uvirtbotNew bug: #608477 in samba (main) "package winbind 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60847700:06
lownoizeis anybody here running vsftpd under ubuntu 10.04 server x64?00:06
lownoizeand has an idea what could be the problem for the bug 59053700:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 590537 in linux "lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59053700:08
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MoltarJordan_U: I finally got the system re-installed from the DVD, here's the boot info script output if you have a second to look at it:  http://pastebin.com/z4ZZhyW200:14
zoooomI setup ubuntu to run an ET server. I can ping with it's IP but not it's name.  Do I need to run DNS on it?00:14
NightDragonokay, so since when is wpkg 'easy software deployment'?00:17
NightDragonis WPKG really as easy at it gets?... its about as easy as defusing a bomb00:17
Jordan_UMoltar: Interesting, and when you try to boot what happens?00:35
MoltarJordan_U: It just says 'boot failed: Hard disk 0'.  Not terribly helpful.00:42
MoltarJordan_U: That message is coming from the BIOS.  On these IBM boxes, it's uEFI, not really BIOS.00:43
Jordan_UMoltar: If you hold shift during boot is "GRUB" ever printed to the screen?00:46
MoltarJordan_U: Let me go try that.00:47
MoltarJordan_U: No, it still just says Boot Failed.  It's like it doesn't recognize the MBR or something.00:51
Jordan_UMoltar: Are you sure that you're booting in BIOS mode rather than UEFI mode?00:58
MoltarJordan_U: Pretty sure.  If I reduce the size of the RAID array so it's less than 2TB, I can install and I'll end up with a fdisk formatted drive that works just fine.  I don't have to change anything in the BIOS to do that other than delete a disk from the RAID array.01:00
Jordan_UMoltar: Maybe the BIOS code is trying to be too smart for its own good. Try asking in #grub.01:01
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MoltarJordan_U: I've tried using the grub-efi-amd64 package and re-creating the /boot partition as msdos so that the EFI BIOS can find it.  That allows me to set up an EFI boot option with the grub.efi image file.  That gets rid of the 'boot failed' message, but leaves me stuck after the initrd has been loaded.01:02
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MoltarJordan_U: Thanks for looking, I'll go try the #grub group.01:03
Jordan_UMoltar: There's been a lot of work kernel side recently to get video with EFI going well. This probably isn't very usefull to you on a production server, but maverick would likely work better when booting via UEFI.01:05
MoltarJordan_U: Thanks, I'll at least try downloading and installing it.  It'll be worth a shot to see if it will boot at least.01:08
Jordan_UMoltar: You're welcome.01:10
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ader10I can't use pureadmin to modify virtual users. pureadmin doesn't recognize that I have a user ftpuser and a group ftpgroup already made and it keeps trying to make them02:11
ader10And becauseit can't create the user and group, it won't even open the virtual user window02:13
ader10Any help on fixing pureadmin would be appreciated02:13
zoooomI setup ubuntu to run an ET server. I can ping with it's IP but not it's name.  Do I need to run DNS on it?02:50
qman__zoooom, you don't need to run DNS on that server necessarily, but you do need to create a DNS entry for it, or whatever other name service you're using02:53
ader10zoooom: If it's behind a dynamic IP it would be easiest to use a dynamic dns service02:53
zoooommaybe I'm getting it wrong but If I'm using DHCP from my router shouldnt I be able to ping it by name?02:55
qman__not likely02:55
qman__your router would have to have a dynamic DNS on it02:55
qman__most stock firmwares don't02:56
qman__dd-wrt can02:56
zoooomno I mean on my local network02:56
ader10zoooom: likely02:56
qman__your router would have to run a DNS server that can update itself based on the DHCP leases it's handing out02:56
zoooomyea  it doesnt respond to it's name  but I can ping
qman__most routers' stock firmwares can't do that02:57
qman__dd-wrt has the software to do it02:57
zoooomOK I'll just use the ip then    thanks02:58
ader10Can anybody help me figure out how to get symlinks working with pure-ftpd03:22
ader10My user can't even see them03:22
ader10(virtual user)03:22
