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SlickRedviolinappren: its an old usb pen of 9.10 karmic i found in a drawer. unfortunately it doesn't want to install either (it says it may be corrupted, which wouldnt suprise me, its an old usb pen. dvd writer doesn't have a make or model on it, was a cheap one i bought from ebay. let me see if i can find the box...00:01
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violinapprenNFischer: does it show ok in print previews? and whats the make and model of your printer ?00:01
MrKeunerviolinappren, could not see realted lines but I'll try scanning better00:02
MrKeunerviolinappren, thank you00:02
Kahlua1My system was updated yesterday. But there's a notification on my system tray and if I click it, it fires up the update manager and it says my system was updated 32 days ago... Is there something wrong with my system?00:02
violinapprenSlickRed: what about the writer ?00:02
NFischerviolinappren, no its just in the printed version... its an Canon PIXMA MP560, and i installed the 3.2 Drivers from canon00:02
SlickRedviolinappren: I was referring to the writer. No make/model on the drive itself...or on the box for that matter!00:03
jlogsdonif im using the live cd i need to keep the disk in, correct? need to burn a cd.00:03
ibnarrashidjlogsdon: Yes, you need the disc in00:03
violinapprenSlickRed: how is it connected? usb?00:03
jlogsdonfigured. thanks ibnarrashid00:03
SlickRedViolinappren: yes00:03
violinapprenSlickRed: paste : lsusb00:04
Chigginswhats the command to unmount something i mounted with sshfs00:04
lobitoI compiled ffmeg from source code00:04
SlickRedWhen I put a DVD with data on it, ubuntu does seem to recognise it (a windows install I had lying around)00:04
lobitohow comes ffmpeg appears like I dont have it? (in synaptic it says is not installed)00:04
violinapprenChiggins: fusermount -u dirname00:05
Chigginsha, i did that before and it didnt work... weird.. alright, how can i get a script to run when i login?00:05
violinapprenSlickRed: the make/model may show in lsusb00:05
lobitohow do I tell synaptic that I have ffmpeg, so I can install winff whitout having to install ffmpeg again? (winff needs ffmpeg but as synaptic does not recognize the one I compiled, he wants to install ffmpeg, but I dont want to install it again)00:06
ChogyDanlobito: if you compile stuff from source, the package manager won't know about it, unless you install it with checkinstall00:06
BlTlobito: if synaptic says it's not installed, it's highly likely that it isn't.00:06
violinapprenChiggins: type 'mount' to see what's mounted00:06
lobitoit is installed, I use it very often00:06
lobitohow do I do that checkinstall?00:06
violinapprenChiggins: .system > preferences > start up applications00:06
bastid_raZor!checkinstall | lobito00:06
ubottulobito: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!00:06
BlTlobito: if you compiled ffmpeg from source, then you'll most likely need to point winff to the source tree that you used.00:07
lobitook, thankies x3 ^^00:07
Chigginsviolinappren... so if i put an sshfs mount command in there, it will automaticall run?00:07
BlTlobito: then compile winff. unless you are using winff from the ubuntu software center?00:07
violinapprenChiggins: you could add the command to your ~/.bashrc00:07
foul_owlEye of GNOME 2.22.3 takes around 30 seconds to load and display one picture, and in some cases will load and then exit immediately00:08
Chigginsviolinappren.. i think i'll do that.. one more question, is there a way that i can set my password in the sshfs command, so it doesnt ask me for a password00:08
BlTlobito: any reason why you didn't install ffmpeg from the ubuntu software center?00:08
SlickRedviolinappren: http://paste.ubuntu.com/467244/00:08
hiexpoBIT thats not trus if an app is compiled it will not show up in synaptic00:08
violinapprenChiggins: set up ssh to auth using private key00:09
Chigginsviolinappren - is there a guide for that?00:09
BlThiexpo: yes I understand that. but then if you install an app from the ubuntu software center and that app is looking for it's backend in 1 location and he installed in another, then the headache really starts if you can't change the frontend to a new location. Or am I missing something with winff?00:10
violinapprenChiggins: ask the planet's brain: google00:10
DataWhoreso sudo is full of cracks00:10
violinapprenDataWhore: sudo is a huge security gap00:10
Dr_WillisBlT:  normally one can change the backends the front ends are using via their configs.. I know winff has the setting00:10
BlTDr_Willis: nice... then he should be good to go. =)00:11
Dr_WillisBlT:  i saw some script the other day that installed/compiled the latest ffmpeg from souce so it had all the features.. i lost the url to it however. :()00:11
bastid_raZorChiggins: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/15200:12
bastid_raZorubottu: tell violinappren about google00:12
ubottuviolinappren, please see my private message00:12
BlTDr_Willis:  yeah, we have a similar script here at my office for some of the H.264 stuff that we needed here. =)00:12
hiexpoBlT,  i have many apps i compiled on this bos and they will never show up in synaptic nor repos00:12
violinapprenChiggins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys00:12
dancrew32so i need to add java to the path of of user www-data.. how would I do that?00:12
bastid_raZorDr_Willis: would you mind giving a screenshot of your desktop with terminator?00:12
Dr_WillisBlT:  i recall there being some issues with ffmpeg, and h264 or somthing doing with how the library files are named.00:12
Dr_Willisbastid_raZor:  its just a terminator window maxamized... whats to show...00:13
bastid_raZorDr_Willis: gotcha..00:13
OerDr willis http://www.webupd8.org/2010/04/script-to-automatically-download-and.html00:13
BlTDr_Willis: yeah, that was 1 thing. not sure how the engineers here fixed it. =) all I know is they are using it... alot.00:13
thune3Kahlua1: is the date somehow set to august? or could you have had the date set to june when you ran the updates?00:13
Dr_WillisOer:  that looks like it. :)00:13
DataWhoreso whens the  update00:14
violinapprenDataWhore: watch your [very offensive]  language00:14
BlThiexpo: yeah, me to. for a new user or somewhat new user, I guess assuming it will show up is kinda of a "huh" moment.00:14
Kahlua1thune3: the date is correct00:14
foul_owlEye of GNOME 2.22.3 takes around 30 seconds to load and display one picture, and in some cases will load and then exit immediately00:14
violinapprenfoul_owl: there are plenty of other image viewers00:15
bastid_raZorfoul_owl: have you run eog from terminal to see why it crashes?00:15
foul_owli have not00:15
DataWhoreomfg   whens the cure00:15
PiciDataWhore: Please mind your language here.00:15
foul_owlbut it still take approx 30 seconds to load and display one picture00:15
Piciviolinappren: There is nothing wrong with sudo.00:15
foul_owlthis is in a folder of 3,000 pictures, if that matters00:15
foul_owlbut i am trying to load and display just one picture00:15
Dr_Willisfoul_owl:  try it in a folder of 2 pictueres.. see if its faster..00:15
Pirate_Hunterhiexpo, you may want to look at checkinstall if you compile a lot of packages from source but wish to keep a record in synaptic or whichever fronted you like00:16
Dr_Willisthats how you prove that matters or not. :)00:16
glickhow can i copy a folder between machines while perserving the permissions?00:16
foul_owlseems way faster in a folder with less pictures00:16
Dr_Willisglick:  linuix to linux - use scp.00:16
BlTglick: scp -rp00:16
foul_owlso how do i fix that?00:17
Chigginsalright, i made a key, how do i get it to work with my sshfs00:17
DataWhoreso has it been fixed???00:17
glickDr_Willis, can i tar it into a tar ball that preserves the perms?00:17
BlTglick: scp -rp "file/s" to copy" user@host:/path/00:17
Dr_Willisfoul_owl:  check its settings.. perhaps it some sort of cacheing its doing.00:17
Dr_Willisglick:  thats another way to do it.. but scp can also do it..00:17
violinapprenPici: When a webpage exploits a 0-day vulnerability in a browser and runs a payload to continuously try running privileged code (exploiting sudo's timeout,) there will be plenty of wrong things.00:17
Piciviolinappren: you shouldn't be running a browser as root.00:18
bastid_raZorChiggins: if you did not set a passphrase then ssh/sshfs should connect without issue.00:18
violinapprenPici: That's the point, a browser NOT running as root, will be able to run privileged code piggybacking sudo's timeout.00:18
hiexpoBlT,  some of us here are natives to linux and are use to compiling stuff    > so when compilingone should know where it's gonna go before doing so     >       checkinstall is a lazy way when not knowing how to compile  and watching the terminal  to see whats happening   /// > the terminal is ones best friend here in  linux00:18
foul_owlDr_Willis: I checked the prefs, it MUST be doing some sort of caching, loading all the images in the same folder into memory or something, but the prefs are extremely minimal00:19
BlThiexpo: yeah, wasn't me who suggested checkinstall. =)00:19
foul_owlthere is no option to disable it00:19
violinapprenChiggins: did you read the guy i linked you to?00:19
Chigginsviolinappren: yeah, but i think i did it wrong00:19
foul_owlperhaps contact gnome devs?00:19
Piciviolinappren: Was this patched? Do you have a CVE link?00:20
foul_owlalso, i don't have the latest version, but I am using apt to install everything, and i don't want to mess things up by installing something manually00:21
BlThiexpo: I personally don't care if a gui package manager knows what software I have installed or not =)00:21
violinapprenPici: the browser exploit? i'm not speaking of a particular one, any exploit capable of code execution will be able to do so (these are being sold in blackhat markets for popular browsers)00:22
hiexpoBlT,  well gui's are nice  but no need for a manager i am the manager  :)00:22
BlThiexpo:  =) yeah00:22
Dr_Willishiexpo:  so when you break things.. you can fire yourself!00:22
Piciviolinappren: Then please don't spread FUD about sudo to users hre.00:22
foul_owlthanks for your help Dr_Willis, I think i'm going to ask on the gnome irc00:22
BlTDr_Willis: exactly.00:22
hiexpoDr_Willis,  yep back to the ole drawing board00:23
Dr_Willisfoul_owl:  i dont even recall what image viewer i use by default00:23
BlTDr_Willis: diy package management ftw00:23
Dr_WillisBlT:  i would say its more 'ftf' (for the fail)00:23
violinapprenPici: a warning of bad architectural decision is not FUD, disabling sudo's timeout would close that gap00:24
BlTDr_Willis: naw. I've not had many issues over that last 15 years compiling my own software. Though I do admit at times I do get lazy if I know that apt can do it faster.00:24
sammyhi everyone00:24
Piciviolinappren: I think we should just be mindful of the users here that may not understand that.00:24
violinappren!hi | sammy00:24
ubottusammy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:24
Dulakmanual package management is fine for a few servers, but I invite you to try it with 1000 servers and see if you don't change your mind right quick00:25
BlTviolinappren: have you submitted a bug report to the sudo dev's?00:25
sammyanybody hear me?00:25
ibnarrashidsammy: yeah00:25
Dr_Willissammy:  if we say no..... :)00:25
DulakIt's the reason I moved off slackware years ago00:25
BlTDulak:  I do, I use puppet to install my software for my 2500 servers =)00:25
violinapprenBlT: this is not a 'bug' this is a 'feature'!00:25
sammyyou just ignoring me00:25
BlTviolinappren:  ok, sorry, then maybe submit a feature request changes?00:26
violinapprensammy: what's your question? we are listening00:26
DulakBlT: so you make every production machine compile from source?00:26
ubottuPost your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!00:26
Pirate_Huntersammy, were waiting for you to ask a question about ubuntu00:26
ibnarrashidsammy: no one's ignoring, you have to ask your questions00:26
BlTDulak:  nope, pre-compilied.00:26
BlTDulak: all the systems are the same.00:26
andareshey guys, ubuntu uses PaX, right?00:26
hiexpoBlT,  Dr_Willis  i order to learn one must break things   > experiment   if u don't your not learning /// > i have broke this many times and sure i will again but that is partof the learning curve00:26
violinapprenBlT: it's considered a 'trade of' between usability and security00:27
eliezerI put a envidia card in mi pc just now,it wasnt during installation,,what i need to do now00:27
DulakBlT: then that is just another form of package management00:27
SlickRedviolinappren: sorry man (my colleague came to me im afk a few mins...didnt mean to ignore you if you were helping)00:27
sammyonly two, no three people in community00:27
BlTviolinappren: hmm. then I hope I don't run into that little "feature" crashing my system or worse.00:27
andaresand is there an ubuntu developers channel somewhere?00:27
eliezeri notes that updates download a nvidia common00:27
sammyand what other people doing here?00:28
ibnarrashidsammy: actually there are hundreds, not everyone talks all the time00:28
violinapprenSlickRed: it's okay, i suggest you try it with lucid livecd, there are similar bug reports00:28
violinappren!ot | sammy00:28
ubottusammy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:28
sammymay be they are sleeping/00:28
Picisammy: Do you have a support question?  If you just want to chat, feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic00:28
b33rHello my nvidia vga got fried so I'm using now the intel onboard vga but 3d rendering isn't working... isn't it supposed to work instantly or what do I have to do?00:28
linux_sammy, giggling at all the command-line advice00:28
BlTDulak: still, the software being deployed is compiled by source for my hardware, not generic all for one hardware. So it's all good. still fun to know what's "really" going on under the hood when installing software. like hiexpo said, it's how you learn.00:28
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Pirate_Hunterlinux_, your probably closer to the truth than you think00:29
violinapprenb33r: pastebin : lshw -C display00:29
ZolaHacker«¼¼» §äLäM £vë®ÿÖñë «¼¼»00:30
sammyi have one question how to restore grub loader after upgraiding from 9.10 to 10.0400:30
violinappren!grub | sammy00:30
ubottusammy: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:30
sammymore detailed00:30
b33rviolinappren, http://paste.ubuntu.com/467254/00:30
* benh wonders if ubuntu's ever going to fix the intel wifi driver00:30
benhiwlagn is completely fucked in lucid00:30
violinapprensammy: have you read the page?00:30
sammyi have lost grub after upgraiding00:30
BlT!languang | benh00:30
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BlT!language | benh00:31
ubottubenh: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:31
sammybut i don't have windowds00:31
violinapprensammy: then read first00:31
ChogyDan1benh: have you tried backports-modules?00:31
violinapprensammy: it still applies00:31
Picisammy: What do you mean by 'lost'?00:31
DulakBlT: I agree, I started on slack and learned tons but it doesn't scale well, so now I use packages, or create packages, and use them.  I rather like all the error checking and such that say apt does that I didn't have to write myself from scratch.  Also dependencies are really nice.00:31
* Jet^Skier likes Dulak's attitude00:32
BlTDulak: oh for sure man. I started with redhat 4.2 (long time ago). and before that SunOS.00:32
DataWhorewell Iv just capture a light00:32
BlTDataWhore: ?00:32
ChogyDan1benh: if not, just install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic00:32
DulakBlT: I will say it sounds like you like the bragging rights of your way rather than the utility of it, but hey, we all got our own thing00:32
LantiziaIs anyone in here familiar with gnoMint ?00:32
metalgeekHi all, Anyone still here from an earlier conversation with me?00:33
sammyi have normal working ubuntu 9.10 installed from original cd and after updating to 10.04 after rebooting grub makes some errors00:33
BlTDulak: naw... I'm just used to it. not trying to brag tho. facepalm all the time... =)00:33
hiexpognomint what is that00:33
bastid_raZor!info gnomint00:33
DulakI live in facepalmville!  Welcome!00:33
ubottugnomint (source: gnomint): x509 Certification Authority management tool for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0-1 (lucid), package size 291 kB, installed size 1428 kB00:33
sammygrub error: symbol ‘grub_puts_’ not found00:33
BlTI think we all do =)00:33
sammygrub error: symbol ‘grub_puts_’ not found00:34
ddilingerHow might i setup bandwidth limiting for a single port?  I have a postgres database hosted locally that requires remote access(limited by ip in postgres)  Ocasionally a select is issued that sucks up all my upstream and basically renders my net connection nearly unusable for minutes at a time.  I just need to set a hard cap on that port arround 200kB/sec00:34
metalgeekIs Grub the window at boot that allows you to memtest and the such?00:34
metalgeekSorry Nub00:34
BlTddilinger: QoS on your router?00:34
sammythis error occured after rebooting00:34
ddilingerBlT: doesn't linux have a router internally ?00:35
lobitohello again00:35
eliezerhow can i see info about my mother board and installed cards00:35
sammysomebody can help me?00:35
BlTddilinger:  yes, iptables.00:35
lobitooki, I just downloaded ffmpeg source code, and made the ./configure --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-nonfree --enable-postproc --enable-pthreads --enable-libfaac --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopencore-amrnb --enable-libopencore-amrwb --enable-libtheora --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvpx --enable-libx264 --enable-libxvid --enable-x11grab00:35
lobitoand make00:35
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Jet^Skiereliezer lspci or cat /proc/pci00:35
ddilingerBlT: and how is bandwidth limiting for a single port done through iptables?00:35
lobitoso, instead of make install, I have to use "sudo checkinstall"00:35
eliezeri just insert a nvidia card00:36
lobitojust plain like that? or do I need another options?00:36
foul_owlis it a bad idea to mix installing deb packages with doing a make install for an updated version of that package?00:36
SlickRedviolinappren: try my external dvd writer with lucid livecd?00:36
BlTddilinger: try this link: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/limit-the-speed-of-a-network-interface-634904/00:36
Zeus__Hello! my Mplayer dose not show any SRT subtitles I load. Is there a fix for that?00:36
foul_owl(after uninstalling old package)00:36
violinapprenSlickRed: yes00:36
eliezerdo i need any driver in linuf for that00:36
eliezeror linux taje care of it00:36
Out_Coldok.. so i haven't actually connected my server to a monitor for some time. I got locked out of ssh and connected it to my tv. Now when i startx i get this largely pixilated screen with a mouse cursor. I can move the mouse and that's about it (can't change tty's). I have an nvidia 8500GT using a newly installed 185. Any ideas how to get gnome going?00:36
Pirate_Hunterlobito, checkinstall -D ...00:36
bastid_raZorlobito: yes, that is it. sudo checkinstall   :and do not interrupt it. you will bork things00:36
violinapprenSlickRed: you should boot lucid from a usb stick00:36
SlickRedviolinappren: will do man. thanks very much for your time...i'll give that a try now00:37
metalgeekWould someone mind helping a nub with bootloader00:37
lobitowhat will exactly do00:37
erossok what's wrong with my java install, how do I do it the right way? seems whatever is on here can't run POGO on firefox or chrome, and can't play mekwarNET00:37
lobitothis: hash x264 ffmpeg ffplay00:37
lobito? o.o00:37
bastid_raZorlobito: did you read the link ubottu gave you? it explains it well there.00:37
violinapprenSlickRed: you're welcome00:37
Pirate_Hunterlobito, you should read the man pages for it it will tell you the option available and what they do00:38
violinapprensammy: how do you get this error00:38
hiexpoyou still gotta make install00:38
lobitoyeah, but I did not find that00:38
lobitohash x264 ffmpeg ffplay00:38
bastid_raZorhiexpo: no, checkinstall replaces that00:38
Zeus__problem solved!! thank u anyways guys!!00:38
ddilingerBlT: interesting, but they seem to be directed at shaping the entire connection, and the articles linked are from before 2005 :(00:38
Jordan_U!details | metalgeek00:38
ubottumetalgeek: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:38
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R3cur51v3I'm trying to recover a computer with a broken hard drive. When I stick my Ubuntu USB flash drive into the computer and boot from it, it tries to mount the hard disk when booting and hence never boots, since there are repeated disk read errors from the drive. Is there any way to disable this on-boot interaction with the hard disk?00:39
BlTddilinger: yea some of the advice is still relevant tho. Let me poke around somemore.00:39
benhChogyDan1: ah good point, forgot about the backports00:39
sammyjust after updating with update manager00:39
benhChogyDan1: other option is to go back to my old habit of just building myself an upstream kernel00:39
benhChogyDan1: sucks for an LTS tho, it's really badly busted00:39
BlTddilinger: here is one from my bookmarks =). http://nixcraft.com/centos-rhel-fedora/13204-bandwidth-limit-iptables.html00:40
ChogyDan1benh: I would hope that backports would keep you uptodate00:40
metalgeekI am running ubuntu 10.04, When i boot up i get a white box with lots of options, A i never used to so why? B It has a lot of doubles of the same option, can i stop it from even displaying? and can i edit the information that it dose display?00:40
metalgeekIs this a boot loader?00:40
Dr_WillisR3cur51v3:  odd. i never noticed it automounting my hd's untill i accessed them. it may be trying to use the swap partition? i recall some noswap option ages ago00:40
violinapprensammy: pastebin: sudo fdisk -l00:41
sammydoesn't help00:41
R3cur51v3Dr_Willis, there is no swap partition; it's a Windows drive. I want the computer to completely ignore the hard disk on boot.00:41
Jordan_Usammy: Follow this guide to re-install grub from a LiveCD: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide00:41
R3cur51v3Dr_Willis, it could possibly be checking for the existence of a swap partition as you say.00:41
Dr_WillisR3cur51v3:  that is weird. It definatly dosent mount my windows partitions till i access them via the nautilus here.00:41
hiexpobastid_raZor,  not necessarily  http://tldp.org/LDP/LG/current/smith.html00:42
violinappren!pastebin | sammy00:42
ubottusammy: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:42
Dr_WillisR3cur51v3:  could be  the hd's are havihg such bad issues that it cant even get the basic infomation about them. (cant discover theyr partitions and so forth)00:42
Dr_WillisR3cur51v3:  take them out. Plug them into a usb case. :)00:42
sammythank to Jordan_U00:43
Jordan_Usammy: The problem you're having is that the grub-pc package was configured incorrectly, so grub didn't get re-installed properly when you upgraded to the new version.00:43
R3cur51v3Dr_Willis, umm that is not an option.00:43
sammyhow to configure it correctly while upgraiding?00:43
bastid_raZorhiexpo: since the article you linked was written in 2003 and this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall  clearly shows 'make install' is not used but replaced with checkinstall00:44
hiexposammy,  what did you do upgrade from one distro to another ?00:45
Jordan_Usammy: Once you're booted again you need to make sure this doesn't happen again by running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc". It will ask you some questions, one will be what devices to install grub to. Be sure to select your boot drive and *no* partitions. Keep the other settings at their default. Some will be blank, that's normal.00:45
hiexpobastid_raZor,  yes if it was written for check install00:45
sammyi have my main 10gb hdd, may I disable others?00:46
sammyor i must disable them?00:46
schlaftierhiexpo: checkinstall, if called without arguments, runs "make install" and keeps track of the progress. You *never* need to call "make install" explicitly.00:47
Out_Coldwell i guess now is as good of time as any to pull out my server and reinstall :( stupid nvidia00:48
Jordan_Usammy: You can choose to install to all of your drives if you're not sure which is first in the BIOS boot order, just make sure that no partitions are selected (like sda1).00:48
hiexposchlaftier,  i am gonna try it next app00:48
bastid_raZorhiexpo: i use it for my mplayer svn. it works well.00:48
Out_Coldhow do i kill a user session??00:49
schlaftierhiexpo: It's definitely worth it. At least, clean uninstall is much easier00:49
sammyi;m sure that my main hdd main on ide line, but in boot menu it's second device because i have several sata media hrad drives00:49
sammyi can install other bootloader ? like chameleon? and howe to do this/00:50
R3cur51v3How do I stop Ubuntu from attempting to recognize a corrupted hard drive on boot and therefore failing to boot?00:50
randy_R3cur51v3: why are you using a corrupted drive?00:50
SchallaQuick question: How to kill xserver?00:51
lobitohello again... sorry for being such a pest, but Im new to ubuntu, this is not like windows like to install something just next next, acept, this is LOTSA fun ^^ loving linux, hehehe, anyways, everything went fine with compiling and installing ffmpeg, but my q is: the generated deb, can I install it on another ubuntu-pc and it will have the changes I did? (aac enabled)00:51
hiexpoi am gonna see i can understand the clean uninstall  to remove all dependencies not needed any longer00:51
randy_Schalla: usually, this was Ctrl+Alt+backspace, but that was disabled ...00:51
xaviermIt seems that F-Spot messes up compiz somehow, anyone experienced this?00:51
chemicalvamptry stopx00:52
stOrmBlast dev-co00:52
SchallaHm... Well, I opened compiz in terminal but was running metacity, now my desktop is kinda destroyed... So I wanted just to restart it.00:52
Craig`is there an easy way to check whether i'm using x32 or x64?00:52
David-Tuname -m00:52
outer_spacewhat do I do after I install phpmyadmin?  going to localhost/phpmyadmin gives 404 error?00:52
randy_Schalla: well, if you're daring, you can just kill gdm from one of the tty's00:52
R3cur51v3randy_, I'm trying to recover files off the hard disk on a laptop that was dropped while the disk was spinning…00:52
chemicalvampuname -a00:53
Schallapkill gdm and after this startx?00:53
R3cur51v3randy_, I'm booting from a USB disk.00:53
chemicalvamperr yeah uname -m00:53
David-Twell, uname -m would do it too :)00:53
* David-T sighs00:53
hiexpoxavieran,  fspot has isues with changing   theme it will not work if it has  any alterations     > custom00:53
randy_R3cur51v3: well, you could leave the drive unplugged *until its booted* then plug it back in, then use something like photorec to get your stuff off00:53
David-TCraig`: that's a 64-bit kernel00:53
* David-T decides he's too drunk for ubuntu support and goes to bed00:54
chemicalvamphey, i installed lua5.1 but header files are not in my /usr/include00:54
chemicalvamphow do i get them there00:54
xaviermhiexpo, It's not big deal though, just kind of weird.00:54
xaviermI'll try to look into it00:54
hiexpoxavieran,  ya took me awhile to figure it out00:54
R3cur51v3randy_, why isn't there a software solution? I don't have the tools to open the computer?00:54
Craig`I thought this laptop was only x32, but i'm using x64? hmm cool00:55
ibnarrashidSchalla: if you want to restart Ctrl-Alt-Backspace00:55
Craig`perhaps it is x6400:55
alpha_what should I set my JAVA_PATH to? http://pastebin.com/FVPCbZHp00:55
randy_R3cur51v3: ah, i get it, you *can't* unplug the drive...00:55
Schalla@ibnarrashid: Seems to be disabled.00:55
R3cur51v3randy_, yes00:55
ibnarrashidSchalla: then Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go to tty1 and log in then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop00:56
R3cur51v3randy_, it's inside a notebook and I don't have a screwdriver where I'm at.00:56
randy_R3cur51v3: if it were me, i can't remember exactly how i do this, but, using Ctrl+Alt+F1 or something like that to switch to a vty instead of the pretty ubuntu boot screen00:56
osmodivsFor the love of God and all mankind, please help me!00:56
hiexpoCraig no its not 64it is 32 it has64 bit video card00:56
ibnarrashidSchalla: if you wan to start it again sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start00:56
alpha_Sorry, it should be JAVA_HOME00:57
osmodivsI need internet00:57
osmodivsSomeone told me to use MemTest00:57
hiexpoosmodivs,  why   :000:57
randy_R3cur51v3: you can try to Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Z past the disk detection part; its hard to tell where exactly this is happening, though, since i'ev never needed to do it before00:57
osmodivsto see if i had some physical errors on my PC00:57
osmodivsis that whats MemTest for?00:57
randy_R3cur51v3: or, you could boot in single user mode since you don't technically need Xwindows anyway00:57
=== Bam_Bam is now known as Guest16546
hiexpobetter to run a 32 bit os on 64 bit sys00:58
randy_ibnarrashid: thanks for pointing that out :)00:58
ibnarrashidrandy_: no problem00:58
chemicalvampcan anybody please tell me how to install lua headers?00:58
randy_R3cur51v3: regardless of how you boot, you still need to skip drive detection, and i'm not sure how to stop it from doing that, aside from watching it boot in the vty and trying to skip that step using kill commands00:58
osmodivsI have Ubuntu 10.04, I used a LiveCD to test my conection, and yes, I have internet. But when i use a 10.04 LiveCD, I dont00:59
osmodivsWhats up with that?00:59
xaviermosmodivs, as the name suggest, Memtest is to test your RAM.00:59
osmodivsAW MAN!!00:59
R3cur51v3randy_, pressing ctrl+c and ctrl+z don't do anything. I'll try the single user boot thing.00:59
osmodivsthen i guess i'll have to cancel it00:59
hiexpochemicalvamp,  http://lua-users.org/wiki/BuildingLua00:59
Jordan_Uchemicalvamp: sudo apt-get build-dep lua5.101:00
metalgeekEeks help, all my icons turned into question marks WTF?01:00
chemicalvampperfect lemme try it01:00
xaviermosmodivs, if you don't have Internet on livecd, check if it recognizes your network card or check your IP configuration.01:00
Lizzard88Q: What packages do i need to play dvds?01:00
randy_osmodivs: yeah, it can get pretty hairy at this point.  its possible that several things could be happening.  what is most likely, though, is that there is an issue with drivers and your network card, whatever that may be01:01
bastid_raZor!dvd | Lizzard8801:01
ubottuLizzard88: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:01
randy_osmodivs: in the even that you can successfully boot into a LiveCD, the most reliable method of determining network connectivity if through the command line, using the ipconfig command01:02
osmodivstell me more01:02
=== NightDragon is now known as CSI_Horatio
randy_osmodivs: the ifconfig command is much like the ipconfig command from windows, but much much more powerful01:02
osmodivsLET ME TRY it01:03
=== CSI_Horatio is now known as NightDragon
randy_osmodivs: in order to determine, quickly, wether or not your network card was detected properly, you should check what is listed from simply running 'ipconfig' in the terminal01:03
randy_osmodivs: if you are using a Ethernet connection, there should be at least one ethernet port listed, starting with '01:03
randy_osmodivs: eth0, and eth1 for the second ethernet port, etc...01:04
randy_osmodivs: wireless cards, generally more tricky to work with, should have an interface name of something like wlan0 and such01:04
osmodivsOk randy_ let me restart01:04
osmodivscommand  not found01:05
osmodivsno wireless extensions01:06
randy_osmodivs: are you trying to use wireless?01:06
osmodivsI have a cable01:06
randy_osmodivs: ifconfig not iwconfig01:06
randy_osmodivs: ifconfig is for all network interfaces (if = interface) iwconfig is just for wireless interfaces (iw = interface, wireless)01:07
hiexposorry misunderstood01:08
LantiziaI -=think=- I've found a bug... does anyone have a moment to install gnoMint and see if they experience the same thing?01:08
osmodivsdoes anyone here speaks spanish?01:09
hiexpo!sp | osmodivs01:09
io!sp | osmodivs01:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:09
randy_hiexpo: its ok, that happens all the time01:10
hiexpothanks IdleOne01:10
hiexpoRaNdY,  i know better    :001:11
krlosssomeone can help me?01:11
ioosmodivs: There is a dedicated Spanish language channel, #ubuntu-es. See the message ubottu wrote.01:12
randy_krloss: just ask, and someone will help if they can01:12
iokrloss: Please ask your question.01:12
krlossi'm brazilian, sorry my bad english01:12
krlosslets go...01:12
krlossi have a notebook toshiba a10501:12
io!br | krloss01:12
ubottukrloss: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.01:12
krlossio, in br channel nobody help me01:13
hiexpokrloss,  ok keep asking do your best01:13
krlossi have a notebook toshiba a105, and used ubuntu 9.04 without problems01:13
krlossbut when i upgrade to ubuntu 9.10 or 10.0401:14
krlossit not boot01:14
ioLantizia: You can submit a bug, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs. Someone who uses that package and follows the bug reports should try and reproduce the bug to confirm its' status after you have filed it.01:14
krlossand have a black screen01:14
krlossor lock the boot01:15
krlossi used the flags -- xforcevesa in the live cd01:15
happyfaceafter I edit grub.cfg, the entries should just show up when I reboot without running anything, right?01:15
LaggieHow can I see the status on my disks on a 3ware raid controller? Iv tried with "smartctl -a -d 3ware,2 /dev/sda1" but it says no device is found etc...01:15
hiexpokrloss,  di you upgrade via INTERNET or via new cd install01:15
xStinkI installed 64bit ubunters01:15
krlosshiexpo, with 2 options01:16
misterXXXanyone here?01:16
MatBoymhh where are the days that it was easy to install adobe apps under ubuntu01:16
krlossthe grapic card is ati xpress 200m01:16
xStinkAnd after i updated everything there seem to be some permission issues01:16
KamilionHaving a bit of a problem with OpenSSH not unlocking my keys when I connect. I use putty to connect to my karmic box, then try to ssh -A <hostname> and I get prompted to unlock my key every time. How do I tell it to unlock it either automatically or once at the beginning of the login session?01:17
DrUnKnMuNkYi can only boot into failsafe X mode and Xorg fails to identify the hardware correctly when i boot from the recovery menu. is this likely a dead video card?01:17
xStinkI cant access sound, i cant use the "Shutdown" or "restart" functions01:17
xStinkWhat the hell happen?01:17
outer_spaceI am following a guide to install lamp + phpmyadmin on lucid server, but /phpmyadmin gives a 404 and Ive reinstalled the entire OS twice now same thing01:17
misterXXXi wanted to build own website do you know what program software is the best to use?01:17
misterXXXand i want to do it for free im a poor person01:17
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:18
KamilionmisterXXX: drupal.01:18
eliezeri have a nvidia card that is not listen on the drivers01:18
metalgeekis there a room for talking about theme engines01:18
eliezeris kind of old01:18
eliezercan i make it work01:18
eliezerhow ?01:18
ioouter_space: Did you do everything included on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/phpMyAdmin?01:19
eliezeronly 3 options in sypnatic to install01:19
eliezera bunch of g force01:19
alpha_where is my home folder (the whole path)?01:19
eliezerand some quatro showthing like it01:19
eliezermy is VANTA LT01:19
outer_spaceyes Ive done the ubuntu community phpmyadmin guide, followed exactly, and 40401:20
iomisterXXX: Search for that in the Software Center.01:20
outer_spaceis there something different about cloud servers that break phpmyadmin?01:20
Kamilionalpha_: readlink -f ~01:20
outer_spaceIve reinstalled the server twice and tried to install phpmyadmin01:20
metalgeekWhere can i talk about theme engines?01:20
ibnarrashidalpha_: /home/username01:20
outer_spaceis phpmyadmin broken for lucid?01:21
Piciouter_space: try: sudo ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf      then restart apache201:22
eliezerwhere can i get support for envidia01:22
Kamilionouter_space: Nope, my phpmyadmin works fine on lucid. I even wrote up what I did: http://blog.sllabs.com/2010/06/fun-with-nginx-upstart-and-lucid.html01:22
outer_spaceno such file as /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf01:23
Piciouter_space: What do you have in that directory/01:23
outer_spaceoh typo01:25
metalgeekDr_Willis, Hi, Would you know anything about ubuntu's theme engines, its all gotten abit confusing, Some themes that i download work fine, others complain about engines and some seem to have replaced all my icons with question marks, Would really appreciate any time spent on kicking me into touvh01:25
outer_spacenow it works thanks01:25
hiexposome need gtk etc01:25
Dr_Willismetalgeek:  to be honest with you - i just learned how stuff works over the years. and theres a lot of broken/bad theme parts out there on the different web sites.01:26
Kamilionmetalgeek: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Ubuntu+gtk+theme+engine01:26
Dr_Willismetalgeek:  and with the changes to gnome comming in the future.. i wonder if worrying about themes. is that  worthwhile. :)01:26
Kevin`how can I get the ubuntu installer to start without using the framebuffer? fb=false and debian-installer/framebuffer=false do not work01:27
Dr_Willismetalgeek:  i tend to use the gnome-art tool to install a few themes i like. and theres some ppas and themes in the repos i also use.01:27
Pici!google > Kamilion01:27
ubottuKamilion, please see my private message01:27
