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dickelbeckcan someone help me with merge@code.launchpad.net?01:38
spivdickelbeck: probably, what's up?01:39
dickelbeckI sent a couple of emails to that address today, the first few were not properly signed, and finally the very last one was.01:40
dickelbeckAll had the same merge bundle attached.01:40
dickelbeckOne good email at the end which was not bounced back.01:41
dickelbeckThe nature of the bundle was that it was against a private branch, so the patch was included.01:41
dickelbecklaunchpad created 3 new branches at project kicad, and did not actually modify the merge request list at all.01:42
dickelbeckIt looks like a bug, but I am finding the workflow requirement of launchpad net to be not a good match for our project.01:43
spivthumper: you around?  I think you could help dickelbeck.01:58
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MTecknologyI'm not able to tell my project that I want to have code in Launchpad....05:18
MTecknologyI feel like I may have found a bug in LP..05:20
wgrantMTecknology: Why can't you?05:22
MTecknologywgrant: usually there's a nifty link off to the right side saying Configure Code or something simmilar05:23
MTecknologyNow it's a grayed out "Submit code" with a /!\ beside it05:24
wgrantMTecknology: Is the no 'Configure project branch' link underneath it?05:24
micahgMTecknology: is this for your private project?05:24
wgrantThere should be, if you have sufficient privileges.05:24
* micahg doesn't know if it makes a difference05:25
MTecknologymicahg: no05:25
MTecknologywgrant: no05:25
wgrantMTecknology: Which project?05:25
MTecknologyerr - wait - there it is05:25
MTecknologyit won't find the branches though05:25
MTecknologyhttps://code.launchpad.net/~nginx     https://code.launchpad.net/ninx05:26
wgrantMTecknology: Why is the project name missing the 'g'?05:27
wgrantThe branches owned by ~nginx are in the 'nginx' project.05:27
MTecknologyhttps://code.launchpad.net/nginx **05:27
wgrantSo searching in the 'ninx' project won't find them.05:28
MTecknologywgrant: any change I could get a rename from ninx to nginx-server ?05:29
MTecknologyprobably with an answer request..05:29
wgrantwhy nginx-server?05:30
wgrantIsn't nginx a server?05:30
MTecknologyya, but I guess somebody took nginx and never did anything with it05:30
MTecknologyI missed the g creating the project05:31
wgrantDoesn't mean you should create a new project.05:31
wgrantYou could perhaps convince an admin to give the project, or configure it in the way you require.05:31
MTecknologyI'll try to get a hold of that guy first05:32
MTecknologywgrant: could you read the mail I'm about to send him and let me know what you think?05:41
wgrantMTecknology: I suppose.05:42
MTecknologywgrant: If you don't want to that's fine05:42
MTecknologyI can just fire it off05:42
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Green00000there is a problem.08:49
wgrantWhat's the issue?08:50
Green00000that is the problem.08:50
Green00000i have an email-adress, but i can not delet it.08:51
wgrantThe last comment in that question suggests that it has been manually removed.08:51
Green00000is there a chance for a quick delet??08:51
spmEnry, I deleted it for you last week?08:52
Green00000ah hi.08:52
Green00000i am another person.08:52
Green00000BUT with the same problem. :(08:53
spmAh ha! :-) much is clearer!08:53
wgrantBug #50721408:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 507214 in Canonical ISD QA "No Way To Remove Old Emails (affected: 19, heat: 121)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50721408:53
spmin that case, please raise the same style of request, so we can verify you are *you* :-) and it will be acted up.08:53
wgrantIt's fixed, but not yet rolled out.08:54
spmGreen00000: https://answers.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider/+addquestion08:54
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Green00000i read the faq.08:55
Green00000okay, same request.08:56
Green00000this point:08:58
Green00000this point:08:58
spmGreen00000: atm I have no idea who you are, what account you may have etc. by formally asking a request to delete an email address via that linked form, we can make such a determination. Going and deleting someones email because some random person on IRC asked for it, would be ... uncool. :-)09:01
Green00000okay, i am writing. thx.09:02
Green00000okay, thx ...... i posted the problem connected with the BUG-#.09:34
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riochdoes launchpad generate .po files from a .pot, or do I need to provide both?10:01
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riochdoes launchpad also generate the .mo files?10:12
pooliejtv, danilos ^^?11:08
danilosrioch, it can, but only when you request it manually for download; it cannot put them in a branch yet if that's what you are asking11:18
danilosanyway, gotta run out for a bit11:18
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dickelbeckwhy is my merge/bundle/patch request send to merge@code.launchpad.net is not going into https://code.launchpad.net/kicad/+activereviews12:28
dickelbeckThe email was signed, the openpgp key is on file, no bounce back error was received.12:28
deryckdickelbeck, hi.  Not sure if I can help, but can you point me at a branch that you requested a merge for?12:37
dickelbecklp:kicad  aka https://code.launchpad.net/~kicad-testing-committers/kicad/testing12:39
* deryck looks12:40
deryckdickelbeck, I don't see a proposed merge there.  To what branch did you want it merged, and how did you propose the merge?12:41
dickelbeckby email to merge@code.launchpad.net,  using bzr send -o fullpath.bundle and then attaching it and signing it in my mail client.12:42
dickelbeckI first got 3 bounce backs because I was not signing it properly, then on the last attempt it seemed OK.12:42
dickelbeckFunny thing, for awhile yesterday, there were 3 new branches created under the project umbrella that had my name in them, and "merge" also in the branch name.12:43
dickelbeckNow they are gone.  I think the email handler that receives these emails is very weak.12:44
deryckdickelbeck, ok, were you proposing merging lp:kicad into another branch?  Or trying to propose another branch into lp:kicad?12:44
dickelbeckmerge into lp:kicad12:44
dickelbeckI can send you the bundle if you want.12:46
deryckdickelbeck, what is the link of the branch you proposed from then?12:46
dickelbeckit was a local branch, launchpad would not have access to it, therefore the bundle included the patch.12:46
dickelbeckIt was a problem fix branch, made locally here from a checkout (copy of lp:kicad)12:47
deryckdickelbeck, I'm not a code expert on lp, but I believe the branch you're proposing from has to be pushed to lp, which may be the problem here.12:49
deryckrockstar or abentley could help us here if they were around.12:50
dickelbeck"has to be pushed to lp", if true, would contradict the documentation I think.  This is the reason why the bundle includes the patch (optionally).12:51
