doctormoWhere is paultag, hmm, could do with his help./00:00
doctormopleia2: This is what I was getting you to try last night: http://doctormo.org/2010/07/20/google-doc-mount/01:39
pleia2doctormo: ah, neat!01:49
nhandlerdoctormo: That is cool. I didn't know about that tool02:12
nhandlerBut I did find a neat app for my iPod touch that makes it easy to copy files between dropbox and gdocs ;)02:12
doctormonhandler: You might not have known about it because I made it last night?03:31
nhandlerdoctormo: I thought you only made the gtk frontend to it and the video. Did you make the backend as well ?03:32
doctormonhandler: I fixed the backend, but by tool I assumed you meant front end. *sysadminfail*03:32
jcastrovish: nigelb: any new upstream contact people you think we can showcase?11:23
* jcastro has dreams of new heros11:24
nigelbjcastro: um.. not much11:35
nigelbbut may be you can showcase Rhonda's class :D11:35
nigelb(improved debian and ubuntu cooperation, etc)11:35
jcastroyeah, I'm just trying to finish off upstream contacts spec11:37
czajkowskijcastro: fun sprint11:46
* jcastro snickers11:47
czajkowskithat fun11:50
sensegood afternoon11:56
czajkowskisense: hey11:57
paultagnigelb, poke12:19
nigelbpaultag: ouch12:20
nigelbpaultag: I need to stop out, talk to you later today12:20
paultagnigelb, :) -- got a question fur you12:20
paultagnigelb, indian LoCo, what's the status of that12:21
nigelbpaultag: as of now, still dead12:21
paultagnigelb, poke me, I have  afew questions12:21
dpmjcastro, it was 2.3014:07
duanedesignmorning all14:15
czajkowskiduanedesign: howdy14:33
popeypower outage at telehouse london14:33
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akgranerwoo hoo!  OSCON day 3 :-)15:10
senseHaving fun?15:11
jussiright then. anyone got an ubuntu business blog? :D15:19
sensejcastro: The GUADEC venue is a higher eductional institute, which means it is connected to the Dutch Academic Network. With the proper switches the up and down speed could be somwhere near 1 Gbit.15:21
senseWhich seems promising. :)15:21
jcastrosense: I look forward to that!15:21
popeyjussi: I'm guessing AlanBell and Alan Lord might like http://www.theopensourcerer.com/tag/ubuntu/ to be included :)15:21
sensejcastro: You'll see it won't work anyway, but still it's nice to know it should be possible. :)15:22
jcastrome resists making an academia joke15:22
senseIt isn't actually a university, it's just that the name 'university' in English isn't protected by law. Lets hope their network is better. :)15:23
dholbachdpm: good work - super blog entry!15:34
dpmdholbach, thanks!, I hope it is, you know best how much time it took to prepare :)15:35
czajkowskiok we have the CC16:52
czajkowskiForums Council16:52
czajkowskiany other commuhnity contacts I'm missing16:52
popeytech board16:53
nigelbkubuntu and edubuntu council16:53
czajkowskido they come under community ?16:53
popeydefine "community"16:54
popeywithout context it's hard to know16:54
czajkowskiUbuntu community updating a community contacts page16:54
popeythey are all part of the community16:54
czajkowskiis the technical board different from the DMB ? I realise I may get shot for asking16:55
czajkowskiupdating this page16:56
czajkowskiThe DMB is responsible for reviewing and approving new Ubuntu developers, meeting for about an hour once a fortnight. Candidates should be Ubuntu developers themselves, and should be well qualified to evaluate prospective Ubuntu developers and decide when to entrust them with developer privileges.17:10
czajkowskiis there a wiki page or a public email address?17:10
nigelbczajkowski: ^17:11
czajkowskinigelb: thanks17:11
nigelbczajkowski: announcement for the open spot on dmb?17:11
czajkowskibut googling doesnt give you the wiki page :(17:11
nigelbheh, no17:12
nigelbits relatively new17:12
czajkowskimaco2: ping17:25
czajkowskimaco: ping17:26
macoczajkowski: pong17:26
nigelbcan the real maco please raise her hand :p17:26
czajkowskimaco: I'm looking for a wiki page or info on the kubuntu council17:26
czajkowskibut it's not linked from the kubuntu wiki page17:26
czajkowskiglad it's not just me who can't find it17:28
nigelbI like the way they function though17:29
nigelbits more close knit than our subgroups that we have in ubuntu17:30
macoczajkowski: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuMaverickCouncil best i can do17:30
czajkowskiso does a council change per cycle ? and you create a lp team for it ?17:31
macotheres also a Gutsy page and an Intrepid page17:31
macoit changes each year17:31
maco3 people expire each year17:31
czajkowskimaco: it's for this wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/Contacts17:31
