yofelhey, how long does it usually take for packages to be published? The package here already waits 10h to be published https://edge.launchpad.net/~neon/+archive/ppa/+packages00:06
wgrantyofel: It should be done within 5 minutes.00:07
wgrantLet's see.00:07
Quintasanyofel: I was about to ask that00:07
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yofelQuintasan: beat you :P00:07
wgrantyofel: Can you visit https://launchpad.net/~neon/+archive/ppa/+edit and confirm that the 'Publish' setting is checked?00:15
yofelQuintasan: ^00:16
Quintasanwgrant: thanks00:17
wgrantI really need to convince people that we should remove that checkbox.00:18
wgrantit doesn't make sense for users to have access to it.00:19
QuintasanI can only agree on that00:21
MTecknologywgrant: You ever have a day where you've done a whole lot of work - but got nowhere?00:26
wgrantMTecknology: Regrettably so.00:27
MTecknologywgrant: All I can think about is going to the bar - but I don't go there so it wouldn't make sense...00:27
MTecknologywgrant: you happen to know much about recipes?00:27
wgrantMTecknology: A bit.00:28
MTecknologywgrant: I've been fighting them and maybe I'm missing some dumb thing00:29
MTecknologywgrant: I have this recipe that works perfect locally - http://paste.ubuntu.com/467253/ - but a recipe in LP can't use run00:31
rinzeMTecknology: Couldn't you just use merge for the debian changes?00:32
MTecknologyrinze: bzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.00:32
wgrantGive them a common ancestor.00:33
wgrantBase your packaging changes branch on your normal branch.00:33
MTecknologyAny chance you could hold my hand a wee bit on this one?00:34
MTecknologyas if it hasn't been held enough....00:35
wgrantMTecknology: Why isn't lp:~nginx/ninx/debian-changes-0.8 based on lp:~nginx/ninx/debian?00:35
wgrantIf it was, you could just merge it in.00:35
MTecknologyI couldn't figure out how to base it on the branch00:36
wgrantbzr branch lp:~nginx/ninx/debian debian-changes-0.800:36
wgrantMake the changes.00:36
MTecknologyand if I only want to maintain the one file in that branch?00:37
wgrantWhy would you want to do that?00:37
MTecknologythe more I think about that - the more it sounds like a better idea00:38
MTecknologyI'll do that00:38
spivIncidentally, I'm working on a change to recipes to allow merging files/directories from unrelated branches, but I think wgrant's advice here is good even if that work were finished and deployed.00:41
MTecknologyspiv: I'm doing that now and finally clicked why that's a better idea00:42
MTecknologyspiv: and incredibly awesome feature to add :)00:42
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MTecknologywgrant: so I'm taking the lp:~nginx/ninx/debian out of the recipe entirely?00:46
wgrantMTecknology: It depends.00:48
wgrantIf you leave it in, you'll automatically get changes from that branch.00:48
wgrantWhich is probably what you want.00:49
MTecknologyyup - which is why i thought I didn't need any files other than the ones i was changing00:49
wgrantRemember that it's a merge, not a clobber.00:50
MTecknologyso it'll look like this instead? http://paste.ubuntu.com/467258/00:51
wgrantI think so.00:52
MTecknologyI'll try it out...00:53
MTecknologywgrant: do I love you, no... do I want to buy you a beer... yes00:55
MTecknologywgrant: so if they change file xyz my branch will overwrite their change when I do the merge since it's something I changed?00:56
wgrantMTecknology: It will follow normal bzr merge rules.00:57
wgrantIf you both change the same part of the file, it will conflict.00:57
MTecknologywgrant: oh... that'll happen every time00:58
wgrantMTecknology: lp:nginx/ninx/debian changes regularly?00:58
wgrantIt's only your delta relative to lp:nginx/ninx/debian that matters.00:59
MTecknologywgrant: the file I changed will00:59
MTecknologyI changed a file that they will change00:59
MTecknologyI'm horrible with understanding merge conflicts so my face blanks00:59
MTecknologychangelog and a couple others that will be less frequently changed01:00
wgrantYou shouldn't be modifying the changleog.01:00
wgrantbzr-builder does that for you.01:00
MTecknologyexcept that it won't handle if your building a different version with the same changelog01:01
