* lfaraone waves.03:36
Manusheellfaraone: Hi Luke.07:44
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lfaraoneManusheel: typically I'm not around past midnight ESTZ.14:05
Manusheellfaraone: Sure. Thank you for informing me.14:06
Manusheellfaraone: Wish to ask you on whether you are satisfied with e-toys packaging.14:06
ManusheelAnd, whether there have been issues from our side, which need a turnaround.14:07
lfaraoneManusheel: Not everything I mentioned in http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002667.html was corrected.14:08
Manusheellfaraone: I see. Thank you for informing me.14:09
lfaraoneManusheel: namely, although COPYING is not included, debian/copyright is still incorrect.14:09
ManusheelWill talk to Ankur, and get him some help from Neeraj and Dipankar.14:09
Manusheellfaraone: That is unfortunate. Any other area, which you think have not been covered upto mark?14:10
lfaraoneManusheel: not that I've seen yet.14:10
Manusheellfaraone: Ok. Thank you.14:10
lfaraoneManusheel: although debian/copyright isn't actually run or executed, it's critical that it be correct, otherwise the package is not distributable.14:10
Manusheellfaraone: How about Record activity and Poll Builder activity?14:10
lfaraoneManusheel: I have not looked at record since I reviewed it yesterday: http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002669.html14:12
lfaraoneManusheel: per http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar/tasks , pollbuilder is ready to go.14:12
Manusheellfaraone: Ok. How about flipsticks and log viewer?14:13
lfaraoneManusheel: the review status of *all* activities is documented on the sugar/tasks page.14:14
lfaraoneManusheel: any activity with a "r+" is ready to go, any one with a "r-" has been reviewed. (r-s are usually linked to the review on the mailing list)14:15
lfaraoneManusheel: activities with "r?" are pending review.14:15
Manusheellfaraone: Yes. I do visit the page. However, my question here is from a different perspective? How many iterations did you have to do for changing the status to "r+"?14:15
lfaraoneManusheel: per http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002600.html , activities which have not been corrected with proper dependencies (marked by something in the 'works with' column and a debian/rules change) will not be reviewed even if r? is set.14:16
lfaraoneManusheel: that's usually documented by the number of "r"s you see on the comments.14:16
Manusheellfaraone: Ok, I didn't know that. Thank you for the information.14:17
lfaraonealthough it looks like some people removed earlier r-s.14:17
Manusheellfaraone: That is odd. I'll ask them not to do that in future.14:18
Manusheellfaraone:  Kandarp was able to package Sugar core package. However, I didn't ask him to push it to git as recommended by you. Will Jonas be able to approve our work soon? What do you think?14:19
ManusheelRefering to activities here.14:19
ManusheelNot core packages.14:19
lfaraoneManusheel: activities? I think Jonas stated that he didn't mind if we packaged "core activities", just that we didn't do *real* sugar core.14:19
Manusheellfaraone: Yes. But, we are waiting for Jonas approval, and couldn't do the sync up with Ubuntu.14:20
lfaraoneManusheel: for activity packaging, we push up to git our changes to the version we want to publish in Debian.14:21
lfaraoneManusheel: which activity?14:21
Manusheellfaraone: Yes, we did that. But, can we sync up the packaging to Ubuntu?14:22
Manusheellfaraone: any activity packaged in Debian.14:22
lfaraoneManusheel: you can update existing activities as they exist in git, yes.14:23
Manusheellfaraone: Sure. We can do that. However, can we sync up the Debian packages to Ubuntu?14:24
lfaraoneManusheel: yes, in the way kandarp did.14:24
Manusheellfaraone: Ok. Then, we'll follow that method for the other activities too.14:25
lfaraoneManusheel: alternatively, you can just wait for me to see Jonas at DebConf (or me to become a DD, whichever comes first)14:25