macoand are elected for 2 year terms17:31
maco...as it says on the wiki page i linked17:32
czajkowskiI'd rather not have to have someoe update the wiki page every year as that's what happened and the page wsn't kept up to date17:32
czajkowskijono: ping!17:32
pleia2I don't think there is a kubuntu council wiki page, just lp and their by-cycle changes pages (like maco linked)17:33
macogiven the age of the kubuntu council team in lp, it looks like the council has been around longer than the matching lp team17:33
nigelblp team https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-council17:33
czajkowskiperhaps if I just link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu17:34
czajkowskiwhich may make more sense17:34
macopleia2: which are basically just team reports17:34
* pleia2 nods17:34
nigelbmaco: btw, the meeting page hasn't been updated since last meeting I think17:35
maconigelb: what meeting page?17:35
nigelboh, wait, better tell in kubuntu-devel17:35
macoim not on the KC ;-)17:35
nigelbthough you should be, with the amount of converts you're getting :D17:36
doctormomorning nigelb17:59
vishhrm , that doesnt sound nice :s  <maco> 3 people expire each year18:16
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duanedesignvish: the 100 papersuts sticky has 542 views! :)18:42
vishduanedesign: yay! , hopefully alteast a few of them fix a few bugs :D18:43
duanedesignvish: yeah, i imagine you have more than enough suggestions18:44
vishduanedesign: yup , often off-topic too , similar to the off-topic comments on the post :D18:47
duanedesignvish: yeah. i tried to stress the importance of knowing what a paercut actually is18:52
duanedesignor at least provid the links to davidseigels blog posts about that18:53
vishduanedesign: yeah , was a good post18:53
vishduanedesign: how do you deal with posts on the forums?  seems like a daunting task , where comments can wander off completely off-topic..18:54
duanedesignvish: yeah you can see one of the staff members came in and tried to get it back on track18:57
duanedesignvish: usually we just politely try and steer the conversation back on topicv18:58
duanedesignbut it really just depends. Sometimes less is more. If the OP is engaged in the conversation i try to leave it alone. If someone else comees in and steers the thread a completely different direction and the OP has abandoned the thread18:59
duanedesignthen I will try and get it back on course18:59
vishduanedesign: not much gets blogged about the forums on the planet..  i'm not sure when was the last time i heard about it on the planet..19:01
vishmaybe some interesting posts by a user.. or something.. we could probably steer some conversation from blogs/bugs to forums..19:02
duanedesignvish: thats a really good point19:02
duanedesigni will mention that to the other forum staff. The forums could more to let people know about the goings on19:06
duanedesignon thing that jumps to mind is the 'Beginners Programming Challenge' on the forums. A really neat 'contest' where you program solutions to problems presented by the previous months winner19:07
duanedesignnot a lot of people know about it and other activities on the forums above and beyond the great suport that happens19:09
vishooh,  first time I'm hearing about it as well..19:09
duanedesignThe beginners programming challenge is fun. Takes me out of my comfort zone. forces me to solve problems i might not otherwise. If you are experienced you can still participate just use a language that you dont know well19:10
nhandlerdoctormo: Looks like lifehacker once again messed up a story. They are giving you credit for the application that mounts gdocs, not just the frontend: http://lifehacker.com/5592737/google-doc-mount-puts-your-google-docs-in-nautilus-for-editing19:26
paultagoh noes19:34
paultagnhandler, did you email him?19:34
nhandlerpaultag: Who?19:34
paultagnhandler, whitson@lifehacker.com19:34
nhandlerpaultag: Nah. I'll leave a comment though.19:35
jussiwhat a great week this is!!!21:25
czajkowskijussi: just the person21:25
czajkowskiwe need to work on action items :D21:25
jussiczajkowski: Im not actually here till next week21:25
jussiso please email me21:25
* jussi is having a bit of a break with the house and wedding etc21:26
jussiczajkowski: however, emails tend to get actioned as I can usually do stuff in those moments where Ive got one21:26
* vish wonders ... is sense ' new name change triggering all these thought provoking post22:00
sensevish: Nah, it may be the holidays. :) Although it could have been encouraged by my blog redesign that followed my name change. :)22:00