dickelbeckwhen are these guys available? what time zone?12:51
deryckdickelbeck, rockstar is normally GMT -7 but is sprinting this week so generally hit or miss.  abentley is GMT -4, I believe, so should be around soonish.12:52
thekorndickelbeck, I'm also not an expert, but your three branches from yesterday are marked as "merged" https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~dickelbeck/+branches?field.lifecycle=ALL&field.lifecycle-empty-marker=1&field.sort_by=most+recently+changed+first&field.sort_by-empty-marker=112:53
dickelbeckthekorn, what is this supposed to be telling me, about 3 branches that I did not even create?12:54
rockstarderyck, hi13:10
rockstardickelbeck, hi, how can I help?13:10
deryckyo rockstar!13:10
deryckrockstar is better than windows 7 bitches!13:11
dickelbeckHi rockstar, can you see any history in the discussion?13:11
rockstarderyck, that doesn't really set the bar high does it?13:11
rockstarGetting kicked in the balls is better than Windows 7.13:11
rockstardickelbeck, I can, and am reading.  Why don't you summarize?13:12
dickelbeckI unable to affect https://code.launchpad.net/kicad/+activereviews by mailing to merge@code.launchpad.net13:13
dickelbeckMy merge bundle is in hand, I can send it to you somehow.  It wants to merge into lp:kicad from a local, non-accessible bug fix branch, and includes the patch in the bundle.13:14
rockstardickelbeck, how did you generate the bundle?13:14
dickelbeckbzr send -o13:15
rockstardickelbeck, so the bundle got attached then?13:15
dickelbeckdo you want to see the bundle?   Sorry, that was "bzr send -o fullpath.bundle"13:16
dickelbeckthen I attached it to a new email, signed it, sent it.13:16
Italian_Plumberwhen I click on "How to get the fingerprint" on the launchpad page for "Change your OpenPGP Keys", I get a pop up that shows its loading but never loads any content.  Is there somewhere else I can find out how to get the fingerprint?13:33
poolieItalian_Plumber, just do 'gpg --fingerprint me@example.com' or whatever is the address in your key13:36
Italian_Plumberok thanks i'll try that13:38
Italian_Plumberhmmm... why would my ".gnupg" directory be owned by root?13:40
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dickelbeckrockstar, what's next?13:59
rockstardickelbeck, sorry.13:59
rockstardickelbeck, you signed the email?13:59
rockstardickelbeck, and out of curiousity, why not `bzr send` ?14:00
dickelbeckI sent the same email a couple of times, fighting with my email client at first.  On the 3rd or fourth attempt it was signed properly, the first few not.14:00
rockstarEr, why not let bzr take care of attaching the email, etc.14:00
rockstarDoes launchpad know about your key?14:00
dickelbeckbzr send, did not put in the destination address properly, the recipient field in thunderbird was empty.14:01
dickelbeckyes launchpad has the key.  The first few bad emails gave me bounce backs, the last one did not trigger any objections.14:01
rockstardickelbeck, if you put "submit_to = merge@code.launchpad.net" into your ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf, it'll set the recipient properly.14:02
rockstardickelbeck, and where's the branch you're proposing for merge?14:02
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dickelbeckon my hard drive, not accessible to launchpad.net14:03
rockstardickelbeck, and what's the target?14:05
dickelbeckAgain, I still have the bundle, all this information is in there.14:05
rockstardickelbeck, hm, I'm not sure here.14:10
dickelbeckwhere is the source to this email processor?  how can we get a look at it?14:11
dickelbeckThis is a big deal to me, since it affects the overall utility of launchpad.net.  our contributors are drive by contributors, don't want to push branches.14:12
rockstardickelbeck, bzr branch lp:launchpad/devel14:12
rockstardickelbeck, they already have accounts on Launchpad, right14:13
dickelbeckand patches on the mailing list seem to be hard to keep track of and comment on.ulling things from the mail list14:13
dickelbeckYesterday was a big blow to my enthusiasm about moving this project to launchpad as a whole.14:13
wgrantHmm, why can't they push branches?14:13
dickelbeckBecause they cannot afford to spend 3 days learning how, they are drive by contributors.14:14
dickelbeckI need a patch manager.14:14
wgrantAdd SSH key, bzr push lp:~username/project/branch14:14
dickelbeckThe launchpad model is not meeting my needs.14:14
dickelbeckRight now I pull most of the patches down from the mailing list.  I am getting buried.  The website needs a patch manager.14:15
bigjoolsit's easy enough to attach patches to bugs14:17
dickelbeckbigjools, true.   That may be what I will have to institute.14:17
dickelbeckNo way can I trash launchpad now that I was the guy the moved the project here by less than a fully democratic process.14:18
MethsCan you merge a bug attachment?  How does having a patch on a bug differ that much from having a patch on an email?14:19
bigjoolsI think that pushing branches is probably easier than emailing or attaching them to bugs, it's just the case that people like to do what they know already14:19
dickelbeckThe whole usage model is not ideal.  The site needs a patch manager, or google for "code review software".  If I cannot get bundles in by email, then what?14:20
bigjoolsabentley may have more advice than I can offer when he's around14:20
wgrantYou can email bundles in.14:21
wgrantit's obviously just not quite working in this particular case.14:21
wgrantBut pushing branches is almost always easier...14:21
dickelbeckwgrant, please.  It is not working, please read the history of this dialog.14:21
wgrantI know it's not working *in this particular case*.14:21
wgrantIn the general case it works fine.14:21
bigjoolspeople are put off because it's "different"14:21
bigjoolsor perceived to be hard14:22
maxbHowever it's not well documented, and the gpg signing requirement can be tricky14:22
MTecknologyIs there any help page for building recipe contents?14:22
dickelbeckI'm was even willing to volunteer to take patches off the mailing list and put them into https://code.launchpad.net/kicad/+activereviews14:24
dickelbeckby way of email, but I am unable to do it.14:24
bigjoolsI effectively email patches by doing "bzr send"14:25
bigjoolsMTecknology: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds/GettingStarted14:25
dickelbeckbigjools, are these bundles from a private branch against a public branch?14:25
MTecknologybigjools: thanks14:27
bigjoolsdickelbeck: it generates a diff of two branches, doesn't matter where they are14:27
bigjoolswell, one is local obviously14:27
bigjoolswhen abentley comes in, I'll ask him to chat to you, he knows more than I on this14:27
dickelbeckbigjools, yes the documentation says that should work.  It did not work for me, and I got no complaints from the mail server back.14:27
bigjoolsI'm sure he'll be able to figure out your problem14:28
dickelbeckwhen is abently working, I can come back then?14:29
bigjoolshe should be here soon, he's UTC-414:30
dickelbeckthats about 10:30 in the morning for him, doing something else probably.14:35