lfaraoneManusheel: we'll get some facetime and hopefully be able to do a final review of all acitivities.14:25
Manusheellfaraone: Great. That would be neat.14:25
lfaraoneManusheel: whichever you prefer.14:25
ManusheelYes, I did read your Debconf plans.14:26
Manusheellfaraone: I'll prefer collaborative reviewing.14:26
ManusheelBy you and Jonas.14:26
lfaraonemk. right now I'm working on fixing pyabiword.14:38
Manusheellfaraone: Neat.14:52
Manusheellfaraone: I am going for a meeting with the content developers. Will be back soon.14:53
dipankarlfaraone: hi15:13
lfaraonehey dipankar .15:14
lfaraonedipankar: feeling better?15:14
dipankarlfaraone: how are you doing?15:14
dipankarlfaraone: yup a lot better now :). Thanks15:14
lfaraonedipankar: I'm decent. you?15:14
lfaraonegood, good.15:14
neerajhi lfaraone, I am changing the copyright of aplay.py as mentioned in the mail..15:14
neerajhi dipankar ..15:14
dipankarhey neeraj , nice to see you too :)15:14
neeraj^^^^for record activity15:14
neerajdipankar, same here :)15:15
dipankarlfaraone: I marked log-activity and flipsticks-activity for 2nd review15:15
dipankarbtw how is the review task going on?15:16
dipankardfarning: How are you? I guess you are at Prague..15:16
lfaraonedipankar: he's in Paraguay, IIRC15:16
lfaraonedipankar: did you follow http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debian-olpc-devel/2010-July/002600.html for your activities?15:17
dfarningdipankar, good morning. i am finally in paraguay15:18
dfarningdipankar, are you feeling better?15:18
dipankarlfaraone: I have done it for log-activity afair.15:18
dipankardfarning: yup, but doctor has advised to rest a little more. (I said 'what the heck!')15:18
dipankardfarning: I was catching up with the telepathy tuts.15:19
dfarningdipankar, how are things coming.15:19
neerajlfaraone, for record activity, I should use Files : port/* , aplay.py or mention copyright if them in separate paragraph ?15:19
kandarpkdipankar: Hi. good to see you15:20
lfaraoneneeraj: if they are owned by different people you should use separate stanzas.15:20
dipankardfarning: For a while I am not allowed to use laptop15:20
dipankarkandarpk: Hi, nice to see you too :)15:20
kandarpklfaraone: good morning.15:20
lfaraonedipankar: I'm looking at log, and i don't see the changes made.15:20
kandarpkdfarning: wow, you too are here :)15:20
lfaraonethe gang's all here.15:21
kandarpkdfarning: good morning15:21
kandarpklfaraone: :)15:21
dipankarlfaraone: I did have some doubt regarding that. It was mentioned that the changes are to be made temporarily, so I thought I need not push them :(15:21
dfarningkandarpk, Yes.  I am now settled and will be on line every morning.15:22
kandarpkdfarning: great.15:23
dfarningkandarpk, how is packaging coming?15:25
* lfaraone is currently looking at git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/sugar-jigsawpuzzle-activity.git15:25
dfarninglfaraone, +115:25
kandarpkdfarning: lfaraone is satisfied with activities I packaged15:25
dipankardfarning: I just started with the third e-mail regarding telepathy.15:26
dipankarhope I can catch up soon15:26
kandarpkdfarning: sugar has been updated on git.debian by Jonas :)15:26
dfarningkandarpk, yes. jonas is very fast.15:27
dfarningdipankar, great.15:27
dfarningkandarpk, have all of your packages pass lfaraone's review?15:27
lfaraonedipankar: if the activity works in all versions, the changes should be made permenent.15:27
dipankarlfaraone: ok, got it. Then I will work on them tomorrow morning, as currently I am working on telepathy. Hope you don't mind15:28
kandarpkdfarning: I couldn't package those already present though I know the steps15:28
dipankardfarning: So, what's the final status with the core packages at git?15:29
kandarpk*already present on git.debian15:29
lfaraonekandarpk: those already present you can update, though, right?15:29
lfaraonedipankar: "core packages" that are activities are fair game.15:29
kandarpklfaraone: yes, I understand how to do that15:29
