rsalvetircn-ee: haha, you just need to load g_ether!00:55
rsalvetibug 60831200:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 608312 in linux (Ubuntu) "Usb host mode on OTG doesn't work on Maverick with BeagleBoard (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60831200:55
rsalvetithen the OTG works as expected00:55
rsalvetiat your config file you have this as built-in00:55
rsalvetiwell, time for some sleep now :-)00:55
* rsalveti -> out00:55
rcn-ee_lptgood to hear rsalveti (yeah the musb stuff is very fragile, one little thing will kill it.. ;) )01:14
cwillulong day05:20
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rsalveticooloney: I updated the otg bug, take a look at it later09:12
lagMorning mythripk09:17
XorAis there a list of supported omap3/4 machines?09:17
ograXorA, not yet since the kernel team is still looking into patces09:18
XorAhehe, suck it and see09:18
* XorA would love zoom3 and 4430sdp :-D09:18
ograXorA, safe bets are panda, beagle C4/XM and blaze09:18
ograblaze will need some tinkering with the bootloader on the image09:19
XorAhey vincent09:19
ograi plan to provide a script that replaces u-boot and MLO with the ones you want for a target, the kernels should be generic enough to run on all the platforms09:19
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XorAthat reminds me, wonder if u-boot for 4430 supports nand yet09:20
ogragiven that there are no devices with NAND, why would anyone enable it ?09:20
XorAogra: no devices with nand????09:26
* XorA has a deskful of devices with nand09:26
ogra4430sdp with NAND ???09:26
* XorA thought it did09:27
* XorA has his hand hacked image on 443009:28
cooloneyrsalveti: exactly, sorry for not syncing with your09:29
cooloneyrsalveti: i tried build in the g_ether into the kernel09:29
cooloneythe musb hub will be found09:30
rsalveticooloney: that will work, but I don't know if this is the "right" solution :-)09:30
rsalvetidon't know if building g_ether as built-in is going to affect something else09:30
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, because, i found there are 2 place to usb_add_hcd(musb_hcd)09:30
cooloneyrsalveti: 1 is in host only mode09:31
cooloney2 is in the OTG mode and gadget init code09:31
cooloneybut the gadget init code will be only called by the gadget upper level class driver when it start09:31
cooloneyrsalveti: i tried the compile the musb as host only controller09:32
cooloneyrsalveti: it works now09:32
cooloneyat least host function09:32
rsalveticooloney: but why do you want as host-only?09:32
cooloneyrsalveti: because i wanna test the usb_add_hcd was called in the first method09:33
cooloneyrsalveti: when i built-in the g_ether, musb hub was found, but usb host function does not work09:34
rsalveticooloney: works when you put the otg cable, at least for me09:34
rsalveticooloney: both gadget and host mode starts to work fine09:35
cooloneyrsalveti: ok, got it.09:38
rsalveticooloney: if you just change the g_ether as built-in everything should work just fine09:38
cooloneyrsalveti: so for summary, if we wanna use the host mode of musb, we need to modprobe g_ether, right?09:38
rsalveticooloney: then we need to check if the same modification works for lucid09:39
rsalveticooloney: currently, yes09:39
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, yeah, that's what i want to do.09:39
cooloneyrsalveti: but it failed, it makes me frustrated09:39
rsalveticooloney: because loading g_ether will initialize the gadget and host functionality of the otg chip09:39
cooloneyrsalveti: exactly,09:40
* cooloney nods to rsalveti and shakes hands with rsalveti 09:41
cooloneyrsalveti: ok, let me try again.09:41
rsalveticooloney: ok :-)09:41
* rsalveti still needs to get a working lucid environment09:41
User1Is rootstock about to make a lucid rootfs?10:16
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Jameswstubbsogra ?10:17
JameswstubbsIt keeps failing at the second stage10:20
rsalvetiJameswstubbs: yes, you can create a lucid rootfs with it10:25
rsalvetiJameswstubbs: what kind of failure? qemu seg fault or just got stuck while doing the second stage?10:25
JameswstubbsStuck during second stage10:29
JameswstubbsWell, when starting second stage10:30
JameswstubbsYou might be interested in this actually, ixproject.org :)10:30
JameswstubbsMy problem is my karmic rootfs uses an old synaptic module10:31
JameswstubbsI tried to add the lucid repo to the karmic apt and tried to update the module, but got a fatal kernel panic10:31
JameswstubbsI've decided to maybe try lucid, should still be compatible with armv6 shouldn't it?10:31
GrueMasterJameswstubbs: No, Lucid and future releases are armv7.10:32
cooloneyrsalveti: good news, i build in g_ether this time, it works10:34
rsalveticooloney: cool10:35
rsalvetiJameswstubbs: please paste the rootstock log at the paste.ubuntu.com and send me the link10:35
cooloneyrsalveti: but it looks like a design issue, i think the usb_add_hcd should be called in the early init code, not in the late init code in gadget10:35
rsalvetiJameswstubbs: it all depends on how you're running it, as we have these 2 known issues10:36
