icerootasktoby: iotop and powertop12:55
iceroot!info grub212:55
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.98-1ubuntu6 (lucid), package size 2 kB, installed size 308 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 kopensolaris-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia powerpc sparc mipsel)12:55
=== lana is now known as AcehDev
oCean_blitzo: does ps -ef |grep tty show any running processes for the tty's ?12:56
eventyretis it hard to do vhosts and such ? :)12:57
Dr_Williskampa_11:  theres radio 'tuner' applications to controll radio cards.. but ive not used one in years.12:57
asktobyiceroot: Thanks, will check out powertop12:57
coachz  can i use bzip2 to zip multiple files and dirs in one go ?    http://codepad.org/SVmIgHqe12:57
kartheecoachz: no .. bzip2 does zip only files ..12:57
kampa_11Dr_Willis:  ok. tank you!12:58
coachzis this doc wrong?  http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/linux/RHL-9-Manual/getting-started-guide/s1-managing-compressing-archiving.html12:58
coachzsays:  You can use bzip2 to compress multiple files and directories at the same time by listing them with a space between each one:12:58
sam-cjoin #ubuntu+112:58
kartheecoachz:  if you are zipping a directory use the -j option .. which does use the bzip2 algorithm ..12:58
coachzi'm trying to zip 2 files and 2 dirs at once12:58
NightKhaoscoachz: you can add them to a tar before hand, then bzip that..12:58
Dr_WillisOne normally makes a 'tar.bzip' archive ..12:59
coachzso that redhat doc is clearly wrong12:59
coachzwhat's the easiest way to do this please and get a lot of compression12:59
oCean_coachz: no need to complain about redhat doc in #ubuntu ...12:59
mujiantowhy if i shutdown is not automatic shutdown?12:59
airtonixmujianto, because it's manual ?13:00
airtonixjust a thought13:00
coachzis there a better way other than tar then bzip2 ?13:00
mujiantono, i must press shutdown on hardware13:01
Dr_Williscoachz:  it depends on your needs. tar.bz2 works quite well for most needs13:01
DiRaOLHey everyone, i'm back.13:01
oCean_coachz: we would need details on what you are trying to do13:01
coachzok, can i do it in one line ?   so i can tar two files and two dirs and then bzip2 them13:01
kartheecoachz: lzma is better than bzip213:02
coachzoCean_,  sorry, i have 2 files and 2 dirs i'm trying to zip up tiny and move13:02
coachzlzma .....more compression ?13:02
kartheecoachz: yes ..13:02
coachzmy hosted server doesn't appear to have lzma13:02
Dr_WillisIt will also depend on the type of file coachz  you can only compress things so much13:02
coachzyou run lzma rught ?13:02
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
kartheecoachz:  http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/06/lzma-better-compression-than-bzip2-on-unix-linux/13:03
coachztar bzip should be fine, i just don't know how to do it on one line13:03
oCean_coachz: tar archive.tar file1 file2 directory1/* directory2/* would make archive.tar of those files/directories specified. Use bzip2 archive.tar to compress the .tar to .tar.bz213:03
SkullsoldierDr_willis i trying to get setup hd0 but error text is Error 11: Unrecognized device string13:04
gnomefreakcoachz: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression for more help on other formats13:04
coachzoCean_ how would i do it all on one line ?13:04
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  its possible your cdrom is hd0,13:04
gnomefreakcoachz: he just showed you13:04
Skullsoldierhmm how do i check it?13:04
DiRaOLi was following the "fakeRaid" tuto from ubuntu site, but i got an error that there isn't anything like this on the site. There it tolds me to choose the "/dev/mapper/pdc_uhwefu" as the place that i should choose to install the GRUB. I've made it, but on 93% of the instalation i recived this message: "The execution of "grub-install /dev/sda" has failed  Any idea?!13:04
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  Not sure  in 8.04 -  ive not used it in 2 years..13:04
ManDayIs there a generic driver for 3d mice in ubuntu. Situation: A 3dmouse provides RAW data from USB with udev. GIMP can hook with that and enables it as a "Linux Input"-Device in its settings where everything can be well configured.     Apparently, GIMP is capable of reading that device (which is a HID compliant device) troubleless - CAN THIS BE DONE FOR X?13:04