ejatbug 523148 , is it will be fix in LTS ? or maverick ?03:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 523148 in libvirt "virsh console does not work (/dev/pts/1: Permission denied)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52314803:23
spartan07crontab not working. running LTS 8.04. tried editing 2 ways 1) crontab -e and 2) nano /etc/crontab03:29
spartan07when I run the command on the terminal it runs perfectly03:30
bogeyd6spartan07, paste command03:33
spartan07for testing:  echo "Nightly Backup Successful: $(date)" >> /home/seg02/vTigercrons/test.log03:39
spartan07need for work:  /var/www/vtigercrm/cron/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/com_vtiger_workflow.sh03:40
spartan07bogeyd6, the way it is in crontab -e : 05 * * * * /var/www/vtigercrm/cron/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/com_vtiger_workflow.sh >>/home/seg02/vTigercrons/workflow.log 2>&103:41
bogeyd6there is your probb03:42
spartan07im running tail -f for the echo command running every min03:42
bogeyd605 * * * * /var/www/vtigercrm/cron/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/com_vtiger_workflow.sh > /home/seg02/vTigercrons/workflow.log 2>&103:43
spartan07bogeyd6, not 2 >?03:44
spartan07isnt >> append?03:44
bogeyd6im telling ya03:45
spartan07ok 1 sec running03:46
bogeyd605 * * * * /var/www/vtigercrm/cron/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/com_vtiger_workflow.sh >>/home/seg02/vTigercrons/workflow.log 2>&103:46
bogeyd601 00 * * 1 /root/archive-mail > /var/log/archive-mail.log 2>&103:46
bogeyd601 01 * * * /root/zimbra-backup > /var/log/zimbra-backup.log 2>&103:46
bogeyd6that is my crontab on the zimbra server, works like a champ and the >> was causing the commands not to work03:46
bogeyd6Linux zcs 2.6.24-28-server #1 SMP Fri Jun 18 14:47:02 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:47
spartan07running 8.04?03:47
spartan07no go03:49
spartan07bogeyd6, echo running every min. not running :(03:50
bogeyd6you are trying to echo from a crontab command?03:51
spartan07bogeyd6,                   01 * * * * echo "Nightly Backup Successful: $(date)" > /home/seg02/vTigercrons/test.log03:52
spartan07just for testing03:52
bogeyd6why not just put it into a .sh file and lets it run it that way03:53
spartan07just doing it to test the crontab. the other command is running .sh file but its not running either03:54
spartan07bogeyd6, wierd it ran but it truncated and time the command ran was 20:01:01 PDT 2010.04:12
spartan07its 21 20:11:02 PDT 2010, so its running but not running every hour04:13
spartan07sorry every min04:15
twbYou haven't asked it to run every minute04:15
twbYou've asked it to run on the first minute of every hour04:15
spartan07how would every min be?04:16
twb* 1  * * *  echo foo04:16
twbThere should be a header present when you run "crontab -e"04:16
spartan07no header04:17
spartan07it says minute(s) hour(s) day(s)_of_month month(s) day(s)_of_week user command04:17
twbOh, sorry, every minute of every hour would be "* *  * * *  echo foo"04:18
spartan0701 *    * * *   is right for every min right?04:19
fallousall asterisks for the time04:19
spartan07* *   * * *  is every min?04:19
fallous1 * * * * would be the first minute of every hour, * 1 * * * would be every minute during the 1am hour04:20
spartan07what about every 5 min? sorry for the basic quesitons I thought I had this figured out04:23
spartan07echo command is running every min <--awesome04:24
failoverMy bind is eating 160mb of ram, this is right?04:24
failoverAbout 200 machines use this server as nameserver04:25
fallousso for every 15 minutes, say, you'd do 0,15,30,45 * * * * echo foo04:25
spartan07ok so 5 min would be 0/05 *  * * *04:26
spartan07fallous, thank you04:27
twbfallous: dnsmasq certainly doesn't need that much ram04:30
fallouserm, that was failover not me ;)04:37
spartan07fallous, how would I tag a date to a log  for example the cron */5 * * * * /var/www/vtigercrm/cron/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/com_vtiger_workflow.sh > /home/seg02/vTigercrons/workflow.log 2>&104:44
fallousI script pretty much exclusively with perl, not shell04:49
spartan07thank you guys for the help. crons working now. I guess they were always workign correctly04:53
ajmitch*/5 * * * * /var/www/vtigercrm/cron/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/com_vtiger_workflow.sh >  /home/seg02/vTigercrons/workflow.log04:53