dipankarlfaraone: sorry, didn't get you. I meant about debian packaging for sugar-0.88, sugar-presence , etc, that were under Jonas...15:30
lfaraonedfarning: by the way, we just got a bunch of bugs filed by geser of Ubuntu re sugar packages that need fixing. These are all straightforward fixes that should be fairly bitesize.15:30
lfaraonedipankar: yeah, he'd rather you not work on that.15:31
dipankarlfaraone: So we are up with activities. Great.15:31
dfarningdipankar, kandarpk I had a talk with manu about packing in general....  I belive that he wanted to talk to you guys in person.  The social issues of working with open source projects is very different than working with a traditional software development15:31
dipankarlfaraone: one more thing, I recently received some e-mails from debian mailing list regarding some 'acceptance' of sugar 'package'. I believe they were from Jonas.15:33
dfarningdipankar, kandarpk you are doing good work, but it will take a while to earn the trust of jonas.  That takes time.15:33
dipankardfarning: Sure. Manu Sir is trying for our next meeting15:33
neerajlfaraone, in latest change on sugar/task u have added that name needs to be changed in s-write-a.. I have changed the name as you told me to but I am unable to see it on http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-write-activity.git;a=summary15:34
kandarpkdfarning: I don't believe we have worked hard enough yet.15:34
lfaraoneneeraj: I readded it because you removed the comment. Please do not remove older comments, they serve as a history for us to see how the package developed.15:34
neerajneeraj, ok.. :)15:35
lfaraoneneeraj: feel free to append to it a review request, but don't remove records of past reviews.15:35
neerajlfaraone* ok :)15:35
dipankarlfaraone: one more thing, I recently received some e-mails from debian mailing list regarding some 'acceptance' of sugar 'package'. I believe they were from Jonas.15:36
lfaraonedipankar: those are automated emails telling you that packages were uploaded to the archive by jonas.15:36
dfarninglfaraone, should we fix the bug in the packages in main to build experience and trust?15:37
dfarninglfaraone, in universe15:37
lfaraonedfarning: fixing bugs in Ubuntu gets you little Debian cred, but it does help if your goal is to gain upload access to Ubuntu Universe.15:38
lfaraone*Sugar packages in Ubuntu Universe15:38
dfarning+1, this is qbout getting upload cred in ubuntu.... which will lead to uploader in the 'package set'15:39
kandarpklfaraone: Status in “sugar-pollbuilder-activity” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released15:39
kandarpkwhat does it mean ?15:40
lfaraonekandarpk: that means that the bug has been closed because a fix for the issue the bug reflects has been released.15:40
lfaraonekandarpk: "This bug was fixed in the package sugar-pollbuilder-activity - 26+git20100521.d4def0b6-0ubuntu1"15:40
lfaraonekandarpk: over the next few hours the package will build and be published in Maverick.15:41
lfaraonekandarpk: ref: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-pollbuilder-activity/26+git20100521.d4def0b6-0ubuntu115:41
kandarpklfaraone: in simpler terms, pollbuilder got updated to version 26 ?15:42
lfaraonekandarpk: yes.15:42
kandarpklfaraone: wow, thanks a lot.15:42
lfaraonekandarpk: hehe, no worries.15:42
lfaraonedfarning: who should tackle the bugs geser reported? they all are fairly similiar, they involve changing the deps in packages from 0.86 / 0.84 to 0.8815:43
kandarpkdfarning: by the way, I understood your scripts and now know how to change sugar source and generate new HTML pages.15:47
dfarninglfaraone, I recommend starting with neejar to build his credibity in ubuntu first.  Others will follow.15:51
dfarningkandarpk, great so now everthing is working with the documentation build system?15:51
kandarpkdfarning: yes, just need to start adding the docstrings now.15:52
kandarpkdfarning: the source of presence service here:15:55
kandarpkis different from the one inside jhbuild15:56
