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tim_I installed ubuntustudio 10.04 but it would not recognize my wireless connection so would not connect to the internet18:52
holsteinhey tim_18:52
tim_I installed ubuntustudio, but it would not recognize my wireless...18:52
holsteintim_: i think you just need to install the normal network manager18:52
holsteintim_: can you get online with your wired device?18:53
holsteinto install it?18:53
holsteinsudo apt-get install nm-applet should do it18:54
holsteinif not, you can find it on the installation DVD18:54
tim_I did not try, I will have to reboot later and give it a try, but I was surprised at how different it was, no software center18:54
holsteinyeah, no software center, and no net applet18:55
holsteinthe theme is slick though18:55
holsteintim_: if you prefer18:55
holsteincheck out18:55
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation18:55
holsteinyou can install the plain old lucid and install the studio packages you want18:55
holsteintim_: you can also install the software center i bet18:56
holsteini havnet tried18:56
tim_when I was installing it, it would not detect the network for some reason.  maybe because it was wireless18:56
holsteini would just search synaptic for it18:56
holsteintim_: i think thats safe to assume18:56
holsteinthese issues are being discussed18:56
holsteinbut i dont think any major changes will happen til maverick or so18:57
* holstein gotta run18:57
tim_ok, I'll see, I just thought maybe things would work better in ubuntustudio18:57
tim_thanks for the help18:57
holsteinbut feel free to come back when your in front of your box18:57
holsteintim_: are you doing audio?18:58
holsteininterested in audio?18:58
holsteinif so, check out #opensourcemusicians18:58
tim_I do some audio, working with anything involved in making DVD's18:58
holsteinalso https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation18:58
holsteintim_: AH18:59
holsteinthere are some folks that do that here18:59
holsteini pretty much only do audio myself18:59
holsteinanyways... BBL18:59

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