c7pdaker, godbyk how is it going ?00:03
infosoftc7p: Holly shit! That's funny video :) I kinda like Java, but it's a little bit slow (compared to other programming languages).00:03
godbykc7p: pretty good.00:03
godbykjust finishing up.00:03
infosoftJavatar :D00:04
c7pinfosoft: yap it's pretty hilarious :d00:08
c7pgodbyk, i feel sleepy :S, do you need me something else ?00:13
godbykc7p: Nope. It'll be another half hour to an hour before it's up.00:18
godbykI'll send you an email. :-)00:18
c7pok nice :D00:18
c7pnight, evening, morning all00:19
dakerjenkins, the toc is empty :s13:07
dakeri can't get it work13:07
jenkinsok paste bin what you have so far13:08
dakerif anyone want to see the stats for the Greek version13:10
dakerprinted version  http://stats.ubuntu-manual.org/downloads/?id=2413:11
dakerjenkins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/467485/13:13
dakerthat one is the main file13:15
dakerthe other file are all like that http://paste.ubuntu.com/467486/13:16
dakerjust section and subsection13:16
jenkinsdo you have page-title.tex? I am getting an error od not finding it13:17
dakerpage-title.tex is empty :)13:18
jenkinswhat about chapitre-browser.tex?13:19
dakerall the chapter are like that one http://paste.ubuntu.com/467486/13:19
jenkinsok, so whats not showing?13:19
dakerthe toc is empty13:20
dakerbrb in 15min13:20
dakerchapter-glade.tex http://paste.ubuntu.com/467486/13:21
jenkinswhats toc stand for?13:22
jenkinstable of contents?13:25
infosoftjenkins: Hi! Yep, toc - table of contents :)13:28
jenkinsthanks infosoft13:28
jenkinshello o/13:29
jenkinsdaker: http://ubuntuone.com/p/AIK/ there is a table of contents at the start of it13:36
dakeryes that's what i want13:37
dakerhow can i do that ?13:37
jenkinsI did not do anything, I built it by doing xelatex daker.tex . I named the main file daker.tex13:40
dakeri'll try with xelatex13:42
dakerthere is any toc.tex in your folder ?13:45
dakerfrom what file did he get the titles ?13:46
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jenkinssoryy daker laptop battery went13:58
jenkinshow are you getting on13:59
dakererror : ! Package inputenc Error: Unicode char \u8:├ęde not set up for use with LaTeX.13:59
dakerand i use : \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}13:59
jenkinshmm I got those as well, I figured it was something I was missing13:59
jenkinswhat language are you writing it in?14:00
dakerwe can use something like this :14:02
daker\includegraphics[width=200px, height=200px]{images.png}14:02
dakerwith px ?14:02
jenkinsI don't know I use [scale = 0.8]14:03
dakerthe toc works14:04
jenkinshow were you building it before?14:05
jenkinstry \usepackage[utf8ttf]{inputenc} and see if that fixes it14:06
dakeri were using gummi14:07
dakerwith pdflatex14:07
daker! LaTeX Error: File `utf8ttf.def' not found.14:07
jenkinshmm, ok14:09
dakerin the toc there something wrong14:10
jenkinsdoes \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc} work?14:11
jenkinswhats wrong with it?14:11
dakerthe section is : Pourquoi utiliser WebKit?14:11
dakerand in the top he wrote just : P14:11
jenkinsis that in the pdf i linked to you?14:12
dakerthe toc in the pdf you linked to me has nothing related with titles of the section14:13
dakerhe used the toc of the quick guide for the translators14:13
jenkinswhos he?14:14
dakergive a look at the pdf you linked to me14:16
dakerand you will see14:16
dakerhow can i find error in the log?14:16
dakererrors* :)14:16
jenkinslol now i get it, that may be because I was messing around with several files. errors usually start with !14:17
dakerdo you have any script to catch those errors ?14:18
jenkinsnope I just do a ctrl + f for !14:18
jenkinsthe rest have the word warning by them14:18
dakerother question14:20
dakerwell the chapters and the section starts with 014:21
daker0.3 Pourquoi utiliser WebKit14:22
dakeri want to tell him to start from 1 not from 014:22
daker<daker> the section is : Pourquoi utiliser WebKit?14:23
daker<daker> and in the top he wrote just : P14:23
dakerit's oki with i didn't set a title form this14:23
jenkinsstart at 1 o this is possible I just can't rember how14:27
dakeri don't want him to write 1.1, 1.214:27
dakerfor chapter 1, 2, 314:28
dakerand sections 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 etc...14:28
jenkinstry adding \setcounter{secnumdepth}{1} to the preamble14:28
dakerhe removed the numbers from chapters and subsections14:30
jenkinshas he done them by hand?14:31
dakerwhat ?14:31
dakeri think it shoud be like this \setcounter{secnumdepth}{3}14:32
dakerbut the numbering is not oki14:33
jenkinsI don't understand, can you show me what the numbers are at the moment and what they should be14:35
jenkins \setcounter{secnumdepth}{1} should start form one not 0 as you said (14:22:37) daker: i want to tell him to start from 1 not from 014:35