kandarpk*the source code15:56
kandarpkdfarning: and the one at git.debian looks much more upto-date15:58
dfarningkandarpk, please ask alsroot on #sugar ? he maintains jhbuild.16:03
* alsroot thinks that dfarning meant silbe :)16:04
kandarpkdfarning: you understand my question  ?16:04
kandarpkI mean, it makes sense ?16:04
kandarpkalsroot: Hi. Nice to know you are around :)16:05
alsrootkandarpk: hi16:05
dipankarkandarpk: I was about to start with code16:06
dipankar*any pointers?16:06
dipankarhello alsroot, how you doing?16:06
kandarpkdipankar: I didn't understand the code very well :(16:06
alsrootdipankar: fine16:07
dipankarkandarpk: isn't it similar to the one provided at  : api.sugarlabs.rg16:07
kandarpkdipankar: the source code at git.debian  looks a bit upto date to me16:08
dipankarkandarpk: ohk.. thanks for the info16:09
kandarpkdipankar: I would like others to check it out as well.16:10
dipankarguys, hate to say, but I have to leave now. Restrictions on Computer usage :(16:15
kandarpkdipankar: get well soon.16:16
dipankarlfaraone: I will try my best to upload the changes tomorrow morning16:16
dipankarkandarpk: Thank you very much. :)16:16
* dipankar says good bye to all16:17
dfarningkandarpk, did you get a answer to your question?16:20
kandarpkdfarning: just posted it on #sugar16:21
dfarningkandarpk, aslo would you mind sending an email to the  sugar-devel mailing list anouncing that you are working on documenting sugar?16:26
dfarningkandarpk, many developer may be wondering why you are asking so many questions:)16:26
kandarpkdfarning: sure, I'll do that16:26
dfarningkandarpk, thanks16:27
kandarpkdfarning: I'll be adding your and Manu sir's name for the team developing the docunmentation16:27
kandarpkdfarning: will that be ok ?16:28
dfarningkandarpk, no need to add our names.... you are the one doing the work:) and that is what the community respects.16:31
kandarpkdfarning: I think I should wait for now as some other seeta team members too will be working on documenting.16:50
dfarningkandarpk, go ahead introduce your self.  One of the 'philosophies' of open source is 'release early and release often'16:52
kandarpkOk, if you suggest so strongly, but I would like you to review it first16:53
kandarpkdfarning ^^16:53
dfarningkandarpk, sure:)16:54
kandarpkdfarning: sent you the mail.17:02
* lfaraone is reviewing record.17:05
kandarpklfaraone: for how long will you be around ?17:09
lfaraonekandarpk: another hour or so probably, why?17:09
kandarpklfaraone: thinking of packaging read activity17:09
kandarpklfaraone: Ok, that will be fine17:09
kandarpk*switching to Debian.17:10
lfaraoneneeraj: looking at record, it looks fine except that you have the GPL license text next to the "License: other-X11" section.17:17
lfaraoneneeraj: you probably mean to move the GPL license text to the bottom in its own license stanza and move the text at the bottom of other-X11 up to where the GPL text is.17:18
dfarningneeraj, do you have time to work on some bug fixes in Ubuntu?17:20
lfaraoneneeraj: what I mean is, in http://sprunge.us/dfRi?control, lines 39 - 55 should be moved into a "Licence: GPL-2+" section somewhere, and you should remove lines 68/69 which talk about GNOME.17:22
kandarpklfaraone: http://paste.ubuntu.com/467584/17:25
kandarpkmerging to v87 is resulting in conflicts17:25
neerajlfaraone, i think I need to change to rule file.. I just realized my mistake after seeing conversation between u and dipankar17:25
lfaraoneneeraj: yeah, you're right.17:27
lfaraoneneeraj: that too :)17:27
lfaraonekandarpk: not sure. send an email to debian-olpc-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org with that as an attachment, explain what you were trying to do, that you've tried to figure out what you're doing wrong, and wonder if anbody has any ideas about what to do.17:28
kandarpklfaraone: Ok. here it goes17:29
walterbenderdogi: hi17:29
walterbenderdogi: I keep missing you at MIT...17:29
