LucidFoxdidrocks, thanks for sponsoring!08:42
jcastrovish: around?09:44
jcastroklattimer: that's the list of tagged bugs09:45
jcastroklattimer: I'm going to be assigning you the ones from among this team09:45
jcastrothese tags I mean09:45
vishjcastro: hey09:51
jcastrovish: klattimer will be working with us to finish off some app indicator work09:57
jcastrovish: got any pet bugs?09:57
vishawesome! , let me check..09:57
jcastroklattimer: agateau recommends that we skip hplip, there's apparently lots of stuff that needs to get done up there to do it09:57
klattimer"up there"09:57
klattimercoding from heaven?09:57
jcastroin upstream qt09:57
* jcastro gives you vino and gnome-bt instead09:58
klattimerwas just looking at the hplip patch09:59
klattimergenerally speaking it looks good, my guess was that there was an upstream bug causing the segfault09:59
klattimerso it's not easily fixable within the context of app indicators10:00
vishjcastro: klattimer: Bug 548981 ? this actually needs to be fixed in indicator-session10:01
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/548981)10:01
vishbad bot!10:01
jcastrothat one could be cool, but after the big ones10:02
* vish digs deeper10:02
klattimervish: i was talking about bug 49787710:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 497877 in One Hundred Paper Cuts "Indicator should only turn red after the last package has been installed (affected: 2, heat: 44)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49787710:02
klattimererm nooo10:03
klattimerhmm, the bug bot isn't happy today10:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 497877 in hplip (Ubuntu) "Support Application Indicators (affected: 1, heat: 20)" [Wishlist,Incomplete]10:03
vishbot gone crazy!10:03
klattimeranyway I'll move on to vino10:04
vishklattimer: yeah , i'm looking.. most of the bugs are tagged indicator-application  , I'll see if any are left out..10:04
jcastroklattimer: seb128 will be assigning you bugs as well, so don't freak out, heh10:05
jcastrovish: the main scope of the work is fixing existing indicators and "big bang for the buck" ones10:06
jcastrovish: so for each app we're going to have to make a judgement call of how many people could be using the app10:06
jcastrovish: after that we are keen on getting him time to clean up notify-osd stuff as well10:07
jcastrovish: and then we can have cake!10:07
klattimermmmm cake10:08
vishjcastro: oh , notify-osd as well , this one got assigned last cycle , but seems to have gotten lost > Bug #33326910:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 333269 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "leave message uses an ugly and confusing dialog (affected: 9, heat: 21)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33326910:08
jcastrovish: mpt and seb will be putting together lists of bugs for notify-osd, however when they have those I'd like you to go over it as well10:09
* vish searches for more "big bang for the buck" ones10:11
vishjcastro: seen > Bug 601209 ?10:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 601209 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "Indicator breaks gtk table menus (affected: 1, heat: 10)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60120910:16
vishand there is another that has to be fixed as well , supporting icon + text in the indicators..10:16
jcastroklattimer: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators/ContractorWorkflow10:23
jcastrothat's kind of old and out of date, but has some useful bits10:23
jcastrovish: yeah, you know what would be awesome would be a list of bugs (sorted by priority) of things that app developers are needing to port their apps10:25
jcastrovish: but we'll cross that bridge when we get there, heh10:31
jcastroklattimer: did the bugmail start hitting you?10:31
klattimerI've got two so far10:33
vishhmm , how many users would like a Thunderbird support for messaging menu...10:36
klattimervish: quite a few I'd imagine10:37
vishoh! , there is already a patch for that : Bug #36717510:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 367175 in thunderbird (Ubuntu) "thunderbird not using indicator applet (affected: 78, heat: 409)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36717510:39
klattimerjcastro: I'm assuming it's best to test on maverick?10:40
jcastroklattimer: yeah, I don't know how comfortable you are running alpha releases10:43
klattimerjcastro: got virtualbox on my mac10:45
klattimerit'll be fine ;)10:45
vishjcastro: another one is tomboy indicator is in need of "pins"...10:45
klattimeroh the bugs in the maverick pages are fun10:45
vishwe dont support that yet in app-indicators..10:46
klattimeralpha1 is the google top hit, and the download links go nowhere10:46
klattimeralpha2 the download link in the menu doesn't jump to the section10:46
klattimerlovely ;)10:46
