heinkel_111does anyone know how I can download the source code for the most recent versions of libkexiv2 and libkdcraw00:52
heinkel_111actually, most recent is not necessary, I only need: 'libkdcraw>=1.1.0' and libkexiv2>=1.1.0'00:54
Anarchhttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ redirects (slowly) to a page that has no FAQs.00:54
Torchheinkel_111: http://www.exiv2.org/download.html00:59
Torchheinkel_111: http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/libs/libkdcraw/01:00
heinkel_111oi! Thanks Torch01:00
Torchheinkel_111: you'll need to checkout via svn for the latter, obviously01:00
TorchAnarch: works for me01:00
heinkel_111Torch... that is exiv2 version 0.2 with May 30th 2010 date.... strange01:01
AnarchTorch: Thanks for replying; I will try again now.  FYI, the page I got redirected to was 'https://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=linkto%3A%22CommonQuestions%22'01:01
heinkel_111I am looking for versioon 1.1.0 for compiling digikam 1.3.001:02
heinkel_111I am looking for exiv2 version 1.1.0 for compiling digikam 1.3.0 which is hardly newer than that... strange...01:03
Torchheinkel_111: http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdegraphics/libs/libkexiv2/01:03
Torchheinkel_111: maybe exiv moved to kde svn and didn't update their web page... and ubuntu didn't update the source url in the package either (where i got the URL from initially)01:04
heinkel_111probably you are right01:04
* heinkel_111 hates unmaintained information on such pages...01:04
heinkel_111it is like driving down dead end streets01:05
heinkel_111searching for something01:05
=== valdiyen is now known as cmagina
Torchheinkel_111: looks like kde 4.5 will come with exiv 1.1.001:06
Torchheinkel_111: so there will be a package in the beta repo for lucid01:07
heinkel_111thanks for info, Torch01:07
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daedaluzwill kubuntu 10.04 get official update to 4.5 when it's ready?01:30
James147daedaluz: dont think so... but they devs do release a ppa for it, not sure if its "offical" or not01:31
James147daedaluz: it has a ppa for the RC atm01:31
Luija1006sup people, I am having problems connecting to a router in my kubuntu 10.04, the password is correct, the password is wep, when I try to connect, it says: Connecting, but never end, what could be the problem?02:27
Luija1006no one?02:29
jschallmy netbook is nonresponsive for about 15-20 seconds after resuming from standby. I can move the mouse, but nothing responds to it. I'm assuming there's some driver that's taking a while to come back from suspend... is there any way to find out which? running kubuntu netbook remix.02:53
kevin_So I installed the kubuntu-desktop metapackage in my ubuntu install. How can I use kubuntu? with a cml command?03:00
Luija1006sup people, I am having problems connecting to a router in my kubuntu 10.04, the password is correct, the password is wep, when I try to connect, it says: Connecting, but never end, what could be the problem?+03:07
Luija1006I am having problems connecting to a router in my kubuntu 10.04, the password is correct, the password is wep, when I try to connect, it says: Connecting, but never end, to the right of the router name appears a yellow warning like symbol, what could be the problem?03:09
jschallLuija1006: warning symbol just says it's a secured network, iirc.03:11
jschallLuija1006: if you open a terminal and type iwconfig, what comes up?03:11
Luija1006jschall wait03:14
Luija1006jschall my laptop with the issue obviously does not have connection03:19
Luija1006how i can send you what the terminal throwed when I typed your command?03:19
cato37i cannot read data cd's and get error messages like: wrong fs type, bad option, bad suprerblock on /dev/sr0, missing codepage or helper program, or other errorIn some cases uselful info is found in syslot - try dmesg | tail or so how do i fix it?03:23
cato37how do i give myself permission to get kubuntu to read my own data cd's?03:27
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kevin_Hi, I am trying to figure out how to do a multiple boot from a usb. What program could I use to do this?04:16
=== bryan is now known as bryanRenesse
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muesliwhat does kde do when trying to adjust the display brightness?05:26
mueslican i make it call a script?05:26
mueslioh funny... the brightness setting in the power management works05:27
mueslijust the keyboard shortcut doesn't (pops up a little display, but doesn't change the brightness)05:27
noaXessgood morning.05:44
noaXesswhere can i insert a special command eg. to disable touchpad on boot? /etc/rc.local doesnt work05:44
ridintry asking in ##linux or #ubuntu05:47
udayani installed openssh-server which asked me to create the dsa and rsa keys which i did.after that i tried to ssh from another system which gave me the man-in-the-middle attack so i cleared up the known_hosts file.now it disconnects just after authenticating.what could be wrong ?07:28
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tdnHow do I get the old Amarok 1.4 in Kubuntu 10.04 instead of the new 2.*?09:12
moetunessomeone might have it in a ppa09:19
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.09:19
VojtaeusOr there is Clementine (or how is the project named09:22
Vojtaeus) - port/fork of Amarok 1.409:23
tdnVojtaeus, have you tried Clementine?09:24
tdnI have looked briefly at Clementine and Exaile. Can they be recommended?09:25
Vojtaeustdn: No, I!m satisfied with Amarok 2.3. I only red about its existence...09:25
tdnI have tried being patient with Amarok 2, but it is beyond belief how much it keeps sucking compared to 1.4.09:25
Vojtaeustdn: Try it and You'll see09:26
tdnIt's sad really.09:26
tdnVojtaeus, yeah, I just noticed that clementine is not available from apt sources.09:26
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tdnI have tried installing Exaile, but when trying to play a song, I get this error: You do not have a decoder installed to handle this file. You might need to install the necessary plugins09:33
VojtaeusSomewhere I red it requires GStreamer and not Xine as "normal" Amarok... It might be this problem...09:35
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glaucousSince "Removeable Drives - System Settings" automounting drives requires password each boot, would it be the same to add mounting to fstab instead?10:24
slhkglaucous: if a drive is in fstab it gets automatically mounted on boot, without requiring any password (except if the drive is encrypted)10:29
slhkglaucous: in fstab there is also a keyword (user I think) which allows any user to mount the drive, so you don't actually have to mount it at boot time but can still be done later without passwrod10:31
glaucousslhk, thanks, got it working10:41
glaucousIs it possible to start a program at login, with kdesudo and without the need for entering your password? Guess it would be a security risk, but I have one program which must run at boot as sudo.10:43
Mamarokglaucous: sounds like a very bad idea10:43
glaucousMamarok, yeah I guess so.10:44
moetunes/etc/rc.local was made for that - if it is not a gui app...10:44
Mamarokwell, if he needs kdesudo it is a GUI app10:44
Mamarokhence a very bad idea10:44
glaucousmoetunes, exactly. The problem is just that it is a GUI app, not open-source either :/10:44
glaucousNot many GPU overclock/underclock utilities available10:45
