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TakyojiIt would be wonderful if I could find a straightforward method for DVRing from my TV tuner card.07:38
TakyojiI can only really watch and control my TV tuner card in tvtime; I have difficulties within VLC. Additionally, the audio is separate, there's an audio output on the TV tuner card that I have looped to a Line In port on my motherboard.07:39
tonyyarussodd if=/dev/tv0 of=/home/takyoji/Videos/ScrubsSes4Ep12.raw07:40
Takyojiand for the audio?07:40
TakyojiOtherwise it appears as /dev/video007:40
tonyyarussosame thing!  Combine it later.07:40
* tonyyarusso is (mostly) kidding07:41
TakyojiSo it's as simple as using dd then?07:41
tonyyarussoI have no idea.07:42
tonyyarussoit might be07:42
kermitdd is overrated08:56
* kermit prefers cat08:56
TakyojiEven though binary information wouldn't be all that useful to see. :P09:00
tonyyarussoBah.  I have 199 ebooks on my reader.  Now I can't go to bed until I find one more.09:03
kermitTakyoji: see what binary information?09:18
kermiti cant asssociate that statement with anything said09:18
TakyojiOf tonyyarusso suggesting to use dd for saving raw binary output from my TV tuner card video output.09:45
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kermiti'm still confused21:33
kermitall video would be binary21:34
TakyojiUsing 'cat' displays the information being copied, correct?22:56
kermitit can, but i'd only use it for text22:59
kermitor, do that for text, with cat23:00
kermitdumping binary data to a terminal is a bad idea23:00
Obsidian1723yeah, bad idea...23:06
Obsidian1723The terminal isn't like the Windows command shell where you can harmlessly type stuff. In Linux, that's programming things.23:07
kermiti think 'type binaryfile' would have the same results in windows terminal?23:08
kermit(btw putty is MUCH faster than windows terminal.. at lesat in XP)23:08
Obsidian1723XP = dead OS23:09
Takyojikermit, the context I was talking in was about all this time was about copying and storing raw data from my TV tuner card; tonyyarusso jokingly implied it was as simple as using 'dd'. And then you interject (if that's the proper term) with: "kermit: dd is overrated"23:09
Takyoji"* kermit prefers cat"23:09
kermiti would use cat for that23:10
* Obsidian1723 pets cat23:10
TakyojiThen I was extrapolating upon what you were saying then.23:11
* Takyoji writes dog23:11
Obsidian1723just doun't $ touch self23:11
Takyojioh wait, stupid me; I was thinking of tee23:11
Obsidian17234pm. time for tee23:12

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