DialingZeroTorch: What do you think will give me better results with running Windows programs, WINE or a VM?00:11
TorchDialingZero: i use a VM for most of my development stuff and anything that requires USB access (my garmin stuff)00:12
TorchDialingZero: wine is ok-ish for some games and that's about it, IMHO.00:12
DialingZeroTorch: I've noticed that programs such as games that were created for both Windows and Macs work much better in WINE00:16
TorchDialingZero: might be openGL games00:17
DialingZeroDiablo 2 for example, it's a 2D game though.00:18
TorchDialingZero: yeah, that works brilliant in wine. it's 10 years old, though.00:18
DialingZeroI'm a fan of old games.00:19
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nixboxfor some reason i am unable to lock my screen on kubuntu 10.04? why does that happen?02:24
nixboxi did not change anything02:25
nixboxmost of the times i am able to lock the screen, but some times it won't let me do it unless i reboot the machine, which is quite awkward02:25
internalkernelHey ya'll - new to KDE just switched over from Gnome a few days ago... and....02:52
internalkernelI have an encrypted external drive - is there some way to get KDE to remember that pass phrase?02:53
internalkerneland what I wouldnt give to hide join/part messages in quasel :/02:54
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RickFX1Is there any reason why my network wouldn't connect to the internet on my dell m4500 laptop?04:15
cato37kubuntu still can't read cd's but plays and burns dvd's just fine. can anyone help with this problem?04:28
kwtmHi. I asked for urgent help in file searching earlier today but now I have more time to ask a more general question:04:42
kwtmWhat exactly is Nepomuk/Strigi, and how does it help me in my general usage of Kubuntu?04:43
kwtmAlright, thanks anyway..  Will stop bothering you folks.04:47
cato37havea good day all.05:29
RickFX1I cannot get my internet working05:39
Thrikwas it working before?05:46
RickFX1Nope, fresh install and stuff05:46
RickFX1Dell M4500 laptop05:46
RickFX1and it seems05:46
RickFX1Based on this05:46
FloodBotK2RickFX1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:46
RickFX1Based on my PCI-ID05:47
RickFX1my card is not supported :/05:47
RickFX1so that's no good05:47
RickFX1This is bad05:49
RickFX1considering I bought this laptop for work :/05:49
Thriksorry, was afk06:05
Thriklets see here.  which version of kubuntu are you using?06:06
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RickFX1apparently it's worked with ubuntu06:09
RickFX1with some06:09
Thriktry loading the most current version on a live disc and see if it works.06:11
Thrikno harm no foul06:11
RickFX1makes no sense06:25
RickFX1Thrik, is this useful?06:31
RickFX14353 I mean06:31
Thrikthere have been issues with broadcom in the past.06:32
Thrikhi dad06:32
Thrikbut i haven't had issues with broadcom06:32
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RickFX1Yeh was reading about that06:32
RickFX1did you do anything etra to get it to work tho?06:32
RickFX1been trying a few things to see if maybe06:33
Guest56961does linux need rootkit virus and trojan removers like windows does?06:33
RickFX1Does CentOS happen to have better broadcom support?06:34
Guest56961is it possible to have a virus or trojan that renders ubuntu unusable?06:34
Thrikguest, no06:38
mueslicould someone mention my nick please? i'm trying to debug konversation, an irc client ;-) thanks :)06:38
Thrikit's possible to have a trojan or virus.06:38
Thrikcurrently, though, virus written for linux infect apache web server.06:38
Thrikand there have been a few proof of concept viruses written for linux, but they weren't created to be melicious.06:39
Thrikthat iknow of.06:39
Thrikhey rick, i'm not an advanced user of linux, so i'm quite limited on my abilities.06:39
RickFX1Yeh me either :/06:39
RickFX1Works fine on my desktop06:39
RickFX1but no go on my laptop06:39
Guest56961does partition magic boot disk work like fdisk for dos?06:42
Thriknever used partition magic. what are you aiming for?06:44
Guest56961just basic linux type commands for partitiong a disk and formatting06:44
Guest56961like from terminal i guess06:45
DialingZeroI can hear myself on my mic, how do I stop this?06:45
Thrikgo into audio settings and mute the mic06:53
DialingZeroThe mic will still work though?06:55
Thrikyes, you can unmute it06:57
Thrikit's just an option box.06:57
Thrikguest: in the terminal, type:man fdisk06:57
