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nUboon2Agekermiac: ping04:50
kermiacnUboon2Age: !pong04:50
kermiacnUboon2Age: ??04:52
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kermiacjdobrien: I think Bug 607716 that you reported is related to the person who reported Bug 608011. 608011 now contains DEBUG logs08:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 607716 in ubuntuone-client "UnicodeDecodeError when syncing file (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60771608:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 608011 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "errors in syncdaemon.log (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60801108:25
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rawadhi there09:53
rawadi have a problem with ubuntu and blade server HS22 and DS470009:53
rawadcan anybody help me plz09:54
rawadi need help with blade servers09:56
rawadcan you help plz09:56
rawad u1sdtool -q; killall ubuntuone-login; u1sdtool -c10:05
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duanedesignmorning all11:47
kenvandinedidrocks, did you try deleting your ~/.config/desktop-couch/desktop-couchdb.ini11:52
didrockskenvandine: yeah, it was regenerated11:53
didrockskenvandine: but not the .html file11:53
duanedesignmorning didrocks11:54
didrockshey duanedesign, how are you?11:54
duanedesignwell morning here :)11:54
didrocksalmost lunch time there!11:54
duanedesigndidrocks: i am really good. Trying to do some packaging this morning11:54
didrocksoh sweet :)11:55
didrockspackaging stipple?11:55
duanedesigndidrocks: it is next. I am packaging my other current project CLIcompanion.11:55
mkarnickimorning all11:56
duanedesigndidrocks: you having some couch issues today?11:57
didrocksduanedesign: well, I'm on my netbook right now and I killed beam.smp because it was taking too much CPU12:02
didrocksand it's already hell there :)12:02
didrocksduanedesign: the thing is, I want futon back :)12:02
duanedesignkermiac: ping12:27
kermiachowdy duanedesign :)12:27
duanedesignkermiac: the gnomekeyring Daemon error. I now the temporary solution is to start the daemon, but what is the long term solution12:31
duanedesigni cant seem to remember12:31
kermiachmm... it's been a while since I looked at that. one sec mate, I'll look for the bug report12:32
kermiacduanedesign: I'm pretty sure this was the workaround that was working best - https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/579158/comments/912:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 579158 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "nothing happens when i click on the ubuntu one icon from the menu or the me menu (dup-of: 567194)" [High,New]12:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 567194 in ubuntuone-client "Lucid Ubuntuone preferences not starting gnomekeyring.IOerror (affects: 11) (dups: 2) (heat: 50)" [High,New]12:35
kermiacduanedesign: but it *may* be fixed as I haven't seen a bug report on that issue for quite a while12:35
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duanedesignthank you kermiac12:50
kermiacduanedesign: no probs mate :)12:50
mkarnickihi duanedesign , need a lil help here :)12:55
mkarnickia localy removed folder sits there in the cloud12:55
mkarnickiplus: mike@dojo:~$ u1sdtool --status12:55
mkarnickiState: QUEUE_MANAGER connection: With User With Network description: processing queues is_connected: True is_error: False is_online: True queues: IDLE12:55
mkarnickio crap not this paste12:55
mkarnickimike@dojo:~$ u1sdtool --status12:56
mkarnickiState: QUEUE_MANAGER connection: With User With Network description: processing queues is_connected: True is_error: False is_online: True queues: IDLE12:56
mkarnickiu1 is idle.12:56
mkarnickithat may be related to that problem (is it a known bug?): create a folder in /Ubuntu One. u1 works on it, appears in the cloud, but the icon never changes to be marked with green tick12:57
mkarnickiit's with these 'two syncing arrows' plus.. a grayed out small exclamation mark I think.12:57