ajmitchsorry, was trying to append date04:53
ajmitch$(date +\%Y.\%m\%d.\%H\%M) in the filename04:54
FOCercan't start mysql on 10.04 after making some configuration changes, even after reverted the changes and reboot the server it won't start either.05:08
FOCerany help would appreciated.05:12
silentwhisperis there an easy way to setup a mail server05:42
silentwhispermost of the tutorial are way to long to follow05:42
KurtKrautsilentwhisper, if this mail server need to exchange e-mails with other servers around the internet (like @gmail.com), yes, it is a pain in the ass and very long process you need to follow.06:05
KurtKrautsilentwhisper, everything that differ from the steps the tutorials provide will lead to all your e-mails being labelled as spam06:05
ader10Can anybody help me figure out how to get symlinks working with pure-ftpd? My user can't even see them (virtual user)06:39
qman__ader10, symlink paths are relative to the environment you're in, so if they point to something that exists outside of your chroot, or is in a different location because of the chroot, they won't work. Use mount -o bind if you need to link something outside the chroot.06:39
ader10qman__: http://www.pureftpd.org/project/pure-ftpd says that symbolic links can be followed even if outside the chroot06:40
qman__it must pre-process them then06:41
qman__sure the links are valid?06:41
qman__I make them backwards by accident a lot06:41
ader10I'll double check06:41
ader10Yes, the link works06:42
qman__--with-virtualchroot: usually, when a user is chrooted (-A and -a options), it's impossible to go out of his home directory. Enabling that feature makes it possible: symbolic links are always followed, even if they are pointing to directories not located in the user's home directory. ... This feature isn't enabled by default.06:47
qman__in the compilation switches06:47
qman__I'm guessing the built in package doesn't have that switch06:47
ader10ugh, dumb compilers06:47
qman__it's a security feature06:48
qman__mount -o bind will work around it06:48
qman__that too06:48
ader10thank you qman__06:55
ader10wait, it's still not showing06:55
ader10The mount --binded folder works, but it doesn't show in the listing06:57
qman__that's a bit strange06:57
qman__maybe it's got a single-filesystem limitation or something06:57
Hilikuscan someone help me with sftp? my connection is dropping right after the user is authenticated successfully06:58
Hilikushere are the logs of the client and server06:58
twbHilikus: how are you invoking the client?06:59
Hilikussftp user@server06:59
Hilikus-v for debugging06:59
twbHilikus: try that on mazinger itself06:59
Hilikussame thing twb07:00
qman__Hilikus, I've run into that in two cases--it'll do that if the user does not have a valid shell, and it'll do that if their home directory doesn't exist and they're chrooted07:00
twbHilikus: pastebin "iptables-save -c" on mazinger07:01
Hilikusthat user does not have a valid shell. i read that for sftp only i could leave the shell /bin/false07:01
Hilikusi only want to give the user sftp access07:01
twbHilikus: that's not how you do it07:02
ader10Strange, the mount --binded folder doesn't show in FileZilla but it does show in Windows Explorer07:02
qman__users need a valid shell to sftp07:02
qman__chroot them with the Match block and force-command internal-sftp07:02
Hilikusstep 807:03
Hilikusbullet 207:03
Hilikusso that's wrong then07:03
Hilikusok, so i'll change the user's shell07:03
twbHilikus: anything more complicated than what qman__ just said is the Old Way07:03
qman__even with the Old Way, they still needed a valid shell07:04
qman__I used the one included with jailkit07:04
twbActually that URL is using Match, so it isn't far wrong07:04
qman__but with the New Way, it doesn't matter07:04
qman__also, I'm fairly certain that bit about root needing to own the home directory is wrong07:08
qman__the user needs to own his own home directory07:09
Hilikusthats my next problem07:13
Hilikusif what the website says is true then it makes sense, cause right now the dir is now owned by root07:14
Hilikusand i get this error when chrooting07:14
HilikusJul 22 02:12:29 mazinger sshd[14872]: fatal: bad ownership or modes for chroot directory component "/tmp/"07:14
Hilikusthe user's home is in /tmp/test07:14
