DrHalani still have this strange mousebgu00:36
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alex_mayorgabjsnider: ping05:52
MIH1406Hi, Is Kubuntu 10.10 Alpha release? And how to upgrade to an alpha?10:50
yofelMIH1406: sure https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MaverickMeerkat/Alpha2/Kubuntu - you can upgrade with 'sudo do-release-upgrade -d', if it doesn't show maverick you might need to enabel non-LTS upgrades10:56
MIH1406it is a command line11:14
MIH1406is there a GUI like Ubuntu?11:14
yofelMIH1406: we don't have a gui of our own, but you can certainly use update-manager in Kubuntu too11:16
MIH1406I have many repos add to the default one, can I list packages by repo?11:17
yofelupdate-manager-kde in this case11:17
yofelMIH1406: I doubt kpackagekit can do that, as far as I know ubuntus software-center can do that and muon will be able to do that once it's released11:21
yofelah, synaptic can do that too11:22
MIH1406Yes but they are in Ubuntu I do not like to mix GTK with Kubuntu11:22
yofelmuon will be able to do that, it's a synaptic like package manager for kubuntu currently in development11:23
yofelas kpackagekit is... rather lacking in features11:24
yofelMIH1406: you can try it out here https://edge.launchpad.net/~echidnaman/+archive/qapt - works mostly fine, but it *is* still unstable11:26
MIH1406Oh! That is my wish for Kubuntu11:28
MIH1406Thank you very very very very much for this good news11:28
yofelMIH1406: here's a screenshot ;) http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/muon.png11:30
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AzaToth_workdoes lucid-backports fall into the category of this channel, or should #ubuntu be the place?13:19
om26erAzaToth_work, #ubuntu13:20
AzaToth_workom26er: I see13:20
AzaToth_work(sadly there is too much OT there atm)13:21
AzaToth_workom26er: though, anyway, http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/ seems to be empty also :(13:21
AzaToth_workbroken, or does maveric not exists at all yet?13:22
om26erAzaToth_work, maverick exists its alpha2 atm13:22
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:22
AzaToth_workom26er: figured that13:23
AzaToth_workom26er: though I should snatch the svn-buildpackage directly from maverick as it does handle deb3 package formats13:24
yofelAzaToth_work: packages.ubuntu.com is broken at the moment ...13:24
AzaToth_workyofel: ok13:24
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LucidFoxOkay, I have two questions13:45
LucidFox1. Why is my sound always muted when I restart maverick?13:45
LucidFox2. Is there any way to make tomboy start minimized to the indicator?13:45
gnomefreakLucidFox: one minute please13:49
gnomefreak1. please see bug 45542013:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455420 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "Sound is muted at log-in" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45542013:50
gnomefreakas for 2. im not sure13:50
gnomefreakplease confirm that bug13:50
om26erwith sound muted any saved sound preferences are also removed13:58
charlie-tcaXchat for 64bit is missing today?14:24
patdk-wkwell, xchat-common14:26
patdk-wkxchat-gnome works fine :)14:26
charlie-tcayeah... xchat-common takes out the real xchat14:35
secherMorning all.  Quick question.  When the screensaver kicks on, I am logged off.  Not locked, logged off, as in all programs closed and primary logon screen shown when I move the mouse or hit a key to stop the screensaver.  Nothing readily shown in Google.  Anyone have any ideas?14:54
secher10.10, btw14:55
sechercurrent updates.. Just FYI am loving 10.10 despite the few bugs (remmina not starting, etc.)14:55
patdk-wkstrange, remmina works fine here14:57
secherpatdk-wk: whoops, I just updated this AM, and lo and behold, works fine again.. :)14:58
secherDidn't try yet today..14:58
MeeGoMeeHi, I am in a serious trouple14:58
patdk-wkhmm, last update here was yeasterday14:58
MeeGoMeeI have upgraded to Kubuntu Alpha Using update-manager -d14:59
MeeGoMeeAnd now I cannot login14:59
MeeGoMeeCan you help me?15:00
secherMeeGoMee: YOu need to define  "Now I cannot login"  what do you mean?  You enter your password and the computer responds that your password in incorrect?  You get a black screen and cannot enter your password/userid?15:01
MeeGoMeeI clicked from the boot menu Ubuntu (With the latest kernel) and If I see the Kubuntu logo It freezes for long time15:02
secherOk, so kubuntu is not taking you to a login screen even.. just the splash screen, where it sits and does not continue to a login screen?15:03
