hypatiaczajkowski: your facebook got hacked :s01:24
czajkowskihypatia: cheers for the heads up was my own fault :(10:00
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AlanBellwho is chairing the meeting?21:52
* pleia2 takes a step back21:52
pleia2actually I can do it if no one else can (but usual disclaimer: I'm at work)21:53
czajkowskievening folks21:55
czajkowskipleia2: what is USA Central time in relation to me22:18
pleia2um, it's one hour earlier than US eastern time22:18
pleia2I'd have to look up what time zone ireland is though22:19
czajkowskiUTC +122:19
pleia2czajkowski: 6 hours, I think22:20
czajkowskitank goo22:21
AlanBellhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/467700/ spot any women?22:38
jledbetterAlanBell, What's that?22:41
AlanBellrecent Ubuntu Members22:41
pleia2AlanBell: rhonda22:43
pleia2she's the one who has been a DD for like a decade22:43
AlanBelloh great22:45
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AlanBellbut that isn't an end of month figure so it will probably go down22:48
czajkowskino other membership meetings is there this month22:48
czajkowskiEMEA Asisa happened22:48
pleia2americas is tonight22:48
czajkowskidid USA22:48
AlanBellthen again . . . https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GerfriedFuchs22:50
AlanBell"I know Gerfried in person as I've met him at debconf7"22:50
czajkowskiaye I've seen the her/him comments with regard to rhonda a few times so  don't know22:50
macoAlanBell: it's a case of misgendering22:51
macorhonda identifies as a woman22:51
AlanBellah, ok22:51
* pleia2 nods22:52
AlanBellthere are other things like the kubuntu team that can award membership, and people can expire so it isn't just the main member meetings that happen in a month22:59
macoalso the dmb meetings count23:00
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 22:00. The chair is pleia2.23:00
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pleia2hello, welcome to our meeting! :)23:00
pleia2who all is here for this?23:00
czajkowski\0/ Me I made it !23:01
pleia2we've got an agenda over here:23:01
pleia2[LINK] http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/July2010/Agenda223:01
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/July2010/Agenda223:01
* daker is watching23:01
pleia2so unless anyone else has something, I'm going to dive into blueprint updates23:01
czajkowskisounds good23:02
pleia2[TOPIC] Blueprint updates23:02
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Blueprint updates23:02
pleia2[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-m-ubuntu-women-project-m-goals23:02
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-m-ubuntu-women-project-m-goals23:02
pleia2so - logo got marked as DONE!23:02
pleia2all the files are linked in this email https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2010-July/002925.html23:03
pleia2and on our wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Resources23:03
pleia2I also updated our flier and sent a few hundred copies up with valorie to oscon this week :)23:03
pleia2Mentoring: I spoke with Pendulum last week and since she's been quite busy we swapped roles, I'm now going to handle the rewrite and she'll be the primary reviewer before we toss it out for more review23:05
pleia2so I need to do that :)23:05
pleia2Website: elky you about?23:05
pleia2I don't think we have any updates there23:05
pleia2questions, comments?23:05
macois a theme sorted yet for the website?23:05
* hypatia checks in23:06
* hypatia was searching for parts23:06
pleia2maco: no, we haven't started any of that23:07
pleia2the idea is to just have a very basic page linking to all our resources23:07
pleia2I mean, essentially that's what we have now, since i moved all but the front page the static content to the wiki23:08
pleia2we just want something that looks nicer, maybe with pictures (we do have rights to our own pictures, and all those from the contest) and our new logo23:09
pleia2jledbetter: I'm not sure if that's a wave or a raised hand, if it's the latter please feel free to jump in, no need to wait for turns :)23:09
jledbetterpleia2, wave, sorry, was working and catching up :)23:09
AlanBellI would suggest doing it all in the wiki23:10
pleia2ok gotcha, just didn't want to miss anyone23:10
pleia2AlanBell: getting rid of a website, redirecting ubuntu-women.org to wiki?23:10
pleia2that's certainly a possibility, the only downside is the very limited control we have over wiki theming (right now: none)23:11
AlanBellpages like this show the wiki can do pictures inline that look nice http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Resources23:11
pleia2anyway, this is the project that elky is heading up so I don't want to get into it too much without her being here23:11
AlanBellfair point23:11
pleia2I also need to identify some pages that need to be rewritten, the front page certainly23:12
pleia2I think that's pretty much it for the blueprint update23:13
pleia2[TOPIC] Proposal to adjust meeting times based on new members - doodle poll?23:13
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Proposal to adjust meeting times based on new members - doodle poll?23:13
pleia2hypatia: this one is yours :)23:13
czajkowskiohh yes can we change this time23:13
czajkowskias its really bad for most folks23:13
pleia2I believe these times were selected by the last doodle poll, so presumably it averaged out as being the best for the majority23:14
pleia2so the new members thing was brought up, maybe time to reanalyze23:14