Hilikusand ChrootDirectory /tmp/test/07:15
qman__ /tmp does have bad modes07:15
qman__it's 77707:15
Hilikusman does say that it should be owned by root07:15
qman__the parent directory to the home directory must not be world writable07:15
qman__and should be owned by root07:16
HilikusThis path, and all its components, must be root-             owned directories that are not writable by any other user or group07:16
qman__but the home directory itself should be owned by the user07:16
Hilikusthat's where i'm, confused. why would i need to chown the user's home to root07:16
Hilikusit says THIS path07:16
qman__you shouldn't07:17
qman__but the directory containing the user's home must be root07:17
qman__and all directories above it07:17
qman__and must not be writable by anyone else07:17
qman__but the user's home should be owned by the user, and writable by the user07:17
qman__it wouldn't make a lot of sense if it wasn't07:17
qman__the user then couldn't create any files or directories07:18
Hilikusok, so its every other dir in the path that shoyld be owned by root, except the actual, last dir in the path07:19
silentwhisperhow to confine a user to its own home directory only?07:19
qman__silentwhisper, chroot07:20
Hilikusyes, and in sftp only07:20
spartan07FYI: * * * * * echo "$(date)" >> /home/test.sh >> /home/spartan7/test.log 2>&1  gave me the datestamp and output of the script on the log.07:24
spartan07quick question. if everything is running good on ubuntu 8.04 server should I install 10.04?07:25
qman__spartan07, that's appending the date to test.sh07:25
spartan07qman__, its running the script though07:26
qman__if it is, that's a pretty bizarre parsing07:27
qman__I wouldn't rely on it07:27
qman__* * * * * /home/test.sh >> /home/spartan7/test.$(date).log is better07:27
spartan07ok I wont then. ok07:28
qman__or, if you want the date in the log, add it to the script07:28
qman__rather than a dated log07:28
spartan07is there a way to pipe output of the script to a script that adds the date?07:29
qman__sure, but that's a bit of a waste07:29
spartan07i'll figure it out. I need to learn to bash script07:29
spartan07for now I'll do what you mentioned and make a dated lof file07:30
qman__to make the script add the date, just add echo $(date) to the end of it07:30
spartan07ok , let me try. thanks!!!07:31
qman__oh, also07:31
qman__what I gave you won't work as-is, you need to put it in quotes07:31
qman__* * * * * /home/test.sh >> "/home/spartan7/test.$(date).log" 2>&107:31
qman__since the default output of date has spaces in it07:32
imyousufI have installed UEC and downloaded the lucid lynx 64 bit version from the store. Now when I am trying to run the image I am getting - http://paste.ubuntu.com/467353/ My machine configuration is core i7, 4G RAM, 1G VGA, Lucid Lynx 64-bit. Any idea how I could solve it?07:32
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silentwhisperis this correct ?07:36
spartan07qman__, thank you that exactly what I have been trying to do all afternoon! im gonna idle here, maybe I can learn something LOL07:37
Hilikusis it not legal to hard link to a dir?07:41
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silentwhispersudo chroot /home/edwin07:51
silentwhispervery slow internet connection i need to restart brb07:52
Hilikusqman__: i think that all the dirs in the path should be owned by root07:57
Hilikuscheck this out07:57
Hilikusits really strange though, why would the user's home dir be owned by root07:57
HilikusChrootDirectory /home/%u07:57
Hilikuswhich is the user's home dir07:58
HilikusThe directory in which to chroot() must be owned by root.07:58
twbIsn't there a %x variable specifically used for the home dir?08:01
twbyeah, %d08:02
Hilikusyea, but still, whatever is the dir of the jail, it should be owned by root08:04
imyousufI have installed UEC and downloaded the lucid lynx 64 bit version from the store. Now when I am trying to run the image I am getting - http://paste.ubuntu.com/467353/ My machine configuration is core i7, 4G RAM, 1G VGA, Lucid Lynx 64-bit. Any idea how I could solve it? (re-run)08:04
Hilikusso i don't understand how to trap a user in its own home08:05
Hilikussince its own home would have to be owned by root08:05
Roxyhart0HI there somebody know how i can create a virtual interface but not associated08:24
Roxyhart0to any ethX?08:24
