jefimenkois there more documentation anywhere on instances?01:15
andoois there a proper way to deactivate jobs from being started by upstart?11:06
andooand a second question: is there any event that signals the network settings being up and running?11:07
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WampyreDoes the location of the emits keyword in my conf file make any difference?16:42
mbieblWampyre: no.16:43
mbieblit doesn't really have any effect either16:43
mbieblit's purely for documentation purposes16:43
WampyreNo?  I thought that's how you triggered something else to start when the service starts.16:43
WampyreIf it's not for that, then what is?16:43
ionIt automatically emits ‘starting jobname’ and ‘started jobname’16:50
ioninitctl emit for custom events.16:50
WampyreGot that :)  Now my service starts like it should!16:50
WampyreWoo Hoo!16:50

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