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MTecknologyyay, now I just need to get a branch import approved and I can become very excited14:40
hanniedanilos, ping14:56
daniloshannie, hi14:57
hannieMay I ask you something?14:58
daniloshannie, sure14:58
lifelesslosa ping - can someone unsubscribe the 'ipv6 task force' from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/417757 - hugely noisy for lots of people14:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 417757 in eglibc (Ubuntu Lucid) "[regression] all network apps / browsers suffer from multi-second delays by default due to IPv6 DNS lookups (affected: 198, heat: 830)" [High,Triaged]14:58
hannieAbout Ubuntu manual Lucid-e1 and Lucid-e214:58
lifelessadded before we restricted subscriptions of teams14:59
hannieWe had translated 70% of Lucid-e1 so far14:59
daniloshannie, yeah, are you still having problems with translations disappearing?14:59
daniloshannie, oh, something else, sure :)14:59
wgrantlifeless: Done.14:59
hannieYes, all my translations have become suggestions14:59
mthaddonlifeless: er, that seems quite relevant to ipv6 task force14:59
daniloshannie, again? on lucid-e1 or lucid-e2?14:59
mthaddonlifeless: who can confirm we really want to unsusbcribe that user?14:59
wgrantPeople have been complaining.15:00
hannieKevin Godsby suggested not to start with e2 until end of july15:00
lifelessmthaddon: yes, we're sure: it was subscribed in the 'please fix for me' sense15:00
daniloshannie, that's weird15:00
lifelessmthaddon: by someone not in the team15:00
hannieBut now e2 has changed from 70 % translated to 39%15:00
mthaddonlifeless: can't someone from within the team unsubscribe?15:01
daniloshannie, oh, right, that's because they are using message sharing: I should have thought of that earlier15:01
hannieCan it be fixed?15:01
daniloshannie, basically, since those two have mostly the same messages, they get applied to both when lucid-e2 messes them up15:02
lifelessmthaddon: I have a suspicion that we made the permission thing there symetric15:02
hannieBut can it be fixed?15:02
daniloshannie, it's a bug that I'll bump the priority for so we'll get it done soon15:02
wgrantlifeless: You didn't. The subscription is gone now.15:02
daniloshannie, a work-around is still simple: project maintainers would need to set up lucid-e2 to import only templates as well15:02
mthaddonlifeless: bug#13457715:02
daniloshannie, i.e. on https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/+translations-settings15:02
hannieok, danilos15:02
daniloshannie, I'll also make sure we fix the actual bug soon15:03
hannieI thank you for it, it will save me a lot of time15:03
lifelessbug 134577 ?15:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 134577 in Launchpad Bugs "Admins should be able to unsubscribe other people from bug reports (affected: 1, heat: 9)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13457715:03
mthaddonthx wgrant15:03
daniloshannie, I am very sorry for the trouble15:03
hannieThat's ok, but it gave me a few more gray hairs15:04
hannieDanilos, I have no access to the link you gave me15:04
daniloshannie, are you project maintainer/driver for ubuntu-manual?15:05
hannieI am just a translator15:06
daniloshannie, right, then you don't have access to it; it's something project maintainers can do15:06
daniloshannie, for yourself, you should probably download a PO file as soon as you are done with translation for a while, and if it turns it into suggestions, you can just re-upload it (at least until we fix the bug)15:07
danilosanyway, got to go out for a bit now, ttyl15:07
hanniedanilos, thanks15:08
maxbMTecknology: Have you noticed that you've actually misspelt the project ID of nginx as ninx? :-)15:56
MTecknologymaxb: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+question/11841815:57
MTecknologymaxb: oops15:57
MTecknologymaxb: thanks for the approval :) Once it imports I'm going to try out a recipe :)16:04
shadeslayeranyone around to help with bug 608302 reported by X316:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 608302 in Launchpad itself "copied binaries require origin ppa key to determine trustiness (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60830216:15
wgrantshadeslayer: That's impossible.16:17
bigjoolsshadeslayer: I can't parse that description16:17
wgrantshadeslayer: The binaries themselves are not signed.16:17
wgrantThe archive is.16:17
shadeslayerwgrant: i know the binaries are not signed,the archive is16:17
bigjools"the ppa where the packages where copied to ppa B if added to sources reports packages are untrusted"16:18
shadeslayerbut strangely even after importing the key16:18
X3well importing the ppa where the packages have been signed when installing come from untrusted source and could be a security risk16:18
X3importing the origin ppa key fixed bug16:18
X3er ya16:18
shadeslayerpackages do not get authenticated16:19
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bigjoolsI don't understand the problem, can you please explain exactly what you're doing?16:20
X3copy binaries from ppa A to ppa B, add ppa B to system, install packages ~ security warning16:21
bigjoolsX3: what is generating the security warning?16:21
X3the apt-get or aptitude install line16:22
bigjoolswhat you're describing is impossible16:22
bigjoolsI have done this myself and it's fine16:22
X3it just spews out these packages are from untrusted source and could compromise your system bla bla bla16:22
bigjoolsit means that either, your Releases file is out of date (transparent proxy?) or you don't have the gpg key installed16:23
X3gpg key shows up on sources manager16:23
bigjoolscan you provide a screen log of your actions?16:24
X3it is fixed by either a) add orgin ppa key or b)rebuild sources inead of copying binaries16:24
bigjoolsbasically, if you're not installing packages from PPA A then there is *no way* that it can affect PPA B16:24
bigjoolsthe binaries are re-published in PPA B if they are copied16:25
X3yes just because there is *no way* doesn mean I been imagining this all morning16:25
bigjools[16:24:24] <bigjools> can you provide a screen log of your actions?16:26
bigjoolsand do you know if there's a proxy in your way?16:27
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X3well not at the moment since then I have deleted packages from ppa B in order to rebuild packages on ppa B and fix issue16:27
bigjoolsI've seen people have GPG issues before when there's a proxy that's not refreshing Releases16:27
X3no proxy16:27
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X3well unless the VM is making proxy16:27
bigjoolsdon't take offence but I'm going to mark your bug invalid - there will be another explanation, I can try and help you find it16:28
shadeslayerunfourtunately i cant test it out since im on maverick16:29
X3ya I take no offense n wasting most of my day16:30
bigjoolsI offered to help, would you like me to help or not?16:30
bigjoolswhich PPA is affected?  I can install it here.16:32