larsemilimyousuf: dont you need like three computers to use UEC?08:25
imyousuflarsemil: I made the same computer as node control and cluster control08:25
imyousufdo I still need 3 computers? I am absolutely new to UEC, so please forgive my ignorance or stupidities.08:26
larsemilimyousuf: i did not use it myself, sorry08:29
imyousufno problem larsemil, in that case I am just did one step more than you :)08:31
larsemili think you need two nodes atleast08:31
imyousufwhere do I find documentation on that?08:32
imyousufbecause its first time I heard that I need *at least* 2 computers :(08:32
smoserTeTeT, i responded to https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+question/11842908:58
smoseri think the user has a funky environment in some way.08:58
smosernote that the program they're running is in /usr/local/bin08:58
TeTeTsmoser: ah, ok, I don't have 9.10 any longer around, otherwise I'd have tested it08:59
smoseri didn't see anywhere we the opener mentioned the client (where euca2ools was being run)09:00
smoserthe server is seemingly carmic09:00
overriderWhat is (argueably) the most used tool to monitor my servers logfiles, and send me e-mail on things that look suspicious? On my OpenBSD Machines i like to use logsentry; is that also the tool of choice on Ubuntu Server? Thanks09:11
larsemilnagios maybe?09:20
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_rubenoverrider: we use SEC (simple event correlator) for that10:00
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binBASHmoin \sh10:34
\shhey binBASH10:35
binBASHGruss aus LU :P10:35
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uvirtbotNew bug: #608646 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60864611:11
silentwhisperwhat mail server is usually used in accessing through web11:26
Carachihello, i try to install postfix but i have this problem: when i test postfix via telnet  (ehlo) it  not write AUTH LOGIN PLAIN and AUTH=LOGIN PLAIN . how can i solve it?11:27
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qman__Carachi, it isn't supposed to, or at least none of mine do11:38
qman__the process is telnet, ehlo hostname, user username11:39
Carachiqman__ i do ehlo hostname11:40
Carachi250-SIZE 1024000011:40
Carachi250 DSN11:40
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:41
qman__but yes, that's the same thing I get11:41
Carachiand how can i solve this problem?11:41
qman__I wasn't aware that's a problem11:42
qman__my servers send mail just fine11:42
qman__ah, pretty sure what you're looking for is smtpd_sasl_auth_enable in /etc/postfix/main.cf11:55
Carachiyes is enable12:05
progre55hi people! I've got a server that's using the CEST timezone.. how can I change it to UTC? and will it affect the applications and services running on it? like, mysql12:23
sommermorning all12:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #608685 in bind9 (main) "bind9 fails to start in Lucid Lynx, can't read openssl.cnf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60868512:36
qman__progre55, timestamps and such use UTC, so there's nothing to worry about there12:52
qman__that is, file timestamps and database transactions12:53
qman__log timestamps will change12:53
qman__the command is `sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata`12:54
progre55qman__: thanks. but will I have to reboot then?12:54
qman__probably not12:54
qman__I haven't tried it but I don't see why you would need to12:55
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progre55qman__: I've been using puppets, and my server shows me "Thu Jul 22 13:55:34 CEST 2010" while my client has "Thu Jul 22 11:55:40 UTC 2010". and I'm getting errors while connecting.. I was assuming there was a problem with timezones, as the connection is over SSL12:57
qman__progre55, timezone is not likely the problem12:58
qman__run `date -u` to ensure they agree on UTC12:58
progre55qman__: sec12:59
progre55yeah, they're the same..12:59
progre55qman__: familiar with puppets by any chance? =)12:59
qman__no, I'm not12:59
qman__I mean, it might be a problem, but that'd be rather silly of it12:59
progre55qman__: well, I'll try to google more then =)13:00
progre55qman__: thanks man, appreciate13:00
qman__if the systems agree within the minute to UTC it _should_ make any time-based authentication systems work13:00
qman__no problem13:00
