Vanessa45I installed a slave drive this week, formatted it, and it's even mounted.  But, how do I create a folder in it?  I only have Lost + Found in it, and can't create a new folder or paste anything00:30
slidinghornVanessa45, what kind of filesystem is the drive?00:31
Vanessa45filesystem?  it's a 500 gb Western Digital PATA drive00:31
Vanessa45does that answer that question?00:31
Vanessa45it's formatted ext400:32
slidinghornVanessa45, ext4 was what we're looking for :)  have you tried making the folder in a terminal?  what error(s) were you given?  (command is:  mkdir dirname)00:33
Vanessa45I did sudo mkdir /storage00:33
Vanessa45but, it just created a folder on my master drive00:33
slidinghornVanessa45, that's probably because /storage would make the directory in the root folder of your master drive :)00:34
slidinghornVanessa45, try navigating to the directory you want to make a *new* directory in, and type:   mkdir storage00:34
slidinghorn+sudo*  sorry00:35
Vanessa45how do I naviage in terminal?00:35
Vanessa45I entered "dir" and got "desktop" and "pictures"00:35
slidinghorncd = change directory...if you don't know what files/folders are in the directory, type ls to list them...from there, you can use the tab key to autocomplete the file/directory name :)00:36
Vanessa4524.S06.HR.HDTV.XviD  Desktop      Pictures00:36
Vanessa45Bios                 jre1.6.0_17  skype-ubuntu-intrepid_2.1.0.81-1_i386.deb00:36
Vanessa45this is what I get00:36
slidinghornfor example cd /home/ryan/Downloads   would take me to the Downloads folder in my home folder :)    cd .. (two periods) takes you to the directory above the one you're in00:37
Vanessa45cd.. command not found00:37
paultagcd ..00:37
* paultag goes afk00:38
Vanessa45oh, right, sorry00:38
Vanessa45ok, I'm at the start, of the master drive00:38
slidinghornif you open the drive using your file manager (Nautilus is default in Ubuntu) you'll be able to see the path to use in your terminal...let me see if I can give you some examples -- just a sec00:39
Vanessa45I have nautilus open, clicked on properties00:44
Vanessa45the name : WD 500gb00:45
Vanessa45Location /media00:45
slidinghornVanessa45, Screenshot: http://imagebin.org/106152         and terminal:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/466713/       The lines beginning with ## are comments to you00:45
Vanessa45I named the drive wd 500gb00:49
Vanessa45should I delete the space?00:49
slidinghornVanessa45, you don't have to...just use a \  (the one above the Enter key) before the space  (ex:   My\ Documents)00:49
Vanessa45not working, how do I rename it?00:51
slidinghornVanessa45, do me a favor...copy the output of the ls command in the /media directory and paste it to http://paste.ubuntu.com  -- I just want to make sure I follow along with you correctly :)00:52
Vanessa45cdrom  cdrom0  storage  Verbatim  WD500gb00:54
slidinghornVanessa45, did you type it in as WD500gb  or wd500gb -- everything on a linux system is case sensitive00:55
Vanessa45I can get in the drive now00:55
slidinghornprogress!  :)   now try to:   sudo mkdir storage  (or whatever you want to name the folder)00:55
Vanessa45ok, it's created00:56
Vanessa45but, I can't paste in it?00:56
slidinghornnot sure how to make it paste-able...but you can just copy files using the terminal still :)  cp /path/to/original/file /path/to/copy00:57
Vanessa45alright, thaniks, it was useful00:58
Vanessa45learning something new every day00:58
slidinghornVanessa45, we all are!  :)  it's what linux is all about...learning more about how your machine actually works and other new stuff as you go along00:59
Vanessa45this deserves a beer right?01:00
slidinghornVanessa45, most definitely -- I'll get one too ;)01:00
* slidinghorn runs to the refrigerator 01:00
slidinghornahh...the sweet taste of victory!01:01
Vanessa45I just found out how to give myself permission01:05
Vanessa45this could be dangerous :p01:05
slidinghornVanessa45, hahaha  -- careful ;-)01:05
Vanessa45just for the folder01:05
duanedesignthis is a good page on sudo and root. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:10
duanedesignand for file permissions. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:11
duanedesignFWIW :)01:11
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Tarashellso, my question is, I just got an acer aspire one netbook, but the windows 7 starter thing it comes with won't let me change my background.  Is there a good ubuntu shell/version/etc for netbooks?01:46
slidinghorn!netbook | Tarashell01:47
ubot2Factoid 'netbook' not found01:47
slidinghornoh, boo!01:47
