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nessitapitti: where can I find you? I was told you have some answers I'm looking for :-)09:10
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robert_ancellseb128, lp:~ubuntu-desktop/+junk/gtk-2.21.4-ubuntu09:37
seb128lut huats09:48
huatshello seb12809:48
seb128slomo, hey09:48
jcastrohey huats09:49
jcastrohuats: I heard you were looking for something to update?09:49
huatsjcastro, lol09:49
huatsjcastro, indeed, I should have more time these days :)09:49
jcastroupstream glom needs an SRU in lucid09:50
jcastrothey have their latest stable in the openismus ppa09:50
huatsjcastro, ok this is  a package I have already touched so it would be easier09:50
huatsI'll have a look09:50
jcastroand they think their packaging could be improved09:50
jcastroI was thinking, they run their own ppa09:50
jcastrowe should encourage them to do the per package upload thing09:51
jcastroand just push their updates themselves09:51
huatsI have another stuff before to do first and I'll look after that probably early next week09:52
jcastrohuats: no worries09:52
huatsbut your idea seems doable indeed09:52
jcastrohuats: I'll see them next week at guadec09:52
huatsjcastro, unfortunatly no09:52
* jcastro will try to get you an openismus shirt. :D09:52
huatsjcastro, I am trying to stay home a few weeks09:53
* jcastro nods09:53
huatsjcastro, I think the next FOSS event I'll try to attend will the next UDS09:53
jcastrohuats: community people are in #ubuntu-community-team these days, miss seeing you around!09:53
huats(well if I am sponsored of course)09:53
huatsjcastro, let's say that I am already on #ubuntu-locoteams :)09:54
huatsjcastro, but I have added that channel as well :)09:54
rodrigo_is there anything wrong on the build machines? I get something similar to this (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52276184/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-amd64.evolution-couchdb_0.4.93-0ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz) for a few packages/architectures09:59
seb128rodrigo_, could you ask to doko?10:03
seb128rodrigo_, hey btw10:03
seb128rodrigo_, since today updates I get firefox launching on sessions tart10:03
seb128it wants me to authentification for ubuntuone10:03
seb128is that a known issue?10:04
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, not that I know, I'll ask about it10:12
slomohi seb12810:14
seb128slomo, did you see my ping yesterday?10:17
slomoseb128: about gdk-pixbuf?10:19
seb128slomo, no, about libdmapsharing10:20
seb128slomo, but we would welcome help on getting the gdk-pixbuf updates rolling10:20
slomoremaining problem is the udeb? or something else?10:23
seb128udeb and review10:23
seb128there might be other issues, other eyes on it would be welcome10:24
slomosure, i'd really like to get gtk 2.21 updated soon ;)10:24
seb128slomo, lp:~ubuntu-desktop/libdmapsharing/ubuntu10:24
seb128slomo, if you want to sponsor that into debian as well10:25
seb128I will change the documentation package to be arch all still10:25
slomook, i'll first take a look at gdk-pixbuf now :)10:25
seb128slomo, thanks10:25
slomoare you happy with vala now btw?10:25
seb128yes, built fine and we are on sync again, thanks!10:25
slomonice :)10:27
slomoseb128: do you have gdk-pixbuf in ubuntu already?10:28
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, nothing has changed that might trigger that firefox window, so you were not getting it before?10:29
seb128rodrigo_, no, it started today and it's happening in a guest session as well10:31
rodrigo_seb128, ok, looking10:31
seb128slomo, not yet, we wanted some debian comments first and syncing directly if we can10:32
slomoseb128: ok, i'll fix everything myself then and upload :)10:32
slomolooks good in general though10:32
robert_ancellRiddell, http://paste.ubuntu.com/467437/11:23
seb128bug #60850911:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 608509 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "Ubuntuone pulls up Firefox on boot up and spams me (affects: 4) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60850911:25
seb128rodrigo_, ^11:25
rodrigo_seb128, ok, thanks11:25
seb128what is natalia IRC nickname?11:26
pittiseb128: nessita11:28
seb128pitti, thanks11:29
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seb128robert_ancell, http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/pkg-gnome/desktop/experimental/13:29
seb128rodrigo_, your libubuntuone gir is named wrongly14:06
seb128it should be gir1.0-ubuntuone-1.014:07
seb128since the gir is named UbuntuOne-1.0.typelib14:07
rodrigo_ah, ok14:07
seb128it's gir<abi_version>-<typelibname>-<version>14:07
seb128rodrigo_, can you fix it? I will keep those binaries on hold so you don't get conflicts14:08