neerajdfarning, sure.. I think I should start  fixing bugs in ubuntu with ur and lfaraone  help and I can push the changes later when lfaraone  is not around.. :)17:29
dfarningkandarpk, I just wanted to introduce you to walterbender he is the director of Sugar labs and the inventor of sugar:)17:30
kandarpkdfarning: wow.17:31
dfarningneeraj +117:31
neeraj_guptagot dc.. dfarning, sure.. I think I should start  fixing bugs in ubuntu with ur and lfaraone  help and I can push the changes later when lfaraone  is not around.. :)17:31
kandarpkdfarning: hi walterbender.17:31
walterbenderhi kandarpk17:31
kandarpk*OOPS , too excited17:31
lfaraoneneeraj: we saw you say so earlier.17:32
* lfaraone will brb, lunch.17:32
kandarpkwalterbender: how are you doing ?17:32
walterbenderkandarpk: busy with too many things...17:32
kandarpkwalterbender: that comes with the job you are doing :)17:33
dfarningneeraj_gupta, sounds good,  I will be leaving now to work on the deployment in PY17:33
=== neeraj_gupta is now known as neeraj
dfarningwalterbender, kandarpk along with dipankar are the two team leaders working on sugar on Ubuntu.  Once the initial packageing is completed kandarpk's team will foucus on user experience and dipandar's team will focuse on technical issues.17:35
neerajdfarning, on which bug i should start working first?17:36
dfarningneeraj, there were a couple of issues related to browse not being installable lfaraone will have the details.17:37
dfarningkandarpk, neeraj I will spend the rest of the day working with the py developers will see you again in the morning.17:39
dfarningkandarpk, neeraj thanks for the good work the packages are starting to look good:)17:39
lfaraonedfarning: browse is uninstallable because pyxpcom is nowhere to be found, but chirscoulton is working on that IIRC>17:41
neerajdfarning, thanks to you and lfaraone  :)17:41
walterbenderdfarning: is it worth chasing down the xpcom stuff at the moment?17:43
walterbenderthe webkit stuff is coming along... it gives us breathing room on debian/ubuntu17:44
dfarningwalterbender, I don't think so.  Better to package surf and make surf a dependancy rather then browse.17:44
lfaraonedfarning: I thought so too. So, would you want neeraj to work on the bugs recently reported by Michael? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-sugarteam/2010-July/thread.html#end17:45
walterbenderdfarning: OK. I guess I misunderstood. I though you were pointing neeraj in that direction.17:46
lfaraonedfarning: (re correcting deps of read, chat, calculate, sucrose)17:46
dfarninglfaraone,  +1, I would suggest dropping browse as a dep for now.  then we can add surf as a dep when it is ready. when it is ready17:48
kandarpkdfarning: Ok, bye17:48
lfaraoneneeraj: still around?17:48
dfarningmanusheel, hello.17:48
manusheeldfarning: Hi David.17:49
manusheelHow are you?17:49
neerajlfaraone, I have a question, while packaging write activity, I added python-abiword as an dependency but while installing it just give inform me about the unmet dependency17:49
dfarningGreat... I had a good nights sleep and am now with the development team from PY and bernie.17:49
manusheeldfarning: Great. That is wonderful to hear.17:50
neerajlfaraone, is there a way that python-abioword gets install automatically if its not installed.. like in synaptic manager, it select all needed packages17:50
manusheeldfarning: We made neat progress on packaging and Sugar API documentation. We were able to modify the source and insert doc strings.17:50
dfarningmanusheel, do you know walterbender, he uses ubuntu on his personal machine so our packaging for .deb will be useful to him.17:51
lfaraoneneeraj: when you install a package via dpkg, it will install it regardless of dependencies.17:51
lfaraoneneeraj: if you use gdebi to install the package it will install the packages' dependencies first, then the package itself.17:51
manusheeldfarning: Yes, Walter uses Ubuntu on his personal machine. I have worked with Walter for 2+ years, before he left OLPC.17:52
kandarpklfaraone, neeraj : dpkg only reported in my case of missing dependency17:52
