rsalveticooloney: I updated the bug with another defconfig09:05
rsalveticooloney: with this defconfig I got the musb working with maverick kernel, now just need to identify what needs to be changed to make it work by default09:05
cooloneyrsalveti: awesome09:06
cooloneyrsalveti: let me check09:06
rsalveticooloney: but is a little painful to recompile it, install and test :-)09:08
cooloneyrsalveti: is that defconfig the omap3_beagle_defconfig?09:08
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, i need to compile it in our server09:08
rsalveticooloney: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~beagleboard-kernel/+junk/2.6.35-devel/annotate/head:/patches/defconfig09:08
rsalveticooloney: I tried one time merging the usb and musb stuff, but didn't get it to work09:09
rsalvetiso it must be something else09:09
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, i also tried that, set the usb and musb config as the same as those in beagle_defconfig09:10
cooloneybut doesnot help09:10
rsalveticooloney: you can try to trace the code, with debug activated, from the version that works09:12
rsalvetiand then compare with the version that doesn't work09:12
rsalvetithe state tracing is easy to see inside the code09:12
rsalveticooloney: yep, for some reason the otg state changes from one config file to the other at the point you put the cable in09:26
rsalvetithe path to set it to a_idle is simple, the question is why the checking failed and it got into that path09:27
cooloneyrsalveti: exactly, looks like there is no power on the OTG port09:32
cooloneyrsalveti: so it never change to the right a_host mode09:32
cooloneyand failed to enable roothub to enumerate USB device09:33
cooloneyrsalveti: i am also comparing the defconfig from you with our Maverick config09:33
rsalveticooloney: ok, I'm now looking again what I need to have for the zippy 2 support09:38
rsalvetiour kernel is missing lots of patches, it seems09:38
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GrueMasterNCommander: http://paste.ubuntu.com/46688009:50
cooloneyrsalveti: could you please help me to post the dmesg which is from the OTG working Maverick kernel?09:51
cooloneyrsalveti: i think you cross build it with the working defconfig09:52
rsalveticooloney: just the dmesg?09:54
rsalveticooloney: just a sec, need to change the uImage09:54
cooloneyrsalveti: oh, the uImage is the better. hehe09:54
cooloneyrsalveti: np, man09:54
rsalveticooloney: http://rsalveti.net/tmp/test-kernel.tar.bz210:15
rsalveticooloney: you can find the uImage, uInitrd, modules and dmesg.txt10:15
rsalvetifrom the working maverick kernel10:15
rsalveticooloney: if you still didn't compile it10:16
cooloneyrsalveti: thanks a lot, man10:17
cooloneyrsalveti: i saw this in the dmesg10:20
cooloneymusb_hdrc musb_hdrc: MUSB HDRC host driver10:20
cooloney[    0.933654] musb_hdrc musb_hdrc: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 210:20
cooloney[    0.934417] hub 2-0:1.0: USB hub found10:21
cooloney[    0.934448] hub 2-0:1.0: 1 port detected10:21
rsalveticooloney: yep, the otg recognized that it should act as host, and activated the host modue10:21
cooloneythat's we want10:21
rsalveticooloney: yep10:24
rsalveticooloney: and with this kernel I'm unable to reproduce the stack we have with lucid10:26
rsalvetiso it seems to be working better10:26
furibondoxhi rsalveti... I tryied your new release of rootstock from bzr ( rev 104) but I have the segmentation fault with qemu again :-(10:36
rsalvetifuribondox: more than one time?10:36
furibondoxevery time I run rootstock I have the segmentation fault10:37
rsalvetifuribondox: what packages are you giving by default?10:37
rsalvetifuribondox: did you run as root or as user?10:37
furibondoxas root10:37
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, for the otg oops, i am pretty sure we need to build int twl4030_usb10:37
furibondoxfrom ubuntu lucid server10:37
rsalvetifuribondox: what ubuntu version are you running?10:38
cooloneyrsalveti: and the OTG host failure is another problem.10:38
rsalveticooloney: yep, sure10:38
rsalvetifuribondox: that's really weird, as I saw it break just a few times when running as root and installing a small package set10:39
rsalvetifuribondox: does it also break when you just request ubuntu-minimal?10:39
rsalvetithat will avoid the apt-get install phase10:40
furibondoxit breaks in the second stage10:40
