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sensegood morning09:17
kenvandinegood morning sense09:19
kenvandinebratsche, how is the appmenu fallback thing coming?09:49
bratschekenvandine: I've got it all setup, testing and working out bugs right now.09:49
klattimeranyone know how I can test vino-server so the output appears on the command line?10:03
seb128run it on a command line?10:06
klattimerseb128: vino-server?10:08
klattimernot sure that works as I'm starting/stopping it to test10:08
seb128does it print output in .xsession-errors?10:09
seb128otherwise I guess use g_log10:09
seb128and write in a log file10:09
klattimer.xsession-errors has it10:13
kenvandineklattimer, anything you need help with now? or are you good for now?10:55
klattimerkenvandine: I'm ok for now10:55
klattimertrying to find out a) where the sigterm comes from when disabling vino, and b) why vino_mdns_stop is hanging10:56
klattimerwell vino_mdns_stop is hanging on avahi_entry_group_free11:01
jcastrokenvandine: is there an acl for allowing klattimer to assign bugs to you guys that he's finished off and is ready to be packaged.11:56
klattimerjcastro: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vino/+bug/49788311:56
klattimerthat be the bug11:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 497883 in vino (Ubuntu) "Support Application Indicators (affected: 3, heat: 18)" [Wishlist,Triaged]11:56
kenvandinejcastro, i really don't know...12:03
davidbarthklattimer: very cool job with the patch; jcastro just mentioned it and we'll be looking for some n-osd bugs for you right after lunch12:11
klattimerdavidbarth: cool12:15
klattimerI'm currently poking ibus app-indicator stuff12:15
klattimerI'd like to get my teeth into this one before i start on n-osd12:15
jcastroklattimer: also, note the priority will still be app indicator bugs first, but at the rate you're going we might as well queue up a larger batch. :D13:06
thorwilmpt: meeting?13:06
wersmpt, you there?13:10
C10uDhey, any chance someone takes a look at this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-application/+bug/60783113:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 607831 in Application Indicators "change theme path while application is running (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]13:22
jcastroC10uD: ping tedg when he's around, he can help you13:31
seb128ted might not be around for a while13:32
C10uDi already told him some days ago, then i wrote some code but this whole appind thing is making my head spin so i don't know if i'm doing right, and if you want this kind of thing13:33
jcastrosense: what do you think? ^13:34
sensejcastro, C10uD: I could take a look at some code.13:34
senseC10uD: Do you have a patch or branch somewhere?13:35
C10uDbranch linked in the bug13:35
senseGreat! I'll take a look.13:35
C10uDnote: it's not working atm13:35
C10uDquick question: is it possible to put images in appind menus? didn't find a way to do it13:37
senseNot that I'm aware of.13:38
senseMaybe it is.13:38
senseyeah, sounds plausible13:38
senseIt should be possible, just do it the regular way and I think it should just work.13:38
C10uDi could only set gtk stock icons, not gtk imagemenuitems13:39
C10uDi'll try again though13:39
iffypopThe sound menu has images in it...13:40
C10uDyou mean, the new one that will be in mav?13:41
iffypopYes.... Just pointing out that it is out there already in some form.13:41
C10uDanyway i always forget to say i'm working with python-appind13:41
senseC10uD: But the Sound Menu is an Indicator Applet, not an Indicator Application.13:42
iffypopsense: Ah, important distinction. My bad.13:42
C10uDok, well then, supporting gtk imagemenuitems should be done if it's not already (imo)13:43
senseC10uD: You pushed your branch to lp:~username/indicator-application/ubuntu, but it should have been lp:~username/ubuntu/indicator-application/custom-name since you based it on the packaging branch, not upstream trunk.13:45
C10uDsense, sorry, i really got confused by all of this :)13:46
C10uDand don't really know how launchpad-work should be done, i usually use github and stuff13:47
senseC10uD: You want to work on lp:indicator-application as that is the code the developers are working on, lp:ubuntu/indicator-application (== lp:ubuntu/maverick/indicator-application) is the version packaged in Ubuntu and should only be adapted if we want to diverge from upstream, which we don't want here.13:47
senseC10uD: lp:~username/indicator-application/custom-name is in the repository of the development version, which is different from the Ubuntu packaged one.13:49
senseC10uD: Could you please try to create a new repository tree based on lp:indicator-application? That would make it much easier for me to test.13:49
C10uDok, i'll try13:49
senseC10uD: Also, try to prevent from including build stuff in the commits. Maybe you could create copies for when building to prevent files from slipping through.13:49
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C10uDso, now i should push to lp:~c10ud/indicator-application/runtime-themepath-change13:58
C10uDhere it is https://code.launchpad.net/~c10ud/indicator-application/runtime-themepath-change13:59
senseC10uD: Looking at it.14:00
C10uDi think it's missing some other change..mmm14:02
senseAnd what's not working about it?14:03
senseC10uD: Have you committed the changes to app-indicator.c, the library?14:04
senseOtherwise the function is not exposed to applications.14:04
C10uDsense, changes incoming14:05
sensetedg! Not all files in indicator-application are following the code guidelines! I saw real tabs!14:06
jcastrosense: oh ted is on holiday for a while14:06
jcastrosense: I know I know, no one to pick on14:06
C10uDrev144 avail14:06
sensejcastro: Canonical should mandate one. :)14:06
senseC10uD: and you said something didn't work. What doesn't work?14:08
C10uDthe thing i was trying to implement :p14:09
C10uDi think i should make a simple example for testing..14:10
