mranimahello, how can I use the Linuxmint Menu on Xubuntu 10.04?02:39
mranimais already install but I can't see it on the panel list?02:39
bigredradioSince the most recent update my wireless drops frequently. I ran "watch iwconfig" and noticed that the IEEE and the Frequency kept changing. Anyone seen this?03:24
bigredradioIEEE 802.11a then goes to IEEE 802.11abg03:24
bigredradioLike it can't make up it's mind.03:25
pleia2bigredradio: I can't say for sure, but sounds like a driver issue, do you know what wifi card you have?03:31
bigredradioLooking it up now03:31
bigredradiopleia2, NetXtreme BCM573203:32
pleia2I don't actually know a ton about wifi (thankfully my cards "just work") but hopefully once you have that info either someone else will know or it'll give you some info to search ubuntuforums.org with03:32
pleia2ah, broadcom03:32
bigredradioI have the proprietary driver loaded.03:32
* pleia2 nods03:32
bigredradioWorked fine in the past.03:32
bigredradio(Better Question) I have noticed my wireless driver (driver=wl0 driverversion= is alternating between 802.11a and 802.11abg. The configuration from lshw shows  wireless=IEEE 802.11a. Can this be set manually to g rather than automatic?04:23
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wowheadis anyone here awake07:27
wowheadi need help getting into xubuntu and i can not get into it and i was wondering if anyone can help me07:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:30
wowheadcan anyone help me07:30
_Techie_put your question forward, give us a bit of an idea about exectly where you are and we can see if we can07:31
AppleDoes anybody know how I can install Xubuntu under BTRFS?08:29
nicofsin my program menu there is an application i'd like to start from console - only i don't know how that application is called as the name given in the menu is not that of the application... how do i do this?11:30
Sysitry 'apropos name'11:31
Sysior something other words you could hit it, apropos is search tool11:31
nicofsis there any way to directly access what's in the menu, i.e. adding a "sudo" before the command...?11:32
Sysimenu config is in /etc/xdg/menus/xfce-applications.menu11:37
nicofsoh dear... it points to some sort of *.directory... i think i might have to untangle how that works...11:48
nicofshow do i search a file on my HD?11:50
nicofsok... i found out11:55
nicofsi resign. another problem that's not meant to be solved...11:58
AnxiousNutwhich display manager does does xubutnu use? is it also GDM?12:00
AnxiousNuthello! this should be the easiest question to you!!12:03
AnxiousNutYes it does! found it on ubuntu forums! And i thought this would be faster! Thanks anyways :) bye12:04
maxtorwhy hibernation is very slow12:58
maxtorMS Windows does a better job. it just wakes blazing fast compared to the slow wake up of linux12:58
maxtorwondering if there are hacks to increase the speed of linux hibernation wake up time12:59
maxtori'm apt-getting "hibernate" package. i hope that's smarter way of doing things13:01
maxtori'm connected?13:08
Niglophow do i burn DVD files(audio and video ts) to disc, (NO NOT WRITE THEM, BURN..)13:24
ikoniaNiglop: you where told in #ubuntu - don't start in here too13:24
ikoniaNiglop: use the DVD software to burn as data13:24
Niglopoh my god.. i already told you brasero doesnt burn video ts files13:25
Niglopit burns iso13:25
ikoniait will burn video fles13:25
NiglopOK let me check shall i13:25
ikoniagnome discussion is not in this channel13:25
NiglopOH ..  what do you know13:25
Niglopit doesnt let me13:26
Niglopum im actually using xubuntu13:26
Niglopwho said anything about gnome?13:26
ikoniait does13:27
ikoniaI'm doing it now13:27
NiglopOH REALLY..13:27
Niglopcare to walk me through it13:27
ikonia"no I don't care to walk you through it"13:27
ikoniait's as simple as dragging the folders you want to burn into the burn area and clicking burn13:28
Niglopthanks for the support13:28
Niglopthere is no burn area on my screen.13:28
ikoniaplease post a screen shot13:28
ikoniaclick on the "create a project"13:29
ikoniaselect the type of project you want to use13:30