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  see what ls -l /dev/cdrom   says13:04
oCean_coachz: add "j" to the tar options13:05
kartheecoachz:  ll this make you happy .. find /path/to/the/folder/  -name \*  -type f | xargs bzip213:06
coachzif i'm doing it on one line don't i have to pipe the tar output into bunzip2 ?13:06
coachzkarthee,  i don't need find13:06
oCean_coachz: no the "j" option does that for you, see "man tar"13:06
coachzi know the names of the two files and two folders13:06
kartheecoachz:  find /path/to/the/folder/  -name \*  -type f | xargs bzip2  .. this would do it in a single line as you wanted .. But as oCean_ and I mentioned  -j option will  use bzip algorithm to compress ..13:07
imaginativeonewhen I try to access my Downloads folder, the File Windows just shuts down.  How do I fix that?13:07
Skullsoldierlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2010-07-17 19:28 /dev/cdrom -> scd013:07
coachzkarthee,  that's a nutty way to do it13:08
oCean_karthee: there is no need for him to use find, since he knows what to archive13:08
kartheecoachz:  ok .. sorry ..13:08
coachzi just have to read tar crap for 20 mins to figure out the stupid options13:08
Dr_Williscoachz:  the 'j' option to 'tar' is what you nead.13:09
imaginativeonewhen I try to access my Downloads folder, the File Windows just shuts down.  How do I fix that?13:09
oCean_coachz: but now I told you howto, right?13:09
blitzoocean_ i have a getty running on all of them13:09
coachzwell almost13:09
SkullsoldierDr_willis      lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2010-07-17 19:28 /dev/cdrom -> scd013:09
=== Traveler0 is now known as ubuverify
Dr_Willisimaginativeone:  can you access it from a terminal?13:09
Skullsoldierthat it what it says13:09
imaginativeoneDr_Willis: yes13:10
ubuverifyi'm having connection issues...13:10
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  you could check 'sudo fdisk -l' output also.. It would be weird that the cd is the first drive on a system.. buit ive seen it done befor.13:10
coachzif you really want to tell me,  tell me exactly what to type to bzip2 two files and two dirs on one line :-)13:10
froeshi you all. i have just installed grub2, havent put quiet or splash on the /etc/default/grub  and still does not show me the kernel messages. is there a way of making it show the messages ???13:10
oCean_blitzo: in that case, I have no idea why you cannot access them.13:10
oCean_coachz: okay once more, hold on13:10
Dr_Willisimaginativeone:  cd to 'Downloads' and try 'nautilus .'13:10
abhijit froes press shift13:10
coachzso far i have:   tar archive.tar file1 file2 directory1/* directory2/*13:10
coachzjust add -j ?13:10
imaginativeoneno luck13:11
coachzlike this?   tar -j archive.tar file1 file2 directory1/* directory2/*13:11
oCean_coachz: tar cvfj myarchive.tar.bz2 file1 file2 directory1/* directory2/*13:11
imaginativeonea Window popped up, showing files13:11
coachzperfect, thanks oCean_13:11
froesanhijit, is there a way of making it show the messages by default? without having to push shift  ????13:11
oCean_coachz: you're most welcoem13:11
imaginativeonebut when I tried to access Downloads, the window closed13:11
coachzextra karma for everyone !13:11
abhijit!grub2 | froes yes you can edit grub here13:11
ubottufroes yes you can edit grub here: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:11
Dr_Willisfroes:  theres the 'text' option. :) but thzat will disable GDM from starting up.  Personally.. i just remove plymounth. :) (but im hard-core)13:12
* AcehDev hallo13:12
imaginativeonelooking at Properties, the volume is "Unknown"13:12
imaginativeoneis that significant?13:12
Dr_Willisfroes:  if you want grub to always shiow its MENU thats an option in /etc/default/grub13:12
Dr_Willisimaginativeone:  that should of opened nautilus in the downloads dir..  try 'nautilus /home/USERNAME/Downloads'13:13
imaginativeoneI think I figured out the problem13:13
froescheers everyone ... i`ll test it13:13
rrrrroCean_: i started shutdown 30 minutes ago. it still is doing so.. incredibly slow13:13
AcehDevping google.com13:13
imaginativeoneI need to change the owner from root to myself13:13
imaginativeoneI've always had a little trouble with the chown command13:13
Dr_Willisimaginativeone:  so you were  somehow running nautiuls as root in the past?13:13