manusheeldfarning: He advised me on a number of projects.17:52
dfarningmanusheel, great.  once you are happy with the docstrings will you submit them to sugar-devel for the maintainer to commit?17:52
lfaraonekandarpk: you really shouldn't use dpkg directly to install things, instead "sudo gdebi path/to/package.deb"17:52
lfaraoneneeraj: ^^17:52
dfarningmanusheel, he is now on this channel:)17:53
kandarpklfaraone: yes, that is what I did later :)17:53
lfaraonedfarning: should I assign those bugs to neeraj ?17:53
dfarninglfaraone, yes please.17:53
neerajlfaraone, ok.. thanks for the info..17:53
manusheeldfarning: We'll have to submit the doc strings as patches on sugar-devel.17:53
manusheelWe'll start doing it now.17:54
manusheeldfarning: Do you have a format for submitting patches?17:54
lfaraoneneeraj: okay. if you can guess as to what needs to be done on a bug, make the changes to the package based off their current version in Maverick, and upload the debdiff, and subscribe me / ping me in IRC / let me know you're done somehow.17:54
manusheelPatches for doc strings. Or, would you like me to make one such format.17:54
walterbendermanusheel: regards...17:54
manusheelwalterbender: Hi Sir. How have you been?17:54
walterbendermanusheel: I use sugar-jhbuild for most of my work on ubuntu...17:54
walterbendermanusheel: doing well...17:55
walterbendermanusheel: hope all is well with you17:55
lfaraonedfarning: by the way, I told you the set got approved, right?17:55
manusheelwalterbender: Glad to hear. I am doing very well, thank you.17:55
dfarningmanusheel, the same format that we use for making patches to packages which we add to debian/packages.17:55
dfarninglfaraone, no I did not hear that17:55
manusheelwalterbender: Glad to hear that you use sugar-jhbuild for your work on Ubuntu.17:56
manusheeldfarning: Sure.17:56
manusheelWe'll maintain uniformity across different types of patch submissions.17:56
dfarninglfaraone, no I missed that.  can you send me a link?17:57
lfaraoneneeraj: bugs in question are LP: #608765, #608753, #608762, and #608749.17:57
neeraj lfaraone, ok17:58
dfarningmanusheel, +1 when working with a decentralized community we must adhear to the existing standards of the community.17:58
manusheeldfarning: We were able to successfully package "Sugar" too. However, we need to earn Jonas's trust on giving us the rights to approve core packages. We would arrive on this systematically as discussed earlier.17:59
manusheeldfarning: Thank you.17:59
lfaraonedfarning: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/07/20/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t17:4518:00
dfarningmanusheel, +1 did you get a chance to talk to the team about that?  It is not meant as disrespect just a matter of adhearing to existing community standards18:01
manusheeldfarning: Yes, I did have a word with the team in fine details.18:01
manusheelNeed to discuss with Neeraj, which I'll do on a one to one basis.18:02
dfarningmanusheel, thanks18:06
manusheeldfarning: We have found that many of the activities have blocker issues on Sugar on Debian (example - poll, connect, read, write). We'll need to spend quite sometime in making sure that we have atleast a basic set of activities running in Sugar on Debian.18:06
dfarningmanusheel, +1 but the good news is that once they work on debian they will work on ubuntu:)18:08
manusheeldfarning: Yes, completely agree. However, this would happen when Luke and Jonas's meeting goes well in DebConf.18:10
manusheelThey would be reviewing activities at the conference. I hope the meeting comes along well.18:10
manusheeldfarning: Will be writing to Tomeu this weekend on IRC meeting related to salut, gabble, telepathy and presence service. I'll be working on developing the test plans for collaboration.18:13
manusheelWe'll like to organize IRC meetings between Collabra team and our team members.18:13
manusheelWill prepare agenda for the next couple of meetings, and will be sending across to everyone.18:14
