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MootBotMeeting started at 09:00. The chair is bac.15:00
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bacdanilo sends regrets15:00
bacas does noodles15:01
jtvabel is temporarily unavailable15:01
bacbigjools: ping15:01
bacgmb is unavailable i think?15:02
deryckyes, he is.15:02
bacmars, gary, leonardr: ping15:02
gary_postersorry on call but will follow15:03
bachi flacoste15:03
bac[topic] agenda15:03
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda15:03
bac* Roll call15:03
bac * Agenda15:03
bac * Outstanding actions15:03
bac * New topics15:03
bac * Peanut gallery15:03
bacthere is not anything on the agenda today so we may be able to make this very brief.15:04
bacthe only outstanding action is the one inherited by lifeless regarding lp.coop and lp.services.  i mentioned it to him in an email last week but did not follow up in person.  so it'll stay on.15:05
bacdoes anyone have any other items to discuss?15:05
* bac looks at +activereviews15:05
* deryck hides15:06
* bac sees a few approved but unlanded branches.15:06
bacrinze: can you comment on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jelmer/launchpad/oops-on-pool-overwrite-error/+merge/2332815:06
bacapproved back in april15:07
rinzebac: It was a drive-by fix that I did back then that failed with a strange test isolation problem that I didn't manage to nail down.15:07
bacrinze: so are you abandoning it?15:07
jtvorbital junk15:08
rinzebac: I intend to, we discussed it earlier and decided it wasn't worthwile spending more time on. Perhaps it will be easier to debug once the improvements to handling OOPSes in the testsuite that Tim brought up on the mailing list earlier land.15:08
rinzeI'll mark it as abandoned for now, we can always dig it up again later.15:09
bacrinze: ok15:09
bacjtv: are you doing reviews today?15:09
jtvbac: no, I'm sprinting—but abel did grab me for one review15:09
bacjtv: ah, ok, didn't know you are sprinting.  staying warm i hope.15:10
baci'll try to do some today.  we're getting a number of pending and the OCR pool is hit pretty hard the rest of the week15:10
bacso the floor is open for new topics15:11
bacguess there are none so we can end really early.15:11
bigjoolswhat happened to the doctest definition?15:12
bacif you have some spare cycles this week please consider grabbing a branch off of +activereviews15:12
bacbigjools: i updated the wiki page and had discussions with sinzui and abentley.15:12
bigjoolsoh cool, which page?15:13
* bac looks15:13
bigjoolsI didn't see any email about it, unless it got caught with spam15:13
bacbigjools: https://dev.launchpad.net/TestsStyleGuide15:14
bacbigjools: the short of it is we have a lot of doctests that are doing way too much15:14
bacregistry page tests in particular.  a lot of that testing should be functional testing but it is tech debt to get them cleaned up15:15
bigjoolsno need to tell me that, I work in soyuz code :/15:15
bacbrowser tests, in particular15:15
bacso i've tried to express that in my changes to that wiki page15:16
bigjoolsI'm going to re-read it, thanks15:16
bacand we can discuss in the future, though it'll be preaching to the choir, i think15:16
bacanything else?15:17
bacok, thanks.15:17
MootBotMeeting finished at 09:17.15:17
rinzethanks bac15:18
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bachey thumper and rockstar22:40
thumperhi bac22:42
thumperbac: rockstar is still in prague22:42
bachi thumper.  nothing much happened in the euro meeting today so unless you have something i suggest we skip it22:42
thumperskip it is my vote22:42
mwhudsonhooray for skipping23:31
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