moetunesyou could add a line in visudo to have no password for the app10:45
glaucousmoetunes, visudo? never heard of it10:48
moetunesglaucous: it is the command to edit the /etc/sudoers file for setting user permissions etc10:49
glaucousmoetunes, oh I see, although it sounds like something I shouldn't mess around with10:50
moetunesglaucous: you would need to do some research before you attempted to edit it10:50
pvandewyngaerdei dont know if it is correct but what about    chown and setuid ? ?10:51
moetunesbut it isn't hard10:51
glaucousmoetunes, okay okay. I might have found a workaround though, I'll be back after reboot10:51
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millunhi, anybody else has had problems with KVPNC?10:52
Misterio!english | serge11:07
ubottuserge: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat11:07
sergeHi people)11:07
timhi ... what do i need to do to configure kde to automatically mount inserted usb sticks? i currently have to do it manually from the terminal11:14
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Misteriotim: I need to open Dolphin to mount them, I have that problem too11:15
=== simi is now known as simion314
timMisterio, ... after opening dolphin, how do i mount it?11:16
Torchtim: kde version? you should be able to mount from the notification you get in kde 4.4 or later.11:17
Misteriotim: In my case automounts when I open it11:17
timTorch, 4.4.92 ... do i need to start any specific service?11:17
Torchtim: no. do you get the notification when you insert the drive?11:18
timthe device notifier doesn't show any devices ...11:18
Torchtim: not for this specific one or not at all?11:18
timnot at all (not sure, which devices is should show in general)11:19
Torchtim: removable ones11:19
timTorch, do you know, which service is responsible for this?11:20
Torchtim: hal, solid, the device notifier plasmoid11:20
Torchtim: does dolphin show the drive in its places pane?11:21
timTorch, no11:21
timlibsolid4 is installed, though11:22
Torchtim: unlikely you need to install anything.11:22
Torchtim: you can check on a shell if lshal shows the device.11:23
Torchtim: this lists all devices hal knows. if it's not listed there, KDE can't do anything about it11:23
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
timah ... i had to install hal11:25
Torchtim: hmm. how could that have happened, though?11:25
timTorch, hal is deprecated11:26
Torchtim: that's a completely meaningless statment (i often hear)11:26
timwell, apt-get remove hal simply uninstall hal without uninstalling kde ;)11:27
Torchtim: that's surprising. even more surprising is why you did that.11:27
MisterioI have a pendrive 4GB. When I remove it, it always fails. So I have to do with sudo "rm /media/disk/*". Then pendrive appears as empty, but when I send more movies to it, it fails telling "cannot send more" or I dont know (it's in spanish, and I don't literal translation). So I have to format it to fat again. Any idea?11:27
MisterioWhen I remove movies from it, sorry11:27
TorchMisterio: rm does not unmount, it deletes11:28
MisterioTorch: I do rm * to remove its movies11:28
TorchMisterio: do you mean you cannot delete files from your pen drive?11:28
TorchMisterio: "when i remove it" isn't clear.11:28
TorchMisterio: ah, ok.11:28
TorchMisterio: sounds like there's a permission problem somewhere.11:29
MisterioTorch: Should I modify with chmod?11:29
TorchMisterio: what file system does the drive have?11:30
MisterioIt had fat32, and right now uses fat1611:30
Misterio(I need fat because I have a connector to TV and only supports it)11:31
tdnHow do I add Danish dictionary to Kile's spellcheck?11:31
TorchMisterio: how big is it?11:33
MisterioTorch: 4GB11:33
TorchMisterio: fat16 only supports volume sizes of 2GiB or less... so you should reformat it with fat32, really.11:33
TorchMisterio: the permissions problem i don't really know. how do you mount it? via the device notifier?11:34
MisterioTorch: Didn't know that, thanks. But it failed in fat32 too, that's the reason of why I tried 1611:34
MisterioTorch: Yes, openning Dolphin it mounts11:34
TorchMisterio: first step would be to re-format it with fat32. then we'll have a look at the permissions, ok?11:35
TorchMisterio: great, now please remove it (physically) and insert it again. then mount it in dolphin.11:37
TorchMisterio: then please pastebin the output of "mount" on a shell.11:37
MisterioHow do I check output?11:37
TorchMisterio: have you ever worked on a shell before?11:38
MisterioTorch: Yes, but I don't know all commands11:38
TorchMisterio: don't worry. just open a shell and run the "mount" command.11:38
TorchMisterio: it will list all mounted devices on your system.11:39
TorchMisterio: select the output and pastebin it.11:39
MisterioTorch: This? >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/466932/11:40
MisterioIt seems I have permissions, rw11:41
TorchMisterio: is your user id 1000?11:42
TorchMisterio: check with "id" on a shell11:42
MisterioTorch: Yes, it is11:42
TorchMisterio: then it's really looking fine.11:42
MisterioTorch: Then can it be phisical error or pendrive?11:43
TorchMisterio: on the shell, try to cd to the mount point (cd /media/disk-1) and touch some file (touch foo) there11:43
MisterioTorch: Done11:45
TorchMisterio: no error?11:45
MisterioTorch: No11:45
TorchMisterio: then it's working as expected and should work from dolphin or other GUI apps, too.11:45
MisterioTorch: I think tomorrow I will go to buy another pendrive in shopcenter11:46
TorchMisterio: maybe the drive is faulty, but i can't say anything about that.11:46
TorchMisterio: when the drive acts up, you could try looking at the output of dmesg|tail on a shell. these are the kernel's messages and hardware errors should show up there.11:47
TorchMisterio: those messages are a little harder to understand though.11:47
MisterioTorch: Noted!11:48
Misterios***, I know what's the problem :S11:49
MisterioTorch: It seems when I remove files, they go to trash!!!!!11:49
MisterioNo much experiece with external drives11:50
MisterioTorch: Sorry for losing your time11:51
TorchMisterio: hmm, i always use shift-delete on external drives, but you're right, yeah.11:51
MisterioWhen I was on gnome, tash appeared as .trash11:52
MisterioThen I switched to KDE, and didn't found that, and now I saw it appears in kubuntu's trash11:52
MisterioTorch: Thank you for your time :P11:53
TorchMisterio: yw11:54
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steveirein 10.04 when I middle click the home button it duplicates all my open tabs instead of giving me a new tab at my home location, which was the old behaviour. How do I fix it?13:02
=== Andrew10 is now known as Andrew9
kasper_does anyone know about setting up Huawei 182E modem on 10.04?13:25
troopperisteveire: can you change it, konqueror->settings->change keystrokes or something?13:25
kasper_I think in general, 10.04 has been more unstable than 9.10...13:26
troopperikasper_: what says lsusb at konsole? Do you computer recongnize it?13:26
mvkIT SUCKS sooo fc****  badly that if KDE/kubuntu crashes, Network-Manager fails getting up afterwards13:27
mvkand /var/lib/Network-Manager/networkmanager.state ... had enabled=false ....13:27
steveiretroopperi: This is firefox, sorry13:29
troopperisteveire: what you want to open that middle click?13:30
steveiretroopperi: before 10.04, middle click on the home button would open the home page in a new tab. Now it duplicates all my open tabs instead.13:31
steveireActually, sorry that's not right13:32