MeeGoMeeAfter that I worked with recovery mode and selected "Use default (generic) configuration" for reconfiguring my display hardware and now it give me a black screen15:04
sechercompletely black, or are there words on it?15:04
MeeGoMeeNow, after the splash I see vertical clorded lines15:06
MeeGoMeeIf i clicked Esc it bring me a completely black screen15:06
geserLucidFox: re 2: why not use the tomboy applet?15:07
LucidFoxBecause it's a) disabled in Maverick and b) the indicator integrates better15:08
geserhmm, my tomboy applet is still there and works and I'm using maverick15:08
DaekdroomI disabled the old tray area :D15:09
DaekdroomPretty much everything I use has some sort of integration to the messaging menu15:09
secherAhah, now we're getting somewhere.  Sounds like your drivers are not liking your video card.  Did you by any chance write down which partitions you used for which mount points, i.e. /dev/sdb1 for /home?  Csue I think you may be in for a rebuild, mainly because you clearly don't have the knowhow to boot to single user mode and recover the system and I doubt anyone is going to take the time to walk you through it.  imho.  I could be wrong however..15:09
geserthe tomboy applet didn't use the notification area, it's a applet of it's own15:10
MeeGoMeeno everything is in one place15:11
MeeGoMeei.e. /dev/sdb1 for /15:15
MeeGoMeeany help?15:17
MeeGoMeesecher: finally i got it, thank you for your help "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" solved it15:20
secherMeeGoMee: If you couldn't log in, how did you do that?15:22
secherOh, nvm, gone.15:22
secherHrm, dammit, screensaver booted me out again.  Feh.  Kk, headed out.  Peace.15:23
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MIH1406Hi, I want to connect to a wireless lan using command line through recovery mode15:57
charlie-tcaYou propably need to use iwconfig then15:59
charlie-tcaman iwconfig for details15:59
MIH1406charlie-tca: thanks you16:00
MIH1406another thing is that I cannot activate my graphics driver ati16:01
MIH1406I got this msg: SystemError: installArchives() failed16:01
charlie-tcafrom command line?16:01
MIH1406no from KDE "Hardware Drivers"16:02
charlie-tcaoh. I don't really know anything about kde16:02
JontheEchidnait shouldn't be kde-specific, the jockey internals are the same for both, and this looks like the package failed to install for some reason16:03
MIH1406yes I do not mean that is KDE related but I mean the GUI in KDE16:05
MIH1406can I activate using command line?16:05
MIH1406Errors were encountered while processing:16:06
MIH1406 fglrx16:06
MIH1406 fglrx-amdcccle16:06
charlie-tcaIf the repositories are enabled, it should work from the gui16:06
MIH1406can I siwtch to a command line and logout the Kubuntu so I can work only using terminal16:07
charlie-tcaAs far as I know, you can no longer install from command line, but I am probably wrong about that16:07
charlie-tcaYou should be able to switch using Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get to a command line only terminal16:07
charlie-tcaYou have to login with username and password to use it16:08
MIH1406and X shutdown?16:08
charlie-tcaNot necessary to shutdwon X if you don't want to16:08
MIH1406I want to remove fglrx and isntall it again!16:09
charlie-tcaShould be a logout then16:09
TommyThaGunis there a way to make my second monitor have it's own panel?16:15
MIH1406I removed fglrx and fglrx-amdcccle and installed them again but I have a problem16:16
MIH1406the problen is "apt-get" is tring to config "fglrx-amdcccle" but it complain that "fglrx" is not yet configured16:16
MIH1406how can I config "fglrx"?16:16
charlie-tcaMIH1406: I don't know that one16:17
charlie-tcaTommyThaGun: Maybe you have to create a new panel on the monitor?16:18
TommyThaGuncharlie-tca, that just crates it on the main monitor16:19
TommyThaGunand I can't find a way to move it to the other monitor. I want to be able to have a bottom panel with the apps that are running on one monitor on that monitor's panel16:19
MIH1406charlie-tca: thank you16:24
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DrHalanis anyone suing network-indicator?18:31
JontheEchidnaThe GPL comes without any warranty, so I could hardly see how you could sue it. [/jackarse] :P18:34
JontheEchidnabut no, I'm not using it since I use KDE18:35
Melodistoooh, is maverick KDE much better?18:35
JontheEchidnaI always find the next KDE better than the last, but I'm a diehard KDE fan18:36
* patdk-wk never liked kde18:37
patdk-wkI tried it, but I dunno, it just rubs me wrong18:37
JontheEchidnabut yeah, I couldn't resist making fun of the typo. sorry :(18:37
DrHalanGNOME + Docky is the best :)18:37