MTecknologythere's stable 0.7.x and development 0.8.x - both can use the exact same debian/01:02
wgrantBut bzr-builder handles the new changelog entry for you.01:03
MTecknologyhow do I assign it the right version?01:04
wgrantMTecknology: The deb-version bit in the first line of the recipe.01:04
MTecknologywgrant: I'd very much rather not have to change that for every single build but... doesn't sound like I have the choice01:05
spivMTecknology: the deb-version can include things like {revno}01:05
spivSo you shouldn't have to change it every single build.01:06
MTecknologyspiv: the version will change with every build01:06
wgrantIt'd be fairly useless for daily builds otherwise.01:06
wgrantMTecknology: What do you mean?01:07
MTecknologythe branches will only change with new versions01:07
wgrantAs in new stable releases?01:07
wgrantHmm. I don't know enough about the version syntax to tell you how to solve that.01:08
wgrantspiv: Do you know?01:08
MTecknologywgrant: I was saying earlier that {last_tag:branch_name} would solve this for me01:09
wookeywgrant: I can see no sign of the file that dpkg-source is whinging about in the uploaded archive01:09
wgrantwookey: It must be a dpkg bug which has since been fixed.01:09
spivwgrant: it just has {revno}, {time}, {revno:BRANCH-NAME} and {debupstream} I think01:10
MTecknology{debupstream} is what I was trying to get at01:10
MTecknologythat's the exact string I want for 0.7.x01:10
MTecknologybut not for 0.8.x01:10
wookeyhmm, so given that I promised to upload this today, but the pristine source I gave to Debian won;t uplaod to my PPA, what do you suggest I do?01:11
wookey(the user who wanted it need a version rebuild on maverick because the libvtk is different on ubuntu)01:12
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wookeyI can build it on my maverick chroot here but that will produe amd64 packages and he wants i38601:13
MTecknologyspiv: # bzr-builder format 0.2 deb-version {debupstream}-0ppa{revno} <-- I think that's right for 0.7.x - For 0.8.x I would need to have 0.8.34-0ppa{revno} and for every branch upload change the version..01:14
spivWhat's the recipe look like?01:16
spivWon't the {revno} take care of that already?01:18
MTecknologyspiv: It's the 0.8.34 that I don't like having to change every time I want to make a new build01:19
MTecknologyspiv: I know I'm asking a lot from something that's still very beta..01:19
spivMTecknology: oh, I see.01:24
spivMTecknology: it would be good to support that, although I'm not sure what a good mechanism for that would be01:25
MTecknologyspiv: last_tag :D01:25
spivThere's no such concept in bzr.01:25
spiv"highest" tag, perhaps.01:26
MTecknologyya, that01:26
spivAlthough that strikes me as pretty fragile, and dependent on details of how projects tag things.01:26
wgrantI wonder if it could use pristine tar information instead.01:26
spivPlease file a bug on bzr-builder for this, but the solution isn't obvious to me.01:27
spivIn the meantime, perhaps just call your package 0.8?  Or 0.8.x if debian allows that...01:27
MTecknologyspiv: maybe you know this one... bug 608450 mentions having a branch you can merge that makes the changes01:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 608450 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "Can't use 'run' in recipe (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60845001:28
wgrantThe rationale given there doesn't make sense, AFAICT.01:29
wgrantWe put in an awful lot of work to make sure recipe builds were as secure as PPA builds.01:30
wgrantAnd they are.01:30
wgrantSo there's no security risk, unless we evaluate the recipe somewhere else.01:30
spivMTecknology: I have a branch intended to permit merging debian/ from a branch with unrelated history01:30
MTecknologyspiv: that one let lets you basically overwrite files?01:30
spivMTecknology: no01:31
spivBut if you know there are files in an existing branch, well make a branch based on the existing branch and merge it in.01:31
MTecknologywgrant: It's kinda sad because I actually got excited when I maqde it run locally :P01:31
MTecknologyI've also been considering just asking the deb maintainer to just had another svn branch in trunk for 0.8 :P01:33
