sunshinehiho all00:25
sunshineanyone here?;D00:27
stlsaintsunshine: sup00:30
sunshinei need help00:31
sunshinemy ubuntu is laggin'00:31
sunshineand i don't know why00:31
stlsaintsunshine: hrm, thats pretty vague, care to elaborate?00:31
Schalla@sunshine: Well, a/the processes are laggy or the graphic?00:32
sunshinehmm its like i'm using 100% of CPU but i'm not00:32
sunshinei think its video card00:32
sunshinei'm new in ubuntu00:32
stlsaintsunshine: are you using the recommended video driver?00:33
sunshinewhat do you mean? i was searching in "hardware drivers" but there is clean, nothing, just white background00:34
stlsaintsunshine: alright, open up a terminal00:34
SchallaWhats your GPU?00:34
SchallaGraphiccard :)00:34
stlsaintsunshine: enter: top00:34
sunshineyup i know it00:35
stlsaintsunshine: there you should see what is using most cpu00:35
sunshinethe biigest is 3% usage of cpu00:35
SchallaWell maybe he just got a driver problem stlsaint?00:35
sunshineand there is a problem00:35
sunshinebecause i don't know what video card i have00:35
Schallawell ok00:36
stlsaintsunshine: in terminal: lspci | grep VGA00:36
sunshinelspci | grep VGA00:36
sunshinelspci | grep VGA00:36
stlsaintsunshine: ??00:37
sunshine01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M00:37
stlsaintsunshine: well there ya go, thats your card00:37
Schallastlsaint: Ever heard of that chips?00:37
SchallaNever heard that.00:37
stlsaintSchalla: i dont follow nor care much for ati :)00:37
sunshinei was searching00:38
sunshinefor drivers00:38
sunshinefor that card00:38
sunshinebut nothing 've found00:38
stlsaintsunshine: since your not using alot of cpu than im going to need a more detailed description of what your issue is and what your looking to accomplish?00:38
sunshineis that e.g. when i'm minimalizing or maximializing is lagging as hell00:38
Schalla@stlsaint: I think the driver for the VGA is just not correct, so it's laggin.00:39
sunshinewhen i'm opening internet browser too00:39
sunshinefolders too00:39
sunshinebut i can normally write here00:39
stlsaintSchalla: that is a possibility00:39
sunshinewithout laggy00:39
stlsaintSchalla: probably right00:39
sunshineand my mouse is moveing properly00:39
SchallaWell yes, because this isn't a big change of the screen.00:40
sunshineany tips?00:40
SchallaHm, I am googling :p I am not such a expierenced user, but I give my best :)00:41
sunshinethanks, really00:41
sunshinei'm green in this thread on ubuntu00:41
stlsaintsunshine: do you have a preferred app to view your system info?00:41
SchallaYou use Ubuntu 10.04 or?00:42
SchallaHow old is your laptop?00:43
SchallaOlder already, or?00:43
sunshinethis is older one00:43
sunshinefor testing ubuntu00:43
sunshinebut it has 2 GB CPU00:44
SchallaWell I know the problem.00:44
stlsaintsunshine: go to: Applications>System tools and look to see if you have anythign there for sysinfo00:44
SchallaSo listen sunshine, I will explain it to you :)00:44
sunshinedevice manager00:44
stlsaintthat will work00:44
stlsaintsunshine: device manager00:45
SchallaYour graphic card is already a bit older... In the new versions the old drivers are sometimes excluded. So the graphic card doesn't work correctly and you will get everything abit laggy00:45
phillwsunshine: you may find http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=854988 to be of help00:45
Schallabut your CPU itself doesn't have any problem to work, just the graphiccard to show it to you.00:45
phillwjust do not follow the link on the 1st page, read the thread and you will find out why :-D00:46
sunshineaww, i have everything corectly on my xp00:46
phillwsunshine: it does have the advantage of a [solved] tag, so it would be worth going through what it suggests00:48
sunshinei'm reading it00:50
sunshinei hope that something will help00:50
SchallaSorry - I got a little problem.00:50
SchallaWhat are the news?^^00:50
sunshinei'm tryin'00:51
sunshinethat thread00:51
sunshinefrom phillw00:51
SchallaOkay. If you're just tryin' it out on this laptop, trust me, with newer ones it works better00:54
SchallaSunshine, anything new? :)00:59
sunshinehow do i make changes in X00:59
sunshinewithout reboot00:59
phillwhmm, it seems to be old graphics card night.. try thread http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5287458 to see if it is being blacklisted. some (read most) support was dropped with the use of DKMS in the kernels01:00