rsalvetifuribondox: yeah, I know, and probably when trying to give apt-get install on the openssh-server10:40
rsalvetifuribondox: do you have the log?10:40
furibondoxjust after python-support10:40
rsalvetifuribondox: you can paste it at paste.ubuntu.com and set me the link10:40
* rsalveti needs to update rootstock to run only as user mode emulation when running as root10:42
rsalvetithat would avoid this kind of weird full emulation stuff, until we get qemu fixed upstream10:42
furibondoxthat is the log generated10:43
furibondoxthis is the output of the error in the console: http://paste.ubuntu.com/466909/10:45
rsalvetifuribondox: what's the whole command line you passed to rootstock? going to check here10:48
furibondox./rootstock --fqdn NGP --imagesize 2G --seed openssh-server --copy-package-cache --restore-package-cache10:49
rsalvetifuribondox: why do you want to copy and restore at the same time?10:55
rsalvetifuribondox: you can just copy one time and later you can use restore if you need it10:55
rsalvetigoing to test here, but it should work fine10:55
furibondoxjust to be sure that if some packages are not already present they will be cached10:57
rsalvetifuribondox: yeah, but it shouldn't make much difference for a basic image, but ok :-)11:03
furibondoxyes I know... but it was just to be sure ;-)11:03
rsalvetifuribondox: please, try giving a user and a password argument11:07
rsalvetithan the oem stuff is not going to be installed by default11:07
rsalvetiand you'll probably be able to get your image without seg faults11:07
rsalveti--login ubuntu --password ubuntu11:08
rsalvetisomething like that11:08
furibondoxok i try11:08
furibondoxrsalveti: now it seems to stop earlier...11:18
furibondoxstart: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused11:18
furibondoxjust a moment that I paste the log...11:18
furibondoxand this is the output of the console: http://paste.ubuntu.com/466921/11:22
rsalvetifuribondox: yep, but it did finish correctly11:28
furibondoxmmm I thought that error compromised the generated image11:30
cooloneyrsalveti: do you know where can i find the initrd.gz after i build a kernel package which contains zImage11:47
furibondoxrsalveti: the error appear again using username/password http://paste.ubuntu.com/466941/11:52
rsalvetifuribondox: this log is telling that rootstock is installing the oem stuff, and that only gets installed when you don't put the user/passwd11:54
rsalvetiI: Enabling firstboot configuration11:54
furibondoxthis is the full log generated http://paste.ubuntu.com/466943/11:54
furibondoxI'm going to lunch11:55
furibondoxsee you later... bye11:55
rsalvetifuribondox: still, it seems that didn't got the user/passwd11:56
rsalvetiif [ ! "${NEWUSER}" ] || [ ! "${PASSWD}" ];then install oem stuff11:56
rsalvetifuribondox: see ya11:56
rsalveticooloney: you mean, inside the package?11:57
cooloneyrsalveti: i don't think i can find it in the package11:58
furibondoxrsalveti: now I try with this command line:12:30
furibondox./rootstock -f NGP --username spot --password gilbarco --seed openssh-server,ubuntu-minimal -i 2G --serial ttyS2 --doswap --swapsize 256 --script /root/setup.sh --restore-package-cache12:30
furibondoxsame error: ./rootstock: line 360:   967 Segmentation fault      qemu-system-arm $QEMUOPTS -append "${APPEND}" > $QEMUFIFO 2>&112:48
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rsalvetifuribondox: --login not --username13:15
* rsalveti still needs to change how rootstock parse it's arguments13:15
slangasekogra_cmpc: can you tell me what offset I need to loop mount the correct partition in the 20100719 daily image?13:19
slangasekmy naive calculation based on fdisk -l output seems to have been incorrect13:20
slangasekogra_cmpc: n/m, sorted it; works better when I use sectors as units13:25
loolslangasek: Perhaps you can kpartx it?13:30
slangaseklool: nah, sorted13:31
ograyeah, sectors helps13:31
* ogra has some livecd-rootfs code ready to shove off 2h buildtime just waiting for a lamont signoff13:32
ograthat might help a bit with building test images13:32
ograslangasek, btw, i wouldnt mind if we started building base images, would that help you ?13:33
ogra(in parallel to the netbook ones)13:34
slangasekdon't see that it would help13:34
sebjanhrw: hi! I tried to apt-get upgrade the gcc-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi package, and get an error because the libmpfr4 'is not installable' (I have a i386 workstation). Any idea what is going on?13:35
