bjsniderSarvatt, is the nvidia-current in x-updates the maverick one backported?02:44
Sarvattyep, same thing02:47
bjsniderthe newest version02:49
bjsniderwith the 32-bit compat stuff fixed02:50
RAOFSarvatt: GAH! Where's that agp bug, so I can scream at the kernel team?08:58
brycehRAOF, how's the sprint going so far?10:26
RAOFbryceh: Pretty good - the arm guys want to pick my brains lots.10:51
RAOFIt's nice to be able to stroll down the hall and poke the kernel guys, too :)10:51
brycehare they still asking about how to implement 3D X drivers on top of their proprietary opengl es stacks?10:53
RAOFThey're working out precisely where the proprietary interface should be, yeah.10:53
RAOFThe existance of a blob seems pretty non-negotiable at this point.10:55
brycehI hope you have more luck with them than I did10:56
brycehit seemed they had gotten themselves into sort of an untenable position10:57
brycehthey need a 3d-enabled framebuffer driver but want to do it atop proprietary hardware/firmware gles10:58
brycehand would like to achieve it without investing much manpower into development I guess10:58
brycehmaybe the new non-profit entity will give them a better opportunity to achieve that10:59
RAOFIt looks like things may be moving forward.11:00
brycehah good11:00
brycehRAOF, btw, I was working on those radeon/linux/mesa reports we had talked about at uds11:00
brycehstill WIPish but - http://www2.bryceharrington.org:8080/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/all-radeon-bugs.html11:00
tjaaltonif the rest of the community has failed at that, I'm skeptical that RAOF would succeed ;)11:01
tjaaltonman, im slow11:01
brycehthere are also intel and nouveau reports there, but less interesting.11:01
brycehI'm going to split them into 'lucid' and 'maverick' reports... does that work?11:02
RAOFThat would be good, yeah.11:02
brycehthe maverick reports are going to be pretty much empty11:02
brycehbut I figure those are the ones you care about.  The plus side is they'll be so short it'll be easy to clear them11:03
tjaalton(s/raof/any single person/)11:03
brycehproblem is I'm having to depend on having the linux/mesa bugs tagged as 'radeon', 'nouveau', or 'intel', and it's not common that those tags get applied11:03
brycehbut that's probably a solvable problem11:05
RAOFI've talked to the kernel guys about that tagging.11:06
brycehso yeah, I'll set these reports up with that assumption, and if they're useful you can lobby for getting the driver tags applied where appropriate11:07
brycehI noticed for the kernel, the 'intel' tag is also used for some wireless drivers and so on, not just graphics11:07
brycehbut it's pretty obvious11:07
RAOFThe kernel guys aren't applying that tag.11:07
brycehok, it was only maybe 2-3 bugs, so perhaps just end users tagging them11:08
RAOFIt probably is, yeah.11:08
RAOFWe will be applying tags.  Until launchpad grows the ability to search by pciid :)11:08
SarvattRAOF: looks like mesa 7.9 might not release until intel Q3 comes out..15:25
Sarvattsometime in october most likely15:26
RAOFAKA: too goddamned late.15:26
Sarvattyeah :(15:26
Sarvattwell there will be RC's out before then, could just go with the latest RC15:28
Sarvattprobably wont get an RC until september though when they merge in the new glsl2 stuff15:30
RAOFI'm actually going to give a built of that to the DX guys, because they've had problems with the GLSL complier in the past.15:31
Sarvatti'll upload that for ya in a minute, its building15:34
RAOFSarvatt: You're doing that?  Awesomesauce.15:34
Sarvattwell it'll have xorg-edgers mesa packaging not whats in ubuntu :(15:34
Sarvattno egl and stuff15:34
Sarvatti've been holding off updating it since i dont have the cpu cycles to work out all the egl and gles changes, darn atom15:37
RAOFWhere's your auto-xorg stuff ending up?15:38
Sarvattuploaded it https://launchpad.net/~sarvatt/+archive/xorg-testing15:38
RAOFI'll see how much they care about gles.15:39
Sarvattactually that builds against edgers15:39
Sarvatti'll put it in sarvatt/ppa15:39
BlackZSarvatt: do you have some time to talk about ppa-purge ? 15:42
Sarvattwhat's up?15:42
BlackZSarvatt: nothing, I'd like to do few questions - pm?15:43
BlackZI don't think this is the right channel 15:43
Sarvattbryceh: was anything happening with the ppa-purge merge request? BlackZ wants to put it in universe15:57
BlackZSarvatt: merge? 16:01
BlackZdo you mean in bzr? 16:01
Sarvatthe was looking into renaming it rm-apt-repository and adding it to the package add-apt-repository is in16:01
BlackZSarvatt: BTW I think we should really do it a native ubuntu package 16:02
BlackZbut I'm not sure yet16:02
BlackZa thing is sure: we can't get it in debian directly, because debian does not support PPAs 16:02
Sarvattit already is, theres no - and no tarball?16:02
Sarvattdoesn't make sense in debian at all16:03
BlackZSarvatt: ok, so if you're confirming me that I will consider for do that a native ubuntu package in universe :) 16:03
BlackZSarvatt: I don't think it should be native; if there's upstream it should not be native: in the native packages normally releases are done with an upload in the ubuntu archive16:18
=== bigjools-afk is now known as bigjools
RAOFBlackZ: The correct question for native is “Does this package make sense for anything but Ubunt(/Debian)”.  The answer for ppa-purge is “no”, so it should be native.16:21
BlackZRAOF: right 16:24
RAOFSo, it should be native.16:25
BlackZRAOF: sorry, I misunderstood some things related to the package 16:25
BlackZI checked and yes, it should be native16:26
bjsnidertseliot, http://github.com/tseliot/nvidia-graphics-drivers/blob/master/debian/nvidia-current.dirs.in lines 3 and 8 are duplicates16:57
tseliotbjsnider: good point16:58
vishhmm , whats up with Bug #465868  ?  seems to have stalled after being assigned to lucid a218:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 465868 in checkbox (Ubuntu) "checkbox should not run on nvidia (was: appearing error message extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".) (affects: 2) (heat: 15)" [Critical,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46586818:48

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