mkarnickiany ideas?12:57
mkarnickimy laptop is up to date12:57
mkarnickirunnin 10.0412:57
mkarnickiI'd honk, but rye's not around ;<12:58
duanedesignmkarnicki: is everything syncing ok? It is just the emblem is not displaying correctly?12:58
mkarnickiduanedesign: I did sync 2 1meg files yesterday, to it seems to be fine12:59
mkarnickijust the emblems. plus, a folder in WebUI that has been removed locally12:59
mkarnickican I force a local rescan somehow?12:59
duanedesignmkarnicki: strange. there was a user in 2 days ago that removed a folder locally and it did not get removed from cloud13:00
mkarnickiI'll try replicating that problem again13:00
* mkarnicki creates a folder13:00
mkarnickiduanedesign: looks like one-time-problem or nondeterminate behaviour. I created/deleted a folder, and WebUI followed correctly.13:01
mkarnickiI'll remove the cloud folder then, manually.13:01
duanedesignmkarnicki: http://paste.ubuntu.com/466999/ here is a log from the user the other day13:03
duanedesignline 11613:03
duanedesignthe unlink warning. I wonder if your syncdaemon.log has something similar13:04
duanedesignmkarnicki: the emblem problem. Does clicking the 'Refresh' button update the icon emblem?13:04
mkarnickiduanedesign: remind me please where is the log located13:04
duanedesignmkarnicki: ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/13:05
mkarnickiduanedesign: brb phone call13:05
mkarnickiduanedesign: strangely enough, when I complained, the emblems started to work. I'll double-check13:08
mkarnickiduanedesign: I checked twice. WebUI followed and emblems worked. now I created folder 'blah', it's in WebUI but emblem is wrong13:10
mkarnickieven after refreshes13:10
mkarnickiI'll see the log13:10
mkarnickiduanedesign: connected: true, queues: IDLE, emblem still not a green tick, pretty much trafic as for empty folder 'blah': http://paste.ubuntu.com/467484/13:14
mkarnickiduanedesign: Looks like the emblem won't change.13:20
duanedesignmkarnicki: looks like i can reproduce that here locally13:20
* duanedesign is looking to see if there is a bug report on this13:21
mkarnickiduanedesign: good (that you can reproduce that)13:21
mkarnickiduanedesign: thanks13:21
duanedesignhmm. Refresh updated the emblem. That does not work for you?13:24
mkarnickiit did twice. and now twice (for folders blah and blah2 not, under /Ubuntu One/TestDir1) no, didn't help13:25
mkarnickisorry, I sound onfusing. it did work for some folders. but now again refresh didn't help, for folders /U1/TestDir1/blah and /U1/TestDir1/blah213:26
* mkarnicki aquarius in the meantime, I wanted to share an ide with you. (TBD no soone than few months, but it's worth discussing).13:29
mkarnickiaquarius: ops, I'll send a priv13:29
duanedesignmkarnicki: i think i have reproduced it. It seems it is the directory level13:31
duanedesignmkarnicki: ~/Ubuntu\ One/folder  will update emblem with refresh. ~/Ubuntu\ One/folder/folder2  will not13:32
mkarnickiduanedesign: I see. Thank you. Should I file a bug?13:36
duanedesignmkarnicki: i do not see a bug report for that issue.13:42
mkarnickiduanedesign: filing bug13:46
* mkarnicki checks if it's the same with files13:46
mkarnickiyes it is13:47
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* mkarnicki filed Bug #60872113:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 608721 in ubuntuone-client "Icon emblems won't update on nested folders and files (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60872113:50
mkarnickiduanedesign: you can confirm the bug13:51
duanedesignmkarnicki:  i will confi.....13:51
duanedesignwhat is the saying, great minds think alike ;)13:51
mkarnickiduanedesign: ;)13:56
mkarnickiduanedesign: I thought of writin the same thing, but could not recall how that was in English ;D13:56
ChipacaUbuntu One Desktop+ team standup starting in mumble14:00
rodrigo_hmm, mandel is talking it seems, but can't hear anything14:02
rodrigo_hmm, can't hear anything :(14:03
mandelrodrigo_ I said nothing too interesting ;)14:07
rodrigo_well, people are talking, and still can't hear, so it's not only you :(14:07