steveireMy home page was a | separated list of pages so it was opening all of those.13:32
steveireI've reduced that to one, so problem solved.13:33
=== Richard is now known as Guest8847
kasper_yes, I have it working by running a scrpit I found on the web, but it varies greatly in speed...13:45
slhkkasper_: there was a discussion about Huawei a little time ago on the kubuntu-users mailing list, you may look at the archive, hth13:50
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perforatorGood day14:32
=== Daviey_ is now known as Daviey
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amigadIs any1 else havin probs tryin t browse C: in 1.1.38-1.2rc4 - latest release on Lipid i386?14:52
Torchamigad: you are not making any sense at all.14:53
amigadOOPS! Is any1 else havin probs tryin t browse 'Wine' C: drive in 1.1.38-1.2rc4 - latest release on Lipid i386?14:54
BluesKajlipid ? you mean lucid i suppose , and perhaps you should ask in #wine15:02
BluesKajor #winehq15:03
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer_
willians_qual o canal do ubuntu?15:07
Matissehi, apt-get -d package-name  says "package-name is an unknown option" although it should download the package file...15:07
Matisseis there another way to download such package files?15:08
willians_ubuntu brazilian?15:08
amigadUnable to run the command specified. The file or folder file:///home/<user>/.wine/drive_c/.wine/dosdevices/c: does not exist.15:09
willians_yes Matisse15:09
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.15:09
willians_what's channel for Ubuntu?15:09
BluesKajMatisse, do it a superuser = sudo15:10
BluesKajas superuser=sudo15:10
MatisseBluesKaj, doesnt work either15:11
amigadtry tping in a search-engine as much in about the hunted ap as pos!15:11
Matisse$ sudo apt-get -d claws-mail-pgpmime      thats what i type15:11
BluesKaj!info claws15:12
ubottuPackage claws does not exist in lucid15:12
amigadDO NOT BUY A  Disgracer lapstop!15:12
BluesKajaha , so it's not in the repos15:12
amigadUnless you want problems with repairing!15:13
Matisse!info claws-mail15:13
ubottuclaws-mail (source: claws-mail): Fast, lightweight and user-friendly GTK2 based email client. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.4-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 1552 kB, installed size 3704 kB15:13
BluesKajwhat's the pgpmime extension , Matisse whynot just try claws-mail15:14
dan_Errrr....quick issue:  some process is precluding me from installing software.   I just get a 'waiting for package manager lock' window.15:14
dan_I'm not running anything else15:15
BluesKajclose your package manager ,15:15
dan_it happens even if it reboots15:15
dan_rather even if I reboot15:15
BluesKajdan_, sudo dpkg --configure -a15:15
dan_it started last night when installing firebird firebird and the install choked15:15
=== rackIT is now known as rackIT_AFK
dan_that worked15:16
dan_what was that all about?15:16
ubuntu_Hi everyone. I have Kubuntu installed on /dev/sda and Windows 7 installed on /dev/sdd. I had to install GRUB via the Live CD method (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD), but after doing that, it didn't pick up Windows 7. Any ideas?15:16
BluesKajdan_, it remove pkg manager lockup15:16
dan_i bow to your linux leetness15:17
dan_I am sorry for being n00b15:17
=== dan_ is now known as Dan_L
amigadRadion should be good coz they are AMD Prods. Some catyalst proies might not install i your hardware manager! Or, is it just a fault with Lipid??!15:17
BluesKajdan_, now run ,sudo dpkg --clear-avail15:17
BluesKajubuntu_, run sudo update-grub15:18
Matisseok, problem 1 solved. Now i want to add the pgp stuff to claws-mail, but it crashes if i do that. no error message and no information if I start claws via bash15:18
BluesKajamigad, ? no need to shout , we can read lower case too15:19
ubuntu_BluesKaj: Good to see you here; you've helped me out several times before. :) ... Already did that-- it's only picking up Linux.15:19
amigadBEST to ORDER a customised 1 from the Manufacurer.via online ording, or email!15:20
ubuntu_amigad: I've been Linux-only for four years now, but there are a few Windows-only games I "need" to play. ;)15:20
amigadI'd rather fight WINE than keep reinstalling LOS!!15:20
BluesKajamigad, no idea what you are talking about , is it kubuntu related ? if not , go to offtopic15:21
Matisseignore trolls15:21
ubuntu_BluesKaj: I'm chrooted into the Kubuntu install that's on /dev/sda1 right now (I'm running from the live CD at the moment).15:22
amigadAre you about to suffer too?15:23
BluesKajamigad, doyou have a linux /kubuntu related question? If you're just goinf to complain about the state of you laptop then go elsewhere15:24
MatisseBluesKaj, ignore him...15:24
ubuntu_Wise words, Matisse. I already did.15:24
Matissedidnt you learn about trolls in fairy tales lectures?15:24
BluesKajwell there's another way too Matisse15:24
BluesKaj!ops |  amigad15:25
ubottuamigad: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger15:25
ubuntu_Any GRUB gurus around?15:25
MatisseBluesKaj, that just gives him more attention, instead showing him that nobosy is interested in him shit15:25
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.15:25
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub215:26
BluesKajubuntu_, the grub2 tutorial usually works for most ppl\15:26
Torchubuntu_: if you have a question, just ask.15:27
BluesKajTorch, ubuntu_ asked this : I have Kubuntu installed on /dev/sda and Windows 7 installed on /dev/sdd. I had to install GRUB via the Live CD method (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD), but after doing that, it didn't pick up Windows 7. Any ideas?15:28
anon_I recently installed kubuntu, and I am from sweden. The format is in english, but i need it to be in swedish15:28
ubuntu_BluesKaj: Ahh, I'm an idiot. That's the page I've been using, but I was just going off of the Recover from Live CD method, as that worked in the past. I hadn't tried what's under the Dual-booting section yet... So, given I'm chrooted into my Kubuntu install via the Live CD *right now*, can I just do what's under that section, or should I boot into it proper first?15:28
=== Riddelll is now known as Riddell
Torchanon_: there's regiona  & locale in systemsettings15:29
ubuntu_(By "that section", I meant the Dual-booting section.)15:29
anon_One minute15:29
Torch(exact name varies depending on KDE version)15:29
BluesKajubuntu_, i believe the tutorial requires you to be running the live cd15:30
anon_thank you Torch15:30
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ubuntu_BluesKaj: Okay... So just to be sure, running these commands should be safe in a chroot from live CD? $ sudo apt-get install --reinstall libdebian-installer4; sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub15:31
Matisseoh nooo, its fixed in 3.7.5... and i have 3.7.415:32
ubuntu_BluesKaj: Sorry, I just want to be sure I understand you correctly. :)15:32
BluesKajubuntu_, dunno for sure , if the tutorial posted above lists those commands in the procedure then yes.15:32
Matisseis it possible to install 3.7.5 although 3.7.4 is in the reps?15:33
ubuntu_Hmm... Well it doesn't say anything about the live CD for that particular section. I'm just gonna reboot into the install proper to be on the safe side. Much thanks for your help. Peace!15:34
TorchMatisse: of what?15:34
BluesKajMatisse, usually there will be a pps repos for dev apps15:34