klattimermaverick installing ;)10:53
didrocksLucidFox: yw ;)11:12
didrocksLucidFox: thanks for the patch!11:12
LucidFoxHmm, now it turns out that Debian released 1.6.4-1 two days ago, we'd need to merge11:12
klattimerjcastro: I'm looking for which source code to apply the vino patch to12:49
klattimerwas wondering if any of the existing launchpad branches are valid, or whether I should be taking from upstream?12:50
senseklattimer: We do try to forward patches upstream as much as possible, so upstream would probably the best place to look for the source code if upstream is prepared to include it.12:50
klattimersense this is for app indicators, so unlikely upstream will use it12:52
klattimerbut I'm just looking for the baseline code to apply a patch to12:52
klattimerconfused as to what I need to do about debian/* in the package if it's coming from upstream12:52
senseklattimer: We have been sending most patches upstream, so I hope that Vino will accept it as well. I assume you're using autoconf flags to disable AppInd by default?12:53
klattimersense: it's not my patch but it looks that way12:53
jcastroklattimer: I would work on whatever will ship in maverick, so git head. :D13:10
jcastrosense: glad you're here, klattimer is our man for some time to work on app indicator issues13:10
jcastrosense: do you happen to have a link to that submenu bug he'll likely run into?13:10
jcastrosense: ted will likely fix that one soon13:10
sensejcastro: No, but I think I did ran unto it when working on Deluge.13:10
senseI've got a plugin for that ready, but its submenus don't work.13:11
jcastrolet me find dbarth and get a timeline for completion on it13:11
sensebug 585153 is a submenu bug, but it is not what I saw.13:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 585153 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "Submenus are being shown in reverse order (affected: 1, heat: 63)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58515313:12
jcastroklattimer: you'll likely hit that at some point13:13
jcastrosense: dbarth says to please file a new bug and assign it directly to agateau13:13
jcastro(on your issue)13:13
sensejcastro: Could be related to Glade as Deluge is still using that.13:14
klattimerjcastro: I'm using git-head13:16
klattimerbut wondering where the debian folder can be sourced from for package building?13:17
senseIf it's up-to-date that would be lp:ubuntu/vino or lp:ubuntu/maverick/vino13:17
sensebzr branch lp:stuff13:17
senseOtherwise there's always apt-get source13:17
senseklattimer: I think most branches are up-to-date nowadays, but you might want to check it really provides you with the latest version available, just to be sure.13:20
klattimersense: just checked 2.28 in bzr maverick vs 2.31 in git-head13:21
klattimerthe question is, which version is shipping with maverick 2.30?13:21
sense2.28.2 is the one being shipped in maverick.13:21
klattimerright so I'll just forget about git then13:21
senseI think we will eventually ship the new release from upstream, which is now still 2.31, but meanwhile you could provide a patch for 2.28.2 while waiting for the patch to be accepted upstream.13:22
senseOnce it gets accepted upstream and the new version gets uploaded to maverick you can drop the patch and enable the appindicator flag.13:22
sense(or just add libappindicator-dev to Build-Depens if the default value of the flag is auto)13:22
klattimerurgh... patch failed to apply13:35
sensejcastro: bug 60821913:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 608219 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "Submenus not added when done so with Glade (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60821913:36
jcastroklattimer: travis' patch applied to lucid, so whatever was in 2.2814:05
klattimerjcastro: I've stumbled on some dpkg weirdness i think14:06
jcastroI mean 2.3014:06
klattimeradding the patch to the patch sequence breaks building14:06
klattimerpatching before buildpackage it works14:06
jcastroklattimer: pastebin me14:06
klattimer... weirdness14:06
klattimerjcastro: can't do atm14:06
klattimerworking between two machines and a third virtual14:06
jcastrofor packaging related issues kenvandine can help. He's in #ubuntu-desktop14:07
klattimerbut anyway I'm building and will be able to test the patch I hope soonish14:07
klattimerk, good to know14:07
sensehi bratsche14:09
kenvandineklattimer, hey14:10
kenvandineklattimer, if you have packaging questions, feel free to ping me14:11
sensekenvandine: I thought that during the UDS someone was appointed to fix the C# inheritance problems of AppIndicator. Is someone already working on that?14:11
kenvandinesense, not that i know of14:11
sensekenvandine: I thought ROAF proposed to seal the class and someone said he should do so.14:12
RAOFsense: Yo!14:14
senseRAOF: ^^14:14
senseand yo, of course14:14