mandelrodrigo_ windows blah blah blah windows blah blah blah14:08
rodrigo_it worked this morning14:08
mandelrodrigo_ works here.. thisfred on... strange14:08
thisfredyeah I hear lots of gaps too14:10
rodrigo_I hear nothing here, but I "see" you talking14:11
Chipacarodrigo_: :(14:11
rodrigo_yeah, not sure what's up, it worked this morning14:11
Chipacarodrigo_: you want to report old-style in the chat?14:11
mandelrodrigo_ read our lips ;)14:11
rodrigo_mandel, :)14:11
rodrigo_Chipaca, yeah14:11
rodrigo_Chipaca, worked a bit on the single selection, and seems, again, it's not going to be easy, the GTK widgets are not prepared for that, so it works a little bit, but fails for other bits14:12
rodrigo_Chipaca, also applied your patch for the rb plugin and did a new release/package14:12
mandelmumble and irc == mandel multitask fail14:13
Chipacarodrigo_: ok. can we meet you, rmcbride_ and me to talk about qa in a few minutes?14:13
rodrigo_Chipaca, and also, a bit blocked on syncdaemon not uploading a new UDF I created which I need to test my check-no-shares-before-disabling-udf14:13
rodrigo_it's been 24 hours since I created the UDF, and still get_shared returns a NULL path, which makes my code not detect the share14:13
rodrigo_Chipaca, yeah, sure14:13
rodrigo_I'll try to fix mumble while you finish the standup14:14
Chipacarodrigo_: ok, we can talk about unblocking you on that after the meeting14:14
CardinalFangrmcbride_, the codec or something screams a hiss when your mic saturates. It hurts.14:14
Chipacarodrigo_: rmcbride_: vds: I'm running on battery, and my ups is probably close to its death right now14:14
rmcbride_CardinalFang: I'll tweak the gain. mic is about 4 feet away, pulseaudio seems to have a randomization factor X(14:15
rodrigo_oh, now I can hear!14:15
rodrigo_I had to mute and unmute the volume control applet14:15
thisfredI really hear two words and then miss two14:16
thisfredok, I hear mostly nothing now so I'm gonna assume meeting's over14:19
thisfredmumble is so fickle14:19
mandelthisfred, I was going to say the same..14:19
rodrigo_nobody is talking14:20
rodrigo_Chipaca, is your battery dead?14:20
mandelguess who has to reboot again???? Fucking windows!14:20
thisfredwhen it works, it works great, better than skype with a sizeable group for lag etc.14:20
Chipacaups died14:21
Chipacahello? is this working?14:22
rmcbride_I think you need to increase your IRC gain, Chipaca14:23
* rmcbride_ goes to get another soda before the QA call/discussion14:25
rodrigo_Chipaca, qa meeting now?14:25
Chipacarodrigo_: let me wrap up the standup fur real :)14:26
rodrigo_ok :)14:27
dobeyrodrigo_, aquarius: how does one run tests in the rb plug-in?14:32
rodrigo_dobey, there are no tests afaics14:33
aquariusit's darn nearly impossible to test a rhythmbox plugin without either (a) using some kind of gui testing tool, none of which were in any way reliable when I wrote the plugin, or (b) mocking the whole RB setup and API, at which point your "tests" basically test whether Python can call a function.14:35
aquariushence there being no tests. I wasn't happy about it myself either :(14:35
dobeyaquarius: well, there are other things that should still be there14:35
dobeyaquarius: lint for example :)14:35
dobeyi'll get ubuntuone-dev-tools packaged up and add a script to the plug-in to do the lint checking and the intltool checks14:37
dobeyrodrigo_, aquarius: anywya, i've got it set up in tarmac now, but without tests of course, since there are none yet14:56
rodrigo_dobey, cool14:57
mkarnickiverterok: Thanks for prompt response! Will try that snippet.16:26
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verterokmkarnicki: np16:27
aquariusrodrigo_, ping?16:30
aquariusCardinalFang, ping?17:47
czajkowskiCardinalFang: you about17:48
aquariusCardinalFang, czajkowski has desktopcouch using 70% CPU constantly -- would be useful to work out what's doing it so we can put a stop to it17:49
mandelvds, ping17:52
CardinalFangaquarius, hi.17:54
CardinalFangczajkowski, hi17:54