TorchMatisse: it's always possible to install other packages than those in the repos15:34
BluesKaja ppa15:34
TorchMatisse: like BluesKaj says you just need to find a repo that has what you want15:35
TorchMatisse: google might help ;-)15:35
Matissealready searching15:35
amigadPosibly. I might have lipid on my mind 4 sum strange reason!15:35
amigadI'm doing that 2! I wonder how slow can a 'Dumb' Celery D get?!15:37
ampzz^Uhh.. is it possible to install spotify through terminal?15:38
amigad+ Stupid combined!15:38
Matisseampzz^, tried    sudo apt-get install spotify ?15:38
* Whitechapel is away: Gone away for now15:38
ampzz^Yes of course Matisse15:39
ampzz^E: Couldn't find package spotify15:39
FloodBotK3ampzz^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:39
ampzz^I tried to install through wine, but it didn't want to open with wine15:39
Matisseampzz^, than the package name is different, try   apt-cache search spotify15:39
contrastHey BluesKaj. I'm the guy that was having the GRUB2/dual-booting issue. Sadly, the wiki's proposed solution didn't work. :\15:39
BluesKajcontrast, did grub disappear then you tried to reinstall it  ?15:41
ampzz^Matisse, none.. Uh, how do i install adobe flash player through terminal?15:42
ampzz^Never mind15:43
contrastBluesKaj: Well, I had Kubuntu on sda1 initially, *then* I installed Win7 on /dev/sdd1, which knocked out GRUB, so I installed GRUB from the live CD, but it's just not detecting Win7, presumably because it's on a different drive, since I had Win7 on sda previously without issue (i.e: GRUB detected it).15:45
James147contrast: should not matter what drive it is on...15:46
contrastJames147: Ok... Any ideas for why it's not getting detected?15:46
BluesKajcontrast,did you do , sudo update-grub  ?15:47
contrastYup. No dice.15:47
amigadU will always have losses when installin older vers of LOSDOWS after later 1s.15:47
ampzz^E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)15:48
ampzz^E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?15:48
Matisseampzz^, another package manager is running15:49
BluesKajI assume you have a grub menu showing up, because you haven't mentioned it, contrast15:49
amigadI need t know if this Linux is should be renamed 'Stupid' on or patched!15:49
contrastJust to clarify: from http://wiki.ubuntu.com/grub2 , I've tried the steps under "#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD" _and_ "#Dual-booting", both to no avail - GRUB is simply refusing to detect the Windows partition.15:49
FloodBotK3anton: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:49
amigadLater removes path to older vers!15:50
contrastBluesKaj: Well, since there's only one entry (I don't keep old kernels installed, no memtest, and no recovery option), it's not showing the menu-- it's just booting straight into Kubuntu, since as far as it's concerned, that's the only thing to boot into.15:50
contrastBluesKaj: But if you like, I can pastebin the output of update-grub15:51
BluesKajcontrast, hold down the shift key while booting if the grub menu isn't showing up, or you can open /etc/default grub and change the timeout to 5 seconds or so , and comment this line, GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=015:51
amigadLOsdows I'm textin about!15:51
amigad@ many chatter t keep up on 2 channels!15:51
BluesKajerr  /etc/default/grub , contrast15:51
amigad2 many of ya!15:52
ubottutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel15:52
Riddellamigad: you are off topic, you will be kicked if you continue15:52
contrastBluesKaj: I don't mind trying that, but I'm fairly certain it's not going to solve anything, as "update-grub" only outputs the following: Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-generic ;; Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-24-generic ;; done15:53
amigadI'll get off & report a posible bug @ the report site! Bye15:54
contrastBluesKaj: And I clearly remember (as it was just a few days ago), when update-grub *did* detect Win7, it listed it in the output.15:54
contrastChat comfortably. Anywhere. Just. Not. Here.15:55
BluesKajok contrast , is the ntfs partition listed in dolphin/places ?15:55
amigadNO! I decided t browse without addin unless I see somethin helpful to my prob!15:56
contrastBluesKaj: Yep.15:56
BluesKajcontrast, paste your /etc/fstab in pastebin pls15:57
contrastBluesKaj: Will do, but I can tell you now that the NTFS partition does not have an entry in fstab. I don't think this is the problem though, as it didn't when it was on /dev/sda either (when it *was* getting detected by GRUB)... Still want me to PB fstab?16:00
contrastPerhaps since it's on a different drive, it needs to be in fstab for GRUB to know it exists?16:01
Matisseok, BluesKaj  apt-get --download-only  only works, if the program is not installed16:06
BluesKajcontrast, I'm just trying to figure out why grub isn't seeing ntfs, so have patience with me because this problem is someting I've been avoiding in the past since there are so many varaibles , anybody else feel free to advise , Torch , James147 ?16:06
contrastBluesKaj: No rush at all-- I appreciate your effort regardless of whether it yields a solution. :)16:07
James147BluesKaj: looking as well, but I can find anything thats useful and relevent :(16:07
anon_hey guys16:07
anon_when i write su16:07
anon_and it asks for my pass, i write my pass but it denies it..?16:08
James147anon_: use sudo not su16:08
Matissewhat the default size of encryption keys?16:08
James147anon_: kubuntu have no root password so su wont work to login as root... it is advised NOT to give it one and to use sudo when you need root16:08
Torch(busy, not really reading... does fdisk see it? does blkid?)16:09
contrastI did find a forum post which advised putting this script http://pastebin.ca/1905342 into /etc/grub/40_custom, which I did (the paste is after necessary modifications for my system), but this yielded no results.16:09
BluesKajcontrast, look in /boot/grub/grub.cfg and look for a line like this : menuentry "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)" {    ..this indicates a ntfs16:09
contrastOk, now I'm thoroughly confused. It's... there. o_O16:10
BluesKajcontrast, did you update grub after adding the script ?16:10
contrastAhh, one sec...16:11
anon_I get that error..16:11
contrastI think I might know what's going on, one sec...16:11
James147anon_: in kubuntu 10.04 sun's java was moved to the partener repos, you can activate them in kpackagekit16:12
contrastNope, nevermind. :\16:12
BluesKajanon_, install flashplugin-nonfree16:12
contrastI was hoping maybe that entry in grub.cfg had the UUID of the old Win7 partition from when it was on sda, but no such luck.16:13
BluesKajcontrast,is there menuentry "Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)" { in  /boot/grub/grub.cfg , near the bottom of the page16:14
contrastAlthough, there was one part of 40_custom which I wasn't sure about. it's described in a comment here: http://pastebin.ca/190534916:15
James147contrast: i would think the drive that windows is on16:15
James147contrast: but i am not sure16:16
contrastBluesKaj: Windows' entry is at the bottom of the file, but it's not for /dev/sda (that's the old drive, which windows is no longer on), it's /dev/sdd16:17
contrastok, i had that wrong in 40_custom then, one sec...16:17
contrastpresumably, hoping you're right, James147 :)16:18
contrastchainloader is _always_ set to "+1", I assume?16:19
James147havent seen it as anything else :S16:19