spivMy patch is targetted to the 'parallel import' case, where Launchpad has essentially the same project in unrelated branches via code imports and package imports, and you'd like to make a recipe to e.g. package the latest upstream trunk using the same packaging that's already in ubuntu.01:33
MTecknologythat sounds a lot like my use case01:33
wgrantI don't think it is.01:34
MTecknologymaybe a use case matching what i had in my head01:34
spivMy patch (currently) adds a 'merge-part' instruction to recipes so that you can specify merging just part of a (possibly unrelated) branch, e.g. 'merge-part debian-from-parallel url://to/branch -1 debian/', IIRC01:36
MTecknologywgrant: far as the security things goes - I could see the point if rules didn't basically allow you to do the same thing01:36
MTecknologyspiv: nice01:37
wgrantMTecknology: Right. You can already execute arbitrary code, so the restriction is pointless.01:37
MTecknologywgrant: I guess this is just part of workign out the kinks :P01:39
MTecknologyIt's 19:40 and I got here at 07:40... I should continue working from home..01:41
MTecknologywgrant: so.. I just emailed upstream about making a debian-dev - we'll see if she's up for that02:45
tcrCan I cross-reference a bug in project FOO in a bug report to a project BAR? If so, how?03:20
wgranttcr: So, it depends on how the bugs are related. Do you have two in particular for this case?03:21
spivWhat do you mean by cross-reference, exactly?  As a minimal option, you can write "See also bug 999999" in a comment, and it will be automatically hyperlinked.03:22
ubot5Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: 999999 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/999999)03:22
tcrspiv: The numbers are universally unique? I'd have thought they're unique per project only?03:23
wgrantNo, they're universally unique.03:23
thiebaudeI had my account suspended, how do i find out why it was?03:23
tcrOh that's cool, and news to me.03:23
wgrantUnless your project has 600000 bugs. :)03:23
thiebaudelaunchpad account03:23
spmthiebaude: which account?03:23
spmthiebaude: no :-) what was the name of it.03:23
tcrspiv: That's all I wanted. Thanks03:24
thiebaudeok let me check 1 sec03:24
thiebaudeyes it is thiebaude03:25
spmthiebaude: ok, apparently your account was being abused to send spam back in April; and was duly suspended.03:27
thiebaudecan i get it back03:28
thiebaudesince i did't spam03:28
spmthiebaude: I didn't mean to imply _you_ had; only that your account was. possibly your PC was trojaned or similar. You ain't the first, won't be the last.03:30
thiebaudeok thanks for that info:)03:30
thiebaudei understand03:30
thiebaudewhat is the next step for me to get the account back?03:31
spmthiebaude: I've reactivated it; but you'll need to go thru the 'forgotten password' steps03:31
thiebaudespm ,ok thanks i sure will, and thank you for helping me:)03:32
spmnp :-)03:33
MuscovyIs it possible to add icons and screenshots to thing in my PPA for the software centre?04:34
wgrantMuscovy: Not at the moment. But I believe the Software Center people are working on that sort of thing.04:38
MuscovyOk, thanks.04:46
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MTecknologyspm: whois says you're around - any chance you could make me blink with joy?05:23
thumperMTecknology: whazzup?05:47
MTecknologythumper: I was hoping for a peak at an answer request05:48
thumperMTecknology: ah05:48
MTecknologythumper: Are you an LP admin?05:48
thumperMTecknology: alas, no05:49
MTecknologySeems there used to be a lot more than there are now05:49
thumperMTecknology: no... not really05:50
MTecknologyoh, then my mind fooled me in the past :P05:50
wgrantThere were, but not for a few years now.05:51
MTecknologyI've been using LP for a while now.. I can vaguely name a few I was pretty sure were on the list - back when I called 'em all rubber duckies05:52
MTecknologyso.. what is the limit on number of times you can build a package for each release in a day?05:53
wgrant5, I believe.05:54
wgrantIt is a stupid restriction.05:54
MTecknologyoh.. I thought I did a lot more than 5 today - I wasn't surprised to hit it :P05:55
spmthere's a restriction on #builds of a package? huh. didn't know that one.06:35
wgrantspm: There's a new restriction on the number of builds per day of a recipe for each series.06:36
wgrantIt is the only such arbitrary limit in Launchpad, I believe.06:36