Niglopthere is no "create a project"..?13:30
ikoniayes there is - it lists the types of projects you can create under the heading "create a new project"13:31
Niglopyes you didnt tell me which one to click13:31
ikoniawhich ever one you want to use13:31
Niglopi want to burn video ts files13:31
Niglopno button for that..13:31
ikoniayes, but when someone in #ubuntu tried to explain the differnce between burning as data files and burning for use in a DVD player you abused them13:32
Niglopi already knew the difference13:32
ikoniahowever, using common sense look at the video project, it actually says "create a video DVD"13:32
Niglopand no i abused you for pointing out the obvious13:32
ikoniain that case you'll know how to do it13:33
Niglopi dont want to create a DVD i want to BURN one13:33
ikoniayou need to create a DVD to burn one13:33
ikoniayou're creating a new DVD project made out of files you already have13:33
ikoniayes, so you create a new DVD out of the files you have13:33
ikoniaso you "create a video DVD"13:34
Niglopi totally disagree, but im going to do what you say JUST INCASE i am wrong13:34
Niglopok now what13:34
ikoniaI'm not wasting any more time with you and your attitude13:34
ikoniabest of luck13:34
Niglopi just told you im going to do what you say and then you have a mood swing..13:35
Niglopim glad to see the linux community excelling13:35
NiglopSO .. can anybody else help13:36
well_laid_lawnyou are kidding...13:37
Niglopare you sure of that..?13:37
_Techie_okay lets stop this now13:37
* gnomefreak doesnt see any problem or wrong on ikonia part to the info he gave you13:37
_Techie_Niglop, whats the DVD?13:37
Niglopare you asking me the name of the movie?13:38
_Techie_Niglop, answer the damn question13:38
Niglophence me asking  a question in return13:38
gnomefreakmore than likely it has write protection on it13:38
_Techie_Niglop, what is the name of the movie you are copying13:38
_Techie_Niglop, well lemme see, last time i check we dont support illegal activities... that includes piracy13:39
_Techie_it is also against freenode terms13:39
Niglopwho said it was the one from the cinema?13:39
_Techie_so please take your buiseness  elsewhere13:39
Niglopmy and my little brother created a play called avatar13:39
gnomefreakwe dont13:39
gnomefreakNiglop: than you should have a local copy of it and it will burn without issue13:40
Niglopi do have a local copy13:40
gnomefreakNiglop: i suggest taking this to a different IRC server13:40
Niglopyous keep pointing out WHAT i SHOULD do.. but not actually telling me how to do it13:40
gnomefreakNiglop: stop with the caps. and everyone has told you how to do it but you fail to agree or listen13:40
well_laid_lawnif it is a .ts then you need to make a .iso out of it13:41
Niglopim obviously pissed off13:41
well_laid_lawnlike ikonia was trying to get you to do13:41
Niglopnobody has told me how to do it13:41
ikoniaNiglop: create DVD project, drag the files in click burn - all done13:41
Niglopthey are just saying "burn it13:41
ikoniaNiglop: end of discussion13:41
gnomefreakNiglop: than i suggest leavving and coming back when you calm down13:41
Niglopclicking burn creates an iso13:41
Niglopi dont want to create an iso13:41
Niglopi want to burn video ts files13:41
ikoniaNiglop: look at the output file13:41
NiglopIM looking13:41
ikoniayou want your output to be TS files13:42
ikoniayou've not got the ts_audio files13:42
ikoniais that what you are saying13:42
ikoniayou want to make them13:42
Niglopno.. i already have them13:42
ikoniayou want to create the video_ts and audio files,13:42
knomeikonia, no, he has .ts files he wants to burn to a dvd.13:42
ikoniaso create DVD project, drag to area, set output to DVD or iso file, click burn13:42
Niglopwhen dragging it in: "Avatar" is not suitable for audio or video media.13:42
ikoniaNiglop: because it's copy projected13:43
Niglopdefine copy projected13:43
ikoniaor is this the one your brother made ?13:43
knomeNiglop, protected13:43
NiglopYEAH its the one my brother made13:43
ikoniaNiglop: movies you buy have protection on to stop them being copied13:43