dds_weiss jemand, welche Web browser für Kubuntu 8.04 am besten ist?! Firefox läss sich nicht installieren.07:40
nuboon2age_james147 gave me the answer to this question before, but i misplaced my notes and he's not here, so here goes again...07:48
nuboon2age_wifi is not working, its greyed out and says Network Managerment disabled07:48
nuboon2age_when i mouse over the wifi icon in the lower right corner it says 'Unmanaged'.07:50
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager07:50
nuboon2age_rebooting didn't help07:51
nuboon2age_!networkmanager unmanaged07:53
nuboon2age_i know there's a file where i change the state of network manager07:54
nuboon2age_okay, i just found another method...  simply suspend the computer, bring it back on, and voila... from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147691008:00
nuboon2age_works now08:02
Luija1006Hello guys I need a way to change my IP in kubuntu 10.04, is there a way?08:50
PDPhi all.  does the 10.04 PPC LTS have a qtparted, gparted, parted.  or some other kind of partition tool? sry ive never used kubuntu ppc before09:21
TorchPDP: i think there's kde partition manager for debian ppc. dunno if there's a kubuntu package.09:22
moetunesthere is a #ubuntu-ppc channel09:23
moetunesit is #ubuntu-powerpc but #ubuntu-ppc redirects there09:23
PDPim trying to repartition my ibook g4 hdd back to hfs and for some reason i cant remember or find the info09:24
PDPoh thx09:24
simihow can you search the Qt documentation to find terml like https or openssl, if i google i get other pages no Qt docs, and in Qt assistent you can search only classes or functions afaik10:23
simisorry wrong room10:24
MIH1406Hi, I want to upgrade to Kubuntu 10.10 Alpha release10:42
MIH1406I cannot find a tutorial or thread about this10:42
MIH1406Ubuntu can be updated to Alpha realeases like this update-manager -d but It will not work with kubuntu10:43
MIH1406I have to install udate-manager10:43
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:44
MIH1406is alpha released?10:49
Misterio!maverick | MIH140611:03
ubottuMIH1406: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:03
Misteriomhhh, well11:04
MisterioMIH1406: It has been released alpha 211:04
MIH1406Misterio: How to upgrade to the Alpha 2?11:11
MisterioMIH1406: I *think* you can't update, only install11:11
MisterioI mean clean install11:12
MisterioMIH1406: You'll can update in beta and RC11:12
MIH1406Misterio: Thank you11:13
MisterioYou're welcome11:13
MIH1406sudo do-release-upgrade -d this wil do what I want11:13
MIH1406from ubuntu+111:13
MIH1406I have add some repo and I want to remove the applications from that repo only can I do that?11:16
MIH1406Can I list packages by repo?11:16
MisterioMIH1406: You can't remove specific package from a repo, just don't install it11:17
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tuxicki'm wondering why for example scrolling in konqueror is so insanely slow on nvidia11:57
tuxickit's not just slow, it's absurd11:57
Misteriotuxick: I recommend you using firefox11:58
tuxickok, and i also shouldn't use konsole then?11:58
tuxickit's the rendering/driver11:58
tuxicknot konqueror11:58
Misteriotuxick: What graphic card have you got?11:58
tuxickonboard geforce 820011:59
tuxickbut i've had almost sane performance with gentoo11:59
tuxickafter lots of swearing at nvidia11:59
Torchtuxick: don't notice that here with an 8800.12:01
Torchtuxick: using the nvidia binary driver?12:01
tuxickthat's the only one standing a chance12:01
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tuxickand nvidia-glx-18512:02
tuxicki'm hoping it's some secret setting12:02
tuxickswitching tabs in console takes almost a second12:05
tuxickhurting my wrists12:05
vince__hi everyone12:09
vince__i've got a problem with my wifi connection12:09
elcasetso what's the wifi problem?12:12
* tuxick bets it doesn't work12:13
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elcasetaccording to the text above, vince is still in here.  not lost his connection.12:14
vince__so, i'm trying to connect to my wifi network, but it keep asking for my WPA2 code12:14
vince__the code is correct (i checked)12:15
vince__it's working on mint9, not kubuntu12:15
elcasetKDE Mint or Gnome mint?12:16
vince__i have no clue what's wrong :/12:17
elcaseti've not had luck using wifi with WPA, although that was with Sabayon GNU/Linux.12:17
elcaseta few versions ago, Kubuntu's network manager was very broken.  what version of kubuntu are u using?12:19
elcasetI haven't used Lucid Kubuntu.  does anybody know of this problem?12:22