X3however im unsure how this is gonna get resolved unless I rebuild packages on ppa B which is now complaning about exsiting sources16:32
bigjoolsyou can't publish the same version again16:32
bigjoolsapt clients don't like that16:32
bigjoolsso it's prevented16:32
X3well I tried delinting the copied packages16:33
maxbWhat is delinting?16:33
shadeslayerX3: i just copied them back16:33
shadeslayermaxb: deleting16:33
X3its a typo for deleting16:33
X3ah u copied them I was wondering what the hell they were doing still there16:34
X3if it helps sort this out16:34
X3i rebuilt the packages from ppa A to a ppa C to test and the error was gone16:35
bigjoolsI suspect that is a coincidence16:35
bigjoolscan you paste the exact error you got from apt please?16:35
X3its no longer up on terminal buffer is past it16:36
X3sec Ill try to recreate agin16:36
bigjoolsI tried here and it worked fine16:39
X3funny now the error is not there, perhaps having deleted packages and re-copying fixed it16:41
bigjoolsThe only thing that will have caused is a timestamp change on Releases16:42
bigjoolsbut seeing the original error will help16:42
X3cant really oblige the buffer on terminal is gone unless there is a way to dig it out16:43
X3if there is a way and u can help dig it out16:43
bigjoolsI don't know of a way once it's off buffer16:44
X3nor I :(16:44
bigjoolsI keep huge scrollback buffers for that reason :)16:44
X3ya well16:45
bigjoolsok what I think happened here is that the signing key for your PPA was not generated yet because that doesn't happen until packages are put in it16:45
bigjoolsso you copied packages in, then immediately tried to download them16:45
bigjoolsapt-get update complains because there's no signing key yet16:45
X3not quite immediatly it was a whle after, but that makes sense16:46
bigjoolsthen it got added a few minutes later and co-incided with you adding PPA A16:46
X3idk most likely16:46
bigjoolsgenerating keys is not that quick unfortunately16:46
X3makes sense16:46
bigjoolsso you should be all set now16:47
X3ya thx for help16:47
X3was a bit frsutrating having to find this out after a day wasted16:48
bigjoolsis there anything you think we can do to make the experience better?16:48
X3i knew about keys but once the ppa has packages and they published if key is not ready then it shouldnt appear on ppa until it is16:49
X3yes pls16:49
X3if the keys are not ready for that ppa, the ppa should not show ready status16:49
bigjoolssome people accept the warning and download the packages anyway16:49
bigjoolswe could put a status on new PPA pages saying the key is not ready yet16:49
X3aye that not the problem16:50
X3ya the satus is good way to go16:50
bigjoolsok thanks for the feedback16:50
X3thx for help16:50
bigjoolsgot there in the end ;)16:51
X3and sorry if I sounded a bit frsutrated16:51
bigjoolswe've all been there ...16:51
X3i bet16:51
X3put a health warning on Linux16:52
X3trying to get things to work as they should may cause your brains to fry16:52
bigjoolssame goes for all OSes I've tried16:53
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dickelbeckbigjools, next time you email in a bundle to merge@code.launchpad.net, can you cc:  dick@softplc.com ?  TIA.  Just want to compare email constructions.16:59
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dickelbeckabentley: can you help with merge@code.launchpad.net mail processing?17:10
abentleydickelbeck, sure, what's the issue?17:11
dickelbeckYesterday I emailed a bundle, which included  a patch since the changes were from a local branch, and they never made it to the destination branch.17:13
dickelbeckthe destination branch was lp:kicad and the mail was signed.17:13
dickelbeckI did not get any email error notification back on the last attempt, whereas I had gotten some bounce backs until I got my signing to happen.17:14
maxbdickelbeck: Perhaps you could pastebin the source of the message you sent?17:14
dickelbeckmaxb: excellent idea, you are the first to ask.17:15
* maxb wonders why this doesn't have more than a one-sentence mention on help.lp.net17:16
abentleymaxb, it's not our recommended way of submitting changes.17:16
maxbYet its existence is public, and not cautioned against. Thus, it ought to be documented sufficiently to not be a path to frustration17:17
abentleydickelbeck, our logs don't indicate that we attempted to process a merge directive yesterday, much less that processing failed.17:19
abentleydickelbeck, so how about that pastebin?17:20
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dickelbeckyou want me to use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?  if so, it seems hung now.17:20
abentleydickelbeck, I'm not picky.17:21
dickelbeckI see some thunderbird applied line wrapping, this text was from my "sent" folder.17:22
Quintasanjames_w: well, thanks for the help on Qt, got it working now :)17:25
* Quintasan is now waiting for space increase in PPA17:26
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abentleydickelbeck, I'm sorry, but it looks like we don't have sufficient logging to track down what happened.17:42
dickelbeckwell this particular bundle is already obsolete.  How can I get this to work?  Can bzr send the bundle itself, not using a mail client?17:43
dickelbeckmaybe somebody can just cc: me on an email that is expected to pass the codehandler.py and I can look for differences.17:44
abentleydickelbeck, yes, it can use the "editor" mail client for example.17:44
shadeslayerQuintasan: :D17:44
dickelbeckabentley: never header of the editor mail client, what is that and why would it be better than thunderbird w/ enigmail?17:45
abentleydickelbeck, it's documented in the "send" command.  It's not better than thunderbird, but it is the answer to the question "Can bzr send the bundle itself, not using a mail client."17:46
MTecknologyI'm trying to build a recipe that drops the debian/ from another branch into the source and builds. When I try to build it I get the error bzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.17:47
dickelbeckNo, it does not answer the question.  If "editor" is going to send the email, then bzr is not sending the email?  My question was can the python code in bzr do the SMTP protocol and send the bundle?17:48
abentleydickelbeck, "editor" is a pseudo-mail client supported by the "send" command, and is entirely bzr.  Mail sent using this pseudo-mail client is sent by bzr itself.17:50
maxbabentley: editor cannot be used to send to Launchpad, because it cannot gpg-sign..... unless I've missed a trick?17:50
abentleymaxb, this is true.17:50
MTecknologyIf anyone has the chance, could you peak at my build recipe and tell me what I screwed up on? https://code.launchpad.net/~nginx/+recipe/nginx-stable17:52
maxbabentley: Regarding the auto-create MP via email thingy - am I correct in thinking that this entails LP creating a branch from the bundle first, and that the name of the branch you want created needs to be in the bundle metadata?17:52
abentleydickelbeck, here is the source of a message I sent that was successfully handled by merge@code.launchpad.net: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/467103/17:52