spmAhh I see. I'm aware of the new recipe stuff, but don't know too much about it unf.06:36
wgrantExcept for the PPA disk quota, I guess.06:37
spmthat one does make sense in a 'please clean up what you *really* want from what you don't; then ask for more' sense.06:37
james_wMTecknology: please file bugs on bzr-builder with your requests07:41
mistryniteshhttps://help.launchpad.net/ReadingOpenPgpMail recommends using FireGPG for reading openpgp mails on Gmail. However, the FireGPG project is discontinued and the software no longer supports gmail08:00
mistryniteshis this the correct channel to report this?08:01
thumpermistrynitesh: yeak08:04
thumpermistrynitesh: there has been some recent work on email authentication using DKIM (I think that's right)08:05
thumpermistrynitesh: so that may mean that email from gmail will be trusted as if it was signed08:05
* thumper just noticed the typo above08:06
thumperalthough I probably was going to say yeah08:06
thumperak isn't anywhere near s08:06
wgrantthumper: It's actually landed.08:06
wgrantSo 10.08 will automatically verify emails from Gmail.08:07
thumperwgrant: but probably not live yet08:07
thumperwgrant: how goes the new semester?08:07
thumperlast one right?08:07
thumperlifeless: morning, you there for the entire week?08:07
mistryniteshthumper: i did not understand what you meant by "email from gmail will be trusted as if it was signed"08:08
lifelessthumper: yea, GHM in den hag on the weekend then home on monday, get in wed08:09
thumpermistrynitesh: sorry I misread your initial question08:09
thumpermistrynitesh: is the email signed or encrypted?08:09
mistryniteshso I had to copy the mail to a text file and then read it on command line08:10
thumperI don't know an answer, perhaps a more general firefox forum could help08:10
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thumpermorning jtv08:10
jtvhi thumper08:10
jtvyou going to Den Haag then?08:10
mistryniteshsure, what I wanted to report is that the help page on launchpad should be updated with this development08:10
thumpermistrynitesh: ok, thanks08:11
wgrantthumper: It starts Monday. And yes, it's the last one.08:11
wgrantThen I have to find something to do.08:11
lifelessjtv: thumper is in NZ again already08:11
* thumper wanders off08:13
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Quintasanjames_w, wgrant, maxb: can something be done about that import -> https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/kdelibs/kde4 failing?12:19
maxbQuintasan: Only by someone first fixing bug 57949112:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 579491 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "iter_changes on caching logwalker supports only one prefix (affected: 1, heat: 4)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57949112:21
shadeslayerhi i would like to know if theres a way to make https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/kdelibs/kde4 work12:21
maxb<Quintasan> james_w, wgrant, maxb: can something be done about that import -> https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/kdelibs/kde4 failing?12:22
maxb<maxb> Quintasan: Only by someone first fixing bug 57949112:22
shadeslayeri see Quintasan already asked :D12:22
wgrantYou two seem to come in pairs :P12:22
Quintasanwell, we want Project Neon to move since I figured out how to build Qt :P12:22
shadeslayerwgrant: were trying to get project Neon up and working12:22
Quintasanshadeslayer: wut, I'm the spokesperson for our project :P12:23
geserwgrant: perhaps the idea is: if more people ask then it seems to be important and more likely to get fixed. would that work?12:23
* shadeslayer thought it was a collaborative effort :(12:23
Quintasanshadeslayer: yeah, but repeating the same sentence over again won't help :P12:24
yofelwell, let's increase the 'affects' count a bit in any case...12:24
shadeslayerQuintasan: i didnt know you asked ^_^12:24
yofelshadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/467466/12:25
shadeslayerok :P12:26
shadeslayerbtw how come gitorious.org is not recognized by LP?12:41
wgrantNot recognised? In what sense?12:42
shadeslayerwgrant: for eg. when i login with the LP open id , i get a warning saying that gitorious.org is not recognised by launchpad open sign in service12:44