Dr_Willissudo chown username  directoryname13:14
AcehDevsudo nautilus13:14
Dr_Willisimaginativeone:  you may want to get out of that habbit.. it can cause all sosrts of issues13:14
madurax86 does anyone know where i can get deb packages for compiz 0.9 ?13:14
imaginativeonetis true13:14
kartheerrrr: change the  cell  inside your cpu ..13:14
Dr_Willismadurax86:  i think ive seen PPA repos for that.13:14
SkullsoldierDr_Willis: i posted what the terminal sayd in a personal note13:14
Dr_Willis!pastebin | Skullsoldier13:15
ubottuSkullsoldier: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:15
madurax86Dr_Willis: can u tell me the ppa for that? i didnt find any working ppa13:15
ManDayHow do I make X recognize a 6 DOF InputDevice?13:15
bourkehi, can anyone tell me how to enable the system beep in ubuntu?13:15
abhijitmadurax86, http://www.compiz.org/13:15
kartheeManDay: what is 6 DOF InputDevice ?13:16
Dr_Willismadurax86:  no idea. I saw it mentioned on  some linux news sites,13:16
madurax86abhijit: i want 0.9, its not gone stable yet13:16
ManDaykarthee, a six degrees of freedom input device - aka 3d mouse13:16
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  so you have 2 hard drives.. its possible you got grub missconfigured. You have some linux parittion on both hard drives.13:16
imaginativeoneit is also possible that DropBox did something weird to it13:16
ackbahrHi! I tried creating a folder accessible to all users on my machine. I created /home/public and chmoded it to 777, so far so good, but then the files I drag'n'drop there are still owned by the creator of the file! Is there a way to chmod any fils dropped there, too? Thanks!13:16
ManDaykarthee, I tried an InputDevice section in xorg.conf but its ignored13:16
abhijitmadurax86, dunno then check google for launchapd compiz13:16
SkullsoldierDr_Willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464955/13:16
imaginativeoneI can't believe that I can't figure out how to use DropBox at all13:16
ManDayI got its HID compliant data interface at /dev/input13:17
imaginativeoneeven though I'm paying $10 per month13:17
Niglophow do i burn dvd files to disc on ubuntu13:17
Dr_WillisSkullsoldier:  so its possible grub instaslled to the other hard drive ifyoua re not getting a menu at all. You could set the bios to boot the other hard drive. and see if that works.13:17
abhijitNiglop, brasero13:17
ManDayHow do I make X recognize a 6 DOF HID compliant InputDevice at /dev/input/dof6 ?13:17
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Niglopit burns iso's not video ts abhijit13:17
Dr_WillisNiglop:  clarify what you mean.. You mean make a DATA dvd with various files? or make a DVD Video disk from video files?13:17
madurax86Dr_Willis: ah i tried the same PPAs from those sites those were only for testing purposes they have brought down the packages after, thanks for ur time13:18
Skullsoldierhmm thank you dr_willis i will try that13:18
Niglop2nd one Dr_Willis13:18
abhijitNiglop, it does13:18
SkullsoldierDr_Willis thank you i try that13:18
Niglopabhijit:  im looking at it right now..13:18
Dr_WillisNiglop:  you convert the video to the proper dvd 'video format' then burn the video data files to the disk13:18
Dr_Willis!Info devede | Niglop13:18
abhijitNiglop, in Application=>Sound and video=>Brasero disk burner13:18
Dr_WillisNiglop:  i use devede to turn my Video files to 'dvd videos' i can play on dvd players13:18
coachzoCean_  that screwed me up13:19
coachzit replaced my files with bz2 versions13:19
Dr_Willisvideo file --> devede --> makes a dvd.iso i test in vlc, then i burn it as needed13:19
Niglopwho said anything about me having a video to convert to dvd? im asking how to burn video files.. (audio and video ts)13:19
Dr_WillisNiglop:  those are just dataz files then.. burn them as you woukld any other data files.13:19
ikoniangthat is a dvd format13:19
ikoniaNiglop: audio and video_ts is a dvd format13:19
Niglophow do i burn them .. wow13:20
ikoniaab Niglop13:20
Dr_Willisany of the disk burning tools should work.. good luck.13:20
=== alerpiz is now known as alper
coachzwhy did it replace my files with bzip2 files it was just supposed to compress them to an archive    tar cvfj myarchive.tar.bz2 file1 file2 directory1/* directory2/*13:22
laiemanHi. How can I restore GRUB and it's menu.lst? I've tried alot of guides, but when I reboot - I do not get the menu, just a GRUB-console :(13:22