slidinghornhttp://www.ubuntu.com/netbook  &  http://www.ubuntu.com/netbook01:48
slidinghorncheck those out Tarashell ^^01:48
Tarashellthe only reason i want to switch is...01:56
slidinghornTarashell, haha, no problem01:56
Tarashellthat I can't do one minor thing01:56
Tarashellbut, windows is made of horrible demons anyway01:56
SunnShinei have a trouble with ATI on my ubuntu02:28
VantraxSunnShine, what do you mean by trouble?02:29
slidinghornSunnShine, could you provide some details?  Answers & questions are best on one line, in as much detail as possible.  for multiple lines, use http://paste.ubuntu.com for screenshots: http://tinyurl.com/imagebin02:29
SunnShinei just can't get it work02:29
Vantraxhow are you trying to get it to work02:30
SunnShinei don't how how to install my video card drivers02:30
slidinghornare you using the open-source driver?02:31
VantraxSystem -> Administration -> Hardware drivers02:31
SunnShineyep tried02:31
Vantraxand you definately have an ATI card?02:31
Vantraxis it an older card?02:32
SunnShineyes, older one02:32
duanedesignSunnShine: what do you get from the Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) command:  lspci | grep VGA02:32
Vantraxmost of the older ones use the default drivers as ATI doesnt provide a driver, does the screen display poorly or at a low resolution?02:32
SunnShine01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M02:33
SunnShinei have laggies when i'm moving folder, minimalize etc. thats why i need to install drivers02:34
SunnShinebut my mouse is moving properly02:34
slidinghornSunnShine, could you please post the output of this command to http://paste.ubuntu.com :  sudo lshw -C video02:36
SunnShinehere it is02:38
slidinghornSunnShine, have you taken a look at installing the open source ATI driver?  It tends to support older cards very well.  Here's a link w/ more info (remember...read all of it before trying it out)   ;)   -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver02:41
SunnShinedidn't tried it02:44
SunnShinethanks, i will try02:44
afsuarezhi, need help installing my printer05:03
ridinmight ask in #Ubuntu05:29
afsuarezi tried, noone cared :S05:30
ridin3 second brainstorm, while it's plugged in go to system -> preferences -> hardware drivers05:30
ridinmight get something out of it05:30
afsuareznone, its empty05:31
ridinhm, 'simple scan' or 'xane' try that05:32
ridinapplications -> graphics i think05:32
afsuarezsimple scan worked05:33
afsuarezbut i cant print anything05:33
ridinoh fffff05:33
ridini've never used a printer with linux05:33
afsuarezme neither :S05:33
ridinwhat does it say in simple scan05:33
afsuarez ? ?05:34
ridinwhat are you trying to print?05:35
ridinand never mind about my other question05:35
afsuarezopenoffice doc05:35
ridinyou can't print it file - print?05:35
afsuarezdo you know how to manualy install the drivers?05:40
ridinno, sorry05:43
ridintry asking in ##linux05:43
ridinbut last time, system -> adminstration -> printers05:43
afsuarezthe system dont recognize it05:51
ridindid you do add+device uri?05:52
afsuarezdont knpw what are you talking aboput05:52
ridini have no idea either05:53
ridinbut i'm trying to help05:53
ridinwhen i have no experience with linux05:53
ridinand printers.05:53
Mohan_chmlheya MadameTock10:24
Mohan_chmlaww Maddeth*10:24
Silver_Fox_Hey people11:43
pedro3005hello Silver_Fox_11:53
Silver_Fox_Hello pedro3005 :)  How are you ?11:53
pedro3005Very good, thanks11:53
pedro3005and you?11:53
Silver_Fox_Not so bad,  just freeing up some space on a server11:56
pedro3005sounds fun11:56
Silver_Fox_Cloud servers are quite fun11:56
Silver_Fox_Sort of in the middle of making everything work like it use to and have nobody notice that files are being loaded from different locations.  Hooray for perl11:57
Silver_Fox_pedro3005,  Currently we have ~22GB free .  After this I would like to see that go up to about 100GB12:03
Silver_Fox_Thats stage 1 anyway12:03
Silver_Fox_The other 2 stages should clear up some space too :)12:03
pedro3005That's what, web hosting?12:03
pedro3005Nice :)12:05
SketchbagHi, I have a question. I tried running a program in wine and it crashed my computer ....How do I use terminal to get it back *without* restarting13:38
SketchbagI restarted "X" using /etc/init.d/gdm restart but on the F7 terminal it hangs at "Checking Battery State....[OK]"13:40
geirhaWhat about F6, F8, F9?13:43
Sketchbagomg...lol thanx it was on F813:44
SketchbagWhy did it change?13:44
SketchbagThe theme is also different...is this normal?13:45