AlanBellit is quarter past midnight across most of europe23:14
pleia2AlanBell: and it's 3PM during my work day for me :)23:15
jledbetterBut there are 2 meeting times already.23:15
pleia2I kinda resign myself to the fact that it's going to be lousy for me due to my time zone though23:15
pleia2anyway, time to do another doodle poll?23:16
czajkowskiwell for over here it's either VERY early in the working morning for folks in EU or midnight23:16
czajkowskiso we kinda get fecked either way tbh23:17
czajkowskibut +1 doodle poll please23:17
pleia2czajkowski: yes, and it's either the middle of the night for me, or during work23:17
pleia2ah time zones :)23:17
czajkowskipleia2: aye ther is no optium time I know23:17
pleia2who wants to set up the doodle poll?23:17
Dolasilla+1 for doodle poll23:17
czajkowskibut it'd be nice to get a post work time slot for both EU and USA to accomodate the majority of members23:18
pleia2the early morning time was trying to cater to our asia-au folks23:19
pleia2like one of our new leaders :)23:19
Pendulumone thing is that the last doodle poll was done before everyone switched to DST23:19
Pendulumwhich I think caused some of the problems23:19
jledbetterAh, didn't think of that. Wouldn't hurt to do another doodle poll so +123:19
pleia2can we get a volunteer to set it up?23:20
* pleia2 todo list already tooooooo long23:20
czajkowskiI can set it up23:20
pleia2thanks czajkowski :)23:20
czajkowskido we use 5 days or 7 just to let me know ?23:20
pleia2[ACTION] czajkowski to set up doodle poll for team meetings23:20
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  czajkowski to set up doodle poll for team meetings23:20
pleia2czajkowski: I'd say 523:20
czajkowskigrand job23:20
pleia2I've never seen very much success with weekend meetings23:21
czajkowskiaye only ever seen the IRCC doing it23:21
pleia2yeah, and I'm always outside playing during their meetings23:21
hypatiathanks for taking that on, czajkowski23:21
czajkowskinot a bother I'll do one up and poke ye with it23:21
* czajkowski loves doodle23:22
pleia2czajkowski: once we get the results we can talk about how we want to split it, maybe pick two most popular times that are hopefully not right next to each other or something23:22
pleia2split it == assign meeting times for 2 meetings per month23:22
czajkowskithat's yer call I'll sort doodle out23:22
pleia2ok... so23:22
pleia2[TOPIC] Reminder to update ReportingPage for July23:23
pleia2If anyone wants to add to it, please do! http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ReportingPage23:23
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Reminder to update ReportingPage for July23:23
pleia2if you can't edit the page, say so and we'll add you to the EditorGroup on the wiki (I asked canonical to open it back up to all of LP, but still waiting on them)23:23
czajkowskipleia2: daft question should I add my talking on Ubuntu women at leeds to the reports page23:24
pleia2that's pretty much it agenda-wise, anyone have any announcements?23:24
pleia2czajkowski: yes, that'd be great, with link to slides!23:24
Pendulumpleia2: any problem with my mentioning the accessibility team survey?23:25
pleia2Pendulum: no, please do23:25
PendulumThe Accessibility Team is working on a survey of people with impairments/disabilities so that we can create some personas to give to designers and developers23:25
Pendulumthe survey and more information can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Personas/Survey and http://access.libertus.co.uk/23:26
pleia2thanks Pendulum :)23:27
pleia2any others?23:27
pleia2any other comments, bright ideas or anything else before we wrap up the meeting?23:28
czajkowskiis there  a list of current mentees?23:29
czajkowskiis that a word even23:29
czajkowskifolks that are looking to be mentoring and are being mentored23:30
pleia2no, we haven't really kept track of that23:30
pleia2some folks don't want it publically know that they're being mentoried, so we've shyed away from a formal process for tracking it23:30
czajkowskioh ok23:30
pleia2it's certainly something we can discuss though, nothing is set in stone23:30
czajkowskiI was gonna say it'd be nice to see who we are helping and then others might be encouraged to help and ask for help23:30
pleia2I agree23:31
czajkowskiI only ask as I'm helping someone23:31
pleia2I'll take this into consideration when I start rewriting the docs, maybe it's something we can ask our mentees23:31
czajkowskiand it'd be nice to see others who are helping, like I asked yesterday a list of things to do23:32
pleia2the beginners team has open mentoring, not sure how bugsquad and such do it23:32
pleia2thanks for bringing this up, I'm also working with BT to collect a list of mentoring projects within ubuntu23:33
pleia2thinking of putting together wiki.ubuntu.com/Mentoring or something that both UW and BT (and Youth? and others?) can use23:34
pleia2beginners team23:34
pleia2anything else?23:36
pleia2ok, I think it's time to wrap things up then, thanks for coming everyone :)23:38
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 22:39.23:39
IdleOnethank you.23:40
AlanBellmentees is a real word, I wondered about it myself some time ago23:41
jledbetterThank you pleia223:49
pleia2there, all prettified23:51
pleia2and it looks like we had a surveymonkey poll for the last time we decided this (it's linked in our header to "vote") but it's closed23:53
pleia2once we have the doodle poll we'll update the link23:53

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