BluesKajcontrast, here's mine, it might help , http://pastebin.ca/190535116:19
amigadhiekel_111 #3:00:24: That might be why my screenbottom panel is hard t fix & paths corrupt! I'm usin 4.4.2 Lucid alpha or beta, but, I'm not sure til I check!!16:19
James147BluesKaj: yeah, mines the same but wil different numbers :)16:20
contrastBluesKaj: Interesting-- yours doesn't have the drivemap line that's in mine.16:20
James147contrast: try removing that line then and see what happens :)16:20
contrastJames147: So yours has no drivemap line either?16:21
James147contrast: nop16:21
amigadOOPS! I mean James147!16:21
James147amigad: if you using lucid alpha or beta consider upgrading, lucid has been outfor a while16:23
James147amigad: although if you have been installing the updates then you already have the sable version :)16:23
contrastk, i commented that line out and ran update-grub. it's still not showing Windows in the list of detected OS's, but i'm going to reboot and check the menu just to be sure16:24
BluesKajcontrast, run run sudo blkid, then change the sda/ntfs to whatever it's listed as after blkid, in /boot/grub/grub.cfg16:24
amigadMaybe I mean BluesKaj!16:24
contrastBluesKaj: you're talking about the UUID, right?16:25
James147contrast: or sudo blkid -c /dev/null to be sure :)16:25
amigadOK! I'll check 4 tha latest release soon!16:25
BluesKajamigad, run sudo do-release upgrade16:25
BluesKajamigad, err sudo do-release-upgrade16:26
contrastis it normal for an ntfs partition to have a UUID that's much shorter than, for example, an ext4 partition's UUID?16:26
James147contrast: yes16:26
contrastthe correct uuid is already in grub.cfg16:27
contrastthanks again for your help so far, guys. i really appreciate it.16:28
amigadI'm readin an earlier textline & will hopefully catchup soon-ish!16:28
BluesKajcontrast, it'll be the first partition if you installed w7 something like : /dev/sda1: UUID="10FAA44767A8E940" TYPE="ntfs"16:29
contrastit's on a different drive, which only has one 302GB NTFS partition-- /dev/sdd116:30
James147BluesKaj: win7 dosent `have` to be on the first partition... it fine where ever you install it as long as there isent an ext3 partition infrount of it :)16:30
contrastbut yeah, i got the gist. :)16:30
contrastJames147: say wha??16:31
James147contrast: windows refueses to install complaining it cant find a sutable partition if you have an ext3 partition in front of it :S16:31
contrastlet me explain my exact setup to make sure it's not what's causing the problem...16:31
BluesKajJames147, yeah, but most ppl are advised to install kubuntu on the free space partition which becomes the 2nd partition usually16:32
James147contrast: even though its find if there is blank space infront of it :S16:32
contrastJames147: hrmm... my experience from about a week ago forces me to beg to differ. :)16:32
James147contrast: has always done that with me :S16:32
contrasti just thought of something, probably irrelevant, but...16:33
BluesKajwindows should be the first OS on a a HDD , makes thinks much easier :)16:33
* BluesKaj takes a break ...16:34
James147BluesKaj: it does... but I dont like doing what windows wants me to :p16:34
amigadThanks 4 the cmd-line @ 1:25:29.16:35
contrastcontrary to everything i've heard, i actually had an easier time installing w7 on a partition that was *after* my ext4 partition that had kubuntu on it.16:37
contrastmy current setup: /dev/sda (which has kubuntu and grub on it), /dev/sdb, and /dev/sdc are all sata drives. /dev/sdd, which has w7, is ide, and it's sharing the cable it's connected with with my dvd burner. could this possibly be an issue?16:38
James147contrast: its the only ide? that that might be why, think i have the opposite, had an ext4 data partition on ide (sda1) and windows complained untill i unpluged it16:39
James147where i wanted windows on my sata16:40
contrastreally? :'-|16:40
contrasti want windows on the crappy 320gb drive that i have no other use for, so i don't have to cut into kubuntu's space on my nice 1tb sata drive16:41
contrast*320gb ide16:41
James147contrast: i have both my os's on my sata and data on my `slightly` larger ide16:41
contrastwell, i'm gonna give this current 40_custom and grub.cfg combo a try16:42
contrastbb in a few16:42
cobra-the-jokerhey guys .... is the KDE 3.5 version officially supported by ubuntu  ?16:45
James147cobra-the-joker: no16:45
contrastSoo, good news: Windows' entry now shows up in the GRUB menu. Bad news: selecting it just yields a black screen that says "BOOTMGR missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart."16:48
amigadBlusKaj: I'm just makin sure ya read it! I removed xp coz it was corrupting alot & couldn't repair it! Now I'm using-learning about instability on this! I'd rather be Linux unstable than fight Losdows anytime!!16:49
James147contrast: i take it thats windows complaining? or grub?16:49
James147contrast: my guess is that its time to repair windows (lose grub, reinstalll grub and be back where we started :S )16:51
amigadubuntu- 0:19:40: www.winehq.org has the A:!16:52
contrastyeah... worth a shot, i guess.16:53
amigad0:23:03: I mean Disgracer!!16:54
contrastso just use a w7 recovery disc to restore windows' sorry excuse for a bootloader, then restore grub, then cross my fingers... and if that fails, nuke redmond. >=|16:55
James147contrast: thats what I would do...16:56
contrasti'm practically foaming at the mouth right now. if i tried to pick up that w7 restore disc, i'd probably reflexively break it into pieces16:56
James147contrast: welll actually... i would have just reinstalled both os's along time ago :D16:56
contrastyeah, it's just, i spent an hour and a half yesterday getting that old 320gb ide drive into my desktop with the goal of having windows on a seperate drive16:58
James147contrast: would still install it the way you want it... just would install windows first then linux :p16:58
James147contrast: has never gone well when i try to do it the other way around16:59
amigadubuntu- 0:20:26 actually: www.winehq.org has the A:!17:00
contrastlinux first then windows worked perfectly fine for me when they were on the same drive, although judging from everything i've read, i was exceptionally lucky in that instance17:00
James147contrast: you where17:00
contrasthow about this: is it possible to "trick" linux and/or grub into thinking /dev/sdd is /dev/sda, or remap the order of the drives properly?17:02
contrastactually, i guess that would have to be done on the bios level now that i think about it17:03
contrastJames147: well, thanks for all your efforts. thank BluesKaj for me if you see him, if you don't mind. :)  peace17:06
James147contrast: sorry we couldnt help more :(17:06
contrastno worries, i'm not giving up on this. i'm like you (i *think* it was you that said this earlier)-- i don't like doing things the way microsoft wants me to. >=)17:07
amigadBluesKaj-0:24:11: Noted what caused statement, I wasn't complainin about my laptop! Get your fact right please!17:12
amigadMatisse-0:21:37 0:24:22: If u mean trolls, I'm not 1 of 'm!!17:15
djusticemeh. somebody coulda told contrast abt grub's map()...17:21
BluesKajdjustice, grub map /17:22
amigadUbottu&others-0:25:06: Violation of protocal for emergency noted &, I'm glad your not a Nukebutton @ the Pentagon/Peongyeng or wowever it's spelt!17:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:23
czajkowskiRiddell: ping, loking for info on the Kubuntu council on a wiki page17:24
bittin`Hello, somone need to turn off Kerberos in the cups.conf?17:25
