holsteinthe gnome network manager needs to be installed04:44
holsteinits too much hasle talking everyone through it04:45
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quadrisproTheMuso, is jack transition completed? BTW: great job!14:52
astraljavaScottL: I posted to the mailing lists about the testing of qjackctl backport, so you don't need to anymore. :)14:52
astraljavascott-work: ^^14:52
scott-workastraljava: okay, i had planned to last night but ran out of time15:04
scott-workastraljava: i'll test your qjackctl tonight then15:04
scott-workastraljava: and then begin to bug others to do likewise :)15:04
astraljavascott-work: Good to hear. I might be able to upgrade my multimedia desktop to lucid during the weekend, but setting it up will take considerable amount of time, so it won't happen within the next week or so...15:07
scott-workastraljava: i did, however, spend about twenty minutes working on the network-admin bug, i got the source, thought i removed the patch and built it in PPA, but after i upgraded it didn't appear to work15:09
scott-workastraljava: the gui was still disabled, but i haven't rebooted yet, so i'll see about that tonight as well15:09
quadrisproscott-work, PHASEX is coming :)15:09
scott-worki REALLY want to get the network-admin bug fixed and effect an SRU15:10
scott-workquadrispro: cool :)15:10
scott-workastraljava: i see your email in my inbox :)15:10
astraljavascott-work: Don't know about network-admin, but NetworkManager is kinda tricky to upgrade during a session, I suspect networking stuff gets that way.15:11
scott-workquadrispro: this weekend (really!  i mean it this time) i am going to update the ubuntustudio-seeds.maverick for the stuff you've been packaging 15:55
quadrisproyeah :)15:56
astraljavaThat's nice. :) Gotta remember to leave a couple of tens of GBs empty space for dev releases.16:06
scott-workthen later i'll also need to update the menu so that it all goes into the right places16:22
scott-workof course if either of you, quadrispro or astraljava, would like to help update the branches for either the seeds or menu that would be great also, and that way i can check it and feel good about dual layers of quality16:22
scott-workif not, that is okay, i'll take care of it :)16:22
quadrisproscott-work, I'm very sorry, but at the moment I don't have the time :(16:25
scott-work'sokay quadrispro, you have already done more than i could have expected :)16:32
scott-workand for thank i am extremely grateful :)16:32
quadrisproscott-work, ok ok, so I expect a beer in return :D16:34
quadrisproscott-work, I hope to see you at the next UDS!16:34
astraljavaDoes US still get sponsored spots for UDSs?16:39
scott-workquadrispro: if i manage to get to a UDS then i will certainly buy you several beers!16:39
astraljavascott-work: Yeah I can help with the seeds/menu thingie.16:40
quadrisprobye guys, see you later!16:46
ckontrosHi all23:44

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