bitshufflerHi guys. Could anyone of you please be so kind to name me some properly done "noarch" package so I can have a look at its .dsc and control files?00:36
bitshuffler(I'm happy with its name but since I don't run Ubuntu it is a bit hard to lookup)00:38
ScottKbitshuffler_: What the RPM world calls 'noarch', we call Arch 'all'.02:19
ScottKRPM arch is Debian Arch any.02:19
bitshuffler_ScottK: thanks :)02:22
ScottKbitshuffler_: You're welcome.02:23
crimsun_bdrung: I can't unsub ubuntu-sponsors from #581786 else I would have.03:19
crimsun_(Also, I have no idea why you can't see the upload...)03:20
soreauCan anyone tell me the difference between kdelibs4-dev and kdelibs5-dev? Ultimately I'm trying to figure out which deps are needed to build kde4-window-decorator for compiz05:46
theRealSainthey, where do I go for kernel related queries on Ubuntu?06:33
theRealSaintdpkg-gencontrol: error: package linux-image-2.6.35-rc5-custom+ not in control info06:33
theRealSaintam getting this error while compiling a vanilla kernel on ubuntu06:33
SwedeMikeI'd imagine #ubuntu or #ubuntu+1 are the places to go, depending on what version you're running06:34
achiangtheRealSaint: why are you building a kernel? if all you want is a vanilla kernel, i believe there are mainline dailies (or at least -rc) that you can install06:36
theRealSaintachiang, i am trying to tinker with the kernel. so i have my own changes to compile06:55
achiangtheRealSaint: if you're doing that, i usually find it to be much easier to just grab linus's git tree, make defconfig, make, sudo make modules_install, sudo make install, sudo mkinitramfs, reboot06:57
achianginstead of messing around with packages, etc.06:57
achiangbut that's just me06:57
theRealSaintachiang, that will mess up the installation06:58
theRealSaintbuilding debs helps me keep track of what is there06:58
theRealSaintit's easier grub configuration, easier uninstall etc.,06:58
achiangtheRealSaint: it won't mess up anything if you're careful. ;)06:58
achiangtheRealSaint: well, you can try asking in #ubuntu-kernel for the proper way to do it, although i suspect they'll tell you to go read the wiki06:59
theRealSaintachiang, which wiki? :)06:59
achiangtheRealSaint: maybe you have CONFIG_LOCALVERSION and CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO turned on. istr that's how the + character shows up07:00
achiangtheRealSaint: start here, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam poke around as necessary07:01
achiangoops, start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel07:01
theRealSaintachiang, ok. thanks...07:02
achiangtheRealSaint: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile07:05
achiangi forgot to mention make firmware_install above07:06
theRealSaintachiang, i was actually following that article when I encountered this error07:08
bilalakhtarPlease sponsor fix for bug #15593007:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 155930 in synaptic (Ubuntu) ""Unmark all" clears the package list (!)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15593007:43
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LucidFoxhttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/gnome-globalmenu <-- Is there a point for getting this into Ubuntu anymore?08:56
ccheneydoes DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE not work on native packages?09:19
ccheneyit doesn't seem to be working for me09:19
ccheneyanyone happen to know how to work around the issue?09:23
ccheneyhmm seems to be -I as part of dpkg-source09:26
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Chipzzachiang: why are you suggesting ppl to work around the package management system? on an official ubuntu channel nonetheless?10:08
Chipzzthat is EXTREMELY poor advice to give, please don't do it again10:09
asacRAOF: your netbook is really UNSTABLE ;)10:12
* asac reboots ;)10:13
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asachah ... 2d session also crashes :(10:16
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mdeslaurchrisccoulson: any thought on the two patches in bug #241206 #16?10:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241206 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "Gnome Screensaver does not activate reliably" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24120610:52
RAOFasac: Hm.  I *think* I downgraded the crashy Xserver 1.9RC from that netbook… :)10:53
loolrobbiew, doko: Hey, I understand there's an issue with linux on i386; do you want me to come down with a toolchain engineer to look into it?10:54
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, i'll have a look at those in a bit10:56
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: cool, thanks10:56
agutierrsomeone knows how disable reboot/halt options from gnome?? (ubuntu 10.04) thanks!11:09
asacRAOF: no problem ;)11:22
asacgles works ;)11:22
RAOFasac: Yay!11:30
RAOFasac: With what sort of performance?11:30
asacRAOF: more frames than i get on a beagle :)11:31
asacabout twice as many frames11:31
asacso beagle has like 25/30 ... this has 50/6011:31