abentleymaxb, the name of the branch does not need to be in the bundle metadata.17:53
abentleymaxb, It's true that LP creates the branch from the bundle.17:53
maxbHow will launchpad decide it, then?17:53
abentleymaxb, It prefers to use the name in the merge directive, but if there is none, it uses "merge" with an optional digit prefix.17:54
maxbah, ok17:54
abentleydigit *suffix* actually.17:54
dickelbeckbtw, yesterday LP created these funny branches yesterday for me, one for each failed attempt I think.  So the sequence is out of kilter, these first 3 attempts were not properly signed emails.17:54
dickelbeckThen the final email was signed, and it was dropped?  Should I switch the project back to sourceforge?  :)17:55
maxbMTecknology: I think, perhaps, that you want to *nest* not *merge* the packaging17:55
abentleydickelbeck, I would suggest using the lp-propose command instead.17:55
MTecknologymaxb: thanks :)17:56
maxbMTecknology: also, I'd suggest testing whether the recipe works locally, rather than waiting for Launchpad to process17:56
dickelbeckabentley:  Only if you remove all the documentation from the LP site that says I can use email, and that cost me 3 days so far.17:56
MTecknologymaxb: how do I do that?17:57
dickelbeckThe documentation should not be there if somebody is not to use it.  I am not able to ask my developers to push a branch, some of them are "drive by" contributors.17:57
abentleydickelbeck, your request to remove documentation is overbroad-- one aspect of doing this by mail didn't work, not all aspects.18:00
abentleydickelbeck, I routinely use email for commenting and making reviews.18:00
abentleydickelbeck, this is the first report I've had that this feature doesn't work.18:00
MTecknologyThat's about the only way I add comments for merging18:01
abentleydickelbeck, anyone who wants to propose a merge must have a launchpad account and bzr, so I don't understand why pushing would be an undue burden on drive-by contributors.18:02
MTecknologyabentley: nest pyfoo lp:pyfoo foo <-- pyfoo is just a tag that you add and foo is?18:03
MTecknologyabentley: sorry to cause you headaches today18:03
abentleyMTecknology, foo is the directory where you want to place the contents of lp:pyfoo18:04
MTecknologyif you want it just in / then omit?18:04
abentleyMTecknology, in the common case, it will be "debian".18:04
MTecknologythe branch I'm adding has a debian/ in it18:04
abentleyMTecknology, the nest command does not support that.18:05
abentleyMTecknology, if possible, use "merge" instead.18:05
bullgard4I am familiar with reporting a bug to Launchpad.  Today I would like to put a question concerning Empathy 2.28.3 to Launchpad. How to do that?18:05
MTecknologyabentley: I tried that and it didn't like me18:05
MTecknologyabentley: I got an error in the build log pasted a little further up18:05
MTecknologyHere's the whole build log  http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52269713/buildlog.txt.gz18:06
abentleyMTecknology, you'll need to create a new branch whose contents are just the debian directory, then.18:06
MTecknologyabentley: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nginx/ninx/debian18:08
MTecknologyabentley: or do you mean a new branch that has only a debian directory and nothing else that I merge?18:09
abentleyMTecknology, no, without a debian directory in it.18:09
abentleyMTecknology, just the contents of the directory.18:09
abentleyIn the root.18:09
MTecknologyabentley: I suppose it'd be easy enough to change that import..18:10
MTecknologyjust append /debian to it18:11
dickelbeckabentley: thanks for your help.  I will study the pastebin and send a few email to myself until they look like yours.18:11
francovalledorsomebody speak english?18:11
MTecknologyabentley: maxb approve it, should I ask him?18:11
francovalledori need help18:11
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: just ask :)18:11
dickelbeckif you say it works, I will persist a little longer, thanks agian.18:11
francovalledormi english is beginner18:11
francovalledormy english is beginne18:12
francovalledori wanna register a project18:12
francovalledori don't know "branch"18:13
MTecknologymaxb: Is there any chance you could change the svn import location for that branch - or is it not changeable?18:14
dickelbeckabentley:  your pastebin does not show the full email, I believe you have to ask thunderbird to "View -> Message Source" to get the full signature stuff at the end.18:14
francovalledorsomebody help me18:14
abentleydickelbeck, no, the signatures are inline and only the message body is signed.18:15
dickelbeckabentley:  wait, I do see your signature, but not at the end.  So we are seeing a difference here.18:15
maxbMTecknology: bzr-builder really doesn't support nesting a branch containing just a debian dir?!18:16
maxbthat's a fairly obvious thing to want to do18:16
abentleymaxb, yes really.18:16
dickelbeckabentley: I wonder what I have to do in thunderbird, but I know enigmail has about 3 ways to send a signed email.  I will experiment.18:16
MTecknologyyay features :)18:16
abentleyMTecknology, see bug #47970518:17
MTecknologymaxb: in https://code.launchpad.net/~nginx/ninx/debian - the pull location is svn://svn.debian.org/svn/collab-maint/deb-maint/nginx/trunk - is it possible to add /debian to that without having to make a new one?18:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 479705 in bzr-builder "merge subdirs (affected: 2, heat: 15)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47970518:17
abentleysorry, maxb, see bug #47970518:17
maxbMTecknology: I don't think it would import right if we changed the URL to something semantically different after some revisions had been imported18:18
MTecknologymaxb: aight - I'll make a new request - it'll work perfect with the recipe then :)18:19
maxbSo, we could either create a special mangled import for bzr-builder. Or we could attempt to trick it. Does builder on launchpad support the "run" recipe command?18:19
abentleymaxb, no18:20
maxbshame :-/18:20
MTecknologymaxb: I think the stand alone branch with a stand alone debian/ + contents is relativley rare - though much easier to deal with :P18:21
MTecknologymaxb: any chance you could check it out?  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nginx/ninx/debian18:22
MTecknologymaxb: thanks :D18:22
francovalledori wanna register a project18:23
francovalledori don't know what is "branch"18:24
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: go to launchpad.net - create an account - sign in - click "Create a project"18:24
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: a "branch" is a collection of code that is version controlled18:24
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: you don't need to have a project to create a branch18:24
francovalledori already have a project18:27
francovalledori wanna paste the code18:27
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: paste?18:28
francovalledori wanna load the code to launchpad18:28
MTecknologyYou want to create a branch18:28