sunshineits ctrl+alt+f101:00
SchallaChanges in X?01:00
SchallaWell, thats kinda hard01:00
Schallabecause X ist currently running01:00
sunshineokay i will reboot01:00
Schallabecause you can chat with us.01:00
Schallayou could switch to terminal01:00
Schallaand then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:01
Schallaand then you could edit it01:01
duanedesignthere is a wiki page for the open source ati driver https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver01:11
SchallaWell.. good idea.01:14
SchallaSunshine, could you open a terminal?01:14
Schallaand then enter this:01:14
Schallasudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:14
SchallaWell.... What the thing what is standing at Driver in the "?01:15
Schalla@sunshine: Huß01:23
sunshinehi again01:44
SchallaWhat was written in the file?01:45
sunshinenano /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:46
sunshinenot here01:46
phillwif you are using 10.04, the xorg.conf file needs to be created01:47
sunshinewhat do you want from xorg.conf?01:47
phillwyou _should_ have an xorg.conf in 9.10?01:47
Schallalol or we found our problem phillw.01:50
phillwSchalla: there is no xorg.conf in 9.1001:51
sunshinei have it01:52
SchallaSure phill?01:52
sunshinei have xorg01:52
phillwif your exisiting one is giving you a hard time, you can recreate it (just do cp the existing one over to .old before you go altering it all)01:56
Schalla@phillw: Could it maybe help if he changes the driver to "ati" if it is standing on fglrx?01:56
phillwSchalla: I'm not up on drivers for graphics, I know the basics. http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334 would be my suggestion01:59
yax51ok I think I found my problem!03:05
yax51I think my RAM is broke....03:07
holsteinyax51: did you run the memtest?03:09
yax51I did....twice actually and it showed all sorts of errors....03:10
holsteinyax51: sounds like it03:12
holsteindo you have 2 ram sticks?03:13
holsteinmaybe you can just take one out03:13
holsteinand get by with half the ram, or whatever your left with03:13
yax51I believe so....I'm going to take it in for a diagnostic tomarrow and go from there03:13
yax51I might even upgrade it....I have 4GB DDR 2 in my machine now....03:14
phillwyax51: and holstein welcome to the broken hardware department :p my laptop hard drive has now officially checked in as "sick" :-(03:18
yax51and the best part?03:18
yax51my warranty just expired!!!03:18
phillwso much for saving up for a new external 1TB hard drive, I've had to buy http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001JSSDGU/ref=oss_product03:19
phillwwhich is not too bad, as my poorly one is only 80GB03:19
holsteinyax51: you could test your machine with each ram stick in there03:21
holsteinand then you can identify which is bad03:21
holsteinand leave it out03:21
holsteinand decide if you need it replaced03:22
holsteinthen you can go to the store and get the replacement part if you need to03:22
holsteinthats bascically what the tech will do03:22
yax51yeah, but running a gaming laptop on 2GB of RAM doesn't seem right to me......03:22
yax51this is true, but I'm not confident in my abilities to open my laptop up and do it myself....03:23
phillwor test them each on their own, and try swapping them over in their sockets..... funnier things have happened.03:23
holsteinyax51: its not that bad really03:24
holsteinyou should google it03:24
holsteinif your interested03:24
holsteinby your model03:24
holsteinthere are a lot of nice pictures up usually03:25
yax51I would if my browser worked.....03:25
phillwRAM is usually not too scary too get at in a laptop; there's often a you-tube video for it03:25
holsteinand how-to's03:25
holsteinyax51: you could save quite a bit of bread03:25
yax51right now it I am running linux and it will only do certain things....and firefox isnt one of those things03:26
yax51Holstein: true, but 45 bucks for a diagnostic isn't bad.....bestbuy wanted 70....03:26
phillwyax51: are you running off the LiveCD ?03:26
yax51Phillw: no....03:26
phillwwell, before you pay 45 bucks, try it.... it's free :-D03:27
yax51true.....but I'm stil not quiet sure if its just the RAM or if the harddrive is tweaking out....03:28
holsteinyax51: you could need a 20 dollar part03:28
holsteinif its not passing the memtest03:28
holsteinits ram03:28
holsteinyax51: does it click or anything?03:28