Dr_WillisKevin`:  try 'nofb' ?01:27
Kevin`Dr_Willis: nope, it still doed it01:27
Dr_WillisKevin`:  i never have figured out a way.. the live cd dosent workv wery well on my nvidia systems.01:27
Dr_WillisKevin`:  once i installed. i removed plymouth. :)01:28
Dr_WillisKevin`:  and blacklisted the framebuffer modules.01:28
KamilionThat's nice, ubottu, I provided the querystring, not a blind RTFM.01:28
metalgeekThanks guys, As always Dr_Willis your the best.01:28
Kevin`hmm that's an idea, I could remove the framebuffer modules from the installer01:28
Kevin`but I shouldn't have to do that01:28
KaahAlguem que fale portugues???01:28
Jordan_UKevin`: Have you tried "nomodeset"?01:28
Kevin`and it will be annoying01:28
* metalgeek cuffs himself round the head for worrying about themes01:28
io!pt | Kaah01:28
ubottuKaah: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:28
PiciKamilion: This is a support channel, we provide support, not links to google.01:28
Kevin`Jordan_U: yes01:28
coz_some may want to consider the mini install cd... I find it much easier to install with01:29
Dr_WillisKevin`:  im not sure how doable it is.. the issue from what i gather is the nvidia cards and the noeavu drivers dont play nicely all the time.01:29
KamilionOh, so links to google are verboten then? I'll keep that in mind.01:29
Kevin`Dr_Willis: the framebuffer works fine, it's just super slow01:29
Dr_WillisKevin`:  and theres teh default of using the framebuffer module fb16 module it seems01:29
Dr_WillisKevin`:  the consoles dont work here at all on the live cd's :) they just sort of mirror the GDM screen. so the system seems 'locked up'01:30
alpharesearchI resurrected an old program, stripped it from another package and created a PPA and now I want to see what steps do I need to do to include this package into the official repertories - who to contact?01:30
Jordan_UKevin`: Have you tried setting GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text in /etc/default/grub?01:31
io!packaging | alpharesearch01:31
ubottualpharesearch: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports01:31
LorgonJortleMy wireless internet keeps cutting out in Lucid.01:31
Kevin`Jordan_U: # kvm -m 2048 -drive if=virtio,file=/dev/testxen/root_u32 -kernel /mnt/mnt1/installer/u104-32-nopae/linux -initrd /mnt/mnt1/installer/u10.04-32-nopae/initrd.gz -append "debian-installer/framebuffer=false fb=false vga=normal nomodeset nofb"01:32
ioalpharesearch: Information about how packages get added is on the second or third link, if I remember correctly.01:32
alpharesearchthanks ubottu01:32
LorgonJortleIs this a known bug, or am I missing something essential?01:32
io!wireless | LorgonJortle01:33
ubottuLorgonJortle: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:33
LorgonJortleThanks, io. I'll see if I can find something.01:33
DJNomadI need some help getting my web browsers working right01:33
Jordan_UKevin`: 1: I think it would be vga=text, and 2: despite what it seems vga= is not actually a kernel paremeter but a bootloader parameter, I don't know if kvm -kernel understands vga= or not.01:33
DJNomadsomething is not right with my flash or my java or maybe both01:34
ioLorgonJortle: Check the relevant page for your wireless card and see if there are any notes associated with it, if not provide the output of "lspci -v | less" in here, someone may well be experiencing the same issue.01:34
ioLorgonJortle: Is it a wireless card or a USB device?01:34
LorgonJortleUSB device.01:34
Kevin`Jordan_U: the installer starts in vga mode. always I think. there's some init script or module loaded that switches it to vb mode01:34
Kevin`fb mode*01:34
ioLorgonJortle: "lsusb" not "lspci -v | less", for USB devices.01:34
DJNomadis anyone familiar with the conduit toolbar you can make yourself?01:35
LorgonJortleio, yeah it shows up in there. I need to check the docs.01:35
Jordan_UKevin`: The very first mode is set by the bootloader, not the kernel. While the kernel may change modes after being loaded your best bet is probably to try to configure the bootloader to hand off to the kernel in vga text mode.01:36
DJNomadmy issue is that the media player in it will not appear in ubuntu but its there in windoz01:36
Kevin`Jordan_U: the system is being started in text mode. something in the installer changes it later01:36
R3cur51v3Do you guys know any software that can recover data from a hard drive that was dropped and is physically damaged?01:37
Jordan_UKevin`: How have you determined that?01:37
Jordan_UR3cur51v3: gddrescue01:37
Kevin`Jordan_U: it says it's doing it, and the result is pretty obvious since it changes resolution and such01:37
=== Omni|AFK is now known as Omnifarious
iBiZaHi Guys, I just did a dual boot with ubuntu. When i go to boot into ubuntu I get "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkown wn-block(0,0)" any ideas why this is happenign?01:38
carl0s-When you click on a column header/title in Gnome, e.g. in file manager / nautilus, or when looking at CPU% in System Monitor, well why are the Ascending and Descending indicators back to front?01:38
Jordan_UKevin`: What is the exact message it prints? (so that you can grep for it in the installer and initramfs scripts)01:39
carl0s-i.e. they are wrong01:39
SchallaSorry guys, but grub is named in Ubuntu 10.04 grub-common and grub-pc?01:39
axisysis there a way to upgrade from 32bit to 64bit ?01:39
Kevin`Jordan_U: I think the message is from the kernel. says Console: switching to color framebuffer xx:xx or whatever01:39
randy_R3cur51v3: www.cgsecurity.org/wiki there is information about testdisk and photorec; they are used for data recovery and tend to be very good01:39
axisysi installed 8gb mem in my laptop and i will now need a 64bit os to utilize it01:39
axisysmy bios sees 8gb01:40
=== JustMe is now known as Guest71651
Jordan_UR3cur51v3: I recommend that you do *NOT* use testdisk or photorec on the drive itself, use gddrescue to create an image first.01:40
Jordan_UR3cur51v3: gddrescue will get as much data as possible while preventing as much further damage as possible, I would use it before doing anything else with the drive.01:41
thoegerhi channel - I have two laptops, both with Ubuntu Lucid all updated. In mouse preferences, one has a trackpad tab, the other does not. Why is that?01:41
Guest71651hello i have a problem with a disk which has 278G of space when im using du -h --max-depth=1 im getting 245G of files when im now opening nautilus it shows me that there are 0bytes space left on the disk i also cant make folder or create new files how can i fix this_01:41
randy_Jordan_U: R3cur51v3 i fail, though, to understand the benefit of that endeavour; the drive is physically damaged.  chances of recovery are slim to none as it is. anything done at this point is simply a shot in the dark to begin with.  furthermore, where will he put the image? he's running from a thumb drive!01:42
ioaxisys: It is possible, but isn't suggested or has a straight forward way of doing it. I would suggest saving your package list "dpkg --get-selections > selections.txt", saving your home directory and then doing a fresh 64-bit install.01:42
thune3carl0s-: arrow is direction of "ascending" order. what is backwards?01:42
carl0s-thune3, it is back to front to all other operating systems, and intuition. The icon for "descending" is ^, which is unintuitive/wrong.01:43
aroonilooking for a client that can do sftp access?01:43
carl0s-thune3, ^ shows something getting larger...01:43
ioarooni: Terminal?01:44
carl0s-thune3, for ascending it should be ^ and for descending it should be v01:44
Guest71651arooni, filezilla01:44
iBiZahi, just installed ubuntu and when i attemp to boot into ubuntu I get "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkown wn-block(0,0) - any ideas how to fix this or why it is happening?01:44
ioaxisys: If you upgrade 32-bit to 64-bit without a fresh install then you will most likely end up with a broken system as some /etc and /var files are architecture specific.01:44
Kevin`R3cur51v3: you need a second larger drive to do this properly.01:45
Kevin`heh, removing fbcon made it load the framebuffer but disable the console, fun01:45
ioiBiZa: Do you get a command prompt?01:46
arooniio, i need to be able to list a directory01:46
arooniGuest71651, filezilla doesnt seem to support keys01:46
alpha_I am using a music software and for some reason it thinks the /home/ folder is empty. How bad would it be if I would create a folder /Music/ ?01:47
iBiZaio: no, but I can get into it01:47
Jordan_UKevin`: Can you humor me and try booting the kernel from grub2 with "set gfxpayload=text"?01:47
io!fsck | iBiZa01:47
ubottuiBiZa: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot01:47
thune3carl0s-: i guess i'm not clear what you are saying. the arrow corresponds to ascending: ^ means bottom-to-top ascending and v means top-to-bottom ascending. i'm on 9.10, but it's hard to believe it is different for 10.0401:47
Kevin`Jordan_U: if you can link me a cd, floppy, or bootable binary image of grub201:48
iBiZaio: can't get into the command line sorry. only get minimal bash like01:48
ioalpha_: Can you change the path it uses to /home/$user/Music or something?01:48
carl0s-thune3, no, you need to think about the shape. ^ starts off small and gets larger, in the same way that the mathematics symbols > and < work..   The shape of V is starting off big and getting thinner/smaller towards the bottom.01:49
Jordan_UKevin`: How about all 3 in one :) http://prdownload.berlios.de/supergrub/super_grub_disk_hybrid-1.98s1.iso01:49
alpha_io: Nope, it complains and seem to think there is no such path01:49
R3cur51v3Kevin`, I'm going to use an compressed FUSE-mounted filesystem on another compute.r01:50
ioalpha_: You changed the path in the application?01:50
R3cur51v3Can anyone recommend a good FUSE-mounted compressed filesystem?01:50
ioiBiZa: I have no idea then, someone else should be able to help if you keep asking every now and then.01:50
alpharesearchthanks io and ubottu - I guess the best way is to add the package to Debian01:50
ioalpharesearch: No problem. :-)01:50
iBiZaio: thanks.01:51
Kevin`R3cur51v3: why does it have to be fuse? ntfs I suppose.01:51
Hardenedhello! i got a problem with sound output: when i select "analog output", both speakers an headphones works on the same time! and if i select "analog headphones", they dont work at all!01:51
Mariouxhi guys01:51
Kevin`R3cur51v3: I highly recommend you use a standard filesystem though01:51
alpha_io, sorry I don't get what you mean. I've tried setting the path to /home/usernamne/Music but it does not work. My harddrive (I guess: home folder) is encrypted, could that be an issue?01:51
io!hi | Marioux01:51
ubottuMarioux: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:51
R3cur51v3Kevin`, ??01:51
MariouxI have a few questions about ndiswrapper and encore ENLWI-G wireless card01:51
MariouxI can't make it run on Ubuntu 10.04 amd6401:52
axisysio: so how do I use that selections.txt file ?01:52
R3cur51v3I'm planning on transferring the files over an ethernet cord to another computer01:52
goku__Marioux: i used to do that in 32 bit intell01:52
ioalpha_: What application? Are you sure that you have created /home/$user/Music and not somewhere else by accident? Can you "cd /home/$user/Music" in Terminal and it will take you there?01:52
Kevin`R3cur51v3: nfs may be reasonable01:52
chemicalvampshould i have to build lau to get its header files? ive already installed the binary and i got a single file out of it.. no lua.h01:52
Mariouxgoku__, trouble seems to appear in the 64 bit version01:53
goku__Marioux: never tried 63 bits01:53
Kevin`R3cur51v3: realize that the proper way of doing this, if you don't have the filesystem working, is to make an image of the entire drive. if you don't have space for that, wait until you do. just leave the drive on the shelf.01:53
thune3carl0s-: i think of it like an arrow that points in the direction of ascending. thinking about it though, its meaning could go either way depending on how one looks at it. I wonder if there is a gconf variable to change it.01:53
axisysio: dpkg --set-selections selections.txt ?01:54
ioaxisys: On the 32-bit install do "dpkg --get-selections > selections.txt" and once you have the fresh 64-bit install you can "dpkg --set-selections < selections.txt".01:54
axisysio: ok.. thanks a lot01:54
Hardenedhello! i got a problem with sound output: when i select "analog output", both speakers an headphones works at the same time! and if i select "analog headphones", they dont work at all!01:54
axisysio: there are some flash issues with 64bit .. correct ?01:54
xaviermHardened, That's pretty awesome01:54
alpha_io: Yes, I am 100% sure. The application is named Squeezebox01:54
R3cur51v3Kevin`, I'm going to use gddrescue to copy the file to a compressed filesystem on another computer.01:54
carl0s-thune3, I dunno. I reported as a bug over a year ago, but it's still unconfirmed. Mac OS and Windows both work the way I think it should work, so I'm not alone!! https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=57841601:54
axisysio: flashplayer that is01:55
ioaxisys: I am not sure on that I'm afraid. I only use 64-bit on servers which do not require that.01:55
alpha_io: it tells me "Invalid value "/home/alpha/Music" for audiodir"01:55
xaviermHardened, Check your alsamixer settings01:55
Kevin`R3cur51v3: btrfs also supports compression I think, although I have never used it01:55
ioalpha_: What was it set to previously?01:55
Kevin`Jordan_U: do you remember the qemu option to make a vfat disk automatically from a directory?01:56
Kevin`grub no has host filesystem access01:56
alpha_io: Blank, which means that it only streams music from the internet01:56
Hardenedxavierm i checked it..and i found something: when i mute the headphones, it mutes the speakers too!01:56
ioaxisys: You could always check the release notes, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes.01:57
thune3carl0s-: here is a blog post related to this usability issue: http://matthom.com/archive/2009/03/24/usability-column-sorting-arrow-indicators01:57
ioalpha_: Find out what that field is expecting. Is it actually expecting a folder?01:57
Jordan_UKevin`: No, sorry. You can always mkfs a file and loop mount it.01:57
xaviermHardened, How many inputs does your sound card have?01:58
xaviermHardened, check this picture, might give you a hint: http://bit.ly/dfM1Bj01:58
Kevin`Jordan_U: in a few minutes I will do that, I made it "work" for now by removing all the fb backend modules from the installer01:58
ioalpha_: I'm heading out now unfortunetly, someone else may be able to help or ask on their website as they don't seem to have an IRC channel here.01:58
alpha_io: Ok, thanks for your efforts. cheers01:59
carl0s-thune3, ah, interesting! He's on the same wavelength as me!01:59
Kevin`there is a message though, "trying to enable framebuffer", that is probably from a userland script01:59
carl0s-thune3, good find :)01:59
Kevin`might check that out too01:59
NotALamerwhen i use apt-rdepends with no options it seems to work fine but it doesn't include Recommends, if i add --follow=Depends,PreDepends,Recommends it doesn't appear to be recursive any more01:59
NotALameris this thing on?02:00
Kevin`no, not on02:01
NotALamermic check02:01
NotALamer1 202:01
=== Omnifarious is now known as Omni|AFK
Hardenedxavierm,3 outputs! one in front and one in the back and a digital out..and 2 inputs: microphone in and line in02:01
NotALameri take it no one uses apt-rdepends02:03
axisysio: thanks02:03
NotALamermaybe i should figure out how to do it with apt-cache02:03
io!patience | NotALamer02:03
ubottuNotALamer: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:03
Kevin`the ubuntu installer should have an option for a swap file02:03
ioaxisys: No problem. :-)02:04
Kevin`(not device)02:04
NotALameri wasn't planning on repeating the question02:04
=== geowany is now known as g30w4ny
Hardenedxavierm, is it normal that with "lspci" i found that my sound card is "alc1200" but in the support page of my pc (hp) its an "alc888s"02:05
seidosis there an ubuntu chatroom for Portuguese speakers?02:06
coz_seidos,  I dont think so02:06
Raydiationare radeonhd drivers shipped by default and activated?02:06
Jordan_UKevin`: Another option would be to use a virtual serial console.02:06
seidoscoz_, thank you02:06
coz_Raydiation,  yes they should be02:06
Raydiationcoz_: ty02:06
seidosis the radeon driver open source and built into the kernel?02:07
Escobaralguem do Brasil ?02:07
Kevin`Jordan_U: hmm, true. less useful when applied to physical computers though :)02:07
Pici!br | Escobar02:07
ubottuEscobar: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:07
coz_seidos,  it is offered by default02:07
Kevin`(well, it's useful, it just needs the extra computer and the cable)02:07
seidoscoz_, so yes?02:08
JimshoesHas anyone here ever installed aircrack?02:09
BossmanbetaWould anyone know where the GPG public/private keypairs are kept, once generated by Seahorse?02:09
coz_seidos  not sure if they are incorporated into the kernel but certainly ...at least with ubuntu... they are enabled by default if your card is supported02:09
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:09
seidoscoz_, ok02:09
coz_Bossmanbeta,  i would not sorry02:09
carl0s-My x301 with Ubuntu is awesome.02:09
JimshoesI need some help using a .patch file.02:09
Kevin`always try the opensource video drivers work. when they work, they tend to cause far less problems02:10
Kevin`always try first*02:10
coz_Jimshoes,  you may want to go to the ##linux channel or the #programming channel :)02:10
Jimshoesalright thanks, coz_02:10
NotALamerwell is there any other way to get a list of recursive package dependencies? it looks like apt-cache will follow Suggests as well, which i would rather it didn't02:10
coz_NotALamer,  for compiz?02:10
Kevin`on my desktop the opensource ati driver even does 3d stuff02:11
coz_Kevin`,  and I hear it works well with opengl applications like cairo dock as well02:11
NotALamernah i'm trying to make a list of all the dependencies and recommendations for ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard02:11
NotALamerso i can see what extra stuff i have installed02:11
coz_NotALamer,  sorry I though I was in the #compiz channel  ...duh    too many channels   :)02:12
NotALameri already did it once but if you don't give apt-rdepends any options it doesn't follow Recommends02:12
xaviermHardened, sorry, no it's not normal. When did it start happening?02:13
NotALameri guess i could just apt-get --set-selections from my list and then see what aptitude thinks i should reselect02:13
xaviermHardened, I mean headphones and speakers mixing up02:13
coeushello all, i'm having an issue with my eth0 coming up correctly on boot. no matter if it is dhcp or static, i always have to do ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0 to get the interface to work properly02:13
ChogyDanNotALamer: have you looked as the tasksel lists?02:14
Hardenedhi! since a fresh installation of ubuntu ;)02:14
NotALamerhm no02:14
NotALameri actually just saw tasksel in aptitude recently and meant to check it out02:14
NotALamerbut i forgot02:14
LorgonJortleHow can I manually set the channel my generic (defualt) wireless driver is on?02:14
Kevin`LorgonJortle: iwconfig xxx channel #02:15
Hardenedxavierm, since a fresh installation of ubuntu ;)02:15
LorgonJortleWhere xxx is wlan0 Kevin`?02:15
Kevin`LorgonJortle: you should not need to use that unless you are using ap or rfmon mode02:15
Kevin`LorgonJortle: yes02:16
LorgonJortleMy internet keeps cutting out.02:16
LorgonJortleSo I thought telling it exactly what channel to go on might help.02:16
LorgonJortleYou don't think so?02:16
Kevin`it's doubtful that is the problem02:17
NotALamercan you ping anything when it stops working02:17
nixboxi have two wireless interfaces, i want one of them to be managed by network-manager, and i want the other to be handled manually by me, how can i tell network-manager to do this, there is no way to do that from the GUI, is there any config file that i can modify to affect this behavior?02:18
Kevin`my wireless problems kind of magically went away when I set up a nice openwrt+atheros ap02:18
NotALameryeah there's a file nixbox, i forget where it is02:18
ChogyDannixbox: I think if you set it via /etc/interfaces then you should be able to set it manually02:18
LorgonJortleNotALamer: I haven't tried, but the entire connection cuts out, I believe.02:19
skulkerMy kingdom to the first who answers the question..02:19
NotALameryeah that one02:19
Kevin`skulker: which?02:19
skulkerI have an external RAID enclosure connected to my Ubunto 10.04 box with an eSATA card and cable.02:19
skulkerInside said enclosure are four 1TB drives I wish to configure in RAID1+002:19
LorgonJortleskulker: 4202:20
NotALamerdo you have any other computers sharing the same connection, and do they also stop working?02:20
skulkerIn Ubunto, I see /sd[bcde]02:20
skulkerer, /dev/sd[bcde]02:20
Kevin`skulker: does the raid enclosure do raid itself or does it just present the drives to the host02:20
=== sshc_ is now known as sshc
skulkerHowever, when I reboot, sometimes I do not see one or more of the drives in /dev02:20
Incarnationhow can I make the middle mouse button in ubuntu 10.4 work for scrolling on firefox?02:20
Incarnationright now it serves to copy and paste selections of text02:20
LorgonJortleNotALamer: My brother has a laptop using Win7 x64. Lemme ask if it ever cuts out.02:20
skulkerKevin - It's a Rosewill RSV-S4-X, supposedly it will do RAID internally.. but without appropriate software, I figure it just passes the drives to Ubuntu.02:21
LorgonJortleNotALamer: Nah, he said that it never does.02:21
=== TechnoPagan_tm is now known as riverwind_
NotALamerwell it must be your box then02:21
robertzaccourwhere can i get logitech pc gamepad drivers?02:21
skulkerAssuming that's the case, missing drives on reboot is my first concern.02:21
iyunkateusI can't get any sound on my 10.04 Netbook Edition02:22
Kevin`skulker: if it did raid internally you wouldn't need software, except maybe to configure it. I doubt it's hardware raid02:22
riverwind_This moratorium is for net neutrality that I posted on my blog02:22
NotALameri would try to figure out what exactly stops working, when it stops working02:22
NotALamerlike can you still ping other computers on your network, or google.com02:22
Kevin`skulker: post of kernel log of it working and not working02:22
NotALamercan you still nslookup or dig an address02:22
LorgonJortleIt seems rather random; it's not when there is a heavy load, or when I'm doing anything specific.02:22
NotALamerdo your routes in netstat -nr look ok02:22
NotALamerdoes your interface still have an ip02:23
LorgonJortleI haven't tried. My internet is working as of right now. Hence my ability to be here.02:23
robertzaccourwhere can i get logitech pc gamepad drivers?02:23
iyunkateusI can't get any sound on my 10.04 Netbook Edition; what other information do you need to help me solve the problem?02:23
NotALamerit's hard to fix without knowing what exactly is breaking02:23
LorgonJortlerobertzaccour: Logitech website?02:23
LorgonJortleNotALamer: No doubt.02:23
robertzaccourLorgonJortle: do i install them with ndisgtk?02:24
Nikoniyunkateus: try using ALSA02:24
NotALamertry checking that stuff the next time it breaks02:24
NotALamerhow long does it stay off/02:24
LorgonJortleI will02:24
LorgonJortleForever. Until I Disable/Enable wireless.02:24
iyunkateusNikon: I'm pretty sure I am using ALSA02:24
NotALamerhow often does it happen?02:25
Nikoniyunkateus: so you configured it to use ALSA?02:25
LorgonJortleIt'll try to connect, but the green only one green dot will light up, meaning that it hasn't chatted with my router. If I enable.disable it, the second green light will light up and I'll have connection.02:25
Nikoniyunkateus: it doesnt come like that02:25
LorgonJortleIt can happen a few times a day.02:25
skulkerKevin - actually, it's just a port multiplier, so software it is.02:25
iyunkateusNikon: Is that something new to 10.04 or something? I thought ALSA was the default.02:26
skulkerI'm looking for kern.log evidence.. so far nothing stands out02:26
NotALamerhm sounds like it's specific to wireless, but i have no idea what that second green light actually means02:26
SegFaultAXHow do I set the resolution for my camera globally?02:26
NotALamerdo you get any log messages in messages or syslog?02:26
LorgonJortleNotALamer: Do you know what I'm talking about with the "second green light"?02:26
SegFaultAXThe capture is screwed at higher than 320x240 but it defaults to 640x48002:27
NotALameri used to have ubuntu on my laptop02:27
LorgonJortleI'ven't checked the logs.02:27
NotALamerhaven't used it recently though02:27
NotALamerthat would be a good idea too02:27
Nikoniyunkateus: http://www.unixmen.com/linux-tutorials/525-resolve-nosound-problem-on-ubuntu910-karmic-koala02:27
LorgonJortleWhat's the absolute location of the sys log?02:27
Nikonworks on 10 too i believe02:27
NotALamer/var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog02:27
LorgonJortleOk, thanks.02:27
SchallaWhen I try to install gfxboot and try to "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" it says:02:27
SchallaThe file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly.02:27
LorgonJortlesyslog is empty...02:28
NotALamerthat's odd02:28
NotALamermaybe it just rotated02:28
NotALamerdo you have older ones?02:28
Nikoniyunkateus: ubuntu comes with pulseaudio02:28
skulkerThis reboot worked, not sure why..02:28
LorgonJortleLemme check02:29
NotALamerlike syslog.102:29
NotALameror syslog.2.gz02:29
skulkerIs there a way to rescan the SCSI chain and mount drives that may not have spun up fast enough?02:29
LorgonJortleYeah, syslog.102:29
iyunkateusNikon: oh, I thought that it came with ALSA, considering that pulseaudio has a seperate volume control02:29
LorgonJortleI'll check it out02:29
NotALamerprobably should check dmesg too02:29
LorgonJortleTon of stuff in here about wireless02:30
NotALamernot surprising02:30
Nikoniyunkateus: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89521602:31
Nikoniyunkateus: i had the exact same problem btw02:31
GameFreakDoes anybody know of  a program that can give me a list of sectors that files on a CD occupy?02:31
LorgonJortleI suppose I'll wait until next time it happens and check the log.02:31
NotALameryeah maybe it will tell you what's wrong02:32
LorgonJortleThanks for the help, man.02:32
NotALamerno problem02:32
NotALamergood luck02:32
pyropheliadoes anybody know what would cause ssh transfers to be limited to 100Mbps speeds?  if i check something out via svn or sftp on my server I get a max transfer rate of about 12MBps.  however if transfer via afp I'll max the raid out.02:32
Nikonis there any way to get ansi characters working in terminal? all i get is the following: ��� (diamond question marks)02:33
KB1JWQpyrophelia: Encryption overhead.02:33
KB1JWQNikon: Sure, locale.02:33
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf02:33
stratoguys one question02:34
randy_pyrophelia: yeah, i was gonna say the same thing, ssh encryption is probably keeping it back02:34
stratoIf I cp-Rp my / on another partition02:34
pyropheliaKB1JWQ: is it possible to speed it up?02:34
stratoand use it as RAID will it work02:34
MathuinUgh.  Anyone know what Ubuntu package has the XMLParser module for Python?  I've checked Google with the obvious terms in my send and came up dry.02:34
KB1JWQpyrophelia: Sure. Don't use SSH.02:34
KB1JWQUse netcat or whatnot. :-)02:34
Nikonthanks KB1JWQ02:34
stratoI don't want to dd the disk02:34
randy_pyrophelia: you could try a faster proc... or you could find a sort of hardware encryption solution02:34
pyropheliaI don't think it's that02:35
Kevin`Jordan_U: how can I disable the framebuffer from starting after install?02:35
randy_pyrophelia: hardware encryption is why dedicated VPN routers are so expensive...02:35
pyropheliawhen i do a transfer atop never breaks 10% for sftp02:35
strato* I mean cp -R --preserve=all02:35
Mathuinpyrophelia: can you temporarily set the cipher to 'none' to see if encryption is really the problem?02:36
pyropheliafor example, if I open of filezila and start a single transfer it caps at 100Mbps, but if I allow 10 instances, then I'll get full bandwidth02:36
randy_pyrophelia: there's more to it than that.  NAPI will prevent the CPU from getting swamped02:36
pyropheliaeven with 10 instances all going through sftp, it still doesn't break 10%02:37
pyropheliain atop at least02:37
pyropheliathe raid isn't maxed02:38
Jordan_UKevin`: With a normal install you'd edit /etc/default/grub (ether by uncommenting #GRUB_TERMINAL=console, since by default grub uses gfxpayload=keep, meaning keep the current mode or by setting GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD=text)02:38
pyropheliaI can only max the raid out if I use something like afp02:38
j_ayen_greenwhere does vbox keep the vdi file? don't seem to be in the oracle/vbox directory02:39
pyropheliaapples version of ipx02:40
smallfoot-j_ayen_green, somewhere in your home directory02:40
Kevin`Jordan_U: I know how to do it for grub, but even if I do that ubuntu will enable it itself02:40
j_ayen_greensmallfoot-: using a windows host02:40
smallfoot-maybe somewhere under Document & Settings02:40
Jordan_UKevin`: I'm not completely certain that a frambuffer won't be setup afterward but given that using gfxpayload=text helps many people for whom their ttys don't show up at all, I think that mode is kept.02:40
emmaI love Ubuntu02:41
smallfoot-i do too02:41
Kevin`Jordan_U: i'll try that when I get networking enabled in the vm (editing files on fb is too slow). but I doubt it will make a difference02:42
j_ayen_greenah, found it02:42
pyropheliaI just installed ftpd just to test my theory02:43
pyropheliafull bandwidth02:43
chemicalvampi had to add a repository to install a specific program and now that i have it, i want to get rid of that repository, i've removed it from sources.list do i need to run a command in apt-get to completely remove it or the package lists it got from it?02:43
pyropheliabut ssh is never using excesive ammounts of bandwidth02:44
pyropheliaer cpu time that is02:44
pyropheliawhat do I do02:44
pufu_chemicalvamp - yep just apt-get update02:44
Kevin`chemicalvamp: just aptitude / apt-get update will be enough. unless you want the little space back from the list files02:44
chemicalvampi just dont want to get any updates from the site i added02:45
chemicalvampso if its gone from sources.list its all good02:45
MathuinI found a workaround for my XMLParser problem.02:45
smallfoot-what does a chemicalvamp eat?02:46
chemicalvampwhatever he decides02:46
MathuinNow I'm trying to find out why Ubuntu's tar can't examine a compressed ISO but FreeBSD's tar can.  Whee!02:46
chemicalvampmostly blondes though02:47
Kevin`Jordan_U: GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD=text didn't seem to do anything, either to grub or linux02:47
smallfoot-yeah blonde guys are hot02:47
chemicalvampahh im gonna stab ./configure.. i have lua5.1 and lua50 headers installed and "lua.h is required, install lua header files"02:48
Jordan_UKevin`: You ran "sudo update-grub"? GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD controlls the mode that grub passes to the kernel, if you want grub itself to use console then set GRUB_TERMINAL=console .02:49
Jordan_Uchemicalvamp: Did you run "sudo apt-get build-deb lua5.1"?02:50
Jordan_Uchemicalvamp: Sorry, "build-dep" not "build-deb"02:50
Kevin`Jordan_U: how is it passed to the kernel02:51
chemicalvampyeah Jordan_U says i need to some 'sources' URIs in my sources.lst02:51
Kevin`and yes, I ran update-grub02:51
chemicalvampand i cant find a lua source repository02:52
chemicalvampand the "simple" lua5.1.4 source build failed..02:52
Jordan_UKevin`: Via the linux boot protocal, "vga=" has always been somewhat of a lie as documented in http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt02:52
skulkerWhat's the proper way to set rootdelay in grub?02:53
Kevin`Jordan_U: well, it's still starting a framebuffer. after boot of course, probably the same way the installer is02:53
skulkerI'm assuming modifyin the file in /boot/grub is nono02:53
Kevin`although i'm sure the options are different02:53
yakovhi Hasch02:54
iBiZahi, just installed ubuntu and when i attemp to boot into ubuntu I get "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkown wn-block(0,0) - any ideas how to fix this or why it is happening?02:54
Kevin`skulker: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub. you can change the menu file directly but the changes will be overwritten by updates. i'm sure you are also aware you can change it at boot, while in grub02:55
yakovanyone testing maverick?02:55
Jordan_UKevin`: The obviously out of date https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer suggests adding "nofb" as a kernel parameter (but then it also suggests that vga=normal should work).02:56
yakovsomeone from mexico ?02:58
Haschany1 got an intel gma 4500m ? because i'm stuck now with the missing driver support on lucid lynx02:58
yakovwhich driver Hasch?02:59
Haschmy graphic driver02:59
Kevin` 02:59
ChogyDanHasch: is that a laptop?03:00
Haschgraphics media accelerator(GMA) 4500M from intel03:00
yakovHaxch: have you try at intel site?03:00
ChogyDanHasch: what model laptop?03:00
=== Sup|Lobby is now known as Petrov
Haschaspire 2930Z from Acer03:01
=== Petrov is now known as SuP|Lobby
Kevin`Jordan_U: nofb doesn't work. grub complains that vga= is incorrect usage, and also doesn't work. gfxpayload=text in grub doesn't work03:02
ChogyDanHasch: it looks like there is already support, right?  since like 8.10?03:02
MaRk-IHasch: are you getting a black screen at boot up?03:02
Hasch^^ no black screen or any boot up problems but03:03
Haschwhen i ' ve got too many windows open pc starts goin slow and 3d games are aweful or dont work at all03:04
Haschand when i get on system>admin>system monitor03:04
Jordan_UKevin`: I have no idea. If you give a bogus root= option then you can tell if the framebuffer is being setup in the initramfs.03:04
smallfoot-then dont have so many windows open03:04
smallfoot-or get a better computer03:04
Kevin`Jordan_U: it's not in the initramfs, blacklisting the module works03:05
JamesHarrisonGetting a very odd no space left error: http://pastie.org/105471603:05
JamesHarrisonAs you can see, there's... quite a bit of spare room.03:05
JamesHarrisonYet, make a text file that says 'test' and you get a no space on device message03:06
trojan_spike5 gb left?03:06
JamesHarrison138GB available on /03:06
Haschwindows aint the big problem but if i go on syste preferences and hit monitor settings03:07
Jordan_UJamesHarrison: Anything interesting in dmesg?03:07
Kevin`JamesHarrison: it's complaining about the usb drive, or /?03:07
JamesHarrisonKevin`: /03:07
Haschno DDC/CI support03:07
JamesHarrisonJordan_U: First thing I checked, nothing03:07
Kevin`JamesHarrison: have it run fsck03:08
Haschatm just on vesa standard monitor03:08
bluti have a question, offtopic...03:10
=== jack is now known as Guest25996
JamesHarrisonKevin`: fsck reveals some minor errors on the mapper, just rebooting to run it while umounted now03:10
Guest25996jack@jack-laptop:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a03:10
Guest25996Setting up menu (2.1.43ubuntu1) ...03:10
Guest25996dpkg (subprocess): unable to execute installed post-installation script: Exec format error03:10
Guest25996dpkg: error processing menu (--configure):03:10
Guest25996 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 203:10
Guest25996Errors were encountered while processing:03:10
FloodBot2Guest25996: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:10
blutwhich form of address do i use for a ph d?03:10
wershow do I change the font face on GNOME Terminal?03:11
blutsomething like Dear Ph.D. <lastname>?03:11
blutwers: Profile preferances03:11
wersBlueEagle, found it. thanks!03:11
Jordan_UJamesHarrison: What's the output of " sudo tune2fs -l /dev/mapper/root-root" ?03:12
Kevin`blut: wouldn't it be dear dr foo?03:12
blutKevin`: jo i just checked on google... seams to be that way03:13
JamesHarrisonJordan_U: http://pastie.org/105472503:13
blutKevin`: even though a phd is not a dr in german...03:13
Jordan_UJamesHarrison: "Free inodes: 8", there's your problem.03:14
iBiZahi, just installed ubuntu and when i attemp to boot into ubuntu I get "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkown wn-block(0,0) - any ideas how to fix this or why it is happening?03:14
Guest25996can you help me ?"http://paste.ubuntu.com/467288/"03:14
JamesHarrisonJordan_U: Okay. Free inodes are a problem why? What's the solution?03:14
JamesHarrisonoh, lack of free inodes.03:15
* JamesHarrison facepalms03:15
JamesHarrison(coming up on 3AM here, doing great today...)03:15
LucidGuyAny try Lubuntu?  is it really pretty much the same thing minus Gnome?03:15
DaekdroomLucidGuy, not really.03:16
DaekdroomLucidGuy, its application collection includes more lighter options, I believe.03:16
LucidGuyDaekdroom, have you tried it?03:16
Jordan_UJamesHarrison: Unfortunately there's no way* to increase the number of available inodes in place. *You could convert to btrfs in place, but btrfs is still not very stable.03:16
DaekdroomLucidGuy, No, but given the figures about RAM usage I have read, I can asure you it's somewhat different.03:17
Guest25996what should i do ????http://paste.ubuntu.com/467288/03:17
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
LucidGuyDaekdroom, I have a Dell Mini 10 atom proc.  I want this baby to go as fast as possible.  Mainly web browsing.03:18
Jordan_UJamesHarrison: You can also just delete a bunch of small files.03:19
JamesHarrisonJordan_U: Pretty sure issue is down to inode size on this partition; btrfs may end up being the only solution but I'll cull some old source directories for the time being.03:20
JamesHarrisonCheers for the help!03:20
=== jack is now known as Guest9222