geirhaThere's some script/program that writes some log-messages. It'll take the first tty available, the same will Xorg. So Xorg probably took a while to start, so it got second.13:47
SketchbagSo .....Just a thought . Can you run multiple gui's?13:48
geirhaYes, just choose switch user from the top-right panel thingy. It'll run a new Xorg instance on the next available tty, probably tty9 (F9)13:52
geirhaYou can also start one manually from the terminal, with the startx command13:52
Sketchbagokay cool ...Thanx much for the help13:53
IceIceIcehey ppl i have a problem installing ubuntu 10.04 netbook dual with win7 starter. when i boot from my diskonkey ubuntu install in the menu of the install there is no side by side install option like it shown on the tutorial13:58
SketchbagIt will ask you if you want side by side when you get to the partitioning part of the install14:00
Sketchbagcan you give a link to the tutorial?14:01
IceIceIcesketchbag - i got there and i know it sepose to be there ( 3 options 1-side by side 2 stand alone 3 advanced or someth) by in my install is only 214:02
IceIceIcei used the main site of ubuntu they tutorial14:04
Sketchbagyou could do a wubi install14:04
geirhaIceIceIce: What two options do you get?14:04
IceIceIcestand alone install and the second option goes to some partition tool manu but it is not the side by side14:05
geirhaHm. Do you see the windows partition(s)?14:06
SketchbagYou start windows ...then use the wubi installer which is probably already on the disc and it will install ubuntu like a regular windows program14:06
IceIceIceyes i do . i tryed install wubi but i found only the desktop ver14:07
IceIceIcei would prefer o install the netbook ver and not wubi14:09
SketchbagNevermind lol14:10
geirhaUsing the advanced option, you should be able to resize the windows partition I think, but would be better if that side-by-side option had appeared.14:10
geirhaA possibly easier way is to boot the live session, run gparted, resize the windows partition and leave unpartitioned space for ubuntu. The installer should then give you an option to use the available space.14:11
IceIceIcei did that . resized with win7 part tool and now i have 50g unpart space14:12
geirhaOh, and still no option :/14:13
IceIceIcebut i can do anyth with this space from the ubuntu install14:13
duanedesign'loa ll14:13
geirhaOk, but you can use the advanced option14:13
SketchbagSelect the non- windows partition and install14:14
geirhaCreate a logical ext4 partition of about 10-15G with mountpoint "/", a logical swap partition about 1.5x physical mem, and the rest a logical ext4 partition with mount-point "/home"14:14
geirha'lod uanedesign14:16
IceIceIcegeirha what lang r u speaking in ? :) i am  new to linux14:16
geirhaIceIceIce: Advanced linux language I guess :) I can guide you through it, but right now it's dinnertime.14:18
IceIceIcegeirha bon apetit14:19
SketchbagVery old but helpful14:25
IceIceIceow i know what it means i dont know how to do it with linux14:25
IceIceIcebut thank you . there must be some couz for the opt of dual to disapier14:26
SketchbagThe windows partition is a different color from the free space am I right?14:27
SketchbagWhen you partitioned the drive did you create a new partiton ?14:28
Sketchbagbecause if so ....your windows install will only be able to use a certain part of the drive like 40 out of 80 gigs for example ....which means that the other 40 gigs which cannot be used is free for ubuntu14:30
SketchbagSo if this is the case you can simply just install to the partition that does not contain windows14:31
IceIceIcei tryed14:31
IceIceIcecant use it14:31
Sketchbag I would suggest typing "/join ubuntu" without the quotes and attempting to get help there14:35
Sketchbag"/join #ubuntu" ***14:36
duanedesignIceIceIce: in Gparted does that 50gb show as unallocated?14:36
duanedesignIceIceIce: if you run the Installer you get this option? http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/images/installinglucid07a.png14:37
IceIceIceduanedesign: i think it does. i shrank my c drive with win 7 part tool14:38
IceIceIceduanedesign: the first option in this page u linked is missing14:39
SketchbagBased on the picture can you describe what you are seeing?14:41
IceIceIcei have the opt "erase and use...." and the opt ".....(advanced)" the first option is missin14:43
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duanedesignIceIceIce: have you booted into Windows since you resized it?14:43
IceIceIcei dont remmember why?14:43
Sketchbaglol i'm not helping much ...14:45
SketchbagI'm pretty sure all he needs to do is click on advanced and move the slider.....14:46