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wgrantI don't know. Ubuntu/Launchpad SSO aren't actually part of Launchpad any more.12:44
shadeslayerah ok12:45
wgrantBut it just means it's not been explicitly configured yet.12:45
wgrantI don't know why it tells you that.12:45
mtaylorspm: not still up are you?13:04
shadeslayermerge packaging lp:~bzr/bzr/packaging << whats the role of the word 'packaging' here?13:10
shadeslayerthe first one...13:10
poolieshadeslayer, is this in a build recipe?13:10
shadeslayerim trying it out for rekonq first.. so that i can work on kdelibs13:11
wgrantshadeslayer: It gives the branch a name in the recipe. You can then say {revno:packaging} in the version string.13:13
shadeslayerwgrant: ok.. another question then,suppose im merging the 2 branches,and my packaging is in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rekonq/rekonq/rekonq-ubuntu/files13:14
shadeslayerand im using merge packaging lp:~rekonq/rekonq/rekonq-ubuntu13:15
shadeslayerwould that work?13:15
wgrantThat should work, yes.13:15
wgrantAssuming that the branches have a common ancestor.13:15
shadeslayercommon ancestor? :D13:15
wgrantrekonq-ubuntu has to be based on the original branch.13:16
shadeslayertheres no original branch13:17
wgrantYou're merging the branch into something.13:18
shadeslayerwgrant: this is the first import of rekonq packaging branch13:18
wgrantshadeslayer: What is the base branch of your recipe?13:18
shadeslayerwgrant: none...13:18
shadeslayeryou mean the initial code import13:19
wgrantYou can't merge into nothing.13:19
wgrantAfter the initial recipe header line, there is a branch name.13:19
shadeslayerohhh.. one sec13:19
wgrantThen you have subsequent directives like 'merge blah lp:blah'13:19
wgrantThe base branch is retrieved, then the directives are followed on top of that.13:20
shadeslayerwgrant: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rekonq13:20
shadeslayerrekonq-ubuntu is packaging and rekonq/trunk is base branch13:20
wgrantSo, that's not going to work.13:21
shadeslayerok.. why?13:21
wgrantrekonq-ubuntu isn't based on trunk.13:21
wgrantSo there's no way to merge them.13:21
wgrantrekonq-ubuntu appears to be the contents of the debian/ directory?13:22
shadeslayersorry for the caps13:22
wgrantWhy isn't it a full branch, with an added debian/ directory?13:22
shadeslayeryou mean it should be a branch with a debian/ folder and then it should be used?13:23
wgrantI think you should create a new branch of trunk and throw the debian/ directory in there.13:23
wgrantThat's pretty much how the Ubuntu packaging branches work.13:24
shadeslayerohh i see13:24
wgrantSo your packaging branch is a complete extracted Debian source package.13:24
wgrantIt has the application source, and it has the debian directory.13:24
shadeslayerwgrant: lemme show you something13:24
mtaylorshadeslayer: http://www.advogato.org/person/robertc/diary/130.html may be helpful13:24
shadeslayerwgrant: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~neon13:24
shadeslayersame thing there... we have qt-ubuntu and qt-trunk13:25
shadeslayeruh.. qt-kde13:25
shadeslayerso qt-kde is our intial import13:26
shadeslayerand qt-ubuntu is our packaging branch13:26
wgrantIs there a reason you've done in that way?13:27
shadeslayerwgrant: you would have to ask Quintasan :D13:27
Quintasanwgrant: well, if there is a debian/ directory inside a branch and nest requires a name of the dir13:32
Quintasanso it would look like: ./debian/debian/control13:33
wgrantQuintasan: Why not make the branch look like a source package?13:33
wgrantJust a branch of trunk, but with the debian/ directory added.13:33
wgrantThen a plain merge is all that's required; no nest.13:33
shadeslayerbtw is the {date} plugin now available in recipes ?13:34
Quintasanwgrant: I don't get it, you want me to put debian/ to our kde-qt branch13:34
Quintasanshadeslayer: date was available all the time O_o13:34
shadeslayerah ok13:34
wgrantQuintasan: No. In a branch of kde-qt.13:35
wgrantRather than having qt-ubuntu as a standalone branch, have it be based on qt-kde, but with the added debian/ directory.13:36
Quintasanand how do I do that?13:36
wgrantbzr branch qt-kde qt-ubuntu13:36
wgrantcd qt-ubuntu13:36
wgrant<copy in packaging>13:36
wgrantbzr add13:36