administrateurhi t all12:23
administrateurcan i join u?12:23
vince__damnit keeps asking for the security code12:23
elcasetI'm not using wifi on this machine.  I am using KDE Mint 7 now.12:25
elcasetmaybe there's am update to network manager that'll help?12:25
elcasetoops, an update.12:25
vince__i udnno*12:29
elcasetisn't anybody in here familiar with using WPA2?12:29
progre55hi people! I've got a server that's using the CEST timezone.. how can I change it to UTC? and will it affect the applications and services running on it? like, mysql12:31
talesbunwhi guys12:38
talesbunwi just installed kubuntu 9.10!!12:38
vince__congrats, it's already outdated12:39
vince__hi :)12:39
vince__any problems ?12:39
talesbunw10.04  i know12:39
anon_Uhh.. can i get some help here :/12:39
talesbunwand 10.10 alpha version i knew..12:39
anon_I'm trying to install Java through terminal, it's doing it, then a license agreement comes12:40
talesbunwbut doesnt work for me12:40
anon_And it says <ok> in the end12:40
anon_How am i supposed to press on the <ok>?12:40
progre55anon_: tab to it12:40
progre55anon_: and then enter12:41
anon_thanks <312:41
talesbunwi installed 10.04 or 10.10 alpha v.2 , but both of 10.0 series doesnt work for catalyst 10.6 version. thats the reason.12:42
talesbunwbut 9.10 does work. so i love 9 yeah :)12:42
vince__je vais installer un opensuse12:52
dcorbin_wrkMy flash plugin  for firefox is not working.  Any page with flash on it just shows "The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed." with a frowning lego.    Any pointers?12:53
vince__on verra bien, ça me gave sévère12:53
elcasetvince, I wouldn't recommend opensuse. it is not so great.13:02
elcasetPCLOS is quite good.13:02
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kitkat_i need to Downgrade PHP 5.3 to 5.2 but i can't, have you got a tuto for me please?13:40
tuxickkitkat_: why?13:43
tuxickrunning some very bad software?13:43
kitkat_because i work on Drupal, and this CMS, dosen't lik php 5.313:44
tuxicki have several drupals running on 5.313:45
tuxickmaybe you need to upgrade13:45
tuxickand yes, afair you will get warnings about deprecated code13:45
kitkat_hum, i have drupal 6.17 .... and i have many warning13:46
kitkat_it's for that i want to Downgrade PHP 5.3 to 5.213:48
elcasettuxick, are you saying you can ignore the warnings about deprecated code?13:49
tuxickso far so good anyway13:50
tuxickof course the drupal coders need spanking13:50
elcasetwell there you go, kitkat.13:50
tuxicki haven't had any complaints so far13:50
tuxicksame goes for wordpress btw13:51
tuxicki had to lower loglevel for some site though, because i got timeouts because box was too busy logging warnings ;p13:51
elcasetdo you use kopete by any chance?13:52
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BluesKajHiya folks14:02
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haunihello. i can't seem to get java in konqueror/firefox. right now i'm trying to get it in konqueror. i installed the sun-java and sun-java-plugin and did update-alternatives -configure java ... i checked activate java globally in the konqueror settings and set the path to /usr/bin/java .... nothing is recognized.. any suggestions?14:40
troopperihauni: what java you have use, write firefox addressline about:plugins whats says about java?14:52
gunsofbrixtonhi, I am able to view a calendar by using davmail+thunderbird+lightning, how do I view the calendar with kontakt?14:52
haunitroopperi: i have java 1.6 update 20 .. about:plugins says icedTea is used for java which doesn't work where i need it14:54
troopperihauni: you have first remove that icedtea14:55
troopperihauni: and everything at java, then add repos lucid partner and refresh and shoud then find sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin sun-java6-plugin14:58
haunitroopperi: yeah, i got those installed allready ... trying to remove the openjdk at the mom14:59
haunitroopperi: alright, it's working in firefox, thx15:05
troopperihauni: np :D15:10
glaucousIs it possible to - with a command - set the location of a Window (application etc)?15:18
* antonio_ is away: Ausente no momento15:25
* antonio_ is back.15:25
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MIH1406I have upgaraded to Kubuntu 10.10 and I get login in low graphich mode15:33
MIH1406Kubuntu asks me to configure my drivers manually15:33
MIH1406Any help15:33
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MIH1406Hi, I want to connect to a wireless lan using command line through recovery mode15:53