Guest9222plz help"http://paste.ubuntu.com/467288/"03:21
Kevin`JamesHarrison: I don't think there's an online way to increase inodes. you may need to copy the data off and reformat it with more03:21
Kevin`JamesHarrison: it's pretty easy to fix in the latter way though03:22
Kevin`aside from the time it will take03:22
JamesHarrisonKevin`: Yeah, fair enough :) Might give btrfs a try, been meaning to give it a spin anyway and this is just a test server; worst case I lose my continuous integration setup and restore from backup :)03:22
vol7ronmodprobe nvidia-current03:22
vol7ronFATAL: Error inserting nvidia_current (/lib/modules/2.6.32-24-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia-current.ko): No such device03:22
sweetpiGuest9222: if you had a space before the paste url, maybe someone would actually click on it03:23
vol7ronany ideas?03:23
ChogyDanvol7ron: dkms status03:23
happydonkeyis there anyone tell me what's the vision of flash editor can be used in ubuntu03:23
Kevin`vol7ron: check dmesg. the message is indicating it's not finding any hardware to use03:23
vol7rondkms status03:24
vol7ronnvidia-current, 195.36.24, 2.6.32-24-generic, x86_64: installed03:24
sharifHow to install zend for php ?03:24
ChogyDanGuest9222: how did it get that way?03:24
vol7ronKevin`: i guess that makes sense, since this is in a vmware guest03:24
sharifor it will be installed once I have install PHP ?03:24
vol7ronor does that matter?03:25
Guest9222by installing wifi radar03:25
ChogyDanGuest9222: try removing menu, and then reinstalling it03:25
vol7ronhas anyone got ubuntu desktop effects working in vmware yet?03:25
Jordan_UJamesHarrison: Kevin`: In place conversion of ext4 to btrfs, keeping the original ext4 filesystem intact, is one the most awesome concepts :)03:26
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM03:26
Guest9222ChogyDan: how?03:26
spartan07my crontab is not working. When I run the command on the terminal it works03:26
vol7ronaxisys: it's not virtualization in ubuntu03:26
vol7ronaxisys: it's virtualization of ubuntu03:26
spartan07running ubuntu LTS 8.0403:27
ChogyDanGuest9222: sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/menu.postinst ; dpkg --remove menu03:27
axisysvol7ron: right.. so ubuntu is a guest os correct ?03:27
banishedHi, is it possible to see which application causes how much network traffic and to which host?03:27
vol7ronaxisys: correct w/ a win7 host03:27
vol7ronaxisys: next new hd will have ubuntu as a dual-boot03:28
spartan07I tried editing it 2 ways: 1) crontab -e and 2) nano /etc/crontab03:28
axisysvol7ron: well i wont run win .. not my cup of tead03:28
ChogyDanvol7ron: I think the best you can do in terms of drivers is to install the guest additions.  Not sure about 3d03:28
gogetavol7ron: in virtulbox go to settings and enable 3d acell03:28
vol7ronChogyDan: yeah, I think the whole OpenGL dilemma still hasn't been tackled03:28
Guest9222ChogyDan: thx i will try .03:28
rww!info nethogs | banished03:29
ubottubanished: nethogs (source: nethogs): Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.0-3 (lucid), package size 25 kB, installed size 100 kB03:29
vol7rongogeta: that won't do anything that I know of, it's the same effect as VMWare's 3D Accel03:29
sharifWhat is the database defult password, is it admin user password ? cuz i try to set the phpmyadmin and it give me fail when i enter admin of ubuntu password03:29
ChogyDanGuest9222: o yeah, don't forget to apt-get install menu      afterwords03:29
rww!info hello | rww03:29
ubotturww: hello (source: hello): The classic greeting, and a good example. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4-3 (lucid), package size 32 kB, installed size 644 kB03:29
Guest9222ChogyDan: thx again (^_^)03:30
IdleOne!info hello | IdleOne03:30
ubottuIdleOne: hello (source: hello): The classic greeting, and a good example. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4-3 (lucid), package size 32 kB, installed size 644 kB03:30
vol7ronaxisys: if you want to game, you will run win :)03:31
Unidentified5176how can i remove ubuntu and install windows 7 only?03:31
axisysvol7ron: i wont need game.. thanks :-)03:31
vol7ronunidentified5176: lmao03:31
sharifhello, please help me03:31
vol7ronsharif: consider yourself helped.03:32
vol7rondamn this is easy03:32
Pcshi sharif!03:32
ChogyDanUnidentified5176: first, install the default windows bootloader  (ask in #windows), then delete the ubuntu partition03:32
noisewaterphdwhat'd I miss03:32
IdleOneUnidentified5176: pop in your windows cd and reboot. more help in ##windows03:32
sharifWhat is the database defult password, is it admin user password ? cuz i try to set the phpmyadmin and it give me fail when i enter admin of ubuntu password03:32
Unidentified5176thanks guys03:32
vol7ronunidentified5176: buy a new computer03:32
Unidentified5176i have a new computer03:33
noisewaterphdsharif: brand new mysql install default user/pass is root/blank, from the localhost03:33
Unidentified5176i'm stupid, i installed linux and it removed everything.03:33
Haschlol why did u that for?03:33
vol7ronyeah you can just reformat during install03:33
Unidentified5176i couldn't buy win7 so they told me about this free os03:34
noisewaterphdso if phpmyadmin is running on the same box as mysql then you just enter root and no password03:34
Unidentified5176friend told me i can watch movies and anime in it.03:34
vol7ronunidentified5176: yes you can03:34
spartan07Unidentified5176, new comuter did not come with windows 7 already installed?03:34
Unidentified5176came with vista03:34
noisewaterphdsharif: you do however realize that this is the ubuntu tech channel, not phpmyadmin or mysql03:34
vol7ronunidentified5176: vista these days is about equivalent to win703:35
Haschso? u can use youtube on vista too lol03:35
Kevin`Unidentified5176: the installer asks you if you want to remove everything or install next to an existing os. although if you weren't paying attention there's not much you can do about it now other than reinstalling, if you want it03:35
Unidentified5176vista sucks03:35
spartan07so does win703:35
Kevin`Unidentified5176: I watch all my anime on ubuntu ;p03:35
Unidentified5176i saw win7 in my friend's house really fast and better than fista03:35
spartan07me too03:35
Haschwhat "animie"?XD03:35
mains_power7 is better than vista for sure03:36
vol7ronyou probably need to tweak vista, but after the latest service pack, the patches should have made it equivalent to win703:36
mains_powerbut i had sound problems03:36
noisewaterphdi saw win7 on my new desktop for about 1 second before i installed linux over it03:36
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents03:36
sharifnoisewaterphd, Thank you I try to install it using Synaptic, well it fails.. Sorry I didn't know that but I try to install it to Ubuntu.. I do not know everything..03:36
mains_powerapparently microsoft intentionally sabotagued the creative sound drivers03:36
Unidentified5176yeah i bought it today dvd fresh install03:36
mains_powerintroduced bugs on purpose03:36
mains_powerI had to remove my creative sound card03:36
mains_powerto stop it screwing up03:36
spartan07mains_power, wow that sucks03:36
vol7ronLinux does have a more support in general03:36
adamkexare there any graphical utils for cpufreqd, for example automatically changing governors when the battery is plugged/unplugged?03:37
vol7ronif only they could improve the graphics engines03:37
noisewaterphdi do have to admit though that 7 is about the most decent thing MS has ever put out03:37
mains_powerit still needs more hardware than linux03:37
mains_power7 needs 1Ghz processor, 1 Gig ram03:37
mains_powera lot of hDD space03:37
IdleOne!ot | mains_power03:37
ubottumains_power: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:37
IdleOneThank you03:38
noisewaterphdsharif: sudo apt-get install mysql03:38
spartan07wonder why. creative piss of ballmer03:38
noisewaterphdsharif: how does it fail, what is the error03:38
vol7ron!ot | vol7ron03:38
ubottuvol7ron, please see my private message03:38
adamkexif i didn't use a webbrowser and flash i wouldn't need more than 200mb ram03:38
vol7roni don't read private messages03:38
vol7roni might have it turned off03:38
Kevin`web browser is fine with 200mb ram, although flash is a mess03:39
adamkexdepends how long you have had it running03:39
Pcsolá alguem fala portugues?03:39
IdleOnevol7ron: ubottu  is the channel bot, you may want to enable messages from the bot03:39
adamkexand how high your uptime is03:39
IdleOne!br | Pcs03:39
ubottuPcs: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:39
sharifnoisewaterphd, the debconf on ubuntu for configaring the phpmysql, after I type the password it gave me next step to retry..03:39
* noisewaterphd hopes that flash is about to get a whole lot better after the shit they've been catching in the media lately03:39
Kevin`adamkex: the amount of memory it uses for cache is proportional to how much you have03:39
sharifnoisewaterphd, and have other options to ignore or abort ..03:39
Kevin`adamkex: and is also changable03:39
adamkexKevin`: ok03:40
IdleOnenoisewaterphd: please keep the language clean03:40
noisewaterphdsharif: what?03:40
vol7roni'd like to build an inexpensive HTPC running linux... I can't wait til that will happen for ~$20003:40
noisewaterphdjust install mysql03:40
noisewaterphddownload phpmyadmin, drop it in your apache webroot and go...03:40
sharifnoisewaterphd, yes I did choose to install mysql and phpmyadmin maybe synatpic dose not install mysql first, I got it..03:40
Kevin`vol7ron: you could probably do that with a newer-generation beableboard equivalent device03:41
noisewaterphdsharif: I've never installed phpmyadmin with a package manager, so I don't know what the problem is, i would imagine its no different though03:42
sharifnoisewaterphd, may I ask how to install zend for php or its installed with php ?03:42
noisewaterphdyou mean the zend framework?03:43
sharifnoisewaterphd, I mean zend to run zend php files for php03:43
noisewaterphdbecause otherwise zend is just php, and I highly suggest just using the usual php packages03:43
vol7ronKevin`: there's still this Ceton card that can capture 4 streams at once, I think off of 1 or 2 CableCARDs.  It is around $400 by itself03:43
noisewaterphdsharif: ya, just php, thats all you need03:44
=== oMg_iTz_eX is now known as ExcruciationX
noisewaterphdapt-get install php03:44
Kevin`vol7ron: there's a cablecard device that works with linux? first i've heard of it03:44
vol7ronKevin`: not sure it works on Linux :)03:44
Kevin`vol7ron: well, aside from the proprietary stuff in tivo I mean03:44
Kevin`vol7ron: it's not very useful if it doesn't ;p03:45
jacob_hey guys, I wanna use gnome but having the splitting like ratpoison, is there possible?03:45
Kevin`vol7ron: but at least it exists, I suppose03:45
maxwellianHi all.  Why does my graphical memory monitor app say that I'm using much less memory than 'free -m'?03:45
anvilsmithQuestion: could anyone link to instructions for using a pendrive as an apt repository?03:45
sharifnoisewaterphd, Thanks so much ;)03:45
noisewaterphdsharif: np03:45
Kevin`vol7ron: I don't use cable so it's a non-issue, but i'm sure it will become one eventually when I want to use encrypted digital cable03:45
vol7ronyes it will and having max channels will enable you to record and host for your family/friends03:46
vol7ronstream tv from home to your iphone03:46
Kevin`I can do that now. just not with cable, as I don't have cable ;p03:46
vol7ronpremium cable is where it's at03:47
vol7ronbut i have to get back to this PostgreSQL install, thanks for the help guys03:47
yakovhow could you stream tv to an iphone?03:47
yakovvlc ? maybe?03:48
vol7ronyakov: there are many different programs and setups able to do this03:49
yakovjust giveme the program names i03:49
yakovIll do my homework please03:49
yakovvol7ron: just give me some program names, Ill research. Thank you03:51
=== bullgard is now known as bullgard4
vol7ronyakov: google03:53
vol7ronyakov: I would just build it myself through my network03:53
yakovvol7ron: ok thanks anyway, i will also03:54
vol7ronessentially open your home pc as a host that serves your "file"03:55
vol7ronas your pc records, it needs to be decoded/encoded to the proper media type and then can be viewed as a streamed file through the phone's media browser03:56
vol7ronin iPhone it would be quicktime player03:56
yakovvol7ron: ok thankyou very much. I got the idea03:56
dave__I am tying to install kvm on ubuntu desktop 64 bit; I ran into a permission problem: When I went to the file to change permissions I coul not; message said that I was not the onwer03:57
=== pjarnahomzz is now known as pjarnahom
tomas__I have problems with my sound03:58
tomas__Anyone here03:59
anvilsmithI probably can't help. What do you mean by problems with your sound?04:00
anvilsmithWhat do you mean by problems with your sound?04:02
tomas__ The PC shut down unexpectedly,and know i cant hear nothing04:02
sweetpi!sound | tomas__04:03
ubottutomas__: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:03
cdiddydoes anyone if wubi is a complete installation of ubuntu and should run completely correctly or is it just a sort way to try out ubuntu? i just tried using wubi and it gave me some problems when i tried doing to many things and installing things04:05
=== oMg_iTz_eX is now known as ExcruciationX
jjgalvez__inserting the sd chip from my camera used to trigger picasa photo import, this no longer works with lucid, any ideas how to restore this?04:09
thune3jjgalvez__: open nautilus file manager, edit->preference [media] tab in menu. Photo auto action is there.04:14
Flomastersome thing is messing up my runlevel when I boot up I get a runlevel of unknown can anyone help?04:15
Flomasterwow its dead up in here tonight04:17
bp0is there something that can put the time and weather on the password screen?04:17
Haschits 5 am04:17
Haschhanging on to the coffe cup04:17
SuNk8hi guys, is there a way of generating a grub.cfg file from the live session?04:17
bp0SuNk8, yes04:19
SuNk8bp0, how?04:20
bp0you are using the live cd, but you want to update the grub that is on the hd?04:20
SuNk8bp0, yup, u got it.04:21
SuNk8bp0, I want to generate grub.cfg from the live cd04:21
bp0mount the partition that has the grub.cfg on it and then sudo grub-install --root-directory=/where/it/is/mounted /dev/sdx04:22
jjgalvez__thune3: thanks04:22
bp0the instructions for reinstalling grub on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:22
bp0also the super grub disk, or system rescue cd can do this even easier04:23
thune3jjgalvez__: i hope that is the only setting it takes to get it to work04:23
SuNk8bp0, I've done that. Actually I have made a separate partition for the same. But that doesn't give me a grub.cfg file. On restart, I get to the grub> prompt04:23
PhoenixzI used a ppa to install a newer beta version of a package, didnt fix the problem I was having.. Now, how can I revert to the stable version in the normal repo? I already removed the beta repo, but even after an apt-get update; apt-get update, the newer version sticks..04:24
deexannihilateCan anyone help me get a Belkin F7d1101 USB Wireless to work in Ubuntu 10.04?04:24
peepingtomdeexannihilate: do you know what chipset is in it?04:25
trismPhoenixz: you can install a specific version with apt-get, sudo apt-get install package_name=version;04:25
trismPhoenixz: apt-cache policy package should list the repo versions available04:25
deexannihilatepeepingtom: where would I find that information?04:25
peepingtomPhoenixz: also through apt pinning04:26
Phoenixzpeepingtom: apt pinning?04:26
PhoenixzI just tried to just remove the package and reinstall.. since the original repo isnt there anymore, I can only imagine it will install the original version again..04:26
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:26
peepingtomPhoenixz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto04:26
jjgalvez__thune3: well I gave it a try and it kind of worked, the import script has some issues, but at least it launched picasa04:27
Phoenixzwhich I can verify, it just did so..04:27
SuNk8bp0, currently, I haven't installed any linux os. I just have a windows 7. I have checked the links before. I just want to create the windows entry right now. I'm still experimenting with grub2. can u plz help me?04:27
=== radgyrst is now known as slutAsianWif
peepingtomPhoenixz: oh you got rid of the repo, just reload your list of repositories and "force version" in synaptic or uninstall/reinstall04:27
=== darkjoker is now known as Guest71059
peepingtomdeexannihilate: !paste  the output of lsmod please04:28
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:28
bp0SuNk8, no, I can't. I've never done that.04:28
deexannihilatepeepingtom: http://pastebin.com/XwNFdUQe04:29
Phoenixzpeepingtom: well, not using synaptic (on kubuntu, but mainly using command line)04:29
SuNk8bp0, ok, thanks anyway...04:29
Phoenixzcyberal: hello too04:30
cyberalI need help ASAP on installing ubuntu 10.0404:30
* Phoenixz thinks we need a "hello to you too!" bot...04:30
Phoenixzcyberal: 1) download live cd, 2) ...    3) world domination..04:30
=== xgenesis is now known as Guest61956
=== celthunder is now known as Guest98156
cyberali have burned a cd with it04:31
peepingtomdeexannihilate: ok there isnt a driver loaded for it currently (the wifi dongle is plugged in, ya?) so please give the output of "lsusb"04:31
rgoytacazHow can I get the current directory path?04:31
tocsiqueu can install in paralel with windows04:31
deexannihilatepeepingtom: Bus 001 Device 009: ID 050d:945a Belkin Components04:31
trismrgoytacaz: pwd04:32
cyberalwhile booting, i'm having weird problem, the screen starts nice and pretty and then either a bunch of colored lines or colored dots appears and stops04:32
cyberali have a laptop w/ nvidia card on it04:32
cyberali heard that nvidia is the problem04:32
cyberalis this true?04:32
soreaucyberal: It's likely the driver04:33
MarcusCan someone please help? I'm trying to fix a broken ubuntu04:33
cyberali can install w/o issues the 9.12 version, but, cant at all w/ this new version, 10.0404:33
soreaucyberal: thought it could be bad vram. Does it work with 3D on any other OS?04:33
soreauMarcus: How did you break it?04:33
Marcussoreau: I installed some new libs, and it no longer reboots.04:34
peepingtomdeexannihilate: so what i'm doing is googling for "050d:945a" and "chipset". That string of numbers and letters is the USB device ID, it's how the USb device identifies itself to the OS. First few hits on google talk about people using ndiswrapper, which uses the Windows drivers under Linux. It really sucks sometimes so hopefully you dont have to do that04:34
cyberalyes, i have win7 in another partition and works04:34
soreauMarcus: what new libs, where did you find them, how did you install them and why?04:34
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
Marcussoreau: So I'm on the cd and I'm trying to mount and then chroot my hd, which worked fine.04:34
peepingtomudeexannihilate: it's a "realtek" brand chipset most likely04:34
soreaucyberal: Then it's likely a driver issue. Did you install the proprietary drivers yet or are you still using nouveau?04:35
Marcussoreau: All the latest libs to load the newest build of fspot.04:35
peepingtomdeexannihilate ^^^04:35
rgoytacazhwo do I get the current directory path?04:35
deexannihilatepeepingtom: I installed ndiswrapper before coming on here, but was unsure what to do afterwards.04:35
Marcussoreau: after installing them, I could no longer reboot. Purple screen of death.04:35
soreauMarcus: 'all' libs?04:35
cyberaljust want to install ubuntu. I can get openSuse 11.3 to work and, as i already said, 9.1204:35
Marcussoreau: after installing them, I could no longer reboot. Purple screen of death.04:35
cyberalno, i'm trying to install from scratch, booting from the cd04:36
peepingtomdeexannihilate: did you install the ndiswrapper GUI? the package is called ndisgtk04:36
soreauMarcus: Ok so you chrooted into the file system. Did you attempt to downgrade said libs or undo what you did?04:36
Marcussoreau: no just the ones the newest build of fspot asked for, actually now that I think about it, it might have been all of them. <g>04:36
soreau! who | cyberal04:36
ubottucyberal: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:36
deexannihilatepeepingtom: yes, I did.04:36
peepingtomdeexannihilate: OK so do you have a copy of the Windows drivers for that device? get them04:36
deexannihilatepeepingtom: I'll look for it now.04:37
cyberalok, sorry guys04:37
Marcussoreau: easier than that, I tried to apt-get update, but I keep getting the "Method http has died unexpectedly!" errors04:37
soreaucyberal: try booting with kernel option nomodeset04:37
mercury_halohow to set ubuntu to display messages instead of the progress bar during boot time?04:37
cyberalsoreau: you got my last msg?04:37
jjgalvez__thune3: Thanks again I just upgraded picasa from 3.0 to 3.6, and used your trick and now everything works great!04:37
cyberalhow do i do that?04:37
soreaucyberal: yes04:37
soreaucyberal: press esc when the cd first boots04:37
cyberalsoreau: how do i do that?04:37
Nocturnewhat is the best linux distribution?04:37
soreaucyberal: then go to boot options04:37
Marcussoreau: it loads up some of the sources but always dies on a random one. Has nothing to do with the destination, at least thats my guess.04:37
opijhow do you turn local echo off on open ssh anyone?04:38
cyberalsoreau: then what?04:38
peepingtomdeexannihilate: check this guide, let me know if you need more help ill be here for 30min.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper04:38
mercury_haloNocturne: there is no best linux distro04:38
thune3jjgalvez__: cool04:38
soreauMarcus: Sounds like something might be screwed up in your /etc/apt/sources.list file if it's failing on apt-get update04:38
rgoytacazhwo do I get the current directory path?04:38
Marcussoreau: Since I'm on the cd, and want to reboot back into my hard drive, whats the easiest way to get a working boot on my hard drive again?04:38
rgoytacazi want to use it inside a script04:38
peepingtomNocturne: ubuntu is very easy, debian is very difficult04:39
TMKwhatever one works best for you...that's the best distro. :)04:39
deexannihilatepeepingtom: thank you04:39
logankoesterAnyone know how to get a listing of attached displays? (:0.0, :0.1, etc)04:39
logankoesterwithout using xrandr04:39
soreaucyberal: Hopefully booting without modesetting will cause the nouveau driver to not do anything drastic with the card04:39
mercury_halohow to set ubuntu to display boot messages instead of the progress bar during boot time?04:39
cyberalsoreau: so, is this option "nomodeset" available when i press the esc from boot?04:40
Nocturnepeepingtom: thx04:40
Marcussoreau: how can I fix my sources.list file?04:40
soreauMarcus: I don't even know at what point your boot fails and I really have no idea what's wrong with you're system. You broke it, now it's up to you to explain how you broke it and what you're trying to do to fix it. If apt-get update is broken on a proper chroot, then it will likely be broken when you boot from the hard drive too04:40
soreauMarcus: Open /etc/apt/sources.list and see if you notice any obvious errors04:41
Marcusproper chroot? I just found the hard drive at /media/basdjasjdjsja/ and chrooted into it? Is that proper?04:41
peepingtom!paste Marcus04:41
Marcussoreau: proper chroot? I just found the hard drive at /media/basdjasjdjsja/ and chrooted into it? Is that proper?04:41
DouglasKI accidentally removed the icon that looks like an envelope from my top bar in Ubuntu 10.04 (Gnome Desktop).  How do I put it back?04:41
peepingtom...I do not understand bots :(04:41
cyberalsoreau: then, any other detail before i leave this channel and go try myself :) ?04:41
soreaucyberal: Yes, I think it is set as a list option so you don't have to type it in04:42
cyberalsoreau: thank you very much!!!04:42
Marcuspeepingtom: How can I paste without flooding?04:42
mercury_haloDouglasK: just right click on the bar and select add to panel04:42
soreauMarcus: You have to mount certain points before chrooting into it04:42
abhijit!paste | Marcus04:42
ubottuMarcus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:42
soreaupeepingtom: abhijit: He's not even flooding..04:43
abhijitsoreau, he asked the question above himself04:43
peepingtomMarcus: sorry I thought you needed some really specific help, I meant paste your error messages using04:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:44
abhijitsoreau, <Marcus> peepingtom: How can I paste without flooding?04:44
=== administrator is now known as Guest20986
peepingtomMarcus: so someone can look at them and help you04:44
DouglasKmercury_halo, Ok, but which item is it?  I don't see any with that icon in the list.04:44
Marcussoreau: http://paste.ubuntu.com/467311/04:44
Marcussoreau: sources.list04:44
=== slutAsianWif is now known as dklfaklrkeref
mercury_haloDouglasK: maybe its the mail client04:44
peepingtomNocturne: (just realised I called debian difficult, meant gentoo and I am tired :(04:44
mercury_haloDouglasK: thunderbird04:44
Festicleanyone know how to change the resolution of the virtual terminals?04:44
peepingtomFesticle: do you run proprietary drivers?04:45
Nocturnepeepingtom: '-'04:45
mercury_haloDouglasK: i dont think you really need it04:45
Festiclepeepingtom: yes nvidia04:45
=== eduardo_ is now known as excess^
Festiclebefore I installed drivers the resolution was fine04:45
mercury_halohow to set ubuntu to display boot messages instead of the progress bar during boot time?04:46
soreauMarcus: It might help to show the command you're running that's failing. Not sure how you installed/upgraded these libraries but removing/downgrading them should fix it, logically thinking04:46
rgoytacazis there a way to get what the current working dir is?04:46
DouglasKmercury_halo, I should have been more clear.  It was the icon that drops down a list which shows Chat, Mail and ... that social app, Gwibber.  I'd like it back as I tend to use it regularly.04:46
rgoytacazfrom the terminal?04:46
peepingtomFesticle: because the open source drivers are better that way, they use "kernel mode setting"04:46
rgoytacazis there a way to get what the current working dir is, from the terminal?04:46
realoptyhow can i make my box sleep and wake when i need to ssh or get a file from it?04:46
excess^Quick question, where do I add /dev/null for creating FTP accounts ?04:46
mercury_haloDouglasK:which version of ubuntu r u using04:46
realoptyrgoytacaz, pwd is the command04:46
peepingtomFesticle: if you really care (and it's not super easy) google around for "framebuffer" "VT" "resolution"04:46
abhijitrgoytacaz, ped04:46
abhijitrgoytacaz, pwd04:47
DouglasKmercury_halo, I'm using 10.04, Gnome Desktop.04:47
Festiclepeepingtom: ok thanks, i tried googling stuff but i was getting no where, now that I have some key words it should help. thanks04:47
Marcussoreau: Just a question on the mounting issue - When I loaded the cd, my local hard drive was mounted in media/bagahshsdh can't I just use that as the chroot?04:47
peepingtomfesticle: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2007-June/117497.html04:47
peepingtomFesticle: it's more complicated with widescreen.04:48
mercury_haloDouglasK: well i am not sure04:48
bobertdosI'm completely stumped. Other than the possibility of having a blacklisted key, I cannot figure out any good reason why my server is not accepting my Putty-generated RSA2 keys. I'm using authorized_keys2, into which I concatenated my public key. Password Authentication, Pam, Challenge Questions, and everything I can think of is disabled. RSAAuthentication is enabled. I've restarted the server several times.04:48
TiK1 have 2 webcams.. how d I change the defualt webcam in ubuntu 10.04?04:48
DouglasKmercury_halo, no worries.  I do appreciate the try.   :-)04:48
peepingtomMarcus: yes you can.04:48
peepingtomMarcus: erm oops04:48
TiKanybody know?04:48
deexannihilatepeepingtom: Here is the lspci output. It's asking for the identification, perhaps I'm not seeing it. Can you take a look please? http://pastebin.com/jqtakKz004:48
MarcusHere's what I installed soreau: sudo apt-get install automake1.9 libtool git-core intltool sudo apt-get build-dep f-spot04:49
realoptyis it possible box sleep and wake when i need to ssh or get a file from it?04:49
peepingtomMarcus: you can chroot using that folder, you still need to point chroot at that folder though04:49
Marcussoreau: before the crash.04:49
mercury_haloDouglasK: if it was on the panel u have a good chance of finding it again04:49
Festiclepeepingtom: yeah.. i have 720p04:49
soreauMarcus: TARGET="sda1"; sudo mkdir /mnt/$TARGET && sudo mount /dev/$TARGET /mnt/$TARGET && sudo mount -t proc none /mnt/$TARGET/proc && sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/$TARGET/dev && sudo mount -o bind /dev/pts /mnt/$TARGET/dev/pts && sudo chroot /mnt/$TARGET /bin/bash04:49
peepingtomdeexannihilate: it's a USB device so it won't be in there04:49
soreauMarcus: That will mount /dev/sda1 to /mnt/sda104:49
peepingtomdeexannihilate: look at lsusb04:49
soreauMarcus: and chroot into it right04:49
deexannihilatepeepingtom: okay. you already gave me that number. thanks.04:49
TiK1 have 2 webcams.. how d I change the defualt webcam in ubuntu 10.04? please.04:50
DouglasKmercury_halo, thanks for the encouragement.  I'll continue to dig around.  Failing that, I have a 10.04 Gnome box at work, I'll see if it will give any clues.04:50
peepingtomsoreau you are so nice I could have used that 30min ago04:50
glickhey is Fontconfig set up in ubuntu?04:50
soreauMarcus: You just have to change 'sda1' to your real device node04:50
mercury_haloDouglasK: good luck04:50
glickcan i add custom fonts to ~/.fonts ?04:50
MaRk-Imercury_halo: remove "quiet" from grub to see the boot sequence text04:51
peepingtomglick: try it! I dont think Linux has a big font database thing like Windows does04:51
mercury_haloMaRk-I: Finally thanks!04:51
Marcussoreau: if my drive is at sda and its mounted at /media/bashdjhasd what should be the mounting command?04:52
soreauMarcus: And the command to install those libs and headers you showed are not likely to make your system unbootable04:52
MaRk-Imercury_halo: yw04:52
soreauMarcus: sda1?04:52
=== Prodego_ is now known as Prodego
peepingtomglick: actually it does, it's called fc-cache04:52
soreauMarcus: sd* is the drive, the # is the partition04:52
Marcussoreau: the only other thing is that I cleared out my cache files in ubuntu tweak, which contained my fglrx drivers04:52
peepingtomglick: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts#Manually04:53
soreauMarcus: So sda2 is the second partition on the first drive04:53
soreauMarcus: Now that might have screwed things up04:53
Marcussoreau: ??? really?04:53
soreauMarcus: When you boot, at what point does it fail exactly?04:53
Marcussoreau: flashing underscore, ubuntu logo - dots underneath, purple screen...freeze04:54
soreauMarcus: Ok do you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?04:54
=== g30w4ny is now known as geowany
Marcussoreau: I believe so.04:54
Marcussoreau: let me check.04:55
dishey all, my computer is running ubuntu 8.04. the problem is my nvidia video card isn't working right. my monitor resolution is 800 x 600.04:55
TiK1 have 2 webcams.. how d I change the default webcam in ubuntu 10.04?04:55
Marcussoreau: yep04:55
dishow do change it?04:55
=== Guest98156 is now known as celthunder
peepingtomdis: more info, how is it not working and when did it stop working?04:55
peepingtomdis: you use proprietary drivers? use nvidia-settings04:56
disyes, i do.04:56
peepingtomdis: use nvidia settings. is your problem that it resets every time you log in to gnome?04:57
MaRk-IMarcus: if you have nvidia card you might want to try appending "nomodeset" or if you have intel "i915.modeset=0  or 1, in your grub04:57
peepingtomdis: I mean nvidia-settings, "sudo nvidia-settings"04:57
glickpeepingtom, so i can just put them in a .fonts folder in my home folder?04:58
MarcusMaRk-I: I can't get to my grub, even holding down shift for 50 years...04:58
glickand it will automagically work?04:58
disyes, that's the problem.04:58
MaRk-Itry esc key or any key04:58
MarcusMaRk-I: which one is the any key? Doh! LOL04:58
peepingtomglick: I'm pretty sure, if it doesnt then check that wiki page again and learn about that font database thinger04:58
MarcusMaRk-I: tried that, nothing gets me to my grub. LOL04:58
peepingtomdis: it does that because you changed resolution in gnome-display-properties probably04:59
xglHello,I come from China04:59
peepingtomdis: 1 sec, ill figure out what file you need to delete04:59
peepingtomxgl: also ubuntu-cn uses your native script if you need it04:59
xglWho is and I talk?04:59
soreauMarcus: If you do 'grep fglrx /path/to/etc/X11/xorg.conf' does it show anything?04:59
abhijit!hi | xgl05:00
ubottuxgl: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:00
Marcussoreau: let me try05:00
MaRk-I!cn | xgl05:00
ubottuxgl: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:00
Marcussoreau: Driver      "fglrx"05:02
Marcussoreau: thats the response.05:02
deexannihilatepeepingtom: I'm having issues finding the drivers. It isn't listed on http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Main_Page05:02
aristoanyone having problems with Wine 1.20 + Steam client after latest update?05:02
MaRk-IMarcus: paste the contents of your /etc/default/grub05:02
peepingtomdis: rm -rf ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/screen*05:03
TiKaristo: i use playonlinux and have no issues05:03
sharifHow I can make the time for the login to appear when I am away more time?05:03
soreauMarcus: Alright, this is what i want you to try. Assuming your fglrx is hosed, do 'sudo mv /path/to/etc/X11/xorg.conf /path/to/etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak'. Careful to change both paths to match your real ones there. This will move the x conf file out of the way so that the radeon driver will be used instead05:03
DouglasKHm.  To use the Any key, you need to press the letters a, n and y simultaneously.  You cannot press one of them first or your computer will EXPLODE!  (hehe)05:03
TiKDouglasK: ?05:03
distake it out or show you?05:04
TiKanyone ho how to set the order of webcams?05:04
realoptyanyone know how to use wake on lan?05:04
Marcussoreau: ok. Let me try. And then reboot? It takes me about 15minutes to get my wireless drivers working for the CD if I have to reboot. <grin>05:04
peepingtomdeexannihilate: just google the brand name and pretend youre looking for drivers for your Windows computer ;)05:04
deexannihilatepeepingtom: is it the same as the .exe file05:04
soreauMarcus: Yes, you would have to reboot to find out if it worked. Just make sure that file gets moved/renamed and then reboot05:04
peepingtomrealopty: sometimes you have to enable it in BIOS with integrated NICs05:04
dishold on05:05
aristoif u want to use ndiswrapper, yes it is05:05
Marcussoreau: ok, I trust you. LOL If it doesn't work, I'll see you in 15min.05:05
DouglasKTiK, was out of time sync .... it was in response to an "any key" comment a few mins ago.05:05
peepingtomdeexannihilate: yes thats the point its a Windows driver installer ;) you want to get the files out of it05:05
soreauMarcus: Hopefully, we'll see you back sooner with a working X session ;)05:05
MarcusMaRk-I: http://paste.ubuntu.com/467315/ Thats where the grub file is you asked for.05:05
realoptypeepingtom, know how to make a computer go to sleep and wake up if i SSH it?05:05
peepingtomdeexannihilate: using cabextract or just install it using wine and then copy the files, look at that ubuntu page on ndiswrapper05:05
Marcussoreau: understatement of the night!!!05:05
deexannihilatepeepingtom: perhaps that's where I'm stuck. I tried unpacking it and it isn't allowing me. maybe, I'm doing that part incorrectly?05:05
peepingtomdeexannihilate: try installing it using WINE and then just copy the files05:06
peepingtomrealopty: you normally do that with a router on the LAN05:06
TiKDouglasK: oh05:06
mercury_halowhat is the difference betweeb boot.conf and boot.cfg files?05:06
deexannihilatepeepingtom: I don't have wine and it says it isn't compatible with my system. I've had issues running it before05:06
peepingtomrealopty: like you'd SSH to the already-awake router and wake up the sleeping computer05:07
MaRk-IMarcus: ok go ahead and do what soreau suggested05:07
bullgard4Where does SpamAssassin log potential error messages?05:07
peepingtomdeexannihilate: you run ubuntu 10.04, no? just install it using synaptic05:07
deexannihilatepeepingtom: alright, i'll give it a go again.05:07
realoptypeepingtom, using WOL or what?05:07
deexannihilatepeepingtom: ubuntu software center said it wasn't compatible with i38605:08
peepingtomdeexannihilate: first run sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa   , latest version of wine05:08
peepingtomdeexannihilate: run sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa && sudo apt-get install wine05:09
peepingtomrealopty: yes, you either need to have your computer outside the firewall or have a fancypants router to do what you want to do05:09
mercury_halowhat is the difference betweeb boot.conf and boot.cfg files?05:10
peepingtomfancypants meaning a $20 router with openwrt or something05:10
realoptypeepingtom, im using openwrt on router so :)05:10
TiKdoes anyone know how to disable a webcam?05:10
peepingtomrealopty: well it has  a page for WoL, to wake any device on the LAN. Maybe your device doesnt support it, check your bios05:11
peepingtomdevice meaning compueer or laptop or whatever05:11
Zeu5hi there, i am using extended screen. but there are pink and green indicators on the 2 monitors on the top left. how do i get rid of them?05:12
glickcan i put .zip files into my ~/.fonts foldeR?05:13
peepingtomZeu5: did you set the resolution properly?  what is extended screen?05:14
peepingtomglick: the fonts won't work, but you sure can05:14