senseczajkowski: Last comment on my "multilingual Planet Ubuntu" post: "This post and your excellent previous post show something interesting. In the previous post, most comments were about being tolerant to non-native English speakers. In this new post, when it comes to something more concrete, most comments are in favor of using English only. There is something to think about here." It sure makes me think more positive about multilingual con22:02
sensetent. What you?22:02
vishsense: if you are gonna be doing that , you should probably think about tagging the blog titles , about the language..22:06
sensevish: You mean translating?22:07
senseor multilingual planets?22:07
vishwell , having a translation would be great..22:07
vishsense: there was a topic in the local lug here and the readers got frustrated when non-english mail was being sent to the ML22:07
sensevish: There were comments suggesting to allow people to filter content on language. Say, by default all languages are shown, but you can select, and the feed would use planet.ubuntu.com/en+de+es/feed or something like that22:07
vishsense: oh!22:08
senseOf course people also have to learn to tolerate other languages.22:08
vishsense: nah , the language was the local language ! but still they got frustrated! ;)  so they decided to tag mails [language]22:09
senseThat sounds like a sane solution and a demonstration that it is possible.22:09
sensePeople are just too used to English being the dominant language, and people don't like change.22:09
vishsense: but that idea will make me *not* view the multilungual posts22:10
vishi mean the idea in your comments^22:10
senseBut it would a) enable people who do want to read multiple languages to do so b) solve the imparity on the planet, which now seems to favour English over other languages, despite Ubuntu being an international community.22:10
vishsense: i like the idea of multilungual post... by default we should allow , the filters need to be a secondary choice, IMO22:12
sensePlanet Ubuntu is a portal to the community, a community which is diverse. It should reflect that.22:12
vishsense:  probably if there were [language] tags in the titles , and the blog had pretty interesting pictures , i'd be enticed to use google translate22:12
senseplanet.opensuse.org seems to be using something like that already.22:13
vishah , it has global , and the rest..22:14
vishhehe , indonesian seems to have only 2guys blogging! ;p22:17
vishprobably doesnt need a separate category :D22:17
senseJust get more bloggers! :)22:19
vishsense: we can see jimmac's touch in the site ;) , you have access to downloads and bugzilla from the same place and it is not intrusive!22:19
sensevish: Who's jimmac?22:20
vishsense: http://jimmac.musichall.cz/22:21
vishsense: he just now switched to redhat though22:21
senseI'm shutting down, good night everyone!22:29
doctormoczajkowski: nice, :-) I'm hoping to get 25 referals so I can get the coveted silver medal :-P22:43
doctormopaultag: Got 1,000 hits on my blog from life hacker today, nice coverage.22:44
paultagdoctormo, saw that22:44
czajkowskiI've forgotten to use the referral link22:44
czajkowskibut all I want to see happen is we get to 100%22:44
doctormoczajkowski: Yes of course.22:47
doctormopaultag: It's one of those topsey turvy kinda deals with this gdocs thing, I spent 1 day doing the app and 1 day sorting out a problem with launchpad ppa submissions and I get more press coverage than any of my artwork or other more interesting blog entries.22:48
pleia2ah, the internet22:49
pleia2I got boingboinged and gizmodoed for *buying* a $4 pink ethernet cable22:50
pleia2and blogging about it22:50
pleia2it's probably the least impressive thing I've done all year :)22:50
czajkowskioh if anyone decides to rant at me on my blog they were be politely ignored22:52
czajkowskinot in the mood for being ranted at22:52
czajkowskitonight is sit back and watch some bones22:52
czajkowskiI've filled enought inboxes with emails to sit back and relax22:52
* AlanBell rants on the czajkowskiblog22:55
pleia2I just started watching bones from the first episode the other night, fun show, lousy to watch while eating though22:58
czajkowskiI am ADDICTED to it22:58
czajkowskigot my sister on it also22:58
czajkowskiso while we're waiting for the new season we're rewatching from season 122:59
pleia2nice :)23:00
czajkowskiseason 3 is our favourite though23:01
doctormoI'm watching teen titans at the moment, onto season 3 now.23:09
Pendulumpleia2: I've only had a few moments when eating was an issue with Bones23:16

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