neerajlfaraone, I am confused,these bugs are only ubuntu-specific.. right? calculate is working fine in debian??18:19
lfaraoneneeraj: yes, they're Ubuntu bugs.18:19
neerajalso all of these are unmet dependency, so I should just add these packages in Depends field of control file?18:20
neerajor make changes in control.in and regenerate control file18:20
manusheelwalterbender: Sir, did you try running USR (Ubuntu Sugar Remix)?18:22
dfarningmanusheel, great.18:22
manusheeldfarning: Thank you.18:22
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lfaraoneneeraj: make the changes in control.in so that the proper dependency is required. (you may need to make the change in debian/rules)18:22
walterbendermanusheel: no, I haven't tried it yet.18:23
lfaraoneneeraj: basically, the sugar-*-0.86, 0.84 packages are not available in ubuntu, only 0.88 is.18:23
lfaraoneneeraj: so if we dep on the .86 or .84 packages, the package won't build.18:23
manusheelwalterbender: Please do, whenever you get a chance.  Would like to hear your feedback on what exists, and what you would like to see as an educator and as a user.18:24
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=== ankur__ is now known as ankur
manusheel_Ian_Daniher: Hi Ian. Around?18:31
manusheel_bernie: Hi Bernie. Around?18:35
kandarpkmanusheel_ sir, dfarning: Good night.18:40
neerajlfaraone, I made a change in debian/rulses DEB_SUGAR_BRANCHES = 0.88 (previously it was 0.86, 0.84) but while building using debuild -S, then it showed unmet dependency for  python-sugar-0.84 | python-sugar-0.86 python-sugar-toolkit-0.84 | python-sugar-toolkit-0.8618:53
neerajnot for presence service18:54
neerajNow the problem is that I am unable to find where in the rules file, it add both packages as build dependency18:54
neerajhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-calculate-activity/+bug/608749 did not get a same error for presence service18:55
dfarningneeraj, what is the error report related to calulate?18:56
neerajalso if used debuild -d for and installed the deb file produced, the activity is working fine in ubuntu :)18:56
neerajdfarning, when we try to install calculate activity using synaptic or build it using debuild -S then it gave error for unmet build dependency18:57
dfarningneeraj, which dependancy is unmet?18:57
neerajas lfaraone told me that in ubuntu we have only 0.88 version so we need to change build dependency from 0.86 or o.84 to 0.88 only18:58
neerajdfarning, python-sugar-0.84 | python-sugar-0.86 python-sugar-toolkit-0.84 | python-sugar-toolkit-0.8618:58
neerajas 0.84 and 0.86 version of these packages aren't available in ubuntu18:58
neerajonly 0.88 are..18:59
dfarningneeraj, I would suggest refering to the orginal bug report to see what the problem is?18:59
neerajdfarning, original bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-calculate-activity/+bug/60874918:59
* dfarning looks19:00
neerajits mentions that package is failing to build bcz of unmet dependency which are 0.86 and 0.84 versions..19:00
dfarningneeraj, I think those dependencies are set in rules.19:01
neerajAs I told u that only 0.88 versions are available, so we have to change the build dependency19:01
neerajdfarning, i tried to search it in rule and changed one code19:01
neerajlemme pastebin rule file19:02
dfarningneeraj, thanks19:02
neerajdfarning, see line 2219:03
neerajinitially there was 0.84, 0.8619:03
neerajohhh.. wait.. just saw the last line.. cdbs one.. lemme check dere..19:04
dfarningneeraj, +1 changing that line will fix the problem.19:04
neerajdfarning, more cdbs rules are included in starting.. checking them to19:05
dfarningneeraj,  the line you changed sets a variable so that cdbs will create the dependanies correctly.19:07
neerajdfarning, hmm yes i also think so19:08
neerajdfarning, after changing the line.. do I need to do anything ?19:08
neerajto update the change every where ?19:09
dfarningneeraj, what was the command that you ran after changing control.in?19:10