furibondoxrsalveti: argh! sorry... now I try with --login13:35
rsalvetifuribondox: yep, np, there's a bug on the way it's parsing the arguments13:35
rsalvetinormally it should display you an error when you give a wrong arguments13:36
furibondoxi hope that now it will work...13:36
furibondoxrsalveti: great! it generates the image!!13:50
rsalvetifuribondox: cool13:50
furibondoxI've another question for you, is possibile to ADD another repository to the default?13:50
furibondox-m option only replace the mirror or add a new mirror?13:51
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rsalvetifuribondox: yep, --extra-mirror14:05
furibondoxI'll try14:07
hrwsebjan: hmm...14:30
hrwsebjan: 4.4.4-7ubuntu1~ppa2hrw1 version?14:31
hrwsebjan: and pastebin me whole installation output14:31
sebjanhrw: ok, let me do that...14:32
robclarkpersia: MMC hang fix patch is: http://gitorious.org/~robclark/pandaboard/robclarks-kernel-omap4/commit/6c8d7209371b5969ea6769382693019ef6cb5eb514:45
robclark(I don't know if it is in ubuntu kernel yet)14:45
sebjanhrw: here it is, and ensuring the proper version (which is the one I see with an apt-cache show) http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/YqiGpzBa14:48
hrwsebjan: strange14:50
hrwapt-cache policy libmpfr4 tells that this is in main14:50
hrwsebjan: and try with aptitude - it has better dependency solving14:50
rsalveti15 minutes for resizing an 8gb sd card, seems ok14:52
rsalvetijust missing a progress bar :-)14:52
Marexzumbi: hey14:54
MarexXorA: hey ... so, when and where does the drinking take place :)14:54
sebjanhrw: not better - http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/06wwXfmS14:56
sebjanhrw: is there a simple way to clean-up all the previous packages I installed (I may have been playing with dpkg when there packages were first available, and did not upgrade since then)14:56
hrwsebjan: run aptitude, limit to .*-armel-cross and remove all of them14:58
sebjanhrw: apt-cache search or policy does not find libmpfr4 for me...15:03
zumbiMarex: hi15:03
hrwsebjan: maverick?15:03
sebjanhrw: no I am on lucid15:03
Marexzumbi: don't tell me you're in prague too15:03
zumbiMarex: no, i am not :)15:04
Marexzumbi: pity :)15:04
zumbiMarex: did you get a new toy?15:04
hrwsebjan: http://people.canonical.com/~hrw/ubuntu-maverick-armel-cross-compilers/15:04
Marexzumbi: what new toy ?15:04
Marexzumbi: you mean the one I was speaking last week ? yea15:04
zumbiMarex: the one we were talking about..15:04
hrwsebjan: I do not provide packages for <lucid15:05
lagmythripk: ping15:05
Marexzumbi: and Eric gave me an akita and made me (forcibly) a new maintainer for that15:05
hrwI mean <maverick15:05
zumbiMarex: akita? what's that?15:05
hrwomg.. akita15:05
Marexzumbi: there are so many of them I barely recall which one was that :)15:05
hrwzumbi: sharp zaurus sl-c100015:05
zumbihrw: thanks :)15:05
Marexzumbi: pile of crap hardware loaded with crap software15:05
hrwzumbi: pxa272/416MHz 64mb ram, 128mb flash15:05
sebjanhrw: argh, so I would need to upgrade to Maverick now? It used to work with the previous version I had :'(15:06
hrwsebjan: you can use chroot15:06
sebjanhrw: right, I'll try with chroot then. Thanks!15:07
hrwsebjan: I was aksed about lucid packages before but rejected - it takes too much time to build maverick ones15:07
hrwand my goal is to have package which will build cross compiler. but that would require maverick packages15:09
sebjanhrw: np, I shall have a maverick chroot already, just need to upgrade it :)15:10
zumbiMarex: uhm... well.. sounds like fun :)15:12
Marexzumbi: yea ... not really ... I'm slowly reaching the point where I'll have so many machines I won't be capable of maintaining them all15:16
hrwMarex: know that...15:17
hrwMarex: have spare not needed palmos device?15:17
Marexhrw: I have a palm lifedrive here ... it was still running palmos yesterday15:17
Marexhrw: why ?15:17
hrwjust asked to know do you still play with them15:18
Marexhrw: yea, I maintain them in mainline15:18
Marexhrw: but I'm moving to newer hardware ... pxa3xx stuff and soon iMX15:18
hrwimx3 or imx5?15:19
hrwor maybe imx6? :D15:20
Marexhrw: I dunno ... lemme check15:20
sebjanrobclark, persia: this mmc fix (6c8d7209371) is not yet into the ubuntu kernel, but is part of the patch set that I have provided to cooloney today15:21
persiasebjan: Thanks for chasing that down.15:23
zumbiMarex: which device?15:23