=== jtheuer_ is now known as jt|away
bittin`found the answer on fedoraforums now: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=17714117:28
efeshi :)17:30
efesHow about testing packages with KDE4.4 under KUbuntu? Are they ready/prepared?17:31
James147efes: kubuntu already has kde 4.4.... (at  least on lucid)17:32
slinker1and 4.5 rc2 running here nicely :)17:32
efesI moved to Kubuntu from Mandrake, so don't be mad for this question ;) I found an info (here: http://www.kubuntu.org/node/122) that those will be ready, so just wanted to ask for details :) And how to install KDevelop? I was trying by apt-get,  but it says it have been moved to another package.17:34
efesI got & installed it, but AFAI see, there's no KDevelop :/17:34
James147efes: running kdevelop in konsole tell you what?17:35
slinker1really ? shows here17:35
efessudo apt-get install KDEvelop says it have been moved to kdevplatform1-libs :/17:36
James147efes: that link is to a very old new report :) from 0917:36
efesJames147: Oops :(17:37
James147efes: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kdevelop-417:37
amigadJame147-1:)8:57: Thanx 4 the info.17:38
James147amigad: there is no point in responding to things that have happened over an hour ago... it just makes it harder to follow17:41
amigadJames147-1:24: I've been gettin updates, but, the probs keep happenin!17:44
amigadI'm leavin a trail of the lines I'm readin!17:45
James147amigad: why? the stuff you are talking about happened over an hour ago and makes it hard for anyone to respond....17:46
amigadI'm soorryn I'mn slow t read this things!17:47
James147amigad: then once you have read it all and tryed anything that has been suggested... reformulate your question and ask again rather then trying to respond to conversations that have already ended17:48
abhi_hello all17:51
abhi_anybody here?17:51
abhi_from kubuntu 10.04?17:51
James147!hi | abhi_17:51
ubottuabhi_: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!17:51
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abhi_@james 147 hello17:52
amigadBluesKaj-1:33:45: Losdows should be the last on any drive! Reinstallation, if it still acts like xp, will most-likely corrupt anyother boot-manager!!17:52
BluesKajabhi the @ doesn't work in irc , just use the nick17:53
amigadMy time-list might be different on your screen, but, I don't know if it's true!17:53
BluesKajamigad, the std (k)ubuntu install recommends installing it on the free space following an existing windows partition , and when one installs linux with a live cd it will automatically choose the free space as i mentioned,check the forums if you need to.17:56
BluesKajamigad, 90% of linux installs are on machines with windows already installed17:57
amigadJames147-1:34:52: Windows should only be backed-up asap after date aquired, repaired with the CD?DVD Installer, or if all earlier fails "Format C:!"17:58
BluesKajamigad, one should defrag windows before installing linux , if one is aiming for a dual boot18:00
amigadContrast-1:37:37: Same action as xp, coz it was the last(best pos) install there. When it corrupts, it most likely will not kill earlier installed boot-managers!18:04
dlacombesalut les gars et fille .... quelqu'un de francais ici ?18:04
James147amigad: please stop responding to the back log... not everyone from an hour and a half ago is still here and your statements are not making much sense out of context18:05
James147!fr | dlacombe18:06
ubottudlacombe: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:06
dlacombeNon non .. just in case ;-)18:07
BluesKajJames147, it's not helping, he's not reading our responses , he's just complaining18:07
James147BluesKaj: thourght I would give it one last try :) in a hope he will stop in an hour or so :p18:08
slinker1i suppose it could happen ;)18:09
BluesKajJames147, thought we had him kicked a while back ..that would be best18:09
James147BluesKaj: he was warned dont think he was kicked :S18:10
marcus_hello guys can somebody help me please i just install Kubuntu10 and i also installed gtk-gnutella 96.8 but it is not seting up an icon on the internet section can someone help me to fix it please??18:10
James147marcus_: try running kbuildsycoca4 --menutest18:11
amigadPut Losodws in Solitary confinement on a separate drive. Pories can be on another drive, but Redmmond Rubbish can't handle it!18:11
marcus_do i do that at terminal???18:12
James147marcus_: yes18:12
marcus_ok let's see18:12
marcus_i did it and it did like a review of my sistem or something like that but still no gtk-gnutella icon18:14
amigadContrast-2:02:51: try an alias/assign/whatever reaaddess the drive name in cfg somewhere!18:15
James147marcus_: hmm... you can always manually add one by running "kmenuedit" (or by right clicking the kmenu and clicking edit menu)18:15
marcus_you know i was chekin it g18:16
marcus_in terminal i can see it  therebut just18:17
BluesKajppl still use gnutella ? ... thought it was long replaced by other p2ps18:17
slinker1i use frostwire anymore when i need it18:17
BluesKajfile donkey18:18
kwtmHelp! I have 4 minutes to locate a PDF file on my Kubuntu laptop; I don't know what it's called, but I know it was created April 14 or April 15.  How can I use Strigi to find this file?  Or should I stick to Krusader?18:22
ikoniakwtm: use find with -mtime and '*.pfd*18:23
slinker1or pdf :)18:24
kwtmikonia: Okay.  Someone in #ubuntu suggested same.  Is there anyway that Nepomuk/Strigi helps me with this, or is it not relevant to daily use?18:24
ikoniaI don't know, I don't use them18:24
slinker1just open dolphin and type in your search found every pdf on this box in about 2 seconds18:25
slinker1nepomuk will be called in the background18:25
BluesKajkwtm, did you download the pdf from the net , if so then it'll probly be in your default download target set in your browser18:26
slinker1BluesKaj: good point18:26
* maco doesnt even know how to get to strigi...just how to turn it off18:26
kwtmslinker1: How do I search?  Tried "*pdf* in search box: "No items found".18:26
slinker1just pdf should do18:27
kwtmBluesKaj: It is a file I printed to PDF, or pulled from another computer on home network, not via browser.18:27
BluesKajok  kwtm, then it might be in the home/user folder18:27
bittin`http://paste.ubuntu.com/467119/ somone wanna help?18:29
kwtmslinker1: Sorry, I'm getting zero search results.  Settings: search "everywhere" what: "everything" (I also tried "filenames").  I'm going to have ot go back to Krusader.  Got 1 minnute left.  Thx.18:29
macokwtm: um just to check...you have file indexing enabled...right?18:30
kwtmmaco: Unclear how to check --what would I look for?  I think I ahve it enabled.18:31
amigadFinally caught-up t othe latest line!18:31
macokwtm: "desktop search" in systemsettings18:31
macokwtm: nepomuk and strigi would have to both be enabled18:31
kwtmmaco: Enabled.  Idle.18:32
maco(and a full index needs to complete before searching will work)18:32
amigadThen Losdows might be learning to not kill boot-managers so easily like before!18:32
amigadLos2k would corrupt wrong partion addressed xp when reinstalled/repaired instead of learning where xp was!18:37
SentynelAnyone know how to disable fan control? I had it off before, but I can't remember how I did it and it's come back on. The speed wanders around all over the place constantly and drives me nuts.18:38
amigadDid sum1 try searchin 4 '*.pdf', or manually searchin if all else fails? Best way.18:40