SketchbagI don't understand how he could simply not use it14:46
SketchbagIt's impossible I tell you * Shakes Fist*14:47
duanedesignis this your first time in the channel Sketchbag ?14:48
duanedesigngreat. It is like a slower paced #ubuntu14:48
duanedesignthat is our goal. Provide a more one on one environment for people to get help. #ubuntu can be a little busy14:49
SketchbagOh I see14:49
SketchbagSo me trollin probbaly doesn't help lol :D14:50
duanedesignSketchbag: you are fine14:50
duanedesignSketchbag: everyone is welcome14:50
duanedesignand encouraged :)14:51
SketchbagI just started using xchat and it keeps coming up with these red posts ...it's throwing me off14:52
duanedesignis that when someone highlights you?14:52
duanedesignlike this Sketchbag14:52
SketchbagI thought you were Pm'ing but there was no window lol14:53
duanedesignSketchbag: irc has a little learning curve, not too bad though14:53
Sketchbaglol yea I'm kinda a noob ...14:54
SketchbagHow long have you been using linux ?14:54
duanedesignfreenode is a great network. A lot of FOSS channels14:54
duanedesignSketchbag: 3 years14:54
SketchbagI've been dabbling with it off and on for as long as I can remember...I once built my own kernel in gentoo ...using a guide lol14:55
duanedesignSketchbag: i used a ffew other distros first but was having trouble learning the OS. The communities outdide of Ubunt are not nearly as hempful14:56
Sketchbagyea I know what you mean14:56
duanedesigni got told RTFM aloy14:56
SketchbagI found ubuntu about 2 years ago ...and I switched14:56
duanedesignnice. Are you using Lucid right now?14:57
Sketchbagwell actually I'm on my vista gaming computer at the moment but the one sitting right next to me is lucid yea14:57
* duanedesign shakes head in disappointment :P14:58
duanedesignSketchbag: no, i keep a Windows box for work stuff14:58
Sketchbaglol the only reason im on it is cuz I had to google how to restart x lol14:59
SketchbagI crashed it using wine14:59
duanedesignheh, there is nothing worse than trying to troubleshoot your computer without Google14:59
Sketchbagyea lol15:00
SketchbagI installed this program called keytouch the other day to map my keyboard and it crashed .....ever since then I have been having problems15:01
Sketchbaglike now for instance I just lost sound ....15:01
Sketchbagnevermind fixed it15:02
SketchbagSo what do you use ...ubuntu?15:02
duanedesignSketchbag: so you are trying to remap your keyboard?15:02
duanedesignSketchbag: yes I am running Ubuntu Lucid15:03
SketchbagI was ..I have a wireless wave some of the keys aren't detected by the gnome default15:03
SketchbagDo you have compiz and emerald?15:03
duanedesignI use Compiz, yes15:05
SketchbagI love it15:05
SketchbagYou should try emerald as well it has a nice little tray icon that allows you to choose your window managers and decorators and the ever usefull reload window manager button .....love it15:06
SketchbagI figure if im going to spend so much of my time on there it better be beautiful15:07
Sketchbaglol I talk alot15:08
duanedesignI ahve been using Docky lately.15:08
duanedesignGot rid of my bottom panel15:08
Sketchbaglike osx style?15:08
duanedesignSketchbag: that also shows my Conky and Rainlendar(calendar) setup15:09
duanedesignthose 'rings' are my RAM, CPU, Disk space and time15:10
SketchbagIlike that15:10
SketchbagVery cool15:10
SketchbagHow do you tell which is which though ?15:11
duanedesignheh, i took a bit of getting used to15:11
SketchbagI want a performance metre but all I can find is junky ones off of the Software centre15:12
SketchbagDo you know a good one .....just like a widget or perhaps a taskbar one15:12
duanedesignSketchbag: to measure cpu usage?15:13
SketchbagYea ...but more ....you know full featured , like ram swap usage , video memory that kind of thing15:14
SketchbagI like to know what is happening :D15:14
duanedesignyou might look at conky. You dont have to do the crazy ring setup i have15:15
Sketchbagomg I just got it RTFM - (read the F**king Manual)15:16
SketchbagIm so slow15:16
duanedesignthose are conky setups. It is highly customizable15:16
SketchbagI like customizable15:17
SketchbagAwsome I'm gonna pick it up15:17
Sketchbaglol I got it15:19
SketchbagBut it disappeared haha15:20
Sketchbaghad to terminal it15:20
duanedesignSketchbag: you have to tweak the .conkyrc file to get it to your liking15:21
SketchbagShit , the gui disappeared15:21
Sketchbag.....i've been having problems lately lol15:22
SketchbagI had it going but it was just blinking15:22
Sketchbagthen it disappeared lol15:22
