queenzcan i ask how upstart works?11:29
queenzhi ion11:30
queenzso upstart as i read is the replacement for /sbin/init?11:30
ionYes, it’s an init implementation.11:31
queenzso there is /sbin/upstart instead of /sbin/init ?11:31
ionUpstart provides /sbin/init.11:32
queenz/sbin/init is by default in every distribution but if you install upstart it will use /sbin/upstart ?11:33
ionThere’s no /sbin/upstart, Upstart provides /sbin/init.11:35
queenzi see11:35
queenzwhere does upstart start the desktop environment?11:36
queenzwhere can i configure it?11:36
ionDepends on your distro. The jobs are defined in /etc/init.11:38
queenzi have ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx11:41
queenzi found a lot of files in /etc/init/, which one starts the desktop environment?11:42
ion/etc/init/gdm.conf starts gdm11:47
queenzand gdm starts gnome right?11:48
queenzoh i see now. Do you know where i can configure GDM and change which desktop environment it will start?11:48
iongdm provides a selector for that in the UI.11:49
queenzi made my own program that i want to start as a desktop environment but it doesn't show up in the gdm ui11:50
ionYou’ll have to look at documentation and/or what the other desktop environments do. This has nothing to do with Upstart.11:52
queenzok, you're right...11:52
queenzhow can i make upstart run my program ?11:53
ionSee init(5) for documentation /etc/init/*.conf for examples11:54
queenzwhere's init(5) ?11:55
ionman 5 init11:56
queenzso does that mean that all upstart init will run all scripts found in /etc/init/?11:57
ionUpstart emits the ‘startup’ event in the beginning. That triggers anything that has ‘start on startup’ to start. In Ubuntu, the most important thing at that point is the mountall job, which then emits events such as ‘filesystem’ when things get mounted, triggering any job that has the equivalent ‘start on...’ stanza to start.12:00
queenzso there's an order which jobs get started first ?12:03
ionEverything an event causes to start starts in parallel.12:04
queenzmuch clearer now12:05
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RicardoPerezhi! i'm using lucid. i need the smbd daemon starting after openldap's slapd daemon, but the latter still uses the old-style /etc/init.d/slapd init script. what can I do? thanks in advance!19:59

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