holsteinusually you can hear when a hard drive is failing03:29
yax51no, no clicking or anything....03:29
phillwyax51: a hard disk dying looks like this http://pastebin.com/V5Eci970 if you do "tail /var/log/syslog"03:33
yax51I can't see the link....firefox won't open.... :(03:34
phillwI can't paste it, I'd get kicked for flooding03:35
phillwbut, if you are seeing03:36
phillwJul 21 23:48:41 piglet-lubuntu kernel: [442693.626215] sd 2:0:0:0: [sda] Add. Sense: Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed03:36
phillwJul 21 23:48:41 piglet-lubuntu kernel: [442693.626222] sd 2:0:0:0: [sda] CDB: Read(10): 28 00 00 02 a4 30 00 00 08 0003:36
phillwor that sort of thing, it's a hard disk03:36
holsteinAH, nm03:37
holsteini see what your saying :)03:37
phillwholstein: where is hard disk utilities on ubuntu? It should be under the admin section, but I'm running lubuntu. from there yax51should be able to see the SMART alerts on hard drives03:39
holsteinyou mean system - administration - system monitor ?03:40
phillwIt is a gnome thing, "Disk Utility"03:41
yax51running the self test now.....we03:41
yax51we will see if that pops up anything03:41
yax51I get a warning for reallocated sector count, and three bad sectors...03:43
holsteinphillw: im not sure03:43
holsteini find disk usuage analyzer03:43
holsteinanyways, i gotta run...03:44
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yax51YAY!!!! solved the issue!!!04:49
phillwyax51: let me guess; you thumped it :p04:51
yax51hehehe no I removed the bad ram04:51
phillwyax51: well, at least you now believe that when mem-test says there is a problem, you will believe it :-)04:59
yax51hehehe this is true.....now I just need to find some more RAM....how do I find which type I need? I know I need 2GB DDR2, but thats about it05:00
phillwwell, tell me the make and model of the computer and I will have look for you.05:03
yax51asus g50vt05:04
yax51I can't seem to find it05:04
holsteingood for you yax51 :)05:05
phillwyax51: is it this one? http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/asus-g50vt-x5/4507-3121_7-33496181.html05:06
yax51I think its this one....05:08
phillwyax51: I think that is your laptop?05:11
yax51that looks right.....how do I tell how many pins it has?05:12
phillwyou need not, just confirm that is the make and model of laptop05:12
yax51asus g50vt....yup05:13
phillwthen, that is the correct memory. crucial have a really good database of computers; that memory stick will fit your computer.05:13
yax51how are they on returns? just in case.....05:14
phillwyax51: are you in the usa?05:15
phillwclick on the "chat here" to chat to one of the agents; they're also real good :-)05:16
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phillwyax51: btw, http://www.crucial.com/support/returns.aspx05:30
yax51alright..now anyone else have any issues when you minimize stuff it just goes away and not to the panel where it belongs?05:48
phillwmine behaves, but I'm using lubuntu and not gnome05:49
yax51well I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, and GNOME I think......05:52
phillwyax51: that is a different bug ;-)05:55
yax51it is......05:55
yax51its irritating to half to alt+tab to navigate multiple windows....05:56
phillwI'm on lxde, and have been for a while. you'll have to wait for gnome users to wake up.06:02
yax51Never mind I fixed it06:11
phillwyax51: you're learning ubuntu pretty quickly :p06:13
yax51now I just need to get my RAM and then I'll be dangerous!06:16
yax51I've discovered the forums....06:19
phillwthey're a great area, when you google for some thing just add +ubuntu to the end of it and it will find you the postings on the forum area06:21
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yax51oooh thats good to know06:36
sajHi all, I am new to linux and have questions regarding samba shares. Am I in the right place?06:54
yax51sure why not?06:59
bonyxi am getting an unable to mount error on log on when i try accessing my ntfs partition. i am using ubuntu 10.04 any help?11:10
ubsarahHello and sorry for distrubing... but can i use the "special characters" for my Ubuntu Root Password? Or will this produce problems?11:46
ubsarahNot that i can't verify me later with sadu, because Ubuntu don't supporting special chracters.11:47
duanedesignmorning all11:48
duanedesignubsarah: you wish to use !@#$%^&*() in your sudo password?11:48