wgrantbzr ci -m "Add packaging."13:37
wgrantbzr push13:37
shadeslayerill bbl13:37
Quintasanwgrant: and how the daily build will handle this?13:40
wgrantQuintasan: The recipe that's there at the moment is for this kind of model.13:41
wgrantIt won't work with the qt-ubuntu branch that's up there now.13:41
Quintasanwgrant: http://pastebin.com/t9XE2wnv13:41
Quintasanthat's the recipe I used to generate qt-kde source tarball13:41
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loolHey folks13:43
loolI fucked up13:43
wgrantQuintasan: Ah. I was looking at a recipe on LP, which has since been deleted.13:43
wgrantQuintasan: Replace the third line with 'merge debian lp:~neon/project-neon/qt-ubuntu'.13:43
loolI created a regular project and cant attach it to a project group now; I should have created it under the project group13:43
loolWould some admin be able to fix that for me?13:43
wgrantlool: Click 'Change details' on your project.13:44
loollinaro-toolchain is the meta-project (group) and linaro-toolchain-misc is the project which should be attached to the group13:44
wgrantFind the 'Part of' field.13:44
loolwgrant: Gah, thakns13:44
loolwgrant: worked fine13:45
Quintasanwgrant: well no need to place debian/ intro source then?13:45
wgrantQuintasan: debian/ will exist in qt-ubuntu. qt-kde won't have it. So you tell the recipe to merge qt-ubuntu into qt-kde.13:45
wgrantThat way you get the latest code from qt-kde, and the debian/ directory from qt-ubuntu.13:46
Quintasanbzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.13:58
Quintasanwgrant: ^13:58
wgrantQuintasan: Sounds like you didn't branch qt-ubuntu from qt-kde...13:58
ttxfrom #openstack: <jonesy> you know, from an end-user perspective (someone looking for info or code for a project they're interested in), I've never liked launchpad, but I just did a merge proposal, and it was one of the easiest experiences I've had outside of maybe github.13:59
poolienice :)14:00
poolienow let's fix the other bits14:00
wgrantWell, some UI design might help...14:00
Quintasanwgrant: I have qt-kde (Qt source code) and qt-ubuntu (contains debian/) directories sitting in my home, doing bzr branch qt-kde qt-ubuntu = bzr: ERROR: Target directory "qt-ubuntu" already exists. and --use-existing-dir yields me error that qt-ubuntu is already a branch14:38
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ocatacooI keep getting bug reports sent to me from launchpad and see no way to stop them or unsubscribe what should I do to unsubscribe from them15:05
MethsAre you receiving updates on one bug or lots of bugs for a project?15:07
jelmerocatacoo: the last line of the email should explain why you are receiving the email.15:07
jtvocatacoo: there should be an explanation of how you're subscribed at the bottom of each email.15:07
ocatacooYou received this bug notification because you are subscribed to15:08
ocatacooHardware Certification.15:08
shadeslayerthats why :)15:08
ocatacoobut I am not subscribed15:08
shadeslayerocatacoo: un-subscribe from the h/w certification team/ML15:08
ocatacoothats not the bug kist but I am not subscribed to them either and not getting from the mailing list anyway15:10
Methsocatacoo: Have you been to https://bugs.launchpad.net/hardware-certification  to check what subscription options you get in the right-hand menu?15:11
shadeslayerhi im getting this FBTFS with LP recipes http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52316355/buildlog.txt.gz15:13
shadeslayerand i have no idea what it means... ive never seen that error before15:13
ocatacooit shows that I can subscribe15:14
maxbshadeslayer: I believe it means recipe builds are completely broken on maverick owing to changes in the default package seeding which no longer include aptitude in the chroot15:14
Quintasanmaxb: about that import bug, do you have someone working on it or you lack information?15:15
shadeslayermaxb: how can we fix this?15:15
ocatacoohardware cert doesnt have a mailing list that I can find anyway15:15
maxbQuintasan: You sound like you think I'm officially associated with Launchpad :-)  I'm not.15:16
maxbshadeslayer: I've not looked into it in detail, but I imagine the proper fix is to fix pbuilder to not assume aptitude is part of the base chroto15:16
