davmor2morning all10:57
fader_davmor2: Wassap, yo?11:18
fader_alourie|work: Hi to you too, not trying to ignore people :)11:18
davmor2fader_: the 90's called and they want their catchphase back11:19
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alourie|workfader_: hey, don't  worry about it :-)11:29
davmor2alourie|work: Don't believe him, he goes out of his way to ignore me and I'm people :D11:38
fader_davmor2: That's not true... you're not people :P11:39
alourie|workdavmor2: oh, that's fine. These rooms are perfectly fit for people who want to ignore others11:39
davmor2fader_: :'(  that hurts11:39
fader_Awww, you know I pick because I love11:40
davmor2fader_: that's my excuse for picking on you, you can't nick it ;)11:43
Italian_Plumberwhen I click on "How to get the fingerprint" on the launchpad page for "Change your OpenPGP Keys", I get a pop up that shows its loading but never loads any content.  Is there somewhere else I can learn about this?13:08
fader_Italian_Plumber: You probably want to ask in #ubuntu... this channel is for coordinating testing efforts and test development13:21
fader_(and is pretty empty at the moment)13:21
Italian_Plumberthanks fader_13:22
fader_Italian_Plumber: No problem... good luck :)13:22
fader_Italian_Plumber: actually #launchpad might be a better place to try, sorry13:23
Italian_Plumbercoll thanks again13:27
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