dakerlooks like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/467515/14:39
dakerthe should look like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/467516/14:42
jenkinsthanks we were thinking the same thing14:43
dakeri'll recompile the pdf just to be sure14:44
jenkinsis Conteneurs a chapter?14:44
dakerwhere ?14:44
jenkinshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/467486/ line 3414:45
jenkinsI am trying to work out if \subsection has been used where \section should have been14:45
jenkinsline 14 palette is a better, suggestion is that a chapter?14:45
dakerno it's a section of the Glade chapter14:46
dakerConteneurs is subsubsection14:47
jenkinscan you put it all in bzr please?14:48
dakersorry i can't upload anything, 0k/s for upload14:48
dakerthe ISP have some problems14:49
jenkinsok cool, erm have you tried adding \setcounter{secnumdepth}{1} ?14:51
dakerthe some thing14:54
jenkins\setcounter{section}{1} may be?14:56
dakerthe same thing but now it start with 0.215:01
dakerbefore it's start with 0.115:01
daker<jenkins> I am trying to work out if \subsection has been used where \section should have been15:05
dakeryes you are right15:05
jenkinso right cool15:05
jenkinsi was getting very stuck on what else to sugest15:06
jenkinsdelete/comment out \setcounter{secnumdepth}{3} ?15:21
jenkinstry commenting line 13 out15:27
jenkinsalso try changing book to article on the first line, then we can work out if it is the latex style15:28
jenkinsdaker: did you get my last two posts?15:43
dakerdo you think article is good15:44
dakerbecause i want to print it15:44
jenkinsI have no clue on the differnece I use article because thats all i have needed, I only suggested it to see if it was the book style that was causing it15:46
dakerif i did \chapter*{Bla Bla}15:54
dakerit should apper in the TOC15:54
jenkinsI don't know I only use \section{},15:55
jenkinsI need to do some house work be back in a while15:57
dakersee ya15:57
godbykI haven't read the entire conversation, daker and jenkins.  But a couple things: 1. you have to run the file through pdflatex (or xelatex) twice to get the table of contents.17:38
godbyk2. using \chapter* or \section* (with the *) will tell latex *not* to put an entry in the table of contents.17:39
dakerthanks i have found that http://www.andy-roberts.net/misc/latex/toctutorial.html17:40
dakerand now the toc is working17:40
godbykTime to fix some lunch.18:07
godbykBe back in a bit.18:07
infosofthttp://www.cha.lt/uploads/posts/20100722_08.jpg  :)19:02
jenkinshey daker hows it going?21:27
daker<daker> thanks i have found that http://www.andy-roberts.net/misc/latex/toctutorial.html21:27
daker<daker> and now the toc is working21:27
dakerit's the fancy package21:28
jenkinscool, I got so busy here and then everyone came home glad you sorted it21:29
dakerthanks for your help21:30
jenkinsno worries21:31
jenkinsI am still learning :)21:31
c7phello all21:31
dakerhi c7p21:32
jenkinshey c7p I hear congrats is in order21:32
infosoftHolla, c7p :)21:32
c7phehe :D21:32
c7p190 hits on July 22, pretty nice for first day21:33
jenkinswell done thanks for the thanks c7p21:42
c7pnp jenkins21:42
dakerlook a non official group http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ubuntu-manual/106030906095729?ref=search21:45
dakersomeone should post a link to the Greek manual21:47
dakeron facebook & twitter21:48
jenkinsI can do facebook only ben can do twitter iirc21:48
dakerdutchie, godbyk ?21:49
godbykI emailed Ben when I emailed the list. So I figure he'll jump on it when he wakes up or gets home or whatever.21:50
dutchiedaker: yes/21:51
jenkinsdutchie: can you access the manual twitter.22:00
dutchiei did know the pw22:01
dutchieaha, found it22:02
jenkinscool dutchie can we work out what to post about the greek manual on twiter and facebook22:05
jenkinsYou can now download the greek edition http://ubuntu-manual.org/download/10.04/el/screen. Or buy a printed copy: http://ubuntu-manual.org/buy/gswu1004e1/el . Well done to the greek team.22:06
jenkinsis that ok people?22:07
jenkinsYou can now download the greek edition http://ubuntu-manual.org/download/10.04/el/screen. Or buy a printed copy: http://ubuntu-manual.org/buy/gswu1004e1/el . Well done to the greek translation team.22:08
dutchiesounds good to me22:09
jenkinsright do you have facebook access as well22:09
jenkinsI can do it on facebook if you like22:09
jenkinswe don't want to do it twice thats all22:10
dutchiei don't have facebook access22:10
c7pnight all22:25
jenkinsnight c7p22:25
jenkinsnight all22:41
dutchienight jenkins22:41
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brandonjcongrats to all involved with the greek release23:59

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