duanedesignhmm, since you installed keytouch you have had issues?15:23
SketchbagIt doesnt appear on my proc list anymore15:24
SketchbagTook a while to fully kill it15:24
Sketchbagbut I fear something still lingers15:24
duanedesignthat is a kde app. might be something to do with the kde libraries it installed15:24
SketchbagI personally really dislike Kde15:25
duanedesigni thought it was a KDE app :P15:26
SketchbagIt has been ....I dunno what you call it "ported"15:26
duanedesignSketchbag: what are the symptoms you are having exactly?15:26
SketchbagImpossible to explain ....15:27
SketchbagIt's like you know somethings wrong....15:27
duanedesigngotcha :)15:27
SketchbagIthings just don't work the way they used to15:27
duanedesignSketchbag: one thing to try is to run Metacity for awhile instead of Compiz and see if you still have issues. That could help narrow down your issue. Help you setermine if it is Compiz15:30
SketchbagDo you rember the aptitude command to fix all packages?15:30
SketchbagThat is actually waht I was thinking aswell15:31
SketchbagBut I didn't think that compiz could have such adverse effects15:31
SketchbagI'll try it15:32
duanedesignsudo aptitude -f15:32
duanedesignSketchbag: or:   sudo apt-get install --fix-broken15:34
SketchbagI have unsatisfied packages ..15:34
duanedesignhaha usatisfied15:34
duanedesignwe want satisfaction.15:35
Sketchbaglol everybody needs some satisfaction15:35
Sketchbagblah .... Apt-get says nothing to fix but aptitude says unsatisfied packs15:36
SketchbagIs it not the same program .....lol15:37
Sketchbagoh well15:38
SketchbagSo i'm going to try to get conky again15:38
Sketchbagokay I got it15:48
duanedesignSketchbag: here is a thread on the forums that shows peoples conky setup and the .conkyrc they used.15:52
Sketchbagoh beautiful15:53
SketchbagWhat's your forum user name I want to use you as a referall15:56
SketchbagI have to sign up to veiw the pictures15:56
SketchbagIf you don't want , thats cool15:57
duanedesignthe ubuntu forums are a great resource15:58
Sketchbagyea I use them all the time I just never registered16:00
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SketchbagWhat if I want to make it transparent16:03
duanedesignlet me see16:04
SketchbagI have a beautiful pic on my desktop I don't want to cover it up too much16:06
duanedesignSketchbag: http://paste.ubuntu.com/467045/16:06
duanedesignSketchbag:  i added the comment line to show you the one you want to comment ou16:07
duanedesignso if you have a line 'own_window_colour' comment it out. I like to leave them and just comment them out in case i want to use them later16:08
duanedesignSketchbag: here is a .conkyrc i had that is well commented. http://paste.ubuntu.com/467046/16:12
duanedesignSketchbag: a lot of times the conkyrcs use the package hddtemp for hard drive temperature readings so you might have to install: sudo apt-get install hddtemp16:14
=== pjarnahomzz is now known as pjarnahom
SketchbagOkay here's the issue I installed conky-all and I went to /usr/share/doc/conky/examples/conkyrc.sample.gz however the file is not there16:14
SketchbagSo i Created one in home16:14
Sketchbagand I killed and restarted but I still get the default16:15
duanedesignSketchbag: the file name is  .conkyrc16:16
pjarnahomcan any one help me to change status in empathy16:16
SketchbagWhere is yours located16:16
duanedesignpjarnahom: are they all greyed out?16:17
Sketchbagyou are not signed in16:17
duanedesignSketchbag:  /home/duanedesign/.conkyrc16:17
Sketchbagopen empathy16:17
pjarnahomduanedesign, yep16:17
Sketchbagbeautiful got it16:19
Sketchbagtransparency and all16:20
SketchbagI forgot to put the  dot before the filename :P16:20
duanedesignSketchbag: you can add conky to your startup applications so you dont have to start it each time you boot16:21
duanedesignpjarnahom: it is because you are not signed in16:21
Sketchbaglol thanx for the reminder16:22
SketchbagI almost forgot16:22
pjarnahomduanedesign, am signed in....16:22
pjarnahomduanedesign, lemme show the screenshot....16:23
=== bgs000 is now known as bgs100
SketchbagGo to applications / internet / empathy IM client16:24
SketchbagThen you can either click the little envelope on the task bar or your sign on name to change status16:24
SketchbagIf everything is greyed out you are not signed in16:25
pjarnahomSketchbag, i did it but can't able to change status.....16:26
pjarnahomduanedesign, http://imagebin.org/10624816:27
pjarnahomSketchbag, http://imagebin.org/10624816:27
duanedesignpjarnahom: it does not give you the option to change status when signed on to IRC. Just chat services16:29