Quintasanmaxb: Well, you're running around answering everything, I assumed you are in some way :P15:18
* maxb afk15:18
jelmerQuintasan: Hi15:18
Quintasanjelmer: um, hello15:18
jelmerQuintasan: what are you trying to do exactly?15:19
jelmerQuintasan: it sounds like you're trying to clone a branch to a location where a branch already exists15:19
Quintasanjelmer: doesn't matter now, I'm not going to copy 300mb source tree just to replace a nest line with merge15:20
Quintasannot worth it15:20
ocatacooso where do I need to ask to unsubscribe?15:20
jtvocatacoo: gmb may be able to help15:22
ocatacoojtv, ? whatis gmb ?15:22
jelmerQuintasan: I think "bzr join" does what you were looking for, if you ever need it later15:22
jelmerocatacoo: he's a Launchpad engineer, gmb is his nickname on IRC :-)15:23
jtvocatacoo: gmb is someone who may show up now that his name's been dropped :-)15:23
jelmershadeslayer: What is the related recipe?15:23
shadeslayerjelmer: for rekonq?15:24
jelmershadeslayer: yeah - is that for which you just pasted the FTBS log?15:24
shadeslayeryes one sec15:25
shadeslayerjelmer: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rekonq15:25
shadeslayereverything is there15:25
shadeslayerrekonq-ubuntu is packaging branch15:26
bigjoolsshadeslayer: you probably need to add a build-depend on aptitude15:27
abentleybigjools, I don't think that will work, pbuilder satisfies those depends, so pbuilder will already be running before aptitude is installed.15:30
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ocatacoojtv: I contacted him through launchpad , I just didnt want to file a bug because of something so trivial15:39
jelmerabentley: it also should be up to the user to install aptitude because pbuilder happens to use it15:40
jelmerhas the dependency on aptitude in maverick perhaps been changed from Depends to Recommends?15:40
jelmerthe dependency of pbuilder on aptitude I mean15:40
jelmerabentley, bigjools: Yeah, that looks like it:15:41
abentleyjelmer, pbuilder never had a dependency on aptitude, but aptitude used to be in base.15:41
jtvocatacoo: you can also file a question under Answers15:41
jtvocatacoo: if it turns out to be really a bug, the question can be turned into one—although of course usually that's not the case15:42
abentleyjelmer, the choice to use pbuilder is not the user's, so it shouldn't be up to the user to install aptitude.15:42
jelmerabentley: It seems strange that it doesn't even recommend or suggest it even though it can generate scripts that use it.15:42
jelmerabentley: Argh - that's what I meant to say, sorry15:42
jelmermissing negation in that sentence15:43
abentleyjelmer, yes, bugs have been filed about the lack of a dependency.  However, when used as directed, AIUI, pbuilder's lack of a dependency is not a problem.15:43
ocatacoojtv: thank you I am sure that I just don't see something that I should , but I have looked , just obviously not in the right place...15:44
jelmerabentley: ah, ok15:44
abentleyjelmer, because the scripts install aptitude in the chroot and then run scripts in the chroot.15:44
jelmerabentley: Ahh, of course15:44
jelmerabentley: Please ignore me :-)15:44
jtvocatacoo: it's not always easy with so many ways to get subscribed to something...  I do know for a fact that it must be some kind of direct subscription in your case.  If it were indirect (i.e. because you're a member of a team that's subscribed) then the message would say so.15:45
jtvocatacoo: you're not registered as a bug reporting contact or somesuch either?15:45
ocatacoonot that I can see but ...?15:47
shadeslayerbtw any idea if the svn import plugin will be fixed?15:49
ocatacooHave a good day...15:49
maxbFixed in what way? the kdelibs thing?15:49
shadeslayermaxb: yeah :(15:49
shadeslayerwere stalled for now15:49
maxbI gave the bug number. You can look at the history of it there.15:49
maxbOr maybe even try your hand at fixing it :-)15:49
shadeslayerif only i knew python ^_^15:50
jelmerI know how to fix it, I just haven't had the time to spend on doing so.15:50
shadeslayerjelmer: oh please please please fix it :D15:51
shadeslayerill send you cookies15:51
shadeslayeralso.. pbuilder needs fixing :/15:53
shadeslayerbtw how come Quintasan's Qt build went through but not my build?15:54
jelmershadeslayer: Was he perhaps building for Lucid?15:54