ahrenhi what application can i use to make a usb bootable windows xp in ubuntu?13:22
imaginativeonehow do I turn off the execution bit?13:22
Dr_Willisahren:  you want XP on a usb disk?13:22
abhijit !fixgrub | laieman13:23
ubottulaieman: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.13:23
ahrenyes Dr_Willis13:23
sdsqdfkqsdfhi, gdm isn't working for me anymore, after I used the accessibility button; it gives a gdm warning user nog found; I can still login without gdm though13:23
ahrenor how can i get my usb drive to be recognized in Virtualbox whatever is easier13:23
abhijit!unetbootin | ahren13:23
ubottuahren: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:23
Dr_Willisahren:  Not seen any ubuntu/linux tools to do it. #windows may know of some. or some sites that have guides.13:23
ahrenyeah unetbootin has not been working13:23
Dr_Willisunetbootin WONT work for a XP setup; )13:23
k1nghow to move close, minimize, maximize button to right?13:24
ahrenok how do i get my usb recognized in virtualbox then13:24
Dr_Willisten again Im not sure XP can boot from a USB without some major hacking on it13:24
ubuverifyi'm trying to update a pc from 8.04 to 10.4...it seems to have frozen...what would it hurt if i shut it down before install completed?13:24
Dr_Willis!controls | k1ng13:24
ubottuk1ng: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side13:24
ahrenit is different in 10.04 than in previous versions13:24
coachzoCean_ ?13:24
Dr_Willisahren:  use the vbox from the vbox homepage? not the one inthe repos for staters13:24
ahrenDr_Willis,  i just want the install iso to be able to boot on a usb13:24
Dr_Willisahren:  that may take some work with XP.13:25
ahrenoh ok so i have to uninstall the vbox from the repos first?13:25
kartheeahren: use unetbootin13:25
ahrenok i will say again i have tried unetbootin 5 times and it does not work13:25
Dr_Williskarthee:  unetbootin does NOT work with an windowsxp.iso13:25
Dr_WillisTime to see what #windows channel says  ahren13:26
ahrenok Dr_Willis i have the files but wine doesn't load the correct dlls i just need usb functionality from my virtualbox13:26
coachzhow come this zips file1 and file2 to separate file1.bz2 and file2.bz2 and REPLACES the originals ?   tar cvfj myarchive.tar.bz2 file1 file2 directory1/* directory2/*13:26
kartheeDr_Willis: ohh ..   thanks for that info .. But  I dont use windows  anymore ...13:26
ahreni have to uninstall the virtualbox on my system then reinstall the virtualbox from the vbox website?13:26
ahrenyeah i need Windows for some of my daytrading applications13:27
abhijitahren, yes. download from their web site and install13:27
ubuverify< needs assitance diagnoseing connection issues13:27
io!ask | ubuverify13:27
ubottuubuverify: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:27
abhijit!details | ubuverify13:28
ubottuubuverify: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:28
ahrenif you are interested in making money in the markets google marketgeometry and search forexfactory for median line thanks a lot guys that is my paying you :)13:30
Dr_Willisahren:  if you are booting xp in virtualbox.. vbox can use an iso file...13:30
ubuverifyi have connection issues in ubuntu 10.4 websites don't load properly.. my uploads hang... i have 1 ether internet, 1 lan shared lan, and one wifi shared..this didnt happen until about 2 days ago..and is persistant13:30
sdsqdfkqsdfHi, I have a problem with GD, (Latest ubuntu), when I login (gdm warning: no user) + half black screen (accessibility), can't login, keeps refreshing login; reinstalling gdm doesn't work13:30
ubuverifytake it ez dr13:31
ubuverifyi noticed several remote logins in the router logs, so i reset the conection, but the problems persist13:32
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yessir_turanHi.. I'm on nfs.., using ubuntu.. The locate indexing process cannot look into my directory beause I don't permit it to, even root cannot, unless he su's into me. Now my question is.. is there a way I can create a local locate database that will index my files and will let me search them...13:33
yessir_turanlocate beacuse I'm command line guy..13:33
yessir_turanBut other suggestions would be good too..13:34
ubuverifyi'm having trouble understanding your question?13:34
ubuverifyhow do i increase transmit power for my linksys wusb54g13:35