Sketchbaghe is using msn though am I correct?16:30
pjarnahomduanedesign,am using gtalk and fb in empathy16:30
duanedesignlike yahoo messenger....oh i am sorry16:31
pjarnahomduanedesign, i've connected IRC through Xchat16:31
SketchbagDid you try cahnging the status using the toolbar at the bottom of the screen16:31
duanedesignpjarnahom: that is xchat. I just glanced quickly.16:31
duanedesignsorry :P16:31
SketchbagTry changing the status on the toolbar back to available then changing it in empathy16:31
pjarnahomSketchbag, ya i did but not working16:32
SketchbagHas this happened b efore?16:32
pjarnahomSketchbag, nope...16:32
Sketchbagperhaps it may be a one time thing a glitch perhaps ...if you can tell everyone you'll brb and restart empathy16:33
pjarnahomSketchbag, i've tried it for past days..... :-(16:34
SketchbagHave you ever restarted the computer?16:34
pjarnahomSketchbag, ya i did...16:35
Sketchbaghmm ....16:35
SketchbagWhat ubuntu version are you using?16:36
pjarnahomSketchbag, lucid..16:36
duanedesignpjarnahom: i think i found a bug report on that16:37
duanedesignpjarnahom: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58937816:37
ubot2Debian bug 589378 in empathy "empathy: Does not allow me to change status via the contact list window" [Normal,Open]16:37
pjarnahomduanedesign, :-(16:38
SketchbagThe only thing I can suggest is perhaps reinstalling empathy16:39
SketchbagIt might not solve anything though16:39
pjarnahomSketchbag, tried... but same prob.....16:40
SketchbagDid you remove it completely before reinstalling or did you just repair?16:40
pjarnahomSketchbag, removed completely... even cleaned the cache also....16:41
Sketchbaglol wow16:42
SketchbagYou got me beat16:42
SketchbagMust be a bug16:42
SketchbagJust curious what type of processor do you use ? Intel or Amd?16:43
pjarnahomSketchbag, intel....16:43
pjarnahomSketchbag, pc16:44
pjarnahomSketchbag, possible to fix tat bug nw ?16:46
duanedesignthat bug is filed on Debian and needs to be filed upstream with Gnome16:47
duanedesignpjarnahom: what version of Ubunt are you using?16:47
duanedesignpjarnahom: better yet what version of Gnome?  System > About Gnome16:47
pjarnahomduanedesign, 2.30.216:48
Sketchbagsame as me and I have never had that problem16:48
Sketchbagcould it possibly be permission issues .....16:49
SketchbagJust throwing it out there16:49
SketchbagTry closing the one you have open16:51
pjarnahomSketchbag, had tried in root user also... :(16:51
Sketchbagopen a terminal type "killallempathy"16:51
Sketchbagwell anyways ...."killall empathy" then sudo empathy16:52
pjarnahomSketchbag, no change... :-(16:53
duanedesignthere is also a Debug window. Help > Debug16:53
pjarnahomduanedesign, wt to do in tat ?16:56
duanedesignheh, its all kinda greek to me. Maybe look for something that look likes an error?16:58
pjarnahomduanedesign, nothing in the error category...17:00
duanedesignpjarnahom: there is an empathy specific chat channel. #empathy on gimpbnet17:04
duanedesignpjarnahom:  irc://irc.gimp.org/empathy17:04
pjarnahomduanedesign, hmmm...17:07
Sketchbagahhh... my cat sat on my keyboard lol sorry17:17
SketchbagSo it wasn't fixable?17:21
SketchbagHold on I'm gonna go on my buntu puter with xchat so I can play some games att he same time17:21
SketchbagK I'm back17:24
Sketchbaglol my cpu usuage never gets over 10%17:27
pjarnahomSketchbag, duanedesign... thanks dude's got fixed that status prob... :-)17:45
Sketchbagnp :D glad we could help17:48
SketchbagSketchbag *Beams with Pride*17:49
* pjarnahom hugs Sketchbag 17:50
Sketchbaglol awww ha ha17:50
duanedesignpjarnahom: thats great!17:54
duanedesignpjarnahom: the folks in empathy helped?17:55
pjarnahomduanedesign, yep.... :)17:55
duanedesignpjarnahom: what was it?17:55
pjarnahomduanedesign, http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/FAQ#How_to_connect_when_not_using_NetworkManager.3F17:56
duanedesignin case someone else comes by with the same problem17:56
duanedesignpjarnahom: thanks17:56
pjarnahomduanedesign, first i have to say thanks...17:57
* pjarnahom hugs duanedesign 17:57
SketchbagI started compiz and lost all toolbars only background shows18:29
Sketchbagnevermind ha ha ...Im too smart for my own good18:29
SketchbagThat was a joke ...I couldn't tie my own shoes without direction18:32
Sketchbag:D Ha ha I'm so Funny ...18:33
SketchbagSketchbag: Bringing cheap humor to you world18:33
squaregoldfishSketchbag: The direction is down.18:35
SketchbagI like to take people attitudes up18:36
squaregoldfishSure, but that's not where your shoelaces are.18:36