shadeslayerjelmer: nope..karmic build15:54
jelmershadeslayer: Ah, still.. karmic and lucid had aptitude in base, maverick doesn't15:55
shadeslayerjelmer: s/karmic/maverick15:55
jelmershadeslayer: No idea then..15:55
jelmerabentley: do you know perhaps?15:55
abentleyjelmer, know what?15:56
shadeslayerabentley: why rekonq is FTBFS in maverick while Qt builds fine15:57
abentleyshadeslayer, not yet.  Can you give me some build URLs?15:58
shadeslayerabentley: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+recipe/rekonq-daily/+build/40215:58
shadeslayerthats rekonq FTBFS15:58
shadeslayerwhich is due to aptitude not being in the base ubuntu chroot15:58
shadeslayerabentley: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52262923/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.project-neon-qt_1.0%2B1200~ppa1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz15:59
shadeslayerthats Qt being built fine15:59
abentleyshadeslayer, that looks like a binary build.16:00
shadeslayerabentley: binary build? Quintasan ^^16:00
MTecknologyjames_w: for being able to use 'run' I filed one and it was marked invalid - I'll add a bug for the latesttag16:01
james_wMTecknology: thanks16:17
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MTecknologymthaddon: You renamed ninx to nginx but I still see "Bazaar branches of Ninx" :S16:38
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mthaddonMTecknology: ok, fixed16:41
senseCould someone help me to merge the imported account 'sense-ubuntu' into 'sense'? I've tried several times, but it timed out each time. The latest Error ID is OOPS-1664ED1753. I need to merge before I can get my new email address to associate with my account.16:42
MTecknologymthaddon: was it just an easy to set variable?16:43
MTecknologymthaddon: oh, that stuff was removed if you want to disable the other one :)16:44
mthaddonMTecknology: ok, done16:45
maxbEither the PPA publisher is getting slower or I'm getting more impatient16:46
bigjoolsit's slower than it used to be :(16:46
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romaiahello, who should I talk to about the ppa builder?20:19
romaiatwo of my build seen to have entered a loop20:19
romaiakiko,  ^20:20
shadeslayerromaia: entered a loop?20:21
shadeslayerromaia: the one you posted just started20:21
romaiashadeslayer, yes,20:21
romaiashadeslayer, try reloading the page.20:21
romaiathe time counter restarts a few times,20:21
romaiathan the status go back to queued20:21
romaiait has been like for amount an hour.20:22
shadeslayerits back to started 7 secs ago20:23
shadeslayersomething is wrong it seems20:23
romaiathis one as well20:23
matsubaraStevenK, hey, could you take a look at the issue ^ please? anything wrong with the builder?20:27
shadeslayerromaia: the second one seems to be fixed20:27
romaiashadeslayer, yes.20:27
shadeslayerand the first one is now building20:27
romaiashadeslayer, any idea what happend?20:29
romaiais it worth filling a bug?20:29
shadeslayerromaia: a) temporary issue b) someone fixed it20:29
shadeslayerromaia: nah...20:29
shadeslayerbut if it makes you feel good,go ahead :P20:29
romaiaif it happens again...20:30
romaiamaybe it has something to do with the fact that I pressed the force rebuild button.20:30
romaiashadeslayer, thanks anyway20:31
shadeslayerromaia: :D20:31
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MTecknologyWhat's going on here?    bzr branch lp:~nginx/nginx/debian.mod_wsgi   bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~nginx/ninx/0.8/".21:36
MTecknologylifeless: how can I unstack a branch?21:40
romaiabzr reconfigure --unstacked21:41
* MTecknology corsses fingers21:41
MTecknologyromaia: that's generating the same error - any ides how I can fix it - the project was renamed so the branch it was stacked on is gone21:42
romaiaMTecknology, sorry, no idea.21:43
romaiaI just know the unstacked commands since I use it quite often21:43
MTecknologyI rarely use it but was hoping that'd be the ticket - I suppose it need sot know what it's stacked against before it can unstack though21:44
MTecknologyLooks like the guys that can fix it are in a meeting21:46
MTecknologymthaddon: when you're back from your meeting could you take a peak at this?21:47
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