francovalledorhow make it18:28
francovalledorHosted , Mirrored, Remote18:29
MTecknology1) Go into the directory you have your code in. 2) bzr init 3) bzr add 4) bzr commit -m "Your commit message" 5) bzr push lp:~francovalledor/corina/trunk18:30
dickelbeckabentley:  I found a thunderbird 3.0 setting which formats the signed mail like your sample.   Later today I will try emailing to LP.18:30
dickelbeckabentley: again, thanks for your help!18:31
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: I see you created the branch. There's a whole lot you can do in Launchpad - it's best to get comfortable with what you're doing and discover new things as you go. I think devs even discover new features every now and then. :)18:35
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francovalledornow how load the code?18:42
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MTecknologyfrancovalledor: what do you mean by load?18:43
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: you want to push that code to launchpad?18:44
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: make a directory on your system for the code to be in18:45
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: then put your code in there18:45
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: then follow that series of steps I mentioned above18:45
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: let me know if you have more troubles18:49
MTecknologyfrancovalledor: If you're up for some reading and some detailed information - https://help.launchpad.net/18:49
francovalledorreally i don't understand so much18:50
francovalledorbecause my english is beginner18:50
mtuhey there! say, is there a launchpad-builtin way of accouncing/reporting for some package that there is a news upstream version?18:55
mtuor will i habe to just send a message to the maintainer?18:55
mtu(i'm speaking of the ubuntu section of launchpad.net)18:56
MTecknologyabentley: maxb: I think I may have liftoff! :D18:56
MTecknologyIt built18:56
MTecknologymtu: You can be notified of new upstream builds - but I don't think it goes the other way - they can be subscribed to the branches it you want18:57
bullgard4I am familiar with reporting a bug to Launchpad.  Today I would like to put a question concerning Empathy 2.28.3 to Launchpad. How to do that?18:58
mtuMTecknology: i'm sorry, i didn't understand the second part of your answer. so you're saying there's no builtin way of telling the maintainer, ”hey, a new upstream version is out”?18:59
MTecknologymtu: I don't think there is unless they subscribe to the branch18:59
mtui see. hum. that's a pity. so i guess i'll just message the maintainer then19:00
MTecknologybullgard4: https://answers.launchpad.net/empathy19:00
MTecknologymtu: Sometimes it can be a pain - especially if you need to fix a bug in LP and then convince upstream to accept the patch19:01
mtuMTecknology: i see that for the particular package i'm talking about, there's a bug registered that says "please update". i guess that's one way to do it...19:02
MTecknologymtu: now... if the whole world used launchpad - things would be easier :D19:04
mtutrue :P19:04
MTecknologymtu: separate bug tracking systems always get to be a pain - separate main branches is always a pain too - LP has some features that help integrate other code bases and trackers though19:06
bullgard4MTecknology: Thank you for your help.19:10
Jeeves_(and features to freeze your browser :))19:11
MTecknologymaxb: is it possible to cancel a queued build? I sent it to the wrong PPA19:24
maxbrecipe build? no, I don't think it is19:24
maxbNormal builds you can cancel by deleting their source before the build starts19:24
MTecknologymaxb: so maybe if I delete the branch?19:25
MTecknologymaxb: ... awesome - thanks :D19:26
MTecknologymaxb: So.. to bug you more.. I tried a build again - it succeeded - so I fired it off again with the other versions - and failed19:31
MTecknologyor.. some succeed and some fail19:32
MTecknologyoh... it's just breaking for maverick19:34
maxblink to failing buildlog?19:37
MTecknologymaxb: Is there any way to make the version something like 1-ppa{latest-tag-of-branch} ?19:39
maxbMTecknology: I know nothing more than what `bzr help builder` tells me :-)19:40
MTecknologymaxb: and that plugin comes from?19:40
MTecknologymaxb: sounds like {debupstream} is what I need19:44
MTecknologymaxb: thanks :)19:44
MTecknologytyarusso: it's shorter19:48
tyarussoMTecknology: work nick19:53
tyarussoHuh.  Just discovered this concept of "packaging recipes" for code branches on LP - how's that work?19:53
jasemHi. I have a weird problem. Tried to upload my package to ppa several times but didn't get an email, then suddenly I get an email saying: The source libindi - 0.6.2-0ubuntu1 is already accepted in ubuntu/maverick and you cannot upload the same version within the same distribution19:57
jasemHowever, there is no such version in Maverick (it's 0.6.1 there). Why do I get this error?19:57
micahgjasem: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mutlaqja/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_state=built19:57
jasemmicahg: nothing there for today19:58
micahgjasem: that version has already been uploaded19:58
jasemmicahg: uploaded where exactly? to my PPA? I deleted the package and reuploaded then got this error19:59
micahgjasem: yes, you can't reupload the same version19:59
jasemmicahg: I actually changed the control file under debian, is that still considered the "same" version?20:00
jasemplus, I deleted it from my ppa, so why can't I reupload?20:01
micahgjasem: the version string in the changelog is what changes the "version", you can't reupload 0.6.2-0ubuntu1 once it's been accepted, but you can upload 0.6.2-0ubuntu1~ppa1 if the other one was deleted20:01
geserjasem: LP remembers the version you uploaded and doesn't reupload it as it confuses apt clients20:03
jasemmicahg: hmmm OK.20:03
maxbMTecknology: It looks to me like recipe builds are broken on maverick due to aptitude being removed from the base system, and pbuilder not being fixed to compensate20:05
* beuno is said to see aptitude go20:06
beunoand sad20:06
maxbWell, not *gone*, just not default20:06
jamaltahmm? aptitude not default?20:07
jamaltadid i miss some important news?20:07
maxbI'm a dedicated aptitude user, but I can understand the argument that aptitude is only used by people who are fully capable of running "apt-get install aptitude"20:07
tyarussoI forget - how do I delete things from my PPA?20:10
maxb"View packages" then "Delete packages"20:12
tyarussoOh, I see it - hidden in a corner20:13
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Darxus"Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server." - https://launchpad.net/+search?field.text=firefox  (haven't waited two minutes to see if it persists yet)20:19
dickelbeckabentley: no luck with merge@code.launchpad.net20:23
dickelbeckLaunchpad encountered an internal error during the following operation: creating a merge proposal from message with subject [MERGE] Because almost all toolbar items are not in the menubar of  the module.  It was logged with id OOPS-1663CMP2.  Sorry for the inconvenience.20:24