psteynHi guys, I've removed two NIC's from a server and left only the 1.  it's still called eth2 even on reboot...is there a way to 'rescan' / 'remap' it so that it's eth0?  This is ubuntu 9.1013:13
qman__psteyn, remove the entries in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules13:17
hggdhDaviey: euca 2.0 i386 is in the archive, but not amd6414:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #608761 in tftp-hpa (main) "initrd.img ....... ready hangs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60876115:01
urbislittle help with proftp needed15:58
SandGorgonhi guys.. quick question. I read somewhere that EXT3 filesystems give better performance than EXT4 for MySQL. Is that true ? What filesystem are you guys using _in production_ ?16:00
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Hilikusis it safe to do security based on user's groups? i have two groups: backup and sftp. one gives it access to reading the backups, the otherone gives them limited, chrooted access through sftp. sshd makes this distinction based on the user's group. is this safe?17:27
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Jeeves_Anyone here in the UK?19:55
rcsheetsI am trying to install Windows Server 2008R2 using virt-manager on a 64-bit lucid server. The ISO boots up fine, but as soon as I click "next" on the first installer screen, I get this: http://i.imgur.com/Tomty.png20:19
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dominicdinadawhy is the servers asking about grub configs after the updates... i do believe this crap is bugged.... Update? Crash my servers ? not good20:34
pmatulisrcsheets: someone was saying the same thing yesterday. i believe they filed a bug20:41
rcsheetsi see20:41
rcsheetsthanks. i'll look around launchpad.20:41
pmatulisrcsheets: it you're around tomorrow i can let you know exactly, i have it in my irc client logs20:43
rcsheetsi'll try to stop by20:44
rcsheetsi see a bug about >4 vCPUs20:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #572791 in php5 (universe) "php5 is 5.3, but not fully supported by Drupal6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57279120:57
dominicdinadaDrupal = Trash21:03
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koolhead17kees: ping21:07
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uvirtbotNew bug: #608930 in libnss-ldap (main) "libnss-ldap needlessly (and indirectly) depend on libpam-ldap" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60893022:16
bogeyd6how do i disconnect an iscsi connection? (i am the initiator)22:20
lowridahanyone familiar with kickstart options for ubuntu installs?22:26
lowridahI've got a %pre directive with a script that switches to TTY6, takes input for variables that get exported to /tmp/includes which is referenced earlier in the KS file, so I can set IPs and such from one menu prior to install22:27
lowridahthis works great in Fedora/CentOS but in Ubuntu there doesn't seem to be a /tmp folder for ramdisk, does anyone know where ubuntu's chroot ramdisk is at during install?22:27
stinger05hi there22:29
stinger05does ubuntu 10.04 come with a GUI after installing it ?22:30
lowridahnot server, no.22:30
lowridahif you need a gui i suggest desktop22:31
stinger05well actually i wanted a server with a GUI22:31
nealmcbstinger05: but there are various options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI22:31
lowridahred the arguments against part real good though22:31
stinger05ok thanks guys22:32
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lowridahreally odd, I can have %pre touch /tmp/includes but the code ran in %pre won't write to /tmp/includes22:49
jordHow can I tell my ubuntu 10.04 install to continue booting even if it can't mount one of my (non-boot) hard drives?23:00
jordNow, it just hangs if it fails to mount /dev/md023:00
talcitehey guys, I'm trying to start up an iscsi target using tgtd, over an infiniband connection, but I'm getting an error "cannot initialize RDMA; load kernel modules?". The modules for iSER are loaded.23:07
talciteI'm also using IPoIB though, is it possible that you can't have both at the same time?23:08
FunnyLookinHatAnyone know how to restart Subversion on 10.04 ?23:10
rcsheetspmatulis: i found the bug. it's not quite the problem i'm seeing. thanks though.23:28

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