Sketchbaggood one hah ah18:36
Sketchbag*squaregoldfish gets a gold star*18:37
squaregoldfishOoh shiny!18:38
Sketchbaglol enjoy18:38
Sketchbag*Your a star today* ^Chessy Smile^18:39
* duanedesign hangs a start chart on the wall18:40
squaregoldfishNow now, let's not make it a competition.18:41
SketchbagI love that conky18:42
Sketchbagi put it in the bottom right as transparent18:42
SketchbagSo i don't know if you guys would know or not but how do I customize my kernel ?18:43
SketchbagI have a AMD black edition processor and stuff ...I build my own is there a way to gear it towards the hardware I have built into my system18:45
pedro3005that's a lot of work18:45
SketchbagThats what I love about linux i can always F**k with something18:46
SketchbagThats why I switched form vista18:46
squaregoldfishIt's years since I last bothered compiling my own kernel. The default i686 kernel contains everything you need, and mostly you'll just be taking out redundant stuff you don't need. It won't speed your system up really.18:47
SketchbagI'm an AMD fanboy if it helps18:47
squaregoldfishHaving said that, if you really want to play, this is a good place for instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile18:47
squaregoldfishBe warned that there's hundreds of options to a kernel build, so you'll need to learn what they do...18:48
Sketchbaglol the first statement18:48
SketchbagBuilding and using a custom kernel will make it very difficult to get support for your system.  While it is a learning experience to compile your own kernel, you will not be allowed to file bugs on the custom-built kernel18:48
squaregoldfishYep. It's a dodgy world.18:48
SketchbagDamn ..18:48
SketchbagI have built a kernel before18:48
SketchbagWith a guide however18:49
squaregoldfishI doubt much has changed since you last did it. I see make menuconfig is still there...18:49
SketchbagMeh ...I'm wondering what type of pedrformance gain can I get from building my own kernel?18:51
squaregoldfishMy guess would be that you might get some increase, but I'd be surprised if it was noticeable.18:51
Sketchbagkeep in mind I have black edition and high end hardware18:51
SketchbagI want to do crossfire-x as well but im dumb18:52
SketchbagI heard you have to choose the onboard as the deault card then add the gpu from the aTI control panel18:53
Sketchbag....lol I have lots of questions18:53
squaregoldfishI think I'm out of knowledge now...18:54
Sketchbag I used to be a ms windoze wizard18:54
Sketchbaglmao it's cool18:54
SketchbagI talk too much18:54
SketchbagI basically want to build everything from scratch18:54
squaregoldfishOf course, if you really want to go mental you could try gentoo.18:55
SketchbagI impossible task Im sure18:55
squaregoldfishThat's some scary s*** though.18:55
=== pjarnahom is now known as pjarnahomzz
SketchbagI've done that a few years ago18:55
SketchbagIt's now a live install like the rest18:56
squaregoldfishNever had the guts myself.18:56
Sketchbaglol I just like screwin with stuff18:56
SketchbagLinux was just the next logical step from MS Windoze18:58
SketchbagI had done all I could with that so I moved on to something more complicated18:58
Sketchbagto slowly build the challange once agaoi18:59
SketchbagExcept I fell in love18:59
Sketchbagand here I'am .....19:00
SketchbagI want to know how to build . dissect and rebuild a linux kernal19:00
Sketchbagand be able to do it in an afternoon between work and gf19:00
squaregoldfishI'd concentrate on the gf19:01
SketchbagWe have been together for six years she knows my love of computers19:01
SketchbagShe is actually pretty good at halo19:02
Sketchbagkick your bum for shure19:02
squaregoldfishProbably - I don't play games!19:02
SketchbagGood girl I luv her19:02
SketchbagWith a dual boot you could * play games*19:03
squaregoldfishAnyway - got to run - I have a cake to bake...19:03
SketchbagBake your cake and I hope it is a succulent one19:03
SketchbagCya later19:03
pedro3005Sketchbag, ever heard of linux from scratch?19:05
pedro3005wrong channel19:09
SketchbagThanx pedro19:19
Sketchbagbookmarking for a later project19:20
SketchbagI have many old systems I can play with19:20
SketchbagOne is sitting in the trunk of my car19:20
pedro3005Sounds fun19:22
* Sketchbag Is a TROLL19:47
Sketchbag..that was my cat I swear .....*shifty eyes*19:48
Silver_Fox_Can we assist dyno ?20:36
dynonooo im good.20:38
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yax51ok I have a strange issue with buntu 10.0422:58
pleia2yax51: what's wrong?22:58
yax51when I open rythmbox then press play, it closes......22:58