ubsarahYes... right. It's possible? Or will it produce Problems?11:49
ubsarahI'm in the installation of ubuntu and this times this idea comes over me.11:49
duanedesignubsarah: no it is ok11:51
ubsarahCool... can i ask something more?11:51
duanedesignubsarah:  in fact it is recommended you use at least 2 in your password11:51
duanedesignalong with 2 uppercase, 2 lowercase, and 2 numbers to ensure a strong password.11:52
duanedesignubsarah: ask all you want11:52
ubsarahduanedesign: Then it's good. I worry about that because some systems in the past don't supporting that.11:53
ubsarahAfter 1-2 week of ubuntu testing for compatibilty and possibilites... i decide to switch. No i backuped personal data. Cleard my harddrive and have create a 200gb installation of windows (for things what ubuntu can't start in wine/vm or have alternatives). Now i in the setup of ubuntu and asking me how much size i've to give the root ( / ) partition. I will have next to the windows partition a root ( / ), a home ( /home) and11:56
ubsaraha swap ( :D ) paritition.11:56
ubsarahAt the moment i playing with sizes between 50 or 100gb for the root partition. I worried about... that if i will use only 10 or 20gb for the root ( / ) partition... this will be to few for the future.11:57
duanedesignubsarah: one thing that will suprise you about Ubuntu is how little disk space it uses for programs11:58
ubsarahAh... swap will become 4gb (for hibernate) and the home directory the free space after the root partition.11:58
duanedesignubsarah: the use of dependencies greatly reduces the size needed for applications11:59
duanedesignubsarah: i made my / 15GB and i have never come close to filling it up12:00
ubsarahI understand... what is with virtualbox or vmware vms? And wine installed programs... where ubuntu will save them? At home or in one of the directorys in the root partition.12:00
duanedesignubsarah: i have only used 8gb12:00
duanedesignubsarah: Your guests and their settings folder should be located at /home/.virtualbox/12:02
ubsarahAnd Wine installed win-applications?12:02
Puck`News: Official Ubuntu Translation Team are getting the Ubuntu Font too12:03
Silver_Fox_Good, Puck`12:03
duanedesignubsarah: /home/.wine/drive_c12:04
ubsarahI understand, that nothing size-hungry thing will sit on the root partition?12:04
ubsarahThen i will choose for my first time 20gb, 5 for swap and the  goes to the home partition. Thanks for your help... in the german ubuntu forums site they are not so fast and friendly.12:09
ubsarahAh one more question.12:11
ubsarahCan anyone in the internet see my hostname (i mean the name for my computer) ... i ask because i want to know if i've to choose a personal name or something meaningless.12:12
Puck`ubsarah: usually a computer name is needed for local hosts, but it can be used for wide area networks too12:15
Puck`just choose something you wish, doesn't really matter if you call it "Marry" "Bob" or "sdkjfskf"12:16
duanedesignubsarah: i have also noticed when working with people in the Ubuntu community you share screenshots and Terminal snippets that sometimes contain your hostname. You could easily edit that out, but something to think about.12:19
ubsarahI only want to have my rest and don't have to worry about technic afim guys who tell you suddelny your name, adress or thuch horror stuff.12:22
ubsarahThanks for you help... the installation starting over now. You helped me alot and saved me time too.12:23
duanedesignubsarah: we enjoy helping :)12:26
ubsarah*wink* Thanky... bye.12:29
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gordonbpI used the Netbook install on my laptop (because it's MUCH faster than the CD) but the visual effects are greyed out - how can I re-enable them?15:22
MalignusOn my Desktop version of Ubuntu (9.10), my iowait spikes for 90 - 120 seconds whenever I launch a terminal or nautilus.  Nothing populates when I run sudo iotop -o while this occurs.  What should I do?16:14
MalignusSorry, 10.04.16:14
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severity1good day evryone :)17:18
tenach[Laptop]hello severity117:29
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sebsebsebstlsaint: hi18:17
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zamar35Hi, I installed Ubuntu server, then added Ubuntu desktop GUI. When I try startx, the PC starts GUI but goes to command promt and hangs with no message. Why?19:29