ikoniaNiglop: you have to bypass it13:43
ikoniaNiglop: however if your brother made this movie then he'll know the copy protection he put on it and you can ask him to remove it13:44
gnomefreakNiglop: it can not be burtned legally so it is the movie not your project. now please leave or stop this topic13:44
Niglophe put it on accidently, he just told me he clicked a random option13:44
Niglophe wants to know how to remove it13:44
ikoniaNiglop: ask him to remake the DVD without it13:44
gnomefreakdelete it like any other file/folder13:44
ikoniaNiglop: removing copy protection is illegal and we will not discuss it here13:44
Niglophe said it took 9 hours to render on our slow intel celeron computer13:44
Niglophe said he doesnt want to wait any longer13:45
ikoniaNiglop: that's not our problem, he should be more careful13:45
Niglophe should13:45
knomeNiglop, we are not going to give you instructions how to remove a copy protection.13:45
gnomefreakNiglop: now stop!13:45
ikoniaI guess we are done here13:45
ikoniaNiglop: you've got the info, good luck13:45
gnomefreakwe are13:45
Niglopstop acting like the riaa is sitting in the chan spectating13:45
ikoniaNiglop: we are not, it's your brothers movie, he can remove the protection13:45
ikoniasopt ?13:45
_Techie_youll have to explain that for me aswell13:46
gnomefreakstop is correct13:47
knome...aaand he scores 10 points!13:47
ikoniahed get a lot more help if he was honest13:47
knomeor actually trying to follow the instructions..13:48
gnomefreakits the non-legal aspect13:48
dahaicikonia: tbh, I am pretty surprised you tried to help him with his attitude,14:01
ikoniait's all sorted now14:02
knome!hi | arpad214:02
ubottuarpad2: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:02
_Techie_welcome arpad214:02
arpad2i tried to reinstall grub2, and the result is at the start i have now only grub with cursor14:03
arpad2please, could smb help me with this14:04
luca_ventociao ho appena installato xubuntu sul mio vecchio portatile17:52
luca_ventoma il video è 800 per 60017:52
luca_ventocome posso fare a portarlo alla risoluzione giusta17:52
luca_vento1024 per 76817:52
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charlie-tcasorry, that's the one18:05
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profus2can somebody help me out19:33
Sysiout of IRC or something else?19:33
profus2installed xubuntu, logged in, updated software and after newstart can not login anymore?19:33
profus2pretty annoying :-(19:34
Sysiwhere it's stopping?19:34
profus2login screen is presented to me19:37
profus2but my password is not accepted anymore19:37
Sysiit says authentication failure?19:38
profus2I did reboot the system several times and tried to login, but to no avail19:39
profus2what can be done? reinstall?19:39
Besogonprofus2, may be you could log in in safe mode19:45
Besogonand make new user19:45
profus2how could that be done?19:46
Sysiif you can get to root shell in failsafe mode you can change password19:46
Besogonreboot and chose "safe mode" then you should use useradd command19:46
Sysihold shift while/before boot19:47
profus2i have "dual boot" installation19:51
profus2so first I see grub screen, telling me linux generic or generic19:52
profus2and of cours the old xp19:53
profus2default is the first one19:53
profus2when choosing the first one an holding SHIFT there is no change in login screen as compared to before19:53
Sysishift is for getting menu, that's not visible by default if you don't have dualboot19:55
profus2so what should I do: as a first time linuxer I have no clue20:00
profus2what do you mean: "if you can get to root shell in failsaife mode, you can change passowrd"?20:00
profus2password was functional before software update20:00
profus2very strang20:01
profus2is this a known problem?20:01
Sysiyou don't have any failsafe option in boot menu?20:02
Besogonmay be PAM sistem broke. But i's very strange..20:03
BesogonStop. Which kernel did you use when update?20:03
profus2there is something calle recovery mode20:04
profus2@besogon: i have no clue20:04