saivertso proprietary nvidia driver just gives blank screen on Toshiba Satellite S1410 with GeForce4 420 Go05:14
glickpeepingtom, heh05:14
peepingtomsaivert: check launchpad for bugs05:14
glickwell, i want them to work05:14
peepingtomsry I dunno, maybe you could use tar.gz def. not zip though, google it thats a good thing to know ;)05:14
Zeu5peepingtom: i mean i attached another lcd screen to my laptop running on ubuntu. so there are 2 screens. on 1 screen there is a pink indicator saying goldstar the other screen is a  green indicator saying laptop05:15
saivertfunny enough Ubuntu 9.10 live cd worked fine with standard vga driver then I installed it to HDD and when it booted it didn't use standard vga and I had to recofngiure X05:15
saivertseems like the LiveCD environment detects the hardware differently than a full install05:15
peepingtomZeu5: youre using gnome display manager? those go away when you close it05:15
peepingtomsaivert: liveCD uses nouveau, not proprietary05:15
saivertseemed more like standard vga was being used. it didn't select proper 1024x76805:16
Zeu5peepingtom: oh! didnt realise i didnt close it. thanks!~05:16
spiderwormhi all, on a new install with both an IDE and a SATA hard drive, /etc/fstab is saying that /dev/sdb1 is mounted at /, but mount reports that /dev/sda1 is mounted there.... any ideas why this might happen?05:17
saivertI'm just trying to see what runs well on this old junk of a laptop05:17
saivertWindows 7 runs on it which was a surprise. I can even watch some video on it05:17
nicorobbinthune3: hi05:17
Festiclepeepingtom: i got the resolution changed on the virtual terminals. thanks you so much for the help05:17
DouglasKspiderworm, /boot/grub/menu.lst is causing /dev/sda1 to mount at / when the kernel loads.  by the time /etc/fstab is read, / is already used.05:18
peepingtomFesticle: can you give me a link? Id like to do it too :D05:18
Festiclepeepingtom: it was the link you provided05:18
peepingtomhaha cool05:18
Festiclepeepingtom: install hwinfo and run sudo hwinfo --framebuffer05:18
spiderwormDouglasK, thank you.  is it a bad idea for me to edit fstab to fix that mistake?05:19
Festiclebut i just edited the grub start command05:19
Festicleinstead of the file for tesing05:19
mains_powerhow do I install the source code for gnome-terminal05:19
DouglasKspiderworm, I'd just change the mount point for /dev/sdb1 to an empty folder OR change the ref to /dev/sdb1 to /dev/sda1.05:20
DouglasKspiderworm, also, back up fstab before editing it.05:20
spiderwormthanks DouglasK05:20
luis_hello channel05:20
DouglasKSpiderworm, My pleasure.05:20
user754hello channel05:21
peepingtomFesticle: to do it permanently I think you can edit /etc/default/grub and then run update-grub as root05:21
peepingtomfesticle: edit commandline-linux-default for first grub choise, commandline-linux for all others05:21
luis_can anybody here guide in the direction of jailbreaking a ipod touch running 3.1.205:21
deexannihilatepeepingtom: wine is telling me the drive is non executable. should i redownload the driver?05:22
peepingtomluis: quickpwn's website05:22
xangualuis_start for asking in the right place, this is not05:22
MaRk-I!ot | luis_05:22
ubottuluis_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:22
xanguasorry that was for luis_05:22
FOCerneed help with mysql-server not starting on 10.0405:22
user754check permissions on the .exe dee05:22
Festiclepeepingtom: sweet thats what i was looking up now. at least i know I can get a nice looking terminal on my netbook lol05:22
user754make sure to check allow execution05:23
adamkexhow can i change the gdm theme using the terminal?05:23
FOCeri rebooted the server and still not start05:23
peepingtomdeexannihilate: the drive is not executable? I dont understand05:23
Festiclewhat runlevel is no gui, but networking? 5?05:24
deexannihilatepeepingtomL: The file '/home/dollface/Downloads/f7d1101 setup.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.05:24
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:24
peepingtomFesticle "text" works as a boot option05:24
peepingtomFesticle: did you actually get 16:9 resolutions? mine are all 4:305:24
bullgard4Where does SpamAssassin log potential error messages?05:25
justusbetween Ubuntu ultimate, and Suse 11, which is superior?05:26
Festiclepeepingtom: no  i had to resort to 1024x76805:26
IdleOnejustus: neither are supported here05:26
Festiclepeepingtom: not perfect but much better than what i had going05:26
IdleOnebullgard4: /var/log maybe?05:27
deexannihilatepeepingtom: i edited the preferences and marked it executable.05:27
bullgard4IdleOne: I had a look there. The /var/log/ directory is huge.05:27
peepingtomdeexannilate: I dont think it has to be executable for wine to run it05:28
peepingtomjust run in terminal :     wine whateveritscalled.exe05:28
deexannihilatepeepingtom: it gives the error number 0x80040707 when I run it05:28
IdleOnebullgard4: try /var/lib/spamassassin/spamd.log05:28
peepingtomWell im out of ideas, you could always grab the drivers from a windows computer...05:29
peepingtomgood luck!05:29
deexannihilatepeepingtom: thanks for your help05:30
ChaorainHow do I check the dependencies of a build?05:32
soreaua build of what?05:32
bullgard4IdleOne: /var/lib/spamassassin/ does not exist. '~$ locate spamd.log' does not produce any output. I have installed SpamAssassin in Evolution.05:33
Chaoraintrying to build the latest svn version05:33
IdleOnebullgard4: I am not sure where the logs are kept, you could try /var/log/spamassassin and /var/log/mail.log05:33
soreauChaorain: You can 1) Check to see what deps are listed in the source, typically in a README or INSTALL file 2) Check on their website for a build page 3) Just start building it and see where it fails (typically the configure stage can hint as to what you need)05:34
deexannihilateDoes anyone have an idea how to bypass error 0x80040707 (in windows it suggests unchecking 'Protect My Computer And Data From Unauthorized Activity') in wine?05:34
Chaorainsoreau: thanks05:35
IdleOnedeexannihilate: have you tried asking #winehq?05:35
deexannihilateidleone: no, i'll try that thank you05:35
glickis there something special i have to run for the system to see the new fonts in my .fonts folder?05:36
Marcussoreau: THANK YOU!!!!05:36
soreauMarcus: Welcome back05:36
Taevhey guys I filed a bug report for my problem with Pulse audio getting messed up by alsa, they've requested I post the Pulse Audio log but I don't know where Id find it.  "Could you please log pulseaudio's output, as explained here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Pulseaudio/Log and attach the log to the bug when done?" but that URL doesn't work05:36
Taevit says page doesn't exist05:36
adamkexsudo -u gdm dbus-launch gconf-editor05:36
Taevso where do I get the pulse audio log?05:36
Marcussoreau: Drivers all back to normal. Thank you so much my friend.05:36
soreauMarcus: No problem05:37
soreauMarcus: On a side note, you don't need fglrx to have 3D accel unless you're using an HD5xxxx card05:37
Marcussoreau: I felt like crap for at least 6 hours trying to get it to reboot. You've saved me a lot of worry. Thanks again, you too MaRk-I.05:37
thune3Chaorain: you could also get the build deps for the package in the repository. This should get most of them for your custom build: apt-get build-dep blender05:37
Marcussoreau: I'm using a HD4xxx card05:38
Marcussoreau: I'll be much more careful on what I delete from now on. By the way, what do you suggest for a good backup program for Ubuntu?05:38
soreauMarcus: In that case, you can use the radeon driver (by uninstalling fglrx). Also you can get better radeon driver code by installing a later kernel (like 2.6.34) and userspace components from xorg-edgers repo05:38
MarcusI've installed the latest radeon drivers manually. 10.605:39
Marcussoreau: I've installed the latest radeon drivers manually. 10.605:39
Marcussoreau: they work great, and some of my windows games work now. :-)05:39
bullgard4IdleOne: /var/log/spamassassin/ does not exist. --  Synaptic: "Included in the DEB program package »spamassassin« is a daemonized form of spamassassin (spamd) which communicates with its client (spamc) via TCP, to reduce the overhead of loading perl with each message. To take advantage of this, you must install the spamc package. {The package spamc is installed.}. In /var/log/mail.log I find...05:40
bullgard4...for example:05:40
soreauMarcus: Really? So you're not using fglrx anymore?05:40
lwizardldoes anyone here know how to create a expanding truecrypt partition05:40
soreauMarcus: 10.6 sure sounds like an fglrx driver (completely different from the open sourced radeon driver)05:40
Marcussoreau: you seem to be old hat at this stuff. I'm a newbie from Windows after 20 years of being a windows guy, I finally had enough and I'll never go back. Any books or suggestions on what I should learn now?05:40
IdleOnebullgard4: perhaps man spamd will have more info. I don't use spamassassin.05:41
Taevseriously guys, how do I get the pulse audio log?05:41
Marcussoreau: actually it might be. Yeah I think it is. How do I upgrade to the newest kernel and default radeon drivers?05:41
Taevi can't find it in /var/logs05:41
bullgard4IdleOne: "spamd: got connection over /home/detlef/.evolution/cache/tmp/spamd-socket-path-1Ad4ZS; spamd: checking message <20100717211753.673490bf@T3M4> for detlef:1000; spamd: clean message (-0.7/5.0) for detlef:1000 in 0.4 seconds, 3497 bytes." May I conclude that my SpamAssassin is functional?05:42
soreauMarcus: First you'd uninstall 10.6 fglrx driver. Then you'd grab the three 2.6.34 deb packages and then install xorg-edgers repo05:42
soreauMarcus: run grub-update so it finds the new kernel and done.05:42
IdleOnebullgard4: that looks like it is working05:42
Marcussoreau: where do I get the debs? and I know how to uninstall the fglrx drivers, its simple, and then do I copy back the xorg.conf.original to xorg.conf?05:42
bullgard4IdleOne: Thank you very much for your help.05:43
IdleOnebullgard4: welcome05:43
soreauMarcus: For open drivers and recent versions of X, you do not need an xorg.conf05:43
Festicleanyone know of a simple way to boot to a different virtual terminal instead of 7?05:43
Marcussoreau: ok, cool. So what should I type to get rid of all that stuff? :-)05:43
Festiclei added the text command to the boot options and it kinda works, just seeing if there are any better methods05:44
glicki added fonts to my .font folder and restarted gimp, but those fonts are not avialable in gimp05:44
soreauMarcus: Here are the 2.6.34 debs http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.34-lucid/ You download three packages. Two are obvious, for your arch (amd64 or i686/x86) and the headers-all package then install then in the right order05:44
glickam i missing a step05:44
makaveli0129hey all wonder if anyone can help trying to a aspire jar file to eclipse and i keep getting an error about the unsatisfiedlinkerror any idea how to update the build path i added it in properties but then i am supposed to add the native library into the library path but have no idea how to do so05:45
soreaumakaveli0129: If there's a #eclipse channel, I'd try asking there05:45
A-NonHey guys, so I finally got ubuntu installed and running, and now I've got a graphics issue... I installed it using the onboard Intel video, but I want to run a dual monitor setup with the PCI Nvidia, so I installed the Nvidia drivers and now I'm getting a graphics error on boot: "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode. (EE) No devices detected" What do I need to do to fix this?05:46
Marcussoreau: I'm amd64 - download linux-headers-2.6.34-020634-generic_2.6.34-020634_amd64.deb, linux-image-2.6.34-020634-generic_2.6.34-020634_amd64.deb, and linux-source-2.6.34_2.6.34-020634_all.deb05:46
Marcussoreau: what order is the install?05:46
Marcussoreau: image, headers, source05:46
soreauMarcus: You will already know when you go to install them because it wont let you install in the wrong order. I think it's headers-all, headers-yourarch and finally the kernel05:47
soreauMarcus: No, you don't need the source package05:47
glickdoes anyone know?05:47
Marcussoreau: lol <--- I'm a newb.05:47
soreauMarcus: headers-all, headers-<yourarch>, kernel-<yourarch>05:48
glickhow can i add fonts to my system so that gimp can use them?05:48
rwwsoreau: the kernel package doesn't depend the headers, so it doesn't matter where you put that, but yeah, you need -all before the architecture-specific package05:48
soreaurww: ok thanks, I was just going from memory ;)05:49
Marcussoreau: thanks. rww: thanks05:49
Marcussoreau: kernel=image05:49
soreauMarcus: The most important thing is to get rid of fglrx completely before installing xorg-edgers repo05:49
Marcussoreau: Do I need to add a source to my source list?05:49
soreauMarcus: yes, you need xorg-edgers (google it)05:50
Marcussoreau: ok cool. How do I get rid of xorg, or is that already done?05:50
=== pro7ron is now known as Winner_
soreauMarcus: If you used jockey-gtk to install fglrx and no other method, then you should be able to use the same method to remove them (sys>admin>hw drivers)05:51
soreauMarcus: I *think* it should rm the xorg.conf too, but better check to be sure it did it right05:51
A-NonOkay if I switch the primary video adapter to the PCI in the BIOS, I get a bunch of errors...05:51
abhishekhi all, i my fingers just got out of control form the keyboard and by mistake i pressed some weird key or combination or what and now in my pidgin i do not have the keyboard cursor showing. Is there any way to get it back again ???05:51
tv3636I'm changing ownership of /var/run/mysqld to mysql:mysql and then after rebooting it's mysql:root...anyone know what could be modifying this?05:52
tv3636and I know it changed successfully because I checked before rebooting05:52
Marcussoreau: I didn't I used the .run package for radeon.05:52
=== Winner_ is now known as pro7ron
Marcussoreau: but I know how to remove it properly05:53
soreauMarcus: You need to understand that 'radeon' is the open driver. Fglrx is the proprietary one05:53
Marcussoreau: Do I need all the packages on xorg-edgers fresh?05:53
soreauMarcus: Just go where it tells you how to break your X ;)05:53
soreauMarcus: something like this: sudo apt-get install python-software-properties && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:54
A-NonI installed ubuntu using the onboard Intel video, but I want to run a dual monitor setup with the PCI Nvidia, so I installed the Nvidia drivers and now I'm getting a graphics error on boot: "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode. (EE) No devices detected" What do I need to do to fix this?05:55
soreauMarcus: That should get you all the latest radeon driver userspace bits (the rest are in the kernel)05:55
abhishekanybody please tell05:55
soreauA-Non: Do you not have an AGP or PCI-E slot? Did you check that the nvidia driver actually supports PCI cards?05:56
harrytuxitobusco español05:56
Marcussoreau: thats awesome, thanks for the walkthrough. I'll install the debs, and the packages and if I survive, I'll come back and tell you how it goes.05:56
A-Nonsoreau: No I don't... I didn't check, I just assumed it would D:05:57
Marcussoreau: thanks again man.05:57
soreauMarcus: Please before you reboot, doublt check everything. Make sure 'dpkg -l|grep fglrx' shows no packages with 'ii' next to them 2) /etc/X11/xorg.conf does not exist 3) That you've ran 'sudo update-grub' and your /boot/grub/grub.cfg file shows the new kernel entry05:58
soreauMarcus: sudo update-grub *after* installing the new kernel05:59
soreau! es | harrytuxito05:59
ubottuharrytuxito: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:59
soreauMarcus: And the modalias fglrx are fine to still have installed06:00
Gardevoirhi, does anybody know if there is a good and reliable motherboard to use with a amd phenom, but compatible with linux? or should i buy an intel motherboard with a i7?06:00
EvilPhoenixGardevoir:  ask in ##hardware for starters IMO06:00
Marcussoreau: got all your notes bud. Off to do some damage. Thanks.06:02
A-NonOkay I reverted to the default configuration and now it boots fine, but I'd really like to get the dual monitors running with the default being the nvidia, could someone help me do that?06:02
soreauMarcus: Now that's the spirit! :D06:02
ZeirisI switched to 'dwm' on the login screen, but now can't find the command to switch back to the default window manager. Help? :D06:02
Marcussoreau: lol, :-p06:02
A-NonThe mouse disappeared D:06:02
sharifI can't login to phpmyadmin, not sure how..06:02
ZeirisIn fact, I think it's more than the window manager that got changed... When I reboot, I don't see the default gnome login screen. :(06:03
ZeirisHow do I go back from dwm to the default?06:04
ShapeShifter499how do I download updates/changes using git?06:04
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: git pull06:05
ibnarrashidZeiris: Did you change it via .xinitrc?06:05
A-NonHow do I determine if the Nvidia proprietary drivers support my card?06:05
Zeirisibnarrashid, no, I selected it via a drop-down menu in the default login screen. And that was the last time I saw that login screen :[06:05
ShapeShifter499Jordan_U: ah, thanks06:06
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: You're welcome.06:06
Hilikuswhy is it that an sftp chroot needs the dir to be root owned?06:06
jenueanybody tried filezilla 3 in ubuntu lucid? got error connecting to server. filezilla always return "Response: 331 Give any password." even if i entered correct password06:07
Jordan_UA-Non: Use System > Administration > Hardware Drivers, if a driver is offered there then your card is supported by that driver.06:07
soreauJordan_U: git reset --hard master && git clean -fd && git pull ;)06:07
sharifTo start mysql is this command right ? " sudo mysql start "06:08
Jordan_Usoreau: Not everyone names their main branch master :)06:08
A-NonJordan_U that's what I've done, but I kept booting into low graphics mode or whatever06:08
ZeirisWhat's the name of the default ubuntu desktop system/window manager?06:08
Hilikussharif: the client or the server?06:08
sharifthe server06:08
Hilikussudo service mysql start06:09
ZeirisIs it gdm or kdm?06:09
ibnarrashidZeiris: I am not 100% sure on this, but you could try manually starting gdm and changing it there06:09
ZeirisIt's showing as already started. (If it is indeed gdm.)06:09
HilikusZeiris: gdm06:09
soreauJordan_U: Touche! xD06:10
=== Guest71059 is now known as darkjoker
sharifthank you06:10
ibnarrashidZeiris: go "Ctrl-Alt-F1" to tty1, command "sudo gdm"06:10
ZeirisThe gdm service is already running (sudo start gdm) and sudo gdm errors out due to not acquiring org.gnome.DisplayManager.06:11
ibnarrashidZeiris: You can also do sudo "/etc/init.d/gdm stop" to kill then run the same command with replacin stop with start or "sudo gdm"06:12
ZeirisI've restored original state: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" seems to be what did it.06:12
Spirits-Sighthow do I make gnome-shell default window-manger in ubuntu 10.04? thanks in advance06:12
ZeirisNo, no I didn't :(06:12
deexannihilate1what's the safest way to install a cd drive?06:12
soreaudeexannihilate1: The right way.06:13
deexannihilate1soreau: which is? i can't find anything in google. maybe i'm not typing it correctly. i really suck at this. :(06:13
soreauSpirits-Sight: gnome-shell requires gnome3 which I do not think ubuntu has in repos yet06:14
iyunkateusdeexannihilate1: What do you mean? I've never heard of a CD drive you had to install.06:14
superslacker87Do you mean literally install into hardware?06:14
sharifHow To restart mysql ?06:14
iyunkateusdeexannihilate1: Do you mean install software from a CD?06:14
lwizardldoes anyone here use truecrypt ?06:14
phlak_usersharif: sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld restart06:14
superslacker87Like you want to put the drive into your system and it's currently sitting in a box?06:14
deexannihilate1iyunkateus: I mean, I can't find the driver for it online. And the last time I plugged it in, the entire system crashed.06:14
soreaudeexannihilate1: Ok, best thing to do is explain 1) What the problem is, with as much reasonable relevant detail 2) Explain what you've tried 3) Explain what is not working exactly06:15
Spirits-Sightsoreau: I am using it right now I just don't know how to turn it on by default only know through term06:15
phlak_userdeexannihilate1: is it an external CD drive?06:15
ZeirisOkay. 'gdm' is running, and 'gconftool-2 -g /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager' shows 'compiz' as my window manager.06:15
sharifIt gave me error : sudo: /etc/init.d/mysqld: command not found06:15
ZeirisSo the the hell am I seeing dwm-5.6?06:15
deexannihilate1phlak_user: internal06:15
soreauSpirits-Sight: In that case, can't you just add it to startup applications in sys>prefs>?06:15
heoaHow to check whether laptop's WIFI antenna is ON or OFF?06:15
phlak_userdeexannihilate1: unless its a SCSI drive, you normally dont require a driver; almost all CD drives bought in the last 3 years are supported natively in Linux/Ubuntu06:16
soreauheoa: If you have a wifi interface in the output of 'iwconfig', then use 'iwlist <your-iface-here> scan|grep -i ssid'06:16
CatzzHello guys! I gonna install windows 7 now i have ubuntu. Will be grub still working after installing windows 7?06:17
phlak_userheoa: antennas are passive devices, they cant be turned on or off; the radio can be checked06:17
deexannihilate1it is the original cd drive that came with the computer. it was unplugged because it would not allow the dvd drive to work. a few weeks ago, I plugged it back in and the entire system crashed. I recently reinstalled ubuntu but forgot to plug in the cd drive but now I'm afraid to just plug it in incase the same thing happens06:17
ibnarrashidZeiris: gdm is the display manager, you need to restart it and change the session back to Gnome instead of dwm06:17
soreauCatzz: nope06:17
deexannihilate1phlak_user: it's probably 10 years old06:17
soreau! grub2 | Catzz06:17
ubottuCatzz: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:17
phlak_userdeexannihilate1: even the PC?06:17
Catzzbut can i some how edit it?06:17
ibnarrashidZeiris: did you fo to tty1 and try "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" and then "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start"?06:18
soreauCatzz: not sure, ask in #windows (my guess is probably not)06:18
phlak_userdeexannihilate1: can you check what make/model it is? older drives had jumper settings that you could set for "master", "slave", "CS" etc etc06:18
phlak_user!hi| jesus_06:18
ubottujesus_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:18
Zeirisibnarrashid, yep I restarted gdm. It no longer shows a login screen though - goes directly into dwm.06:18
phlak_usersharif: ps -fe| grep mysqld should tell you if mysql is running at all06:19
jesus_what i doing here???06:19
ZeirisThe one way to set the window manager I've found, shows my window manager as 'compiz'... So it's something up the chain from 'window manager', but below 'gdm'.06:19
deexannihilate1phlak_user: it wouldn't start because it relied on one of the hard drives. I spent quite a few days on here with no luck. it is a sony crx215e506:19
Haschyou are in the ubuntu support channel jesus06:19
jesus_i talk spanish06:19
phlak_user!es | jesus_06:20
ubottujesus_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:20
Haschgo #ubunut-es channel06:20
opijok how the hell do you add a new buddy in pidgin?06:20
phlak_userdeexannihilate1: can you not plug it in the secondary ide slot instead of a slave to the harddisk?06:20
jesus_can you help me06:20
iyunkateus!es | jesus_06:21
ubottujesus_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:21
logan_can anybody tell me which protocol does gyachi works on06:21
deexannihilate1phlak_user: I can but that's what cause the booting error the last time. I guess i'll just plug it in and if it boot errors again, i'll just reload the system again. :(06:21
soreaulogan_: isn't it yahoo?06:21
ibnarrashidZeiris: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?=384195 I think you will find the solution there06:21
jesus_jaja, i dont know that06:21
ZeirisNo thread specified :)06:21
jesus_or this06:22
Zeirisibnarrashid, did your copy miss a few numbers?06:22
A-NonI have an integrated intel card and a PCI nvidia, can anyone help me set up dual monitors on this?06:22
logan_its yahoo but i am wondering yahoo msngr is not open source so how gyachi was built06:22
opijok how the hell do you add a new buddy in pidgin?06:22
iyunkateusjesus_: If you want to talk to people who speak Spanish, join #ubuntu-es06:22
jesus_im new on ubuntu06:22
opijim getting some ubuntu one bullshit06:22
phlak_userlogan_: per the site, the last release was in Nov 200706:22
iyunkateusjesus_: What is your problem?06:23
ibnarrashidZeiris: hold on, let me return in a minute06:23
rwwopij: watch your language, please06:23
phlak_user!language| opij06:23
ubottuopij: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:23
jesus_im new06:23
jesus_yesterday i installed ubuntu06:23
opijwell could anyone tell me the answer please?06:23
phlak_user!patience | opij06:24
ubottuopij: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:24
CatzzSoreau: but will i see ubuntu at startup? :D06:24
SuNk8opij, just add a buddy in the protocol that you're using06:24
ibnarrashidZeiris: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=384195 That is the one06:24
SuNk8i.e. if u are logged into gtalk via pidgin, add someone using gmail...06:24
opijSuNk8: then it goes to this ubuntu one baloney06:24
iyunkateusopij: Have you tried looking through the menus at the top? Surely it's in one of those.06:24
logan_This question floate different here on gyachi as compared to those on yahoo msngrd my mind when I was using yahoo chat rooms , they were06:24
soreauCatzz: If you do what?06:24
A-NonI have an integrated intel card and a PCI nvidia, can anyone help me set up dual monitors on this?06:24
Catzzif reinstall windows06:24
logan_the rooms were different from yahoo msngr06:25
jesus_my computer is gateway 64 bits, and i installed ubuntu 10.04 32 bits, its right?06:25
logan_how is that possible06:25
phlak_useropij: google returns 54,700 results to that question. anyways this thread might help --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61329706:25
SuNk8opij, I hate gwibber+ubuntu one. Somehow it never worked for me. I just removed them both and chat using the good ol' pidgin. ;-)06:25
=== lance_ is now known as Guest57586
jamiewanlogan_ its not06:26
iyunkateusjesus_: you said you speak spanish, you should probably go to #ubuntu-es, they'll be able to understand you better06:26
logan_It is06:26
jesus_ok, thanks06:26
Haschwhat catzz?06:26
AntonioXI need your help!!!  How do I restore the old video Drivers? Ubuntu 10.4 Intel 3150... Help!06:26
logan_if you'll go in like sub rooms of any bigger category06:27
Catzzwill i see my ubuntu if ill install windows 7?06:27
logan_they r different06:27
jesus_where i write #ubuntu-es06:27
jesus_or wrote06:27
Catzz./join #ubuntu-es06:27
Haschu want to install win7 on ur current gnome harddisk?06:27
iyunkateusjesus_: type in /join #ubuntu-es06:27
Catzzwithout dot06:27
jenuei'm having problems in connecting to ftp server. i got message "331 Please specify the password"06:27
=== mike is now known as Guest35961
jenueanybody knows how to resolve this?06:28
Haschjust write it like a message: /join ubunutu-es06:28
iyunkateusjenue: could you be more specific? like what ftp server?06:28
AntonioXDoes anyone knows how to re-install the video Drivers from the original Installation?06:29
Haschcatzz r u trying to make a dual boot?06:29
phlak_userjenue: its asking you for the password of the user you are trying to login as06:30
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest57651
phlak_userHasch: whats a "gnome harddisk" ?06:30
jenueiyunkateus phlak_use: i entered correct password but no avail. i just upgrade ubuntu from karmic to lucid06:30
phlak_userjenue: what ftp client are you using?06:31
opijwould someone please help me every time i try to add a buddy on pidgin it brings up some ubuntu one crap and i cant get anywhere with it06:31
jesus__quien habla espanol06:31
phlak_userjenue: have you entered the username correctly?06:31
jenuefilezill and fireftp(firefox extension)06:31
festiclewhat does it say opij?06:31
jenuephlak_user: yes06:31
iyunkateus!es | jesus__06:31
ubottujesus__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:31
ZeirisWhat is the default Ubuntu Gnome session manager?06:31
iyunkateusopij: could you maybe provide a screenshot? "some ubuntu one crap" isn't telling us much06:32
ibnarrashidZeiris: gdm = gnome display manager06:32
AntonioXcan someone tell me how do I install video drivers... PLease06:33
phlak_userHasch: "gnome"?06:33
phlak_user!repeat | AntonioX06:33
ubottuAntonioX: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:33
FOCeranybody can help with upstart mysql? i can start it manually with "sudo -u mysql /usr/sbin/mysqld &" but using "start mysql" or "service mysql start"  seems to hang.06:33
Zeirisibnarrashid, no matter what I set session to in .dmrc, it gets re-written on reboot.06:34
opijfesticle: http://tinypic.com/r/scbz2d/306:34
opijthis is the crap im getting every time: http://tinypic.com/r/scbz2d/306:34
phlak_userFOCer: in Ubuntu you normally type sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start06:34
FOCeri'm logged in as root (ssh) with key auth06:34
iyunkateusopij: just click "new person"06:34
iyunkateusopij: have you tried that?06:35
opijyes sure have06:35
opijit just disappears and does nothing06:35
Haschgnome=linux just a desktop project06:35
iyunkateusopij: hmm, that's strange06:36
iyunkateusopij: maybe I'll see if I can replicate this06:36
FOCerphlak_user: any suggestion you may have?06:36
phlak_userHasch: when you said Gnome Harddisk, did you mean Linux or Ubuntu or ext3 or ext4? theres no such thing as a gnome harddisk06:36
opijiyunkateus: yes great06:36
phlak_userFOCer: yes type what i wrote06:36
ZeirisMy display manager is correct, my window manager is correct but unused, because my desktop manager gets forced to "dwm" by something unknown. The default desktop manager appears to be "gnome", but .dmrc is not the place to set it...06:36
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
Sunouhi, could anyone help me? I can't install alien T.T06:37
A-NonI'm having trouble getting ubuntu to boot when using my Nvidia 5500 as the primary adapter... Any help?06:37
ZeirisHow do I set the "desktop manager" on Ubuntu?06:38
iyunkateusopij: which version of ubuntu are you running?06:38
adamonline45Hello everyone!  I stopped my vsftpd daemon, but I can still sftp in.  Is there a way to tell what service I'm connecting to?06:39
AntonioXDoes anyone knows how to re-install the video Drivers from the original Installation?06:39
jon5000i am having trouble restoring grub after installing windows7 in a different partition.  i have read the help pages, which seem straight forward if i were to have a live cd, but the cdrom is broken and i dont have an adequate pen drive (only a 500mb).  is there a way to do this given my limitations?  I tried easyBCD but it didnt work.  I get this message like try hda(0,0) and it gets stuck06:39
iyunkateusopij: have you tried using Empathy instead?06:39
noisewaterphdhey, so I'm trying to make a bootable usb stick for ubuntu netbook edition, but startup disk creator will not let me select the ubuntu netbook iso! I can select any other iso on the machine except the netbook iso? what gives?06:39
FOCerphlak_user: it hangs at http://pastebin.com/BFq2nTHY06:39
opijiyunkateus: i dont want to use empathy06:39
Flanneladamonline45: sftp is via sshd06:39
phlak_userFOCer: are you not on ubuntu?06:40
iyunkateusopij: I don't see why not, it's pretty much the same functionality and empathy is officially supported06:40
FOCerphlak_user: i am, i logged in as root (ssh) with key auth06:40
A-NonCan someone help me with getting my Nvidia working in Ubuntu?06:40
opijiyunkateus: not true. empathy doesnt have plugins06:40
iyunkateusopij: can you tell me how you got to the screen you took a screenshot of?06:40
ZeirisWhy does my .dmrc file keep getting overwritten???06:41
SwedeMike!details | A-Non06:41
ubottuA-Non: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:41
phlak_userFOCer: i mean, is the server that you've logged in running Ubuntu?06:41
opijiyunkateus: like i said, all i did was click add buddy06:41
AntonioXA-Non there are some videos on Youtube how to make it work06:41
adamonline45Flannel: Thanks!  That's what I suspected, but I commented out the line in sshd.conf "Subsystem sftp ..." and restarted ssh, but I am still able to connect.  Any ideas?  Did I do that correctly?06:41
FOCerphlak_user: yes, http://pastebin.com/jCS14cZN06:41
SunouHey, I'm having trouble installing alien, something to do with man-db06:41
A-NonAntonioX the PC I'm currently typing from cannot use youtube, and I don't have flash on the Ubuntu machine06:42
iyunkateusopij: well, I clicked add buddy and it showed the normal form for me, I'm not sure what's going on with you06:42
Flanneladamonline45: You restarted sshd, I assume you mean?06:43
AntonioXI have a problem with my video card Intel GMA 3150 I need to re-install the video drivers I am Using UBUNTU 10.406:43
opijhow do i get this **** off my computer06:43
jon5000can anyone help me with my grub recovery?06:43
adamonline45Flannel: Actually I tried that first, but it says 'sshd: command not found.'06:43
iyunkateusopij: you're going to have to be more specific than that06:43
A-NonAs for details, I set the primary adapter in the bios to onboard intel when I installed, however I want to use the Nvidia 5500 as the primary adapter. I installed the nvidia drivers, but when I set the primary adapter to PCI in the bios, I get a ton of error messages and it never boots.06:44
Flanneladamonline45: How did you restart ssh (what command)06:44
phlak_userFOCer: ok, what do you get when you type in service mysql start ?06:44
opijiyunkateus: i uninstalled ubuntu one and its still coming up every time i try to add a buddy06:44
jamiewanjon5000' unix tool box, google that, has a good grub recovery section06:44
phlak_useropij: sudo apt-get remove pidgin06:44
FOCerphlak_user: it hangs just like the other command06:44
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!06:44
noisewaterphdhas anyone been able to make a bootable usb from the netbook image using startup disk creator?06:45
adamonline45Flannel: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart06:45
jon5000jamiewan, I have to do this from windows.  i cannot get into ubuntu06:45
opijphlak_user is giving me malicious commands06:45
phlak_useropij: you asked how to remove pidgin, i gave you the command; whats malicious about that?06:45
noisewaterphdopij: why don't you like pidgin?06:45
Flanneladamonline45: Alright, that's the correct method (and that does restart sshd).  And commenting out that line is also the correct method.  Try stopping, then starting, not 'restart'ing06:46
noisewaterphdand yes, that would be the way to uninstall pidgin06:46
phlak_useropij: and you're growing use of profanity doesnt help06:46
jamiewanjon5000' hmmm i walked away from windows long ago cant help06:46
ibnarrashidZeiris: did you try changing the /etc/X11/default-display-manager file? You could leave the display manager bit empty, which should cause you to start in the console, and do what is described here: http://superuser.com/questions/89942/ubuntu-9-10-gnome-session-not-starting-automatically06:46
phlak_userFOCer: when you say hang, what does it mean?06:46
opijiyunkateus: are you there?06:47
iyunkateusopij: yeah06:47
mintuxi would like to change login screen theme but i don't find nowhere to do that06:47
A-NonI set the primary adapter in the bios to onboard intel when I installed ubuntu 10.04, however I want to use the Nvidia 5500 as the primary adapter. I installed the nvidia drivers, but when I set the primary adapter to PCI in the bios, I get a ton of error messages and it never boots. Can anyone tell me what to do?06:47
opijiyunkateus: what do you recommend doing?06:47
adamonline45Flannel: Nope, I can still get in...  This is weird...06:47
iyunkateusopij: I don't think I can help you, I don't see how to get to that screen06:47
jamiewanmintux' system, administration, login screen06:48
traskmindWhenever I open a new tab in Midori (with "Show speed-dial in new tabs" turned on) the address bar is populated with "res:/" how can I fix this?06:48
iyunkateusopij: maybe join #pidgin06:48
iyunkateusopij: they might be able to help you06:48
FOCerphlak_user: there's no stdout or stderr, nothing in the log either06:49
opijiyunkateus: ive tried06:49
Zeirisibnarrashid, so the solution to GDM not using the right desktop manager, is to stop using GDM? :\ Uninstalling and reinstalling GDM would probably fix things, but it sounds a bit extreme.06:49
adamonline45Flannel: My main concern is that sftp isn't chrooted, so I want to disable it.  Maybe I'd have better luck learning how to chroot it :)  Though I still have the sneaky suspicion sshd isn't the active daemon...06:49
mintuxjamiewan: i checked out before . but no where for change theme i have this http://up.iranblog.com/Files1/715566def4894dfd9fea.png06:49
noisewaterphdmintux: apt-get install startupmanager, that app has a few more options too I think06:49
mintuxill try it06:49
AntonioXI have a problem with my video card Intel GMA 3150 I need to re-install the video drivers I am Using UBUNTU 10.406:49
Flanneladamonline45: Are you sure you're connecting to the correct box?  (This is obvious, but it's surprising how often simple things like this are the issue)06:49
Flanneladamonline45: If you have more-than-just-SSH access, try shutting off ssh (not restarting it) and then trying to ssh in.06:50