DrHalan+Compiz (Expose is really awesome to swithc windows)18:37
MelodistI switched out docky for cairo18:38
Melodistbut yeah thats basically my set up, although i really want to see what gnome3 does18:38
DrHalanwell i dont really like gnoem shell18:39
DrHalanbut gtk 3 will be awesom18:39
DrHalanrgba windows :)=18:39
DrHalan+ zeitgeist is nice to18:39
Melodistyou know what i havent figured out yet18:39
DrHalanfinally a search app that gives me answers to questions like "what site was i browsing when i was at my friends house"18:39
Melodistwhy are there no rainbow themes for either system. it seems like a popular enough idea U:18:40
DrHalanboth my chairs are broken >.<18:40
Melodistyou should get some comfy chairs18:40
Melodistand a fez18:41
Melodistand a bowtie18:41
DrHalana fez?18:41
JontheEchidnaFezes are cool18:41
JontheEchidnaas are bowties18:41
DrHalani have no idea what either of those things is ^^18:41
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MelodistWatch doctor who like jon :>18:42
HalanJust have that prefix becauss somebody took my actual nickname18:47
Halanmaverick is just awesome. except for taht wired mousebug i have18:48
Melodistso it hasnt like18:50
Melodistcrashed all over the place for you?18:50
MelodistI've wanted to test it out, but i dont wanna trash my system :S18:51
Halanyeah its pretty stable here18:55
Halanbut atm there are a lot of gnome 2.30 packages still hanging around18:56
Halanlets see what happens when they get upgraded18:56
laberkopfguten abend19:47
laberkopfenglish here?19:47
laberkopfcan someone help me with this?_: http://nopaste.info/25bb9b7d37.html19:47
pvandewyngaerdetry adding nopat as a kernel option at boot19:51
Halankeine ahnung ob ich getötet werde wenn ich mit dir deutsch rede ^^19:51
Halanmy did you run nvidia-xconfig?19:52
yofellaberkopf: Halan: we *do* have #ubuntu-de+1 you know...19:53
Halanyofel:  is that one even more quiet than this one? :P19:54
laberkopfyeah but its nearly empty..19:54
yofelHalan: a lot more quiet :P19:54
Halanlets just talk english ^^19:54
laberkopfwell i tried nvidia-xconfig a hundred times but no effect19:54
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Halanand how is nouveau working?19:55
laberkopfhmm.. well no difference19:55
laberkopfeach time i sstart the system the login manager says that ists impossible to find out the settings19:56
yofellaberkopf: you mean failsave-x with nouveau?19:56
yofellaberkopf: some gtk box telliing you that x failed to load and what it should do with a few things to choose from19:57
laberkopfthanks for help but now i will install the old version19:57
laberkopfyes this box.19:57
laberkopfmaybe i should wait with new installing19:58
yofelwith nouveau that would be the fault of the gfxpayload setting which default was changed19:58
Halantry removign the nividia-* packages so nouveau gets forced19:58
laberkopfapt-get remove nvidia-* right?19:58
Halannormally sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current should be enough19:59
laberkopfand then restart?19:59
laberkopfi cant restart onlxy x becaus of this F***in login manager20:00
laberkopfi want kdm.. but it ignores it20:00
laberkopfmy english sucks..20:00
laberkopfnow.. the same failsafe-x box appeard20:05
pvandewyngaerdelaberkopf:  try adding nopat as a kernel option at boot20:06
laberkopfbut now only 800x600px of the monitor are used20:06
laberkopfthe rest is black20:06
laberkopfbrb reboot20:06
laberkopfno difference20:10
laberkopfsame problem even with nopat20:11
yofellaberkopf: you're on nouveau now?20:12
laberkopfhow to find out?20:12
yofellaberkopf: check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log20:13
laberkopfthere ist 0 1 2 3 4 5 99 and failsafe xorg log20:13
yofelanyway, can you try to add 'GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text' to /etc/default/grub - run 'sudo update-grub' and see if that helps?20:13
laberkopfwell in wich file?20:14
laberkopfand in which line?20:14
yofellaberkopf: I said the file: /etc/default/grub, line doesn't matter20:15
yofelI mean, add it in a new line20:15
laberkopfnow reboot?20:16
yofelyou did run update-grub?20:17
yofelI hope he did..20:17
* yofel hopes that he didn't give the system the final push...20:36
* BUGabundo pushes yofel harder20:41
TommyThaGunIs there a way to make my second monitor have it's own panel? I want to be able to have a bottom panel with the apps that are running on one monitor on that monitor's panel.21:10
duffydackIs there a way to have the notification for volume control look how it looks when using the panel volume control, like same as the theme.22:00
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