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mistryniteshMIH1406: i suggest you post your query on #Kubuntu+1 channel, since you earlier mentioned that you installed kubuntu 10.10 which is a development version15:55
MIH1406thank you15:55
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mistryniteshMIH1406: no problem :)15:56
MIH1406nothing called #kubuntu+1 it is #ubuntu+115:56
MIH1406am i right?15:57
mistryniteshMIH1406: #kubuntu+1 redirects to #ubuntu+115:57
MIH1406mistrynitesh: i see...15:58
mistryniteshso anyone you prefer15:58
sicknikwhy does my desktop doesn't set the stored resolution on startup ?  if i "just open" the display settings the resolution will be set. But not on startup :-/15:59
sicknikanyone can help figure this problem out ?16:00
* antonio_ is away: Ausente no momento16:09
bigbrovaris there anyone running kde 4.5 RC2 who experience serious degrading of performance when many windows are open? like the system crawls to a drag16:10
* antonio_ is back.16:12
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karuruif i click on the webbrowser installation program, it says the package is already installed? how can i remove this installation applet and install firefox manually?16:21
nixboxhi all16:21
nixboxi have three problems with Kubuntu 10.04, one, locking the screen works most of the time, but sometimes, when i right click on the desktop and click on lock screen, nothing happens, secondly, Kubuntu 10.04 suddenly decided to boot up in console mode, i have to type in startx to start kdm, why would this happen on its own?, thirdly, i have a two monitor setup, i have configured it using Display settings in the KDE system settings, but KDE does16:23
nixbox not remember my settings, everytime i login, i have to configure it again, how do i fix that?16:23
sickniknixbox i'm here cause of the third problem you mentioned.16:25
nixboxsicknik: i guess i could just write an xrandr script to do it automatically, but my problem is why doesn't KDE remember it16:26
sickniknixbox: scary that noone in this channel, has an idea how to fix it.16:33
nixboxsicknik: well this is mostly quiet, i have switched back to Kubuntu after a long time (4 years), but i think its not worth it, has a lot of bugs, though i like KDE416:34
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anon_yo guys17:35
anon_how do i set a wallpaper17:35
James147anon_: right click on desktop > desktop settings17:36
anoneemousehi... icant start kde. I keep getting an error saying "cant start ksmserver"17:39
Torchanoneemouse: does your user own all files in your home dir?17:48
Lalonhey which irc client u use for kubuntu?18:17
slinker1@work quassel @ home konversation18:18
Lalonquassel hmm18:19
slinker1or irssi and screen if i am feeling cli-ish18:19
Laloncan u show me a screen shot of ur quasell18:19
Lalonwhich one is cute and i can use firewall, and is light and not like pidgin.. or soemthing18:19
Laloni mean which is simple and cute looking with have simple option like mirc18:19
slinker1simple quassel need more options konversation18:20
Lalonslinker1,  does quassel configure firewall?18:22
slinker1not sure what you mean ther18:22
James147Lalon: there is no firewall turned on in kubuntu18:22
James147!firewall | Lalon18:22
ubottuLalon: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.18:22
LalonJames147,  i mean.. can i use proxy with firewall command in Quassel18:23
Lalonso quasell looks same to xchat18:25
BluesKajif you like eye candy, kvirc is the one IMO18:26
Lalonyeah kvirc is nice but u know .. using proxy is hard in kvirc18:26
niluxhi nanda18:26
kitplyalways use kitply: Tab when addressin someone18:27
kitplynilux: hi,18:27
niluxkitply: oh..ok18:27
BluesKajLalon, is it absolutely necessary for you to use a proxy ?18:27
niluxkitply:ok... getting sleep catch u tomo.. thanks for all ur effort18:28
LalonBluesKaj,  mm yeah cause.. u know somtimes my ip got blacklisted18:28
kitplynilux: you are welcome18:28
Lalonbecause im using shared ip18:28
BluesKajLalon, have you been a 'bad" on freenode ?18:29
LalonBluesKaj,  no18:29
Lalonwhy should i18:29
BluesKajLalon, I mean you're here now :)18:30
Lalonohh i see18:30
BluesKajthen why the blacklist?18:30
LalonBluesKaj,  freenode doesnt blacklist my ip18:30
BluesKajproxies are slow and clunky18:31
Lalonohh i see18:31
Laloniv never used them :P18:31
LalonBluesKaj,  which irc client are u using18:32
Laloni need to see a screenshot of konversation18:34