pleia2ok, you'll want to find out why this is happening, so open up a terminal22:59
pleia2in the terminal, type: rhythmbox22:59
pleia2that should launch it from the terminal, when you press play and it crashes it should spout some information in the terminal that'll give you some clues22:59
yax51pretty much the same when I open the update manager too....23:00
yax51** (rhythmbox:2035): DEBUG: Loading the real store page23:00
yax51** (rhythmbox:2035): DEBUG: navigation requested to https://one.ubuntu.com/music/store-no-token23:00
yax51** (rhythmbox:2035): DEBUG: navigation requested to http://stores.7digital.com/default.aspx?shop=480&partner=98323:00
yax51Segmentation fault23:00
yax51I also can't open firefox.....23:01
yax51it seems the only thing I can do is open chat.....23:03
pleia2hmm, same thing with firefox?23:05
yax51it wont even open firefox...23:05
pleia2from a terminal?23:05
yax51/usr/lib/firefox-3.6.6/firefox-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.6/libxul.so: undefined symbol: �ZN4base20WaitableEventWatcher29�illDestroyCurrentMessageLoopEv23:06
pleia2huh, well that's not good23:06
yax51no it's not...should I try in recovery mode?23:06
pleia2that's mostly just useful if you know how to fix what is going wrong23:07
pleia2sounds like a lot of things going wrong if you're seeing such widespread failure, I've never seen a situation like this :\23:07
* pleia2 pokes others23:07
pleia2hopefully someone else has some experience :)23:08
Silver_Fox_No idea, sorry23:08
yax51also when I minimize anything it just disappears......doesnt go to a panel or anything....just goes away...23:09
drubinIt seems you are missing one of the libC libarays23:10
drubinyax51: try on the command line aptitude update and then aptitude safe-upgrade23:11
drubinwith sudo infront of it23:11
yax51hmmm with the sudo aptitude update it says segmentation fault23:12
pleia2yax51: was the system working before?23:13
yax51yeah I was using it last night and everything was fine....but today not so much....23:14
pleia2it's starting to sound like filesystem corruption23:14
yax51thats bad....sounds like a reinstall might be in order....23:14
yax51so the question is....how do I remove this, go back to windows *shudders at the thought* and then reinstall?23:17
pleia2yax51: hopefully someone has some bright ideas as far as debugging goes to avoid it, but you'd install the same way as you did the first time around23:19
yax51ok.....what about removing this one? would I just do the install and let it do its thing?23:22
yax51hold on I'm going to go to recovery mode and see what I can do from there...23:22
stlsaintdrubin: sup man23:23
yax51hmmm thats odd....it seems to be working now....23:30
stlsaintwell thats a good thing right?23:31
yax51ok I spoke to soon....23:32
SchallaSome problem?23:34
pleia2yax51: if you installed ubuntu on it's own partition (rather than inside wubi or something, I don't know how that works), doing a new install on top of it will first format the partitions, removing all data, all traces of the old install23:34
pleia2so no need to "remove the old one"23:34
yax51aaah ok....so just do the install like normal and it will take care of it?23:35
pleia2yeah, unfortunately if your filesystem corruption is due to a dying harddrive (the most common cause, in my experience) it will happen again eventually :(23:35
yax51true, but my computer is only a year old....maybe a year and a half....23:36
SchallaWell you could check your harddisk.23:37
pleia2yeah, unfortunately consumer-level harddrives are not exactly known for reliability, I've seen plenty fall over within a year (one in my laptop died 2 weeks after the 1 year warrenty expired, siigh!)23:37
Schalla@yax51: http://hddscan.com/ You could scan your harddisk for errors.23:38
Schallamaybe this could help.23:38
seidosI need help.  Could someone get me the contents of the files here:  /usr/lib/firefox-addons/searchplugins/*?23:38
yax51cool....but I'll need to go back to windows for all of this....I shall return23:39
yax51thanks for all your help!!23:39
pleia2good luck :)23:39
SchallaWell yax:23:40
SchallaIs a command to check your harddisk23:40
SchallaBut good luck.23:40
phillwpleia2: don't mention dying hard drives; sore subject :-(23:41
pleia2phillw: uh oh :(23:41
phillwstill, working out to dd a hard disk with bad areas on it to a new one should be _fun_ :p23:42
* phillw will going to my dad's company to use the internet there so I can do an additional backup to my remote server (or maybe even both of them)23:44

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