McNeverhows everybody doen...00:14
McNeverlooken for some help for lircd if anyone has a few00:15
rileyp mythexport help anyone08:26
rileypseems i cant get it to transcode even with the simnplest of settings08:26
dan124when my dvb-t usb tuner is connected to the ubuntu system, it does not suspend, is that a know issue?10:00
Jay2k1do you use eit?10:02
Jay2k1i remember seeing a setup option that would keep a tuner card/stick busy all the time, i think it had to do something with eit10:03
dan124jay2k1, yep use one tuner for EIT, deselected the option and even shutdown the backend, made no difference10:10
rileypIts best to select a tuner known to be isssue free for linux. buying one that isn't is a waste of money and a world of pain.12:36
rileypyou might be able to create a unload module script and reload the module on wake up.12:37
rileypso that suspend works12:37
rhpot1991rileyp: did you debug your ffmpeg line?14:19
rileypno i installed handbrake it it works....14:23
rileypCould it of been a write acess problen or does the install of the mythexport package aensure that is correct?14:24
rileypI tried to current settings for ffmpeg to use with an ipod but all  the ones i found later commentedthey nop longer worked14:25
rhpot1991rileyp: did you check your logs to see why it wasn't working?14:26
rhpot1991it should spit out info in there'14:26
rileypIpods have a problem with RSS feeds as well as they need to communicate with the macreader website meaning any hope of doing a direct download via wifi to my ipod aint gonna happen using mythexports14:27
rileypI had a look Ill pastebin shorty14:27
rhpot1991the issue is almost always a ffmpeg configuration error, the best way to handle that is to enable debugging in mythexport and run ffmpeg by hand14:27
rhpot1991rileyp: sounds like you need a media player that isn't a closed system, or use itunes to sync14:28
rileypI amusing ipod snc atm but it would be nice to just browse a home website (mythserver) and download directly what I want.14:29
rileypThe commuciation problem withhthe macraeder site can be fixed by redirictoring something aher to there in my dsl modem14:30
rileyp Apple did a great disservice to its customers by requiring all RSS feeds be accessible from the public Internet in order to view them in Mobile Safari14:32
rileypthat really sucks that bit14:32
rhpot1991yep, have fun with that14:34
rhpot1991I don't deal with apple garbage anymore14:34
rileypIf I could set up a record that resolves to my WAN IP, but have the DNS resolve to the internal MythPodcaster host IP from inside the network.  This allows the Mac Reader service to retrieve the feed for rendering via the WAN IP, but access to the content through the local network is fast because it resolves to the LAN IP.14:34
rileypIf I could understand that and work with it I would be fine.... but its a little to cisco for me Ill get my networking freind to sort it out overa few beers14:35
rileypperhasps eteh same could be done for mythexport14:36
rileypperhasps the  same could be done for mythexport14:36
rileypI tried you only opposition Mythpodcaster after days of trial and tribulation I got it to work in ubuntu and was able to download stuff on a remote dsktop and play it. but it wouldnt work on the ipod for the above reason14:39
rileyphttp://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/ and my post which kinda explains why a ipod cant d/l movies from a home server http://code.google.com/p/mythpodcaster/issues/detail?id=2814:41
rileyphttp://pastebin.com/bxyNbnSV    At first we had the connection issue then I had a write issue the the transcoding that I made would not play on the ipod....It ws at that point I instalkled handvrakecli and within 2 hours I had a my first tv recording on my ipod touch.14:46
rileypI use dthis guide for Handbrakecli http://newyork.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146430614:47
Zinn[newyork.ubuntuforums.org]  Errror 2041 after mythexport ipod conversion - Ubuntu Forums14:47
rileypI was wondering If I could setup mythexport to use Handbrakecli as Im cery happy with the qaulity of the recording on the ipod and Im not really interested in learning ffmpegs command line arguments14:48
rileypas there are just way to many and Its sooo a/v geek territory that Its like asking me to learn 3d cad overnight.. Its all to hard....14:51
rileypHanbrake cli works so seemlessly If I couldjust create a rss feed to the folder containing the recordings  Id be so happy.14:57
rhpot1991rileyp: not easily right now, I plan on making that possible in future releases15:06
rhpot1991if you don't mind hacking around in the code a little you could just replace the ffmpeg section15:06
rhpot1991rileyp: for your ipod it should be as easy as picking the ipod config and changing it to use aac instead of mp315:06
rileypthats what I was thinking but...my files are already renamed...15:07
rileypI havent botherd to look at any code to see hpw it all works.15:08
rhpot1991rileyp: http://www.otherroute.net/wordpress/2010/01/mythtv-install-and-export-to-iphone/15:10
Zinn[www.otherroute.net] MythTV Install and Export to iPhone | otherroute.net15:10
rhpot1991unless there is some new issue that I'm unaware of, re-enabling aac should help you15:10
rileyprhpot1991,  Thanks very much for the link thats what Ill use!    I have aac enabled already15:18
Shadow__Xhey guys how do i know when the autobuilds will get the protocol verison bugfix21:42
tgm4883Shadow__X, what fix?21:52
tgm4883it's not a bug?21:52
KjetilKI looking at http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/VDPAU#CPU_Frequency_Scaling and I'm wondering if Mythbuntu has a different threshold than the 95% mentioned for Ubuntu in general21:59
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] VDPAU - MythTV21:59
KjetilKand if not, how do I set it?22:00
tgm4883KjetilK, i'm 90% sure we don't change that22:04
KjetilKtgm4883, OK22:05
KjetilKI set my minimum to the same as the CPU max freq, and it works great22:06
KjetilKbut I suppose for power saving, I suppose it would be better to set a lower minimum, and a lower threshold22:06
KjetilKah: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ondemand/up_threshold22:11
KjetilKwhat's the current best practice for making these changes permanent?22:13
Shadow__Xtgm4883: the fact that its coming up as 23056 instead of 56 it broke everything else i was using23:16
tgm4883Shadow__X, unfortunately that isn't a bug23:17
tgm4883although we are working on a fix for that23:17
Shadow__Xtgm4883: oh really? that sucks because it isntantly broke my os x client23:18
tgm4883yea, it was an upstream change23:18
Shadow__Xontop of .jpeg metadata isnt working on os x builds as it is23:18
tgm4883essentially you have 2 options23:18
tgm48831) downgrade the packages to the last version that used 5623:19
tgm48832) Rebuild the OSX client23:19
tgm4883although #2 might not be possible23:19
tgm48833) Wait until we figure it out23:19
Shadow__Xheh the funny thing is i have been trying to build the frontned on os x but i keep getting weird errors23:20
Shadow__Xtgm4883: i found an updated build that works23:22
tgm4883Shadow__X, np. Hopefully we can push the last build for 0.23 with the old protocol version23:22
Shadow__Xhmm yeah could you help me with build issues?23:23
tgm4883on OSX?23:25
tgm4883Linux only23:25
tgm4883I could try23:25
tgm4883but I guarentee nothing23:25
Shadow__Xi gotcha thanks23:25
Shadow__Xso i can look at the issue 2 ways23:26
Shadow__Xone i cant build on os x but the reason why i wanted to build it was because .jpegs werent coming up in mythvideo for the metadata23:26
Shadow__Xi know it has to do with qt but i am unsure if i could just install a jpeg plugin23:26
Shadow__Xi have installed qt from nokias site but nothing has changed23:27
Shadow__Xtgm4883: should i just ask in mythtv?23:35
tgm4883Shadow__X, probably, i'm at work so trying to do a few things23:37
Shadow__Xtgm4883: no problem thanks anyway23:38

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