asacunfortunately the battery ran out of fuel so i am charging now before i can go and show that to arm team downstairs ;)11:32
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lfaraonepitti: Is there anything special to keep in mind if I were to attempt a merge in a newer version of CDBS in maverick?14:38
achiangChipzz: i'll note the exact same advice was given out on #ubuntu-kernel a few minutes afterwards14:42
Chipzzthen also note that ubuntu-kernel is a channel with lots of ubuntu developers, who *know* what they're doing and are capable of repairing any damage done to their system14:46
Chipzzunlike someone who may just want to test a patch14:46
Chipzzwhen I'm trying to patch something, I'll sometimes take the ./configure; make; make install route myself for testing too; but I keep track of my changes, and I'm able to undo anything I have done in the process14:47
Chipzzit's certainly not sth I will recommend to anyone14:48
achianganyhow, if you feel the urge to yell at me again, i suggest private /msg.14:50
ograkirkland, pingaling15:10
pittilfaraone: nothing in particular; it has quite a solid test suite15:54
pittilfaraone: as for testing, I recommend building e. g. apport (it has l10n, multiple binaries, etc), then upgrading cdbs, building apport with that, an debdiffing the resulting binaries15:55
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didrocksKeybuk: is it normal that when I refresh netbook-meta, I get: Removed plymouth-x11 from netbook-recommends16:36
Keybukdidrocks: I don't know what netbook-meta is, so I can't answer any questions as to its normal behaviour16:38
didrocksKeybuk: it's the ubuntu-netbook metapackage16:38
Keybukthat will depend on the seed contents, surely?16:38
pittididrocks: check the seeds history?16:39
\shslangasek: do you remember bug #504224 ?16:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504224 in mountall (Ubuntu Lucid) "NFS mounts at boot time prevent boot or print spurious errors" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50422416:39
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didrocksKeybuk: right, it depends on the ~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/netbook.maverick seed which contains any recent change  related to it. Should look at the common part from the ubuntu desktop seed16:40
slangasekdidrocks: plymouth-x11 has just been removed from the desktop-common seed; Riddell checked with me since I was the one who added it last cycle at the point that plymouth binary packages got split up, in order to keep it out of kubuntu given that it's gtk-based; if you guys are using it, I would suggest adding it to your seed16:40
slangasek\sh: vaguely16:41
\shslangasek: yesterday I ran into the very same problem with NFS shares mounted at boottime..with lucid...the only fix was to add "nolock" to the options..everything else didn't work16:43
didrocksslangasek: is it the package containing the plymouth interface? that will mean that at next desktop refresh as well, we won't have plymouth interacting with X too. As I'm not the maintainer of this piece, I was thinking Keybuk would have known if this package is important to keep or not…16:43
didrocksslangasek: thanks for the info :)16:44
slangasekdidrocks: it's the package containing the plymouth frontend /that runs under X/, which TTBOMK no one is using today16:44
didrocksslangasek: ok, let's go that way first (not adding it) and seeing tomorrow live. Thanks :)16:45
slangasek\sh: you should file a new bug16:45
Keybukright, the X backend is intended for theme designers atm16:46
didrocksKeybuk: ok, thanks. I won't include it so.16:47
\shslangasek: will do...16:53
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dobeyhey all18:26
dobeyanyone have any idea why pysupport would be having my setup.py install stuff in usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages instead of usr/share/pyshared?18:27
dobeynobody? :(18:54
lifelessdobey: backport or current distro ?20:03
lifelessthats unusual20:04
dobeylifeless: i got it fixed, but haven't figured out the issue though.20:04
dobeylifeless: if i put the usr/lib/python2.6/... bits in the .install file, then the resulting package has them in usr/share/pyshared instead20:05
dobeyso something must happen *after* the .install parsing that does it20:05
EtienneGslangasek, hey there; got a question for you, since you seems to be the author of pam-auth-update20:44
EtienneGslangasek, let's say I wanted to write a profile a pam-auth-update profile for pam_group20:45
EtienneG(whether or not this is a good idea, I am not sure yet)20:45
EtienneGI see that libpam-modules does not provide any profile for the base module20:45
EtienneGslangasek, my question is: 1. is there a good reason for that?, and 2. if I wanted to write such a profile, which naming convention should I use?20:46
EtienneGre: naming convention above, I mean, how should I name the profile file to drop in /usr/share/pam-config/ ?20:47
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bigonare there any problems with amd64 builder?22:34
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