CardinalFangEr, okay.  I know as much about the internals of couchdb as you do, aquarius.  I assume the process eating CPU is 'beam', yes?17:55
czajkowskiCardinalFang: yes evil beam that I end up killing17:56
CardinalFangczajkowski, is it nice'd at all?17:57
czajkowskiCardinalFang: at sleeping it go betwwen 46-72% so i kill t17:57
czajkowskiwhen it's running it'a 1t 100%17:57
CardinalFangczajkowski, ah.  I've heard of problems with sleeping causing it to go bonkers, often exiting.17:57
CardinalFangczajkowski, do you mind joining me in the #couchdb channel?17:57
czajkowskilet me restart the machine as atm it's killed17:58
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vdsmandel: pong18:04
mandelvds, I finally got the bloody thing working!! :D18:04
vdsmandel: which one?18:04
mandelvds, this: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-windows-installer/install_service_wix/+merge/3068518:04
mandelvds, test when ever you can ;)18:04
vdsmandel: and the other branch18:04
vdsmandel: you still need a review on that?18:05
mandelvds, yes, please review that one too18:05
mandelthis new one depends on the other one18:05
vdsmandel: from which directory I have to run the InstallUtils?18:05
vdsmandel: if I run it from the root of the branch I got an error18:06
mandelinstallUtil should be ran from the same location where the .exe is18:06
mandelvds, you have to go to install/build_results18:06
vdsmandel: which .exe?18:07
vdsthe msi?18:07
mandelvds, InstallUtil Canonical.UbuntuOne.ProcessDispatcher.exe18:08
vdsthere is no build_results in install18:08
vdsmandel: ^^18:08
mandelvds, did u do nant installer?18:09
vdsmandel: yes18:09
mandelvds, you should have a build_results18:09
mandelmuffinresearch, did u have this ^ problem?18:10
vdsmandel: no build_results folder18:10
mandelvds, really?18:11
mandelwhich branch is that?18:11
vdsmandel: really really18:11
mandelvds, mm I dont know, let me go for a jog and I'll take a look18:12
vdsmandel: ok18:12
mandelvds, my brain is damaged right now :P18:12
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CardinalFangaquarius, I don't see anything wrong with cz's database.18:59
aquariusCardinalFang, apart from it using all the CPU all the time, obviously. Strange. Is there any way of telling what it's doing that's causing it to eat CPU?19:00
aquariusI know that people have complained about this before, so I was hoping that this would help us narrow down on what the problem actually is19:01
CardinalFangaquarius, I got his log to verbose.  Watching the log should tell us of outside access.19:01
aquarius(her log)19:01
CardinalFangaquarius, If she stops the outside access, does it stop the load?19:01
aquariusdon't know19:02
czajkowskiCardinalFang: what do you means stop the outsides access sorry ?19:02
CardinalFangaquarius knows, czajkowski. Gwibber-service, et c.  He can tell by what URLs are accessed.19:02
aquariusczajkowski, are you using gwibber? does quitting it (making sure that gwibber-service is also quit) stop the CPU?19:02
CardinalFangaquarius, Oh, sorry, I assumed you two were close, spatially.19:03
czajkowskiaquarius: well not stared it, from the me menu but I'll go kill services19:03
czajkowskiCardinalFang: if I were in hands reach of aquarius you'd have been left alone :)19:03
CardinalFangWell, he's a slippery fellow.19:03
aquariusCardinalFang, well, I'm closer to her than you are, but we're still separated by at least one sea :)19:04
CardinalFangSorry!  I assumed you both were at the Prague sprint.19:04
czajkowskigwibber sercices is now at a state of Zombie19:04
czajkowskiCardinalFang: I'm community not canonical19:04
czajkowskiwow beam is at 0%19:05
* aquarius is not in prague either :)19:05
czajkowskispoke too soon up at 40%19:06
aquariusis gwibber or gwibber-service running?19:06
czajkowskinope both sleeping19:07
CardinalFang"Sleeping" is still running.  When you look, the looker is probably the only running app, but another app gets CPU time every 1/100th of a second.19:08
aquariuskill -9 both of them19:08
aquariusand now, CPU?19:09
czajkowskino difference still at 40%19:10