BluesKajkonversation doesn't autoload/list irc servers, you have to enter and edit them manually18:34
Laloni can do that18:35
BluesKajLalon, www.kde-look.org/konversation18:35
Lalonfilre not found :P18:37
BluesKajodd , I used to get konvi with the previous url18:38
LalonBluesKaj,  which one will u suggest xchat or konversation18:39
slinker1yeah apparently they have change the kdelook sits18:39
BluesKajit's up to you , konversation is very theme-able but only if you want the rest of your kde apps to look similsr18:40
LalonBluesKaj,  i see18:40
Laloncan i put proxy there in konversation?18:40
BluesKajit's done in system settings/appearance18:41
LalonBluesKaj,  konversation is only for irc right?18:41
BluesKajit's not one client does all like pidgin or kopete18:42
BluesKaj!proxy | Lalon18:42
BluesKajhmm, the bot doesn't have a factoid18:43
Lalonkonversation is a big file18:43
Lalonso which soft do u use for msn work emesene?18:44
BluesKajI don't MSN, but i did use amsn for whaile in the past18:46
BluesKajis th bot asleep ?18:47
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!18:47
James147BluesKaj: nop18:47
BluesKajhi James147 :)18:49
James147Heya BluesKaj18:49
BluesKajBBL...gotta finish some yardwork before the rain..18:49
anoneemousei keep getting an error that ksmserver cannot start when i try to log in to kde19:21
anoneemousestarting kwin from command line gives me an error that my nvidia driver libraries are not the same version19:21
anoneemousehow do i fix this?19:21
anoneemouseVersion mismatch detected between the NVIDIA libGL.so19:23
anoneemouseand libGLcore.so shared libraries (libGL.so version:19:23
anoneemouse195.36.15; libGLcore.so version: 195.36.24)19:23
krakklezguys can someone help me19:37
krakklezI'm trying to install skype19:37
krakklezand it says19:37
krakklezStatus: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libasound219:37
krakklezer wtf? I have that installed19:38
krakklezk is this a dead channel19:38
krakklezFloodBotK2: [daemon] [GuS] akoma1s19:39
krakklezallee amgarching amichair19:39
krakklezAnarch Andrew9 apachelogger aperson Aranel19:40
[GuS]krakklez: stop naming everyone...19:40
glaucousHow do I enable software mixing in ALSA? Right now only one application can play audio on one device.19:40
krakklez[GuS]: SOMEONE HELP ME THEN19:40
krakklezI'm a noob19:40
[GuS]krakklez: someone will help you in time if someone knows how to help you..19:40
[GuS]you dont need to call everyone19:40
krakklezk thx19:40
[GuS]just wait and be patience ;)19:41
* Aranel hates using a nick begins with A19:42
krakklezuse one starting with something else then.19:43
krakklezlike K19:43
Aranelmakes perfect sense.19:43
Aranellol xD19:43
Aranelor maybe you should sort names starting from Z to A?19:43
=== krakklez is now known as zkrakklez
zkrakklezyou should be zaranel.19:44
Aranelguys at #ubuntu and #defocus would kill me if I change nickname :)19:45
Araneland maybe this [1] article can help you about your question. http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Hardware_mixing,_software_mixing19:47
zkrakklezwho me?19:47
zkrakklezk I have no idea what this is saying lol.19:47
* zkrakklez is away. probably eating again. what a fat kid eh?19:59
=== zkrakklez is now known as krakawai
jschallI'm trying to get video playing smoothly on my netbook, which is an asus 1001p with the intel gma3150 graphics chipset. I'm using kubuntu netbook edition. Googling turns up nothing but a news article that says "jolicloud plays 1080p video on gma3150," along with a video of VLC on jolicloud playing a 1080p video on a netbook. I don't want to use jolicloud, but I'd love to know how they got that working. I've tried emailing them, and20:00
jschall they're not willing to help. I've updated to the newest intel drivers i could find. anyone know what I should do?20:00
Andrew9jschall: what system did it originally come with?20:09
jschallAndrew9: the netbook? windows 7 starter, of course.20:09
jschallAndrew9: pre-installed linux netbooks are dead.20:09
Andrew9jschall: well there are some netbooks with android..20:10
jschallAndrew9: oh20:10
jschallAndrew9: win 7 starter.20:10
Andrew9jschall: have you tried to play video on windows?20:10
jschallAndrew9: nope, cleared it off after about 5 minutes of getting pissed at it while trying to make the kubuntu image on my SD card20:11
Andrew9jschall: ok20:11
jschallAndrew9: it's gone unless i want to use the restore partition i left on there.20:12