imaginativeonewhat does it mean when my folder is outlined in green?13:35
Alan502ubuverify, i think that is not related to ubuntu, normally you would change those form the router's administration tool13:36
yessir_turanOther details: I'm on Ubuntu 10.04..13:36
Dr_Willisyessir_turan:  locate has a feature for 'user' created database/searches I think. check its docs13:38
ubuverifythe router and the AP are two diffrent setups...the AP (wusb54g) is os controlled via drivers...rt2500usb, currently transmitting at 1Mb/s it can go as high as 54Mb/s but is not consistent13:40
Dr_Willisyessir_turan:  use updatedb to make a personal database.. (see its man pages, for an exzmple)13:40
Dr_Willisyessir_turan:  then tell locate to use that database13:40
MegaHerzHi all. I'm confused with kernel names. What kernel should I use for my Intel Core Duo CPU? -generic? -386?13:40
mgolischMegaHerz: yeah the generic is the std desktop kernel13:41
ubuverifySo i'm wondering how i can tell ubuntu to increase the transmit power of my wifi AP?13:41
mgolischMegaHerz: it should have been installed by default13:41
MegaHerzmgolisch: yeah, it was installed, but then, judging from name of course, I thought 386 is more specific and installed it :)13:42
ubuverify=c google failed13:44
amanthakurhi guys, can anyone tell me how do make initrd image in ubuntu??? i tried mkinitrd but it didn't worked...13:46
MegaHerzHow to edit kerenel startup parameters for some GRUB menu entry (which are all now autocreated)?13:47
amanthakurMegaHerz, do let me know too.... I am looking for the same....:)13:47
soadkombuchaWho knows how to set an ISO to boot from Grub2?13:47
MegaHerzamanthakur: yeah, I've read that page on wiki, but there are only discussed how to add new entries. I think of copying existing entry to my new one13:48
amanthakurHi bihari babuya kaisan ho....:)13:48
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stanley_robertsohi all13:49
amanthakurMegaHerz, i am on a page that say to edit menu.lst but in ubuntu we don't have menu.lst now......:) any alternative??13:49
abhijitsoadkombucha, http://www.linuxforu.com/teach-me/tips-tricks/install-linux-straight-from-an-iso/13:49
abhijithi stanley_robertso13:49
yessir_turanDr_Willis: Thanks.. :)13:49
MaRk-I!grub2 | amanthakur13:49
ubottuamanthakur: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:49
amanthakurabhijit, do you have any idea about my problem??13:49
abhijitamanthakur, no13:50
amanthakurMaRk-I, thanks.....:) and thanks to ubottu too....:P13:50
abountuwhen I plug my garmin nothing happens, it used to get mounted automatically, I tried to look in dmesg, I can't see anything that explains it, and using lsusb I can't figure out which one is garmin, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/MGy9Gbg413:50
MegaHerzamanthakur: of course. grub.cfg13:51
MegaHerzamanthakur: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub213:51
mgolischamanthakur: none?13:51
mgolischabountu: none13:51
mgolischabountu: you have two mice?13:51
amanthakurmgolisch, none what???13:51
airtonixi really like the interface monodevelop provides, but i would like for it to support python. is this possible on karmic ?13:52
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mgolischairtonix: monodevelop supports python13:53
mgolischairtonix: version 2.2 ships with a python binding addon13:54
stanley_robertsohi abhijit13:55
stanley_robertso wassup ?13:56
erUSULabountu: i only see two mouses there ...13:56
stanley_robertsoabhijit, you are in both ubuntu and ubuntu-bugs group ?13:57
bourkewould someone mind mentioning my nick in a sentence so I can test out my irssi settings? :P13:57
abhijitstanley_robertso, yes13:57
stanley_robertsoabhijit, cool13:58
stanley_robertsohow long you are contributing ?13:58
airtonixarghh this is no good i removed gnome-globalmenu but nautilus still refuses to show a menu bar in its application window.13:58
amanthakurMegaHerz, I have installed a new version of kernel- using the three commands 1. make 2. make modules 3. make modules_install install. Is is enough to do so? or i need something more?13:58
abhijitstanley_robertso, please com in #ubuntu-offtopic13:58
mgolischamanthakur: kernels installed that way wont generate grub boot entries, youll have to do that yourself13:59
coachzhow come tar can't find my hidden dir ?  http://codepad.org/yiR4ymUs14:00
soadkombuchamgolisch: update-grub14:00
