renglajiHi, is anyone in this chat?17:33
renglajiI am considering starting an education project in China, but I have some questions about the future development of Edubuntu17:39
highvolt1gerenglaji: fire away17:56
mhall119highvolt1ge: I'm off on vacation tomorrow18:08
mhall119but qimo-gnome is doable, it'll just keep totally separate configs from ubuntu-gnome18:08
mhall119for any app that uses gconf18:08
mhall119I just need to set an env variable on session login, which I already to for qimo-xfce, telling it to look somewhere else for gconf settings18:09
renglajido you know if there are significant updates coming for 10.10?18:11
mhall119there's always significant updates18:12
mhall119highvolt1ge: do you know if I can setup conditional dependencies in a package?18:12
renglajiright, but is there any reason to wait for 10.10 to start a deployment18:13
renglajiin your opinion18:13
mhall119not this far from it's release, no18:13
mhall119besides, 10.04 is a long term support release, so you can stick with it for a long time if you want18:14
highvolt1gemhall119: kind of18:16
highvolt1gerenglaji: oh definitely, it's worth while to wait or stick with an old version18:16
highvolt1gerenglaji: in particular, there's some big changes coming in the livecd/desktop meta-packages that will probably break a few things for a short while18:16
mhall119I think he meant should be delay his deployment until 10.10 is out, or go ahead and do it on 10.0418:17
highvolt1gerenglaji: I wouldn't recommend deploying 10.10 anywhere until release (or at least *very* close to it)18:17
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
renglajimhall119 is correct, I meant do you think I should wait for 10.10 release do deploy, or go ahead with 10.0418:18
renglajiit was my sense that Edubuntu was stalled for a while, but is picking up steam again18:19
highvoltagerenglaji: ah, I see18:20
highvoltagerenglaji: 10.04 is safe since it's LTS, most of the current improvements planned for 10.10 in Edubuntu are related to the installer and how optional extras are installed18:21
highvoltagerenglaji: 10.04 will also be easily upgradable to 10.10, so if you do decide to move over that shouldn't be very hard depending on your configuration18:22
renglajihighvoltage: thanks for that information. I will go ahead with 10.04 then.18:25
renglajihighvoltage: do you know if there are any plans to load edubuntu with easily accessible public domain information?18:26
renglajifor example, ebooks that have already entered the public domain?18:26
renglajior at least make them more easily accessible?18:26
renglajior a wikipedia module that comes preinstalled for areas with poor ethernet connections18:29
bencrisfordhighvoltage: meeting tonight? :)19:04
highvoltagebencrisford: it will probably be a super-quickie, I don't have anything to update on so if no one else does then it will probably just be a few minutes19:28
bencrisfordhighvoltage: ok, its in half an hour right?19:31
highvoltagebencrisford: oops, just discovered I have to be at another quick place at that time, so I'll have to pass. If anyone else pitches up and there's any discussion at all, could you take notes? (I doubt there would)19:54
Kyle__Is there a way to remotely connect to the login screen?  I would like to log a particular user in to a particular session, so I don't have to walk them through it over the phone.20:06
highvoltageKyle__: sounds like VNC is what you need, this isn't to hard to set up by just choosing remote desktop from preferences, although if they're behind a router they may need some additional configuration20:25
bencrisfordhighvoltage: i was afk, sorry :/20:47
Kyle__highvoltage: Yes, but the issue isn't VNC or not, it's, how do I vnc to the login screen (GDM2)?21:18
mhall119you'll need the xvnc extension for xorg22:20
mhall119assuming you want to vnc to display :022:21
Kyle__mhall119: That would have it on for every part of the X session.22:22
alkisgKyle__: gdm2 or ldm? You want to connect to the server or to a thin client?22:22
Kyle__GDM, their X session, mine if I'm there.22:23
alkisgThose are different parts22:23
alkisgBe more specific22:23
alkisgldm is the display manager of the thin clients22:23
Kyle__alkisg: gdm2.  I want to connect to a desktop in one of my labs, and log someone in.22:23
alkisggdm is the one on the server22:23
Kyle__alkisg: I was being specific, answering mhall119.  If you put the xvnc extension into your xorg, it shares every X session, IIRC.22:23
* alkisg thought he was on #ltsp - heh, ok...22:23
Kyle__alkisg: Ahh, now I get where you were coming from :)22:24
alkisgKyle__: one way to do that is with italc22:24
alkisgYes, it's something like a vnc clone that also supports encryption22:26
alkisg(classroom management tool, but works fine for cases like those)22:26
Kyle__alkisg: Hum.  Classroom management tools may be just waht I need.  I'm running several linux/unix labs.22:27
alkisgCheck the screenshots at http://italc.sourceforge.net/screenshots.php, they'll give you an exact idea of what to expect22:27
alkisgIt supports orginizing the clients into classrooms, so if you don't hit any of its bugs, it should be fine22:29
alkisg(i.e. a different tree for each lab)22:29
Kyle__Seems pretty interesting.22:31
mhall119Kyle__: I think so, yes22:32
mhall119every physical display anyway, I'm not sure vnc servers22:33
Kyle__On the subject of labs and ltsp thin vs thick clients... what are other peole using for unified logins?22:39
Kyle__I'm currently setting up LDAP, but it's far from painless.22:39
alkisgKyle__: I'm just using ldm ==> it uses ssh on the background. So user administration is like in a normal ubuntu desktop pc, i.e. with users-admin22:52
Kyle__alkisg: Humm.  So, more or less it's just mirroring your /etc/{group|passwd|shadow} files?22:53
alkisgIt's directly using it, without any mirroring22:53
alkisg(that's how LTSP works)22:53
Kyle__alkisg: So you're using it with LTSP, or actually with other systems?  So they use the local resources as well?22:58
alkisgOnly with ltsp, i.e. with thin and fat clients. Fat clients do use local resources (cpu, ram, even disk if someone wants to etc)22:59
Kyle__Guess I haven't looked at ltsp in a long time... I thought it was only thin clients.23:00
alkisgFat clients were supported in 10.0423:00
alkisgI tried in a lab of 12 clients, local booting of 9.04 needed 40 seconds, while netbooting 10.04 (fat clients, 5 Gb virtual disk) needed 13 seconds.23:01
Kyle__Not bad.23:01
alkisgSo I stopped installing/maintaining local OSes, I"m only using LTSP now.23:02
Kyle__I'm hoping my setup won't be to terribly strange... but I'll be running virtual sessions for the users, if they want anything but linux.23:02
alkisgThere's rdesktop support in ltsp23:03
alkisgWith SCREEN_07=rdesktop, you _only_ get rdesktop, if someone wants it.23:03

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