Andrew9jschall: i personally don't like VLC at all. try kaffeine, it works better20:12
coteyrOk, I ned help, this has been a prblem for some time. I have a my hp, it is great and everything works fine except I can get the multimedia keys to work. They once did, but sense the upgrade to lucid they have not. No keysyms, keycodes or even scan codes are generated. It's like there is a kernel moduce missing20:12
jschallAndrew9: and i don't.20:12
coteyrand to make it worse that is where my wifi on/off button is.20:12
jschallAndrew9: kaffeiene is xine based, just like dragon player20:12
jschallAndrew9: it won't play any differently20:12
coteyrHas anyone had a simular problem or know of a fix. Again, its not that I don't know how to map keys it's that the scancodes are not being generated.20:13
jschallAndrew9: i've tried both dragon player and VLC20:13
Andrew9jschall: i play 720p movies on my old p4 without any lags using kaffeine, when i try vlc video gets slowed down and goes out of sync20:13
moetunestry the -v switch with vlc in terminal to find out why it won't play20:14
moetunesor -vv even20:14
jschallmoetunes: it's playing fine, it's just not decoding/rendering it fast enough20:14
jschallAndrew9: that is similar to my experience except that dragon player still lags quite a bit.20:15
Andrew9jschall: i suggest you to try kaffeine..20:15
jschallAndrew9: in addition, flash video stutters at 360p on hulu, 480p on youtube.20:16
jschallAndrew9: html5 helps on youtube20:16
jschallAndrew9: but there's no solution for hulu20:16
Andrew9jschall: i could play 720p youtube videos (with minor lags) on windows20:16
jschallAndrew9: i also asked the jolicloud people if their fixes helped adobe flash, and they dodged the question and said "Flash support for Linux still needs some improvements from Adobe."20:16
jschallAndrew9: http://www.liliputing.com/2010/02/jolicloud-adds-support-for-1080p-hd-video-on-pine-trail-netbooks.html20:17
jschallAndrew9: is the news article i was referring to. i looked up the netbook in it, it has a gma3150 as well20:17
Andrew9jschall: gpu doesn't do much20:18
Andrew9jschall: especially on linux..20:18
jschallAndrew9: i understand that20:18
anoneemouseis anybody else having problems with the nvidia-current package20:18
jschallAndrew9: but i'm assuming they found a way to use the gpu.20:18
jschallAndrew9: look at the video, they're playing 1080p perfectly smoothly.20:19
jschallAndrew9: on the same piece of shit atom n450 that has trouble playing 480p smoothly on my netbook20:19
anoneemousei keep getting errors when trying to start kwin20:19
Andrew9jschall:  what is the screen resolution?20:19
anoneemouseVersion mismatch detected between the NVIDIA libGL.so20:19
anoneemouseand libGLcore.so shared libraries20:19
jschallAndrew9: 1024x600, which obviously is NOT 1080p, but it's still convenient to play 720 and 1080p because transcoding video is a pain in the butt.20:20
Andrew9jschall: they could fake 1080p and play 720p or even native 60020:20
jschallAndrew9: in a compressed youtube video like that they could put a 360p video on there and no one would know20:21
jschallAndrew9: but i doubt they're FAKING it.20:21
Andrew9jschall: what wouldn't you do for advertising?..20:21
jschallAndrew9: for a free product?20:21
Andrew9jschall: nothing is free20:21
jschallAndrew9: although, i guess they're refusing to help me out by telling me how they did it.20:21
anoneemouseoxygen is free20:21
jschallAndrew9: so you might be on to something.20:22
jschallanoneemouse: the billions of plants an algaes that work hard to produce our oxygen resent that.20:22
anoneemousethen they should unionise... until then its free20:22
Andrew9anoneemouse: how much solar energy needed to a tree to produce oxygen?20:22
anoneemousei dont know...20:23
anoneemousebut sunlight is also free. now that you mention it20:23
Andrew9jschall: run windows with K-Lite Mega Codecs Pack and see how it plays back is the only thing i can suggest..20:24
jschallAndrew9: that doesn't help me very much and it's a really big pain20:24
jschallAndrew9: what will it tell me if it does? what will it tell me if it doesn't?20:25
Andrew9anoneemouse: how much hydrogen fuses into helium and radiate solar energy?20:25
jschallAndrew9: if it does it will tell me that it's possible, if it doesn't it will tell me nothing20:25
Andrew9jschall: i'm telling it to you because the netbook i had was performing better with windows then your with linux20:27
jschallAndrew9: i don't want to use windows though.20:27