amanthakurmgolisch, i am stuck over here only. I don't know how to make initrd image, can you help me with this?14:01
soadkombuchamgolisch: Then it SHOULD find the kernel14:01
arpad2i tried to reinstall grub2, and on the start now i have only grub and cursor14:01
arpad2can smb help me with this14:01
mgolischsoadkombucha: realy? i thought that only works for kernel packages14:01
soadkombuchamgolisch: You could try it14:01
soadkombuchamgolisch: Or you could do it the legacy unreccomended way and add the file manually using the file that says do not modify14:02
coachzisn't tar supposed to work with hidden dirs ?14:02
airtonixmgolisch, ah ok, i see my karmic box only has monodevelop v2.014:02
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abountumgolisch, yes I have two mice14:03
mgolischairtonix: think there was a experinmental python bindings addon in earlier versions, but for a working thing id go with 2.214:03
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mgolischabountu: so this means it doenst detect your garmin, make sure you use a usb port thats actualy connected, some big towers have more usb ports than moszt motherboards have14:04
airtonixmgolisch, i assume you are using lucid and not karmic then ?14:04
mgolischairtonix: yeah it has 2.214:05
coachzonly 1 hour trying to zip a couple files and a two dirs,  ain't linux awesome.....fawk this14:05
MaRk-Iabountu: better if you pastebin the last 30 lines from dmesg14:05
ubuverifyanyone here familiar with network troubleshooting ubuntu 10.4-rt14:05
imaginativeonewhat does it mean when my folder is outlined in green?14:05
mgolischabountu: like do other usb devices work in that port?14:05
imaginativeonein terminal, of course14:05
abountumgolisch, other things are working on that port14:05
coachzwtf ?  http://codepad.org/yiR4ymUs14:05
mgolischabountu: maybe your device is broken?14:06
mgolischabountu: is it powered on?14:06
coachzis tar reTARded ?14:06
abountumgolisch: yes it's powered automatically once I plugit14:06
erUSULcoachz: is the dir empty ?14:06
abountumgolisch: which means the port is connected14:06
=== xxx is now known as Guest76924
coachzerUSUL no14:07
imaginativeonecoachz: one thing is for sure, you won't be able to understand TAR if you are retarded14:07
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coachzluckily i'm not :-)14:07
coachzjust have a football shaped head14:07
coachzit has one hidden file in it14:07
abountuMaRk-I,  repasted: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/3k43L2mv14:07
erUSULcoachz: wrong order in the options... f has to be last and before archive name14:08
erUSULcoachz: tar cfj backup20070717 .bashrc php.ini .htpasswds/* public_html/*14:08
erUSULcoachz: tar cjf backup20070717 .bashrc php.ini .htpasswds/* public_html/*14:08
soadkombuchaxjvf and xzvf are the two I always use14:08
coachzerUSUL same error14:08
coachzso i need .htpasswds/.*14:09
ubuverifyIs there a better driver for my linksys wusb54g..currently using rt2500?obsolete?14:09
coachzto get hidden files too ?14:09
ivo_why I can not use my soft RAID5 array when only 1 drive is failed14:09
mgolischivo_: you should be able to14:10
soadkombuchacoachz: The * tells it to extract all files in the directory that it follow14:10
ivo_and most importantly why is the array degraded when all drives are ok, I am rebuilding it right now with the same drive14:10
soadkombuchaso you're not extracting each file separately14:10
mgolischivo_: no idea maybe some drive is not ok?14:10
ivo_the array is encrypted14:10
erUSULcoachz: works here; are you sure that dir is in the currnt dir ?14:10
coachzwill this get all files including hiddens ?  tar cjf backup20070717 .bashrc php.ini .htpasswds/ public_html/14:10
Ganymedeshould i be worried if my drive reports 8589934592000 reallocated sectors in smartctl? that's about 4000 terrabytes of reallocated sectors...14:11
ivo_mgolish the drives were running fine for some time now with opensolaris14:11
coachzwithout the * appears to work14:11
ivo_the drives are fine14:11
ivo_SMART status is ok14:11
rileyphi Im installing mythpodcaster on ubuntu and.. Im having trouble I have it all installed and the apge wont load I can pastebin some logs if someone with java skill could help me14:11
ivo_diskutility shows status degraded14:12
ubuverifycan i setup two partitions on one drive, for use in raid?14:12