klattimeranyone know when tedg will be available?14:15
jcastrohe's on holiday14:15
jcastroklattimer: bratche's your technical contact in the meantime14:15
senseC10uD: Just letting you know that I'm still working on your branch. I went through the code, changed a few things and am now building it again as .deb package to test it.15:04
C10uDsense, great!15:05
senseC10uD: Have you got an example that can be used to test it?15:17
C10uDsense, if you could give me the debs i can test it, otherwise there's emesene2 that currently uses that feature15:19
C10uDs/uses/wants to use/15:19
senseI'll try something myself.15:20
senseWhen it seems to work I'll push it so you can take a look.15:20
C10uDok, neat15:20
senseC10uD: I pushed the changes I made to lp:~sense/indicator-application/runtime-themepath-change so you can see them, but I have to add that your problem isn't resolved yet: nothing happens. Nothing crashes as well, though. I've also removed your NULL checks to allow people to set the theme path to NULL.15:53
senseI think I may have found the reason why nothing is happening still, related to my name changes.15:56
C10uDlet's hope so :p16:00
senseC10uD: Could you please test lp:~sense/indicator-application/runtime-themepath-change? I'm not sure if I'm testing it correctly, but I am sure that the theme path is now at least sent up to and including the last signal. Maybe I'm not using the the theme path thing correctly (wrong folders and such), but you could give it a try.16:38
senseC10uD: I'm now busy with other things, but I hope to have helped you a bit with my changes. Please feel free to merge the code before continuing to work on it yourself.16:38
C10uDsense, thanks, i'll try it16:54
C10uDsense, one quick question: how do you test it? get a debian folder from somewhere then package and install or anything else?16:57
senseC10uD: That's what I did. Make a build copy of the working branch (important to not contaminate your sources), get the source using 'apt-get source indicator-application' (the branch is too old, doesn't work), and then 'dch -n', './autogen.sh' and 'debuild'.16:59
C10uDok thanks, will try it17:00
C10uDoh wait, the indicator-application shipped with lucid is different from trunk (there's a subfolder in the old one)17:01
C10uDi suppose you're using maverick17:01
senseYou're not?17:02
C10uDi'll get maverick tgz and try then17:02
senseYou really want to work on the trunk, most certainly not on the Lucid version since that is already much older compared to the trunk.17:02
C10uDtar.gz with debian stuff17:04
C10uDi guess (hope) there won't be much difference17:04
sensenot sure17:05
senseYou could get problems with dependencies. libindicator, libindicate and libdbusmenu got large updates already17:05
senseC10uD: Maybe https://launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/+archive/indicator-core-ppa can help you get some more up-to-date dependencies.17:12
C10uDvirtualbox will be my friend then17:12
C10uDoh let's see that17:12
C10uDthe ppa seems quite outdated17:13
C10uDalready found a premade maverick VDI thanks17:13
C10uDlol maverick32 virtualboxed is faster than my "real" lucid x6417:38
senseAnd stuff is working somwhat in Deluge! Hurray for step one! :P17:52
senseThe separator in the submenu is picked up! Now the rest of the items.17:52
sensebut first: dinner17:59
C10uDsense, it works!!!18:09
C10uDok, now we just need some of the boss to take a look at the branch18:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 607831 in Application Indicators "change theme path while application is running (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [Undecided,Fix committed]18:13
C10uDi set it to Fix committed, unsure if it's the correct status18:13
senseC10uD: great!18:37
senseC10uD: Did you have to change anything?18:37
senseC10uD: Actually, that's not Fix Committed yet, for that it has to be in the trunk.18:37
C10uDsense, no change, just got the package source, overwrite files, built package, reboot18:46
C10uDand it worked as expected18:46
senseGood news!18:46
C10uDcan you set it to the correct status/people so we can get this reviewed better (?) and/or pushed in mainline?18:46
senseI've done so.18:46
senseC10uD: Thank you for working on this, it is really nice that we've got now working support for icon theme path changes.18:47
C10uDnp, i expect to get gtkimagemenuitem support in exchange :p18:47
C10uDthank you for cleaning up the code so it has a better shape18:48
senseYou're welcome. I'm glad I could help.18:48
senseI made a lot more changes than what was strictly speaking necessary to get things working because I wanted to take the chance to unify the names used for referring to the icon theme path in the source code. The most important thing I fixed was adding the signal to an XML file.18:50
senseThe rest is mostly unifying variable and function naming and tweaking the selection criteria for the theme path and make everything work in the bindings.18:51
C10uDyou're not done yet, you still need to poke the right people to get this in trunk, because i don't know who i should poke and i see on planet you're having an hard time reviewing patches18:51
senseC10uD: Now the merge request is filed it ought to show up on the lists of people, but with Ted on holiday things might require a little more pushing. :)18:52
senseThis is no patch, but a merge request, which gets reviewed sooner because it's easier and there is less backlog.18:52
C10uDsince (i think) we're far from codefreeze i think it's no big deal waiting, thanks for your interest in this patch, going afk18:53
C10uDsee ya18:53
atrusi'm having trouble getting messaging menu blacklists to work.20:51
atrusi copied everything from /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/ into ~/.config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist/ . it seemed to disable at least some of them, but when i logged back in, they all came back again. any suggestions?20:52
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