kidarhi, i need help setting up a classroom with edubuntu09:27
alkisgkidar: hi, ask your questions, and if someone knows the answer, he will probably answer.09:28
kidari have managed to setup a server using ltsp. created a user and managed to logon using thin client. now i need to setup the server so that the teacher can monitor the thin clients09:33
alkisgsudo apt-get install italc-master09:34
alkisgThat should do it... italc.sourceforge.net is the program web page, if you want to read more09:34
kidarwill it work with edubuntu 10.04?09:35
alkisg(unless you hit any bugs, e.g. on a specific lab it used to crash on me every few seconds - on other labs it worked fine for years)09:35
kidardo i need to install anything for the thin clients? this is a first for me so pls dont be annoyed with the questions09:35
alkisgNo. Just install italc-master and ensure that the teacher is in the admin group,09:36
alkisgthen logoff / logon the teacher, and then logon the user09:36
alkisgIt should automatically be able to monitor the user, and even take control of his screen09:36
kidarin the new version of edubuntu under add programs there is a program called controlaula09:37
kidarwhen u say teacher u mean i need to create another user as a teacher and use that user to logon to the server?09:38
* alkisg doesn't like controlaula at all, it's very non-professional09:38
alkisgAbout the teacher, yes, something like that09:39
alkisgThe teacher accound needs to be a member of the admin group09:39
alkisgThe default account you created as part of the installation can be used as well09:39
alkisg(it's already in the admin group)09:39
alkisgJust remember to logoff/logon after installing italc09:40
kidarok, will try that. now for creating users (the children accounts) how would i do that, meaning i want to give them access for now only to the education stuff and office?09:41
kidarone question how would i be abl to setup thin clients and normal pc to logon to the same server09:43
alkisgWhat do you mean "normal pcs to logon to a server"?09:43
alkisgHave you done that somehow?09:43
alkisg(e.g. with LDAP?)09:43
kidarsee i have the edubuntu server setup with ltsp09:44
alkisgTo create users, just use the gnome users-admin program09:44
kidarnow i want other pcs in the class room which are not thin clients to be monitored by the same server09:45
alkisgYou can install italc on them too09:45
kidarregarding users how can u prevent them from deleting programs of the server?09:45
alkisgThey can't, they don't have the rights09:46
alkisgIf you create a normal user from the gnome users-admin dialog (and not an administrator), then that user cannot delete programs09:46
kidarwould the dhcp running for ltsp give out an IP to a normal pc on the same network?09:47
alkisgUnless you use 2 NICs on the edubuntu server09:48
alkisgOne for the thin clients and another for your existing network09:49
alkisgBut you can also use your existing dhcp server and remove the one from edubuntu09:49
kidari do, one is setup for the the ltsp and the other is on my internet network09:49
alkisgThen your dhcp server will only be used for the card with IP= (or the one you specify)09:50
kidaris there a way of also managing the thin clients ?09:52
alkisgWhat do you mean "managing"?09:53
kidari mean for the classroom should i be doing anything else?09:53
alkisgI can't think of anything09:56
kidarok 1 more question, firstly thank u very much for italc u are great09:57
kidarno i need to know whether italc works on both nics or only one09:58
kidarbecause i just ran it on the server and now it picks up my laptop which is on the internet nic09:59
alkisgIt runs on both09:59
alkisgSo you can manage both thin clients and normal pcs09:59
kidarwill it pick up the thin clients(ltsp) on the other09:59
alkisg(and even windows pcs)09:59
kidargreat u r a star. do u know by the way if there is a version out in zulu. on sunday i went to a rural community center where they have some old pcs and 1 new one thought i could load edubuntu there10:00
alkisgI've no idea about zulu10:02
kidarjust by the way, i am based in durban south africa, going to do 3 schools here, so if i can be of some help, i would not mind10:03
alkisgNice - I think highvoltage is from africa as well - I'm from Greece myself.10:06
alkisgYou may want to check about the new fat client support in 10.04 too10:06
alkisg(instead of maintaining normal PCs, you boot those from the ltsp server too but as fat clients, not thin)10:07
kidarmeaning, i am still new10:07
kidarwhere do i find help on the fat clients? booting from them will use less resource from the ltsp server correct?10:08
alkisgIt would use the local client CPU + RAM10:09
alkisgWhat are your client specs?10:09
alkisgHow much RAM do they have, and what CPUs?10:09
kidarthe clients are acer, p4 3.0ghz, 51210:11
kidarthey all have hard drives10:11
alkisgYeah they'd work better as fat clients than as thin10:12
alkisgAnd if they have a local swap partition, also put USE_LOCAL_SWAP=True in lts.conf10:13
kidardo i need to install ubuntu on the fat clients?10:16
kidarthe current config of the clients is windows xp at the moment, i just took away the server, which has pf 3.0ghz 1gig ram and 250gig sata hd10:18
kidarthe class room has 24 pcs, so going to purchase additonal 3gig to make 410:19
alkisgNo, you don't need to install ubuntu on the fat clients10:19
alkisgYour setup is similar to what we use here in greece10:19
alkisgDo your clients support "boot from network"?10:20
alkisg(if they have onboard cards, usually yes, but if they have pci cards, usually not)10:20
kidari guess so :) as they are p4's with on board nics10:20
kidari have another school that has pci cards and they are using win98 curently10:21
alkisgI guess those would work best as thin clients10:22
kidarthe pci cards are realtek, but need to check the bios i guess as these are old pcs p4 1.6ghz10:22