BesogonDid you tried to boot up from either kernels you have?20:04
profus2I started the default, so I think
profus2I tried both kernels20:05
profus2no difference in behaviour20:05
BesogonSo. Have you botted in safe mode (single user)?20:06
BesogonI yes. Go to shell20:07
profus2I tried "failsafe mode" but there is no difference - can not log in20:07
profus2arrived at shell20:09
profus2how should I proceed20:09
BesogonEven in shell you can't assecc, can you?20:10
Sysiis it $ or #-shell?20:10
profus2the second20:10
Besogoncommand line in safe mode I meant20:10
profus2i went to recovery mode and the to rootshell20:11
profus2looks like this, without this funny sign20:11
BesogonLets try to modify your user20:12
profus2i can not reproduce20:12
profus2could you help me with the command=?20:13
profus2as far as I understood, the user at installation is admin?20:13
Besogonpasswd login20:13
profus2is this the command20:13
BesogonMay be better passwd -u loginname20:14
BesogonWith it you may rewrite your password rewrite20:15
profus2it says: password expiry information changed20:15
BesogonOK reboot and login20:15
profus2no clue, what this means20:15
profus2i'll try20:15
profus2no change20:17
profus2I restarted, but not in recovery mode20:17
profus2and entered the same passowrd20:17
BesogonPress Ctrl+F120:17
Besogonthen try to log in20:18
Besogonwith your user20:18
BesogonDon't reboot.20:18
Sysiyou can do same as before but type 'passwd <yourusername>'20:18
BesogonBut at this time he have to write current password20:19
profus2Ctrl+F1 does not change anything20:19
Sysictrl alt f120:19
profus2at rootshell I type in "password -u username20:20
Besogonprofus2, listen. can you connect to your user from the command line bing not in safe mode?20:21
profus2ok, logged in at shell, how to proceed20:21
profus2@besogon: ctrl alt f1 brought me to the shell, there i logged in20:22
profus2what to do now?20:22
profus2looks like the graphical user interface has a problem - right?20:22
BesogonOne thing I suggest you. If you are connected to internet you can update agai. May be It will change the situation20:23
profus2now, i am at the shell20:23
Besogonyes. and it's strange20:23
profus2how to go back to a more graphical environment20:24
profus2or should I do the update via shell and if so how?20:24
Besogonyes. via shell20:24
profus2same problem20:24
profus2if I go back to shell20:25
profus2no login20:25
BesogonFirstly. how do you connect to internet? Do you use ethernet?20:25
profus2yes, via router20:25
profus2we are talking about notebook which is connected to the router20:25
profus2through the router20:26
Besogontype ifconfig20:26
BesogonConnect to your router via a wire. It will be easyer20:26
profus2ok, what would you like to check20:26
profus2its connected via cable, not WLAN20:27
profus2i can see its ip-adress20:27
profus2in the local "network"20:27
Besogonyou see "eth0" interface, don't you?20:28
BesogonSo try "sudo apt-get update"20:29
Besogonthen "sudo apt-get upgrade"20:30
BesogonWhat's going on?20:31
profus2_i was kicked out of the chat20:31
profus2_or i lost the chat whatever, sorry20:31
profus2_which means I did not / could not follow your reply *ashamed*20:32
Besogon"sudo apt-get update"20:32
Besogon"sudo apt-get upgrade"20:32
BesogonHave you done that?20:32
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profus2password is not accepted20:33
Sysisudo service gdm stop && sudo aptitude --purge reinstall gdm20:35
Besogonhe is right20:36
Besogonbut does service gdm exist now?20:36
zerothiscan firefox's resource use be reduced?20:36
BesogonI'm using old system now20:37
Besogonzerothis, but. It's don't give you real advantage20:38
Sysizerothis: install adblock-plugin20:38
Besogonlook for it on site Aurora OS20:38
Sysiif you need light browser, midori has adblock too, chromium is light too20:39
profus2@Besogon: it asked me for password, which was not accepted20:39
profus2so i logged out20:39
Sysiwebsites just aren't lightweight anymore20:39
profus2now, i can't log in anymore20:39
Besogonprofus2, Sysi said you what to do20:39