Andrew9jschall: why? two words20:27
slinker1it sux? :)20:28
jschallAndrew9: a lot of reasons.20:28
anoneemousehes deaf?20:28
Andrew9jschall: ok, name any20:28
jschallAndrew9: i shouldn't have to explain why i don't want to use windows in a fucking linux channel, this is insane.20:28
jschallAndrew9: excuse my french.20:28
anoneemousei think you should20:28
anoneemouseits only fair20:28
jschallsteve ballmer molested me when i was a kid20:29
jschallgood enough?20:29
jschallhappy now?20:29
FloodBotK2jschall: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:29
jschallsteve ballmer STILL molests me by being alive.20:30
Andrew9jschall: we are happy now =D20:30
Andrew9jschall: but that's just hatred20:30
jschalli have to go to work now, i posted my issue on the ubuntu forums and we'll see where i get with it (probably nowhere)20:30
anoneemousedid he come to your Home, make you page Down, Insert until the End and then Delete?20:31
Andrew9jschall: ok, good luck20:31
Andrew9anoneemouse: lol20:31
infotelinteresting process20:32
anoneemousemy kubuntu changed into fubuntu20:33
slinker1i blame ballmer20:34
Andrew9anoneemouse: i had to reinstall kubuntu twice because of some things just stopped working..20:34
anoneemouseAndrew9: i have forged ahead for a long while now20:35
anoneemouseit seems like everything is falling apart20:35
anoneemouseand it taunts me20:35
anoneemouseone day i turned my computer on and my sound started working normally in kubuntu20:35
anoneemousefor about a week it was sunshine and creampuffs, then i switched my computer on.... broken again20:36
anoneemouseall my opposite of < characters come out as > and i cant do double quotes "20:36
Andrew9anoneemouse: my advice: know when you need to stop wasting your time20:36
anoneemousei use ubuntu for4 things: browse the web, check email, do banking and chat with people20:37
anoneemousethe rest is all done in windows20:37
Andrew9anoneemouse: i use kubuntu to watch films and listen music. it's an old computer but it has nice audio card. i use linux because it boots faster than windows..20:38
anoneemousexp boots consderably faster for me than kubuntu, if you count the black screen ubuntu displays for 10 seconds during boot20:39
anoneemousebut from login screen to desktop, xp is about 100 times faster than ubuntu20:39
Andrew9anoneemouse: my kubuntu loads ~30 sec. windows ~5min20:40
anoneemousemaybe lying... about 15 times faster20:40
anoneemousedid you install every program on the internet?20:40
Andrew9anoneemouse: a giant 90GB windows xp...20:41
Andrew9anoneemouse: yes xD20:41
Andrew9anoneemouse: i use to install everything interests me20:41
anoneemouseso did i... but these days only what i need. the registry taught me a lesson20:42
anoneemousei know this is unrelated, but if you want to speed windows up considerably20:42
anoneemousehide desktop icons20:42
anoneemouseget a good reputable registry cleaner and run it20:43
anoneemouseclip the programs in your startup folder and startup registry20:43
Andrew9anoneemouse: the only major thing i hate in windows is the fact that it slows down after installing programs and using it for some time20:43
anoneemouseremove unused or unnecesery fonts20:43
Andrew9anoneemouse: i never use registry cleaners20:43
anoneemousednt use th ones popups and banners tell you to use. find one on softpedia to do it20:44
Andrew9anoneemouse: that 90gb win xp has been alive for 1,5 years20:44
anoneemousemy xp has been alive for 2 years... still blazingly fast20:44
Andrew9anoneemouse: the previous win xp's were cleaned with registry tools and never lived longer than ~6 months20:45
anoneemousei used to have lots of dyig windows xps as well... but i managed to tame xp20:46
anoneemousewindows 98... now that thing was wild20:46
Andrew9anoneemouse: i have to go now.. cu later20:48
anoneemousei like the way packagekit gives me a comma seperated list of my update history of 30 packages, it makes it so easy to read20:55
anoneemouseis there a way to downgrade a package?20:56
James147anoneemouse: not easily20:56
anoneemousei can now see th update that busted up my video driver20:56
anoneemouseive tried uninstalling the driver as instructed and installing it again20:56
anoneemousebut the same error just comes back20:56
anoneemousewhich graphics card do you have James14720:57
James147anoneemouse: An nvidia one20:57
anoneemouseare you using the driver manually downloaded from their site or are you using the nvidia-current package?20:58