abentleydickelbeck, that oops doesn't seem to have synced yet.20:27
dickelbeckabentley, I am finding it very difficult to coax enigma/thunderbird into doing what LP wants.  I suspect bugs in newer thunderbird/enigma.  It is not even consistently signing when I ask it to.  This from Lucid.20:28
dickelbeckMany times I have selected "sign mail" and it simply ignores the request.  I know its not your problem.20:29
abentleydickelbeck, I'll have a better idea once it syncs, which should be any minute now.20:31
blueyedSourcebuild recipes appear to require a separate branch for the packaging? Wouldn't it be possible to nest a particular directory ("debian") of another branch (e.g. "lp:ubuntu/$PKG")?20:32
dickelbeckabentley:  I am seeing a new  https://code.launchpad.net/~dickelbeck/kicad/merge-4 which I believe came from the email being received.20:34
dickelbeckbut no code review entry yet.20:34
dickelbeckFYI:  why make the branch if the bundle is bad?20:35
abentleyblueyed, that issue is discussed here: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-builder/+bug/47970520:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 479705 in bzr-builder "merge subdirs (affected: 2, heat: 15)" [High,In progress]20:36
blueyedok. that's what I was talking about: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-builder/+bug/47970520:36
blueyedthanks, abentley  :)20:36
abentleydickelbeck, well, it could be bad in a way that isn't immediately apparent.20:36
dickelbeckstepping away for 10 mins..20:37
abentleydickelbeck, and so we would have to create the branch in order to determine that it is bad.20:37
maxbHmm, I just did a test of my own - looks like it has branched the specified target branch, but not applied the bundle20:38
tyarussoOh dear.  I think I just managed to create an account only on edge...20:48
beunotyarusso, that's not really possible20:48
tyarussoIt seems like it might be happy now, but for a bit it wouldn't let me log in.20:49
tyarussoMeanwhile, why does LP always make me log in twice before it takes?20:50
beunoif you're using edge, it may20:50
beunoedge and production don't share sessions20:50
tyarussoAlso, the fact that the new login service doesn't give me any way to get to my normal page without manually typing a URL as far as I can tell is horrendous - what's up with that?20:53
beunotell me more about this normal page20:53
tyarussoWell, anything on Launchpad would do actually.  launchpad.net or launchpad.net/~tonyyarusso would be good20:56
tyarussoInstead I just get https://login.launchpad.net/20:57
maxbCan someone tell me stuff about OOPS-1663CMP3? Or just public-pastebin it?20:57
tyarussoListing my name, e-mail, and sites I've authenticated to.20:57
dickelbeckabentley, why does LP "propose" not simply take a bundle in as a form handler?20:58
maxbtyarusso: What are you trying to do, and what is not working? I don't understand your explanation so far20:58
tyarussoThen I have to go change the URL to remove "login.", then log in *again* to Launchpad with OpenID, and then sometimes I have to do that step twice.20:58
tyarussomaxb: Trying to log in.  What is not working is that after doing so I end up on a completely useless page instead of where I was trying to go, and have to jump through more hoops to do anything.20:59
abentleydickelbeck, lp-propose is intended to be used instead of bundles.21:00
dickelbeckabentley, I am on the edge now.  I have reached the conclusion the Launchpad was a mistake, we should have stayed at sourceforge, where they have a bug tracker.21:01
maxbtyarusso: I do not have that experience. Let me log out and in again and see what happens.21:01
dickelbeckabentley, I suspect it is not for lack of effort, but the whole concept is not meeting our needs.  We have too many patches, coming in from too many folks who will simply not be able to jump all the hoops you have set.21:02
tyarussomaxb: Log all the way out, clearing openid identification.21:02
maxbtyarusso: So, it works properly in the page flow when you visit launchpad.net, and get prompted to authenticate21:03
abentleydickelbeck, I'm sorry it didn't work out.  I hope you're happier at sourceforge.21:03
dickelbeckAny body know of a good code review software that let's a project maintainer post patches, have them be commented on, and eventually merged?  I don't see it here.21:03
maxbWhat does suck rather is that if you explicitly log out, you get transferred to login.lp.net, and don't get redirected back even if you log back in21:03
maxbabentley: Do you have a moment to pastebin me OOPS-1663CMP3?21:06
dickelbeckNo sense taking any feedback from a user in an effort to improve the experience.  That would actually be very open source unnatural.21:06
dickelbeckAdd the form for posting a bundle to "propose"!21:06
abentleymaxb, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/467180/21:11
maxbThat's deeper into bzr than I expected21:12
MTecknologymaxb: this really really really ticks me off that they're doing it - it's yet another package I have to add on every system :(21:12
abentleymaxb, my guess is that stacked branches don't support bundles.21:13
MTecknologymaxb: can you tell the recipe to only build on amd64 and i386? I was looking for it but not finding it21:13
maxbMTecknology: *shrug* I don't really care - the defaults are never going to be *exactly* what I want. I expect to need to customise the package selection.21:13
poolieMTecknology, what package is that?21:14
MTecknologypoolie: aptitude21:14
abentleyMTecknology, doesn't the package itself specify the architectures?21:14
maxbMTecknology: I do not know. But I wouldn't care about it. After all, PPAs only support those two anyway, from lucid onwards21:14
MTecknologyabentley: oops- it does21:14
maxbabentley: That sounds depressingly possible.... in which case this entire feature is broken in any project with a development focus branch? :-/21:15
MTecknologyGetting the recipe to work just so is very hard for the beginner :P21:17
* maxb breaks the development focus designation and resubmits email21:18
abentleymaxb, the same symptoms are here: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/52263721:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 522637 in Bazaar "BzrCheckError: Cannot add revision(s) to repository: missing referenced chk root keys (affected: 11, heat: 57)" [High,In progress]21:19
MTecknologyI just realized that the changelog between versions can be different....21:19
MTecknologywill be*21:19
MTecknologyI was trying to build two version with the same debian/21:19
MTecknologyWhich works except for the actual version created is wrong then21:20
MTecknologyIf only the recipe allowed me to download a changelog file and run a script inside of another branch to get the actual changelog :P21:21
MTecknologymaxb: probably a feature that won't ever exist?21:21
maxbIt seems unlikely21:22
maxbHmm, still oopses without stacking in the equation: OOPS-1663CMP421:23