amigadDUmb cpu is it sounding like a jet-enjine?18:41
amigadI mean fan!18:41
SentynelIt doesn't bother me if the fans are noisy. That's what music is for. What bothers me is when the speed is constantly changing.18:41
SentynelWith the OS fan control off, the BIOS takes over and has it either slow or fast depending on CPU temperature. That's fine, I can cope with that. But the OS fan control doesn't seem to have any delay period on speed changes, so the fans are revving up and down the whole time.18:42
James147Sentynel: can you disable it in teh bios?18:43
SentynelThe OS overrides the BIOS fan control.18:43
kwtmamigad: It's okay, I can use Krusader.  I just wanted to be able to take advantage of Strigi and Nepomuk but I don't know how to use it, and it looks like it would take longer to learn than to just manual search.  <sigh> disappointing18:43
kwtmThx anyway, all.18:43
amigadit means it's try to match the temp-speed settings of the cpu/heatsink. Try adjusting the clock-speed down if your not running games or video?18:44
SentynelI run BOINC. The CPUs are maxed out all the time.18:44
amigadThe cpu clock-speed down I mean. Or, try setting the fanspeed at a lower/max setting, if fan can be controlled by user.18:46
SentynelI'm not adjusting my CPU clock speed, because as I say I run BOINC. I can't find an option to adjust or disable the OS's fan control, which is rather the issue.18:47
amigad'Boinc?' might be a small proie with drag&drop or very little graphic movement. Try the lower 'cpu clock-speed' setting, or slower fan setting. Thay can extend the battery-time on laptops!18:49
amigadAnd might even increase/make stability while workin/playin!18:51
SentynelYou're not helping.18:51
bittin`what chmod on /tmp/ has standard Ubuntu?18:51
amigadWhat have ya got to help me help u then? Any fan related proies or cpu frequency setting proies, or anything worth checkinout?18:53
bittin`/var/ is also broken what chmod should that have?18:55
James147bittin`: mine has rwxr-xr-x18:55
amigadI'm not sure what boinc is. Please explain the proie?18:56
SentynelIt's a distributed computing project. It uses spare CPU cycles for scientific projects.18:57
amigadIt might be a proie bug causin the fan t b taxed 2 much?18:58
SentynelI just want to turn off OS fan contorl.18:59
bittin`now back to the printer then: http://paste.ubuntu.com/467119/ if somone feels to help18:59
amigadScientific game then. The 1 scientist play!18:59
amigadSpare meaning what's left after all-other proies grub their cycles & ride like hell til arrested!19:00
ScuniziDid the icon for the volumn adjustment suddenly change?  It looks horrible now.19:00
amigadI meant 'grab' them cycles19:01
amigadTRy stoppin/pausin/endin sum pries t see what happens?19:03
James147Scunizi: this might help: http://tuxtweaks.com/2008/08/how-to-control-fan-speeds-in-ubuntu/   but I am sure that the bios has final say on who controls the fans and should beable to set the fan to what it wants.... I would check your bios first and see if there is an option to set the fan speeds19:04
amigadPausin proies might b better tested 1st!19:04
SentynelThe BIOS is set to manage fan speeds. The OS control overrides it.19:04
James147Sentynel:  ^^ sorry :S19:05
ScuniziJames147: I asked about the volumn icon.. not the fan.. probably post that to Sentynel19:05
ScuniziJames147: :)19:05
Sentynelamigad: Look. You're not helping. I don't want or need to turn BOINC off. I just need to turn OS fan control off so the BIOS runs it instead.19:05
James147Scunizi: tab completeion failure sorry :)19:05
ScuniziJames147: np.. I"ve got fat fingers this morning myslev... myself19:06
amigadCHeck the bios, the os fan control proie & anything else related to the blade thingy!19:06
James147amigad: please stop you are not being helpful19:07
amigadIt might b an icon update, or corrupt file adjustin yur pretties! It happens with updates of Intrepid. Might need to reinstall, adjust default icons somewhere.19:10
amigadIntrepid gnome I mean.19:11
James147Scunizi: btw, what did it change to/from?19:11
ScuniziWhen muted the speaker icon actually looks like a speaker icon.. when unmuted it does not represent a sound volumn control at all from what I can tell... check it out ... is this normal now?  http://imagebin.ca/view/sRU74d.html19:15
ScuniziJames147: sorry.. was working on a screen shot19:16
SentynelThat looks like a very zoomed in version of the actual icon.19:17
James147Scunizi: well, thats the right icon... just twice the size :S19:17
Scunizireally.... I wonder how that changed.. it seems malformed..19:17
Scuniziwhen I mute it looks normal19:17
James147Scunizi: what happens if you resize the panel slightly? although I presume its due to a missing icon of the right size19:19
ScuniziJames147: I'll check19:19
ScuniziJames147: doesn't matter how large I make the panel.. it remains the same19:20
James147Scunizi: found the icon at /usr/share/icons/oxygen/16x16/status/audio-volume-high.png   might want to check to see if you ahve one19:22
James147Scunizi: also check some of the other sizes19:23
James147as well19:23
carlosHi People from Peru19:23
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ScuniziJames147: yep.. I've got it there...19:25
James147Scunizi: this something that has just happened this session? if so you could try restarting kmix19:26
Scuniziyes.. just changed this morning.. I'll restart kmix.... how? .. sudo kmix restart? or sudo /etc/init.d/kmix restart?19:27
emmanuel_bonjour a tous19:27
James147Scunizi: :) just kill it and run it again (killall kmix && kmix)19:27
ScuniziJames147: too simple... :)19:27
James147Scunizi: just hope it works ;)19:28
ScuniziJames147: nope... I did get an error though.. http://pastebin.com/yjRQW2Li19:29
James147Scunizi: think they are harmless19:30
James147Scunizi: you could try chaning icon theme... (sydtem settings > apearance > icons)19:32
ScuniziJames147: interesting.. switched from Oxygen to Crystal SVG and back and it seems to have fixed it...19:34
James147Scunizi: sounds like it just failed to load the image properly then :p19:34
ScuniziJames147: yep..  now I know how to fix it.. thanks.. should have gone there first..19:35
James147Scunizi: my guess is a logout would have also worked :)19:36
ScuniziJames147: yea.. I"ve other quirks that are showing up as well.. but more program/package specific..19:37
James147Scunizi: like?19:39
ScuniziJames147: oh.. I've started using "Darktable" from a PPA.. It's designed primarily for gnome but runs.. with last nights update it crashes whenever I try to edit a pic.. This is most likely because it's the development version.. I chat with the dev on their channel.. If you're a photographer at all it's worth a look.19:41
amigad_I'm goin now.Bye19:45
id54332kubuntu und xubuntu sind so unausgereift19:45
FloodBotK3id54332: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:46
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war10ckwhat is the standart service thats activate my zte mf646 modem from optical disk?20:20
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grifo74hello how can i sharing a folder in kubuntu?????????21:04
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haunihi guys! is there anything i need to do to get javafx on kubuntu? i installed and configured sun-java6-jdk and sun-java6-plugin ... in konqueror java isn't recognized - java-plugins tell me a newer version is needed though i got 1.6 update 20 (latest in repository - latest available would be update 21)21:06