czajkowskiCardinalFang: thanks for you help19:13
CardinalFangczajkowski, run this:19:14
CardinalFangwatch -n 5 -d 'grep GET.\*200 ~/.cache/desktop-couch/desktop-couchdb.log.1 |cut -d/ -f2 |cut -d\  -f1 |sort |uniq -c'19:15
czajkowski  3 _all_dbs19:16
czajkowski   1157 gwibber_accounts19:16
czajkowski  11639 gwibber_messages19:16
czajkowski    115 gwibber_preferences19:16
czajkowski     31 management19:16
CardinalFangThat should change over time.  Every 5 seconds.19:16
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czajkowskiCardinalFang: nothing changes19:19
CardinalFangczajkowski, ah, since you killed those apps, yes.19:19
CardinalFangczajkowski, and now how is your CPU load?19:20
czajkowskistill at 40$19:20
CardinalFangczajkowski, even now?19:28
* alecu should remember to re-enable NetworkManager after testing nm dbus stuff :P19:46
beunoonly if you like the internet19:46
CardinalFangbeuno, hi!  Tell me about the Android!  mkarnicki digs it too.20:11
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verterokmkarnicki: pushed revno 27, should stop dying an horrible death21:55
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mkarnickiverterok: you're fast :O21:55
* mkarnicki tries new revision21:56
verterokmkarnicki: be aware that the notification handling code is quitye incomplete :(21:56
verterokmkarnicki: I'll try to hack on it on the weekend21:56
mkarnickiverterok: no worries. I would prefer to have them off then have them on and get the client broken on first notification :)21:57
verterokmkarnicki: they are on :)21:58
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* mkarnicki test the app, hopes it won't die on me :)22:00
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verterokmkarnicki: I shouldn't die with NODE_STATE notifications ;)22:01
mkarnicki\o/ !22:01
mkarnickiverterok: it worked!22:02
mkarnickiverterok: should I have a look in the code, or can you tell me in 1 sentence how did you fix that?22:02
mkarnickiverterok: hahahah, I may have formulated that badly, I meant I hoped the application wouldn't die ;D22:03
verterokmkarnicki: gimme 2' phone22:05
mkarnickiverterok: np! /me looks at the code22:05
verterokmkarnicki: my first guess was wrong, the code doing reflection was ok22:06
verterokmkarnicki: the type of the argument of all the handle_* methods was wrong22:06
mkarnickithat's what you wrote in the email though.22:06
verterokmkarnicki: I changed the signature of all the handle_* methods and passed the correct type to the callbacks, and added a test case for nodeState case22:07
verterokmkarnicki: I need to add tests for all the notifications, and write the code to actually handle them22:07
mkarnickiverterok: when GSoC is over, and you have some time to guide me, maybe I'll be able to do some work for you22:08
mkarnickiverterok: make sure you didn't leave your token in the source, I think you did.22:08
mkarnickishould have written that on priv, sorry..22:08
mkarnickiI dont' know if its yours or mine22:09
mkarnickiI'm looking on bzr diff22:09
verterokmkarnicki: on which class?22:09
mkarnickiOIOExampleClient.. no, date is old 2010-07-1322:09
verterokah, ok22:09
mkarnickiperhaps it's mine, sorry for confusion.22:09
verterokyes, the code is clean here22:10
verterokno tokens22:10
mkarnickiverterok: hmm.. if I did pull bzr, shouldn't it overwrite my changes? like, the code I pasted you sent me today22:10
mkarnickiverterok: you're back to those 2 lines with reflection, right?22:11
verterokmkarnicki: if you have changes in file changed upstream, bzr pull will mark it as in conflict22:11
mkarnickioh, ok. I'll fix it then.22:11
mkarnickiverterok: thanks, you saved me again22:12
mkarnickijust don't say np xD I'm bugging you all the time ;)22:12
mkarnickiI'm glad you're so helpful22:12
* mkarnicki gives high five to verterok22:12
verterokmkarnicki: hahaha, really, no problem. happy to help :)22:13
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tehgary(I've never felt more silly requesting help, btw ;) )23:30

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