jon5000can anyone help me boot into linux partition from a pen drive that has 500mb?06:50
phlak_userFOCer: here is the symptom you described and the probable solution --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147579806:50
FOCerphlak_user: tried that already06:50
ibnarrashidZeiris: It's a last resort the initial idea, reinstalling shouldn't be a big deal if it works, you might be able to find other methods, I can't think of any right now, if you are hesitant, do so if you really can't find any other method06:50
FOCerphlak_user: the only way i can get it to run is using "sudo -u mysql /usr/sbin/mysqld &"06:51
adamonline45Flannel: Unfortunately this box is headless.  And yeah, I double checked at your request that I'm on the right machine :)06:51
phlak_userFOCer: doesnt that change in /etc/init/mysql.conf work?06:51
FOCerphlak_user: it doesn't work for me at least06:51
adamonline45Flannel: Hmm, wait, I wonder why I didn't get dc'd when I restarted ssh...06:51
FlannelAnom01y: Please don't post offtopic links here, thanks.06:52
mintux noisewaterphd: it's not for login screen.it mange boot appearance and splash screen . i remember i have many option for change them of login screen but what does it remove from ubuntu 9.0806:52
phlak_userFOCer: did you try logging in as the mysql user and starting the mysqld daemon like they suggest?06:52
noisewaterphdmintux: my bad06:53
ibnarrashidZeiris: You already did try to use dwm, which could be called extreme in itself06:53
=== oMg_iTz_eX is now known as ExcruciationX
Zeirisibnarrashid, I thought it was xmonad, and it took me a few minutes to realize it wasn't :(06:54
Kartagisshould ~/.ICEauthority be owned by $USER or root?06:54
phlak_userFOCer: per this link --> http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-server-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg35740.html  running mysqld as user mysql is the solution06:54
A-NonOkay I have my Nvidia working, how do I get the second monitor which is attached to the onboard intel graphics adapter to function?06:54
FlannelKartagis: user.  It sometimes gets set to be owned by root if you use sudo for graphical programs (you should use gksu or kdesu for graphical programs)06:55
Guestok simple question, anyone know if BoI Servers are down?06:55
AntonioXI have a problem with my video card Intel GMA 3150 I need to re-install the video drivers I am Using UBUNTU 10.406:55
KartagisFlannel thank you06:55
^Jay2^is the ubuntu server free?06:55
noisewaterphdA-Non: I don't think you can use a card and integrated @ the same time, it's a hardware not a software thing06:55
FOCerphlak_user: does this mean that i need to adjust the upstart script?06:56
noisewaterphdI could be wrong though, so double check06:56
thune3Zeiris: there is a whole gdm shadow configuration world that i barely understand in /var/cache/gdm and /var/lib/gdm/.* It is possible that you could "stop gdm" in terminal. purge and reinstall gdm, and start gdm again.06:56
ibnarrashidZeiris: dwm in't all that hard to use, if you are okay with using tiling WMs, I used it for some time, then switched to openbox for the moment, using .xinitrc is actually a very easy method to starting sessions06:56
A-Nonnoisewaterphd: I've done this in Windows XP before, so if I couldn't do it in ubuntu that would be a software limitation would it not?06:56
deexannihilateHow can I configure Belkin F7D1101 to connect wirelessly through network manager to a Mifi2200? The driver for the Belkin is both installed (recognized as installed and present according to ndiswrapper.)06:56
Flannel^Jay2^: Yes, Ubuntu is always free06:56
theRealSaintdpkg-gencontrol: error: package linux-image-2.6.35-rc5-custom+ not in control info06:56
theRealSaintam getting this error while compiling a vanilla kernel on ubuntu06:56
^Jay2^Flannel: cool!06:57
theRealSaintanyone has any idea about this error i've been getting?06:57
phlak_userFOCer: not the upstart script but change the user in the config file (my.cnf)06:57
sajHi all, I have questions regarding samba shares and nautilus. Am I in the right place?06:57
noisewaterphdA-non: you've used integrated graphics, and a pci video card simultaneously?06:57
noisewaterphdthat's news to me06:57
phlak_usersaj: so long as the distro is ubuntu; yes06:57
cheositehi all..06:57
noisewaterphdsomebody might know how around here then06:57
A-Nonnoisewaterphd: Yes I have, I used to run dual monitors in XP, I had integrated intel running the second monitor and a PCI Nvidia 5500 running the primary06:57
phlak_usernoisewaterphd: he's using it as a dual-head06:57
iyunkateus!hi | cheosite06:57
ubottucheosite: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:57
ZeirisI'm all for switching window managers to try something new, but I'd like a fallback option. The fact that merely selecting a drop down box on the login screen, irrepairably fucked things up with no visible means to return to a previous state (short of reinstalling, which may eat configurations) is a little scary.06:58
deexannihilatephlak_user: I plugged in the CD Drive restarted and the computer didn't go crazy. :)06:58
phlak_userdeexannihilate: good for you!06:58
sajI am wondering if it is a problem with the permissions set up on the windows machine, or if it is a problem with my ubuntu (e.g samba not being installed/configured properly).06:58
greezmunkeyA-Non: look through /var/log/dmesg after booting as you described. It may give you a clue as to what teh hang up is.06:58
sajI can see the server itself, but when I try to connect, it is asking for authentication, even though the permissions are set to everyone06:59
sebsebseb!language | Zeiris06:59
ubottuZeiris: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:59
AntonioXPlease HELP I have a problem with my video card Intel GMA 3150 I need to re-install the video drivers I am Using UBUNTU 10.406:59
cheositecan I install dreamweaver in ubuntu or there a program like dreamweaver in ubuntu?06:59
noisewaterphdA-Non, why not just use the second connector on your nvidia?06:59
sebsebsebZeiris: What no, you can re install  GDM or use an alternative if problems06:59
A-Nonnoisewaterphd: My nvidia is rather old an only has one connector :(06:59
ibnarrashidZeiris: reinstalling your display manager wouldn't change any configurations other than for the GUI06:59
noisewaterphdA-Non: ah07:00
sebsebsebcheosite: yeah in Wine07:00
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:00
phlak_usersaj: isnt it supposed to ask you for passwords?07:00
ZeirisHm. Yeah. And most of my GUI configurations are probably in Compiz, so I guess that's an option.07:00
ubottuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/07:00
A-NonGreezmunkey: The booting problem went away on its own apparently, now I've just gotta figure out how to get the onboard graphics active at teh saem time as my PCI07:00
FOCerphlak_user: i'll mess with it some more, be back if i can't figure it out07:00
phlak_userFOCer: atb07:00
sajphlak_user: what do you mean?07:00
phlak_usersaj: you said it asks for password; shouldnt it?07:01
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: cheosite: yes, but besides Wine there's got to be decent linux alternatives....07:01
* Fudge pokes jamiewan :p07:01
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: cheosite nah there is nothing really that is as good as Dreamweaver to compete with it natively07:01
jackinghow to install patch command on ubuntu?07:01
sajphlak_user: yes, it asks for a password. but it shouldnt as "everyone" has read/write privileges on the windows share07:01
sebsebsebcheosite: Windows virtual machine is another way to do most Windows apps,  3D games would be an issue07:02
phlak_usersaj: you do realize that authentication and authorization are two different things?07:02
sajphlak_user: or am I not correct in assuming that?07:02
AntonioXPlease HELP I have a problem with my video card Intel GMA 3150 I need to re-install the video drivers I am Using UBUNTU 10.407:03
sebsebsebcheosite: Your welcome07:03
sebsebsebcheosite: did you see when I used the HTML factoid by the way, above?07:03
jacking"apt-get install patch" can not install patch, what should it do?07:04
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: cheosite: i'm not familiar so you could be 100% correct, buy here's a thread (old) and it seems like things *must* have advanced since  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60797507:04
FOCerphlak_user: here is my my.cnf http://pastebin.com/pzE44EZH, mysql still won't start even after a reboot07:04
sajphlak_user: i guess not. what am i doing wrong?07:04
algolapt-get update07:04
IronChefhowdy all, I need to log in as root, how can I do this?  I want to encrypt my home partition, so it can't be mounted07:04
sebsebseb!root | IronChef07:04
ubottuIronChef: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:04
IronChefsudo is useless for me07:04
noisewaterphdFOCer: how about some mysql logs along with that07:05
ZeirisReinstalling gdm keeps the default "desktop manager" setting :'(07:05
AntonioXhow do I update my video driver?07:05
sebsebsebIronChef: you can become root in a terminal for a long period of time using sudo for example07:05
ZeirisErr, keeps the current setting, rather. It is not reset to default.07:05
sebsebsebIronChef: also I woudn't recommend encrypting Home07:05
sebsebsebIncarnation: in any distro07:05
jackingsomeone help me how to apt-get install patch?07:05
phlak_userFOCer: if you su to the mysql user with su - mysql and then run /usr/bin/mysqld does the server start?07:05
sebsebseb!language | linux_futao07:05
ubottulinux_futao: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:05
KartagisAntonioX sudo apt-get install <driver>07:05
FOCernoisewaterphd: unfortunately, there's isn't anything log in /var/log/messages or syslog or mysql.err07:05
sebsebsebIronChef: it can realy mess up, and then your locked out of your own data07:05
IronChefsebsebseb: so what happens if my laptop gets stolen in an airport?  how can I protect my files?07:05
phlak_userIronChef: encrpytfs07:06
sebsebsebIronChef: altough if your only doing it for data you already have backed up elese where,  not really a big deal07:06
phlak_userIronChef: sorry encryptfs07:06
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: cheosite: It mentions Kompozer: http://www.kompozer.net/ , Bluefish: http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/ , NVU: http://www.nvu.com/ , Quanta Plus http://quanta.kdewebdev.org/07:06
noisewaterphdFOCer: sorry, i know I'm jumping in late, but how did you install07:06
AntonioXKartagis and How do I know what is the name of my video Driver?07:06
cheositethanks nUboon2Age07:06
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: cheosite  yes the bot factoid does and such, but none of those are as good as Dreamweaver07:06
=== djhash__ is now known as djhash
sebsebseb!html  | nUboon2Age cheosite07:06
ubottunUboon2Age cheosite: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/07:06
FOCerphlak_user: this is what happen with su - mysql http://pastebin.com/HnqZdzWD07:06
FOCernoisewaterphd: with aptitude07:06
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: cheosite  Lets take Kompozer for example, thats a good Microsoft Frontpage alternative07:07
KartagisAntonioX lspci07:07
AntonioXok Thank you07:07
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: cheosite: here's the osalt page: http://www.osalt.com/dreamweaver07:07
noisewaterphdFOCer: and it wouldn't start even right out of the box, with no messing with configs07:07
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: cheosite  I know about that site, theres also  http://www.linuxeq.com and trust me none of those programs, can do as much as Dreamweaver by a long way07:08
FOCernoisewaterphd: it has been running, i working on tweaking the config a bit and restarted to to apply changes07:08
FOCernoisewaterphd: that's when it breaks. i reverted the config (made backup) and restart it and it stays broken07:09
phlak_userFOCer: thats funny, it should either log you in as mysql with a $ prompt or tell you Unkown Id: mysql07:09
AntonioXKartagis what is the driver name "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller?07:09
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: cheosite: i believe you and its been a long time since i used dreamweaver, but if one doesn't need ALL the features of dw, maybe one of the alternatives would work decently.07:09
noisewaterphdFOCer: what settings did you change?07:10
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: cheosite  well yes if don't need a load of the features, then one of the alternatives should be good enough really07:10
FOCerphlak_user: not sure if no shells assigned to mysql user play any role07:10
FOCernoisewaterphd: i copied to my-medium.cnf to my.cnf (backup the original ofcourse)07:10
phlak_userFOCer: could be that the user does not exist at all; can you check in your /etc/passwd ?07:11
ibnarrashidZeiris: Did you get to the login screen?07:12
noisewaterphdFOCer: start it using mysqld_safe -v and see if you get anything useful (if you havent already)07:12
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: cheosite: is dreamweaver a program that runs well on wine?07:13
FOCerphlak_user: mysql is there, http://pastebin.com/1jqe1ufW07:13
FOCernoisewaterphd: will give it a shot07:13
cheositethanks for all, fisrt I'll install dw in wine and see how it's run in wine07:13
AntonioXhow Do I know what is my video driver?? "lspci"  and then which one is it???07:13
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: cheosite  sure, but after a bit of setting up I think for later versions.07:13
Zeirisibnarrashid, nope, looking at various pages about the gnome startup process now. The .dmrc file you mentioned is on the right track, and according to many pages -should- set the desktop manager/session (these seem to be synonyms), there's just some piece of the puzzle missing. Something to do with it getting overwritten depending on which user logs in, or something.07:13
cheositei hope it will run normally07:13
noisewaterphdFOCer: or whatever the verbose option is, I could be imagining -v07:13
sebsebsebcheosite: well try07:13
sebsebsebcheosite: if you need to configure a bit #winehq can probably help07:14
sebsebsebcheosite: also this might be useful, but in my expereince the appdb info for programs is useualy outdated07:14
sebsebseb!appdb | cheosite07:14
ubottucheosite: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:14
nUboon2Agesebsebseb:  Thank you for sharing your experience with me and cheosite.  :D07:14
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: my expereince?07:14
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: its appreciated... cheosite07:14
KartagisAntonioX lsmod will tell you what the driver is07:15
ZeirisPerhaps my problem is not directly related to dwm, but has to do with a bugged Gnome login screen which results in the dwm.07:15
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: knowledge/experience07:15
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: I got the old  Macromedia MX 2004 Studio with Flash pro,  I think I did try to Wine that at some stage, don't really remember now07:15
FOCernoisewaterphd: phlak_user: i could have swear it wasn't working. and now it started at reboot07:15
phlak_userFOCer: lol07:15
sebsebsebnUboon2Age: however Photshop CS3 for example,  I think people have to configure and programs like that, before they work properly in Wine07:15
KartagisAntonioX lsmod | grep intel*07:15
noisewaterphdFOCer: cool07:15
ZeirisWhat controls auto-login in Ubuntu? I'm automatically logged in as a user, whereas before I had a login screen where I could choose various options and had to enter a password.07:15
FOCerphlak_user: maybe it need a couple of reboots after the changes07:16
yunintegralhow can i kill process that can't kill with kill -907:16
phlak_userFOCer: so, do the upstart commands work?07:16
AntonioXKartagis  OK let me try it07:16
AntonioXThank YOU07:16
FOCerphlak_user: i reverted to back to original, so it seems to work07:16
FOCerphlak_user: almost cost me my hair, LOL07:16
phlak_useryunintegral: its probably getting spawned by some other process; check and kill that07:16
phlak_userFOCer: great07:16
ZeirisRunning 'gdmsetup' in console pops up the window I'm after... But I cannot "unlock" it, probably due to modal dialog not being able to show up in dwm.07:16
ZeirisRunning with sudo, naturally, shows me the wrong settings...07:17
nUboon2Agesebsebseb: cheosite: some of the macromedia/adobe stuff is java based, and i was able to get that running, no prob.07:17
FOCerthanks phlak_user and noisewaterphd07:17
yunintegralphlak_user,  you mean,, kill the parent process?07:17
phlak_useryunintegral: yes07:17
sebsebsebZeiris: I am not on Ubuntu right now, since another distro :),  however there should be something for it under  system > preferences or system > administration07:17
tensorpuddingany guess why the touchpad might suddenly stop working?07:17
phlak_useryunintegral: but that could also cause it to become a zombie07:17
Zeirissebsebseb, sorry, I should've said: how do I configure it from the console or text editor :)07:18
phlak_usertensorpudding: you might have pressed the disable touchpad button07:18
A-NonD: I just rebooted and got a bunch of "EXT4-fs error"s07:18
tensorpuddingI hit the disable button it seems, then re-enabled it, and it wouldn't work07:18
yunintegralphlak_user,  can i kill the zombie porcess too?07:18
tensorpuddingI rebooted, and it is still not working.07:18
phlak_useryunintegral: theres a reason its called a zombie!07:19
A-Non"EXT4-fs error (device sda1): ext4_lookup: deleted inode referenced: 2371775" can anyone give me some insight as to what this means?07:19
yunintegralphlak_user, so. i can't kill the zombie?07:19
ibnarrashidZeiris: that would be /etc/X11/defaullt-display-manager, which controls which session starts07:19
phlak_useryunintegral: you'll know if the're zombies using this -->  ps aux | awk '{ print $8 " " $2 }' | grep -w Z07:20
yunintegralthank you.07:20
AntonioXKartagis  I do not see a video Intel Video Driver07:20
Zeirisibnarrashid, that controls which desktop environment starts. Within that environment, a "desktop manager"/session (I'm 90% sure the two are synonyms) is started, and then a "window manager".07:20
n00b1I have a quick question about installation. Is the user name and password that I create during installation my root account? If so, should create another account and use that instead?07:20
ZeirisThe settings first and third application is correct in my case. The second is somehow set to dwm.07:21
sebsebsebn00b1: Ubuntu isn't like most other Linux distros07:21
KartagisAntonioX that might mean you haven't installed one07:21
seektherapyhow can i speed up my INTERNET connection07:21
sebsebsebn00b1: as a result you don't set up a root account on install, and use sudo instead07:21
AntonioXKartagis  I see this "snd_hda_codec          74201  2 snd_hda_codec_realtek,snd_hda_intel"07:21
sebsebseb!root | n00b107:21
ubottun00b1: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:21
KartagisAntonioX that's it07:21
deexannihilaten00b1: there is no root account log in.. it is run through the terminal07:21
deexannihilaten00b1: * accessed through the terminal07:21
KartagisAntonioX snd_hda_intel07:21
ZeirisI'm editing (well,copying backups) stuff in /etc/gdm now to try and resolve the problem.07:21
A-NonI just rebooted again and I've got an ubuntu screen that says "the disk drive for /tmp is not ready yet or not present"... What's going on??07:21
KartagisAntonioX I'm AFK now07:22
n00b1oh ok, thanks guys.07:22
AntonioXwhat is AFK?07:22
phlak_userseektherapy: how much is it now?07:22
seektherapywhat do you mean.. how can i chech07:23
tensorpuddingIt does appear that the touchpad works while during gdm, but it promptly fails to work once I log in07:23
imyousufI have installed UEC and downloaded the lucid lynx 64 bit version from the store. Now when I am trying to run using the following command I am getting - "FinishedVerify: Not enough resources (VmTypeAvailability{type=VmType{name='m1.large', cpu=2, disk=10, mem=512}, max=0, available=0} < 1: vm instances"07:23
imyousufCommand is - euca-run-instances -a pub-key -s private-key -t m1.large emi-IMG_NO07:23
imyousufI have also noted that giving any instance type gives the same error.07:23
imyousufMy machine configuration is core i7, 4G RAM, 1G VGA, Lucid Lynx 64-bit. Any idea how I could solve it?07:23
FloodBot4imyousuf: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:23
AntonioXKartagis  I am getting this "E: Couldn't find package snd_hda_intel"07:23
tensorpuddingit is most disagreeable, these bugs that I've encountered since going to ubuntu07:24
sebsebsebn00b1: your welcome :)07:24
tensorpuddingI'm assuming that it is some stupid configuration in my $HOME, since it only manifests after I log in07:24
SamualMy main desktop lacks desktop compositing (due to xinerama), and I was curious whether there is still some way to get around the lack of double buffering (ergo, flickering of conky) so that Conky functions semi-normally -- Any ideas?07:25
tensorpuddingis there some configuration in gnome or elsewhere that could break the touchpad?07:26
AntonioXKartagis  by any chance would you know how to restore an old driver that I had before this mess07:26
ZeirisHAHAHA VICTORY! /etc/gdm had a custom.conf that auto-logged me in as a user, bypassing the logon prompt. Restoring that to a backup copy (thank god there was a gdm.conf.dpkg-backup in there!) has restored the login prompt, allowing me to select Gnome instead of dwm again. I still have no idea what mechanism/config file determines what gets written into ~/.dmrc, but I've got my "plan B" desktop+window manager working again.07:26
imyousufI have installed UEC and downloaded the lucid lynx 64 bit version from the store. Now when I am trying to run the image I am getting - http://paste.ubuntu.com/467353/ My machine configuration is core i7, 4G RAM, 1G VGA, Lucid Lynx 64-bit. Any idea how I could solve it?07:26
deexannihilateWhy does Wine reject all files I try to open claiming them non-executable?07:26
sebsebsebZeiris: ok :)  ,but what is dwm ?07:27
ZeirisIt's been an exciting 2 hour dive into the Ubuntu UI stack... Thanks, ibnarrashid, for providing some very useful tips in the process :)07:27
sebsebsebZeiris: some not so popular window manager?07:27
Zeirissebsebseb, it's a pretty nice window manager, seems to be a much lighter (written in C) but much simpler/less customizeable version of XMonad.07:27
sebsebsebZeiris: oh ok :)07:27
ZeirisIt's also a desktop manager. Or "session", I'm still not 100% sure on Gnome terminology for it.07:28
sebsebsebZeiris: Desktop manager is when its more than just a GUI07:28
sebsebsebZeiris: apps as well07:28
ZeirisApps being the task bar, stuff on the task bar, menus and icons, etcetera?07:28
sebsebsebZeiris: no07:29
thune3Zeiris: i noticed dwm only installs 12 files, half of which are documentation.07:29
sebsebsebZeiris: apps being like gedit for Gnome :D  or  Konqueror for KDE.  you know how Gnome and KDE come with a load of stuff? well thats since they are desktop environments07:29
ibnarrashidDWM is ultra minimalist, the only way to configure it is by recompiling07:29
sebsebsebibnarrashid: oh07:29
linux_futaoipnet set help me07:30
RealEyesBack on ubuntu after core unlocking...07:30
RealEyesWin7 didn't like it I guess07:30
tensorpuddingWhy might the touchpad work in the login chooser but not after logging in?07:31
thune3RealEyes: you know i've worked in semiconductor test, they sometimes disable those things for a reason.07:31
its-me-againhi i need an easy way to set up a usb with syslinux. i usually use unetbootin but now that does not allow multi-boot i would use pendrive linux but that is a windows only way. also the ubuntu usb creater uses a kernel like unetbootin also a pain.07:32
xshyamxhi, how do I display an icon when I type the program name in the run dialog?07:32
thehizzhey, can anyone help.. gtk-recordmydesktop has a screen selection rectangle taht has been stuck on my desktop for a while, even though i killedl the gtk-recordmydesktop program!! how do i get rid of the vagrant screen selection rectangle?07:33
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gnraiahi all, are there download manager for ubuntu like internet download manager?07:36
tensorpuddingi had high hopes that this ubuntu release would not feature a show-stopping bug that reared its head in the first week after install07:40
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shevchenkofirst come here07:43
xshyamxhi, how do i add my program to ubuntu's list of known programs?07:45
thune3tensorpudding: i'm assuming you looked through options in System->Prefs->Mouse [Touchpad Tab] ?07:46
thune3xshyamx: you compiled a program from source?07:47
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AdvoWorki have a new laptop, an ive installed ubuntu 10.04. Ive gone to the hardware drivers, and enabled the one its found for the laptops wireless(broadcom b43 wirless driver) and its showing my connection to the wireless, I can choose it, it picks WPA and WPA2 personal, i put in the password which i know is correct,yet it won't connect. I know the wireless is fine, as i use it on other machines.. any suggestions please?07:48
psycho_oreos!broadcom | AdvoWork07:48
ubottuAdvoWork: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:48
xshyamxthune3: no I just extracted squirrel-sql and I want it to show the icon when I type squirrel-sql in the run window so that I'll know if I made a typo etc.07:49
psycho_oreosand I'm pretty sure enabling hardware drivers, you'd be looking at the proprietary drivers, and which in this case would be wl07:49
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thune3xshyamx: i'm looking...07:52
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=== genesis is now known as xgenesis
woodyjlwhey guys.  I have three 250 gig drives, two of them ide and one sata. I unplugged the two ide 250's before install of 10.04 and after install i turn off pc and plugged them back in and I can see drive 2 but not drive one in ubuntu but in bios I see all of them fine. anyone know what went wrong?07:54
pm314Hi, I have working kubuntu installation and want to install new instance (kubuntu 10.04 LTS) on a second drive. Is it possible without booting from kubuntu CD (or anything else)? Can i put cd, run some installation app from it, leave it in background and during the installtion  work on my current OS?07:54
gnraiaI use wvdial for my connection, but I get this error when I run wvdial..  --> WvDial: Internet dialer version 1.6007:54
gnraia--> Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such file or directory07:54
gnraia--> Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such file or directory07:54
gnraia--> Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such file or directory07:54
FloodBot4gnraia: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:54
ibnarrashidpm314: I don't know if it's possible, but not likely, it's best to do a clean install from disc07:55
woodyjlwhow can I scan for a ide drive that dose not show up under computer in ubuntu07:57
Jordan_Upm314: It's possible, but I wouldn't recommend it.07:57
Jordan_Upm314: Much more trouble than it's worth.07:57
gnraiaI use wvdial for my connection, but I get this error when I run wvdial...  --> Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such file or directory07:57
gnraiahow I fix that?07:57
SwedeMikegnraia: make sure the usb device is really connected, use lsusb or alike, check dmesg to see if it's named something else now.07:58
gnraiaI use lsusb and get this information Bus 002 Device 003: ID 12d1:1001 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E620 USB Modem08:00
ibnarrashidJordan_U: so it is possible? I am thinking like through an emulator or something?08:00
thune3xshyamx: basically you just have to make a .desktop entry for you app in  /usr/share/applications/   . I'm not quite clear how to point it to your icon.08:02
Dragoneyeis KDevelop called something else in the repository?  Only thing i find are kdevplatform-* dev/debug/shared and not the main program itself...08:02
SwedeMikeDragoneye: "qdevelop - A development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4" shows up in "apt-cache search kdevelop" ?08:03
Jordan_Uibnarrashid: There are a few possabilities, lubi, debootstrap, kvm, and probably some other ways.08:03
erryUm... I logged into my ubuntu laptop, and the panels aren't there?08:04
deexannihilateHow do I enable wireless in nm applet 0.8?08:04
erryAlso some stuff seems to be missing.. sudo network-manager says command not ound08:04
erryand i have to manually dhclient every time08:04
DragoneyeSwedeMike: Im gona use wxgtk not qt ;-)08:04
imyousufI have installed UEC and downloaded the lucid lynx 64 bit version from the store. Now when I am trying to run the image I am getting - http://paste.ubuntu.com/467353/ My machine configuration is core i7, 4G RAM, 1G VGA, Lucid Lynx 64-bit. Any idea how I could solve it? (re-run)08:05
ibnarrashidJordan_U: Oh, thanx for the info08:05
Jordan_Uibnarrashid: You're welcome.08:06
errySo i log in and various stuff is missing...08:06
erryi tried upgrade, nothing new there?08:06
errythere's an update08:07
erryi'll tr uthat08:07
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, ive ran through that doc, no help08:07
scriptwarlock!hi  jackblack08:09
jackblackhello scriptwarlock08:10
scriptwarlock!hi | jackblack08:10
ubottujackblack: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:10
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infidhow do i control which files syslog writes to in ubuntu?08:17
psycho_oreosAdvoWork, there's actually sections for whichever driver should you choose to use (of course if either of the drivers support that chipset) I hope you did not follow that page from top to bottom following every bit of command08:18
DrkCodemanwhy is everyone dropping xmms from there distro?08:19
DrkCodemanor xmms-mp308:19
infidmy guess is to support the more native ones, like gnome has rythmbox and kde has amarok08:20
infidxmms development was disconintued08:20
psycho_oreosI think xmms is old as well, apart from xmms2 which is quite an unusal program considering it has client and server08:20
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, i followed the relevant sections, but its not made any difference08:21
mercuru_halocan i use glxgears to test if a system has 3d drivers installed08:21
DrkCodemanyeah xmms was great it sucks to hear it was dropped08:21
psycho_oreosand there's issues with mp3 support, a few distros have tried to drop mp3 support due to legality08:21
robertzaccourhow do i calibrate my joystick? i'm moving slowly in super tux08:21
WarrenSHHow can I install a .exe in Ubuntu 10.04?08:22
psycho_oreosAdvoWork, can you pastebin your lspci -nnk output?08:22
WarrenSHif the .exe is for windows?08:22
psycho_oreos!wine | WarrenSH08:22
ubottuWarrenSH: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:22
mercuru_haloWarrenSH: use software called wine08:22
DrkCodemanlol nice you have a bot to handle the simple stuff :)08:22
DrkCodemanwine doesn't like to be called an emulator but that is what it is08:23
=== xiaomo_ is now known as iLinux
psycho_oreosnot my bot but a channel bot by someone else08:23
WarrenSHbut the program is SnowFox for youtube it downloads youtube HD vidoes08:23
WarrenSHI do nto think wine has this yet08:23
mercuru_halois glxgears a good test of three d capability08:23
DrkCodemanWarrenSH: check the appdb on there website for winehq08:24
rileypI thought glxgears was to test opengl08:24
=== iLinux is now known as iWork
psycho_oreosWarrenSH, you can always give it a try and if it doesn't work out you can seek alternatives08:24
DrkCodemanwinehq has a huge app database on there website that gives you more details on almost any app08:24
Dragoneyewhat is the repository address  to "unsupported updates" ?08:24
WarrenSHk looking now08:24
DrkCodemanand if wine doesnt work you could always virtual box winblows08:24
WarrenSHbut I need a OS cd for windows :(08:25
psycho_oreosor vmware or qemu, etc08:25
WarrenSHI has no Microsoft shit I burnt them really08:25
* Dragoneye visper VirtualBox08:25
WarrenSHburnt as in one with a few beers and my BBQ Grill08:25
DrkCodemanmost of the virtual box software take iso's too08:25
DrkCodemanso it doesnt have to phisicaly be on cd08:25
psycho_oreoswell my suggestion is to now try and adapt yourself to linux environment rather than grieving over your anger08:26
DrkCodemanyep ;)08:26
WarrenSHI do not like to download illegal OS08:26
DrkCodemanits not illegal unless you use a illegal COA08:26
WarrenSHso no VB have a OS built in not even a win95? or win9808:26
DragoneyeWhat address are they refering to here? http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kdevelop-408:26
DrkCodemanthe only thing you pay for when you buy windows is your fancy COA08:26
undecimWarrenSH: Even win95 and win98 are still owned by Microsoft08:27
undecimWarrenSH: If you want a free Windows-compatible OS, try ReactOS. It's not perfect, but it's usually worth a shot08:27
WarrenSHthose older OS's should be free to the public if they are not supported with updates!08:27
WarrenSHkinda like SNES ROMS08:27
undecimWarrenSH: Tell that to Microsoft.08:27
DrkCodemanDragoneye: virtualbox was nice but it didn't play well with playon :(08:27
undecimWarrenSH: Actually, most Roms are illegal as well08:28
DrkCodemanlol yep08:28
Jordan_UWarrenSH: You can get flash video from youtube by finding the FlashXXXX file in /tmp/, no need for extra software.08:28
DragoneyeDrkCodeman: 2bad :)08:28
WarrenSHoh yeah duh08:28
undecimWarrenSH: It's just that the companies that own them don't have the time to sue every person that uses them08:28
sparkyyou talking about on 10.408:28
thune3WarrenSH: i like youtube-dl, a simple script to download youtube videos. It has options to grab high def. http://bitbucket.org/rg3/youtube-dl/wiki/Home08:28
WarrenSHthx for the help08:28
DrkCodemanDragoneye: other than that virtualbox was good i tried almost everything including parllels for linux08:28
robertzaccouri'm confused on how to calibrate my joystick. http://pastebin.com/KXhb6cdD08:28
WarrenSHI just wanted to d/l some rare classic 1950's cartoons and watch them on my psp/ipod08:29
DragoneyeWhat repo address are they refering to when mention "Unsupported Updates" ?08:29
WarrenSHmeh not a big deal08:29
sparkyany one know if it is posable to down grade ubuntu08:29
Jordan_U!downgrade | sparky08:29
ubottusparky: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.08:29
timboymy laptop keeps hibernating after about 30 minutes. I've tried everything I could find on google. can someone give me a hand? pretty fresh lucid install08:29
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, http://pastebin.com/vDyhzhtd08:30
robertzaccoursparky:  a fresh install is usually faster than changing everything, if its even possible08:30
WarrenSHdid you ;look at your screen saver settings?08:30
WarrenSHor power settings?08:30
woodyjlwis there a quick way to install compiz on ubuntu 10.04 from terminal with sudo apt-get ?08:30
sparkyjordan u: well 10.4 isnt soported by flash so what am i soposed to do and it wont brake it i do know that much08:30
undecimwoodyjlw: Compiz is already installed. I think you want CCSM, which is the app that lets you configure it. It should be in the Software Center08:31
Jordan_Uwoodyjlw: Compiz is installed by default.08:31
umangHi! Could some kind person pastebin the contents of /etc/dput.cf in Ubuntu for me? (I'm on Debian and I'd like compare one line)08:31
psycho_oreosAdvoWork, I can see neither b43 is loaded nor wl, if you went through hardware drivers, in theory wl should appear on that list but neither of them are loaded08:32
woodyjlwok ccsm is what I need then what is the apt-get for that?08:32
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
Jordan_Usparky: I'm using 10.04 with flash just fine (well, as fine as it ever is for flash on linux)08:32
robertzaccourhow do i calibrate my joystick? super tux is moving slow08:32
Jordan_U!ccsm | woodyjlw08:32
ubottuwoodyjlw: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz08:32
SwedeMikeumang: that file doesn't exist on my ubuntu 10.0408:32
DrkCodemanwould be nice if steam moved to linux they go to macosx but not linux08:32
DrkCodemanso messed up08:32
umangSwedeMike, uh oh.08:32
sparkyjordan: mine worked for about a week and now just comes up blank for games and most movies08:33
soreauumang: there is no such file in that location on ubuntu08:33
SwedeMikeumang: it doesn't exist on my debian system either for that matter :P08:33
soreaurobertzaccour: You should be able to config it in the application you're using with it or jscal08:33
umangsoreau, SwedeMike. ok let me check what I'm looking for then08:33
Jordan_Uumang: http://paste.debian.net/81114/08:34
robertzaccoursoreau: jscal is confusing. here's the output i just got http://pastebin.com/KXhb6cdD08:34
soreaurobertzaccour: What app are you using that the joystick is going slow?08:34
DrkCodemanis there an open source app that takes advantage of my gpu for video encoding rather than cpu?08:34
robertzaccoursoreau: super tux08:34
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, one sec then08:35
robertzaccoursoreau: the penguin is moving slow because i need to calibrate my joystick08:35
violinapprenDrkCodeman: this is up to individual applications08:35
umangJordan_U, Thanks! I've found the difference it's what I wanted. SwedeMike, soreau don't quite know whether it's got to do with a different version but I've found what I was looking for. Thanks all for you help08:35
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, hmm, hardware drivers sows broadcom b43 wireless driver activated and currently in use, and I can see my wireless connections08:35
DrkCodemanso none of you know then08:36