James147anoneemouse: the nvidia-current ones, tryed the ones from the site but they dident work20:58
anoneemousethe ones from the site worked before the current version of ubuntu20:59
James147anoneemouse: saw something online that I think disctibed how to get them to work but I dident really care that much20:59
anoneemousepackages are supposed to be better anyway20:59
anoneemousebut now the nvidia current package broke itself20:59
James147anoneemouse: try purging it, rebooting then reinstalling it21:00
anoneemousedo you think it might work if i reinstall and then reboot21:01
James147anoneemouse: I would pruge the package then reboot before trying to install them again (might also want to remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:02
anoneemouseok... purged it, so i will reboot21:02
anoneemousethanks for the tip :)21:02
starslightshello to everyone, my screen has comming black and i have only a few windows working, like "akt+f2+ who make me possible to open a few applications, but how can i restart the desktop or the process needed to have all good again, i tried with " ctrl-alt +f12" but no change21:03
James147starslights: try running "plasma-desktop"21:07
starslightshi James147, ok21:08
starslightsoh my god, great  ^^ , you are a champion and save me :P21:08
starslightsit's not the first time i get this problem but i was lucky to have the irc open :P, thanks very much :D21:09
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Guest17487how do I purge packages that were removed, but not purged?22:06
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nuovodnahow can i use raster render as default22:21
pvandewyngaerdeconsequences will never be the same22:33
dominicdinadaare there plugins for kate to be able to edit other encodings besides utf8 i notice any files with different encodings. Does not allow kate to modify the documents... for instance searching through 1014 lines of a document to find 4 or 9 or whatever characters is pretty time consuming22:36
Drone4fouri recently installed kubuntu-kde and it changed the boot splash theme from an orange logo on a black background to tourqoise on blue.  how do i change it back?22:39
dominicdinadaDrone4four: I am looking for you22:44
84XAAOUXZSettings > System Settings > Appearance > Splash Screen22:44
84XAAOUXZahh wtf is up with my user name22:45
Drone4fourdominicdinada, what do you mean? you're actually creepin me out a bit22:46
crooks3o6There we go...22:46
dominicdinadaDrone4four: I meant looking for an answer but if it is creeping you out check the community support yourself22:46
crooks3o6Drone4four: Settings > System Settings > Appearance > Splash Screen22:46
crooks3o6Settings are in there22:46
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Drone4fourty crooks3o6: i'll try that in gnome. right now i'm on fluxbox. brb22:48
crooks3o6In gnome?  I thought you said kde...22:49
Drone4fourcrooks3o6, should i try that path in KDE rather than gnome?22:54
crooks3o6Yea that's where the menu settings are in KDE...  I imagine gnome would be similar22:54
kstarHi. How would I change a KDE setting while customizing a LiveCD? I'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization22:56
Drone4fourcrooks3o6, i navigated to Settings > System Settings > Appearance > Splash Screen and that's not what i'm looking for.  i want to change the grub boot splash screen not the KDE Splash Screen that shows when you load the KDE window manager22:58
crooks3o6oooh ok22:58
crooks3o6that's different the22:58
James147Drone4four: try uninstalling plymouth-theme-kubuntu-logo  (or look into configuring plymouth)22:59
Drone4fourJames147, i for certain don't have plymouth installed22:59
crooks3o6Drone4four: http://linuxers.org/howto/how-change-grub2-splash-images   <----  This should get you on your way23:00
crooks3o6You can skip installing the extra splash screens if you want.  The rest of the article will explain how to change the images.23:01
Drone4fourplymouth is fancy. the boot splash theme i currently used is prolly a 256 colour frame buffer23:01
Drone4fourty crooks3o6, i think that article should help23:02
crooks3o6All of the settings for Grub2 are in /etc/grub.d/23:02
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btarik#join linguistics23:24
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aguja85i have a symbolic link to thunderbird.sh on my desktop, i want to change the default icon image, but it changes the icon for all .sh files, how  can i resolve this?23:54

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