RAOFI have no memory of that conversation.14:14
klattimergrr, now hitting buts with an undefined identifier14:14
RAOFAnd no one assigned me a work item for it, so it hasn't been done my me.14:15
senseThat's logical. :)14:15
RAOFI even forget what the problem was!14:15
senseRAOF: Cannot inherit from the C# AppInd class because the Category and Status things are stored in a weird hybrid way, between enums and strings.14:15
senseRAOF: the constructor causes trouble14:16
senseIt expects the category value to accept a certain type, but it wants another and then crashes.14:16
RAOFOk.  So the solution I proposed was to make it not possible to subclass AppInd?14:16
kenvandinesense, oh... you can't do that in python either14:16
RAOFThat makes sense :)14:16
senseRAOF: I think that was you.14:17
RAOFIt could well have been.14:17
senseYou have a black beard, right?14:17
RAOFThat should be a simple matter of prepending “sealed”14:17
RAOFsense: Hah!  You're thinking of dbo!14:17
senseRAOF: No, it isn't.14:17
senseRAOF: It's using GAPI2 to generate things, so we have to work in the .metadata file.14:18
RAOFWell, you could use a .custom file.14:18
senseThat would mean we'd have to maintain the whole constructor manually.14:18
RAOFYeah, true.14:18
senseIsn't there a way to seal a class from GAPI?14:18
RAOFActually, no!  You wouldn't have to manitain the whole constructor.14:19
RAOFWhat you'd do is have basically “sealed partial class AppInd”, and have nothing in there.14:19
senseThat would be nice.14:19
senseand not hide the generated thing14:19
senseI see14:19
RAOFI'm not sure if GAPI would need to add the “partial” modifier on the class.14:20
RAOFThere's an easy way to find out, though!14:21
senseThat can be tested! :)14:21
senseWe could make it work fully by inventing some custom string-like enum and not using ints anymore anywhere in the whole libappindicator library, or stick to the enums, but write a custom layer between the DBus API and the library.14:21
senseAll a lot of work to do.14:21
senseSo sealing seems to best solution to me.14:21
senseRAOF: Shall I give your proposed method a try?14:22
klattimerkenvandine: any clues on fixing a glib-mkenums problem14:32
klattimerthe patch I have changes two enum vals, but these aren't detected by glib-mkenums14:32
* kenvandine reads back14:52
kenvandineklattimer, is this for vino?14:52
kenvandineis the file your patching actually generated at build time?14:53
klattimerseems theres a missing file from vino_enum_headers post patching14:53
kenvandineor before?14:53
klattimerbefore build time14:54
kenvandinethat looks like it is generated at build time14:56
klattimerkenvandine: yeah it is14:58
klattimerbut I'm talking about a patch applied before buildtime14:58
klattimerI think I've fixed it14:58
klattimergimme a few minutes to build14:58
klattimerurgh, nope that didn't fix it15:00
klattimerkenvandine: appears I'm hitting some kind of configure problem with GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS(yes) and it's refusing to rebuild the makefiles15:15
klattimerthus causing a bunch of other problems15:15
klattimerThis seems to be something to do with gnome-common, which wasn't installed but is now15:15
klattimercould I be missing another package?15:15
klattimerthis is a clean vm for building, so I imagine i'm missing some things15:15
kenvandineklattimer just installing the build-deps should be enough15:19
klattimerseems not15:20
klattimerI've added gnome-core-dev and gnome-dev15:20
kenvandinewant to share your patch and let me take a swing?15:20
klattimerlets see if that helps15:20
klattimerkenvandine: be my guest https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vino/+bug/49788315:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 497883 in vino (Ubuntu) "Support Application Indicators (affected: 3, heat: 24)" [Wishlist,Triaged]15:20
klattimergah, same thing15:22
klattimersyntax error near unexpected token 'yes'15:22
klattimerhang on15:25
klattimerthis might be what you mention in your comment15:25
klattimerhave_app_indicator should be enable app_indicator15:25
klattimergrr, missed that comment :(15:27
kenvandineklattimer, you need to autoreconf too15:28
kenvandineare you building from the package or just a checkout?15:28
kenvandinein debian/rules add15:28
kenvandineinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/autoreconf.mk15:29
kenvandineor just run ./autogen.sh15:29
kenvandineand you should add the configure arg as well15:29
klattimerbuilding from a bzr checkout from ubuntu/maverick/vino15:32
kenvandineok, autoreconf will do it15:32
klattimerseems to be working now15:34
kenvandineklattimer, let me know if you need anything15:35
klattimerwill do15:35
klattimerseems I'll be able to get on with it from here on15:35
klattimerseem to be some configure bugs which will need fixing though15:35

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