James147grifo74: you need to install "samba" and then configure it see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202605 for more details21:06
hauniin firefox java is trying to load the javafx but in the end i get a grey container ...21:07
James147grifo74: i am afraid that the current GUI method is mostly broken but the next version of kubuntu promises to replace it :)21:07
grifo74lol ok21:07
hauniwhen i look for about:plugins in firefox i see only icedTea plugins, no sun java ... when i do update-alternatives --config xulrunner-1.9-javaplugin.so it tells me there is nothing to configure cause there is no alternatives, only sun java ... so what's wrong?21:08
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hauniwhen i look for about:plugins in firefox i see only icedTea plugins, no sun java ... when i do update-alternatives --config xulrunner-1.9-javaplugin.so it tells me there is nothing to configure cause there is no alternatives, only sun java ... so what's wrong?21:17
hauniups, sorry21:17
theoctagonis there a way to mute the join/quit messages in kvirc?21:20
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theoctagonis there a way to mute the join/quit messages in kvirc?21:26
kevin_So I'm new with kde and kubuntu. So far it seems pretty good, I just seem to have a graphical "lagg". is it because it's set to default? is there anything I can do to make it better? I've seen kwin as a compiz alternative in kde, but I don't know how to use it/ get it.21:32
ridinif you want a different window manager go to system settings -> default programs -> window manager21:33
ridinalso kde has a bit of a chunky feeling21:34
kevin_well for example if I switch windows, there's like a 1 second lagg where it gets gray where the window overlaps21:34
James147kevin_: you could try disabling teh desktop effects21:36
kevin_how can I do that???21:36
Freejack`James147, I have done that and still get graphics glitches with windows that popupor overlap21:37
James147kevin_: system settings > desktop effects21:37
kevin_what I really want is something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdIEeJ9PnGc21:38
kevin_James147: they were off lol21:39
theoctagonis there a way to mute the join/quit messages in kvirc?21:45
kevin_I cannot get my wireless to work, can someone help me? I works fine in gnome.22:07
DialingZeroHey guys, having a problem. Whenever I open the Kopete's configuration window the program crashes, but everything else works fine.22:30
Walzmynuse pidgin22:34
DialingZeroI'm looking for a fix, not an alternative.22:39
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TorchDialingZero: try moving away kopete's config and see if it goes away then.22:46
TorchDialingZero: just to make sure it's not a problem with your installation.22:47
DialingZeroI'm doing that now because of the bug report I found here http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19437922:47
* Torch looks in awe at that backtrace.22:48
SCWLstmpSorry, channel is still in autojoin.22:49
DialingZeroOkay, so I deleted all of the kopete configuration files in ~/.kde/ and it still crashes. Are there more config files somewhere else?22:52
TorchDialingZero: .kde/share/config/kopete* and .kde/share/apps/kopete should be it22:54
TorchDialingZero: but i haven't verified that22:55
DialingZeroThose are the ones I've deleted.22:56
TorchDialingZero: got a backtrace with debug symbols?22:56
DialingZeroHow do I gather that?22:56
TorchDialingZero: install knetwork-dbg and kdebase-runtime-dbg22:57
TorchDialingZero: make kopete crash22:57
TorchDialingZero: get the backtrace from the crash handler22:57
TorchDialingZero: if you do not get a crash handler (because the crash is so severe it prevents that) things get a little harder22:57
DialingZeroFun stuff, I'll get busy.22:58
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DialingZeroLooks like kdebase-runtime-dbg and it's dependencies are going to take awhile to download.23:02
DialingZeroAlso I couldn't find knetwork-dbg at all.23:03
TorchDialingZero: woops. kdenetwork-dbg, of course. sorry.23:04
DialingZeroNo problem, I'll grab it after these packages finish.23:05
TorchDialingZero: i wasn't aware your connection was slow enough to make this a pain or i wouldn't have recommended kdebase-runtime-dbg at all, it's probably not even necessary...23:06
TorchDialingZero: kdenetwork-dbg is the important one for kopete23:06
Torch(you'll find that out yourself on a shell with apt-cache show kopete. look for the Source: line and add -dbg to what it says)23:06
DialingZeroYup, it says kdenetwork.23:09
DialingZeroApparently kdenetwork-dbg and dependent packages is even bigger.23:12
DialingZeroMy internet's not too bad though, it's about 1mbit23:12
TorchDialingZero: heh, there were times we all would have killed for that ;-)23:13
DialingZeroTell me about it, I spent many many years on dialup.23:15
DialingZeroThis is the best internet connection I've ever had.23:15
glaucousIs it possible to enter a similar mode to low graphics mode, but where I can still use Wine to play games? Might get better framerate.23:22
Torchglaucous: low graphics mode == vesa or similar graphics driver. thus framrate < 1.023:24
Torchglaucous: you could try configuring a lower resolution in xorg.conf to get a higher framerate in certain games.23:25
DialingZeroI was just about to say that Torch :P23:25
DialingZeroLower resolution = better framerate23:25
glaucousTorch, hm I see, guess that makes sense.23:25
Torch(low graphics mode isn't how that thing is called, though, is it? it's something like safe graphics mode or some such...)23:26
DialingZeroOkay, so I installed knetwork-dbg, then I made kopete crash, now what?23:42
AnarchHow can I take a screenshot of a window?  A general solution WBN, but it's a Firefox window if that matters.23:42
TorchDialingZero: you should have a crash handler window now23:43
TorchDialingZero: it should have tab "information for developers" or something like that23:43
DialingZeroNo window is popping up.23:43
TorchAnarch: press print screen on your keyboard. or run ksnapshot directly.23:43
TorchDialingZero: what's happening when kopete crashes?23:43
AnarchTorch: thanks23:44
DialingZeroIt freezes and then sits there until I try to close it, then it comes up with a warning asking me if I want to terminate the application.23:44
TorchDialingZero: so it's not crashing, it's hanging.23:45
TorchDialingZero: subtle difference from a dev point of view ;-)23:45
TorchDialingZero: the bug report you quoted was a "real" crash23:45
DialingZeroThere are a few other bug reports of the same problem.23:45
TorchDialingZero: quite possible, but hanging is still not crashing. hanging is harder to diagnose :-(23:46
TorchDialingZero: do you have a webcam?23:47
DialingZeroI'm looking through more bug reports but now I'm searching for "hang" instead of "crash".23:47
DialingZeroNo I don't have a webcam.23:47
TorchDialingZero: i fear i won't be of much help for solving this one. you might try #kopete or #kde.23:49
DialingZeroAlright, I'll ask around.23:49
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TorchDialingZero: it might take a while for someone knowledgable to be around on #kopete23:52
TorchDialingZero: don't expect a quick helpful response23:52
DialingZeroI'm not expecting that at all, most people on IRC are AFK.23:55
DialingZeroSo that's why I tried asking around a crowded room like this one.23:55

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