slangasekcjwatson: livecd-rootfs 1.137 - thanks and argh; set -u drives me batty08:11
cjwatsonslangasek: likewise08:32
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ogralamont, do you see any issues (buildd wise) with that livecd-rootfs change ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/466935/11:45
lamontogra: cleanup() needs to deal with making sure it's unmounted, if we pass that way11:53
lamontas in, think about when the script fails...11:53
ograoh, yeah, indeed, do you see any probs beyond that ? i.e. loop mounting not being supported or some such ?11:54
lamontnothing else hits me in the face, no.11:54
lamontwut? you can do count=0 and have it do something useful?  COOL11:55
ograyup :)11:55
ograits extremely fast too11:55
lamontand here I'd been doing all this work to be able to say count=111:55
ograand doesnt really us space on the filesystem until you write to it11:56
lamontthis is most cool11:56
* ogra hopes to shove off 1-2h from the current build time with that change11:56
lamontgenext2fs is that slow?11:57
ogra3h per image is simply wrong11:57
ogra1h for the chroot installation, 2h for genext2fs11:57
lamontthat will be nice11:57
ograthe prob is that it allocs the whole imagesize in ram before adding the image content11:57
ograwhich means endless swapping11:58
lamontwtf? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa11:58
ograits relatively fast on my 4G laptop ... but on the babbages it just sucks11:58
lamontbig time11:58
ogralamont, http://paste.ubuntu.com/466965/ ... better ?13:00
ogra(seems DEV was existing but not used by anything)13:01
lamontlooks good14:03
ogragreat, committing14:11
lamontogra: if I wanted to steal acorn or sycamore for a bit, which one should I steal?14:29
lamontmeh. nm - I'll just abuse kakadu14:30
ogralamont, better talk to slangasek, i have nothing thats really urgent but he is rolling test images atm14:31
lamontthat's what I'd be stealing it for :-D14:31
lamontbut kakadu will do fine14:31
ograwell, then any would be ok14:31
lamontis your change built yet?14:31
ogranot sure14:32
* ogra checks14:32
ograbuilt isnt the issue though, mirrored to ports.u.c takes usually long14:32
lamontpublished?  (which rev is this?)14:32
ograLP says Accepted14:33
lamontok.  actually going to use sycamore, to avoid the competition14:34
ogranot mirrored yet14:34
lamontnot published yet, more to the point14:36
* lamont doesn't care about ports.u.c's copy14:36
* lamont has manually taken the livecd builder lock on sycamore.14:37
ograi'll restrict myself to acorn for test builds14:38
* ogra just wants to do a timed build to see the gain14:38
lamontI believe your gain, and wish to reap its benefit14:39
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ograyeah, i just want to know if its faster than squashfs14:40
ograsince we only cp now14:40
ograbut its still 1.5G14:40
lamontI almost asked why you didn't rsync when I saw that cp...14:40
ograheh, yeah, i could have done that too indeed14:41
lamontthough cp is prolly slightly faster, given the virgin target14:41
ograthough i dont think it would speed up anything14:41
lamontwouldn't do a thing14:41
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