zamar35I mean it starts loading something, but still no GUi on-screen, and finally hangs on command prompt same a server prompt.19:30
pleia2zamar35: might want to check out the .xsession-errors file to see if it gives you any clues19:32
zamar35How? I'm totally new19:33
sebsebsebzamar35: not really meant to have a GUI in the server edition, can have one though, but you can also do servers in standard desktop edition19:33
pleia2also might look to see if there is an .xinitrc doing anything unusual19:33
pleia2zamar35: nano .xsession-errors19:33
pleia2nano is a simple text editor19:33
zamar35I started xsession.  What should I do in it?19:34
pleia2but yeah, as sebsebseb mentioneds the server edition isn't really built for a gui, so you may need to install all the xorg server components for your card, a window manager, etc and get it all configured yourself19:35
pleia2look through that file and see if you find any errors that look useful19:35
sebsebsebzamar35: also the desktop stuff won't get the five years of support in a LTS server edition, only the server stuff19:35
zamar35its empty19:35
ubot2`LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Herron 8.04)19:36
* pleia2 back to work, boss on phone19:36
sebsebsebpleia2: ok that factoid needs changing or merging from latest ubottu stuff19:36
sebsebseb10.04 is latest19:36
pleia2sebsebseb: I don't have anything to do with the bots and I'm not sure exactly how it's done, maybe ask in #ubuntu-bots ?19:38
sebsebsebpleia2: nah19:39
zamar35how to check .xinitrc? Or its better to install Ubuntu Desktop instead of server?19:39
sebsebsebI don't care that much about the bots really, so nope19:39
sebsebsebpleia2: plus I have been in that channel before, and it seems to be mainly for playing with the bots19:39
sebsebsebzamar35: What kind of server do you want to do?19:39
zamar35I just wanted to try. Probably the wrong move anyway...19:40
sebsebsebzamar35: Try what server edition?19:40
sebsebseb!server | zamar3519:40
ubot2`zamar35: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Hardy (Hardy Herron 8.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server19:40
zamar35Ubuntu 10.0419:40
sebsebsebzamar35: just using the factoid, not telling you to go to the server channel, by the way19:40
sebsebsebzamar35: Right, but what kind of server do you want to do, web server? FTP server? What?19:41
zamar35I guess I try desktop first.19:41
sebsebsebzamar35: ok so you don't really want to run a server?19:42
zamar35How do I logout from this chat?19:42
sebsebsebzamar35: don't go just yet19:43
sebsebsebzamar35: and if you want to try the desktop version well this will help a lot19:43
ubot2`The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:43
sebsebsebzamar35: and heres a great tip,  check your downloaded ISO before using, make sure its a good download, so you get a good install19:44
ubot2`To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:44
ubot2`See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.19:44
zamar35Basically, since it took much time to install the sewhat I already installed instead of reinstalling the desktop edition?rver, and then install desktop, I wonder if I can fix19:44
sebsebsebzamar35: I woudn't recommend starting with a server edition for any Linux distro/distribution19:45
sebsebsebzamar35: better to start with a desktop version, and go from there19:45
sebsebsebplus if you want to try setting up a server, you can in the desktop version as well, as I mentioned earlier19:45
zamar35Thats what I think now. But how to log out from this chat?19:45
sebsebsebzamar35: uhmm19:46
sebsebsebzamar35: I just did the version thing,  are you realy on Windows 98?19:47
sebsebsebzamar35: if so not a good idea to have that online,  Microsoft haven't supported it for years now19:47
zamar35I don't use chats often. I see Joint, List on top, but no Leave19:47
sebsebsebzamar35: says your on Opera as well19:48
sebsebsebzamar35: so closing the browser would close the chat as well19:48
zamar35Is that the only way?19:48
sebsebsebzamar35: theres probably another way to close Operas IRC, but I don't use it19:48
sebsebsebzamar35: by the way most Windows 98 apps will probably run in Wine these days19:49
sebsebseb!wine | zamar3519:49
ubot2`zamar35: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu19:49
zamar35Thanks a lot guys! Very friendly, but no sigar...19:49
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