Jordan_Uumang: Most people aren't uploading debian packages to repositories, that's why they didn't have a /etc/dput.cf :)08:36
SwedeMikeumang: it's probably because I don't have "dput - Debian package upload tool" installed08:36
umangJordan_U, SwedeMike. Oops yeah.08:36
psycho_oreosAdvoWork, weird, it wasn't showing up in that output I told you to do. It may have got truncated or something hmm I'd check dmesg as to reasons why it can't connect08:37
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, dmesg shows b34-phy0 ERROR: MAC suspend failed08:37
soreaurobertzaccour: I'm installing supertux to test it here.08:38
robertzaccoursoreau: oh ok thanks08:38
robertzaccoursoreau: did my output for jscal make any sense?08:38
psycho_oreosAdvoWork, sounds like you need to turn off acpi08:38
soreaurobertzaccour: I didn't even look at it. I don't know how to use jscal yet either :p08:39
DragoneyeNevermind! Googled the repository address for installing kdevelop, and that is (deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-backports main restricted universe multiverse)08:39
SuNk8Which is the best printed Linux magazine shipped to most parts of the world?08:41
nubbyi'm trying to connect to an ssh server using terminal08:41
nubbywhat is the command to connect08:41
nubbyssh user@hostserver.org08:41
Dragoneyessh user@address08:41
woodyjlwis there an option in compiz to get the windows snaping like in win 7?  I like the automatic resize for two windows side by side08:41
nubbydragoneye, how do i add port08:41
DrkCodemanssh address -l login -p password08:41
Dragoneye-P  ?08:41
Ranakah-p it's port :D08:42
DrkCodemanis it?08:42
soreauwoodyjlw: yes, in the grid plugin08:42
SuNk8nubby, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH08:42
Dragoneye[-p port]08:42
nubbythank you everyone08:42
soreauwoodyjlw: Currently it only has keybindings but drag-to-edge is implemented in latest compiz 0.908:42
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, ok, i can try that, easy enough to do?08:43
alex5454hey everyone.  i just installed xubuntu 10.04 and my sound isnt working.  does anyone know how to fix this?08:43
woodyjlwsoreau, ok thanks08:43
SuNk8alex5454, do you have latest updates installed?08:44
woodyjlwthat was probably the only thing about win 7 that I found usefull08:44
violinappren!sound | alex545408:44
ubottualex5454: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:44
simoncpufinally, you got ubuntu right!!!!!08:44
SuNk8alex5454, is there an error mesage?08:44
simoncpukarmic was piece of crap08:44
simoncpufinally, ubuntu now works!!!08:44
SuNk8simoncpu, I disagree brother... I preffered karmic to Lucid... Lucid has way too many bugs...08:45
alex5454no error message.  i tried using the volume control up top and it just doesnt work no matter what volume its set at08:45
psycho_oreosAdvoWork, somewhat, you just need to append a line in grub2, do note that by enabling that feature your mobile device will drain battery quite heavily08:45
soreauwoodyjlw: There is also a hack to do it with 0.8 http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/11/aero-snap-ubuntu-linux.html08:45
SuNk8!sound alex545408:45
soreauwoodyjlw: but it's no where near what compiz 0.9 has08:45
SuNk8!sound | alex545408:45
ubottualex5454: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:45
MaRk-I!hdaintel | alex545408:46
d2dchatHi, I have a pre-existing firewall setup and I forgot to add SSL as a rule to open08:46
ubottualex5454: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto08:46
d2dchatHow do I go back in and open port 443?08:46
d2dchatusing iptables08:46
jamiewanalex5454: sudo apt-get install alsamixer  worked for me last week, played about in the settings all good08:47
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, is that the only way to do it? i dont want my laptop to be any worse on battery?08:47
woodyjlwsoreau, CompizConfig Settings Manager 0.8.2 is what I am running so how do I update it ?08:47
psycho_oreosAdvoWork, that's the only way I know of, your issue is with a driver that's pretty much a WIP status device08:47
soreauwoodyjlw: It's not recommended to update yet08:47
ghotiCan anyone point me at a current tutorial for getting PPP running?  I want to connect through a GPRS modem, and everything that Google finds for me is years and years old...08:48
soreauwoodyjlw: but there is an installation script on the 0.9 testers thread on compiz forums08:48
ghotiIs wvdial worth looking at?08:49
woodyjlwsoreau, ok i can probably wait on that then.  well what about the glass look or see through windows like areo08:49
alex5454im sorry.  none of that seems to be working.  im running xubuntu not ubuntu if that makes a difference08:50
soreauwoodyjlw: You can use Blur Windows plugin for that, provided your graphics driver supports it08:50
hihihi100i need memtest-memcheck help08:50
Luija1006Hello guys I need a way to change my IP in kubuntu 10.04, is there a way?08:50
timboymy laptop keeps hibernating after about 30 minutes. I've tried everything I could find on google. can someone give me a hand? pretty fresh lucid install08:51
woodyjlwsoreau, cool thanks :)08:51
timboyI don't want it to hibernate ever!08:51
jamiewanalex5454: just double check the audio preferences, sometimes the slightest thing can kill it i've found08:51
violinapprenghoti: what's your modem brand ?08:51
Luija1006Hello guys I need a way to change my IP in kubuntu 10.04, is there a way?08:52
violinapprentimboy: right click on network manager's icon08:52
violinapprenLuija1006: ^08:52
ghotiviolinappren: Huawei, E180.08:52
violinapprentimboy: right click on the power manager08:52
Luija1006violinappren: what, do you know how to do it'08:52
SuNk8Luija1006, ya u could use a proxy server, if you wanna go into a 'James Bond' mode...08:53
ghotiviolinappren: I can talk to the modem using minicom, I just don't know where to mangle things in /etc/ to set up chat scripts, dial-on-demand, etc.08:53
timboyviolinappren, I'm there08:53
violinapprenLuija1006: do you see the network icon in upper right corner ?08:53
violinapprentimboy: there's a tab for timing hibernation and suspension08:54
violinapprenLuija1006: right click on it and select "Edit Connections"08:54
blitzocan anyone tell me how to emulate middle click on a 2-button mouse08:54
timboyviolinappren, i've disabled everything in there related to hibernate. It will hibernate when on AC or Battery without me telling it to.08:54
Luija1006violinappren: done08:54
=== sree is now known as sreR
moetunesblitzo: don't you just click both at the same time?08:55
HallajHey guys, anyone managed to get static route options from dhcpd working?08:55
violinapprenLuija1006: select your active connection and click edit08:55
blitzomoetunes that is hard to do on a touchpad08:55
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
AdvoWorkpsycho_oreos, heres more info from dmesg http://pastebin.com/JydwDQP908:56
violinapprenghoti: did you try setting it up with network manager ?08:56
moetunesblitzo: heh - it would be...08:56
robertzaccoursoreau: you awake?08:56
ghotiviolinappren: I'm running headless at the moment, so I need to do this manually...08:56
violinapprenghoti: nmcli ?08:56
soreaurobertzaccour: I can't get it installed right now (I'm using an unstable dev distro atm)08:57
jamiewanblitzo: : http://www.querycat.com/question/452f978230393973f5ef86bb5bbf323a08:57
ghotiviolinappren: ah, didn't know about that.  thanks, I'll try it.08:57
soreaurobertzaccour: let me boot into ubuntu real quick08:57
Saturn2888Hi, I'm still on hardy for software reasons, hope it's still supported, and need to figure out how to boot my system. I had to dd the data to another drive and that drive just happens to be on a RAID1. I'm having an awful time trying to get it to boot. it goes into initramfs each time saying /dev/md0 doesn't exist even though it does exist in /dev. It also won't let me mount it. Strangely enough, mdadm is complaining about stuff as we08:57
Saturn2888not really complaining, it's saying /dev/md0 also does not exist08:57
Hallajno one tried dhcpd static routes before?08:58
robertzaccoursoreau: oh ok08:58
violinappren!details | Hallaj08:58
ubottuHallaj: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:58
Luija1006violinappren: now what08:58
timboymy laptop keeps hibernating after about 30 minutes on both AC and Battery. I've tried everything I could find on google. I've disabled hibernate in Power Management can someone give me a hand? pretty fresh lucid install08:58
HallajOn my network, the dhcp server pushes information to clients, including static route informations08:59
violinapprenLuija1006:  don't you want to set a static IP address ? what are you trying to accomplish ?08:59
soreaurobertzaccour: btw, the way to use jstest or jscal is 'jscal /dev/input/js#' where # is the number of the joystick08:59
Hallajit seems to be working for most linux distros and windows, however it's failing for ubuntu08:59
soreaurobertzaccour: for one joystick, it's js008:59
Hallajthe static route entry simply doesn't appear and this is a standard install which should have worked08:59
robertzaccoursoreau: i'm still confused09:00
violinapprenHallaj: they don't show up in the output of 'route' ?09:00
Hallajviolinappren: in netstat -rn, there's no static route outputs, just the default one and the 169 entry09:00
soreaurobertzaccour: Try 'jscal /dev/input/js0'09:00
robertzaccoursoreau: command not found09:02
robertzaccoursoreau: i got it i typed it in wrong sorry09:02
robertzaccoursoreau: gonna pastebin it brb09:02
nubbyi have a question, in order to use git clone, do you first need to use ssh into the server?09:02
timboynubby, depends on the git server09:03
timboynubby, usually on09:03
robertzaccoursoreau: http://pastebin.com/uxrpQxE009:03
Hallajit's almost identical to that particular thread09:03
nubbytimboy, how do you connect to git server?09:03
Saturn2888do I have to setup /dev/md0 as a type or is it fine as it is? I think it's setup, but should I use cfdisk to specify 83 or something?09:04
timboynubby, typically to clone a git repo you just run git clone the url. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about git. http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~blynn/gitmagic/index.html09:05
nubbythank u timboy :D09:05
timboyusually you just copy paste the git clone command given for the specific repository09:05
^Jay2^nubby: just do git clone www.website.com/whatever09:06
timboymy laptop keeps hibernating after about 30 minutes on both AC and Battery. I've tried everything I could find on google. I've disabled hibernate in Power Management can someone give me a hand? pretty fresh lucid install09:06
soreaurobertzaccour: forgot the -c09:07
SuNk8nubby, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Git09:07
nubbythat's a really goodwebsite timboy :)09:07
nubbythank u sunk809:07
soreaurobertzaccour: Try 'jscal -c /dev/input/js0'09:07
experiMENTALhi. problem not solved, plz. black screen with white flashing stripes up to half of the screen preceded by a message "checking battery state... [OK]": http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153154309:07
timboynubby, of course it is! I don't waste my time pasting crap sites... :P09:07
soreaurobertzaccour: pay close attention to when it asks for the 'minimum' and 'maximum' positions and to which axis it's asking for those positions09:08
SuNk8experiMENTAL, man, I wish I had a splash screen like that. Only green instead of White. Looks so 'The Matrix' style... ;-)09:09
violinapprenHallaj:  http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/471 ?09:09
liranWhat's the easiest way to cap the bandwitdh of my linux server?09:09
violinappren!hi | songer09:09
ubottusonger: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:09
SuNk8!hi | songer09:10
songerwht can i do if lucid does not recognice it as modem09:10
songersorry my cell phone09:10
violinapprensonger: recognize what ?09:10
=== kappawhat is now known as kappaccino
violinapprensonger: through bluetooth ?09:10
songerhi fale09:10
robertzaccoursoreau: so how do i calibrate it?09:10
SuNk8!hi | fale09:11
ubottufale: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:11
robertzaccoursoreau: do i stop when its at the maximum number rotating it?09:11
soreaurobertzaccour: did you run the second command I gave you with -c in it?09:11
mds1hi, I am looking for a list of bluetooth-headsets that will work with ubuntu.  I couldn't really find anything using google... please help!09:11
robertzaccoursoreau: yes09:11
Hallajviolinappren, thanks. I'll have a look at it and give t a try09:11
violinapprensonger: i don't think that's possible with usb, have you tried pairing it with bluetooth ?09:11
faleI have installed mysql-server on my ubuntu 10.04 box but I can't start it because it says: "exec: 129: start: not found" when I launch "sudo service mysql start"09:11
songerin under conections in windows is reconiced as modem09:11
soreaurobertzaccour: Do you see it tells you exactly what to do?09:11
experiMENTALSuNk8: find refurbished equipment (my screen is old)09:11
traskmindI'm running Guayadeque as my music player, but I'm wondering if it's possible to get some sort of "Now Playing" desktop artwork going on with it? (Like Screenlets, CoverGloobus, etc.)09:12
violinapprensonger: try pairing it with bluetooth09:12
songeri don;t have blootooth, i want to use usb cable09:12
SuNk8songer, which phone make is it?09:12
songermotorola MOTO™ VE24009:13
robertzaccoursoreau: whats it mean by move to minimum position?09:13
timboymy laptop keeps hibernating after about 30 minutes on both AC and Battery. I've tried everything I could find on google. I've disabled hibernate in Power Management can someone give me a hand? pretty fresh lucid install09:14
SuNk8timboy, does it work well in other os?09:15
timboySuNk8, if you mean does it automatically hibernate in other dual boot OS, no09:16
ManDayCan anyone recomment an absolutly lightweight calendar which sticks on the desktop background?09:16
=== Da_Wrecka is now known as DW|AFK
soreaurobertzaccour: You have to read the output and figure it out. It tells you what to do. Negative numbers are minimum, positive on the maximum09:18
oCean_!afk > DW|AFK09:18
ubottuDW|AFK, please see my private message09:18
timboyManDay, conky09:18
robertzaccoursoreau: oh ok. whats it mean by axis 1 2 3 etc09:18
soreaurobertzaccour: If you have that many controllers, you'll have an axis for each09:18
SuNk8!afk > sunk809:19
ubottuSuNk8, please see my private message09:19
faleI have installed mysql-server on my ubuntu 10.04 box but I can't start it because it says: "exec: 129: start: not found" when I launch "sudo service mysql start"09:19
SuNk8tim, you sure it's not a screensaver issue?09:19
SuNk8timboy, you sure it's not a screensaver issue?09:19
oCean_ManDay: what are you using, gnome? xfce? ..09:19
SuNk8timboy, sometimes the screensaver triggers hibernate/suspend.09:20
phlak_userfale: with upstart you can just issue the command sudo start mysql09:21
hrhrhrrandom: anyone else using uk pool ntp?09:21
Gla0.0.0.0/ that will cover all IP's correct ?09:21
ManDayoCean_: gnome - timboy who just left recommented conky - i think that sounds good IF that includes adding appointments and so on09:21
ManDaydoes it?09:21
WarrenSHsudo aptitude install non-free-codecs libxine1-ffmpeg gxine mencoder mpeg2dec vorbis-tools id3v2 mpg321 mpg123 libflac++6 ffmpeg libmp4v2-0 totem-mozilla icedax tagtool easytag id3tool lame nautilus-script-audio-convert libmad0 libjpeg-progs libmpcdec3 libquicktime1 flac faac faad sox ffmpeg2theora libmpeg2-4 uudeview flac libmpeg3-1 mpeg3-utils mpegdemux liba52-dev09:21
oCean_ManDay: no clue 'bout that.. sorry.09:22
falephlak_user: ''sudo: start: command not found '' it doesn't seem to work so much...09:22
liranWhat's the easiest way to cap the bandwitdh of my linux server?09:22
simoncpuis it just me or pulse audio enhanced my computer's sound?09:22
soreauHow do I tell a module to autoload at startup?09:23
oCean_fale: what's your ubuntu version?09:23
garymcgood morning all09:23
faleoCean_: 10.0409:23
ManDayoCean_: ok, if you know something for gnome let me know - otherwise i ll leave timboy a message09:23
phlak_usersoreau: add it to /etc/modules09:23
phlak_userliran: inbound and outbound can be controlled (and equalized) using wondershaper09:24
oCean_fale: something is broken then. Do you have an /sbin/start command?09:24
soreauphlak_user: thanks09:24
phlak_userfale: do you have upstart installed?09:24
faleoCean_: nope :( I have: /sbin/startpar and /sbin/start-stop-daemon09:25
falephlak_user: yes, last version09:25
phlak_userfale: "which start" gives me /sbin/start09:26
falephlak_user: mine is blank09:26
oCean_fale: there must be something broken. Since you don't have the upstart executable(s)09:26
phlak_userfale: sudo apt-get install upstart should tell you09:26
falephlak_user: it says that is already the last version09:27
faleoCean_: yep, but I can't explain why I have the package installed but not the files :\09:27
phlak_userfale: "last" version or "newest" version?09:27
oCean_fale: try sudo apt-get reinstall upstart09:28
oCean_fale: sudo apt-get install upstart --reinstall09:28
phlak_useroCean_: :)09:28
faleoCean_: thanks :)09:30
oCean_fale: yay :)09:30
falethanks phlak_user :)09:31
phlak_userfale: yw09:31
gbjkHi. I've been trying to move from xubuntu to ubuntu to get better ubuntu one support.09:33
gbjkThe remaining issue I have is that I can't get a keyboard shortcut to work for me.09:33
koshieIf I want to have a file who neverone can read and write on it except my user (koshie), I will do that : chmod ug+rw (with my user) isn't it ? If anyone download this file he can read or rwrite on this file ?09:33
gbjkI have a key on my keyboard which equates to the right windows key. (Keyboard is Datahand pro ii - pretends to be generic 105 intl)09:34
gbjkIn xubuntu I used xmodmap to get the key to work, and then I could setup shortcuts with it, no problem.09:34
gbjkIt shows up as the Super_L key in the shortcut list in xubuntu.09:35
c_nickA Good light on graphics game for ubuntu not forgetting m in office09:36
gbjkHow do I work out why ubuntu doesn't respect the same shortcut?09:37
redIs there any way to see average CPU usage of a certain process that has been running for days?09:38
devalientesHello, what script can i use to make buckups in ubuntu?09:39
redwith top one can see the current % easily but is there any way to see the x time average?09:39
Vroomfondlered: I don't think Linux keeps track of that automatically. You could write a script around ps or top to do it, probably.09:40
nikolamThis stupid piece of Openoffice writer is just dying on every second document save09:42
nikolamdoes anybody actually test theese things before putting them into the LTS..09:42
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
nikolamEvery time I copy some text inside of Open office writer, he dies.09:43
devalientesnik: can you reinstall openoffice?¿09:43
nikolamAlso xfce clipper is active. but why would ooo die becuase of that..09:43
=== zz_zz_ng_ is now known as zz_zz_zz_ng_
nikolamdevalientes, it is installed from repo, normally. I can.09:44
devalientesaa ok09:44
Vroomfondlehave you tried disabling xfce clipper? It seems silly that it would kill OO but you never know.09:44
devalientescheck if you can actualizate09:44
devalientesthe OpenoFFICE VERSION09:44
GlaHey guys, I have a question here, I have a NFS mount on my XP machine here, which is working just fine using SFU 3.5, I'm on Ubuntu using nfs-kernel-server and ... when I go to edit a file, I can't edit it unless I chmod 777 the file.  How do I set the permissions of the person mounting the exported partition?09:46
AdvoWorkanyone here had any problems with broadcom wireless and getting it to work?09:47
SwedeMikeGla: can't your nfs mount program on xp "emulate" what user id it's saying you have?09:48
SwedeMikeGla: because nfs doesn't really have "guest" exports, it works by uid09:49
nikolamdevalientes, it is inside Lucid/LTS 10.04, 64bit it is openoffice Debian 1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4.109:50
ShapeShifter499su is to assume root in the terminal right, well I don't think I have an password for it, how do I fix this09:51
ShapeShifter499how would I set one09:51
devalientesNikolam, i really don't know a solution for your problem,09:51
nikolamdevalientes, ok, I was thinkin you asked for openoffice verion in Lts that is just dying every time.09:52
AdvoWorkhow can i debug my wireless trying to connect, which logs etc?09:52
=== kjelle_ is now known as sjefskode
erUSULAdvoWork: dmesg09:53
acanthusI'm trying to share an folder that's located on a external usb drive, other computers just say "Unable to mount windows share", I'm guessing that sambas account doesn't have access to mount those shares?09:55
GlaSwedeMike: still here ?09:56
SwedeMikeGla: my client is always here, just ask and I'll look at it when I have time.09:58
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
SwedeMikeGla: lunchtime now though.09:58
Gla so how can I have it so that anyone who mounts this drive will be able to write to files on it ?  or rather, edit the files that are currently there09:58
kevin009i have an hdparm command I'd like to run on an external hard drive after half an hour of inactivity to stop it. how do i do this? we can't just put it in cron, because if i'm copying data, i can't just have it shut off10:05
phlak_userkevin009: can you not check for copy command before running the hdparm?10:06
lantizia_Hey, I've got a bad xorg.conf - GDM/X keeps restarting without end... and I can't get in to grub (no menu comes up)... so what am I supposed to do?10:07
kevin009there must be a way to check if ANY activity has occured on the drive before sending the stop command10:07
kevin009i.e. not just file copy operations, but anything else10:07
phlak_userlantizia_: press shift keyduring boot, grub menu will come up10:07
lantizia_phlak_user, shift! ok right I'll try it10:08
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=== David_limsi is now known as david_limsi
AdvoWorkim looking at dmesg and it keeps saying b43-phy0 ERROR: MAC suspend failed. Any ideas please?10:08
llutzkevin009: hdparm -S   should enable spin-down. its a drive setting (so your drive supports it) so no cron-job needed10:08
oCean_kevin009: have a look at fuser and/or lsof10:08
phlak_userlantizia_: also ctl+alt+f1 after booting will give you text console10:08
lantizia_phlak_user, thanks10:09
kevin009we'll need to have hdparm daemon running in the background, right?10:09
llutzkevin009: no10:09
=== do_ is now known as pelori
phlak_userAdvoWork: what caused you to look at dmesg?10:10
AdvoWorkphlak_user, running out of ideas, so dunno, any suggestions?10:10
erUSULAdvoWork: seems like power management is not working well in that chip ?10:11
phlak_userAdvoWork: can you explain the original issue please? i just joined10:11
phlak_userAdvoWork: ah found it, the broadcom wireless problem?10:11
=== shubbar__ is now known as shubbar
erUSULAdvoWork: i have to disable it in my card for it to not spam the logs. but if it is a laptop maybe it impacts batery life10:12
AdvoWorkphlak_user, basically, new installation of 10.04, go into hardware drivers, enabled the wireless, and then reboot, it can see my wireless, it just wont connect10:12
AdvoWorkerUSUL, how come it impacts battery life?10:12
jaonmchristoshello, i want to edit video but all of the programs seem to not work10:12
jaonmchristosthe wireless hogs power10:13
phlak_userAdvoWork: what chipset? i had a linksys USB 11n card which would never connect and had to change the module10:13
jaonmchristosthere is a utility to save power10:13
erUSULAdvoWork: well if the chip can not be suspended it will draw more energy10:13
jaonmchristosi forget the name of the utility10:13
jaonmchristosjust search the repo10:13
jaonmchristosall i want to do is cut the first few seconds out of a video can anyone help10:14
* ShapeShifter499 feels ignored10:14
jaonmchristosall i need to be able to do is cut and past sections of video10:14
jaonmchristosi tried oggCut but it produced 0byte output10:15
erUSUL!root | ShapeShifter49910:15
ubottuShapeShifter499: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:15
oCean_ShapeShifter499: there is no root passwd10:15
jaonmchristospiviti doesnt do anything at all10:15
jaonmchristosit just sits there like another useless beta program10:15
erUSULjaonmchristos: avidemux ?10:15
jaonmchristosubuntu needs to stop including beta as default10:16
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
ShapeShifter499oCean_ whats SU for?10:16
AdvoWorkphlak_user,  mobile 4 series chipset integrated graphics controller rev 0710:16
AdvoWorkerUSUL, why would that stop wireless working though?10:16
jaonmchristoserUSUL: i have avidemux now it wont load ogg so i convert to another format and load it and all of the options just look like transcode ingoptions10:16
oCean_ShapeShifter499: another utility to switch users, but in ubuntu you use sudo10:17
phlak_userAdvoWork: graphics controller for wireless?10:17
erUSULAdvoWork: well if the suspend code of the driver or the chip itself is bogus it may end up disconnecting  more often that needed10:17
ubernewbive got no network interfaces after reboot, neighter wlan, nor ethernet. wth could that be?10:17
phlak_userubernewb: pastebin the output of lspci10:17
ShapeShifter499oCean_ oh so if anything calls for su, ignore it and use sudo instead?10:17
AdvoWorkphlak_user, doh, sorry wrong paste, its: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g rev 0110:18
oCean_!info piviti | jaonmchristos10:18
ubottujaonmchristos: Package piviti does not exist in lucid10:18
phlak_userAdvoWork: oh ok10:18
AdvoWorkerUSUL, so what should i do, can i disable it ro?10:18
ubernewbphlak_user: copy and paste is hard because the laptop has no connectivity. i says ethernet and network controllers10:18
erUSULAdvoWork: you can try to see if it makes a difference. « sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off10:18
erUSULAdvoWork: if that makes your connection estable you can make it permanent10:19
oCean_ShapeShifter499: could be that su is still used in a script somewhere, but sudo is the recommended way to go10:19
Hallajviolinappren: the static route for that didn't work too dude.10:20
phlak_userubernewb: does networkmanager have "enable networking" selected when you right-click on it?10:20
AdvoWorkerUSUL, set failed on device wlan0 ; operation not permitted10:20
ubernewbphlak_user: it was disabled, ive enabled it. reboot now?10:21
erUSULAdvoWork: :( then i dunno. post the complete dmesg... maybe there is something else ...10:21
ShapeShifter499oCean_ wouldn't it be a security risk if I don't know or change the SU(root pass?)10:21
jaonmchristospitvi comes default in lucid ubottu10:21
erUSULShapeShifter499: we do not support that config here.10:21
phlak_userubernewb: theres no need to reboot at all10:22
oCean_jaonmchristos: pitvi?10:22
ubernewbphlak_user: im used to windows ;)10:22
ShapeShifter499erUSUL: why not?10:22
phlak_userubernewb: now left-click should show you your wired interface10:22
jaonmchristosit doesnt do anything10:22
llutz!info pitivi10:22
ubottupitivi (source: pitivi): non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer. In component main, is optional. Version 0.13.4-0ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 274 kB, installed size 2864 kB10:22
jaonmchristosit just sits there10:22
ubernewbphlak_user: damn it works. now i feel ashamed10:22
ubernewbphlak_user: thank you a lot!10:23
phlak_userubernewb: your nick says it all :)10:23
erUSULShapeShifter499: becouse ubuntu is designed to work with sudo. having the root avvount specified is out of specs10:23
jaonmchristosit just displays the first frame of the video10:23
jaonmchristosthats about all its good for10:23
jaonmchristosim sick of ubuntu trying to pawn off shabby betas on me10:23
AdvoWorkerUSUL, heres the dmesg: http://pastebin.com/3Tpy5HSC10:24
jaonmchristosyou would think ubuntu would come with something that can cut and paste ogg video10:24
ShapeShifter499erUSUL: ohh10:24
jaonmchristossince ogv is free format10:24
RebellerI have a general IRC question, how do I register with the server?10:24
jaonmchristosthe closest thing i could find is an unsupported package oggvideotools10:25
ShapeShifter499erUSUL: but it would be more secure right??  er.... I'm kind of confused right now10:25
jaonmchristosthat has a cli command oggCut that doesnt work10:25
phlak_userjaonmchristos: maybe all these tools have a verbose mode that would give you more info10:25
jaonmchristosu mean i cant do the most basic things in Ubuntu like cutting out a part of a movie clip10:25
jaonmchristosim lucky if i can read my email on Ubuntu i guess10:26
AnxiousNutIs there a way(plugin?) to make contacts statuses colored and italic(formatting) just like in MSN live?10:26
jaonmchristosits so simple10:26
jaonmchristosi just want to cut movie clips10:26
Misteriojaonmchristos: You can do it with cinelerra or with kino10:26
erUSULShapeShifter499: having root enabled is less secure10:26
jaonmchristosi dont want verbose mode crap10:26
jamiewanjaonmchristos:  pitivi video editor10:26
mahen23jaonmchristos: movie maker can do that10:27
jaonmchristosi want to use not develop and beta test software10:27
jaonmchristosi know movie maker is for windows though10:27
Misteriojaonmchristos: Kino isn't beta10:27
jaonmchristosKino only does raw DV its nice though10:27
jaonmchristosif it did ogg perfect10:27
Misteriojaonmchristos: And what about cinelerra? It works fine?10:27
ShapeShifter499erUSUL: ok then I'll leave it alone, thanks10:27
erUSULAdvoWork: b43-phy0 ERROR: This device does not support DMA on your system. Please use PIO instead.10:27
jaonmchristosdoes cinelerra do ogv? its not in the repo i think10:28
Misteriojaonmchristos: It isn't in repo10:28
soreau!info cinelerra10:28
AdvoWorkerUSUL, whats PIO and how do i use that instead? sorry :/10:28
ubottuPackage cinelerra does not exist in lucid10:28
soreau!info cinerella10:28
Misteriojaonmchristos: http://cinelerra.org/ Check this10:28
ubottuPackage cinerella does not exist in lucid10:28
karlois there any command for math in terminal ?10:29
erUSULAdvoWork: googling that; pio is programmmable input output10:29
jaonmchristosok im going to try it again10:29
soreaukarlo: You can do math with bash, yes10:29
llutzkarlo: "bc"10:29
jaonmchristosi cant beleive someone said wine10:29
ut_utPlease help me correct the problem not on the network in Ubuntu 10.04 :((...tks10:29
jaonmchristosi didnt download ubuntu so i can run everything in wine10:29
jaonmchristosits not like my computer didnt come with windows already10:30
soreauut_ut: How are you connecting? wifi, wired?10:30
erUSULAdvoWork: can you post the output of « modinfo b43 » ?10:30
phlak_userjaonmchristos: rather than rant, why dont you try and get your problem solved?10:30
jaonmchristosok going to try10:30
ut_utok, i'm conecting wired :)10:30
karlo<llutz> can you explain me syntax of bc...10:31
soreauut_ut: Does 'ifconfig' show an eth0 interface?10:31
mahen23jaonmchristos: who said wine?10:31
llutzkarlo: sorry no, read "man bc" for a start10:31
phlak_userAdvoWork: could this be one way -- > http://www.asee.com.np/solved-enable-wireless-from-broadcom-corporation-bcm4312-802-11bg-rev-01/94/10:32
phlak_userkarlo: just type bc ; if your machine doesnt go up in smoke, then type in 2+2, it should print 4 on the next line.10:33
ibnarrashidkarlo: bc is a programming language in itself, go here to see some basic usage http://www.kingcomputerservices.com/unix_101/using_bc_part_1.htm10:33
AdvoWorkerUSUL, http://pastebin.com/gEwApnFL10:33
llutz!info qalc10:33
ubottuqalc (source: libqalculate): Powerful and easy to use command line calculator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.6-4ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 107 kB, installed size 436 kB10:33
ut_uti don't know...i have not checked...When testing is finished I will contact you next time...i using win7 OS :(10:33
vaibhavhow to hibernate from terminal in ubuntu?? or set shortcut for hibernate??10:33
mahen23vaibhav: sleep?10:34
erUSULAdvoWork: sudo modprobe -r b43 && sudo modprobe b43 pio=110:34
erUSULvaibhav: s2disk ? or s2ram ?10:34
vaibhavmahen23: s2disk10:34
llutzvaibhav: pm-suspend10:34
AdvoWorkerUSUL, done that, now just test it?10:35
erUSULAdvoWork: "dmesg | tail -n20" to see if everything is ok ?10:35
AdvoWorkerUSUL, i still get mac suspend failed10:36
erUSULAdvoWork: :/ well. what about connection quality?10:36
AdvoWorkerUSUL, i cant even connect to the wireless still, just keeps asking for the password10:36
SkunkFootCan I volunteer documentation to the Ubuntu project?10:37
satish_How do I start the TurboC on jaunty by wine ?10:37
mahen23SkunkFoot: its done10:38
=== przemek_ is now known as peter_Z
phlak_userAdvoWork: did you see the link I posted? that talked about recompiling the Broadcom driver.10:38
SkunkFootmahen23: Nothing is ever "done"10:38
erUSULAdvoWork: :/ well this is as far as i can get with my knowledge. you may try with a newer driver install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic package and reboot; see if it makes any difference10:38
AdvoWorkerUSUL,  ok thanks for the help :)10:39
AdvoWorkphlak_user,  just looking now10:39
erUSULAdvoWork: no problem10:39
karlois there any command in terminal like "goto" in windows ?10:40
ibnarrashidkarlo: as in go to where? a different directory?10:41
karloas go to different line in script10:42
llutz10 goto 1010:42
vaibhavllutz: Thanks... :010:42
Dulak10 goto 20 20 goto 1010:43
llutz^advanced programming :(10:43
orschirodoes evince have a bookmarking option that goes further than just saving my session after closing the document?10:45
=== marwa is now known as ok9
vaibhavpm-hibernate how I can set it to keyboard shortcut ??10:46
llutzkarlo: there is nothing like that in bash, you can try using functions to get similar effects10:46
llutzkarlo: for more info, ask at #bash10:47
phlak_userkarlo: you only need the goto with interpreters like basic; with bash you can do much more like use for loops, while constructs, if and so on10:49
AdvoWorkphlak_user, followed that guide, and now i can't see any wireless connections :S10:49
phlak_useris the module loaded?10:49
AdvoWorkphlak_user, was that response for me?10:50
phlak_userAdvoWork: sorry yes10:50
phlak_userAdvoWork: can you confirm that the broadcom sta module is loaded from your lsmod?10:51
AdvoWorkphlak_user,  can't see it :S10:52
erUSULphlak_user: he is using b43 not wl sta10:52
ut_utpls...help me, problem when the network connection fails10:53
nemo__buenos dias10:53
phlak_usererUSUL: isnt that the issue then?10:53
GryllidaGr, Anjuta asks 'Are you sure you want to debug a program not using the Debug configuration?' every timeI'm trying to debug. How do I set the proper configuration?10:54
appamajigHello everyone! I'm having trouble with a USB microphone.  It's a nicer, $100+ one from Audio Technica. (AT2020) It has a bright blue LED built in, that should be on while it is plugged in to the computer and is ready to be used.  When I plug in the microphone, the LED comes on for about 2-3 second and then fades off, like it suddenly lost power (normally when the LED turns off it's quick, like a lightswitch) which makes me think that the10:54
appamajigUSB bus is not detecting the device (or maybe decided that it's not supported? dunno) and so drops the connection.  Any help would be appreciated10:54
nemo__hay alguien?10:54
erUSULphlak_user: dunno; the b43 driver recognices the chip10:54
erUSUL!es | nemo__10:54
ubottunemo__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:54
appamajigsorry for the long post, btw... and I did quite a bit of research on google, but really couldn't find a solution10:54
appamajigoh, and using lsusb does not show that it's connected10:55
nemo__joe ..crei qu estaba solo en el planeta10:55
phlak_userAdvoWork: can you paste the output of lspci -nn | grep Broadcom please? this will tell us whether the b43 will work or not10:55
appamajigI"m patient... I can wait my turn :) thanks in advance for any help that I get10:56
AdvoWorkphlak_user,  that lists: 0c:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g [14e4:4315] (rev 01)10:56
=== zz_zz_zz_ng_ is now known as zz_zz_zz_zz_ng_
jaonmchristosi used avidemux to edit some parts out of a video clip10:58
erUSULAdvoWork: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43 --->  supported 2.6.33 and later (PIO mode)10:58
jaonmchristosand it wont let me save it because it says the first frame is not a keyframe10:58
phlak_userAdvoWork: apparently that rev will not work with b4310:59
AdvoWorkargh, so what does that mean I have to do?10:59
phlak_usererUSUL: that page says that 11n will not work whereas AdvoWork seems to have an 11n chip11:00
phlak_userAdvoWork: did you try the wl module yet?11:01
AdvoWorkso im assuming that references: 14e4:4315    supported 2.6.33 and later (PIO mode)    BCM4312  b/g  LP   b43      so what would i have to do to get it working,or can i just not?11:01
AdvoWorkphlak_user,  i may have done, tried a few things now, was it on that link you pasted?11:01
erUSULphlak_user: obviously althought the driver tries to "drive" the chip it is very buggy so trying the sta from boradcom may be better11:01
phlak_usererUSUL: you're right, using fwcutter is not recommended11:02
jaonmchristoshow do i make the first frame a keyframe11:02
AdvoWorkphlak_user, erUSUL: in hardware drivers, it says im using broadcom sta proprietry wireless driver(but it wont show any wireless connections) the other driver i used before, showed them, but neither connect11:03
appamajigjaonmchristos: researching11:04
danyhi guys11:04
danydo you know how can I get the chat list with quassel?11:05
erUSULAdvoWork: so both drivers fail ? :/11:05
Misteriodany: /list ?11:05
erUSULdany: use alis service ... /msg alis list *searchterm*11:05
AdvoWorkyeah :S and im now struggling what else to try11:05
danyMisterio: it doesn't work in this way :(11:05
jaonmchristosif split clip actually did something in piviti11:07