seb128ie I will accept those with the correct name14:08
rodrigo_seb128, yes, give me 10 mins14:08
seb128no hurry take your time14:08
rodrigo_seb128, fixed package uploaded14:24
seb128rodrigo_, thanks14:26
robert_ancellslomo, gdk-pixbuf compiles fine with gobject-introspection (patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/467534/, build-dep libgirepository1.0-dev, debian/tmp/usr/share/gir-1.0 in -dev.install).15:28
seb128slomo, robert_ancell got the new gtk to build, you might want to use those changes for debian16:22
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robert_ancellslomo, hey, I patches librsvg to work with the new gdk-pixbuf.  Would you like the patch / how should I get it to you?16:53
seb128robert_ancell, email him maybe to slomo @ debian.org16:55
robert_ancellseb128, is a bug report better?16:56
seb128robert_ancell, works as well I guess16:56
kenvandinepitti, can you rescore https://edge.launchpad.net/~indicator-sound-developers/+archive/sound-menu-v2-deps/+build/188564517:40
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dobeyanyone around? why would pysupport be installing my modules to /usr/lib in the packaging?18:19
dobeynevermind, i think i know18:22
dobeyoh, no18:23
dobeyi guess it's not the X[BS]-Python-Version thing18:24
slomorobert_ancell: seb128 said that you have librsvg/wmf patches for new gdk-pixbuf19:47
slomorobert_ancell: where? :)19:47
robert_ancellslomo, lp:~ubuntu-desktop/librsvg and lp:~ubuntu-desktop/libwmf19:48
seb128lp:~ubuntu-desktop/librsvg/ubuntu I guess rather19:49
seb128same for the other one19:49
slomorobert_ancell: anything else i should look at? ;)19:50
seb128slomo, the libwmf has been switched to cdbs which apparently was easier than adding a patch system to the rules ;-)19:50
robert_ancellslomo, do you know how many packages install loaders?  I've removed the update-gtkpixbuf code from the local pacakge19:50
robert_ancellfrom debian/ I mean19:50
slomorobert_ancell: apt-file will tell you :)19:51
seb128slomo, is there any reason to still ship update-gtkpixbuf?19:52
robert_ancellI guess we need these scripts *just in case*, but we should remove all their content19:54
slomoseb128: isn't it used by dh_gtkmodules?19:57
robert_ancellslomo, but dh_gtkmodules is not a nop right?19:58
slomoand update-gdkpixbuf and the immodules one is a no-op since a long time too19:59
slomoi'll drop them ;)19:59
robert_ancellyay!! :)19:59
slomolool: could you upload a new libwmf to experimental after i've uploaded gdk-pixbuf? :)20:02
slomolool: robert_ancell has patches for you at lp:~ubuntu-desktop/libwmf/ubuntu20:03
robert_ancellslomo, I converted it to cdbs and it uses dh-autoreconf so you guys may want to massage it20:04
robert_ancellslomo, how do you feel about dh-autoreconf?  It seems to be working well in Ubuntu20:04
slomorobert_ancell: no idea, automatic autotools magic during build time often gets things wrong ;)20:05
slomoi didn't know it existed since earlier today20:06
slomohm, i assume i should let gdk-pixbuf break librsvg and libwmf20:06
robert_ancellsure, seb128 was sceptical but I convinced him :)20:07
slomorobert_ancell: is the librsvg patch really necessary? isn't it enough to simpy move the loader library to the new location?20:08
robert_ancellslomo, when you put it that way, yes20:10
slomook, i'll do that then, it's simpler ;)20:10
robert_ancellyeah, a lot simpler.  I should have done that...20:11
slomook, triggers are working as expected too20:19
slomogreat, gdk-pixbuf uploaded20:19
slomorobert_ancell: you could sync gtk+2.0 from pkg-gnome svn if you want20:19
robert_ancellslomo, been doing it as you commit :)20:19
slomoand packaging gtk+3.0 based on this should be very easy because there are no stupid scripts necessary anymore20:20
slomorobert_ancell: already committed20:20
slomoand i'm running it here, it works ;)20:22
robert_ancellslomo, you still have the update-g-p manpage20:22
robert_ancellslomo, in .manpages20:23
robert_ancellslomo, we have gir support in our gtk, you should pull that20:23
slomook, dropped... thanks20:24
seb128slomo, is there any reason to not take the gir changes I forwarded for atk, pango, gtk?20:25
seb128ie building those from the corresponding sources20:26
slomoi don't like the NEW queue and there will be a new gir version in the next few weeks20:28
slomothe patches are good though20:28
slomobut i don't want to update the copyright files of gtk and friends, that's a lot of work ;)20:28
seb128slomo, does it really make sense to maintain those copyright files?20:31
slomono, but the ftp-masters are picky20:32
seb128do they really review the copyright for new binaries? ;-)20:35
robert_ancellmerged with you.  The only change I'm carrying is I've removed the contents of dh_gtkmodules20:45
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