rwwG'day. The forward from #ubuntu to #ubuntu-proxy-users is broken again. Someone needs to remove the banforward from #ubuntu and then add it again.03:22
rww(specifically, someone with ops in both channels, I think)03:23
IdleOnerww done03:27
rwwIdleOne: thanks :)03:27
IdleOnehope it sticks :)03:27
rwwHello again!03:29
rwwI just got: 1929 -ZolaHacker(ZolaHacker@ * I'm using TScript Version -3.x.1b03:30
rwwAppears to be triggered by !info in #ubuntu.03:30
IdleOnethank you03:31
IdleOneis AntiSpamMeta an approved bot in #u?05:34
nhandlerNo clue if it ever got formally approved (that was before I joined the council). It won't do any harm, so I wouldn't ban it or anything for now, but I'll bring this up with the council to try and figure out if it was ever granted "formal approval"05:37
IdleOnenhandler: ok.05:38
FlannelIs that the "we want to monitor spam to ban it in our channels so we use your channel as a honeypot" bot?05:43
IdleOneI have no idea05:44
IdleOnesaw it join during the last split and it caught my eye05:44
=== persia` is now known as persia
popeywho 'officially' looks after mootbot in -meeting?10:24
jussino, its Seeker`10:25
jussiand Nal iirc10:25
* Daviey hides.10:25
popeyit seems broken10:25
jussipopey: :/10:26
popeyit's not updated the logs on the website for at least two days, maybe longer10:26
jussipopey: ahh yeah, it needs a prod10:26
popeyhttp://www.novarata.net/mootbot/ is missing logs from loco council meeting two days ago10:26
popeya prod in that it's a manual update?10:26
jussinal might be able to help with that, as novarata is his site10:26
jussisometimes something happens afaik10:27
popeythanks for the detail :)10:27
jussiand yeah, some manual something needs doing10:27
popeywoah, detail overload dude!10:27
jussipopey: youll have to ask Seeker` or nal ;)10:27
* jussi is not exactly sure10:27
jussiDaviey: just the person I am after!10:28
* jussi prods at Daviey10:36
ikoniahello Bryanstein11:17
ikoniaBryanstein: are you active ?11:36
gnomefreakanyone else that is using auto_bleh script getting the following  .:07:18:59:. ==> Irssi: warning: '~/.irssi/autobleh.conf' doesn't exist.12:20
gnomefreakthat is on loading of the script. it still loads and still works12:21
ubottuIn ubottu, mds1 said: yeah, aptoncd is what i need ;-)12:34
oCean_hi, please note <sysierius> in #u started some trolling14:05
ikonialets look14:08
oCean_great. Been going on for a while now.. just starts to get annoying14:08
ikoniagot it14:08
oCean_thanks anyway14:08
macokwpolska seems to have attitude issues15:51
jpdsmaco: Sounds very familiar.15:52
jpdsmaco: I think ikonia is a fan of him.15:53
macoby which you mean has hauled them in here a few times?15:53
ikoniamaco: he was ecently banned16:03
ikoniathen unbanned16:03
ikoniamaco: if he persists cut him no slack, he had a pretty clear and blunt warning and promised no more bad beahviour16:04
ikoniabazhang: ping17:21

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