danythanks anyway :)11:07
phlak_userAdvoWork: ive seen a thread suggesting ndiswrapper; do you want to try that?11:07
jaonmchristosavidemux isnt working11:07
jaonmchristoscomplaining about keyframe11:08
AdvoWorkphlak_user, ill try anything if it works :)11:08
jaonmchristosso back to piviti11:08
jaonmchristoswhy cant i get piviti to split the clip11:08
jaonmchristosi click it and it doesn nothing11:08
appamajigjaonmchristos: chill for a minute, I"m researching it11:08
jaonmchristosappamajig:  thanks11:08
appamajigjaonmchristos: it's fixable, I think, just do some googling, like I am... has to do with I-frames? I've never used avidemux, so I don't know what that is...11:09
phlak_userAdvoWork: check this --> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-distributions-5/confused-about-linux-804957/page8.html11:10
phlak_userAdvoWork: its fairly long&winded since they seem to be guiding someone at each step11:11
appamajigjaonmchristos: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/295782-How-to-get-started-with-avidemux-edit-and-convert-any-video-format/page211:11
appamajigjaonmchristos: I think that you need to choose smart copy...?11:11
appamajigjaonmchristos: search the page for smart and you'll see what I saw11:12
jaonmchristosi figured it out but it ruined my clip11:13
jaonmchristosu have to cut at a keyframe11:13
appamajiganyone up for maybe helping me with my USB microphone? not being detected, not shown in lsusb while it's plugged in... LED on the microphone does not stay on (for more than about 2-3 seconds)11:13
jaonmchristosso i cant cut where i want11:14
appamajigjaonmchristos: did you try the smart copy thing? or is it too late?11:14
jaonmchristoscut the firstfirst words11:14
jaonmchristoslet me look at that11:14
erUSULappamajig: looks like a hardware issue. tried different usb ports ?11:15
lorenzosuHi all. I'm still on karmic on my laptop. I will finally have time to upgrade but doing a clean install. I have a separate /home partition. Any particular suggestion/caution?11:15
Kwpolskado not format it?11:16
appamajigerUSUL: yeah, I've tried different ports, different cables... I'm thinking it might be hardware as well but it's an expensive mic and I"ve only used it a few times (owned it a little over a year or so) such a waste :( so I thought I'd try11:16
Kwpolskado not upgrade by package manager or other stuff, do a clean install?11:16
anodesniHi, I'm playing snes games with ZSNES, but the picture is stretched to fit the widescreen. Can I prevent this? I have the 10.6 ati proprietary driver installed.11:16
erUSULappamajig: look what dmesg says when you plug it ?11:17
john1hi i got problems installing ubuntu 904 on my laptop. try to use wubi, and ordinary installation. i also get the message that maybe the cd is broken, but thats the one i\m running from now. anyway i can install the files on a new cd witout downloading again_11:17
erUSULanodesni: maybe it has an option to play in a window rether than fullscreen11:17
john1or is that impossible_11:17
anodesnierUSUL, it is, but I prefer fullscreen11:18
Darksome_molly13this is going to sound stupid but how do I get Xchat to go into fullscreen mode? (if its even possible)11:18
phlak_userlorenzosu: make sure you dont format the home partition during the installation11:18
lorenzosuphlak_user, yes that's a good point....11:18
erUSULanodesni: well you can't have your cake and eat it too11:18
lorenzosuphlak_user, If I set the mount point during installation will it try and format it automatically?11:19
phlak_userlorenzosu: also, you can later mount the home partition by tweaking /etc/fstab once installation is complete11:19
phlak_userlorenzosu: only if you select the format checkbox11:19
anodesnierUSUL, windows does it too11:19
anodesnierUSUL, I mean keeping the 4:3 ratio11:19
appamajigerUSUL: http://pastebin.com/MZuqMjbU11:20
lorenzosuphlak_user, as for the former (mounting later) so I am able to install without setting the /home mountpoint during install11:20
appamajigerUSUL: I didn't know about dmesg :)11:21
erUSULappamajig: well those messages said nothing to me. maybe you can try in the linux-usb mailing list or something11:22
phlak_userlorenzosu: even if you dont set the mountpoint, the installer will create a /home directory by default. Make sure to first copy *everything* off it somewhere else, delete it and set the old partition as the new /home and then *copy* the contents of the backed-up new home into the newly mounted /home11:22
appamajigerUSUL: I did a search for device descriptor read/64, error -71 and maybe found some stuff.  Thanks a ton for pointing me in the right direction!11:22
erUSULappamajig: no problem11:23
lorenzosuphlak_user, ok thanks for the tips11:26
john1hi.. still need help with my install. of ubuntiu 804. live cd seems to be broken, any way i can transfere those files to an usb stick, and install from it_11:27
phlak_userlorenzosu: yw11:27
phlak_userjohn1: do you want to install 8.04 or 10.04?11:27
john1i want to upgrade later. but if its easier with 1004 ill do that11:28
Carachihello, i try to install postfix but i have this problem: when i test postfix via telnet  (ehlo) it  not write AUTH LOGIN PLAIN and AUTH=LOGIN PLAIN . how can i solve it?11:29
AdvoWorkphlak_user, just gone through all that setup, it went fine, still not listing wireless devices, so just trying a reboot11:29
phlak_userAdvoWork: ok11:30
phlak_userjohn1: this looks like a good starting point --> http://www.linuxconfig.org/install-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-linux-from-usb-stick11:30
john1thanks i\ll try. >(11:31
AdvoWorkphlak_user, still didnt work :/11:31
phlak_userAdvoWork: did you blacklist the b43 module?11:32
phlak_user!hi| V211:32
ubottuV2: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:32
phlak_userAdvoWork: to make sure it is ndiswrapper which is loading the driver and not b4311:33
llutzCarachi: "grep SASL /var/log/mail.log"11:33
john1i forgot to say that i have to download it directly to the usb stick, cause im running from the live cd now.. no other obtion.11:33
llutzCarachi: "grep sasl_auth /etc/postfix/main.cf"11:34
phlak_userjohn1: not necessarily, you can download it to the pc and then copy it to the usb11:34
john1ok. thanks again.11:34
phlak_userjohn1: yw11:35
Carachibroken_sasl_auth_clients = yes11:35
Carachismtpd_sasl_auth_enable = yes11:35
Carachismtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_unknown_sender_domain, reject_unknown_recipient_domain, reject_unauth_pipelining, permit_mynetworks, permit_sasl_authenticated, reject_unauth_destination11:35
Carachismtpd_sasl_authenticated_header = yes11:35
FloodBot4Carachi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:35
llutzCarachi: "grep SASL /var/log/mail.err"11:36
V2has anyone run cs 1.6 on ubuntu?11:37
skumarais there a channel to disguss the gnome desktop theme?11:37
skumaraor a forum?11:37
AdvoWorkphlak_user, no, didnt blacklist, how?11:37
Carachillutz:  is empty!11:37
llutzCarachi: can you pastebin "/var/log/mail.err" please?11:38
Carachillutz: is empty!11:39
llutzCarachi: oh11:39
phlak_userAdvoWork: add it to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf11:40
phlak_userAdvoWork: once you do this, turn wireless off and on11:40
phlak_userAdvoWork: or better reboot11:40
Carachillutz: is not good??11:41
=== do_ is now known as pelori
llutzCarachi: no err always is good :) just my idea about your error was wrong11:42
llutzCarachi: you'd better ask at #postfix, they have more experience11:42
Carachillutz: ok thant you very much11:43
phlak_userwonder why smplayer does not progress through a playlist? it keeps repeating the same song even though repeat is off11:47
GryllidaAnjuta asks 'Are you sure you want to debug a program not using the Debug configuration?' every timeI'm trying  to debug. How do I set the proper configuration?11:47
AdvoWorkphlak_user, sorry, what do i add to the blacklist?11:48
mapreduceHi.  I've installed llvm-gcc-2.4, but when I do llvmc test.c I get told "Can't find program: llvm-gcc"11:48
mapreduceAny suggestions?11:48
phlak_userAdvoWork: the name of the module. If it is b4311:48
Gryllidamapreduce, #gcc ? I don't really know.11:48
phlak_usermapreduce: type llvm-gcc and press tab, you might find out that the binary is also called llvm-gcc-2.411:49
mapreduceGryllida: I expect Ubuntu packaging issues for projects that aren't gcc to be off-topic in #gcc.11:49
mapreducephlak_user: llvm<tab> shows nothing containing 'gcc'.11:49
mapreduce<tab><tab> I mean.11:50
razz1how to get manual duplex working, I tried gnome-manual-duplex, couldn't get it work properly, I tried reinstall and the virtual printer disappeared. how to get it back again!!11:50
nandorhello all, I have konica minolta bizhub 211 printer; but I doesnt find a driver for it, and ubuntu printer setup didnt find it:\ what can I do now?11:53
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waanouJ'ai un probleme avec mon Ubuntu11:54
phlak_user!fr| waanou11:54
ubottuwaanou: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:54
nandor!en | waanou11:55
ubottuwaanou: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat11:55
vaibhavmicophone is not working in ubuntu 9.10, I tried to install alsa but still its not working..11:56
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:56
Gryllidavaibhav: ^11:57
nandorhello all, I have konica minolta bizhub 211 printer; but I doesnt find a driver for it, and ubuntu printer setup didnt find it:\ what can I do now??11:57
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows11:57
razz1anyone know how to set up manual duplex printing11:57
vaibhavthanks all, 'll try...11:57
funkyweaselOpen office keeps crashing :/  Nothing in the syslog, no idea how to debug.  Tried uninstalling and reinstalling.11:58
mapreducephlak_user: Looks like my problem will be fixed by updating from karmic to lucid.11:58
phlak_usermapreduce: no idea; you could give it a shot11:58
funkyweaselIt's getting to the point where the only stable openoffice experience I'll be able to get on my linux box is vncing to a windows box running openoffice11:59
phlak_userfunkyweasel: works just fine for me11:59
phlak_userfunkyweasel: try launching it from a terminal; that way you can see any errors that might crop up11:59
GryllidaWhat is the channel about anjuta?11:59
funkyweaselphlak_user: No errors are produced.  This is why I am at such a loss.12:00
nandorGryllida my printer not in the lis12:00
funkyweaselphlak_user: Nothing in syslog either.12:00
ubuntu-usr_hi all12:03
Oer!hi ubuntu-usr_12:04
ubuntu-usr_i've got ubuntu on usb stick. it works well until it loads. After full load by some poriod of time everthing works great but when screensaver activates or after small amount of time my ubuntu freezes. i suspect that some bios setting may be reason there byt i'm not certain. anybody is able to help me?12:05
ubuntu-usr_my ubuntu on usb stick is 10.0412:06
luisthey... how can i enable autocompleting the last used comands in terminal using page up and page down, like in other distros?12:08
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Hermanonwhenever i try to install a package i get this error :creating fuse group... udev active, skipping device node creation.12:09
=== lantizia_ is now known as Lantizia
Oerluist use the <TAB> to autocomplete12:10
luistOer: that will autocomplete based on PATH comands, not on last used commands12:10
danyhey guys can you tell me what's usually the command to uninstall programs with make? make clean ?12:11
Oerluist sorry, then i don't know12:11
Oerdany make does not install, it compiles. to remove software, use sudo apt-get remove <package> or use synaptic with a Gui12:12
danyOer: in this case I'm forced to use make..12:13
danyfound: make uninstall12:15
MasterOfDisasterdany: make can only do what's specified in the Makefile12:15
Oerdany, CD into your source directory and run: sudo make uninstall12:15
danythanks guys12:15
Oerhave fun12:15
MasterOfDisasterdany: you should be careful with that though12:15
danyyes yes12:15
danyMasterOfDisaster: why?12:15
Oer!cn | qin12:16
ubottuqin: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:16
MasterOfDisasterdany: it may overwrite files provided by system packages12:16
MasterOfDisasterdany: if run as superuser (root)12:17
danygot it12:17
danythanks for the info :))12:17
MasterOfDisasterdany: does it have a configure script?12:17
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=== _bnd_ is now known as bnnd
danyMasterOfDisaster: yes12:18
MasterOfDisasterdany: look at the "--prefix" option12:18
=== david is now known as Guest60623
MasterOfDisasterdany: if it needs --prefix="/usr", you can try installing it with make PREFIX="/path/to/safe_dir" install12:19
danyMasterOfDisaster: does in this way install 2 version of the packet, right?12:19
din_I look for the package libdvdcss2, it doesnt show in show in synaptic where can I find it?12:20
MasterOfDisasterdany: this is possible, yes12:20
progre55hi people! I've got a server that's using the CEST timezone.. how can I change it to UTC?12:20
progre55and will it affect the applications and services running on it? like, mysql12:21
owd95i have change some icons manually in gnome panel and now when i change back to the normal icon set many icons don't have i icon... how can i reset icons in gnome panel?12:21
danyMasterOfDisaster: I got it :) thanks again12:21
MasterOfDisasterdany: you're welcome12:21
Oer!resetpanels | owd9512:22
ubottuowd95: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:22
din_I look for the package libdvdcss2, it doesnt show in show in synaptic where can I find it?12:22
bazhangdin_, medibuntu.org12:23
Travelerhu77cup's stoped working all of a sudden12:23
Travelerhu77says pending onthe  jobs but nothing prints12:24
Travelerhu77not even a test page from the http gui12:24
Travelerhu77its a usb brother lazer printer12:24
Travelerhu77ubuntu server12:24
Travelerhu77any way to trouble shot the usb driver?12:25
owd95Oer: I have tried to reset my panels but it don't set the defualts icons back...12:25
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=== _bnd_ is now known as bnnd
mds1I'd like to install ubuntu on a computer with very slow internet connection.  So I'd like to have a dvd which includes all the updates that are available for ubuntu 10.04.  Where can I find that or a tutorial on howto do it myself?12:27
EuthanatosI can't seem to successfully set up port forwarding for my torrent applications in my routers.  I only have one but I bought a new one recently (to upgrade to wifiN) different router, different brand, I also tried this back in feisty and in in slackware 12.3/13/13.1 to no avail so I'm pretty sure it's something I'm doing wrong but I feel like i've tried everything and am not sure where to go from here12:28
bazhangmds1, you could remaster one, or just use aptoncd as a repo to update the machine (asssuming you have a machine with an up to date ubuntu on it)12:28
Euthanatoscurrently in lucid6412:28
bazhang!remaster > mds112:28
ubottumds1, please see my private message12:28
bazhang!aptoncd > mds112:29
Euthanatosvirtual machines are great for generating aptoncds12:29
mds1bazhang: cool, that helps.  Thanks!12:29
bazhangmds1, welcome12:29
EuthanatosI make a VM that i will log into, update then log out, clone, long into the clone download software and then generate the aptoncd for the desired machine.  i have a lot of people I'm trying to convince to use linux that don't have internet connections12:30
=== LjL^ is now known as LjL
midwestwardhow can i tell how many connections an application has opened with mysql?12:32
john38iflema, you around12:32
ikoniamidwestward: mysql can tell you that12:32
john38Can somebody help me12:32
ikoniajohn38: ask a question12:32
CitKaneHello World!12:33
MrDudleso i'm trying to install the hardware drivers for my wireless12:33
MrDudlei go to hardware drivers under administration12:33
MrDudleand when i do i get this message12:33
MrDudleSystemError: installArchives() failed12:33
john38ikonia, i installed alsa driver linuxant for modem but i no longer need so now my sound applet or sound preferneces no longer exist12:33
ikoniajohn38: not sure how a modem driver has anything to do with your sound card ?12:34
ikoniajohn38: I've never looked at that before.12:34
john38ikonia, i have no sound so i reinstalled alsa sound driver to have sound but still cant access sound applet12:34
john38ikonia, i had to uninstall alsa driver linuxant12:35
midwestwardikonia: how?12:36
john38ikonia, how do i restore sound applet preferences12:36
munichlinuxhow do i store the terminal history?12:37
MrDudleI am trying to isntall drivers for my wireless by going to hardware drivers under administration and i keep getting SystemError: installArchives() failed12:37
ManDayAny idea why the gnome-terminal has a transparent background although I chose "solid color" in the profile?12:37
l3arnWhy can't I join #math?12:38
chervacan someone tell me how to make phpmyadmin to listen only on the local interface ?12:38
bazhang!register > l3arn12:38
ubottul3arn, please see my private message12:38
bazhangl3arn, /join #freenode for help with that12:39
john38l3arn, /msg register12:39
anon_in #kubuntu12:39
CitKanemunichlinux: Under the terminal pereferences you can set the scroll to limitless. The terminal will remember your commands and you can access them using the up down keyboard arrows. You can aslo save the contenets12:42
rob_pcherva: Whatever http server you use to serve up phpmyadmin is responsible for what port you access it on.  So change the port on the server and you're set.12:42
john38ikonia, how do i restore sound applet preferences12:42
rob_pcherva: I meant interface, not port.12:42
ikoniajohn38: you just set the preferences to what you want12:43
john38ikonia, yes but i cant access its not there12:44
john38ikonia, when i go to system>preferneces>sound cant access it12:44
ikoniajohn38: what happens when you try to12:45
john38ikonia, it say "Waiting for sound applet to respond"12:46
ikoniaI have no idea what you've done to it, as I've never heard of you controlling a modem through alsa12:46
john38ikonia, well something happened to sound when i tried to remove alsa driver linuxant12:47
john38ikonia, the sound applet even generated a crash report i think12:47
john38ikonia, i wont go into details becuase i dont think its relevant i just need to restore sound applet12:48
w0_hello .. I got zsnes working, and I found a ton of roms.  problem is, each rom is individually zipped.. how can I do a mass unzip? (I tried 'unzip *zip' and it said 'caution, filename not matched: <files>')12:49
Seveasw0_, for f in *.zip; do unzip $f; done12:50
MasterOfDisasterw0_: for i in ls *.zip ; do unzip $i ; done12:50
jribSeveas wins12:50
SeveasI know. faster and actually correct :)12:50
john38ikonia, ?12:51
w0_okay .. hang on. I tried seveas's solution and I got a whole lotta 'unzip: cannot find or open <files>'12:52
john38ubottu, how do i restore sound applet12:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:53
w0_and I know that the zips are good, cause I can unzip them individually...12:53
isarockhi all12:53
jribw0_: are you in the right directory?12:53
luisthey... how can i enable autocompleting the last used comands in terminal using page up and page down like in some linux distros?12:54
w0_jrib: yes12:54
john38Anybody know how to restore sound applet in Ubuntu12:54
isarockevery one here know how to modify our terminal with fortune?12:54
jribw0_: pastebin "ls" followed by the command you ran that Seveas gave you and all the output for these commands12:54
isarockhow to input accssi?12:54
isarockhow to input accsi text?12:54
llutzw0_: for f in *.zip; do unzip "$f"; done                   if you have spaces in filenames12:55
isarockevery one here know how to modify our terminal with fortune?12:55
isarockevery one here know how to modify our terminal with fortune?12:55
isarockevery one here know how to modify our terminal with fortune?12:55
bogeyd6How can I use the cli over ssh to enable the remote desktop access in gnome with no password?12:55
FloodBot4isarock: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:55
w0_llutz: that did it !! thanx =)12:55
jribisarock: no, not everyone here knows I guess, since I don't.  Stop repeating please12:55
isarocksorry bro12:56
MasterOfDisasterw0_: IIRC zsnes does support opening zipped roms...12:56
bogeyd6!flooding | isarock12:56
ubottuisarock: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:56
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john38ubottu how do i restore sound applet12:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:56
john38Anybody know how to restore sound applet12:57
llutz!list > raffy12:57
ubotturaffy, please see my private message12:57
=== Rudemeister is now known as Guest34047
raffyeclipse film12:58
john38Anybody know how to restore sound applet12:58
ManDayAny idea why the gnome-terminal has a transparent background although I chose "solid color" in the profile?12:58
trojan_spikeany 1 know if there is a script i can get for 'open as root'?? open folder12:59
ManDaytrojan_spike: sudo nautilus12:59
ManDayor gksu nautilus12:59
jribtrojan_spike: that really shouldn't be necessary though...12:59
trojan_spikejust handier for a script..12:59
ManDayjrib: why not, if he wants to do administrative tasks..13:00
jribtrojan_spike: I mean, it's not something you should need to do that often for it to be an issue13:00
bogeyd6How can I use the cli over ssh to enable the remote desktop access in gnome with no password?13:00
MaRk-Itrojan_spike: search in synaptics nautilus scripts13:00
john38ikonia,  you still there13:00
phlak_userbogeyd6: are you able to ssh using cli?13:00
MasterOfDisasterbogeyd6: I'd suggest x11vnc, if you want to use an active session13:00
john38MasterOfDisaster, do you know how to restore sound applet13:01
john38phlak_user,  do you know how to restore sound applet13:01
ManDayAny idea why the gnome-terminal has a transparent background although I chose "solid color" in the profile?13:01
phlak_userjohn38: what does that mean?13:01
john38phlak_user,  i cant access when System>Preferences>sound13:02
phlak_userManDay: is it set for the default profile?13:03
davissHi, is there anybody from the US still online here? Looking for a quick help from US person. Helping to test a new iPhone product :)13:03
MegaHerzHi all. Why 'pkill -f sshfs' doesn't terminate sshfs process?13:04
Oer!ot | daviss13:04
ubottudaviss: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:04
phlak_userjohn38: does it get launched when you type gnome-volume-control in a terminal ?13:04
isarock-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>anyone have an idea to make accsi??plis ------>>>>thats screenshot  http://i28.tinypic.com/9knsiq.jpg13:04
ManDayphlak_user: i only have the default profile. I see the transparency change when i drag the slider and when i set it to 100% opaque that works, but as ssoon as i swithc to "solid color" the background becomes transparent (semi opaque)13:04
john38phlak_user, ** (gnome-volume-control:3962): WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting...13:05
Oerjohn do not forget to tell why you can't enter sound, removing a modemdriver13:05
phlak_userManDay: does it happen when you set it to a background image?13:05
trojan_spikegot 1 cheers,, 'browse as root'13:06
oCean_isarock: stop that13:06
ManDayphlak_user: no it doesnt13:06
isarockoCean???????wht u mean bro??13:06
ManDayisarock: he means that you are not the only person in this channel13:07
john38Well of course i had Alsa Driver proprietary installed for my sound but i had recently installed alsa driver linuxant for analog modem but i decided to uninstaleld gnomeppp i guess as well as alsa driver linuxant i saw that it generated a crash report13:07
oCean_isarock: you can behave like the other users. Do not input messages like your previous post.13:08
phlak_userjohn38: did you remove the pulseaudio server?13:08
llutz!info aewan > isarock13:08
john38phlak_user,  yes i uninstalled pulseaudio totally becuase i was trying to get game to work13:09
phlak_userjohn38: ok; the gnome-volume-control-applet is trying to connect to the pulseaudio server and hence failing. you need to change it.13:09
john38phlak_user, but that was before this crash thing happened13:09
john38phlak_user,  now what13:10
phlak_userjohn38: in this file --> /usr/share/gnome/autostart/gnome-volume-control-applet.desktop13:10
phlak_userjohn38: check if TryExec=/usr/bin/pulseaudio13:10
john38doesnt work13:12
john38phlak_user,  doesnt work13:12
john38phlak_user, im in /usr/share/gnome/autostart$13:12
john38phlak_user,  when i pasted /usr/share/gnome/autostart/gnome-volume-control-applet.desktop bash: cd: /usr/share/gnome/autostart/gnome-volume-control-applet.desktop: No such file or directory13:14
erkan^Have someone drivel too?13:14
AzaToth_workdoes the error message on http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid-backports/ means there are no backports made yet for lucid?13:16
MegaHerzHi. Looking for brave guys who want to repeat my stupiest achievement. This magic command will bring fun to your desktop: pkill -f process -v. Run it only if you know what you are doing or you want to play Russian Rulette13:16
erkan^I have a problem13:16
AzaToth_workerkan^: we all have problems13:16
AzaToth_workerkan^: please specify13:16
oCean_MegaHerz: Stop that!13:16
MegaHerzOne question - why shit happened?13:16
erkan^do you know "drivel",  AzaToth_work ?13:17
trojan_spikeMegaHerz, dont be advertising that13:17
MegaHerzoCean_: I said - don't do that, right?13:17
MegaHerztrojan_spike: of course13:17
Cheerywrong channel. :/13:17
oCean_MegaHerz: don't even post it, never again13:17
MegaHerztrojan_spike: just want to know why it did that13:17
Cheeryoh yeah. there's one question I have:13:17
llutzMegaHerz: why did you use that command if you don't know what it does?13:17
trojan_spikecheck the forum13:17
john38phlak_user, you there13:17
AzaToth_workerkan^: sadly no13:17
Cheeryhow to insert a python-written server into services -list?13:17
Cheery(so it starts and closes along other system)13:18
llutzMegaHerz: "man pkill" gives you the answer13:18
MegaHerzllutz: well, I did like I said - stupiest thing. I was wondering why it dones't kill a process, and.. to increase verbosity, I add -v13:18
MegaHerzllutz: not reading man of course13:18
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
erkan^I mean "13:18
erkan^Drivel Journal Editor13:18
erkan^", AzaToth_work13:18
llutzMegaHerz: -v != +verbose13:19
MegaHerzllutz: yeah, I see now )13:19
MegaHerzllutz: it was fun actually, thanks fortune I was no running anything imporant13:19
MegaHerz-v stands for Nagation. Nice ncie13:20
joobieguys is it possible to put /boot on a LVM and still be ok with booting?13:23
oCean_joobie: nope, /boot cannot be on LVM13:23
john38Anybody here know how to restore gnome-volume-control-applet13:24
joobieoCean_, i converted an image and loaded it up on a disk im trying to boot with13:25
joobieit looks like /boot is on that disk13:25
joobiebut how can i confirm this?13:25
joobieerr, it looks like /boot is on the LVM parititon even13:25
joobieim at the grub rescue> prompt atm13:25
oCean_joobie: 'converted an image' ? converted what? what image?13:27
joobieoCean_, converted an xenserver image to a raw image13:27
joobiethen dd'ed the raw image to a disk13:27
joobiethere are two partitions on the disk, one is lvm the other is extended13:28
joobieit's possible the extended is the /boot actually13:28
joobiewhen i boot up the disk, it goes to grub rescue> prompt13:28
oCean_joobie: technically, you could have /boot in lvm, but most bootloaders don't understand LVM. I don't know for sure if grub2 is capable of booting lvm13:30
john38oCean_, i cant access system>prefernces>Sound13:31
RogaschHello, i have a generell Question about Ubuntu and PDC. Im currently building a small Network for a youth-center and i want to install on all systems Ubuntu, but i also want to have a Server for saving the Profiles on a Server. How do i do this? Can anyone tell me a good Howto?13:32
jaonmchristoshello folks13:32
jaonmchristosi am using macchaner to change my maci would like it to automatically change before each connection or at boot13:33
jaonmchristosit requieres sudo13:33
jaonmchristosso how do i get it to run with admin priv at boot13:33
randy_Rogasch: when you say 'Profiles' what do you mean exactly?13:33
jaonmchristosi know how to make a reg prog run but not as sudo13:34
llutzjaonmchristos: add it to /etc/rc.local13:34
jaonmchristosis that a text file?13:34
john38Anybody here know how to restore gnome-volume-control-applet13:34
llutzjaonmchristos: it is13:34
sysieriushello all13:34
john38cant access system>prefernces>Sound13:34
Rogaschrandy: well Files configs ....13:34
jaonmchristosso just put the command macchanger -r eth0 in there?13:34
=== luftikuss is now known as luftikus2
llutzjaonmchristos:add the command you want to execute13:35
llutzjaonmchristos: without sudo13:35
trojan_spikeRogasch, profiles accessible from other locations?13:35
Lalondoes xchat works for ubuntu?13:35
BelseruskEvery time I start Chromium in Ubuntu lately, I get this message: "Your profile could not be opened correctly. Some features may be unavailable.  Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents." How do I solve this?13:35
Rogaschrandy: right13:35
oCean_Lalon: yes13:35
llutzLalon: it does13:35
sysieriusi am on ubuntu 10.413:35
ChogyDanBelserusk: delete Web Data13:36
randy_trojan_spike: (from Rogasch), right13:36
LalonoCean_,  how to u pm someone on xchat13:36
oCean_sysierius: 10.04 probably :)13:36
jaonmchristosdamn empathy13:36
ChogyDanBelserusk: the file13:36
Rogaschrandy: i simply want that a user can login on any system and have there profile13:36
jaonmchristosi cant scroll up13:36
Laloni cliclk someone but it only whois them13:36
jaonmchristosit autoscrolls to bottom after every msg13:36
jaonmchristoswhat was it again?13:36
oCean_Lalon: type /msg nick13:36
elkyLalon, you can simply type /msg nickname message13:36
john38Anybody here know how to restore gnome-volume-control-applet13:36
john38cant access system>prefernces>Sound13:36
randy_Rogasch: ok, i think i know what you're looking for13:36
llutzRogasch: google for mounting home via nfs13:36
LalonoCean_,  i know this command is there any double clicking thing...13:36
ChogyDanjohn38: what happens?13:37
randy_Rogasch: yeah, i agree with llutz13:37
Lalonlike what i used to do in mirc13:37
sysieriusand on a dual-core with nvidia 9800GT13:37
alan___hey guys whats the command to remove xchat13:37
Rogaschthanks both13:37
john38ChogyDan, "Waiting for sound applet to respond"13:37
oCean_Lalon: right click, open dialog window?13:37
elkyLalon, you can "open a dialog" and switch to that tab to type13:37
LalonoCean_,  okk how can i make the dialog window in restore mode.. it opens in maximize mode13:37
oCean_Lalon: sorry, no idea. I use my mouse as little as possible13:38
LalonoCean_,  how do u make it small with mouse13:38
ChogyDanjohn38: is that what is says on the cli?13:39
oCean_Lalon: see my previous answer13:39
sysieriusanyone know how to open windows in ubuntu?13:39
john38ChogyDan, when i go to System>Preferences>Sound13:39
oCean_sysierius: what?13:39
idiothi can anyone help me with the inguma package in karmic?13:39
randy_sysierius: the best way to do that now is with VirtualBox, or a similar Virtual Machine application13:39
ChogyDanjohn38: yeah, I dunno, but I would look at what happens on the terminal13:40
=== idiot is now known as Guest9158
sysieriushow to open a OS in linux (in a window)13:40
craigbass1976What kind of a ruckus is it to only allow a user access to /home/thatuser/13:40
=== Guest9158 is now known as idioteque
llutzsysierius: use vmware, virtualbox, whatever13:40
idiotequehi can anyone help me with the inguma package in karmic?13:40
oCean_sysierius: really: what?13:40
phlak_userjohn38: sorry was AFK13:40
sysieriusLOLLL ok thanks13:41
john38phlak_user,  ok13:41
oCean_idioteque: help with what13:41
john38phlak_user,  didnt work13:41
siddhionGreetings. I am running Xubuntu and I can not get it to recognize my Wireless card. How can I do this?13:41
idiotequeoCean_, when i try to run inguma i get some errors13:41
phlak_userjohn38: oh ok, hangon13:41
idiotequei installed as it is from the rep13:41
siddhionI ran a 'sudo lshw -C network' but I do not know what to make of it really.13:42
randy_siddhion: first, did you google the internet with 'ubuntu' in order to find out if someone else is having your exact problem?13:42
oCean_idioteque: ok, so it installed fine? Sorry, I don't know about using inguma. Try describing (detailed but in one single line) your issue to the channel13:42
idiotequeoCean_, specifically i get this error http://pastebin.com/MPbdvXJ313:42
randy_siddhion: and did any one else encouter a similar issue?13:42
siddhionsort of13:43
sysieriusaii.... ubuntu make a crash XD13:43
Lalonwhat issue13:43
cablopwhat is a good replacement to 7zip winrar in ubuntu?13:43
Lalonomg does ubuntu crash like windows?13:43
siddhionwell, its just that I cant find my wireless card in the list over at http://linux-wless.passys.nl/13:44
siddhioni should have been more specific13:44
sysieriusubuntu have NO blue screen of death XD13:44
hiddenkirbycablop: gzip13:44
Lalonsysierius,  cool13:44
Lalonthats why i like ubuntu..13:44
cablopgzip? i don't talk about the format, i talk about the interface13:44
idiotequeHi folks I installed Inguma on 10.04 and when i run i get this error http://pastebin.com/MPbdvXJ313:44
oCean_sysierius: Lalon please stay on topic: technical issues/questions only13:44
Laloni just kiked of windows and using my ubuntu13:45
idiotequei installed using apt-get13:45
cablopi need a gui archiver like 7zip or Winrar13:45
sysieriuson wat?13:45
MaRk-Icablop: peazip13:45
LalonoCean_,  do u know any software like Du meter which shows network Dl and Upload speed in graph13:45
randy_siddhion: right..13:45
sysieriusi need OPEN-GL13:45
phlak_userLalon: bmon13:46
sysieriusi have only DX-1013:46
Lalonwhat is Open-GL13:46
Lalonphlak_user,  bmon whats that13:46
john38phlak_user, ??13:46
siddhionrandy_ sorry.13:46
cabloppeazip, thanks, i'll give it a try, MaRk-I13:46
randy_siddhion: is your wireless card new? like, has your model been on the market for a very short period of time?13:46
sysieriusopen GL is 3D sofware13:46
phlak_user!info bmon | Lalon13:47
ubottuLalon: bmon (source: bmon): portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-3 (lucid), package size 42 kB, installed size 180 kB13:47
owd95I'm going to install Ubuntu and wonder if i would let ubuntu create the partitions or if i will do it manually. I have 4gb ram so how big swap need i?13:47
siddhionrandy_ i just opened up Hardware Drivers and its attempt to find them failed. it could not find any hardware driver let alone my Wireless card's13:47
Lalonok phlak_user13:48
abhijithelluuu all :) !!!13:48
sysieriusopen-GL like  DirectX13:48
Rogaschrandy: i quick question, i read about NFS i think thats exectly what i need. but i do not understand where the users (Accounts) are saved so that they can login from any system without running to everey system an add the Useraccount13:48
john38phlak_user, cant access System>Preferences>Sound13:48
phlak_userjohn38: apparently that config file is not available in that place for ubuntu; im looking around13:48
siddhionrandy_, no, my wireless card is from 200513:48
john38phlak_user, ok13:48
=== bullgard4 is now known as luftikuss
sysieriusyou need open-GL for runescape13:48
sysieriusand more games13:48
abhijitowd95, at 4gb ram you dont need much swap. you may keep it as of 2gb or 4gb13:48
john38phlak_user, am i going to have to end up reinstalling Ubuntu13:49
abhijit!swap | owd9513:49
ubottuowd95: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info13:49
llutzRogasch: you'll need something like ldap too, to manage your useraccounts13:49
sysieriusnah i have 8GB ram13:49
abhijitowd95, also a sufficient swap space is required if you are going to use 'hibernate' facility13:49
randy_siddhion: reluctantly, my friend, the world of wireless drivers for linux is treacherous and filled with traps.  I'm sure one day they will be better, when vendors support their product with linux, but not now :(  I'm not sure what to suggest as a good course of action at this point that would be very beneficial :(13:49
oCean_sysierius: do you have an actual question?13:49
Rogaschllutz: ohh crap a never brought this to run....13:50
dv_hi, anybody tried out libvirt and qemu with ubuntu server?13:50
idiotequeHi folks I installed Inguma on 10.04 and when i run i get this error http://pastebin.com/MPbdvXJ3 Pls help me out13:50
oCean_sysierius: in that case, please refrain from entering offtopic messages in the channel.13:50
randy_Rogasch: ok, yeah, 'Single Sign on', ldap, centralized accounts, all that madness13:50
corecodei just switched my motherboard and now the new HDA card is not detected as 5.1 analog output13:51
corecodehow do i tell it to behave as 5.1 and not as stereo out?13:51
siddhionrandy_ that is too bad13:51
owd95abhijit: thx, i have a desktop computer so i don't need hibernation13:51
abhijitowd95, ok13:51
=== luftikuss is now known as bullgard4
phlak_usercorecode: you could try using pavucontrol if you're using pulse audio server13:51
corecodephlak_user: alsamixer already doesn't show 5.1 options13:52
owd95abhijit: but if i leet ubuntu create the paritions how big will the swap be?13:52
neil_dcablop: you have fileroller installed by default.13:52
cablopneil_d fileroller don't let me select sompression level13:52
abhijitowd95, i never tried in 4gb but its approx duoble of ram. but i dont know exactly.13:52
randy_siddhion: to be honest, i used to have to so many issues with wireless (using a mainstream well supported card) that I now use a dd-wrt router running as a wireless repeater, patching the router to my computer via a safe and reliable ethernet cable13:52