ivo_and there is no mount button14:13
rileyphttp://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/wiki/Installation#Binary_Installation_Steps Ive followed this guide however all the dirs are different in ubuntu14:13
ivo_and I am too new in linux to do this manually now14:13
ivo_because the array is encrypted14:13
erUSULubuverify: sure but what would be the point ?14:13
erUSULivo_: maybe more help with mdadm etc in #ubuntu-server14:13
ubuverifyit should be faster then one partition?14:13
bojpuryacan any one tell me how to register nick?14:13
erUSULubuverify: no14:13
MaRk-Iabountu: nothing there shows about detecting a usb device, except the last line indicating 1 was disconnected14:14
erUSUL!register | bojpurya14:14
ubottubojpurya: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:14
ubuverifyplus redundancy? if one fails it recovers?14:14
rileypthe webpage appears to load  but nothing appears on the screen14:14
erUSULubuverify: if a drive fails all the partitions within fail14:14
abountuMaRk-I: yeah.. that's what I was saying... what could cause this?14:15
abountuMaRk-I: could it be the filesystem of the device is corrupt?14:15
ubuverifytrue, if it physically is damaged...and since both partitions mirrior each other, if a file becomes currupted, both partitons are then curruopted??14:15
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MaRk-Iabountu: is the device working?14:15
sonuhi,i  just finished installing ubuntu lts using alternative cd and when i start it, my monitor turned off, my cpu fan turned off ,but light still blinks. Why my computer goes in suspended every time i tried to run ubuntu? my computer configuration: 500gb hdd,1gb nvidia 9400 card,1.5 gb ram,P4,3.0ghz and 945chipset..14:16
abountuMaRk-I: yes, I locks gps and shows map14:16
DiRaOLHey everyone, good news. I've installed the fakeraid dualboot.14:16
DiRaOLI don't know exactly what happend, but i think that there are two thinks.14:16
DiRaOLThe first one is about this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/parted/+bug/56805014:16
DiRaOLSo, my suggestion is to open the LiveCD session, aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade and then, after that, try to use the "Gparted" to format and create the partitions.14:16
DiRaOLIf this doesn't work, use this also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:16
FloodBot2DiRaOL: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:16
abountuMaRk-I: it also reads the previously saved maps14:16
abountuMaRk-I: nothing seems wrong from inside the device.... I'm confused now14:17
G__81in the older releases of ubuntu, there used to be a directory called /etc/event.d now in 10.04 i dont find it where can i find the tty devices ?14:17
MaRk-Iabountu: out of ideas here, if the filesystem was corrupted it'd detected it and then tell you it cant read it14:18
G__81can some one let me know ?14:18
bihariam back14:18
abountuMaRk-I: ok.. googling14:18
abountuMaRk-I: thx14:18
bihariwhats goin on hi mark14:18
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MaRk-Isonu: what's your video card?14:18
erUSULG__81: is /etc/init/ now14:18
MaRk-Ihi bihari, not much here14:18
sonuMaRk-I:  it's nvidia geforce 940014:19
MaRk-Isonu edit grub and add "nomodeset"14:19
G__81erUSUL,i ve created a file system for UML and i need to delete the tty devices coz otherwise it opens 6 terminals14:19
sonuMaRk-I:  how? i can't even run ubuntu in recovery mode? how can i open grub and edit it?14:20
biharioki mark you know what mark today when i said that in my ppt (power point presentation) i said a ubuntu is so easy to use that a even a truck driver uses it for there funn << people wher got shocked =)) and get there attention14:20
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G__81erUSUL, i used to delete it in the older versions in /etc/event.d so now i have to do the same in /etc/init14:20
erUSULG__81: the tty files are there for you to remove/move them14:20
erUSULG__81: correct14:20
MaRk-Ibihari: lol14:21
metalgeekHi, could anyone tell me where the equivelent of pytonw.exe for windows is in ubuntu?14:21
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sonuMaRk-I: ??14:21
biharipeople wher got shoked that a linux is being used by truck driver in usa yes a place wher windows got birth and infected 95 % of computer14:21
erUSULmetalgeek: what does pythonw.exe in windows does ?14:21