zerothisalready have adblock and noscript. its still straining my 128MB Pentium dinosaur20:39
Besogonzerothis, to get really fast FF Firefox should be build using PGO20:40
BesogonLike it's done for Windows20:40
Sysifirefox can't be fast on 128MB, propably anything can't20:41
Besogonzerothis, https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Building_with_Profile-Guided_Optimization20:41
BesogonI very idle person and don't programmer at all and I accostumed to my slower FF20:42
Besogonwhy don't they build FF with PGO for all Linux-users I don't know. Of cource it would be not so stable but much faster20:44
SysiFF is fast on my dual core and ssd :P20:45
Sysiand fast enough on my netbook20:46
BesogonMay be you have only one such netbook as for my netbook it's false. My netbook's freezing for half a minute after start FF20:47
Sysiit also works pretty well on my 70120:48
zerothissysi, lots of browsers are fast on this system, but they are non-graphical OR do not function with gmail20:48
profus2last question: how can I remove xubuntu from my system?20:52
Besogonprofus2, Do you want remove only xubuntu -desktop or delete linux itself?20:55
profus2with no logon to the system, looks like the whole thing is pretty worthless20:56
BesogonDon't haste. be patient. To too hate it at first few mounth but that was 2 years ago20:56
profus2login problem should be a kernel issue, so other desktop should be no solution20:57
BesogonGo sleep and reinstall it tomorrow. But I suggest you ,as you are a novice, use to gnome or KDE environtment20:57
profus2how do I reinstall ----> boot from CD and just overwrite it?20:58
profus2do you know how much time I wasted with this baby?20:58
Besogonyes. Just like you do it with windows20:58
Sysiidk, i've wasted like 2 years20:59
Sysibut i loved it from the first boot, i still hate xp so much..21:01
Besogonbocouse windows is too different. And it requires time to accustom to philosofy and possibility of linux21:02
BesogonSysi, Didn't you try W7?21:02
Sysiyeah, it's okay21:02
Sysibut i don't have reason to use something less nice and paymentfull or warez21:03
profus2I am used to Windows more then a decade, so it seems pretty easy to me21:03
Besogonbut I didn't. I'm not interested. (there is not nesessity for that)21:03
BesogonWin7 costs too much for me either21:04
profus2interestingly, the most promising feature of linux (one-click installation of all programms) killed my system21:05
BesogonIt never happened for me. But yes. sometime it happends21:06
Besogonwith somebody21:06
Sysii use command line always21:07
ridin\ /21:07
Sysiyum is best way to install software IMO, fedora just don't like my hardware very much21:08
BesogonSysi, What do you think about Suse?21:10
Sysinot good for xfce-user21:11
Sysizypper and yast are pretty nice21:11
Sysii can use kde, but it takes hours to configure21:12
profus2@sysi & Besongon: you wouldn't believe it - i did a replay of the hints you gave me and succeeded ---- yeah21:32
profus2one question: how can I see data on the ntfs partion from within xubuntu?21:33
Sysibtw, don't put @ in front of lines if you want to hilight, it propably don't hilight on many users21:33
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount21:34
profus2thank you very much for your help21:35
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE21:35
nikolamthis stupid thunar does not know about multitasking. while deleting file I can not browse until it finish it.21:57
kenaspermy titlebar at icons on it are missing from all my windows23:35
kenasperand i can copy-paste to text boxes but most text boxes do not receive my typed text23:36
Sysialt+f2 and type xfwm423:36
rolandpishHi. I installed xubuntu lucid and I want to configure my wireless manually. I removed network manager and tried configuring net manually on /etc/network/interfaces (succeeded always in my ubuntu) but when I restart networking nothing happens. What is the net conf file in xubuntu?23:49
rolandpishOh, sorry for the noise. Stupid myself, forgot the "auto eth1". My bad.23:55

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