dfarningneeraj, I think you will wnat to runn the same command.19:10
neerajdfarning, at present I have only changed the rules file.. and tried to build using debuild -S19:11
neerajit gave unmet dependency error again..19:11
dfarningwasn't there a command like fakeroot/build19:12
neerajdfarning, i can't recall it :(.. lemme search..19:14
neeraj* thinks he found the problem.. will update in 10 min19:27
neeraj* done.. after l was just checking control.in... after checking control file I realized in the end all dependencies are listed there.. So regenerated control file and the problem got solved :)19:38
neerajlfaraone, ping me whenever u come back..19:39
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manusheel_neeraj: Hi Neeraj.19:45
neerajmanusheel_, yes sir19:45
manusheel_neeraj: Can I call you now? Our discussion was left mid way today.19:46
neerajmanusheel_ sir sure :)19:46
manusheel_neeraj: Great. Calling you now.19:48
lfaraoneneeraj: which package?20:06
lfaraoneneeraj: what problems are you having right now?20:06
neerajlfaraone, not in building..20:06
neerajI just wanted to knw what name I should give it.. as its the first time we are packaging it for ubuntu20:07
neerajcalculator activity20:07
lfaraoneneeraj: it's already packaged for Ubuntu, right?20:08
neerajlfaraone, i couldn't find it on lp20:08
neeraji downloaded the source using apt-get20:08
lfaraoneneeraj: well, if it's in apt, it's in Ubuntu, no?20:09
lfaraoneneeraj: anyway, it's at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-calculate-activity20:09
neerajlfaraone, ohh.. sorry.. don't knw when I will get all things :(20:10
lfaraoneneeraj: no worries.20:10
neerajlfaraone, (30-5ubuntu1) is fine?20:14
lfaraoneneeraj: yes.20:14
neerajok.. l have to add debdiff for all? I mean last time we just added for lucid proposed20:16
neerajlfaraone, ^^20:16
lfaraoneneeraj: we're targeting maverick with this upload.20:18
neerajlfaraone, ok20:18
lfaraoneneeraj: we always upload to the current ubuntu development release (in this case maverick) unless we note otherwise int he bug.20:18
neerajlfaraone, on git.debian Holger Leven has removed him self from uploaders. http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sugar-calculate-activity.git;a=summary20:23
neerajlfaraone, should I remove him from control file uploaders field?20:24
lfaraoneneeraj: don't worry about that. Just use "update-maintainer" to change the maintainer from Debian OLPC and regenerate control.20:26
neerajlfaraone, Maintainer:  Ubuntu SugarTeam <ubuntu-sugarteam@lists.ubuntu.com>20:27
neerajXSBC-Original-Maintainer: Debian OLPC <debian-olpc-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>20:27
lfaraoneneeraj: that works.20:28
neerajlfaraone, around?20:41
lfaraoneneeraj: barely. what is it?20:43
neerajdebdiff file20:43
lfaraoneneeraj: heh, I sponsored your work, but afterwards I found a typo in the changelog: dependancy -> dependency :)23:01
neerajlfaraone: ohh..23:02
lfaraoneneeraj: no worries, just FYI.23:02
neerajlfaraone: ok.. So I will create patches for other three also23:03
lfaraoneneeraj: yep.23:04
neerajlfaraone: I think there was just one activity whose  dependency has no 0.88 version..23:05
lfaraoneneeraj: sucrose-0.88 just needs to have browse removed as one of its deps/23:05
* lfaraone will be back much later.23:05
neerajlfaraone: ok.. Good night23:05
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manusheelneeraj: Awake?23:27
neerajmanusheel sir yes..23:28
manusheelneeraj: Neat patch for sugar-calculate activity23:28
manusheelGood work.23:28
neerajmanusheel, :) thanks to lfaraone and dfarning23:29
manusheelneeraj: Yes, indeed. David and Luke have been very helpful and supportive.23:30
manusheelneeraj: Can you send me the link of the tasks page?23:30
dfarningmanusheel, ping23:57
manusheeldfarning: Hi David.23:58
manusheeldfarning: Is Raul rgs_ ?23:59
dfarninghey manusheel have you met rgs_23:59
manusheeldfarning: Yes, we met way back in 2008 at MIT.23:59

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