corecodephlak_user: and i can only set the profile to analog stereo duplex, but not to 5.1 analog output13:52
Rogaschrandy_: yeah its madness for me :P i just started i few month ago with Linux... for me, its not that easy13:53
abhijitowd95, you will get more info on that link givn by ubottu13:53
dr3mrohey guys , I have a new USB modem stick huawei e 1550 n ubuntu 10.04 and it works gr8 but I need to monitor my bandwidth usage And want to send sms from it using ubuntu ... it contains a cdfs with those software but only for windows ... please help .. i dont want to use wine i want to use native linux apps13:53
MaRk-I!hdaintel | corecode13:53
ubottucorecode: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto13:53
owd95abhijit: ok, thx!13:53
abhijitowd95, welcome :)13:53
idiotequeHi folks I installed Inguma on 10.04 and when i run i get this error http://pastebin.com/MPbdvXJ3 Pls help me out13:53
siddhionrandy_, that sounds unfeasable for me at this point! anyways, i just google searched the name of my Wireless adaptor and the first result was a Linux issue. hahah13:53
randy_Rogasch: but its a lot cheaper than Active Directory...13:53
neil_dcablop: so why do you want to.. just let it do its best.13:53
cablopneil_d some times i just want to arcive with no compression to send files to a customer and some times i require extra compression to save some bandwidth13:54
Rogaschrandy_ yeah thats true, well i will try it again with ldap13:54
Rogaschrandy: thanks again13:54
sysieriushow to install ubuntu and kubuntu at 1 pc?13:54
randy_Rogasch: don't mention it.  are you running ubuntu-server ?13:55
cablopneil_d in other words, custom needs, that the default compresion lvl don't suit13:55
Rogaschrandy_ yes i am13:55
oCean_sysierius: install one first, leave some partitionspace, then install second13:55
abhijitsysierius,  which os is installed already?13:55
MasterOfDisasterdr3mro: take your pick: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-linux.html13:55
randy_Rogasch: i'm assuming that you've read the Ubuntu Server Manual?13:55
rileypanyone using amarak?13:56
sysieriusubuntu 10.4, windows vista, mac OS X13:56
llutzsysierius: install ubuntu and just add "sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop" then. switch at gsm session-dialog13:56
Rogaschrandy_ no, not all of it :/13:56
llutzsysierius: no need to install both13:56
corecodeMaRk-I: my codec is not even listed?13:56
abhijitsysierius, then you can install kubuntu alongside of all those os. yes and if you want only kubuntu desktop inside ubuntu i.e. gnome and kde both in your os then follow as llutz is saying13:56
Rogaschrandy_ yeah i know i shoud do this first :)13:56
dr3mroMasterOfDisaster, Ok thnx any way but i know about those i just want to recharge using sms .. but i cant send sms in ubuntu13:57
sysieriusoh.... okay^^13:57
MaRk-Icorecode: install the other codecs, zip, unrar, 7zip13:57
randy_Rogasch: you're going to want to *carefully* read the section on network authentication: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-authentication.html13:57
llutzgdm-session-dialog **13:57
Kre10sIs it possible to have window focus changed on mousover of the task bar?13:58
sysieriusis Xchat also for windows?13:58
Rogaschrandy_: yes, i will do that13:58
devalientesNo only for ubuntu13:58
oCean_sysierius: this is ubuntu channel only13:58
MasterOfDisasterdr3mro: have a look at gnokii13:58
abhijitsysierius, yes but official xcat is paid in windows13:58
devalientesxchat only for ubuntu..13:58
llutzsysierius: there is xchat for windows too13:58
dsnydersAARGH!!!  Firefox is broken.  When I highlight text, right click, and choose google search, I wind up at www.google.ca/firefox instead of a results page.  How do I fix this?13:59
sysieriuslol 1 says: no. and 3 says yes.13:59
randy_Rogasch: i believe if you start from there, you will have some luck.  just make sure that you understand what you're doing and why ;) good luck!13:59
llutzsysierius: www.silverex.org13:59
devalientesxchat for windows too sorry13:59
abhijitsysierius, majority wins :D :D lol :p13:59
Rogaschrandy_ thank you for your help13:59
neil_dcablop: ok..  I think you are being too fussy.. I just go with the best I can get all the time.   btw.. a tar archive doesn't compress the files.13:59
dr3mroMasterOfDisaster, will it work with huawei e1550 .. it not okia phone13:59
corecodeMaRk-I: zip unrar?14:00
corecodeMaRk-I: what are you talking about?14:00
cablopneil_d and i thing you want to force my needs into your needs... i need custom compression levels, if you don't know the answer don't try to say others how to accomplish their jobs14:00
MasterOfDisasterdr3mro: http://wiki.gnokii.org/index.php/Huawei14:00
sysieriushave anyone here deviantart?14:00
MaRk-Icorecode: nothing disregard that comment, find whatever you need14:00
MasterOfDisasterdr3mro: just go ahead and try it14:01
oCean_!anyone | sysierius14:01
ubottusysierius: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?14:01
MrDudlesysierius, i do14:01
sysieriuscan i have it?14:02
cablopmmm, they tried to windows-sevenize the last ubuntu... but they failed :(14:02
whileimhere231Hi, I noticed a few updates ago that my gnome-terminal has stopped allowing me to use the tab method to auto-extend commands. Anyone know how to fix this?14:02
BluesKajHiya folks14:02
sysieriusubottu: i am not so good in ENG14:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:02
neil_dcablop: I am not.. don't get mean.  bye14:02
oCean_sysierius: you understand very well. Behave14:02
datacrusherhello, i got a 2008 windows server, but i cant acces a file share from ubuntu, i got an error like: fail recovering file list14:03
cablopok neil_d sorry... but i'm just getting tired of getting that kind of answers all around the open source community, os community talk about freedom, but always say the user how to do his things14:03
BluesKaj!nl | sysierius14:03
ubottusysierius: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl14:03
datacrusherwhat should i do, add the user to the server machine?14:04
sysieriusMrDudle: can i have your DA?14:04
MrDudlei already said that14:04
devalientesanybody can help  me with one buckup script?14:04
oCean_sysierius: please stay on topic14:04
oCean_!backup | devalientes14:04
ubottudevalientes: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning14:04
randy_Rogasch: still there?14:04
devalientesThanks ubottu14:05
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate14:05
redxaxderhello. does someone here know how to install a package onto a computer without internet access?14:06
oCean_!offline | redxaxder14:06
ubotturedxaxder: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD14:06
devalientesredxaxer downloading the tr.gz package an taking it to the other computer?14:06
devalientesor the .deb package14:07
euph0riai'm running ubuntu 32-bit but for some reason I seem to be missing ia32-libs included files.. is there any package I can install in 32-bit to get the equivalent of ia32-libs?14:07
fumanchu182I have a AMD chipset, is there a version of the Kernel that is optimized for AMD cpu's?14:07
Kre10swhen I click the icon for Rythmbox in the notification area, but it is already maximized on a different workspace, It will minimize first, and I must click it again to bring it to the current workspace.14:07
oCean_euph0ria: running native 32 bits, you'll have all the 32bit libs?14:07
sysieriusMrDudle: i think I have found you :314:07
euph0riaoCean_: i don't.. running a stripped server version14:07
Kre10sCan this be changed. to say bring the window maximized to the current workspace. regardless of its current state?14:08
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning14:08
MrDudlesysierius: I'll just block you.14:08
oCean_euph0ria: so, what are you actually missing?14:08
sysieriusyou cant block on DA14:08
MrDudle#1 I don't know you. #2 i don't like you. #3 Stalking me on DA is creepy14:08
ikoniasysierius: do you have an ubuntu support question ?14:08
euph0riaoCean_:  error while loading shared libraries: libXext.so.614:08
ikoniaMrDudle: please stop14:08
redxaxderdevalientes, how can i find the associated .deb or .tar.gz file for a package i found in synaptic?14:08
ikoniasysierius: ok - then please keep the offtopic conversation out of this channel, it's a support channel only14:09
sysieriuswhat a bull shit... cya14:09
ikoniasysierius: bye14:09
devalientesredxaxer you downloaded from the Internet?14:09
oCean_euph0ria: yeah, ok. but what's the problem installing ia32-libs?14:09
euph0riaoCean_: when i run sudo apt-get install ia32-libs  says it can't find the package :/14:10
redxaxderah, never mind. i see it14:10
euph0riaoCean_: is it because it's made for 64-bit and it detects I run 32-bit?14:10
devalientesredzaxder ok ;)14:10
dsnydersHi all!  Why do I wind up at www.google.ca/firefox instead of a results page when I right click>google search some highlighted text?14:10
llutzeuph0ria: use libxext614:11
experiMENTALhi. problem not solved, plz. black screen with white flashing stripes up to half of the screen preceded by a message "checking battery state... [OK]": http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153154314:11
abhijithello m bavk ! :)14:11
oCean_euph0ria: aha14:11
neil_dcablop: allright... but what I am getting at is if you can get 50% compression, why go with 40% or 0%.    sometime having an option to use doesn't mean you need it or should use it.   I have allways used ether fileroller or the just used the gnome folder compress option.   sorry I can't help you.14:11
oCean_euph0ria: what llutz said :)14:11
llutzeuph0ria: you don't need ia32* on 32bit systems14:12
euph0riak, I'll try.. what I want to do is to use wkhtmltopdf latest version, the static library14:12
szonekis there a way to filter only INGOING packets with tcpdump? all packets14:13
ikoniaerkan^: what are you looking for ?14:14
euph0riallutz: thanks, worked like a charm!14:15
redxaxdererr, by any chance does someone know what folder synaptic downloads package files to?14:15
euph0riaoCean_: thanks you too :)14:15
* makulkar disconnected**** not sure if I missed all the help I might have got :(14:15
erkan^I have a problem with a drivel, ikonia14:15
ikoniaredxaxder: /var/apt14:15
erUSUL!aptoncd | redxaxder14:15
ubotturedxaxder: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline14:15
ikoniaerkan^: what's the issue14:15
oCean_szonek: maybe using "dst" - as in "tcpdump -i eth0 dst <ip.addr>"14:15
erUSULredxaxder: /var/cache/apt/archives/14:15
oCean_euph0ria: you're welcome14:15
redxaxderthank you14:15
erkan^Drivel Journal Editor14:16
erkan^a wait14:16
makulkarlet me try my luck again, any help for "how do i increase size of c:\ubuntu\disk\root.disk"?14:16
abhijit!details | erkan^14:17
ubottuerkan^: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:17
ikoniamakulkar: interesting, I'm not sure you can grow that like a partition14:17
ikoniamakulkar: to grow/change it it would have to not be in use, but you'd need tools from the linux platform to change it14:17
jaonmchristoswhat does this mean : # This script is executed at the end of each multiuser runlevel.14:17
makulkarikonia: really? so dead lock situation?14:17
john38euph0ria, do a search for file in http://packages.ubuntu.com/14:18
erkan^I have wroten a subscribe by Drivel Journal Editor: ...@ password blogger, etc. than I have clicked SUBSCRIBE. a window went to close, without i can not make a editor, abhijit and ikonia14:18
ikoniamakulkar: I'm not %100 certain, but I can't see how you could resize it14:18
euph0riajohn38: thanks, problem solved14:18
morris1i have the newest wine installed, but the iexplore does only show the winehq website, there's no controls and no navigation/url field or anything. what is wrong?14:18
erkan^@gmail.com and blogger.com14:18
abhijiterkan^, same problem with me.14:18
erkan^but i see that doesn't work by Drivel Journal Editor14:19
erkan^ow have that problem lost?14:19
oCean_makulkar: maybe here. See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How%20do%20I%20resize%20the%20virtual%20disks?14:19
john38phlak_user,  msg me solution or results14:19
BluesKajmorris1, IE doesn't run well even in wine14:20
abhijiterkan^, when i enter all details and click on log in then drive journal closes & nothing happens14:20
jaonmchristossomeone help pls14:20
erkan^that is right! but how lost a problem? a bug, etc, abhijit ?14:20
abhijitjaonmchristos, may be you get some help in #bash?14:21
BluesKajmorris1, if you need to you can set other brosers to act like IE14:21
ikoniajaonmchristos: it's a script that's automatcially run when the machine is finished booting14:21
erkan^sorry I mean lost --> solve... abhijit14:21
abhijiterkan^, its a bug14:21
jaonmchristosjust tell me how to get a cli command to run at every boot14:21
jaonmchristosthats all i need a sudo command at that14:21
jaonmchristosso i cant use the gnome startup progs14:21
morris1BluesKaj: like, make firefox act like IE? how?14:21
jaonmchristossudo macchanger -r eth014:21
jaonmchristosi want that to run at every boot14:22
kevin__why in linux have small amount of viruses14:22
jaonmchristosno password needed14:22
sam__any 1 good with nvidia settings?14:22
llutzkevin__: because of the small amount uf users :)14:22
abhijiterkan^, i am also trying to find solution. i contacted drive journal and I am now waiting for their reply14:22
john38BluesKaj, having trouble in wine just download install latest wine version by adding ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa to software sources14:22
ikoniakermit_: it's just the way it's designed, it's not really on topic for this channel though14:22
erkan^ok, i wait too14:22
john38BluesKaj, stable version14:22
erkan^for mailing14:22
jaonmchristosllutz:  true14:22
bazhang!lnw > kevin__14:22
ubottukevin__, please see my private message14:23
jaonmchristosllutz: also useability when usability increase security decrease14:23
bazhangkevin__, please take this chat to #ubuntu-offtopic14:23
jaonmchristossomeone please tell me how to run sudo macchanger -r eth0 at boot without input14:23
llutzjaonmchristos: that depends on your deifnition of usability14:23
abhijiterkan^, till then you can try another software called 'blog entry poster'14:23
zebulon_ /quit14:23
erkan^yes i have tried another software.. but i lik drivel :S14:24
neil_djaonmchristos: there is the /etc/rc.local file that runs things at boot after most of the boot process is done.14:24
abhijiterkan^, ok14:24
jaonmchristosneil_l_d ok thanks but does it run for all users14:25
jaonmchristosit said something about multiuser runlevel in the file14:25
erkan^which software for a blog do you use now, abhijit ?14:25
neil_djaonmchristos: its run as root.  before there is any login done.14:25
WhackaHello! I need to know how to delete ~5mb from the end of a file. Also I was wondering if there was a way to intergrate the XFCE bulk-rename utility into Nautillus, thanks!14:25
soreaujaonmchristos: put it in /etc/rc.local without sudo and it should run as root before any user logs in14:26
abhijiterkan^, no i dont use yet. i directly use web browser only14:26
klappiWhacka: try dd14:26
BluesKajmorris1, dunno about FF , but epiphany and konqueror settings/configure/browser ident14:26
jaonmchristosthanks guys i will try that14:26
neil_dsoreau: snap!14:26
Whacka@klappi What parameters?14:26
phlak_userWhacka: is it a text file?14:26
morris1BluesKaj: i'm not worried about the browser ident, i want to view web pages in IE to see if they are displayed correctly14:27
Kre10sWhacka: yes. you can integrate things into nautillus using scripts.14:27
erkan^abhijit: http://blogtk.jayreding.com/14:27
jaonmchristosllutz: for instance ubuntu asks for admin password like 100 times a session interrupting actual y using the computer14:27
WhackaIt's an archive14:27
erkan^that is good too, but i have a problem: that have no picture or <img>14:27
phlak_userWhacka: like a tar?14:27
jaonmchristosllutz: it stops virii but decreases useability also scaring users out14:28
abhijiterkan^, thanks I wll look at it.14:28
erkan^ok (:14:28
Whackaphlak_user: Yes, the end of it downloaded corrupted.14:28
BluesKajmorris1, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-to-install-internet-explorer-on-linux.html14:28
portatilhelo im always getting no javac compiler found im on ubuntu :S14:28
llutzjaonmchristos: a normal user won't be asked once, because he doesn't have to administrate anything14:28
jaonmchristosllutz: yeah right because ubutu comes with everything u need and it all works out of box14:29
phlak_userportatil: do you have it installed?14:29
jaonmchristosllutz: i wish i worked there i would make it something nice14:29
llutzjaonmchristos: nice idea, far away from reality14:29
neil_djaonmchristos: you can also start up a terminal... then run the command 'sudo -i' to get a root terminal14:29
jaonmchristosllutz: i would have it be just that all the basics there and useable out of box14:29
phlak_userportatil: if not, sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk will do the trick14:29
cimehi! anybody know how to make Tomcat 6 listen on remote IP? on Ubuntu 10.04 with OpenJDK614:30
portatilphlak_user,  no it did not do it http://golfixe.pastebin.com/iin4DGg914:30
ikoniacime: what do you mean by remote IP ?14:30
cimeikonia: remote access to Tomcat running on other computer14:30
ikoniacime: remote access to tomcat? ??14:31
ikoniacime: what do you actually want to do14:31
ikoniacime: tomcat will listen on whatever IP/interface you tell it to in the config14:31
Guest34047oCean_: you around?14:31
portatilphlak_user,  done :D :D :D14:31
cimeikonia: now it only works if I access it from http://localhost:8080, it doesn't work with http://ip:808014:31
phlak_usercime: that error is self explanatory --> your JAVA_HOME is set to /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre, you should point it to /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk14:32
ikoniacime: ok - so you need to change the config file from localhost to either an ipaddress or hostname with a different ip address14:32
erkan^abhijit, https://bugs.launchpad.net/drivel/+bug/12201614:32
phlak_userportatil: wg14:32
cimeikonia: nestat -ankl says only this for port 8080: tcp6       0      0 :::8080                 :::*                    LISTEN14:33
abhijiterkan^, no its not my proble. i only have issue with drivel14:33
cimelooks like it's only listening on ipv614:33
morris1BluesKaj: doesnt work for 10.0414:33
ikoniacime: that's what it's CURRENTlY listening on, as I said you have to change the config to tell it what IP/hostname to listen on14:33
erkan^ow ok14:33
abhijit!who | erkan^14:34
daddysmurfI've added a vpn connection using the gui in gnome. How can I connect to the vpn from cli?14:34
ubottuerkan^: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:34
erkan^!who abhijit14:35
jaonmchristosdaddysmurf: all the networking is handled in guin in ubuntu14:35
jaonmchristosunless you have server14:35
abhijit!bot | erkan^14:35
ubottuerkan^: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins14:35
erkan^why did you that?14:35
=== leon is now known as Guest58788
jaonmchristosu can remove the network manager and have it run the way the server would14:36
abhijiterkan^, sorry that who was not for you14:36
schneiderHello, I am having a bit of trouble with my laptop overheating. The CPU temperature climbs up to about 60C then freezes. I have noticed the fan never runs when I run ubuntu or windows. When the laptop starts the fan runs then turns off. If I leave it in the grub selection screen, the fan turns on and off as it should. I have tried speedfan in windows, it doesn't show any fans and neither does gkrellm in ubuntu. Any ideas? The laptop is14:36
schneider Acer (half of the problem) Aspire 1690.14:36
jaonmchristosthe gnomenet manager doesnt run li14:36
daddysmurfjaonmchristos: I'm ok with running it from the gui, is there no way to access what is set from the gui, using the cli?14:36
jaonmchristosno they are seperate progs14:36
jaonmchristosu can do it14:37
jaonmchristosbut the gnome net manager doesnt have a cli14:37
jaonmchristosits a gnome applet14:37
daddysmurfjaonmchristos: if I can't access it, I'll set it up again using the cli, but I'd rather not be the cause of code/data duplication14:37
marekw2143hi, I have blackbox and entered my pendrive into usb socket, how to get access to pendrive :)?14:37
schneider(the laptop freezes after about 60C)14:37
jaonmchristosdaddysmurf:  just loookup how to do vpn on server 3edition for all the cli options14:37
abhijiterkan^, hey on that launchpad page they given fix releaes for drivel. do you know how to get that fix?14:38
lostinspace_46Since when won't Ubuntu allow wine to install PokerStars?14:38
lostinspace_46Is that something new with Lucid?14:39
erkan^no, abatoo  :S14:39
erkan^sorry abhijit14:39
abhijiterkan^, ok14:39
erkan^I have not knowledy about how fix/bugs14:39
jaonmchristoslostinspace_46: i had a problem similar wont allow me to execute anything i didnt have an execution bit for14:39
erkan^I am not professional IT too14:40
abhijiterkan^, its ok14:40
erkan^and you?14:40
lostinspace_46jaonmchristos, So, did you find a way around it?14:40
abhijiterkan^, i am trying to find it in #ubuntu-bugs14:40
jaonmchristoslostinspace_46: i just said eff it it was pirated rosetta stone14:40
lostinspace_46jaonmchristos, this is directly from pokerstars14:41
jaonmchristosit seems ubuntu philosiphy is that if you want to be a user we will make you a beta tester also14:41
ikoniajaonmchristos: take it to the wine support channel, find out if it's a wine issue14:41
ikoniajaonmchristos: ubuntu doesn't control what wine can/can't do14:41
daddysmurfjust for the record: when I type in a command that I don't have and aptitude tells me how to get it, that is the coolest frickin thing a package manager has ever offered me14:41
jaonmchristoslostinspace_46: is it that execution bit error?14:41
lostinspace_46ikonia, In this case it is14:42
madridHi , I have installed with wine superantispyware in jaunty and the anti-virus says that I have a virus loaded in the memory : Troyan.Dropper/Sys-ExplorerFake, Files: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\EXPLORER.EXE: Memory Processes: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\EXPLORER.EXE...   With these results it would have to use a anti-virus for linux if use wine?14:42
lostinspace_46The file '/home/daniel/Downloads/PokerStarsInstall.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.14:42
ikonialostinspace_46: in what way ?14:42
ikonialostinspace_46: how is ubuntu controllering wine14:42
ikonialostinspace_46: set the execute bit on it then ?14:42
lostinspace_46ikonia, How would I do that?14:42
blinkmy pc doesnt boot from usb14:42
daddysmurflostinspace_46: chmod +x FileName.exe14:42
blinkhow can i make that possible? i already have ubuntu installed there14:43
blinktried it on my laptop and worked like a charm14:43
Prasoonhow to copy a file from one place to another via terminal14:43
Kwpolskamadrid: why you'd installed it14:43
lostinspace_46let me try, although it is an exe file14:43
Prasoonwhat is the command?14:43
TheOVPrasoon_chav: cp file location14:43
Kwpolskamadrid: remove it NOBODY uses antivirus on linux14:44
madridkwpolska i wanted to tray14:44
cachedi'm trying to restart pulseaudio by doing pulseaudio -k or killall pulseaudio then starting it up again, but it seems like it never actually dies (E: pid.c: Daemon already running.)14:44
Kwpolskaexpect for server admins14:44
Kwpolskacached: try sudo killall pulseaudio14:44
Kwpolskawho protect mail for windoze users14:44
lostinspace_46ikonia, that was it..my bad, I would have assumed an .exe file was executable...silly me14:44
cachedKwpolska: same error after i run pulseaudio14:44
madridkwpols why the antivirus say me :that i have a troyan in the memory?14:45
Kwpolskamadrid: you do not14:45
cachedKwpolska: if i do sudo pulseaudio -k it gives me "E: core-util.c: Home directory /home/cached not ours."14:45
Kwpolskacached: sudo killall -0 pulseaudio14:45
Kwpolskacached: sudo killall -9 pulseaudio14:45
cachedKwpolska: same problem after either14:45
Kwpolskamadrid: N-O-B-O-D-Y uses any antivirus on linux. because there are NO viruses.14:45
Kwpolskacached: kill with signal 9 by top/htop/gnome-system-monitor/other software.14:46
TheOVKwpolska_chav: people who run file servers often run antivirus14:46
madridkwpolsa this is the reporte antivirus in jaunty: I have installed with wine superantispyware in jaunty and the anti-virus says that I have a virus loaded in the memory : Troyan.Dropper/Sys-ExplorerFake, Files: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\EXPLORER.EXE: Memory Processes: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\EXPLORER.EXE...   With these results it would have to use a anti-virus for linux if use wine?14:46
Kwpolskaor remove it. you'll do even better.14:46
KwpolskaTheOV: I'm not nicked Kwpolska_chav.14:46
KwpolskaTheOV: and I know that, but nobody from home users does.14:46
jaonmchristosmadrid: try clamAV14:46
phlak_usermadrid: that anti-virus thinks the explorer that Wine uses is a Virus?14:47
TheOVmadrid_chav: running an antivirus in wine won't work for linux14:47
Kwpolskamadrid: Is ay you THIRD time. You have no viruses. you shll remove this antivirus14:47
cachedKwpolska: it just reappears again14:47
KwpolskaTheOV: don't add _chav to nicks14:47
madridkwpolska how can i have a virus loaded in the memory if i use linux?14:47
Kwpolskacached: remove it14:47
Kwpolskamadrid: YOU DO NOT14:47
TheOVKwpolska_chav: it's my completion_char!14:47
oCean_Kwpolska: just drop it please14:47
KwpolskaTheOV: I said, remove it.14:47
KwpolskaoCean_: what?14:47
oCean_Kwpolska: the av discussion14:47
madridphlak-user yes i think that you have reason...14:48
Kwpolskamadrid: I say you once more. uninstall te antivirus, you have no viruses or anythong related. you don't have to use av on linux. Rogered?14:48
cachedKwpolska: deleting ~/.pulse seemed to fix the problem. thanks14:49
progre55hi guys, I've been tunneling the port 8140 over port 22 from the client to server. But when I try to connect an application, the ssl handshake doesnt succeed, because my client thinks it's connecting to localhost:8140, but it's actually connecting to server:8140, and the certificate doesnt match with the domain name. Any suggestions on how to get around this prob, please?14:49
Jinxed-Anyone here put * on 10.04?14:49
magnetronKwpolska_: he could have a virus in any windows files present, using ClamAV is not a bad idea14:49
secherWhat is the 10.10 support channel?14:50
Kwpolskamagnetron: do I have a _ in my nick?14:50
oCean_secher: #ubuntu+114:50
secheroCean_: Thanks.  /nod14:50
odb|fidelKwpolska dont you see your username?14:50
Kwpolskaodb|fidel: my client says i have no _ in uname14:50
madridkwpolska if i use wine must use a antivirus for linux?14:50
TheOVKwpolska_chav: look again!14:50
odb|fidelKwpolska: and why do you think you got one?14:50
Kwpolskamadrid: no14:51
Kwpolskanobody does14:51
oCean_Drop the offtopic nick completion discussion please?14:51
Kwpolskaodb|fidel: he related to me with it14:51
oCean_!virus | madrid14:51
ubottumadrid: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus14:51
TheOVmadrid_chav: wine doesn't run viruses well, so you shouldn't have to worry14:51
progre55odb|fidel: cause the other dude was referring to him using _ =)14:51
Kwpolskamadrid: just remove the antivirus14:51
bzrkhello all, is it possible to set a default systemwide metacity and emerald theme on install? preferably with preseeding?14:52
gunsofbrixtonhi, I am able to view a calendar by using davmail+thunderbird+lightning, how do I view the calendar with kontakt?14:52
gunsofbrixtonsorry wrong channel14:52
Jinxed--woah... weird... all of a sudden xchat works14:52
rileypHow can I make a rss feed to my recondings14:53
abhijit!hi | hotz14:53
ubottuhotz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:53
[Screamo]Where are themes located in 10.04?14:53
Kwpolska[Screamo]: depends14:54
Kwpolska/usr/share/themes and ~/.themes14:54
abhijit[Screamo], also in /home/<username>/.themes14:54
rileypHow can I make a rss feed to a folder of recordings14:54
[Screamo]ty Kwpolska14:55
karuruhi, i have a new laptop with an intel i3 processor, i want to use the Intel 64bit arch, which ubuntu arch do i need for this?14:55
madridkupolska and if i had a virus loaded in the memory this  should be a threat for the user of linux?14:55
schultmckaruru: amd6414:55
llutzkaruru: amd6414:55
karurubut why amd?14:55
starshiptrooperhey there people!14:55
starshiptrooperneed a little hand here14:55
llutzkaruru: they made the 64bit extensions14:55
oCean_karuru: it's just a naming convention14:55
XXELVISSEnter text here...JJHELLO14:55
Raydiation1hi is there a way to turn off the restricted drivers notification? im content with the radeon OS driver14:56
oCean_XXELVISS: this is ubuntu technical support, what is your issue?14:56
TZ_noobhi folks14:56
babzogHopefully a quick Q.14:56
TZ_noobQ: What's the best way to upgrade from Mozilla Thunderbird 2 to Mozilla Thunderbird 3?14:56
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: 10.04 has thunderbird 314:57
PerryArmstronghey can anyone tell me how i can get 1024x768 in my screen resultion list...I dont have this configuration14:57
babzogI am trying to compile a program (C) that links against md5.  I cannot find this lib on ubuntu 10.04... what package do I need to install to get the md5 lib for C?14:57
starshiptrooperI-m on a PC with Ubuntu 10.04 live and I-m having difficulties mounting one of my hard drives14:57
starshiptrooperhere-s the error message i get Error mounting: mount: unknown filesystem type 'vfat'14:57
ikoniababzog: md5 is an application, what library does it need14:57
Kwpolskastarshiptrooper: you got something wrong in config14:58
babzogI need libmd5.so14:58
Kwpolskaand use ', not -14:58
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: there's also this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa14:58
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: you can probably get it from there14:58
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: might be unstable though14:58
bzrkstarshiptrooper: try modprobe vfat14:58
starshiptrooperhow do i fix it_14:58
Kwpolskababzog: search for libmd5-devel or something that contains md5 and devel14:58
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starshiptrooperin the terminal14:58
llutz!find libmd514:58
ubottuPackage/file libmd5 does not exist in lucid14:58
[Screamo]when i install a theme for tar.gz it never shows up in the list of themes14:58
vectmd5 is a cryptographic hash key14:58
llutz!find libmd5.o14:58
ubottuPackage/file libmd5.o does not exist in lucid14:59
babzogI have... nothing turns up.  Figure it must be buried someplace.14:59
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TZ_noobTheOV: You mean TB 3 is NOT stable in 9.04?14:59
montreyпривет патсаны14:59
Kwpolska[Screamo]: unpack it to ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes14:59
babzogOk... where would I find the lib then?14:59
llutzbabzog: so its more likele libcrypto....-dev14:59
babzogI tried libcrypto-dev... just gives me a libcrypto.so.14:59
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: no, I mean the stuff from the daily ppa may be unstable, I don't know. But it should be stable enough for everyday use14:59
erUSUL!find md5.h15:00
ubottuFile md5.h found in agsync-dev, apache2-prefork-dev, apache2-threaded-dev, asterisk-dev, audacious-dev (and 103 others)15:00
ikoniababzog: I can't find that as a library at all15:00
TZ_noobTheOV: Thanks. I will try.15:00
erUSULit seems that there is a lot of md5 implementations ....15:00
erUSULopenssl should have one15:00
ikoniababzog: try libwww-ssl15:01
montreyProf_BiG_BanG: иван15:01
PerryArmstronghey can anyone tell me how i can get 1024x768 in my screen resultion list...I dont have this configuration15:01
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:02
montreyда, иван15:02
TZ_noobTheOV: How come the packages on PPA dont have active links?15:02
babzogDidn't find it in libssl-dev either.15:02
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: well install the PPA, then you can apt-get it15:02
babzogI don't have a libwww-ssl in my pkg list (apt can't find it?)15:02
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: don't install the packages by downloading them individually15:02
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: follow the instructions on the page under the heading "Adding this PPA to your syste,"15:03
alexbobPTZ_noob_chav: use "sudo apt-add-repository"15:03
alexbobPTZ_noob_chav: just do "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:whatever", they should have a ppa string on the wubsite15:03
Raydiation1hi is there a way to turn off the restricted drivers notification? im content with the radeon OS driver15:04
alexbobPno prob15:04
PerryArmstronghey can anyone tell me how i can get 1024x768 in my screen resultion list...I dont have this configuration15:04
Dragoneyeу вас есть русская клавиатура?15:05
maco!ru | Dragoneye15:05
oCean_Dragoneye: english only15:05
ubottuDragoneye: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:05
ikoniababzog: try using libdigest-md5-file-perl it should pull in the md5 libs15:05
macooCean_: they actually asked where the russian channel is :P15:05
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:05
oCean_maco: minutes ago he spoke english, and translator says a different question (russion keyboard?)15:05
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: if there are resolution entries there, just copy one and change it15:05
babzogikonia: just tried that... no lib either.15:06
macooCean_: oh. sorry, i saw the word "russian" in there without "who speaks..." and guessed :P15:06
alexbobPSolamente Ingles!15:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!15:07
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PerryArmstrongalexbobP, there's nothing in that file15:07
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:08
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: in that case your x server is autodetecting the available resolutions from your screen, so perhaps 1024x768 isn't supported?15:08
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: try this: "xrandr -s 1024x768"15:08
TZ_noobsudo apt-add-repository doesnt work... why?15:08
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bzrkhello all, does anyone know how to set default (other than the standard human) systemwide metacity and emerald themes on install? preferably with preseeding?15:09
PerryArmstrongalexbobP, but i use windows which supports the same15:09
TZ_noobI even tried sudo add-apt-repository as shown on the instructions... doesnt work15:09
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: what resolution are you currently on?15:09
Raydiation1TZ_noob: theres a graphical way to do it if you havent tried15:09
alexbobPTZ_noob_chav: how about pasting the whole line you tried :P15:09
TZ_noobi get error message "command not found"15:09
TZ_noobRaydiation1: Oh? Then by all means, do show me...15:10
alexbobPTZ_noob_chav: it's apt-add-repository15:10
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: TZ_noob you may need to install python-software-propertie15:10
alexbobPTheOV_chav: he used the wrong command :P15:10
alexbobPit's apt-add, not add-apt15:10
PerryArmstrongalexbobP, 800x60015:10
Raydiation1TZ_noob: system -> software sources -> other software15:10
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: eeeew!  man.  Well did you try xrandr?15:11
TheOValexbobP_chav: but 9.04 doesn't have that command15:11
TZ_noobI used both commands... apt-add and add-apt15:11
TZ_noobDidnt work15:11
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: yes, you need python-software-properties first15:11
Raydiation1TZ_noob: you can also use cmd completion in terminal, just press tab to complete the command15:11
alexbobPTZ_noob_chav: okay, well you'll need to show me what you typed and what you got back, use http://pastebin.com15:11
PerryArmstrongalexbobP, i dont know anything about it15:11
TZ_noobOk. So I need to sudo apt-get-install phython-software-properties?15:11
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: xrandr -s 1024x76815:12
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: yes15:12
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: tell me if that works15:12
alexbobPTheOV_chav: um.  pretty sure that package comes with all ubuntus :P15:12
alexbobPalso... phython XD15:12
TZ_noobsudo apt-get-install python-software-properties DIDNT work15:13
Raydiation1TZ_noob: sudo apt-get install15:13
alexbobPTZ_noob_chav: fail15:13
macoTZ_noob: because you put in an extra dash you shouldnt have15:13
secondlifelife now15:13
Raydiation1TZ_noob: not sudo apt-get-install15:13
TZ_noobsilly me!15:13
erUSUL!doesntwork | TZ_noob15:13
ubottuTZ_noob: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.15:13
PerryArmstrongalexbobP, Size 1024x768 not found in available modes15:13
macoTZ_noob: "apt-get install" with a space not a dash15:13
alexbobPPerryArmstrong_chav: huh.  if you just type "xrandr", what modes does it list?15:13
Raydiation1erUSUL: haha15:13
TZ_noobneither python nor python-software-properties were found...15:14
TZ_noobmaybe my software sources list ISNT correct15:14
Kwpolskaget better repo15:14
Raydiation1TZ_noob: which repo do you try to add?15:14
TheOVTZ_noob_chav: do a sudo apt-get update first maybe15:15
TZ_noobwill do that15:15
PerryArmstrongalexbobP, http://paste.ubuntu.com/467526/15:15
TZ_noobdidnt work15:16
Raydiation1TZ_noob: iirc python is already installed15:16
Raydiation1TZ_noob: im guessing you having problems with package names15:16
TZ_noobcan i do a pastebin of my software sources list so that you can see what could be wrong?15:17
Raydiation1TZ_noob: better search for software via system -> systemmanagemen -> synaptic15:17
TZ_noobRaydiation1: that could be one aspect15:17
Raydiation1TZ_noob: you can filter for packages in synaptic15:17
ChogyDanTZ_noob: you ca