svakshadoes anyone know how to mount a device that is not being recognized?14:21
bazhang!ot | bihari14:22
bihariof the world14:22
ubottubihari: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!14:22
ubuverifyplease recommend a wifi utility that works in ubuntu 10.4... the ones listed in the repo's don't work for me?14:22
bazhangbihari, this is NOT the chat channel14:22
svakshathe hdd until y'day had two partitions and now there is no root file system.14:22
G__81ok thanks erUSUL14:22
erUSULG__81: no problem14:22
AnxiousNutmetalgeek, what does it do?14:22
biharioki sorry14:22
bazhangbihari, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic not here14:22
merniliohi all!14:23
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erUSULmetalgeek: i think that plain python ( /usr/bin/python ) can do windowing by default in ubuntu14:23
MaRk-Isonu: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/14:23
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ioWhy does installing apache2 (2.2.14-5ubuntu8) come with an empty httpd.conf on Ubuntu?14:24
mernilioI dont have a question or so .. but i was thinking of shaving .. someone ought to invent some kind of liquid hair removal stuff.14:24
ioThe actual 2.2.14 source has a full httpd.conf.14:24
bazhangmernilio, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic not here14:25
merniliobazhang: oki14:25
merniliobazhang: im banned from that hell hole14:25
ubuverifymern it's called anir??14:25
ubuverifylol nair14:26
mernilioanir :-O14:26
metalgeekK think i get it now14:26
bazhangmernilio, that has nothing to do with this channel. this is still ubuntu support only14:26
merniliooki, ill shut up for now then14:26
merniliomaybe i can give some generic advice to some newbie14:27
Ganymedeis there a way for to tell when my laptop hard drive is being spun-down for inactvitiy? my laptop hard-drive area gets really hot for most of the day so i suspect it's not spinning down. i have spin down checked in system -> preferences -> power management14:27
soadkombuchaGanymede: Do you have ACPI enabled or disabled? Because I know from experience most power management settings don't work as well with ACPI off14:28
silv3r_m00nhi there14:28
lcukGanymede, old fashioned way - using a stethoscope http://www.doctors.ly/forums/signaturepics/sigpic23822_1.gif14:28
maltiniHello! Whether somebody is saying here in Polish? :>14:28
mernilioGanymede: good thinking. Maybe gkrellm has a plugin for checking it.. i dont know14:28
oCean_lcuk: please stop14:29
shauno!pl | maltini14:29
ubottumaltini: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.14:29
silv3r_m00non this LAN there are 5 computers and all in dhcp mode , isn't is possible to give each computer a name , so that when accessing each other from browser , it can be like http://somename/ rather than   ?14:29
oCean_silv3r_m00n: have your computers register (dynamically) in dns14:30
maltiniubottu: Ok dzieki za informacje :)  "Ok, thanks for the information" :)14:30
ivo_I just noticed liks dose not accept my password14:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:30
ivo_any Ideas why??14:30
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.14:30
ivo_do I really have to wait until the array is rebuild to access my data?14:30
silv3r_m00noCean_: means ?14:30
oCean_silv3r_m00n: computer names are registered in a dns.14:31
Ganymedesoadkombucha: i do appear to kacpid and acpid running, if that's what you're asking14:31
silv3r_m00noCean_: I mean how to do it ?14:31
oCean_!dns | silv3r_m00n14:31
ubottusilv3r_m00n: To set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns.html14:31
silv3r_m00nthe router is allocating each computer its ip , so the dns service has to run on the router I guess ?14:31
lvh_how can i convince network manager (the networking applet) to do trunking14:31
FrankLvHow can I change to run level 3 at boot time, add 3 to kernel= line seem not work14:31
oCean_silv3r_m00n: it might be a bit overkill for only 5 machines14:31
lvh_my desktop has two ethernet cards, my switch understands trunks14:31
oCean_silv3r_m00n: if the machines were to use static ip'14:31
soadkombuchaI thought Ubuntu 10 didn't use runlevels?14:32
oCean_silv3r_m00n: then you could use /etc/hosts file14:32
comaghi. i'm unable to kill a process with "kill -9 <pid>". is there any other way to kill a process?14:32
metalgeekcool, got it, Cheers14:32