rsalveticooloney: yep, that's what I think10:36
cooloneyrsalveti: it is stupid to get host function by insmod a gadget class driver or build in it10:36
rsalveticooloney: haha, for sure :-)10:36
cooloneyrsalveti: give me sometime to write a patch10:36
rsalveticooloney: that's why I was so mad yesterday10:36
cooloneyrsalveti: haha, yeah, i was totally frustrated by that as you did10:36
rsalveticooloney: cool, take your time to write the proper patch and send it to linux-omap10:37
rsalvetimost of the musb maintainers are looking at that list10:37
JameswstubbsOk, isn't armv7 backwards compatible with v6?10:37
JameswstubbsI'm installing a netinst of ubuntu lucid now10:37
JameswstubbsI'll have to rerun rootstock then paste the log10:38
GrueMasterJameswstubbs: armv7 is backards compatible hardware wise.  But don't expect an armv6 system to run armv7 software.10:40
JameswstubbsHm, if lucid is indeed completely unsuitable for armv6, how would I go about upgrading the xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.10:40
JameswstubbsIf I find the source code for the latest version10:40
JameswstubbsAnd compile from within my karmic rootfs in qemu, would that work?10:40
JameswstubbsAre the modules architecture dependant ?10:41
GrueMasterJameswstubbs: What exactly are you trying to do?  If you are running Karmic on armv7 hardware, then it is possible to  upgrade to Lucid.  But if your hardware is armv6 only, it won't work.  Like trying to run x86_64 software on a Pentium.10:42
JameswstubbsI'm porting ubuntu to the iPhone, I have a karmic rootfs fully up and running with wifi, xorg and xfce10:43
Jameswstubbsixproject.org if you want a screenshot10:43
JameswstubbsHaving a look at my xorg logs, the iPhone multitouch screen uses a synaptic module10:43
JameswstubbsBut then says it cannot find a support touchpad10:44
rsalvetiJameswstubbs: if you build it at Karmic it should work fine10:45
Jameswstubbspastie.org/1054947 from line 192 down10:45
rsalvetiit's just that Lucid compiles everything for armv7 by default10:46
GrueMasterI'm a little familiar with ixproject.org.  Unfortunately, the hardware just won't run software compiled for the new architecture.  You can pull the source for the latest archive and rebuild it, but our stack is designed for armv7 starting with Lucid.10:46
JameswstubbsI only started ixproject last week :S Maybe familiar with idroidproject10:46
JameswstubbsGrueMaster: I think that's what I'll do10:46
rsalvetiJameswstubbs: you could get stuff from debian if you like, it's armv5 compatible10:46
JameswstubbsI'll hunt down the source and compile from within qemu10:46
JameswstubbsThe iPhone is armv610:47
GrueMasterBest of luck on your endeavours.10:47
JameswstubbsI've had a debian armel rootfs running happily10:47
JameswstubbsI simply like Ubuntu :)10:47
GrueMasterDebian is still armv4 iirc.10:47
JameswstubbsThanks GrueMaster, I've needed luck up to now and I'll keep needing it10:47
GrueMasterheh.  :)10:47
JameswstubbsGrueMaster: I simply used multistrap with debian squeeze10:48
JameswstubbsWorked a charm10:48
JameswstubbsI have someone working on USB drivers aswell10:48
JameswstubbsShould hopefully have USB host mode running soon10:49
cooloneyJameswstubbs: awesome, love your work,10:50
JameswstubbsThank you :)10:50
cooloneyalthough i've sold my iphone and switch to N110:50
JameswstubbsI hope to have touch sorted within a week and a release should be out soon10:51
cooloneybut if Ubuntu is ready for iphone, i will grab my girl friend's iphone and force her switch to Ubuntu for iphone10:51
JameswstubbsI don't blame you N1 is an awesome phone, only reason I'm still using iPhone is becasue Im stuck in contract for another year10:51
Jameswstubbscooloney: I wouldn't recommend it immediatley, it wont be ready for prime time10:51
JameswstubbsIt needs stripping down and made more mobile friendly10:52
JameswstubbsIm think of using thje matchbox window manager10:52
cooloneyJameswstubbs: yeah, fully understand. i am waiting for iphone4 too, and practicing the holding style suggested by Jobs10:52
JameswstubbsAlso power management needs to be implemented, the battery wears down in less than 2 hours :/10:52
cooloneyJameswstubbs: so how about the kernel in your Ubuntu iphone image10:52
cooloneyJameswstubbs: is the kernel from planetbeing?10:53
JameswstubbsYep, a couple of small changes concerning USB gadget10:53
JameswstubbsBut essentially the stock kernel10:53
JameswstubbsThe kernel is not in the image, it's stored on the "host" partition and chainloads the rootfs using initrd10:54
JameswstubbsHavn't been able to get initramfs working with the kernel10:54
JameswstubbsNot sure why10:54
JameswstubbsI have a 40 second boot anyway, so It's not a massive concern10:54
cooloneyJameswstubbs: yeah,10:54
cooloneyJameswstubbs: so is the Ubuntu image only for 3GS or older machine10:56
JameswstubbsWe don't have an iboot exploit for the 3gs yet, so development hasn't even started hardware wise10:56
JameswstubbsThis is for the 2g and 3g10:56