MTecknologymaxb: so - can a 'nest' overwrite files?21:27
maxbI do not know :-)  I have never actually tried a recipe build!21:27
abentleyMTecknology, I don't think it can.21:30
MTecknologyabentley: poopy - I was going to nest the upstream debian/ contents and then just overwrite the changelog file21:31
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MTecknologyabentley: otherwise I need to just make a whole clone of it21:31
abentleyMTecknology, you're aware that the recipe specifies the debian version, right?21:32
abentleymaxb, OOPS-1663CMP4 looks like the same issue.21:33
tyarussoI wish there was a way to make the recipe just use the entire version for changelog21:33
maxbhmm. Not stacking related then.21:33
tyarussoand not build if it hadn't been changed.21:33
abentleytyarusso, daily builds only build if one of the branches has changed.21:33
abentleytyarusso, I don't know what you mean about "just use the entire version for changelog".21:34
tyarussoabentley: I know - I want to base it off debian/changelog instead of bzr revision.21:34
abentleytyarusso, I believe there's a substitution for that.21:34
tyarussoeg, use "1.0-1ppa7"21:34
MTecknologyabentley: Ya, but I was trying to make the deb version actually 'right' - like '0.8.46-0ppa1' or s/ppa1/~lucid/ - If I use the default it builds as revno~lucid - but the revno has nothing to do with the version21:34
tyarussoabentley: I found one for the upstream part (1.0) but can't find anything for the rest so far.21:34
MTecknology{debupstream} won't work because the upstream version will change21:35
MTecknologyNow... If I could do {lasttag:branch}+0 <- that would be awesome21:36
MTecknologybecause I tagged each commit with the actual version number21:36
MTecknologyabentley: any chance that could be an approved feature request? :D - Without suggesting I have a clue how to add that feature21:37
abentleyMTecknology, you'd do much better talking to james_w.  I don't control the featureset of bzr-builder.21:38
MTecknologyjames_w: pretty please :)21:39
MTecknologytyarusso: is that something that would work well for you?21:39
tyarussoMTecknology: uh, maybe21:39
abentleyMTecknology, could you explain why it's bad that the upstream version will change?21:40
micahgderyck: is it worth filing a bug if I get a timeout?21:41
micahgor should I just comment on the timeout bug?21:42
deryckmicahg, depends.  It might be a dupe of one lifeless has already filed.  So a comment or further info would be more helpful on those bugs.21:42
deryckif you can find the other bugs with all the timeouts now ;)21:42
micahgderyck: ok, I've been getting a few a day, so I'll comment when I have them21:42
deryckmicahg, thanks!21:42
MTecknologyabentley: not that it changes - if the changelog says 0.7.34-0 <- that's great. The problem is when I build two versions - the source code for 0.8.37 will still use that changelog version (makes sense that it would) even though it's actually a different version21:43
MTecknologyabentley: {debupstream} works perfect for the one source - not the other21:43
abentleyMTecknology, what makes it perfect for one but wrong for the other?21:44
MTecknologyabentley: https://code.launchpad.net/~nginx/+recipe/nginx-stable   https://code.launchpad.net/~nginx/+recipe/nginx-development21:44
MTecknologystable is at version 0.7.67 ={debupstream} &&  development is at version 0.8.4621:46
abentleyMTecknology, if your changelog has the wrong version number, you wouldn't want to use it with development anyhow, right?21:47
MTecknologyabentley: the debian/ for both is exactly the same except for version number21:48
MTecknologyabentley: that's why I was wondering about overwriting one file like that21:48
abentleyMTecknology, what about just specifying the right version number in the recipe?21:49
MTecknologyabentley: because then I'd need to change it every time I build it - I was shooting for magicness21:49
MTecknologygranted a separate branch would be about the same..21:50
MTecknologyHow can I specify what a branch is stacked against?21:57
MTecknologyor - what it refers too -however that's stated21:58
MTecknologyor I can look at the help :P21:58
abentleyMTecknology, the default stacking branch is the development focus.  You can try specifying one at the commandline, but I can't remember whether that works.22:07
MTecknologyabentley: doesn't seem to22:09
MTecknologyabentley: I feel like I'm being a huge thorn :P22:09
abentleyMTecknology, sometimes it goes that way, and recipe builds are a new feature, so of course there are gaps.22:10
MTecknologyabentley: I just learned how to use bzr build :D22:11
MTecknologyabentley: and you're right.. can't overwrite the changelog... I suppose unless I do the nest - and then merge22:12
MTecknologyabentley: the ability to make a package just by changing a branch is really amazing - I WILL make it work :P22:14
MTecknologyabentley: YES!22:30
MTecknologyabentley: wait.. I built a recipe that worked perfect locally - but I can't use it in LP22:31
MTecknology'run' isn't allowed in recipies on launchpad?.. :(22:33
MTecknologyThat would have been absolutely perfect.22:34
MTecknologyrockstar: any chance you could help me out in query a little bit?23:10
MTecknologyinstead of flooding the channel more..23:11
wookeyhello, just uploaded my 1st PPA and it got rejected with an error that doesn;t seem to be covered on https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors23:26
wookeydpkg-source failed for therion_5.3.3-1.dsc [return: 29]23:27
wgrantwookey: Urgh. Can you pastebin the complete email?23:28
wgrantWhich format is the source?23:29
wookeyI changed it to quilt23:30
wookeythat email seems to be reporting v1.8, which I'm not sure is valid?23:30
wgrantThat's the .changes version, which is fine.23:30
wookeyah, OK23:31
wookeyso debian/source/format says 3.0 (quilt)23:31
wgrantGive me a sec, I'm grabbing the package.23:32
=== Meths_ is now known as Meths
wgrantwookey: Sorry, had to create a new hardy chroot.23:46
geserwookey: unrelated to your current problem, you should replace the "unstable" with an Ubuntu release name before you upload it again else it will get rejected again23:46
wgrantdpkg-source: error: remove patch backup file therion-5.3.3/lxGLC.cxx.orig.dpkg-orig: No such file or directory23:46
wgrantThat's the error that our backported dpkg gives.23:46
wgrantI think we may need a new backport.23:46
wgrantOr just wait until the production servers are upgraded to Lucid.23:47
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-dinner
wookeywgrant, I left it as stable because I was following the docs for 'Using packages from other distributions' on https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading23:51
wgrantwookey: That's fine.23:51
wgrantThe override exists for just this purpose.23:51
wookeyOK, cheers for checking. looks like a dpkg-source behaviour mismatch. Still that file should be there, so I'll kill it and try again23:53
wookeygetting late!23:53
wgrantLucid's dpkg extracts it fine, but our Hardy backport does not.23:54

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