rizzlewhats up05:13
rizzletrying to get studio working right, driving me nuts05:14
rizzlehi kbn05:15
doctormoHey guys05:21
doctormoI noticed that in the ubuntu studio logo I had, there was a whole pile of unused defs (3600 of them) causing 800KB of bloat of svgs made with it. I want to check and make sure it's not an upstream problem too.05:22
rebirthhow can i tell if i have puredata extended version, and if i don't how do i install it?08:18
ubuverifyhow do i verify ubuntustudio is properly installed?12:40
Pabloubuverify: why do you think it could be not properly installed?12:46
ubuverifyi don't have an "RT" listed in grub...windows black out...12:47
PabloHave you installed ubuntustudio trough the metapackages, from normal ubuntu?12:48
ubuverifyfrom normal 10.4 using console commands listed on the site..12:48
Pabloplease open a terminal12:49
Pablols /boot | grep linuz12:50
PabloIs there the rt?12:50
Pablo2.6.31.10-rt, I think12:50
ubuverifyvmlinuz-2.6.32-21-generic vmlinuz-2.6.32-23-generic12:51
ubuverifyhow the heck did i get that ^^12:51
PabloYou have two linux versions installed12:51
Pabloboth are generic ones12:51
ubuverifythat would cause some issues, excessive cpu use...12:52
PabloWell, linux-rt is not compulsory to work with audio apps, but it could be convenient12:52
ubuverifyhow do i correct this without formatting and re-installing?12:53
Pabloyou don't have to do that12:53
ubuverifyi do want a real time kernal.. it was much faster and multi tasking was seamless12:53
Pabloif you want to try ubuntu with the rt kernel, just install it with12:54
Pablosudo apt-get install linux-rt12:54
Pabloyou should see this as a grub option when at boot12:54
ubuverifywhy didnt it do that when i tried to install ubuntustudio over 10.4?12:55
Pablobecause, afaik, linux-rt is out of the ubuntustudio-audio metapackage12:55
ubuverify=/ it wasnt like that when i first tried ubuntustudio...12:56
Pablodevs will know better the reason why they left it out12:56
Pabloyou are right12:56
ubuverifyoh well..let me try this aptget12:56
Pabloin lucid is out. In karmic was in, IIRC12:56
Pablobut that apt-get is ALL you need12:57
Pabloand probably, once installed, just in case do a12:57
Pablosudo update-grub12:57
ubuverifyyup that did it, i should be able to boot the rt module now12:59
ubuverifylol i think it may be trying to make 8.04 an rt as well??13:00
ubuverifyi'ma reboot and see what happend xD13:01
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ubuverifyyes much better13:10
ubuverifynow i'm trying to figure out why i am having connection issues..13:10
Pablowired or wireless?13:11
Traveler6i reset my conection..just noticed the dns servers weren't updated...13:17
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ubuverifylet me see if i still have issues13:18
Pabloconnection issues are not my strong point anyway. I can't be of much help here13:18
ubuverify=/ well upload is still hanging...13:19
ubuverifyi've been trying to update a pc from 8.04 to 10.4 it seems to be frozen...and is connected to the internet thruough this pc...could that cause issues?13:21
ubuverifyand ty pablo for your help.. i've been googling the crap out of that rt kernal fix..13:22
Pabloyou are welcome!13:23
hugoim going to try out ubuntu studio20:49
hugoive been using arch linux for quite some time, but i cannot run VST's in it20:50
hugois it possible to run VST's with ubuntu studio ?20:50
ScottLhugo, you can compile ardour to use vst's but i've heard it is crashy21:06
ScottLthere are other applications that can compile as hosts to vst (faust or something like that) which require wine as well21:07
ScottLi'm not an expert with vst's though21:07
hugoi mostly use renoise21:07
hugobut renoise requires the steinberg sdk21:07
hugowhich i cannot install in arch linux :/21:07
holsteinhugo: check out http://www.linuxdsp.co.uk/21:08
ScottLyou might try #opensourcemusicians and ask there, metric tronnes of knowledgeable and experienced people there21:08
holsteinthe JACK versions are free21:08
hugoallright :)21:08
ScottLspeaking of OSM, here is holstein :)21:08
ScottLcheers mate21:08
holsteinpersonally i dont miss any of my old favorite VST's21:08
holsteinbut i dont need instruments21:08
holsteinjust effects21:08
holsteinScottL: :)21:08
hugoyes, i could also do that21:09
hugorecord everything i need21:09
holsteinif your into MIDI more21:09
holsteinthese are some nice tutorials done by [lsd] over at #opensourcemuscians21:09
ScottLhugo, just so you know, holstein is one of the guys i thought could help you on #opensourcemusicians21:10
ScottLace, that one21:11
* holstein stands on the shoulders of giants21:11
ScottLhugo, i've also heard about running reaper under wine to use VST's21:11
hugoreaper i dont know21:11
hugook, so ill stand on the shoulders of holstein and refrain myself from installing windows21:12
holsteinfrom what i read, it really depends on the VST's21:12
holsteinand what they need21:12
holsteini know it sucks learning new softwareb21:12
holsteinbut i would suggest looking for FOSS replacements21:12
hugowhat do you recomend to record ?21:13
hugoi have a bad microphone and a beringer table21:13
hugoim using audacity21:13
holsteinyeah, audio or MIDI sequencing?21:14
holsteinardour is the deal21:14
hugoah, allright21:14
holsteini call audacity a 'gateway drug' though21:14
hugogateway drug ?21:14
holsteinif its working for you21:14
holsteinuse it21:14
holsteinwhen you need more21:14
holsteinthen you can move on to ardour21:14
holsteinhugo: have you checked out JACK?21:15
hugoyes, but i dont understand it much21:15
holsteinhugo: thats where i would suggest starting21:15
holsteingetting JACK up and running21:15
ScottLtraverso is also in the repositories21:16
ScottLi think of traverso as a bridge between audacity and ardour (alhtough closer to audacity)21:16
hugomaybe i dont have to switch to ubuntustudio and keep arch installed if i manage to install it right21:16
holsteinScottL: true21:16
holsteinmore features, but not overkill on a newb21:16
holsteinardour is quite amazing21:17
holsteinbut has a learning curve for sure21:17
* holstein checked out the renoise demo21:17
holsteinthat looks nice too21:17
hugoallright :)21:18
holsteinyou should be able to get JACK running with whatever distro21:18
holsteinthen things will get easier21:18
Pablono me entra tu archivo21:20
* holstein is running out he door now21:20
PabloOops! sorry21:20
holsteinhugo: i'll help you get JACK running sometime though21:20
hugoim reading some docs on the web21:20
holsteinyou can try just starting JACK21:22
holsteinif your in ubuntu21:22
holsteinhugo: are you still in arch?21:22
hugoim about to download ubuntustudio21:22
holsteineither way, you need to install jackd21:22
holsteinand its dependancies21:22
holsteinits easier in ubuntu or ubuntustudio21:23
holsteini find21:23
holsteinbut stuzz could help you in arch21:23
hugogreat :)21:24
holsteinglancing over that guide21:24
holsteinit should do the trick21:24
* holstein BBL21:25
hugo:) thanks21:25
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