alkisgI put grub4dos on our windows 98 labs, and load gpxe so that they can boot from network without using a floppy / cd etc10:22
alkisgFor windows 2000/XP/Vista labs we even developed a tool based on the debian installer, which again puts a "boot from network" option in the windows bootloader10:23
kidartalk to me maybe i should do what u did, did u remove ur windows xp?10:24
alkisgNo we don't touch them at all, except for the boot loader10:24
alkisgSo any teacher that needs to work on XP can do so. So most of our labs are dual boot, windows + ltsp10:25
kidari will be very glad to do the same here10:25
alkisgWe even developed an italc replacement that lets us manage thin + fat client labs, but currently it's in greek only - we will internationalize it after 2 years. http://wiki.ubuntu-gr.org/sch-scripts/screenshots10:26
alkisgHere's the boot manager for 2000/XP/Vista (it's not working on windows 98 nor on windows 7): http://users.sch.gr/alkisg/tosteki/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=2136.0;attach=161710:26
alkisgFor the windows 98 labs, the easiest way is to use a floppy from: http://rom-o-matic.net/gpxe/gpxe-1.0.0/contrib/rom-o-matic/build.php10:27
kidardownloade first one.10:29
kidarso with the win 98 i need to boot using the floppy?10:29
alkisgThere's another way, with grub4dos10:30
kidargo for it, i am open to all the suggestions10:30
alkisgHere's a google translation of a how-to I wrote a while back: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fusers.sch.gr%2Falkisg%2Ftosteki%2Findex.php%3Ftopic%3D1451.0&sl=auto&tl=en10:31
alkisg(you only need that how-to for windows 98, not for xp)10:32
kidarvery nicely done.10:33
kidarmay i ask what do u do in greece10:34
alkisgI'm a teacher, but I'm also in charge of deploying LTSP in greek schools10:35
alkisgSo I joined the LTSP development team a while back, helped in fat clients implementation, wrote 2-3 ltsp installation manuals in greek, developed sch-scripts etc10:36
kidarnice, u teach IT/ Linux i guess10:36
alkisgI'm teaching in secondary schools, so nothing fancy - some openoffice, some web, a little programming in logo...10:37
alkisg(IT teacher, yeah)10:37
kidari have my own IT company, worked for UNHCR in the IT section for 12yrs ,now on my own like ubuntu and want to roll it out to s many people schools, etc as i can10:38
kidartell me can u send the file grubpxe.zip here. i am having a problem downloading from ur page10:39
alkisgHeh I forgot I also wrote that how-to in english: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/grubgpxe10:39
alkisgJust click on that link: http://users.sch.gr/alkisg/tosteki/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=1451.0;attach=83010:40
kidardone. so are u always here?, as u have solved 99% of my problems :)10:41
alkisgI usually am, but I hope to be away for the next 2 years to finish a phd that I've started10:42
alkisgI like it here too much though so I don't know if I'll be able to stay away for long :P10:42
kidargoning to ask u a really silly question, in edubuntu they say they have stuff from primary to tertiary, where do u find this info. i have loaded it but what do i use?10:43
kidaru are an asset here10:44
alkisgEducational programs usually are in the Applications > Education menu10:44
kidaryeh i know but nothin to point ot secondary or primary. anyway now i am going to test all that u helped me with.10:47
alkisgThere's "edubuntu menus" to separate different groups10:48
alkisgOK, give all this a go and if you have any problems you can always come back :)10:48
kidari actuall have it installed on my laptop as the only os10:49
kidarthx once again will be back to let u know how it went10:49
test_hi it is kidar again11:05
test_when i booted my laptop using thin client, the italc did not pick the laptop11:06
test_hi alkisg it is kidar we chatted just now11:07
alkisgSo you installed italc-master on the ltsp server, logged off, then logged back on with a user that is in the admin group, and then booted your laptop as a thin client, and it doesn't see it?11:08
alkisgDid you login on the thin client?11:09
alkisgA user needs to logon before italc sees it...11:09
test_the server saw the laptop when it was on the internet nic eth1 now i am connected to eth011:09
test_yep, i am chatting to u from the thin client :)11:09
test_server is right next to me11:09
alkisgitalc is a little difficult to troubleshoot when it's not working out of the box, so to make it a little faster as I don't have too much time, can I help you with vnc instead?11:10
alkisgsudo apt-get install x11vnc11:11
alkisgx11vnc -connect alkisg.dyndns.org11:11
test_on server?11:12
alkisgWhatever :)11:12
alkisg(all apps are running on the server anyway so it doesn't make much difference)11:12
test_downloaded x11vnc, how do u connect to u?11:16
alkisg(01:11:21 μμ) alkisg: x11vnc -connect alkisg.dyndns.org11:16
test_i get a screen saying select x11vnc port11:17
alkisgRun the above command from a terminal11:18
alkisgApplications > Accessories > gnome terminal, and type the following command:11:18
alkisgx11vnc -connect alkisg.dyndns.org11:18
test_r u in?11:20
alkisgtest_: x11vnc has some keyboard problems, can you press "|" there?11:23
test_do u want me to start italc11:27
test_ok u did someting:)  so what was wrong?11:28
alkisgNope, I didn't do anything11:28
alkisgI was just checking and everything looked ok so I just ran italc11:29
test_then :) some ghost11:29
test_i ran italc from the applications system tools11:29
alkisgI don't know, I didn't do anything, I just ran the same thing from the command line.11:30
alkisgOK, back to my phd... :)11:31
test_yeh, will restart and hopefully all will work.11:31
test_will let u know11:31
kidarhi alkisg, its working now. no idea why it did not initially. thx for all the help Kidar.12:11
alkisgGood to know :)12:12
kidargoing to take a break now :)12:12

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