JameswstubbsI don't own the 2g so havn't been able to test :-/ the only difference is in how the firmware is loaded by the initrd.10:58
JameswstubbsI'm off, thanks for the help :)11:07
lagmythripk: I'm back11:54
hrwapw: bug 608674 and bug 60308712:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 608674 in linux (Ubuntu) "provide packaging rules in linux-source binary package (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60867412:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 603087 in linux (Ubuntu) "Allow to build just linux-libc-dev (affects: 1) (heat: 270)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60308712:05
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ograrsalveti, dd if=/dev/zero of=livecd.${FSS}.ext2 bs=1024 count=0 seek=$size13:22
ograrsalveti, size=$(($(du -ks ${ROOT} | cut -f1) + (10240)))13:22
lagogra: What monitor do you have? The one that _just works_13:29
ogralag, samsung syncmaster T24013:34
loologra: Hey, did you folks change from .bz2 to .gz recently for omap images?13:47
rsalvetivstehle: robclark: http://maemo.gitorious.org/fremantle-hildon-desktop/clutter_0_813:49
rsalvetithe call is EGL_NOKIA_texture_from_pixmap13:49
rsalvetiat clutter/eglx/clutter-eglx-texture-pixmap.c13:49
robclarkrsalveti: thx13:52
davidmlool, yes13:59
davidmlool, bz2 is BAD with rsync, .gz works with rsyncing images13:59
furibondoxhello everybody14:35
furibondoxnow I'm definitely able to run the image from the rootstock!14:35
furibondoxbut I've some problem with udev and mmcblock and mtdblock... udev does not create the device for the partition automatically...14:36
furibondoxanybody has a similar problem?14:37
ogralool, yes, bz2 wasnt rsyncable, gzip has the special flag to make the files usable with rsync15:11
orbarron1hey all.. I am trying to bring up ubuntu on Blaze (OMAP4) using http://www.omappedia.org/wiki/Get_started_with_ubuntu_on_omap4 but it is locking up at boot up has any one seen this?15:50
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loologra: But doesn't it contain a filesystem?15:53
ogralool, sure, whats the issue with that ?15:53
loologra: Well filesystems aren't very rsync friendly across runs15:54
loolI have the issue with cloud images15:54
loolthey almost don't compress with rsync, despite being built with gzip --rsyncable15:55
ograi didnt test to zsync yet15:57
ograsince we only have one image thats gz yet15:57
ograwe'll see if there is improvement once i could test :)16:10
furibondoxguys, anybody have problem with ubuntu lucid and udev for the automatic creation of /dev/mmcblk0p* and /dev/mtdblock* devices?16:23
cwillu_at_worknope, works fine here16:23
orbarronHey guys... just to let you know OMAPpedia is having a tutorial hour next week covering Uboot and Ubuntu. Visit: http://www.omappedia.com/wiki/Main_Page. The time may be a bit late for some of you but we are trying to find a good time for everyone. orga will be a guest speaker for this session. If anyone is interested in doing a session in Aug. please ping me :D16:24
furibondoxI've created a lucid minimal image with rootstock but when the system starts, I don't see any /dev/mmcblk0p* and /dev/mtdblock*16:25
rsalvetifuribondox: are you able to see the other devices that are created by udev?16:25
rsalvetifuribondox: what kernel are you using?16:26
rsalvetifuribondox: from where?16:26
furibondoxthe same kernel works fine with a jaunty distribution created by my own16:26
furibondoxfrom TI PSP16:26
furibondoxI think the problem is with the udev and lucid16:27
furibondoxas you can see the partitions are present... but udev does not create the device!16:28
rsalvetifuribondox: could be a bug with udev with this kernel16:29
furibondoxmay be...16:30
furibondoxthis is what I see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/467569/16:30
rsalvetifuribondox: you could try to debug udev, to see what it detects normally in your case16:31
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lem_hi, I am trying to install ubuntu karmic on bb using the method specified in http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntuKarmic , it boots the kernel,after login and password I get stucked with a prompt21:03
lem_there is any command to install from there?21:04
tgall_foolem_, personally I'm using linaro's alpha2 on my bb -  https://wiki.linaro.org/Source/ImageInstallation21:18
ojntgall_foo: hardly on-topic in this channel.21:22
lem_thanks for the idea, I will try that21:28
tgall_fooojn: given the amount of maverick packages in it, it's fairly on topic ;-)21:33
loolojn: Hey, just curious, are you doing some upstream kernel OMAP work?  are you doing that on top of Ubuntu?23:00
ojnlool: I'm not doing much omap work these days. I've spent more time with tegra lately. And no, given my new project and employer, I am not doing much on top of ubuntu. :)23:00
ojnomap is still around as a side project, but I haven't spent any serious cycles on it lately23:01
loolojn: Oh, which employer is that?   :)23:01
ojnlool: I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader. :)23:01

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