nigelbmorning doctormo00:49
nigelbwent to bed by the time you pinged me last night :)00:49
* nigelb yawns00:54
nigelbits cold and its 5 am00:54
czajkowski00:56n here00:57
doctormoczajkowski: Do you know, is shanefagan on irc at all?00:59
czajkowskias fagan as01:01
doctormo*sigh* teaching closed source programmers about foss is hard work.07:07
nigelbdoctormo: LOL08:09
nigelbwhat happened?08:09
doctormonigelb: Just trying to figure out why programmers who make small tools persist in writing things in closed frameworks with no community.08:13
nigelbargh, he left08:21
sensegood morning09:17
jcastrohi sesne!09:20
jcastrosense even.09:21
* jcastro blushes09:21
* popey hands jcastro a tab key09:21
senseTab, oh wonderful invention of mankind!09:21
sensejcastro: They're still needing people for the trips during GUADEC to make them all go through. Do you know people who might be interested in attending them? (They're also suitable for spouses!)09:22
jcastrosense: what's the link to the trips? I can announce it to our guadec attendees09:26
sensejcastro: http://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/2010/Trips If you could, that would be great!09:27
dholbachara: uploaded09:33
* popey hugs dholbach 09:33
* dholbach hugs popey back :)09:33
aradholbach, thanks!09:33
dholbachde nada09:34
huatsmorning everyone !09:55
nigelbpopey: lol @ display corruption ;)09:59
nigelbdholbach: poke?10:43
dholbachnigelb: pong10:43
nigelbdholbach: I can do it, though I'm not part of MOTU per se ;)10:44
czajkowskiHave I missed anyone out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/Contacts11:01
nigelbI can't point out anything on quick glance11:02
czajkowskiwell all that was thre before was jono CC and Forums so a but more information at least11:03
czajkowskisense: you're really kicking ass on blogging these days11:23
senseczajkowski: I have a lot to write about! :)11:23
czajkowskijono: ping11:59
czajkowskiI think he's hiding11:59
jonoczajkowski, hey12:00
jonoczajkowski, I have to run to lunch, will be back in a bit12:01
czajkowskienjoy then I'm nabbing you12:01
duanedesignmorning all13:10
nigelbmorning duanedesign13:22
paultagmy maintainer rocks so much, but he just made the package debian-native again13:30
paultagI have a feeling that's wrong13:31
paultagbut I can't call him out :/13:31
nigelbwhy not?13:58
paultagnigelb: because I've learned everything I know from him14:06
paultagnigelb: and he is @debain, and he rocks. He is always 20 steps ahead of me14:06
paultagand I'm a pip-squeek in Debian, I need to just keep my head down and work hard :)14:07
jcastrohead down14:08
jcastrohe's skating14:08
jcastrohe's skating14:08
jcastroshoots ...14:08
* paultag does a lap around the goal14:08
paultagman, I wish I could play hockey :)14:09
paultagseems like it would be awesome14:09
nigelbjcastro: fan of detroit? :D14:21
czajkowskidid jono come back at all15:54
senseHe's having lunch for exactly four hours now.16:02
czajkowskiwell not getting that action item done so today16:05
* sense goes reading16:59
senseczajkowski: How far is the localisation of the LoCo Directory?17:00
czajkowskisense: you'd have to ask in -locoteams I'm not sure17:01
paultaghey jcastro, I have some dirt on you17:41
czajkowskipaultag: oi be nice to jcastro17:42
paultagjcastro: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2096/2431683165_ea60b33b8f.jpg <-- a little birdy showed me this17:42
jcastrohahaha yeah17:43
jcastrothat  was awesome17:43
paultagjcastro: haha so good17:43
jcastroI am wearing that green shirt now!17:43
czajkowskijcastro: wait you're not wearing your banshee one :O17:44
* nhandler is glad nixternal isn't in here right now17:44
paultaghahaha nhandler17:44
jcastroczajkowski: it's in my bag. :D17:45
czajkowskijcastro: I was wondering :D17:46
paultagjcastro: I'm still really concerned about http://castrojo.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/rur53.jpg?w=300&h=22517:46
paultagjcastro: I hit your site again, and every time I see that photo I think it's me17:46
jcastrohe's the hero fo the day17:46
jcastrohe just fixed the omgunitykillingyourCPU issue17:47
paultagnice :)17:47
czajkowskijcastro: AREA 51 is at 100% :D17:47
jcastroI saw!17:47
nigelbjcastro: who's that licking you :p17:48
paultagnigelb: nixternal17:48
paultaglove is in the air17:48
nigelbI wonder if we should show it to him too :p17:48
paultagI'm pretty sure he would kill the little birdy who told me17:49
jcastroit's ok, I think that was on planet17:50
jcastrotell little birdie that it'll take more than that to embarrass me17:50
paultagjcastro: I'm pretty sure there are some photos from OLF17:51
* czajkowski yawns 22:09
* czajkowski prods paultag just cause 22:09
paultagczajkowski: hai :)22:10
czajkowskipaultag: hows things22:11
paultagczajkowski: gut, just a bit tired :)22:11
czajkowskipaultag: not breaking things then22:22
paultagczajkowski: no ma'am!22:23
nhandlerczajkowski: /4322:25
nhandler(ignore that)22:25
czajkowskipaultag: you're missing from over there22:36
czajkowskipop in22:36
paultagback :)22:36
paultagczajkowski: missing from where?22:36
paultagoh ffs22:36
czajkowskispecial lad22:37
popeymaco: http://www.gnarc.com/tutorials/bold-prediction-bug-1-will-be-closed-in-the-next-24-months looks familiar22:42
popeyin fact, looks like a wholesale copy/paste from http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2009/07/bold-prediction-bug-1-will-be-closed-in.html22:42
macopopey: yep, you can see from the bottom of it that its yanked from my rss feed22:46
macoof course, they're 13 months behind...22:47
macopopey: funny how the bottom of the page says they follow the "latest" in open source...when theyre pulling my year-old ones22:59

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