Marexzumbi: something that still haven't left the manufacturing it seems :D15:24
Marexzumbi: I don't know the details yet ... I just know this board is in planning15:24
zumbiMarex: but imx25 is old15:25
zumbiwell, i guess it has its use15:25
cooloneysebjan: yeah, thx, i'm looking at your branch15:25
sebjanpersia: no pb, I just saw a commit pass by, and I care of getting all the necessary ones in our kernel :) Feel free to notify/ping me when there is a doubt15:26
Marexzumbi: I wasnt looking into imx yet ... I will when I have the board15:29
zumbiMarex: imx5, i had a NDA datasheet of 5000 pages.. fun! :)15:30
cooloneyrsalveti: how do you think we firstly built-in twl4030_usb in kernel to kill the oops15:39
cooloneyrsalveti: and mark the OTG config bug as fixed, and file another bug to let us work on the host mode issue15:39
rsalveticooloney: didn't you change the config file to let it as built-in already?15:40
rsalvetithe kernel you posted on the bug15:40
rsalveticooloney: also, the bug was reported for lucid, so we still need to check at lucid if that fixes the problem15:40
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, i did that for testing, the patches are not in our official kernel tree15:41
cooloneyi am going to do that,15:41
cooloneyi think we need built-in that, and enable OTG15:41
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rsalveticooloney: yep, but I tested your testing kernel at lucid and it didn't work15:45
rsalvetithe ops was gone, but as a side effect the host mode don't work anymore for otg15:45
rsalvetiso it actually doesn't fix the bug15:45
rsalvetiwe can't say we're fixing something when we're removing features :-)15:46
rsalveticooloney: but I agree we should create a different bug15:46
rsalveticooloney: I can do that from my beagle15:47
cooloneyrsalveti: i agree, we need a different bug.15:48
rsalveticooloney: will create it soon15:51
rsalvetilet me just boot maverick again15:51
cooloneybut for the oops, we can still mark that Fix, since when we got oops, the host mode does not work at all15:52
cooloneywe can point it out to the new bug in OTG config launchpad log15:52
rsalveticooloney: yeah, but some times it does work16:06
rsalvetimost of the time when you add the cable later on16:06
rsalvetiso just changing the config file will kill this "feature"16:07
rsalvetiwe go from something that works sometimes, to something that doesn't work at all16:07
cooloneyyeah, so new bug for the host mode missing16:12
cooloneyrsalveti: and the old one is a oops fixing.16:12
cooloneynow it looks to me like some timing issue.16:12
rsalveticooloney: just opening the bug right now16:13
cooloneyrsalveti: ok16:13
hrwI hope that one day libelf-dev libelf0g-dev conflict/transition will be done16:19
ograNCommander, cn you bump https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-notifier/0.103ubuntu1/+build/1883485 a bit higher ?16:24
ogra(so i can test the image build speedup (its bocking atm))16:24
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rsalveticooloney: bug 60831216:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 608312 in linux (Ubuntu) "Usb host mode on OTG doesn't work on Maverick with BeagleBoard (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60831216:32
cooloneyrsalveti: thanks a lot, man16:34
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tgall_foopackages.ubuntu.com/lucid as it stands doesn't include any notation of arm which packages are built for arm ...  is there another webpage or command line tool where one can see a list of what is built for arm?18:20
rsalvetitgall_foo: do you want something like http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/pool/main/?19:40
rsalvetithere are lots of arm packages over there19:40
tgall_foorsalveti, was hoping there might be something like packages.ubuntu.com that listed arm packages instead of having to pull down the individual package text files from like : http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/maverick/main/binary-armel/19:45
rsalvetitgall_foo: oh, ok19:46
rsalvetiyou can try from the repository itself, but I don't think it's on-line in any other way19:46
rsalvetiat least I never saw it19:47
ukleinektgall_foo: the packages files are easily parsed using grep-dctrl19:48
tgall_fooukleinek, yeah I'm probably being picky .. it's not like text files are hard to deal with19:49
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